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July 13, 2011 • Volume 2 • Issue 27



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July 13, 2011 •

Winner of the 2011 Stars of the Rainbow Media Star Award Media Matters

July 13, 2011 • Volume 2 • Issue 27

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SFGN Announces Staff, Pricing Changes

Norm Kent Publisher

Lower Summer prices for advertising; Free classified for job seekers amongst new features

Pier Angelo Guidugli

Chief Executive Officer Creative Director. . . . . . . . . George Dauphin

By A. Sebastian Fortino

While in college Parsley served as editor-in-chief of Florida Atlantic Univerublisher Norm Kent named sity’s student publication, the University Managing Editor Jason Parsley Press. Now he’s on the Board of DirecEditor-in-Chief of SFGN over tors of the South Florida chapter of the July 4 break. Parsley joined SFGN in the Society of Professional Journalists. January as its managing editor. Currently he’s working on a number Kent had served of investigative news breaking features for SFGN. Parsley has already done an a dual role as expose of a fraudulent blogger from Publisher and California and an in depth profile on editor-in-chief Wilton Drive. since the incepMeanwhile, on a business front, SFGN tion of SFGN in January of 2010. has worked out a pricing structure with its new printers, Forum Publications, that has Kent stated enabled it to offer discount summer deals that Parsley for local advertisers, through Labor Day. earned the Stated Sales Manager John Fugate, promotion, as Jason Parsley on assignment “Look it’s summer, and while we know he “has brought at the Miami Seaquarium first rate journal- business slows down for some South ism to the Florida’s most credible weekly Florida merchants, we also know the economy has generated a lot of ‘stay-catLGBT publication.” ions.’ So we have created a great rate for SFGN is a member of the Associated our clients, a ‘pay for 3, get 4 ad package’ Press, the Florida Press Association and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists’ we are inviting people to call in about.” Fugate added a new feature for the Association. It is also a media partner newspaper as well, designed to promote with the Sun-Sentinel, Edge Publications local businesses, including free classifieds. on the net, and subscribes to the Keen News Service for LGBT publications and “Take a display ad with SFGN, and you get free classified advertising too,” he said. the Creators and Q News Syndicates.



Publisher Norm Kent also said that SFGN would create a new page for job seekers as well. “Here’s the deal, if you are looking for work, we are going to give you a free classified in our paper, and link to your resume online. We all have to do what we can to help each other.” Additionally, the marketplace section of the newspaper will be revitalized to focus on any local businesses that want to promote their venue. Kent stated they would be offered $250 a month packages for featured ads “which are cheaper than bus benches, and people get to read newspapers,” he added. Fugate noted that long term advertisers of SFGN were also going to be rewarded with “bonus ads that give more visibility in the paper to their business. We want to help those who are helping us.” Editor-in-chief Parsley indicated that the paper would continue to expand its business section, profiling the LGBT community “at its best, shining a light on those who shine lights on us.” That includes bringing back to the paper former Managing Editor Joey Amato, who now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Amato will be doing pieces on travel and local entrepeneurs.

Online Website Director. . . . . Dennis Jozefowicz

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Sales Manager. . . . . . . . . . . . . Classifieds Manager . . . . . . . . Miami Marketing . . . . . . . . . . Palm Beach Marketing . . . . . .

J ohn Fugate Brian Swinford Jorge Marante Mark Possein

National Sales Representative.Rivendell Media Distribution Managers. . . . . . JR Davis, Walter Franco Printing and Publication . . . . Forum Publishing Group South Florida Gay is published weekly on Wednesdays. Our paper is a member of the Associated Press. The views and opinions expressed within this publication, in bylined columns, stories, and letters to the editor are those of the writers expressing them. They do not represent the opinions of South Florida Gay, Inc., or the Publisher. They are included to promote free speech and diversity of thought. You should not presume the sexual orientation of individuals based on their names or pictorial representations in SFGN, and it would be careless to do so. For the sake of readable newswriting, the word “gay” in SFGN should, when relevant, be interpreted to be inclusive of the entire gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community. All of the material that appears in SFGN, both online at www., and in our print edition, including articles used in conjunction with our contract with the Associated Press and our columnists, is protected under federal copyright and intellectual property laws, and is jealously guarded by the newspaper. Thus, nothing published may be reprinted in whole or part without getting written consent from the Publisher of SFGN, at his law office, Kent & Cormican, P.A., 110 Southeast 6th Street, Suite 1970, Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301. SFGN, as a private corporation, reserves the right to enforce its own standards regarding the suitability of advertising copy, illustrations and photographs. Copyright©2011 South Florida Gay, Inc.

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July 13, 2011 •

SFGN’s Conch Republic Report

Postcards from Key West

flickr / Chuck “Caveman” Coker

Key West rainbow flag spreads pride around the world

By Steve Smith


ew York’s landmark vote on gay marriage has certainly created an outpouring of good news for our community. The timing fit perfectly with our communities celebrating Pride across the country and throughout the world. The Key West LGBT community always thinks of doing things that are outside the box, so for Key West’s 2003 PrideFest festivities, a 1.25-mile rainbow flag was sewn here by Gilbert Baker, the creator of the original rainbow flag, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original banner’s debut. The original flag was created at the request of Gilbert’s good friend, the late Harvey Milk. Mr. Milk asked Gilbert to create something bright to replace the pink triangle that had been a symbol of “gays” for many years. The Key West flag was created over three months and included more than 18,000 yards of nylon fabric and 25 miles of seams. Sewn in 100-foot and 250-foot sections seamed together, it weighed more than three tons. Supported by approximately 2,000 volunteers of widely varying ages, ethnicities and sexual orientations, the world’s longest rainbow flag was carried the entire length of Key West’s Duval Street from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean in a sea-to-sea showing of openness and pride. After its unfurl-

ing, the flag was dipped simultaneously into the waters of the Atlantic and gulf. Following that historic event, the sections of the flag were separated and sent to Pride organizations throughout the world. I’m always asked where the flag is, and if (or when) it will be reassembled and grace Duval Street again. Though we won’t be able to reassemble it for one of our Pride events, our “sea-to-sea” rainbow flag brings its color and history to Pride events in many cities during the year. In the last few weeks, sections of Key West’s iconic flag were carried in Pride events in Palm Beach, Fla.; New Hope, Pa.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Houston, Texas — and right now a section is on the way to Fairbanks, Alaska. But that’s not all. During pride and LGBT events over the last few years, sections of the flag have been showcased in Oslo, Norway; Vancouver, B.C., Canada; Manchester, U.K.; Anchorage, Alaska; Orlando, Fla.; Park City, Utah; San Francisco, Ca.; Koln, Germany; Saint Augustine, Fla.; and Stockholm, Sweden. Sections of the flag were displayed during the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, B.C., at the official Olympic “Pride House.” Pride House is believed to be the first house at the Olympics for gay and lesbian athletes, their friends and families — and is seen as a positive force in tackling homophobia in sports. We’re always pleased to loan sections of Key West’s famed banner to our friends for special events so members of our community can see and touch a piece of the world’s largest rainbow flag. On another note, we recently hosted several gay travel writers for a “gay Key West” fix — and now I want to share links to their articles and a blog. Meantime look for Steve Smith from July 14-17 at the Key West booth during San Diego Pride. Visit to read the full blog & keep up with what’s going on down in the Keys.


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July 13, 2011 •

Lauderdale One Step Closer to Giving Domestic Partner Health Care Coverage to City Employees By Ed Donato

submitted photo


ealth insurance for domestic partners of City of Ft. Lauderdale employees could become an option as early as January 2012. The issue was taken up by the city commission during its Thursday, July 6 conference meeting. City Manager Lee Feldman advised the commission that giving employees the option of adding domestic partners to the city’s self-insured employee health insurance plan could be done with minimal impact on the plan. “Our recommendation is if the commission wants to move forward, we’ll proceed with the drafting of the right type of resolution,” Feldman said. The commission agreed and directed city staff to draft a resolution, which could be heard at the next meeting scheduled for Aug. 23. Feldman advised that giving city employees the option of adding domestic

ers expressed concern that adding domestic partners to the city’s health insurance may boost the plan’s current $1 million deficit. “One of the questions that came up in my district meeting is, well, in terms of how do we protect ourselves from abuse,” Rogers asked. “Because that could be an issue.” Mayor John P. “Jack” Seiler said that he didn’t think there’s any indication that adding domestic partners in itself is going to create a higher risk factor on the health plan. He made the analogy that adding domestic partners to the plan is not any different than hiring 90 new employees that happened to be married or adding 30 employees that happened to have two children each. “Let’s see if we can’t get this thing done and implemented,” Seiler said.

Mayor Jack Seiler

partners to their health insurance plans could go into effect with its new plan year starting January 2012. Open enrollment could begin October 2011. District 4 Commissioner Romney Rog-

Miriam Richter, a self-employed attorney who has been in domestic partner relationship with a city employee for 17 years has made the issue her personal crusade. “I’ve always said you can’t be gay and not a community activist,” Richter said. “I think it comes with the territory.” Michael Rajner, legislative director for the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus, thanked the commission for moving on the issue. “Whether you hire someone who’s married or in a domestic partnership, you want to make sure that the employee has all the resources to provide their family so they can function at a higher level while on the job,” Rajner told the commission. “By implementing a domestic partnership for its employees, Fort Lauderdale will join many other cities and counties and businesses doing the same.” Broward County government has allowed employees to add domestic partners since 1999.

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July 13, 2011 •


Talk with your doctor about ways to help protect your immune system. HIV treatment is now recommended for everyone with a T-cell count of 500 or less and should be considered when T-cells are higher than 500, according to the DHHS* and the IAS-USA†, along with other factors. Starting treatment early may help protect your immune system and vital organs. Today’s medicines may have fewer, more manageable side effects. They may help you live a longer, healthier life. Receive helpful information about living with HIV that you should know. Call toll free 1-888-453-2596, or visit TREATHIVNOW.COM. *DHHS = Department of Health and Human Services †IAS-USA = International AIDS Society USA. ©2011 Gilead Sciences, Inc. All rights reserved. UN9725 07/11



Popular Bartender Passes

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July 13, 2011 •

Away Staff Report


work. Shultz threw a party to commemorate ohn “Mary” Lyons passed away Monday. his 11 years of service last month. “He’s the most faithful, loyal, honest He was 60. Lyons worked as a bartendemployee I’ve ever had. He taught me how er at Mona’s for 11 years. Before that to run a gay bar. The bar was a really a loser he worked at Everglades, Bus Stop, and 825. “He’s probably one of the most noted bar- until John Lyons came in,” Schultz said. “Right now my heart feels empty with loss. He will tenders in town. Everybody knows him and he knows everybody, ” Owner of Mona’s Jerry truly be missed by a lot of people.” Schultz plans on hosting a celebration Schultz, said last month. “You could not have seen him in 15 years and he would remember of life memorial for Lyons sometime next what you drink. He’d remember your birthday. month. He didn’t forget names. He’s so personable. People just admired him so much.” Call 954-525-6662 or visit for Lyons was diagnosed with lung cancer a more information. Mona’s is located at 502 E. few months ago and was no longer able to Sunrise Blvd.


July 13, 2011 •

National News

Maine Seeks to Overturn Ban on Gay Marriage By Dana Rudolph Keen News Service


or the first time in history, LGBT activists are initiating a ballot measure to win marriage equality. EqualityMaine and Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) announced Thursday, June 30, that they are taking steps to place a citizen’s initiative on the November 2012 ballot. The measure will ask Maine voters to approve a law giving same-sex couples the right to marry. The move comes a year and a half after a referendum in November 2009 overturned a law passed by the legislature and signed by Governor John Baldacci (D) in May 2009. Because repeal activists immediately began petitioning for a “People’s Veto” against the law, the law was put on hold and ballot Question 1 asked voters if they would like to repeal that law. Fifty-three percent of voters cast ballots in favor of repeal, with forty-seven percent against. But LGBT advocates say they have been working since that time—canvassing, phone banking, and more—to change people’s attitudes. Betsy Smith, executive director of EqualityMaine, said, “We have been going door to door talking to them and hearing their journey towards support.” They seem to be succeeding. Two recent polls show 53 percent of likely 2012 voters now say they support marriage equality. To begin the initiative process, GLAD and EqualityMaine submitted an application to the Maine Secretary of State, Charles Summers Jr., on June 30. Once he approves the wording of the initiative, EqualityMaine will begin collecting the more than 57,000 signatures currently required to put it on the November 2012 ballot. The proposed language of the ballot question reads, “Do you favor a law allowing marriage licenses for same-sex couples that protects religious freedom by ensuring no religion or clergy be required to perform such a marriage in violation of their religious beliefs?” EqualityMaine and GLAD will also be

EqualityMaine’s new Web site:

ramping up their public education efforts in the coming months, tailored by findings of research they have been conducting to test various persuasive messages. This summer, they will continue going door to door throughout the state to have one-on-one conversations with voters. Amy Mello, field director of EqualityMaine, said at a press briefing that they believe “this is the most effective and strategic way to change minds.” They have also launched a new Web site,, that includes created videos of Mainers—LGBT and straight—telling their personal stories of what marriage equality means to them. “In the coming months, we’re going to continue to help same-sex couples, their family members, and their friends share their stories and talk about why marriage matters to them,” said Matt McTighe, Maine director of public education for GLAD, in a statement. “We know that, as more people come to understand the love and commitment that gay and lesbian couples share, we will continue to change hearts and minds.” A leading face of the campaign will be United Methodist Pastor Michael Gray of Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Gray said he used to hold “a very traditional view of what marriage meant,” but after meeting samesex couples in his parish and beyond, he said, “I now realize that the love and commitment in their relationships is as strong

as the love and commitment my wife and I share, and I support their right to marry if they are lucky enough to find someone they love.”

