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September 8, 2010 • VOLUME 1 • Issue 33


Congregation Etz Chaim’s


Rabbi Noah Kitty




Biz News: UNCS Named to Inc. 5000



Orlando’s Parliament House



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White Party at Vizcaya


September 8, 2010 •

ADAP Update

What Will Florida Do About Us? Lives Hang in the Balance of Florida’s ADAP Waiting List

By Jarrett Terrill

To Read About AHF’s proposed plan, go to


.M.* called me Tuesday morning in a panic. He was waiting to receive his HIV medication at the Broward Health Department pharmacy as usual and was told that he was unable to receive medication because he had not been approved by ADAP. “How could they do this to me?” he asked. “I was approved for medication before and now suddenly I’m not?” S.M tells me about his friends who are currently on the ADAP waiting list and how somehow he barely managed to skid into the program before the waiting list. “I don’t understand how poor people deal with this sort of thing. I need to find a job with better insurance because I can’t deal with this,” he says without breathing deeply enough. He has called me because he knows that I’ve been writing about the “ADAP crisis” for SFGN. I hang on the phone with him until someone at the Broward pharmacy reads a note on a back page of his computerized file that somehow indicates that he is available to receive medication. It was a simple clerical error, but it scared the hell out of him. It also made him start

of Florida could send newly infected persons to participating pharmacies where drug companies would offer the medications free of charge or at a discounted rate. There is a bunch of red tape with the drug companies right now and AHF seeks to eliminate some of that so Florida can get on with the business of healthcare for all HIV positive persons… not just some of them. According to AHF, state officials are excited about the proposal, but we wouldn’t know it from their campaign speeches – in which they decline to even mention the virus. Of course, our Republican legislature likes the idea of privatizing things and removing any reliance on what they call “Obamacare”. But this proposal although it could be Jarrett Terrill the only way out of the ADAP crisis, has not yet been agreed to by the pharmathinking about those less fortunate. S.M. ceutical companies and would require them to be on board. This is where AHF begins to calm down and breathe more deeply now that he’s just “won the ADAP does what they do best – advocating for people with HIV to large businesses and lottery” for another month. S.M. has maintained solid employment governments and applying the correct amount of pressure when necessary. through most of his life and does not Weinstein made sure to mention easily accept “welfare” from anyone. In in a press release, that AHF’s plan to fact, he looks down on people who do. But there is no employment available for streamline PAPs sponsored by the drug most of the people who have contract- companies is not meant as a solution ed HIV and are seeking health insurance. for all of the ADAP recipients – just the In fact, some employers in the area have ones who find themselves on the state’s been known to screen applicants with a waiting list. A similar proposal worked barrage of questions designed to deter- well in New Jersey earlier this year. There would still be a need for Florida mine whether health insurance is “what Officials to participate in the dialogue they’re really after.” about HIV and address the current fundThere are precious few people who ing crisis. “[This funding] is structured in have been insisting that the State of a way that is meant to be a partnership Florida figure out what it’s going to do and you have to have a certain level of about the lack of funding for expeneffort going on in your state to help sive HIV medications. Among them are match that Federal money you get,” says Michael Rajner of the AIDS Institute, Christopher Bates of President’s AdviDebbie Wasserman-Schultz who advosory Council on HIV and AIDS (PACHA). cates for additional funds in Congress, “We can’t just sit around and wait to see Bill Nelson who advocates for the same if whoever wins the elections will care about in the Senate, and Michael Weinstein of people with HIV,” says S.M.,“the hoops Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF). people have to jump through to get these AHF is currently proposing a plan high-priced medications is ridiculous.” which would streamline Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) so that the State *name abbreviated to protect privacy.