McTighe said at a press briefing that the purpose of the new pro-equality campaigns was not only to build support, but to “inoculate against” opponents’ attacks and be prepared to respond to them. In the earlier campaign to rescind marriage equality for same-sex couples, opponents launched a heavy barrage of television and radio ads warning that approval of samesex marriage would lead to public schools teaching children about gay marriage. EqualityMaine field director Mello said the door-to-door campaigners are taking on some of the “hard subjects,” such as what children will learn in school, and why marriages are better than civil unions. They will be discussing these topics even with supporters, “to ensure they really are with us and that we can count on their support.” Demographics may also play a role in the outcome of the initiative. Presidential election years garner a larger portion of voters under age 40 than in off-year elections such as 2009, according to Goodwin Simon Strategic Research, one of the firms that conducted a poll for EqualityMaine. And younger voters are much more likely to support marriage equality than the oldest voting cohort.


July 13, 2011 •

Feds Won’t Fight Bankruptcy by Married Gay Couples By Lisa Leff


submitted photo

has determined that it is not a necessary or appropriate exAN FRANCISCO penditure of the re– Federal officials sources of this court no longer plan to and the parties to contest joint bankruptcy continue to litigate pleadings brought by lethe appeal,” Andergally married same-sex son’s office wrote. couples, a Department Gene Balas, left, and Carlos Morales Even before the of Justice spokeswoman Justice Department arrived at its position said Friday. The Obama administration’s recent position this week, another bankruptcy trustee in is that the federal law forbidding government San Diego already had cited the administrarecognition of same-sex unions is uncon- tion’s decision to stop defending the Defense stitutional. Justice Department spokeswom- of Marriage Act in a request to withdraw her an Tracy Schmaler said government lawyers opposition to the bankruptcy pleading of andecided this week that letting gay and lesbian other married gay couple. The department’s change in policy already couples jointly petition for bankruptcy prohas provided the basis for the government tection is consistent with that stance. “The Department of Justice has informed to drop its opposition to an attempt by a bankruptcy courts that it will no longer same-sex couple to seek joint bankruptcy seek dismissal of bankruptcy petitions filed protection in New York state. “By having the department change its poljointly by same-sex debtors who are maricy nationwide in response to Gene and Carried under state law,” Schmaler said. The shift stems from a case involving two los’ case, we basically accomplished what it California men who got married when it would normally take a Supreme Court rulwas briefly legal in 2008 before the state’s ing to achieve,” Robert Pfister, a lawyer for voters passed a constitutional amendment the Los Angeles couple. Balas, 42, a freelance economics writer, and banning same-sex marriages. A U.S. bankruptcy trustee initially fought Morales, 46, a graphic designer, said Friday Gene Balas and Carlos Morales’ shared that having the government recognize their Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan on the grounds marriage for purposes of declaring bankruptthat the federal Defense of Marriage Act cy has practical and profound implications. prohibited it. But 20 of the 24 bankruptcy They will not have to pay extra court fees to judges in Los Angeles took the unusual step file separate petitions, nor go through the exof disagreeing and ruled last month that the hausting task of trying to untangle their financial lives, which include joint bank accounts, act violated the couple’s civil rights. Trustee Peter Anderson subsequently ap- joint debts and jointly owned real estate. He said, however, that as long as the Depealed, maintaining President Barack Obama had ordered government lawyers to defend fense of Marriage Act and state-level samethe ban “unless and until” Congress repeals sex marriage bans remain in effect, he and the act or there is a final judicial ruling strik- his husband are not truly equal. When he was considering taking a job in another ing it down. But Anderson withdrew his objections in a state, for instance, he had to consider if their written filing Wednesday. He noted that even marriage would be recognized for purposes a U.S. House of Representatives group that of taxes, hospital visitation, inheritance and has stepped in to defend the marriage act’s other spousal rights. Obama’s stance on DOMA also was cited constitutionality in other cases had decided against taking part in Morales and Balas’ case. this week by a federal appeals court in San “In light of the decision by the (Bipartisan Francisco that ordered the Pentagon to imLegal Advisory Group) not to participate mediately stop enforcing the 17-year-old in this appeal and the availability of other law that prohibits gay men, lesbians and judicial fora for resolution of the constitu- bisexuals from serving openly in the armed tional question, the United States Trustee forces.

Associated Press

July 13, 2011 •

this month in gay history This happened on may 11, 1964

Wikimedia / Linda_Bisset

1900 - The American author KATHRYN HULME was born. Best known for her novel The Nun’s Story which was made into the award-winning 1959 movie starring Audrey Hepburn. Interestingly the book and film were based on Hulme’s partner of more than 40 years, the Belgian nun MARIE LOUISE HABETS. 1925 – On the other hand there is the American television host and media mogul MERV GRIFFIN also born on this date (d. 2007). Griffin began his career as a radio and big band singer who went on to appear in movies and on Broadway.

1944 - LEONARD MATLOVICH, a Vietnam War veteran, race relations instructor, and recipient of the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star, died (b: 1943). Matlovich was the first gay service member to fight the now discontinued ban on gays in the military, known widely as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) and perhaps the best-known gay man in America in the 1970s after Harvey Milk. These facts brought to you by the

Stonewall National Museum and Archive 1300 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 (954) 763-8565 •



July 13, 2011 •

Partner Planning Financial protection begins with a plan. Actually, a complimentary consultation. While financial planning is important to everyone, for gay and lesbian partners it can be crucial. Let Morgan Stanley Smith Barney help you develop a plan that works for you now and in the future. • Protect your income and assets • Take advantage of a thorough financial plan • Develop a strategy based on your specific goals

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Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC recommends that investors independently evaluate particular investments and strategies, and encourages investors to seek the advice of a Financial Advisor. The appropriateness of a particular insvestment or startegy will depend on an investor’s individual circumstanes and objectives. © 2010 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.

Queer Speak 21st Century Quotes & Quips on Being Gay in America “What you saw was the people of New York having a debate, talking through these issues. It was contentious, it was emotional, but ultimately they made a decision to recognize civil marriages. And I think that’s exactly how things should work.” “We cannot discriminate, as a country, on the basis of sexual orientation. And we have done more in the two and a half years that I’ve been in here than the past 43 presidents to uphold that principle,” said Obama. “I think what you’re seeing is profound recognition on the part of the American people that gays and lesbians and transgender persons are our brothers, sisters, children, cousins, friends, co-workers and that they’ve got to be treated like every other American.”

– President Obama on gay marriage passing in New York

July 13, 2011 •

Sanctuary House

the great scope of work they have done, although do admit it’s “very nice to be recognized for our hard work.” They are not, however, completely alone in their mission to rebuild fractured lives. There are five people on the Board of Directors, including a former resident. In terms of administration Sanctuary House has one full-time employee and one retired volunteer who works in the office. Furthermore, AIDS Healthcare Foundation established a relationship with Cashner and Jared Cashner, James Sanzeri and volunteers during garage sale in June Sanzieri. Through their fore a sanctuary. Cashner shared stories of contract they are able to hire seniors on a fixed finding crack pipes and other paraphernalia income to act as couriers and bring medication buried under rubbish on the grounds of the to shut-ins with HIV/AIDS. “Not only are we able to help the shut-ins complex, which consists of three buildings and seven apartments. The facility, the only and the retirees but 35 percent of the funds one of its kind in Florida, currently accom- allotted to the couriers goes back to Sanctumodates 22 men. Yet, there is more to come. ary House,” Cashner added. Touring the facility there is a beauti“A private financer recently sent out an architect,” said Sanzeri. “The city of Wilton ful pool, original to the house, restored Manors recently redid the swells, and pave- through local assistance. The garage –as ments.” The couple is very modest about well as a winnebago – were filled to capacity

By A. Sebastian Fortino


n November 2010 SFGN interviewed Jared Cashner, a retired court stenographer and his partner of three years James Sanzeri. Two years ago they founded Sanctuary House, a residence providing sober and safe living for gay men in recovery. Initially they did things on their own, selling their own home, and a car to keep the 1957 property located at N.W. 25th St in Wilton Manors. “Soon after the article ran calls, emails and checks came flooding in,” said Cashner and Sanzeri, who after only three years start and finish each other’s sentences. “An older lady from Ocala who didn’t know much about gay people but knows when people are doing the right thing even sent us a check.” Other donations – such as a check for $500 from the South Florida Bears – were welcome surprises for which the couple is very grateful. This is a far cry from when they pawned their wedding rings to pay bills. The property was a den of iniquity be-

submitted photo

Overwhelming community support

11 with wares to sell at one of three flea markets they host annually. What is not sold they redistribute to Out of the Closet and the Poverello Center. There are fruit trees on the property, also original to the house. A path between the pool and main house, where Cashner and Sanzieri have their apartment, is flanked by tall palm trees while prized ponytail palms stand in front of the house. Cashner has been told the trees are quite valuable. The palms, for instance due to their age and height, could fetch $10,000, yet he will not sell them. “This place is a sanctuary,” said Cashner. “They add grace and charm to the property – so I won’t sell them.” At the close of the interview with Cashner and Sanzieri one of their cell phones rang. While it was a beautiful Friday, close to five in the afternoon, their work was not done. They have an arrangement with the Parole Board of Broward County to transfer men directly from the courthouse to Sanctuary House. “We’ve got two more coming in,” said Sanzieri to Cashner. “We’ll send someone out there to pick them up right away.” Visit to make a donation or learn more.


July 13, 2011 •


July 13, 2011 •


Role Models and Manly Things By Dana Rudolph


was recently asked by a mainstream journalist: “Are you worried about providing male role models for your son?” I answered, as I always do to the question, “No.” It’s not that I don’t want him to have male role models; it’s just that I’m not worried about it. I think that very often, when the media asks that question, they are ignoring the realities not only of same-sex and single parents’ lives, but also of children’s lives in general. A few weeks ago, for example, I went to a department store with my eight-year-old son to buy him a dress shirt for his piano recital. It wasn’t a super-fancy affair, but I wanted him to wear something a little nicer than his usual Lego Star Wars t-shirt. I was envisioning a plain white buttondown shirt and khakis. To my surprise, he made a beeline for the tie rack, insisting that he wanted to wear a tie, too. He pulled off a spiffy bright blue one with a thin diamond pattern in green, and then told me he preferred a light blue shirt to go with it. After that—and even more surprising— he said he wanted to get a pocket square as well. I reeled from his sartorial vision. He’s rarely seen any of his close male relatives in suits (we’re a casual bunch), and not one of them has ever worn a pocket square. (Neither have my spouse or I, for that matter—we’re just not that butch.) Somehow, though, my son had created an image in his mind of what a well-dressed

man should wear, and was pursuing it. His conception of how to dress like a man is therefore clearly influenced by far more than just the men to whom he is closest. And even children with oppositesex parents are influenced by more than just their parents, no matter how primary the parents’ influence may be. The incident got me thinking further about the whole issue of gendered role models. I think there are three essential points many non-LGBT people miss. First, most lesbian moms don’t live in feminist communes with nary a man in sight. Fact is, most of us have fathers, brothers, donors, or other men who are close to us in our families—not to mention coaches, teachers, clergy members, fathers of our children’s friends, and other respectable people of the male variety (whether cisgender or transgender) in our communities. And many of the lesbian moms I know make an extra effort to reach out to them. The same is true in reverse for gay dads seeking female role models for their children. Second, it’s hard to talk about gendered role models without getting into clichéd gender stereotypes. Many butch lesbian moms exude more masculinity than a lot of the men I know—but even I, a middleof-the-road kind of gal, can still teach my son to throw a ball, shoot an arrow, swing a hammer, and other such “manly” things. (The Dangerous Book for Boys, a tome of adventurous activities for tween and teen boys

that came out a few years ago, reads like a chronicle of much of my own childhood.) Yes, it’s just as biased to assume all lesbians have such masculine interests (or that gay men have feminine ones), but nor should we assume the opposite—that children without a male parent will learn no “masculine” skills at home. Such assumptions also insult straight moms who coach sports, or straight dads who teach their children to sew. If we leave aside stereotypes, however, I will agree it is important for my son to have role models of people who identify as male—not because of any old-fashioned beliefs about men’s interests and roles vs. women’s—but because I believe there’s a resonance when a child sees a person who identifies the same way he or she does. I think it is important for my son to have male role models, in the same way it is important to have LGBT-headed families appear in books and media. It’s reassuring to see that part of oneself reflected in a positive way. That doesn’t mean those role models need to adhere to any particular definition of what it means to “be a man.” It’s probably even better if they don’t—that way, my son can find his own way of being and his own position on the spectrum of masculinity.


Lastly, when the media asks about role models of the opposite gender, it seems they are really going after the heart of the argument over whether same-sex couples—or single parents of any orientation—should be parents. The question seems to imply “Do you worry that you’re lacking an essential component for raising a child?” Fact is, almost every parent and parenting couple, LGBT and not, lacks something they will need to raise their child. A nonathletic couple could be raising a child with a talent for soccer; someone who is tone deaf might be raising a child who wants to become a professional pianist. We will all likely do the same thing, and look to friends and community for advice and role models. It does take the proverbial village to raise a child, and in this, LGBT and non-LGBT parents are very much alike. So I don’t worry about needing male role models for my son, although I want and welcome them. Maybe I’ll buy them all pocket squares as a gift. I hear they’re a hot accessory for men these days. Dana Rudolph is the founder and publisher of Mombian (, a blog and resource directory for LGBT parents.


July 13, 2011 •

New Plan to End Hiv in Children by 2015 Associated Press


NITED NATIONS (AP) World leaders launched a global plan this month with the goal of ensuring that every baby is born HIV-free by 2015 and that their HIV mothers live to raise them. The U.N. says nearly every minute a baby is born with the HIV virus. In 2009, that meant 370,000 children were infected with HIV, almost all in low- and middle-income countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. At the U.N.’s high-level meeting on AIDS, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joined other leaders to launch the roadmap to achieve the goal of eliminating mother to child transmission of HIV in the next four years. “We believe that by 2015 children everywhere can be born free of HIV and that their mothers can remain healthy,’’ said Michel Sidibe, executive director of UNAIDS, the U.N. agency fighting the disease. “This new global plan is realistic, it is achievable and it is driven by the most affected countries.’’

are very close to doing in Botswana,’’ he said. The plan “Countdown to Zero’’ was developed by a team led by UNAIDS and the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, which Goosby heads. The team included representatives from more than 30 countries and 50 organizations. The plan includes ensuring that all pregnant women have access to quality lifesaving HIV prevention and treatment services for themselves 14-year-old mom with AIDS baby in Malawi and their children and U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Eric Goos- that there are adequate financial resources by called preventing new HIV infections in and trained health staff to meet the goal. In 2009, the U.N. said an estimated children a “smart investment.’’ “Working together, we can reverse this tide 42,000-60,000 pregnant women died beas we have done in the United States and they cause of HIV almost all of them in develop-

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By Edith M. Lederer

News Analysis

Calling HIV-Negative Men: This is Your Time By Mark S. King


his is directed to HIV-negative gay men. Listen carefully. This is your time. I’ve lived with HIV more than half of my life, and people often praise me far more than I deserve, simply for surviving. They use words like brave and courageous. You know what takes courage? Getting an HIV test every few months. You, waiting nervously while your most personal sexual choices are literally being tested, waiting to find out if you’ve been good – or if you’re going to pay for a single lapse in judgment by testing positive, when the look on the faces of your friends will say you should have known better. I have no idea what that must be like. I took the test over 25 years ago. The positive result was traumatic, no doubt about it, and I soldiered on during some awfully frightening times. But I have a significant psychological advantage over my HIV negative friends: I only took that damn test once.

During all of these years, I’ve acted irresponsibly at times or taken chances I hadn’t intended. But there has been no further judgment from a blood test. That reckoning was faced long ago. But you – whether you have been sexually active for a year or a decade – have very likely faced some tough choices and behaved wisely. You keep doing the right thing. This is your time. The word “courageous” is for you. If you don’t define yourself, in large part, by the fact that you are HIV-negative, start now. It is your accomplishment. It says you are taking care. And it says you are eligible to participate in vaccine trials or mentor someone else trying to remain negative. There is ongoing research now focused on HIV-negative men like you. Exciting new studies are investigating drugs to prevent infection after something risky has

occurred, while other studies have shown promise for a drug regimen that might block infection before it happens. And right now there are vaccine trials waiting for men like you to help find the ultimate weapon against HIV. They need volunteers badly. This is your time. This research is about you. This call to action is for you. I can already hear the rumblings on both sides of the viral divide. People are so quick to take offense, so afraid of being misunderstood, of being labeled or blamed or ostracized. My fellow positive brothers are so bruised by stigma that it can be hard for them to lift you up. They’ve been rejected by you. They don’t like hearing “maybe we should just be friends,” and they don’t like seeing “UB2” in your online profile. They might be positive as a result of one heated mistake,

ing countries. In high-income countries the number of new HIV infections was virtually zero and the number of child and maternal deaths due to HIV was also almost zero. Ban said the developed world has shown that “there is every reason to believe that we can save millions of lives across the developing world.” Former U.S. president Bill Clinton told the crowd of several hundred leaders, diplomats, AIDS activists and people living with HIV that “just 22 countries account for 90 percent of pediatric infections.” He called for lower drug prices and strong political leadership to ensure that everyone works together to meet the goal. The launch of the Global Plan, as it is known, sparked a number of new contributions: an additional $75 million from the U.S. on top of the approximately $300 million it already provides annually, $40 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, $20 million from Chevron and $15 million from Johnson & Johnson.

or due to sexual assault, or by trusting (or loving) the wrong person – and they deeply resent feeling judged. Maybe they think your negative status is the result of pure luck, or that you don’t like anal intercourse, or that you’re lying. Meanwhile, your sacrifices go unrecognized. You’ve seen some positive friends take early disability, hang out at the gym, and get help with the rent. They receive so much support and empathy that it must feel like there isn’t much left for you. Every year we all swarm the streets for the AIDS Walk, and you can’t help but wonder if your parade will ever arrive. These grievances and resentments give me a headache. It doesn’t matter much to me who is most injured. How infinite is our compassion for one another? I don’t care anymore who gets what. What matters most is who does what. This is your time. This truce, this call to a higher purpose, is for you. You are fully human, like everyone else, my friend. You are courageous, afraid, selfish and compassionate. You make difficult choices, and you make mistakes. And we need you so very badly. Thank God for you. This is your time.


July 13, 2011 •

On the Cusp of a Cure? A tree in Samoa may be the crucial link to a cure for HIV, but money is needed to move research and development along By Jason Parsley


or years the AIDS Research Alliance in California has been at the forefront of researching a cure for HIV. And now they think they may have found it – prostratin. The compound was first discovered in the Pacific island nation of Samoa by native healers in the 1800s. They would make tea with it and use it to treat viral hepatitis. Technically the compound is a non-tumor-promoting phorbol ester derived from the Mamala tree (Homalanthus nutans). “We’ve got HIV treatment down. Now we need a cure. The stumbling block to a cure are the reservoirs and we think prostratin is part of that answer. As a long-term survivor myself, I’m very excited about this,” said Art McDermott, vice president of development for ARA. “We’re the only ones with a drug in the pipeline. But we need the public’s help to move this research forward. Because of budget cuts we’ve had to rely more and more on private giving.” It wasn’t until 1997 when researchers first discovered that HIV can lay dormant and

hide in pockets called reservoirs throughout the body for decades escaping even the most powerful anti-HIV drugs and springing to life as soon as treatment stops. That’s one of the major reasons HIV has been so difficult to treat and why those infected must stay on drugs for life. “As soon as you get off meds the HIV comes roaring back and starts the infection all over again,” McDermott said. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute were the first ones to discover that prostratin could possibly be used as an anti-HIV drug. In the early 90s they began testing their large repository of chemicals gathered from all over the world to see if any of them could be used as anti-HIV drugs. Prostratin popped up as a possible one, however, after some testing they found that, while it did stop HIV from infecting healthy cells, it also increased the virus production in cells that were already infected, but dormant. Because of the increased viral production they put further research and testing on hold. But it’s the increase that researchers would later find to be beneficial. Because prostra-

tin activates the dormant HIV hidden in the reservoirs it also allows the newly activated HIV to be attacked by anti-HIV drugs. When Dr. Stephen Brown, vice president and medical director of ARA, took the job in 1997 one of the things the board decided upon is that they wanted him to start looking for things useful in attacking those reservoirs. “No one knew much about the reservoirs at that time and this was way before anyone was thinking about them,” he said. It wasn’t until 1999 when Brown first learned of prostratin in a presentation addressing whether or not the compound should be reconsidered in the era of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART). “I was absolutely thrilled because this was exactly the thing we were looking for,” he said. Research, however, moved slowly because of the difficulty in getting prostratin, since it was only found in the bark of the Mamala Tree. It wouldn’t be until 2008 when Dr. Paul Wender of Standford discovered how to synthetically create the compound. ARA now holds the exclusive National Institute of Health license to develop it. “Every two people that access HIV treatment another five people become infected,” McDermott said. “We’re never going to be able to treat our way out of the epidemic.” But in order to continue the testing and get clinical trials in humans the organization needs funding. McDermott said unfortunately the federal government is focusing their resources on a vaccine rather than a cure, so

Prostratin Timeline 1800s – Polynesian healers start using the Mamala tree in native medicines. In Samoa a tea from the tree’s bark is used to treat viral hepatitis. 1987 – Ethnobotanist Dr. Paul Cox meets a native healer in Samoa who introduces him to 121 different indigenous treatments including the tea made with the Mamala bark. 1991 – Cox sends a sample of the tea to the National Cancer Institute, which screens it for it’s potential at fighting cancer. NCI isolates an active molecule from the tea and labels it “prostratin.” 1992 – NCI screens prostratin to see if it has any anti-HIV abilities. They discover it stops HIV from infecting healthy cells. But it also activates HIV production in cells that are infected but dormant. It’s deemed counterproductive and shelved for the next 7 years.

1999 – Dr. Stephen Brown at the Aids Research Alliance learns of prostratin from a presentation. 2002 – ARA and UCLA are awarded a grant from California AIDS Research Center to develop methods to measure the effects of prostratin on HIV reservoirs. Scientists from ARA and UCLA publish the first scientific paper on prostratin in Journal of Virology. 2003 – The world’s first symposium is held on HIV reservoirs 2004 – Another paper published about prostratin reports on prostratin’s ability to act as an “entry inhibitor,” stopping HIV from infecting healthy cells. 2005 – All federally funded prostratin research ends when the Bush administration closes the NIH-DART (National Institute

of Health, Development of AIDS Related Therapeutics Program) program. 2005-2007 – ARA has to rely on private funds to recruit a major contract research lab to continue the Federal and Drug Administration’s required pre-clinical studies. Over the next 18 months key toxicology studies proves prostratin poses no risk of causing cell mutation or tumors. 2007 – ARA collects blood samples from 6 HIV positive patients to assess the lowest amount of prostratin needed to activate HIV. 2008 – Dr. Paul Wender discovers how to create prostratin synthetically, which in turn reignites the research of prostratin. Present – Clinical trials in animals are taking place, but money is needed to get the trials into humans.

there isn’t much money to be had there. If ARA had all of the money they needed Brown said it would take about 1 to 2 years to complete the human trials. Realistically though, he said, they’re still about 5 years away from any sort of drug making it to the pharmacy. Besides reaching out to new donors they’re also looking to form a partnership with a drug company to speed up the process. McDermott estimates ARA needs another 2 million to get the clinical trials in humans. “Eventually we hope that with this medication by itself, or in combination with others, it could get people off of medications completely,” Brown said. When asked if that meant a cure for HIV he responded, “yes but a lot of people don’t like to use that term. It’s still controversial.” Even if prostratin proves not to be a cure Brown believes it may lead to a new class of drugs called HIV reservoir ablative agents that would attack the reservoirs. “We’re hoping to begin a new approach with the flushing of these reservoirs,” Brown said. Visit for more information.