September 8, 2010 • Volume 1 • Issue 33

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September 8, 2010 •

Business News

Unemployment Not So Bad, Pending Home Sales Rise By Joey Amato

private employment, considered a better gauge of labor market health increased n a positive sign that the South Florida 67,000 after a revised 107,000 gain in July. In addition, the government revised payreal estate market has bottomed out, pending home sales – including single- rolls for June and July to show 123,000 fewfamily homes and condominiums – in Miami- er jobs lost than previously reported. “These are very nice numbers for the Dade County increased 33.7 percent in August. The South Florida market continues to labor market,” said Kathy Lien, a director strengthen, primarily due to international of currency research at GFT in New York. “It means for the time being, some of the buyer interest and a weak dollar. “The pending sales figures for August fears of weakness in the U.S. economy may be misplaced as the data coupled with strengthening shows the labor market is single-family home prices not as bad as feared.” are good news for the South The numbers help to Florida real estate market, sooth fears that the econobut there are still attractive my will slip back into recesopportunities for prospecsion. Concerns of a doubletive buyers,” said Jack H. dip recession had already Levine, chairman of the diminished last week as data board of the Miami Associashowed strength in manution of Realtors. facturing and gains in con“Pending sales rosemonthsumer spending over-month and year-overFederal Reserve Chairyear, showing that this is still Ben Bernanke man Ben Bernanke also a great time to purchase a home, especially in the local market,” he stated the central bank “stands ready to take states. “Interest rates are at a record low and fresh measures to support the economy if expected to remain that way for the remain- needed.” Minutes of the Fed’s last meeting der of the year while inventory is still plenti- showed several officials felt the outlook ful, giving buyers many properties to choose would have to deteriorate “appreciably” to spur fresh monetary support. from,” Levine says. “The economy is in a bit of a lull and Pending sales of condominiums continue to perform better than single-family homes. gauging how long we are stuck in this rut In August, condominium pending sales in- will determine if the Federal Reserve needs creased 49.7 percent, while pending sales of to step in,” said Ryan Sweet, a senior econsingle-family homes increased 17.1 percent omist at Moody’s in West Chester, Pennsylvania. from the previous year. After last week’s positive news, the stock “We expect home sales to continue to increase in South Florida for the remainder market surged after a long and arduous sellof the year and headed into 2011, provided off. Financial expert Larry Kudlow is bullthe job market continues to improve,” said ish on the market. “Corporate profits are at all-time highs Oliver Ruiz, residential president of the Miand bond rates in the Treasury market are ami Association of Realtors. To further add to public optimism, the La- virtually at record lows,” he states. “That’s a bor Department reported on Friday that al- good combination for stocks, and it helped though unemployment fell for a third straight trigger a 255 point rally in Wednesday’s month, the drop was less than expected and trading. What’s more, a surprisingly posiprivate hiring surprised on the upside, easing tive read on the ISM August manufacturpressure on the Federal Reserve to prop up ing report delivered a strong blow to the economic growth, according to CNBC reports. double-dip recession pessimism that has Nonfarm payrolls fell by 54,000, while plagued investors for many months.” Federal Reserve OPA


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September 8, 2010 •

Texas Court:

Gay Couples Can’t Divorce DALLAS — Gay couples legally married in other states cannot get a divorce in Texas, where same-sex marriage is banned, a state appeals court ruled Tuesday. SFGN has been covering this story since January. The 5th Texas Court of Appeals ruled that a Dallas district court judge didn’t have the authority to hear a divorce case involving two Dallas men who married in Massachusetts in 2006. Republican state Attorney General Greg Abbott’s office had appealed after Judge Tena Callahan, a Democrat, said she did have jurisdiction and dismissed the state’s attempt to intervene. “Today’s court of appeals decision overruled the district court’s improper ruling, confirmed the constitutionality of Texas’ traditional definition of marriage and correctly found that Texas courts lack the legal authority to grant divorces to same-sex couples,” said Abbott spokesman Jerry Strickland. Callahan also had ruled Texas couldn’t limit marriage to a man and a woman, but the appeals court said the state’s same-sex marriage ban was constitutional. “A person does not and cannot seek a divorce without simultaneously asserting the existence and validity of a lawful marriage,” continued on page 22

Pride Week in Manchester


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he 20th annual Manchester Pride weekend ended with a bang — literally — as an estimated 2,000 people filed into the city’s Sackville Gardens to hold an HIV candlelight vigil and witness a spectacular fireworks display. Following a performance by the Pride Quartet, Manchester’s “25 Voices,” a group of LGBT residents, read inspiring messages written by Mancunians living with HIV as the crowd lit their candles, turning the park into a sea of flickering lights. British poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy read a poem she wrote specially for the event before the crowd observed a moment of silence in remembrance of those who’ve died from AIDS-related illnesses. U.K. soul singer Beverley Knight closed the vigil with a performance of her anthem “Beautiful Night” before the event ended with an extended fireworks finale. In 2009, Manchester Pride raised over £135,000 for LGBT charities.

September 8, 2010 •

Business Spotlight

UNCS Named to 2010 Inc. 5000 List Wholesale Distributor Among Top Gay Owned Businesses in South Florida By Joey Amato


nited National Consumer Suppliers (UNCS), a leading wholesale distributor specializing in manufacturer’s closeouts, excess inventories and overstocks has been named to the 2010 Inc. 5000 List, a compilation of the most entrepreneurial and fastest growing companies in America. The publication honors emanate businesses that have amassed tremendous yearover-year financial growth. UNCS placed 3501 and is the only entrant in the wholesale distributor sector to join the ‘Business Products & Services’ industry ranking. “It is a great honor to be recognized in such an esteemed publication. The successes that our company has achieved in the past few years are a clear reflection of our tremendous workforce, innovative technologies, a willingness to be different and loyal and supportive clients,” said Brett Rose, Founder and CEO of United National Consumer Suppliers. Rose began the business out of his home eighth years ago with the help of just one employee. Since then, the firm has grown dramatically and Rose currently employs 16 full-time staff and maintains operations in Fort Lauderdale and Chicago. “Over the last seven years at UNCS, I’ve seen this company grow by leaps and bounds and have no doubt that this will continue in the years to come,” states Sara Levine, head of purchasing for the company’s Illinois division. Philanthropy is also a big part of Rose and the corporate culture at UNCS. Two years ago, he partnered with Broward House and has since then supplied with all basic necessities from towels to picture frames. The company also collects toys throughout the year to donate to the organization and asks for guests to bring an unwrapped gift to their holiday party,

which this year will be held on December 11. Even more astonishing is the company’s commitment to Make-A-Wish Foundation. Without any pressure from Rose, each employee at UNCS agreed to donate a portion of their weekly paycheck to sponsor a wish, which amounts to $5,000 per year. “I am more proud of this than anything else we do,” states Rose, acknowledging how his company is like an extended family. In addition, Rose is environmentally conscious and has implemented ways that UNCS can become environmentally friendly. “Little things make a big difference,” he states. Rose tells SFGN that the recent economic climate has been good for his business. “As people become more cost conscious, they tend to shop at discount retailers like Marshalls, Dollar Tree and T.J. Maxx,” three of the corporation’s largest clients. “Even as the economy rebounds,” he states, “people will still maintain this mindset.” Even though he counts the nation’s largest big-box retailers among his clients, Rose also sells to mom and pops across the country, treating them with the same amount of care as his larger accounts. Although most of his business is comprised of out-of-state clients, Rose plans to expand his current 5,000 square foot headquarters and build a “cash and carry” component, where local retailers can take advantage of UNCS’s product discounts which may not be readily available to them. The company recently celebrated its first $1 million month in April, then again in May & June, setting the company up to surpass its best year to date by 30 percent. “What sets UNCS apart is truly personalized customer service, a willingness to break up packages and repackage items to adapt to retailer’s requirements, ship to different places on request, and an unwavering eagerness to sell to any retailer regardless of size,” Rose states. A driving factor in Rose’s success is the profit sharing plan he developed in which his employees are rewarded for their hard work and dedication. This is one of the reasons why the corporate culture at UNCS is so unique. “I’ve been here almost five years. It’s like one big family here,” states Ron Williams, a buyer for the company. “Everyone’s opinion is used in the day to day calculated decision making of buying and selling which doesn’t make you feel like just a number, as you would in a larger company. It makes you feel like part of a team,” Williams states. For more information visit



September 8, 2010 •

Jesse’s Journal

Orlando’s Parliament House: A Gay Community Landmark By Jesse Monteagudo


first stayed at the Parliament House in Orlando in the summer of 1976, just a year after Bill Miller and Michael Hodges purchased the Abbey, a rundown motel at 410 North Orange Blossom Trail, and turned it into Florida’s premier gay resort. If I recall correctly, the rooms were rather seedy, certainly in comparison to the big hotel chains that began to take over Orlando in the wake of Walt Disney World. But, if the Parliament House was a dump, it was our dump. It hosted a wild pool party every day, the five bars and a disco catered to every segment of our community, and the Playhouse Theater presented a series of memorable shows, hosted by the immortal ‘Miss P’ (Paul Wegman). Most notorious of all was ‘balcony bingo’: a never-ending parade of men of every age, color and lifestyle who cruised their way around the P-House, even (especially) “A getaway from the everyday … without leaving the gay scene behind.” –