July 13, 2011 •


The G(Force) Is with Lacrosse By Dan Woog July 4, 2011


or years, ice hockey and lacrosse have been stereotyped as two of the sports least welcoming to gay men. They’re contact sports, played by insular groups: Canadians (hockey) and prep schoolers (lacrosse). Yes, stereotypes cut both ways. For nearly a decade, GForce Sports has broken down hockey barriers. Its gay team has beaten (OK, demolished) straight opponents. Its speakers have addressed sports audiences nationwide, and its Athlete Buddy System has given hope to young gay hockey players. Now it’s doing the same with lacrosse. GForce has formed an elite gay lacrosse team. Drawing top players from around the country – some already out, others still in the process – the squad will compete in tournaments and do advocacy work off the field. Like its hockey counterpart, GForce lacrosse will use competition and education to smash stereotypes. Andrew McIntosh leads the lacrosse charge. A former 6-foot-2-inch, 215-pound captain at the State University of New York-Oneonta, he’s recruited a stellar squad. Straight players have said they’d join, if needed. McIntosh knows that his sport has not always had a great reputation. He quotes the Washington Post: lacrosse players have “prehistoric views on human relationships, and are not sensitive to diversity.” But, McIntosh says, “when you look closely at the locker room, you see a broth-

erhood. It’s a tight-knit community, with very powerful friendships built on trust.” When he came out at Oneonta, his teammates were “very supportive.” A few opponents apologized for having ever offended him. His coming-out process was eased because, a year before, McIntosh heard head coach Dan Mahar chastise a player for calling a drill “gay.” Mahar said that language was “inappropriate.” Mahar reemphasized his support. McIntosh recounted his coach’s words: “If we had a roster of 30 players and 15 of them did not want to play on the team because I was gay, he would tell them to leave the team.” Brian Kitts is GForce’s director of marketing and public relations. He roomed with lacrosse players at the University of Denver, then worked for the company that owned the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche, the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, and the Colorado Mammoth of the National Lacrosse League. He found lacrosse to be a very welcoming sport. “None of our players has had any negative experiences,” he says. “And in the NLL, I never heard any anti-gay joking.” Like McIntosh, Kitts believes the stereotype of a homophobic lacrosse culture is unfair. In fact, he would not call any sport “anti-gay.” Kitts says, “Any time you get a group of men together in a competitive situation, your social norms and innate competitiveness take over. Lacrosse is on an equal level with soccer, football, anything else in terms of that. Which means we have a an equal opportunity with those other sports to do edu-

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cation and outreach.” The aim, Kitts says, is to “let players, fans and coaches know they’ve played with – and are playing with now – people who are gay. And to let them know too, ‘Why would you or anyone else care?’” Kitts adds, “These are exceptional guys. Lacrosse players have big personalities to begin with. To be out, and a lacrosse athlete, is even more impressive. They’re great players, and excellent speakers. “If you can talk to kids when they’re still playing sports, you can make a difference,” Kitts adds, referring to the speaking engagements GForce seeks out. “It’s important to let them know there are people just like them, if they’re gay – or not like them, if they’re straight. Either way, they’re still worthy opponents, and there’s nothing to worry about.” Kitts says that both audiences are vital. “The work we do with LGBT youth is incredibly important. But reaching the hearts and minds of straight allies, fans and sup-

port businesses is very important too.” GForce is reaching out to high school and college athletic directors, coaches and players. This fall, when they play on the East Coast, they’ll speak at prep schools, where lacrosse is a particularly hot sport. It’s a milieu that GForce team members know well. “So many lacrosse players are well educated,” says Kitts. “They’re a fun group of athletes to work with. They’re confident because they’re great players. And by being out, they’re very sure of themselves.” Speaking at forums and in assemblies is one thing. A different kind of education comes when elite gay lacrosse players beat their straight counterparts – and do it with a smile. “Winning on the field is always more instructive than sitting people down to hear a lecture,” Kitts says. For more information, visit www.GForceSports. org. Players interested in joining the lacrosse team should email


July 13, 2011 •


Gay Slurs in Sports No Longer Acceptable Oakland A’s suspend pitcher By Norm Kent


ajor league baseball teams are taking a more forward step in ending homophobic taunts on the diamond. In the latest in a string of similar incidents, the Oakland A’s suspended pitcher Ian Krol indefinitely Sunday for posting an anti-gay slur on Twitter. The tweet was later removed, but the San Francisco Chronicle reported it was “a derogatory comment that included a homophobic slur and offensive language.” Krol, a 20-year-old left-hander considered one of the A’s leading pitching prospects in the lower levels, was also suspended during his senior year of high school in 2009 for an alcohol-related incident. Earlier this season, the Atlanta Braves

pitching coach. Roger McDowell, was suspended for having verbally demeaned homosexuals in slurs he uttered at a couple during a pre game warm up. Last week, the White Sox second baseman, Gordon Beckham, also found himself on the carpet, apologizing for using his cleats to carve out a message on the infield dirt jokingly calling an opposing team member ‘gay’. Last week, the Boston Red Sox announced they would do, as the World Champion San Francisco Giants have already done, an ‘It Gets Better’ video, to prevent bullying of gay youth. All these are progressive steps by professional sports teams to establish a higher awareness of homophobia in sports. Also on Saturday, WWE wrestler CM Punk apologized after a YouTube video

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surfaced of him yelling a homophobic taunt at a fan in Australia. In the video, CM Punk, whose real name is Phillip Jack Brooks, is seen calling an audience member a “homo” in an angry altercation at a WWE Smackdown event, held on June 14.

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In two more high-profile cases, the NBA fined Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant $100,000 in April for hurling an anti-gay slur at a referee, and little over a month later Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah was hit with a $50,000 fine for appearing to yell a similar comment at a fan..


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SFGN Editorial

July 13, 2011

Betty Ford: An Out There First Lady

Norm Kent, Publisher


submitted photo

remarkable woman who turned her own troubles into a life saving endeavor for so many others passed away last week. May former First Lady Betty Ford rest in peace. She had been a soccer mom to four children, a professional dancer, a congressional wife and a model. Betty Ford, however, will be cherished for the work she did after the White House, as she changed national attitudes about addiction. She made a great impact as a first lady, but it was by winning a lot more than the Good Housekeeping’s ‘Woman of the Year’ seal of approval. Betty Ford also was an incredible proponent of women’s rights including equality in the workplace for women.

She was noted for raising breast cancer awareness following her 1974 mastectomy and was a passionate supporter of, and activist for, the Equal Rights Amendment. Pro-choice on abortion and a leader in the Women’s Movement, she gained fame as one of the most candid first ladies in history, commenting on every hot-button issue of the time, including feminism, equal pay, ERA, sex, drugs, abortion, and gun control. She also raised awareness of addiction when she announced her longrunning battle with alcoholism in the 1970s. Out of that came the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California. To this day, the center remains one of the most well-known and respected places nationwide for treat-

The message Betty Ford leaves is to never back down from your problems, but always stand up for your dignity and rights.

ment of alcoholism and other drug dependencies. The message Betty Ford leaves is to never back down from your problems, but always stand up for your dignity and rights. Maybe careers like the First Lady’s helped

inspire local individuals such as Broward County’s retiring jurist Judge Marcia Beach, whose dedication and passion has led to her tenure as the head of Broward County’s Drug Court. There, Judge Beach sent a message to other jurists that drug-dependent defendants should be treated as persons to be rehabilitated instead of animals to be caged. We salute her contributions to our community.

Letter to the Editor



n June 28th, 1969 a group of men and women finally said ‘enough is enough’ and they stood up to their oppressors. In this case the oppressor was the New York City Police Department. This day marked the beginning of the “Stonewall Riots” and the start of the LGBT Community’s push for equality. Over the years we have celebrated many victories, such as last month’s legalization of same sex marriage in the state of New York, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and the Justice Departments announcing that it will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act. However, along the way, we have lost several members of our community to senseless acts of violence. These acts were perpetrated by people whose intolerance was merely masked by their own ignorance. These victims include people such as Mathew Sheppard or Michael Sandy from New York, a man who was ambushed by a gang of 4. The list of victims doesn’t end here. It goes and on and on. The push for equality goes beyond the right for same gender loving people to marry, or hate crimes enhancers for criminal acts

directed toward the LGBT Community. In 2008 in Miami, Florida, a Washington couple was shocked.When after one of the ladies collapsed, her partner of 18 years was denied visitation rights at the hospital. She was informed that she was in an anti-­gay city and state. Outside of Wilton Manors, the City of Oakland Park has always stood out as welcoming safe space for the LGBT community to call home. Oakland Park was one of the first to offer its employees Domestic Partnership benefits regardless of the increased cost to the city. The city has always stated that they did this because it was the right thing to do. The city is also home to the annual Pride-­Fest Celebration, and the HRC and Oakland Park Main Street Cinema under the stars event. So, on June 15th, 2011 when Commissioner Adornato asked the city to approve a proclamation that would recognize the month of June as “LGBT Pride and Equality Month” I was stunned by Commissioner Shank’s response. Commissioner Shank said that following: “...My concern is that I read it for the first time on Monday Night. And I just feel like it is being put on the agenda last minute.Which I think would

be ok otherwise but it is celebrating the stonewall festival this Sunday, and we also have this Sunday is Father’s Day and we have never recognized or put any proclamation out there for that. So, I am just concern that we might be um...disrespecting some of our fathers out there, as well by putting this on last minute.” After hearing this quote three main concerns came to mind: 1. He had 48 hours after reading the proclamation to draft an additional proclamation in an effort to recognize fathers. If this was the commissioner’s concern why didn’t he do this? 2. In the commissioner’s statement comment he acknowledged reading the proclamation. Which very clearly states that the city would recognize the entire month of June “LGBT Pride and Equality Month”, not just the Sunday that the Stonewall Festival was being held on. 3. But most importantly, what about Gay Fathers, or Fathers of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgendered? I raised these concerns during public comment on Wednesday July 6th at the city commission meeting. At the end I asked for

Commissioner Shank to apologize for his insensitive comments. Commissioner Shank did not remain silent on the issue. Later in the meeting he praised other city officials for attending the event, but feel short of offering the desired apology. However, after the meeting I did agree to have coffee with him in the near future. While Commissioner Shanks’ comments were marginalizing, I think that these comments came from a place of genuine concern and care for the city. He simply wanted to make sure that fathers receive their deserved recognition. The reason I chose to address this issue in such a public way was because I believe that we as a community have a responsibility to make sure that elected officials represent all of their constituents, not just the ones who voted for them. In turn when officials like Commissioner Shank make statements that divide, rather than unite, we as a community have a responsibility to make our voices heard. Jason Burns is the Major Gifts Officer at the Pride Center


Susan Estrich

Go Michele! By Susan Estrich


or a Democrat, it’s too good to be true. Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney running neck and neck in Iowa. Romney having to worry about the one in five who won’t vote for a Mormon, and Bachmann hiring a cadre of top Republican consultants, starting with Ed Rollins and Ed Goeas. Is the sun shining on Barack Obama or what? This is better than Donald Trump. At least he could lay some claim to business expertise, even if many of his projects were too big – not too successful – to fail. As for Bachmann, she is better known as a cable television staple than as someone who has accomplished anything at all in Congress, apart from the Congressional Tea Party Caucus. No legislative experience, no executive experience, no business experience. Perfect – for the Iowa caucuses anyway. I know there’s someone out there saying: But what about Obama? So let’s get that out of the way at the outset. Obama had serious credentials from his years in the Senate and, before that, in the Illinois Senate. He was known as a man of ideas. Agree or not with those ideas, no one was asking if he was a “flake.” It’s just not a word that you connect with Obama. I was a Hillary supporter, but not for a minute did I doubt that Obama was extraordinary. There are a number of Republicans whom I view as competent to hold themselves out for the presidency. Mitt Romney is certainly one, as is Jon Huntsman. I don’t know Tim Pawlenty, but many people I respect speak well of him. I do know Newt Gingrich, and frankly, he is one of the smartest and most original thinkers I have met in politics. I’m leaving Sarah Palin out because I don’t for a minute believe she is running, but even she was a respected governor. Bachmann? The Christine O’Donnell of campaign 2012. Remember how that caused Republicans to lose a Senate seat they were counting on. That’s what happens when it’s all ideology and no competence. And that is very often what Iowa is about. If you sat down to come up with a way to

choose presidential candidates that would allow unelectable ideologues to be nominated, you couldn’t do better than ours. I know: How do you spell George McGovern? Many of the rules of this game were put in place by my Democratic friends (and by me, I’m in there all over the place beginning in 1981) to ensure that what we called “insurgent” and “non-establishment” candidates would not be eliminated because they lacked the money, endorsements or establishment support that a Romney starts with. It’s not a bad idea in theory, but in practice, it can easily lead to the selection of candidates who aren’t “big” enough (running in states like Iowa and New Hampshire bears no resemblance whatsoever to a general election), whose appeal is way too limited (I like Mike Huckabee, but did anyone in 2008 think he could get elected

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July 13, 2011 •

president?), or who are just plain too far off the beaten path. Like Michele Bachmann. Could she win in Iowa? Sure. A divided field, a caucus system in which ideologues are the only ones who vote and a message tailored directly to those ideologues with no thought to November, and a woman

who has never made an executive decision or passed a bill could wind up on top in Iowa. Her well-paid consultants could certainly make it happen. They could take the victory lap. If you could get Bachmann that far, just think what you could do with a real candidate. We Democrats could take a victory lap, as well. With Bachmann in the race, let alone taking a commanding position, the qualified candidates would have to meet her on her side of the road – which is way, way off the road to the White House. It might just be time for both sides to take a fresh look at the nominating process to ensure that competence matters as much as ideology and that we are picking candidates who can win, not just those we like best. But there is certainly no time for any of that before the Iowa caucuses roll around. The way things are looking now, I can’t wait. To find out more about Susan Estrich and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at


July 13, 2011 •

Thank you to the 618 individuals who have signed letters to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and to drug maker Gilead Sciences’ CEO John Martin asking for a halt to FDA approval for expanded use of the company’s AIDS treatment drug Truvada as an HIV prevention pill – also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP. Truvada is not ready for widespread use as an HIV prevention pill because: In the largest study, Truvada was only 44% effective at preventing HIV. There is a lack of “real world” data. There could be an increased risk to men who falsely believe they are protected from HIV and stop using condoms.

July 13, 2011 •


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July 13, 2011 •

o t y a w a t e


g n i n n i w smoke-free casino. Dining. slots. poker. harness racing.

777 Isle of CaprI CIrCle, pompano BeaCh, fl 33069 1-877-ISLE-2WIN • © 2011 Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. Must be 21. Gambling problem? Call 1 888 ADMIT IT.