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after the bars closed. Those were the days. The last time I visited the Parliament House was in the summer of 2009. The rooms were a bit run-down, and ‘balcony bingo’ was not what it used to be. (Neither was I: This time, I went with my partner of over 24 years.) But the pool parties were still hot; the bars and disco still attracted crowds; and the fierce Darcel Stevens hosted fabu drag shows at the Footlight Theater and Cabaret where Miss P once reigned supreme. A lot has happened to ‘La Casa de Parlamento’ (to quote Miss P) during the 35 years of its gay existence. Both Miller and Hodges died from AIDS-complications - Miller in 1987 and Hodges in 1992 - and the P-House was inherited by Hodges’s clueless relatives. The place floundered in increased decay until 1999, when it was purchased by the husband and wife team of Don Granatstein and Susan

Unger. The new owners gave the PHouse some much-needed renovations and the place resumed its place as Orlando’s de facto community center. Unfortunately, Granatstein and Unger made some unwise business decisions, like trying to start a timeshare resort next door. And while the Parliament House didn’t change much, the community around it did. Gay tourists no longer had to stay in the P-House in order to be gay; as Orlando’s theme parks and world class hotels began to court the lavender dollar. The Granatsteins, a straight couple, frowned upon ‘balcony bingo,’ though AIDS and the aging of Orlando’s gay population were also responsible for the decline of that time-honored tradition. The current recession, which struck hard at the disposable incomes of so many of us, was not kind to the Parliament House. This venerable gay landmark is now facing a foreclosure action filed by its creditors. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Houston-based Southwest Guaranty Ltd. and Compass Bank of Atlanta initiated foreclosure actions on a $7.5 million mortgage that matured at the end of 2009. The P-House will be taken over by a courtappointed receiver, who will continue regular operations under a court order. Don Granatstein told the Sentinel that he didn’t have the money to repay the note when it came due. However, he continues to hold the liquor license and plans to continue to operate the P-House, even under a receiver. “Am I happy with this? That’s a big no,” Granatstein told the Sentinel. “But I’m stuck with whatever

happens, and we will be open 100 percent.” As a gay man with an interest in LGBT history, I believe there are certain places that need to be preserved as community landmarks. One of them was New York City’s Stonewall Inn, which went through a series of changes over the years before finally resurfacing as a gay bar. For LGBT Floridians, Orlando’s Parliament House is a community landmark that served our community well for 35 years, affecting the lives of several generations of people almost as much as the Stonewall Inn did. It would be worse than tragic if the PHouse goes under. For all its faults, the Parliament House was and is Florida’s “gay kingdom” – a queer oasis in the middle of the Bible Belt that was always there to serve our ever-changing community. I pray that ‘La Case de Parlamento’ will survive this current crisis, and continue to serve and thrill and please us for many years to come.


General Gayety

Youth, Meth And Going Viral By Leslie Robinson


n my brief moments of clarity I knew my life was supposed to be better than this.” Who said that? Who had mere seconds of clarity? Yogi Berra? Dan Quayle? Maxwell Smart? If you guessed Lindsay Lohan, you’re getting warm. The speaker was 26-year-old Jordan Duran, who in an interview with The Seattle Times described his addiction to crystal meth. He was part of a story about young gays contracting HIV through meth use. As happy a topic as exploding oil rigs. Though there is some happiness connected with Duran’s story: He’s alive. Not long ago you’d have gotten better odds on Mel Gibson joining the diplomatic corps. Duran struggled in his hometown of Puyallup, about 35 miles south of Seattle. By the age of 5, he knew he was different from other boys. In high school he seized on re-

ligion. Duran even went to a therapist who “specialized” in reversing homosexuality. During his senior year, he came out. After graduation he headed for Seattle, moving in with an older man who apparently took his role as mentor very seriously, arranging official introductions for his protégé—to ecstasy, ketamine, GHB and then meth. “From the first time I took meth I was hooked,” said Duran. “It was about escaping from who I was, and meth was the perfect drug to wash it all away.” Chocolate does the same for me, but oddly it doesn’t have that effect on everyone. On his 21st birthday, Duran drank a boatload and then scored some meth. He had unprotected sex with a stranger. A few weeks later it became clear what he’d gotten for his birthday: HIV. And many happy returns.

Joshua O’Neal, who does HIV-testing research at a local hospital, told The Seattle Times that three-quarters of those who test HIV-positive at his clinic have used meth. Said O’Neal, “When you feel invincible, you don’t care about using a condom.” After he tested positive, Duran’s downward spiral got a move on. By 23, he was using meth 20 times each day. Most people don’t do anything 20 times a day. Except breathe. He had unsafe sex. Staph infections and MRSA were frequent visitors. He contracted syphilis, which spread to his brain, causing disorientation. He was homeless. Only Dante could do justice to this circle of hell. Finally Duran saw a doctor, who happened to resemble his grandmother. She asked if he was using meth, and told him if he continued to use he’d be dead within six months from an overdose or the HIV. Grandma took no prisoners. Thank goodness. “Up until that point I was afraid of living, but suddenly I was afraid of dying,” said Duran. He went directly from the doctor’s to an AA meeting, and began the arduous task of getting clean. “Quitting the drugs wasn’t the hard part,” he said. “Feeling my emotions


September 8, 2010 •

Jordan Duran

was the hard part.” Duran has been victorious in the smackdown with his emotions--he’s been sober for well over two years. Soon after starting antiretroviral drugs, his viral load was undetectable. He now works for Gay City Health Project, which focuses on gay men’s health. When someone on the skids comes in and tells him he doesn’t know what it’s like, Duran must struggle not to guffaw. In Seattle’s King County, in the space of a year, about 10 percent of gay and bisexual men use crystal meth. For men under the age of 30, the figure is twice as high. Combine that with the studies saying gay men who use meth are at scary-high risk for contracting HIV, and it all adds up to a real problem: tweaking twinks who can’t think.

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September 8, 2010 •

Off the Wall

Castro’s ‘Mea Culpa’ By Pier Angelo Guidugli I am a truthful man from this land of palm trees Before dying I want to share these poems of my soul My verses are light green But they are also flaming red – Guantanamera – based on a poem by Jose Marti


t should be obvious to anybody with a working brain that the U.S. embargo on Cuba has been a total failure from the start. The U.S. stubbornness on the issue is shamelessly driven by pure domestic political interests. A large Cuban voting bloc, in a pivotal state, has taken precedence over rationality and common sense. Even during the height of the Cold War the U.S. maintained embassies and business relations with Russia and its communist satellite states. Of course they were, at least on paper, a strong military menace, something our Government was afraid to confront. It is much easier to be a bully with an island the size of Virginia, with limited firepower and no economic value, than with an equal superpower. The 1960 embargo, which limits American businesses from conducting business with Cuban interests, is the most enduring trade embargo in modern history. Its impact has miserably failed to bring Cuba to its knees. It has instead, generated goodwill, sympathy and support, from the rest of the world, for the little island and its people. For the last 50 years its 11 million citizens have struggled under Castro’s unwavering iron fist, living through a shaky economy, no human rights, absolute government control of every aspects of life, and an obsession with the United States. In the last four years the world has seen the signs of a mild thaw. It started with Castro’s illness, which kept him out of the limelight and shifted responsibilities to his brother Raul. However, those who thought Fidel was as good as dead have been sorely disappointed. At age 84 he has managed an amazing comeback, looking fit, willing to tackle sub-

jects that have been taboo for half a century. According to the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto, Fidel Castro on August 30th gave a rather surprising and candid interview to a Mexican reporter touching on various issues, his improving health, his nemesis – the U.S., the Internet, the world economy and terrorism. But, in what is the most stunning part of the interview, he surprisingly apologized for the mistreatment of homosexuals during his tenure. He describes it as one of his most serious mistakes. He does not deny that homosexuals were forcibly emarginated from society, arrested, and sent to hard labor in agricultural and military camps. He admits that those were actions of grave injustice fueled by religious prejudice and a spontaneous, almost paranoid, reaction from the men who fought for the revolution. Fidel concedes that his men were preoccupied with fighting insurgents, sabotage, the numerous attempts on his life, the specter of the U.S., and the faltering economy. Homosexuals became, and remained, an easy scapegoat since they were considered to be against the Revolution. According to Castro, he then failed to address and correct the issue. He claims that the responsibility lies squarely at his feet. He accepts guilt. Ironically, it is also widely known that Castro himself has several long time friends who are gay. Cuban gays are no longer padlocked in the closet. Under the banner “Homosexuality is not a danger, Homophobia is,” several cities on the island held gatherings and workshops on May 17th openly celebrating International Day Against Homophobia. New initiatives in Cuba include same sex marriage and identity changes for transsexuals. Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1990 and since 2008 socialized medicine covers sex change operations. Decades of systematic discrimination and oppression against a defenseless minority cannot be swept aside with a newspaper in-