July 13, 2011 •


hen Ian Smith planned a getaway for a group of 22 friends to Miami Beach five years ago, he never imagined the trip would grow into one of the most popular annual events among gay men and women of color. This weekend, more than 400 people will join Smith and his friends for a celebration of culture, fashion and, yes, partying, called Miami Beach Bruthaz. “It all started when I planned a weekend trip for a few friends,” recalls Smith, 40, a resident of the Tampa area. “We were going to have a nice relaxing weekend but it became so much more.” Author JL King had just released a new book and Smith invited him to lead a discussion about issues in the gay community at that first gathering. An informal fashion show was also organized and soon Smith was planning an annual event. “Even from the first year, people were making connections, friendships that became relationships that continued throughout the year,” says Smith. Miami Beach Bruthaz attracts participants from across the United States and Canada, as well as Brazil, Honduras and even Sweden. And, Smith adds, the participants tend to be aged 35 and older, “a more intimate and mature event than the traditional circuit party.” Highlighting the growing international flavor to Miami Beach Bruthaz, the weekend will feature a Brazilian-themed party at Score nightclub on Saturday night featuring Sao Paolo DJ Rodolfo Bravat. “The Bruthaz concept is definitely embracing all groups,” Smith says. In addition to the social events, fashion shows and workshops, this year Smith and his volunteers have added a jazz segment on Sunday featuring musicians and spoken word artists, which he says is “a nice cool

down at the end of the weekend.” Miami Beach Bruthaz kicks off with the Welcome White Party on Thursday, July 13 at Bar 721, 721 Lincoln Lane. DJ Gavin will be in the booth and the host for the party will be Jensen Atwood, accompanied by hot go-go boys. On Friday afternoon, LGBT authors and Rev.Tommie Watkins will lead a dialogue at the Brothaz SpeakUP!, a luncheon from noon to 2 p.m. at Prime 112 Steakouse, 112 Ocean Dr. Jensen Atwood will also be on hand. Actor and R&B singer Terrell Carter (“Madea’s Family Reunion” and “Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman”) will headline Friday’s main event, a fashion show and after party beginning at 9 p.m. at Gemma Lounge, 529 Lincoln Rd. Underwear and swimwear from Mundo Unico, Frank Dandy and Boyrio will be displayed on hot models. The party heats up poolside at the Lords South Beach, 1120 Collins Ave., on Saturday from 2 p.m to 6 p.m. DJ Platinum will provide the music while the boys splish splash the afternoon away. Miami Beach Bruthaz adopts a Latin beat Saturday night for the e-Joy dance party featuring Brazilian DJ Rodolfo Bravat at Score, 727 Lincoln Rd. The party starts at 11 p.m., but expect the action to continue well into the morning hours at the popular dance club. The weekend concludes with cool jazz on Sunday back at Bar 721 with performances by Miami saxophonist Jon Saxx and vocalist Mareyl Epps. Spoken word artist Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns rounds out the entertainment at Soul Lounge, with performances beginning at 9 p.m. Individual tickets and weekend packages are still available for all Miami Beach Bruthaz events.Visit MiamiBeachBruthaz. com for more information and tickets.

Miami Beach ‘Bruthaz’ Re t u r to South Bea ns ch photo:

By J.W. Arnold


July 13, 2011 •

Nightlife by J.W. Arnold

When things get too hot….

1721 N. Andrews Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. We love DJ and producer Herbie James and tonight he’s going to be working a lot of boys into a sweat at Ramrod, South Florida’s Levi/ leather/uniform bar, 1508 NE 4th Ave. in Fort Lauderdale. We’re just wondering if things will be hotter on the dance floor or the back patio. Saturday, July 18

Summer Cook-off at Sidelines...


ou know the old saying, “When things get hot, get out of the kitchen.” We’ve been known to abandon a culinary disaster for a cocktail on numerous occasions, but for those who like things hot and actually aspire to be the next Emeril, Sidelines has a contest for you. The bar is hosting its second annual summer cook-off competition Sunday, July 17 with chili con carne. A panel of three “celebrity” judges will evaluate each entry and the winner will advance to finals. If chili isn’t your dish, on Aug. 7 fire up your legendary chicken wings or dish up a cool summer salad Aug. 27. Stop by the bar for more information and rules. Contestants are encouraged to register by the Friday before each round. The finals will be held Monday, Sept. 5. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights of the week ahead in South Florida:


Thursday, July 16

n Fort Lauderdale, Thursday iced tea night at Georgie’s Alibi is legendary. Whether you prefer the traditional Long Island version or the fluorescent blue Long Beach, when they’re served up in old-fashioned mason jars, the price is always going to be right. Georgie’s is located in the Shoppes of Wilton Manors.


Friday, July 15

ext Door Studios star Marko Lebeau makes his U.S. debut this weekend at Boardwalk with two live shows at 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. In addition to this fresh-faced young stud, enjoy all of Boardwalk’s hot dancers all night long at


hings are getting kinky tonight at The Manor as the Wilton Manors entertainment complex continues its fetish-themed weekend with “Trick.” DJ Oren Nizri is in the booth and look for the performance by sex doll Erika Norell. The Manor is located at 2345 Wilton Dr. Whether you’re in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, it’s easy to find hot dancers at Johnny’s, the club that recently expanded south. The shows start at 6 p.m. and continue to 4 a.m. In Fort Lauderdale, you’ll find the men at 1116 W. Broward Blvd. and in Miami at 62 NE 14th St.


Sunday, July 17

he Cheston House hotel, 520 N. Birch Rd. on Fort Lauderdale Beach, hosts the Leather Masked Ball Pool Party today from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.Your $10 donation includes beer and light hors d’oeurvres and proceeds benefit the South Florida leather community. Thirteen is the lucky number for South Beach dance club Score, which celebrates it anniversary tonight with European singing sensation Kazaky, who will give a special performance at midnight. Head over to trendy Lincoln Road mall early for dinner and then dance into the wee hours of the morning at Score, 727 Lincoln Road.


Monday, July 18

here’s nothing like hot bartenders, but imagine hot bartenders in hot briefs.Tonight Bill’s Filling Station hosts Bartenders, Boxers & Briefs, the annual underwear auction benefitting Tuesday’s Angels. Your favorite bartenders from all your favorite bars will be strutting their stuff beginning at 8 p.m. and it’s all for a great cause. Bill’s is located at 2209 Wilton Drive.


July 13, 2011 •


By Brian Swinford


to get all WET every now and then. Every Saturday morning at 7 a.m. at Island Water Sports in Deerfield they’re giving away free Surf/Stand Up Paddle/Skim Lessons for singles, couples and families. Great teacher’s and beautiful weather equals fun and excitement in Florida. If you’re waiting for the summer comedy to come out your wait is over. Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz is funny and includes satire mixed with a little romance. Diaz is one bad teacher, but it’s not like she’s even trying to be a good one. In fact, teaching is her little day job until she marries a rich man and never works again. Like the rest of us we wish as well. Until that time, she’ll just keep showing films to her class about inspiring teachers who really do care.This is a great movie to go see with a friend or companion.

uly is the month for sun, fun, and watersports. In Key West, Hemingway is back for Hemingway Days, July 1924 where a look-alike contest for stocky white-bearded men – yum my favorite – resembling Hemingway will take place! Also, there will be book readings and signings by nationally acclaimed authors. In Fort Lauderdale The Tropical Symphony Concert takes place July 16, at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and celebrates Colombia’s rich cultural identity. The concerts combine classical and popular music with Colombian folk dancing. Tickets range from $27 to $100 and student tickets are available for $20. For me, however, July is about watersports…well, maybe not the kind your dirty mind is thinking about! Who doesn’t like

Georgie’s Alibi Johnny’s 2266 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, 1116 West Broward Blvd. FL 33305 (954) 565-2526 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 (954) 522-5931 Atomic Boom 2232 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, Matty’s on the Drive FL 33305 (954) 630-3556 2426 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 564-1799 Bill’s Filling Station 2209 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, Mona’s FL 33305 (954) 567-5978 502 East Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 Boardwalk (954) 525-6662 1721 North Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 Monkey Business (954) 463-6969 2740 North Andrews Avenue, Wilton Manors, FL 33311 Corner Pub Bar (954) 514-7819 1915 North Andrews Avenue, Wilton Manors, FL 33311 (954)564- Naked Grape Wine Bar 7335 2039 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 563-5631 Cubby Hole 823 North Federal Highway, Fort New Moon Lauderdale, FL 33304 (954) 728-9001 2440 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 563-7660 The Depot 1243 Northeast 11th Avenue, PJ’s Corner Pocket Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 924 North Flagler Drive (954) 537-7076 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 (954) 533-0257 Gold Coast Roller Rink 2604 S. Federal Highway Ramrod Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 1508 Northeast 4th Avenue, (954) 523-6783 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 (954) 763-8219 Hombre Bar 2500 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Rosie’s Bar and Grill Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 2449 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, (954) 380-4140 FL 33305 (954) 567-1320

Scandals Country Western Bar Oakland Park, FL 3334 (954) 567-2432 Sidelines Sports Bar 2031 Wilton Drive Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 (954) 563-8001 Smarty Pants 3038 North Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 (954) 561-1724 The Manor 2345 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors, FL 33305 (954) 626-0082 The Stable 205 East Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park, FL 33334 (954) 565-4506 Torpedo 2829 W. Broward Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 (954) 587-2500 Trixie’s Show Bar 600 South Dixie Highway Hollywood, FL 33020 (954) 923-9322 VooDoo Lounge (Sunday only) 111 Southwest 2nd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954) 522-0733

Rising Action Theater 1480 SW 9th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33315 (954) 561-2225 June 22- July 17. . 2  Boys in a Bed on a Cold Winter’s Night

Adrienne Arsht Center 1300 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, Florida 33132
(305) 949-6722  Decir Lluvia Y Que Llueva Carnival Studio Theater . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thursday, July 14, 2011, 8:30pm  Bank Atlantic Center 1 Panther Pkwy, Sunrise, FL 33323 • (954) 835-8000 July 14. . . . . . . . . Rihanna & Cee Lo Green July 15. . . . . . . . . Sade and John Legend July 20-31. . . . . . Cirque du Soleil-Alegria

Hard Rock Live! 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL 33314 • (954) 797-5531 07.14.2011 . . . . . The O’Jays 07.22.2011 . . . . . 1  5th Annual Zo’s Summer Groove Comedy Show

Cruzan Amphitheatre 601 Sansburys Way #7,West Palm Beach, FL 33411 (561) 795-8883 July 16. . . . . . . . . Jason Aldean & Chris Young July 30. . . . . . . . . Vans Warped Tour

submitted photo

Broward Center 201 Southwest 5th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 (954) 462-0222 Mamma Mia!. . . Tuesday 7/19/2011
8:00 PM Mamma Mia!. . . Wednesday 7/20/2011
8:00 PM

Swap Shop Drive-In 3291 West Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL (954) 791-7927 Cars 2 1hr 53min - Rated G - Animation/Comedy/ Action/Adventure - 8:30 9:00  10:45  11:10pm  12:55am Bad Teacher 1hr 29min - Rated R - Comedy 8:30  10:20pm  12:05am Transformers: Dark of the Moon 2hr 34min - Rated PG-13 - Action/Adventure - 8:30  9:00  11:20  11:45pm Larry Crowne 1hr 39min - Rated PG-13 - Comedy/Drama - 8:30  10:30pm  12:25am Mr. Popper’s Penguins 1hr 35min - Rated PG Comedy - 8:30  10:25pm  12:15am Super 8 1hr 52min - Rated PG-13 - Scifi/Fantasy 8:30pm  1:00am Monte Carlo 1hr 49min - Rated PG - Comedy/ Romance - 8:30  10:40pm  12:45am 

Miami International Speedway July 16 (9:00 AM-5:00 PM) Car Club
Chin Motorsports  July 24 (9:00 AM-5:00 PM) Car Club
Equipe Rapide Motorsports Experience 

At The Pride Center July 14, 2011 12 pm - 2 pm
 WOMEN OF SAGE LUNCH July 13, 2011 4 pm - 10 pm


! K N I DR A




This offer is not combinable with any other promotional offer or discount. One drink per person per order and one liquor drinks only.

2031 Wilton Drive Wilton Manors, FL 954.563.8001


July 13, 2011 •


South Florida Gay Men’s Chorus: Exploring Change Through Music By J.W. Arnold Editors Note: Due to a mistake this story did not run before the production of GMCSF’s final performance of Metamorphosis. We regret the error.


courtesy of GMCSF

ordon Roberts, artistic director of the Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida, feels life is about constant change and his ensemble will use music to explore those transformations with the Florida premiere of Metamorphosis this weekend at the Sunshine Cathedral. The title work, composed by Robert Seely with lyrics by Robert Espindola, was written with the gay experience in mind, but Roberts says it speaks to all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. “For me, Metamorphosis touches on a lot of issues that gay people go through while growing up,” he explains. “But they’re universal themes. All children growing up have to deal with parental and generational issues and this work truly speaks to a much broader audience.” Written in 10 movements, the work touches on many shared experiences, including “Picket Fences,” which musically explores the complex secrets inside the houses behind the picturesque white picket fences.