Letters, We Got Letters Comments On:

GAY MAN MURDERED IN OAKLAND PARK (9/1): Online comment by JW: Meth=Death, one way or another.This is obviously a drug deal gone bad or someone killed him to get his stach, since the truck was left in the lovely Lauderhill area one can assume the killer is probably black or Latino. I can’t believe the landlord would rent to someone with a laundry list of drug convictions, BACKGROUND CHECKS people, I’ve lost 3 close friends due to meth addiction, 2 are dead and 1 is now in jail, his job, life, future destroyed, I hope that this endless violence and death will wake up people to the true evil that Meth is. Online comment by TC: JW, that’s an asshole thing to say. Assuming the killer is black or latino? That’s racist.You have no idea the kind or color of people he hung out with.Yes, I was a close friend of his and all of us who were closest to him are of MANY ETHNICITIES and backgrounds and with ZERO criminal background, and we don’t

terview aimed at appeasing critics, human rights organizations and the European Community. At the same time it is comforting to see that a man, a dictator at best, who has cultivated a macho image for 50 years, has the humility, in the twilight of his life, to apologize, recognize his past mistakes, and discuss homosexuality without the venom that many of our politicians and Christian preachers use

do drugs. If you’ve lost so many closest to you because of drugs, meth specifically as you put it, then maybe that says more about YOU, but that says nothing about our lost friend and within our own gay community, I would expect a bit more respect for a lost life. He was not a bad guy. Racial ignorance and profiling is still a big problem in society because of people and cops like you. The picture that’s been painted of our lost friend is NOT how we knew or remember him. Online comment by MM: To JW, I completely agree with you. Fort Lauderdale is generally a highly dangerous area probably the top ten of this entire country. And yes most of the time it is a race other than anglo. So for that you are completely right in your feelings. I have blacks and straight friends and lots of gay ones of course. FRIENDS! If you have mental issues, drug or on the booze, or, God forbid, HIV, go enjoy yourself. All three are death sentences and Broward Gays just don’t get it.

For further discussion on Alfred Chadwick McMurray’s murder, go to

when referring to our community. Talking about the world at large he was asked, in closing: how can we all help shape a better future for mankind? His reply would have been considered science fiction material only a few years ago: “Educating and creating the necessary conditions for love and trust”. Cuba Libre, ahora!


September 8, 2010 •

SFGN Profile: The Reconstruction of Rabbi Noah Kitty By Tony Adams


abbi Noah Kitty, Executive Director of Congregation Etz Chaim in Wilton Manors, calmly and clearly explains away many erroneous suppositions about the Jewish faith that might make a person hesitant about joining this mostly LGBT synagogue. “When I read a sacred text, I find so much ‘smiting’ going on. This one smote that one and that one smote someone else. And I’m thinking that I’m not really grooving on the smiting. So I learned to understand that those writings help us participate in the ongoing act of creation and that is why people come to Congregation Etz Chaim. To get away from the smiting. People come here to be an ‘out’ member of the tribe.” The Rabbi continued to dispel any fear that a new congregant would be given a set of rules and regulations upon joining her synagogue. “Although the congregation is mostly LGBT, there is no litmus test, no box to check off. You don’t need to prove your Jewishness or your gayness. We have several people in our congregation who are atheists. ‘Jewish’ is a people more than a set of beliefs. It includes art and culture in addition to teachings about how to behave. You don’t need to believe a particular thing to be a member of Etz Chaim.” Congregation Etz Chaim (which means “Tree of Life”) is part of the Reconstructionist branch of Judaism. Reconstructionism is a uniquely American brand of Judaism embracing the thought that Judaism is an evolving tradition. This is different from all other brands of Juadaism that see themselves primarily in relation to Jewish law. Reconstructionists say “The past has a vote but not a veto.” Rabbi Kitty explains this in terms of keeping kosher. “Kosher is a way of life that was geared toward achieving good health and a healthy relationship to the earth. Kashrut is the word for dietary laws. Most people think this simply means that Jews don’t eat pork or shellfish. That is not how