“The premise is that as you go down this dark road, but change is wonderful and we can find ways out of those difficult situations,” Roberts says, noting the work’s final movement, Tidy Endings, celebrates new beginnings. Thanks to an anonymous donor, the cho-


Audition Dates: Monday, July 11 - 7 pm - 10 pm. Wednesday, July 13 - 6 pm - 7:30 pm (Call Backs to follow at 7:30 pm). Appointments not required. Auditioners should bring headshot and resume, and be prepared to read from script. First time auditioners for Rising Action should prepare a 2 minute monolog. Auditioners for “Thrill Me” should bring a 16 bar song and sheet music. Music Directors /Accompanist will be present. “AS BEES IN HONEY DROWN” A Comedy by Douglas Carter Beane Directed by: Avi Hoffman. Performing Sept. - Oct. (3 men, 3 women) Evan Wyler - handsome young gay novelist in late 20’s; a witty, ambitious writer who just published his first successful book. Alexa Vere de Vere - rich socialite woman of the world; a self-described promotor of British rock stars; an “Auntie Mame” in spirit and repartee. Two Men and Two Women - attractive character actors and actresses who each play 3- 5 roles.

“THRILL ME: THE LEOPOLD & LOEB STORY” A Musical by Stephen Doglinoff Directed by: Andy Rogow. Performing Oct. - Nov. (2 men) Nathan Leopold - age 19 (also plays Nathan at 54) intelligent and vulnerable. Obsessed with Richard Loeb. Must be excellent singer-actor. Bari-Tenor range. Richard Loeb - age 19 - smart, sexy, conniving and self-confident; a sociopath that thinks he is above the law. Obsessed with crime. Must be excellent singer-actor. Bari-Tenor range. It is based on the true story of Leopold and Loeb, the so-called “thrill killers” who murdered a young boy in 1924 in order to commit “the perfect crime.” The story is told in flashbacks, beginning with a 1958 parole hearing.

The Auditions and Shows will be performed at Rising Action Theatre, 1480 SW 9th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

rus, which has grown from 45 to 80 singers in its inaugural season, will perform with 25 musicians from the Symphony of the Americas. “The music is so romantic and lush that it demanded strings,” Roberts says. He hopes the concert will be just the first collaboration between the chorus and the orchestra, including shared concerts next season in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Rounding out the second half of the program, called “Change Can Be Wonderful,” are contrasting choral works spanning the choral repertoire by George Frederick Handel, Aaron Copland and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. “If the first half of the concert is dark and thought provoking, then the second half is definitely ‘dessert’,” he says. “It will be very different, but continue the theme of change.” Handel’s “Awake the Trumpet’s Lofty Sound” will herald the second half, followed by “Salvation is Created;” “Slava,” a famous Russian anthem by Rimsky-Korsakov; folk song settings by American composer Copland, the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and a spiritual; and closing with “Waters Ripple and Flow,” a work that evokes the ebbs and

flows of relationships. Like the concert theme, Roberts and the chorus have undergone dramatic changes this year. Formed less than a year ago, the chorus got its start when 45 singers in another organization left to form GMCSF. Roberts was appointed artistic director and the group set out to build an audience. The first two concerts were sold out. Over the past several months, a volunteer board of community leaders was formed to tackle fundraising and management—the group has already raised more than $140,000—and a leadership team was formed by singers. “We recently held a fundraiser and nearly a third of the attendees were straight,” Roberts says. “We have set an artistic [and managerial] foundation to grow the chorus beyond the immediate gay community.”

Roberts hopes the chorus will expand to 125 singers by the holiday concert next December and is actively pursuing relationships with other arts organizations like the Symphony of the Americas. He chuckles, “Change is constant.”


July 13, 2011 •

Struggles with Sexuality and Sincerity take Center Stage with ‘His Double Life’ By Denise Royal


ack by popular demand the drama His Double Life returns to the Joseph Caleb Auditorium in Miami. It’s about a twenty-something year old man in Savannah, Georgia who is secretly gay and cheating on his girlfriend. Things heat up when Matthew brings his girlfriend home for Thanksgiving dinner to meet his family. During the trip, Matthew tells his father – a reverend, that’s he’s gay. Things for Matthew go from bad to worse when his father learns that he needs a kidney transplant and that Matthew is the only perfect match. “I’d rather die than have a faggot organ in my body,” the enraged reverend tells his son. While it sounds like a bad Tracy Morgan joke, the story about being on the down low is portrayed with empathy and compassion. Nial Martin, who writes His Double Life, says the show appeals to a wide audience. “All of our plays at No Jive Productions initially focus on the themes of love, family and forgiveness. ‘His Double Life’ specifically takes us into the Sanders home where a black father, despite his shortcomings, is there and present for his two sons. It’s also about the importance of unconditional

love for our children. One of the sons in the play is struggling over his sexual identity — many refer to that characteristic as living on the “down low.” But that’s just a catch-all phrase. So much goes on when young people are searching to find their true place in the world.Young people need to know that someone loves them for who they are.” “His Double Life” can soon be seen in another medium as well – on DVD. So could this South Florida playwright be the next Tyler Perry? Martin is hedging his bets. “We are really excited about this move forward in the life of No Jive Productions as it will mark the first time that one of our plays will be on DVD so people can see it again and again at their leisure. While I am always honored to be compared to Tyler Perry and do admire his work, I have to say that we are two very different people and have two different ways of telling a story,” he said.  The show begins at 7:30 on July 16th. The Joseph Caleb Auditorium is located at 5400 NW 22nd Avenue, Miami. For tickets, go to,; or call the Joseph Caleb box Office 305-636-2350 or charge by phone 1-800-745-3000.

PARTY! & See Our


954.797.5551 5716 Seminole Way • Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314 Located next to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, between Renegade Barbeque and the Improv by the Lucky Street garage.


July 13, 2011 •


Jacques Snyman Sings Out for It Gets Better South African countertenor comes to Sunshine Cathedral By A. Sebastian Fortino


aised in South Africa, and trained in London performer Jacques Snyman is a multi-faceted individual. His impressive size and physique lends itself to the physically demanding sport of rugby. In fact in his childhood he was known as the “big guy who plays sports and can sing.” Some may find it surprising that such a large, well-built man possesses a countertenor voice, which beautifully lends itself to the complexities of Baroque music. On Monday, July 18, he will bring that voice to the Sunshine Cathedral at 7:30 p.m. in a concert to benefit SunServe youth programs reminding youth that It Gets Bet-

ter. While Snyman did not experience the pain of bullying that many LGBT-youth go through he did fight inner worries and fears about hiding who he was from colleagues and teammates. Rugby, after all, conjures up images of hyper-masculinity and Snyman was unable to be honest about his sexuality for fear of being rejected. He will now use his voice to raise awareness for the It Gets Better project and to encourage everyone to combat intolerance in every form. “Never let anyone define you or label you. Never be bullied into silence. Never be afraid to tell the truth, but to believe in yourself and be yourself. Remember, ‘bully-

ing is smoke… courage is fire’,” says Snyman. The concert at the Sunshine Cathedral is free of charge, however any donations received will benefit SunServe youth programs. Please visit and look for JacquesSnymanMusic on YouTube. com to hear him sing.

Ame ca Airlines

2011 Michael








of Hungary Joined by musicians of the Symphony of the Americas

A Mile of Live Entertainment on Fort Lauderdale Beach

Wednesday, July 20 • 8:00 pm

Broward Center for the Performing Arts Amaturo Theater Tickets $24, $35 & $60 (includes reception) Box Office: 954-462-0222 • Premier Beverage Company is very proud to be a resident and Florida community partner, working to make a positive impact in the communities we serve and demonstrating our commitment to the legal and responsible use of our products. Please enjoy this year’s Saturday Nite Alive event sponsored by Premier Beverage responsibly!

Enjoy special room night rates at Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotels!

Wednesday, July 27 • 7:00 pm First United Methodist Church Coral Springs • 954-752-0333

Tickets $20 ($15 for seniors and students) Additional Concerts & Venues at • 954-335-7002


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The (Gay) Gaga Interview Superstar Talks Activism, Her Legacy and How Being a Gay Icon Is a ‘Tall Order’ By Chris Azzopardi


ady Gaga is one of the biggest superstars in the world. But speaking to her only briefly during this rare interview, she evades her larger-than-life image with affable charm, self-deprecating humor (take that, so-called penis) and a downto-earth demeanor. She’s sweet, perverted, articulate and talkative. And she can’t stop gushing about how much her fans mean to her – and when I have to cut her off to get a few last minute questions in, she doesn’t pull a diva trip. She’s cordial as can be. “I could talk to you forever, you’re so cute,” she says, almost in baby goo-goo, ga-ga talk. Point is, Gaga doesn’t sound like someone who just scored the best first-week sales of the year so far with Born This Way, her opus that seems to position her as the Mother Teresa of music. Since we last spoke, nearly two years ago when “Just Dance” was charting, she was barely a blip on the pop scene. How quickly things can change. This time, Gaga spoke about inspiring young gay people, why she cried for a week straight, what she’d do with an Ann Coulterthe next few months for television and getlike kid and the legacy she wants to leave. ting ready for the new tour. CA: We have lots more to talk about CA: That’s work. That’s not time this time than your love for Italian off, Gaga. sausages. LG: (Laughs) I know, I know. I always do LG: (Laughs) I love Italian sausages ... as that. I’m sorry. I don’t really take time off. I much as I love my own. try, but I think I find comfort in my creativity. It’s like a warm blanket for me, so I will end CA: Don’t take this the wrong way, up in some sort of way creating something but as a fashion icon I have to ask: or writing something. What are you wearing? LG: I’m actually in a black bra and underCA: How do you feel about your wear. That’s it. The top one is lace and the bottom one is just plain and silky. This is my role as a gay icon and a leader in the daywear. I’m walking around my hotel room LGBT rights movement? LG: That’s a really, really tall order and quite and I’m going to yoga soon, and I probably a description. I never set out to be a gay icon won’t change. (Laughs) or become one or be revered as one, and I’m just really grateful to all the people that CA: How did you spend your last have believed in me and my music and my day off? LG: I watched So You Think You Can Dance, work. The most special thing of all has been and I’ve been planning my performances for that my sort of assimilation as a public figure

night talking to me about social justice and sharing their stories with me and me realizing that my mission with music was driven in a very specific way at this point. So social justice has to be the most paramount issue that I address on the album. CA: I wish I knew who you were when I was a teenager. Young people these days are lucky to have such a role model. LG: That’s so sweet.Thanks for saying that. I hope that I can really be that, and I hope that they know that it’s so genuine and so authentic.

CA: Which album gave you a sense of belonging and allowed you to be yourself when you were a kid? LG: I always talk about Green Day, because Dookie was the first album that I went to buy on my own. I think because I got bullied in school there was something I really appreciated about punk culture. It allowed me to feel unified with something that was separate from my community at school. Even though I didn’t have a lot of punk friends or I didn’t go to punk shows – because when I was 13, my mother would never have allowed me to leave the house and go downtown to see a punk show – just having the album in my hands and reading the lyrics and listening to the music made me feel like I was a punk, feel like a Green Day fan, feel like I was part of a union that was separate from my situation. That’s really carried through into my music has very organically stemmed out of who my and my dream and my message. But what’s been so great is social media. Unlike when I natural friends were in high school. I had a lot of gay friends growing up, not even was a kid, my fans now have a way to get to know each other and be connected through realizing they were gay.We didn’t really talk about it and I went to theater school and I did social media so that the culture can grow. a lot of shows, so I guess it never really mattered to me if they were gay or straight – and CA: And you’re using social networking a lot as a political platform, we never really talked about it.We just loved urging fans to step up in the fight for talking about music and art and theater and equality. fashion. So now it’s less about being a leader LG: Oh yeah. I just got on Twitter and I was and more just about being a part of my generation and being part of the fight for equality firing away like I was on the Senate floor. I couldn’t stop because I think to myself, that I feel is part of who I am and part of my almost instantly, there are 11 million people childhood, and part of where I’m going. who are receiving this message from me and they have to know what’s going on. Even if I CA: The message you stand for as a just get five people to call in New York, I can public figure – about being yourself no matter who you are – is also a big make that small bit of difference. part of Born This Way. LG: The album was inspired by the spirit For the complete article, of the fans, the spirit of the show and the go to: spirit of people all over the world every


July 13, 2011 •

Colombian Artist Finds Classical Inspiration, Works on Display in Miami


he male form has inspired artists for centuries from the works of Polykleitos Greek sculptors to the Renaissance masters DaVinci and Michelangelo. For 34-year-old Colombian artist Jonathan Suarez Molinares, the human body allows the painter to “recreate a sensual and peaceful language….pure prayer, direct communication with God.” South Florida artists will the opportunity to view Suarez’s interpretation of the human body in a new exhibit at Miami’s Area 23 Galeria in the Wynwood Arts District. The artist began drawing at an early age, always sketching on any available scrap of paper. Around the age of nine, he became fascinated with gladiators. “I would say that this began my taste for the human figure.” A native of Cartagena, Colombia he initially studied graphic design at the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano. In 1996, his studies changed focus to the fine arts and he even took up classical guitar, under the tutelage of Cuban master Aldo Rodriguez Delgado, making him a contemporary Renaissance man like the masters who have inspired him. For the past several years, he has maintained workshops in Cartagena and Bogota, alternating with solo and group exhibitions.