we at Etz Chaim live kosher. We practice eco-Kashrut. It matters how the animal is treated before it is killed and eaten. Seasonality and locality are strong factors governing what we choose to eat. Drenching fields with harmful insecticides, and genetically altering sources of food make us alarmed. Eco-Kashrut respects the natural goodness of the earth and guides our relationship to the plants and animals that we consume.” Rabbi Kitty is not offended by questions about her unusual name. “Almost every Jew is given a Hebrew name used in synagogue rituals and life cycle events. Mine is Noah, and I liked it so much I decided to take it as my English name. Kitty is the family name. Family lore says that when my father’s father came over, he was asked his name. He said, ‘Keteichik’, but the clerk wrote down ‘Kitty’. We figured, as long as they let him in, they could call him whatever they wanted.” She joined Etz Chaim as a civilian “Jew in the pew” in 2005. “The previous rabbi had left and we couldn’t afford another one. Before coming to Florida, I was a rabbi in Brattleboro, Vermont. My parents had been living in Delray Beach and when my father died, I came down to take care of my mother who lived for another two years.” Rabbi Kitty was in a civil union in Vermont. This was dissolved when her partner was not willing to relocate to Florida. After her parents’ deaths, Rabbi Kitty took time to

reconstruct her life. “I needed to take care of me and I was not ready to go back into the Rabbinate. I got a job, and joined the congregation. At that time the synagogue was in a bit of a crisis. Growth was stalled. There were some important focus issues. The reason for this was that we were organized 36 years ago and no longer reflected what was going on in the LGBT world.” A “Futures Committee” was formed. This group, identifying a need for an Executive Director who would move the congregation forward, chose Noah Kitty who has a rabbinical degree, the MA in Jewish Communal Service from Brandeis, and is a graduate of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. The congregation that now numbers 150 has been reinvigorated in its outreach. “For over a thousand years, funds were gathered to support the small community of Jews in the Holy Land. So it is with Etz Chaim; we are a small community, and we have been blessed to receive support so we may continue to add our unique and essential voice to the LGBT Jewish chorus.”

“We don’t proselytize like the Catholic or Protestant churches do. We don’t see ourselves as the gatekeepers to heaven or hell. Also, other congregations are more geared to pediatric Judaism learned at your bar/bat mitzvah. We are a Jewish community of adults.” What does Etz Chaim have to offer that other south Florida synagogues don’t? “We have a better understanding of LGBT life. This goes beyond ‘welcoming’ which in some cases is just the holding of ‘gay day’ in the synagogue. In those synagogues, your LGBT identity will be almost assimilated into disappearance, which is fine if that is what you want. This is the only place like it in south Florida. There is a synagogue in Miami that has a gay sub-group, but to me, that’s like hearing ‘Oh, you’re gay? Your group is over there.’ Etz Chaim doesn’t want to give up Jewishness or Gayness.” Rabbi Noah Kitty makes it clear that at Etz Chaim, you can have your cake and eat it too without breaking kosher. You will find her at 1881 NE 26th Street in Wilton Manors. Expect a warm welcome.

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September 8, 2010 •

Company Profile:

The Coffee Cartel Brewing Up More than Java By Joey Amato


n August 5 of this year, Jeremy Lambert, Mary Gildea and Matthew Ryan opened a lovely new coffee shop at 3471 North Federal Highway called The Coffee Cartel. Each partner brings years of experience to the venture - Jeremy managed City Dock Coffee in Annapolis, Maryland and Mary and Matthew are the former owners of Chase’s-off-the-Square in Savannah, Georgia. As you enter the quaint establishment, you quickly notice the loft-style ceilings and earth tones of the furnishings. With a capacity of about 50, The Coffee Cartel is about the same size as some other local coffee joints, but that’s where the comparison ends. Matthew Ryan was quick to highlight the differences between them and the chain stores. “All of our coffee is made using a French Press,” he states with a smile, knowing that I know a thing or two about coffee. A French Press is a device which allows the coffee to steep in hot water before being brewed, adding to the taste and freshness of the cup. “All of the beans that we use are roasted locally,” Ryan tells me. “When I place an order on Monday, I receive my shipment