As his interest evolved, he first concentrated on technique and mediums, but as he mastered the technical, he focused on his best artistic language, a process that involved a personal quest which shaped his character, as well as his art. Since 2001, he has focused on the human figure, a preoccupation that resulted in a crucial evolution of his artistic process. Much thought goes into each painting. In his artist’s statement, Suarez writes, “The current circumstances of man, his remarkable spiritual emptiness, self-concern, experiences and relentless poaching, the existential questions and tastelessness – impatience for an immediate response – comprise the core of my work. Reality is that we are not detached from our past of violence, faith, sex, intrigue, which allows the use of the human body as a territory of a significant, contemporary catalyst. The body becomes an Jonathan Suarez Molinares

By J.W. Arnold

instrument of my plastic, where it undergoes painstaking work and teaches me more patience and less anxiety….” For Area 23’s Alberto Linhero, Suarez’s works add a promising new artistic voice to the Latin American artists the gallery showcases: “Jonathan receives inspiration from the male body and everything it represents. Its strength, power, and mysterious qualities intrigue his artistic senses. Paintings of women and the female figure are very prevalent in the art world….Jonathan strives to deviate from this norm and bring universal appreciation to the male body and form.”

Area 23 Gallery Wynwood Arts District 2294 B NW 2nd Ave., Miami


July 13, 2011 •

GET OUT AND STAY OUT. In Key West, we invite you to come out and play all you want. Once you discover our free spirit and open-minded attitude, you won’t want to go back to where you were before. ~ 1-888-524-4917


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Going Out: Las Vegas


here are few cities as universally attractive to the adult traveler as Las Vegas, which is particularly attractive to the gay adult traveler. With gallons of glitz and more glitter than the floor of Elton John’s closet, it’s no surprise, then, that gay people from around the world flock to the desert to play. While gambling may be the city’s lifeblood, it’s the shopping, shows and luxury accommodations that make Las Vegas truly fabulous. There is no hotel in Vegas that does fabulous like the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. This five-star Strip’s MW adresort 6 8: is The y ut 1 6crown 9 1jewel. 9 It’s also one of the gay-friendliest properties




in the country. In fact, the Wynn hotels have their own dedicated “Pride Concierge” that caters exclusively to LGBT guests. However, if you do feel like leaving your room to eat, you won’t have to go far for the best in Vegas cuisine.Wynn features several award-winning restaurants like the hip Botero, and nothing helps you recover quicker from a Saturday night than Sunday brunch and mimosas at the Wynn Country Club. After brunch you can walk down the hall for some amazing shopping. Inside g the Wynn and Encore resorts are boutiques from some of the world’s top designers. The Alexander McQueen store is a must stop for all gay fashionistas. There you will find everything from iconic McQueen scarfs to the latest in heels and ready-to-wear items for both sexes. If that’s not enough, there are two Chanel shops, Cartier, Hermes, and Dior. A more budget conscious shopping experience can be found just across the street at the Fashion Show mall. Department stores Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales all have a presence. The two-story Forever 21 is a recommended destination for young gays who want to stay hip without breaking the bank. Fashion Show is massive and holds almost any mall shop you can imagine. Highlights include: Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Apple, Marc Ecko, Michael Kors, Coach, and Puma. If you haven’t maxed out the credit cards already, gambling is a great way to spend some time after shopping and before the night begins. Las Vegas offers a wide-range of games and atmosphere to satisfy any gambler from the casual slot-player to the poker champion. The hippest place to play is the ultra-mod casino floor of Planet Hollywood. This casino seems specifically designed with the younger, cooler gambler in mind. Pop music videos submitted photo

By Cole Wakefield & Joey Amato

play throughout the floor making Planet Hollywood essentially a video bar with craps tables and slot machines. Gambling is not the only form of entertainment in Sin City. Las Vegas offers a widevariety of shows for all ages, predilections, and sexualities. Perhaps the greatest spectacle currently playing in Vegas is Le Reve at the Wynn Ballroom. This water-based, in-the-round performance is a one-of-a-kind acrobatic extravaganza. The La Reve VIP Indulgence Package comes with exclusive seating, bottomless champagne, strawberries, and a peek behindthe-scenes. It’s well worth the price. Visitors looking for some good, old fashion topless fun with a little celebrity camp thrown in should be sure and check out Peepshow starring Holly Madison. The show, starring reality T.V.’s favorite playmate, features little plot and lots of boobs. The dance numbers are cute - barring a slightly disturbing one that focuses on 500 gallons of “milk” - and Holly is just adorable. There’s also some male eye-candy and hottie Josh Strickland provides his talent as the lead male vocalist. Whether you are into top-

less celebrities or just want to escape, head to Planet Hollywood and check out Peepshow. Even when the shows end late there is still plenty of Vegas to do. The club scene is hopping with ultra-lounges and more traditional fare. The only gay-club on The Strip is Krave and while it often has a high cover, the fun inside is worth the price. Another anchor of the gay scene is Piranha Nightclub with its hot dance floor and trendy lounge.Vegas has a bar for almost every scene. Levis & leather lovers will enjoy Eagle and Buffalo and country fans should stop by Charlie’s. Las Vegas is a city of change and evolution and the LGBT traveler has not been left behind. Almost every major casino, hotel and attraction reaches out to gays in one form or another. If you’re interested in Las Vegas Pride, be sure to visit during September. Events start with the Pride Kickoff party and culminate with Las Vegas Pride Night Parade and Festival. Las Vegas also has tons of direct flights and hotel deals making it a perfect choice for last minute vacations. The city is open year-round and there is plenty to do no matter when you visit.

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July 13, 2011 •

Crossword Puzzle

Down 1 Scarlet letter, e.g. Across 2 Simon of Amadeus 1 Give the once-over in a bar 3 Illicit love affairs 5 K on Lesbos 4 “Over my dead body!” 10 Bitch 5 F, in the orchestra pit 14 Like a broken horse 6 Homeopathic plant 15 Fashion designer Perry 7 Pudding fruit 16 Spread it on your muffin 8 Spots on cards 17 With 23-Across, movie about a 9 What hangs from a Cuban prisoner of love 10 Pink, for one 20 Stuck (on) 11 “It” 21 Marilyn Monroe’s two big ones 12 Paul of “Mad About You” 22 “We’re doomed!” 13 Seaman running down the deck 23 See 17-Across 18 Head of costume designing 25 Jim, who acted in the movie 19 Ill-chosen 26 Sympathetic sounds 24 In order (to) 27 Calculate the bottom line 25 Circumcises 31 Byron’s before 28 It may be rough 32 Gender-bending actress Cushman 29 Foil maker 34 ___ mater 30 Tabloid mainstay Lindsay 37 Cocteau contemporary Maurice 32 When repeated, a 1953 Cole Porter 38 Scarlett’s plantation musical 42 Start of a quote from the movie 33 JFK posting 44 Film noir classic 34 Nuts and bolts 45 More of the quote 35 Remini of The King of Queens 46 Roof animal of Tennessee 36 Wee bit 47 White House closet woman 39 One side of a vote 50 Lodge man 40 Get excited 51 TV’s “Queen of the Jungle” 41 Seeks answers 53 Ruler at Karnak 43 Baby boomers’ kids 55 End of the quote 45 I. Newton discovered it 59 Way out there 48 Places for mikes 62 Tickle pink 49 Set straight 63 Male actor named Julia 52 Bone-chilling 67 Collette of The Hours 54 Tennessee Williams’ lover Frank 68 Language that may be vulgar 56 Flamboyant style 69 Lounge (around) 57 Cold war defense assn. 70 Art Deco name 58 Direction from Stephen Pyles 71 Stallion’s sound 59 Devoured Beard’s sweetmeats 72 Langston Hughes was born here 60 Tit-tat connection 61 Queen of the hill 64 Mouth-open-wide sound 65 What an Israeli shoots off See solution on page 39 66 Feline sign Prisoner of Love


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P e r s o n a l I n j u ry • f r e e c o n s u ltat I o n

Kalis-McIntee applies for VA benefits for all who have served our country.

Did you know that our government offers many burial benefits to veterans?


he new South Florida National Cemetery opened in Lake Worth, FL. nearly two years ago. Veterans can choose casketed burial or urn placement at no cost for a grave, grave liner, niche or urn burial and a headstone marker at no charge. They do not cover funeral or casket costs. However, many veterans are eligible for reimbursement of burial or cremation expenses. Any veteran who served during a period of war, (not necessarily in a war) can receive up to $300 for burial /cremaPlease feel free to call us for further explanation or questions you or tion funeral expenses and $150 for a plot your partner may have concerning allotment. Plot allotment applies to a private any burial or cremation services. cemetery selection only. Some may qualify Just ask for Bernie, Marcia, Jim or Ed. for up to $1,500. For more information:

Kalis-McIntee Funeral & Cremation Center • 954-566-7621 2505 North Dixie Highway, Ft. Lauderdale/Wilton Manors, FL email:

Jeffrey Seth Selzer, eSQ. • Scott A. WeiSS, eSQ. Island CIty Center aCross from stork’s 2550 Northeast 15th aveNue • WiltoN MaNors, Florida 33305

Let us review your present documents at no charge!


Become a client for life • last Will and testament • living Will • health care Power of Attorney with hiPAA release • Durable financial Power of Attorney



The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

affordable estate Planning Packages from your neighborhood law firm Personal Injury • no fees/costs If no recoVery


$12 Adults •$6 Kids •$6 Dogs VS.

100% of the money from all dog tickets sold here will benefit The Humane Society of Broward County

For Individual tickets please contact the Humane Society of Broward County at (954) 266-6818 or log on to




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Fitness Guy

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK REAR LATERAL RAISE Steve Stagon demonstrates the Rear Lateral Raise.

By Peter Jackson, CPT Hex bar squats are a good substitute for barbell squats Q: I have a herniated disc in my lower back and my chiropractor has advised me not to do squats with a barbell on my shoulders as the weight will compress my spine and aggravate the situation. I want muscular legs and barbell squats I’ve been told are the best for working the leg muscles. Can you suggest an exercise comparable to barbell squats? A: True, barbell squats are very effective but there are many exercises that will recruit the same muscle groups without putting as much stress on the lower back. Ideally, you want to carry the weight closest to your center of gravity thereby reducing the torque and stress on your entire back. A simple variation of the barbell squat is a dumbbell squat: 1) Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides. 2) Slowly lower yourself into a seated position by pushing

This exercise targets the rear deltoids, but also works the muscles of your middle and upper back.

➊ Hold a pair of dumb-

Relax your shoulders

bells and bend forward

so that the dumbbells

Without moving your torso, raise your arms

at your hips until your

hang straight down

straight out to your

torso is nearly parallel

with your palms facing

sides until they are in

to the floor.

each other.

line with your body.

your hips back and bending your knees. 3) Pause, then push yourself back to the starting position. An essential tool for anyone with back issues is a hex bar – basically, a barbell with a hexagonal center (see photo). This bar allows you to squat and perform other exercises from inside the encompassing bar, which you hold on either side. The stress on your back is minimized because the weight is evenly distributed at hip level. Many bodybuilders with back issues rely on the hex bar to execute squats and deadlifts as the bar uses plates just like the barbell but reduces the risk of injury. I strongly recommend the use of a hex bar by anyone with joint or bone density concerns. Other exercises you should try include the Seated Leg Press, the Seated Leg Extension and Seated Leg Curls. All of these isolate the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings, will protect your back and help you build the killer legs you want.

Pause then return to the starting position. Perform 3 sets of 12, 10 and 8 reps, respectively, increasing the weight with each set.

TIP OF THE WEEK Replace sodas with iced tea When it comes to losing weight, it’s surprising how small changes in your diet add up to make a big difference. Sodas are loaded with sugar and useless calories, so cut them out of your life! Unsweetened iced tea is a great alternative as it’s loaded with antioxidants, which are known to fight cancer and heart disease, as well as vitamins C, E and amino acids. Veteran trainer Peter Jackson, CPT, is the owner of Push Fitness, a private, full-service training gym in Oakland Park which offers a variety of programs for individuals, couples and small groups. Peter welcomes your questions: e-mail peter@PushFitnessFTL. com or visit him online at or www.

IMMIGRATION LAW ATTORNEY Attorney At Law 12000 Biscayne Blvd Suite 704, Miami, FL 33181 P.305-899-0333 F.305-899-9005

Questions About Residency? Asylum? Deportation?

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To place an ad, call Brian Swinford


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Auto Repair

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Help wanted Part-Time Office Work. LGBT synagogue looking for p/t office help, 12 - 14 hrs/wk, M-F. MUST know Quickbooks. Send cover letter & resume. -------------------------------------------------Landscaping/Gardening. Position available, 3 to 4 days/week. Small, owner operated business looking for permanent helper. Call 954 563 6193, leave name & number. -------------------------------------------------OTR DRIVERS- Food Grade Tank Drivers. CDL-A w/tank endorsement, Good MVR & Hazmat within 90 days required. Up to 42cpm w/additional mileage incentives & benefits. (877)882-6537 or -------------------------------------------------Driver- PAY UP TO 42cpm! 2012 tractors arriving daily! No forced dispatch to NYC or Canada. CDL-A, 3 months recent experience required. (800)414-9569. www. -------------------------------------------------A Few Pro Drivers Needed Top Pay & 401K Great Equipment & Benfefits 2 Mos. CDL Class A Driving Exp (877)258-8782 -------------------------------------------------LGBTQ Youth Outreach Worker Energetic person familiar with Broward youth LGBTQ culture & community, hang outs, GSA’s, social media to spread word on services available to them. Hours vary & include weekends/evenings. Part of an exciting new program to develop more resources for LGBTQ youth. Send Resume to -------------------------------------------------Driver- Great Miles! Great Pay! $1000 Sign-on for experienced CO’s & $1500 Incentives for O/O’s. Driver Academy Refresher Course available. recruit@ffex. net. (855)356-7121 -------------------------------------------------17 DRIVERS NEEDED! Top 5% Pay! Excellent Benefits New Trucks Ordered! Need 2 months CDL-A Driving Exp. (877)2588782 -------------------------------------------------Driver Start a New Career! 100% Paid CDL Training! No Experience Required. Recent Grads or Exp Drivers: Sign On Bonus!CRST EXPEDITED (800)3262778

-------------------------------------------------Drivers- 100% OWNER OPERATORS. Paid Weekly. Practical Miles. Unique Fuel Surcharge Program. Own Truck or Lease Purchase. CDL-A with Hazmat required. Call (800)496-4696. -------------------------------------------------JUST GRADUATE? Play in Vegas, Hang in LA, Jet to New York! Hiring 18-24 girls/ guys. $400-$800 wkly. Paid expenses. Signing Bonus. Call (877)259-6983 -------------------------------------------------Driver- Recession Proof Freight. Plenty of miles. Need refresher? No outof-pocket tuition at FFE. $1000 Bonus for CO’s & $1500 Incentive for O/O’s. recruit@ (855)356-7121 -------------------------------------------------ACT NOW! New Pay Increase! 37-46 cpm. New Trucks in 2011. Need 2 months CDL-A Driving Exp. (877)258-8782 -------------------------------------------------Driver- Not getting enough miles? Join Knight Transportation and increase your income with our steady freight. New Trucks! CDL-A, 3 months recent experience. (800)414-9569. -------------------------------------------------Frac Sand Haulers with complete bulk pneumatic rigs only. Relocate to Texas for Tons of work. Great company/ pay. Gas cards/Quick Pay available. (800)491-9029 -------------------------------------------------Need CDL Drivers A or B with 2 yrs recent commerical experience to transfer motor homes, straight trucks, tractors, and buses. www.mamotransportation. com (800)501-3783 -------------------------------------------------CLAIMS ADJUSTERS NEEDED due to active Storm Season. JEL’s 5-day Boot Camp, Nations #1 hands-on trainer can prepare you. High Income - Companies waiting -------------------------------------------------Driver-Drivers choose from Weekly or Daily Pay. Regional, OTR or Express Lanes, Full or Part-time, CDL-A, 3 months recent experience required. (800)414-9569 -------------------------------------------------Movie Extras Earn up to $250 per day To stand in the backgrounds for a major film production experience not required. All looks needed. Call NOW!!! (877)435-5877 -------------------------------------------------Sales Position: FoodMats is now hiring strong individuals. You must be energetic, upbeat, a great closer, willing to work hard, organized, a go getter and have reliable transportation. In return make excellent money. This is a commission paid job. You will earn 40% of the profit. Email and let us know why you are the one! Please paste your resume in the email if you have one. ------------------------------------------------HouseKeeping: position available, at The Royal Palms Resort, 2901 Terramar St., Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Attention to detail essential. Must be reliable. Stop in to fill out an application. ------------------------------------------------The New Rodeo Restaurant: For line cook positions, please have experience with Flat Top, Sautee, and/ or Fryer station skills. Ability to work with a team and speed is a must. Some prep and cleaning is required. $9/hour. For serving position, we are looking for FRIENDLY, high energy, multitasking team players with a positive attitude. Primarily looking for lunch shift (10:45am 5pm), with future possibility for dinner shifts as well. Please email resume with references to Visit for more information


-------------------------------------------------$$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT CASH NOW!!! $$$ As seen on TV.$$$ Injury Lawsuit Dragging? Need $500-$500,000++within 48/ hrs? Low rates APPLY NOW BY PHONE! Call Today! Toll-Free: (800)568-8321

Legal Services Creditors Calling? Call Us! The Law Offices of George Castrataro, PA. Serving Clients With Integrity and Compassion 954-573-1444 -------------------------------------------------Proudly serving the South Florida GLBTX Comm. since 1993. Law office’s of Robin L. Bodiford, PA specializes in Bankruptcy, Probate, Wills&Trust. Call 954-630-2707 -------------------------------------------------Selzer & Weiss, Attorneys at Law Last Will & Testament, Living Will Health Care Power of Attorney (POA) w/ HIPAA release, Durable Financial POA, for $399.00. PERSONAL INJURY: Free consult, if no recovery, there’s no fee or cost to you. 954-567-4444. -------------------------------------------------MOMS WORK FT/PT, no experience necessary, we train. New Swarovski Crystal Jewelry by Touchstone Crystal. $500 TO $5,000/MONTH (407)295-1522 -------------------------------------------------ASAP! New Pay Increase! 34-46 cpm. 300 Newer Trucks. Need 2 months CDL-A Driving Exp (877)258-8782 -------------------------------------------------Stylist w/clientele wanted Chair rental, Private, Professional Hair Studio setting. Must be responsible, professional and a person without any substance abuse problems. Contact Dean Allen @ 954-5641377. -------------------------------------------------CDL-A DRIVERS. Central Florida company seeks Solo & Team Drivers. Tank and Dry Van positions offering some regional. 1yr OTR & Good MVR required. (877)882-6537 or apply -------------------------------------------------INSURANCE REPRESENTATIVE NEEDED. Most earn $50K-$100K or more. Call our branch office at (954)776-5427. Ask for Jessica or email jessica.fernandez@ Visit -------------------------------------------------A Beautiful & upscale New Gay Bar located in the heart of Downtown Miami is opening soon- we are looking for Barbacks, Security, Bartenders, Cocktail Servers, DJ’s, MC, VIP Host, Cashier, Male Dancers. Also looking for experienced Bar Mgr. & Dance Mgr. Excellent Pay and benefits. Send Photos, Resume, Contact Info to- -------------------------------------------------Drivers Earn Up to 39¢/mi HOME SEVERAL NIGHTS & WEEKENDS 1 yr OTR Flatbed exp. Call: (800)572-5489 Susan ext. 227 Joy ext. 238 SUNBELT TRANSPORT, LLC

Insurance & Financial SECRET WALL ST. INVESTMENT 14% yearly interest, $30,000 returns $350 per month interest: secured 200% by automobile contracts and other guarantees alden (863)678-0195 -------------------------------------------------Allstate Direct: personal auto, home, condominium,boat and life insurance. For a free quote call Joe Mier 305-754-7414 -------------------------------------------------CASH NOW! Cash for your structured settlement or annuity payments. Call J.G. Wentworth. (866)494-9115. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

MORTGAGES Access Reverse Mortgage! Florida-based: Application & closing in your home. Experience: almost 1,000 reverse mortgages funded. Awardwinning customer service. BBB A rating. NMLS #4566. (800)806-7126

MOVERS Rainbow Moving & Delivery. Free estimates. Short Notice Expert Packing, Commercial & Residental Moves, Office Moves, Licensed & Insured. 10% off with Ad. Terry 954-776-6683

Personal Training If you are ready to make a healthier you a lifestyle call Christy Fritch,BS CPR certified 954-445-2540

Professional Services Butler Plumbing One of South Florida’s best plumbing service companies - Professional plumbing services along with kitchen and bath remodeling. 100% quality work. One year warranty on workmanship. Call 561-613-7338

REAL ESTATE North Carolina Mountain Lakefront lots. New gated waterfront community. Dockable lots with up to 300’ of shoreline, Low insurance, Low property tax. Call Now (800)709-5253 -------------------------------------------------NC mountain property must go. 4.5 acres with outstanding views and privacy. $25,000 OBO, great for home or cabin. (828)394-9298. Ask for Richard -------------------------------------------------KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY- Ted Adcock, Realtor Cell: 954-609-4393 -------------------------------------------------DEVELOPER FORCED LIQUIDATION Smoky Mountain TN. Lake Condos & Lots Priced @ Foreclosure/Short sale! Up to 100% Financing/5% interest. 2Acre Lake Lot w/dock, $19,900 (866)434-8969ext100 ------------------------------------------------Two Bedroom Middle River Homes Condo. Two bedroom, two bath condo in pet friendly building with wash/ dryer in unit. Close to Wilton Manors. First and second floor units available March 1. $975 f/l/s. Jimmy Cunningham licensed Real Estate Agent Castelli RE Services 954-303-7380.

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-------------------------------------------------LUSH 2 BEDROOM HOME FOR SALE Oasis close to restaurants & highway Private & landscaped yard for relaxing Hardwood flooring in living room Call Ana Salazar @ Keyes 954-593-3089 -------------------------------------------------620 NE 7th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 For Sale: 250,000. 3 Bedrooms 2.5 Bath. Call John Castelli at (954) 563-9889 -------------------------------------------------THE SHAPIRO GROUP INC. Residential Property Management LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER. www.shapiroproperty. com 954-434-0175 -------------------------------------------------3321 NE 37TH ST Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA 33308 Listing # F1113917: 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms. Price: $825,000 call Jason Johnson Office Phone: (954) 563-9889 -------------------------------------------------Eric Ackerman, P.A. & Associates Don’t miss out, the market has been heating up and the prices are going up, so get a good deal while you still can. 3438 N. Ocean, Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-295-5157 ------------------------------------------------DISCREET PRIVATE SECURE. FT LAUDERDALE BEACH CONDO $169,900. Building & Unit totally renovated. Ocean views from Bedroom Balcony Living Room. Intracostal Apartment elegant. Bob McGlynn Exit Realty. 954-478-6321 ------------------------------------------------HOLLYWOOD OCEAN FRONT CONDO FOR SALE ON PENTHOUSE LEVEL 2 Bed/2 Bath, Newly renovated. Only Motivated Buyers. 2,200 sqft. $570,000. Call 954-328-7412 Ronnie -------------------------------------------------1 YEAR FREE LOT RENT - PRIMARILY GAY PARK Fort Lauderdale/Lauder Lakes. New Manufactured Home. Hurricane Ready 1,600sf 2BR/2BA 32’ Party Deck overlooks huge Lake. Wood Cabinets & Granite Tops, Slate & Marble floors. Immaculate. Real Show Place! Pics @ Cost $205K+, Sell $129,900, Call 954-817-6233 -------------------------------------------------3/3 Single family home 1949 old Florida charm. New kitchen and appliances, d/w, disposal, washer/dryer, central air. W/S inc in rent. Near Dixie & Oakland. $1500 mo. F/L/S 954-254-5220 -------------------------------------------------Cute 3/1 house near Wilton Manors 3/1 (tub/shower) w LARGE FENCED yard, laundry rm, & patio. Ceiling fans, central AC. Walk to Wilton Drive. 1200/mn + 1200 sec dep. Call 954-649-7601 -------------------------------------------------GAY ANDREWS AVENUE Large 1/1, all utilities incl, granite, d/w, private fenced tropical yard, all tile, vaulted ceiling, adt security. $750. Call 772-626-1345

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-------------------------------------------------2836 NE 23RD ST, Fort Lauderdale, FL $1,095,000.00. A free service of Larry Revier 2810 East Oakland Park Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL MLS # F1130335 • 3733 square feet. 5.00 bedroom(s), 5 bath(s)

Rent/Lease 2/2 WILTON MANORS. Quiet area, w/pool, laundry, small pets accepted. First and 1 month deposit. Call Astrid: 954-806-7607. -------------------------------------------------1/1 Wilton Manors. Freshly painted, 1/1 in quiet community w/pool Laundry facilities on premises,Close to everything. $775/Mo. Call 954 566 4423 -------------------------------------------------Middle River Terrace. Completely remodeled 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartments! Central A/C and Washer/Dryer in premises. Close to I-95, Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Airport and the Gay Life..... Property is on a nice quiet street! $875/month rent. $600 security deposit required. Call Steve at 561-305-2333 -------------------------------------------------1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Small Kitchen, Living Room, New Flooring, Private Driveway, Non-smoking, Drug-free, Water/Garbage/Lawn service included, Small pets accepted, $750/ Month+Deposit, Call (954) 319-7080 -------------------------------------------------Lakeridge Cottage. Nice quite studio w/ private sun deck, Minutes from beach & Wilton Manors, downtown. Includes All. $700/Mo. Weekly or Monthly. Call Jeff 954-593-6833

Roommates Victoria Park Large Townhouse Lge. Pvt. Bedroom w/full use of home Key West Style Street with view. References with happy stable life. $625 plus 1/2 utilities. or 954.709.0505 -------------------------------------------------FTL-Coral Ridge Pool Home Male to share remodeled 4BD/4BA home w/2 males. Unfurn, W/D, chef’s kitchen, wi-fi, lg pvt backyard w/dive-in pool, 1.5 mi to beach. $800/mo. 954-609-9405.

Schools & Instruction Heat & Air JOBS - Ready to work? 3 week accelerated program. Hands on environment. Nationwide certifications and Local Job Placement Assistance! (877)994-9904 -------------------------------------------------Medical Management Careers start here-Get connected online. Attend college on your own time. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call (800)481-9409

Miscellaneous AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Train for high paying Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)741-9260. -------------------------------------------------ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call (888)203-3179,



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Lady Gaga: Acts of a Gay Icon

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