on Wednesday. That’s why we our product tastes so fresh.” Chain establishments usually roast their beans in bulk six months prior to actually receiving them. In addition to brewed and blended coffee drinks, the 1,200 square-foot location is fully equipped with Wi-Fi access and offers a wonderful selection of pressed sandwiches, salads and homemade desserts. During my visit, I decided to try a roast called Banana’s Foster. The first thing you notice is the wonderful aroma of the coffee, which was smooth and silky, without the bitter aftertaste that some flavored coffees produce. Other interesting options included White Chocolate Raspberry Reef, Caramel Kiss and Sumatran Sunset. To accompany the Banana’s Foster, I chose the Turkey Avocado Panini, an overstuffed sandwich consisting of fresh turkey breast, bacon, lettuce and tomato served warm on Focaccia bread. Additionally, Chef Jeremy prepared a delicious Lobster Bisque, which was light and sweet and didn’t contain an overwhelming amount of cream, which ultimately leads to a heavier bisque. Other sandwich items include the Traditional Cuban, the Roast Beef and the Virginian, made with ham, Swiss cheese, Granny Smith apples and brie. Standout salads include the Chopped Cobb and Wedge. Guests should note that all menu items are under $10, making The Coffee Cartel a great place for a quick and inexpensive lunch. For more information and for store hours, please visit or call 954-916-7778.

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Sorian Gets HHS Gig

Richard Sorian

By Staff Reporter


resident Barack Obama on Thursday used a recess appointment on Richard Sorian, naming him assistant secretary for public affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Sorian is openly gay and his appointment

had been held up by GOP obstructionists in the Senate since his nomination on Oct. 5, 2009. A recess appointment is a time-honored tradition that allows a president to appoint someone to a government position while Congress is on vacation. “At a time when our nation faces so many pressing challenges, I urge members of the Senate to stop playing politics with our highly qualified nominees, and fulfill their responsibilities of advice and consent,” Obama said in a written statement issued by the White House. “Until they do, I reserve the right to act within my authority to do what is best for the American people.” Sorian will give up his role as senior adviser to Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of the HHS. Previously, he served in the Clinton administration as a senior adviser to Donna Shalala, then-secretary of the HHS.

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Photo by Jarrett Terrill from the National Equality March - Washington DC - Oct. 2009

Is There a Gay Tea Party? By Jarrett Terrill

as a self-descriptor – until it was revealed that the word “teabagging” was already a slang n gay culture, a Sunday night dance party term for “the dragging of one’s testicles (usually by an erotic dancer) across the forehead to close out the weekend is generally of an onlooker.” One cannot help but notice referred to as a “Tea Dance,” “Sunday how many tea-related slang terms have vastly Tea” or a “Tea Party.” But LGBT persons may be exploring a different kind of Tea Party different meanings in gay culture. Some fiscally lately – a political movement that was at first conservative gay rights supporters have husponsored by the Healthcare Insurance lobby morously embraced these double entendres, like the group at the National Equality March. to protest healthcare reform but has now In the Washington Blade article, Johnson become an offshoot of the Republican Party. points out Sarah Palin’s pick in an Alaska race, According to Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade, “The Tea Party is energiz- Tea Party candidate Lisa Murkowski supports inclusion of hate crime laws (like the Mathew ing the Republican Party base and ousting incumbent GOP lawmakers from Congress, Shepard Act) while her Democratic opponent does not.And here in Florida a transgender focused on economic issues and limited government rather than anti-gay rhetoric in Tea Party candidate named Donna Milo, although she did not win, scored a quarter of its bid for growth and acceptance.” the Republican Primary vote in elections last A number of gay conservatives have month. No transgender candidate was ever abandoned their usual posts with Log Cabin known to have run on a Republican ticket for Republican groups and decided that there is a congressional seat before and so earning that room for everyone in the Tea Party. Recently many votes in a primary is quite significant. a convention called HomoCon, a group for Another example of open doors in the Tea gay conservatives touted that Ann Coulter Party movement for gays and lesbians is the would be headlining their event.This caused riffs with traditional Republicans who wish to fact that one of the most admired leaders among them – Fox News star Glenn Beck – exclude gays and lesbians from the Tea Party – organizations like WorldNetDaily, a dot com has voiced some support for gay marriage. But ultimately – the Democratic Party, who attempts to harness the Tea Party movewhich has held the gay vote captive for ment and make it a members only affair. many years is not going to let go of one of The picture that’s being painted here is one their key demographics very easily. Conof anti-gay rhetoric being tossed into the vat gress has an LGBT Equality Caucus now of failed Republican Party politics and the Tea that is comprised of 81 Democrats and Party being a possible solution for gay conseronly one single Republican. That Republican vatives who wish to have their voices heard. Indeed, at the National Equality March in Octo- is Illeana Ross-Lehtinen of Florida. While she has received some criticism for her ber of 2009, there was a 150 foot banner held up by Tea Party Patriots which read “Teabaggers participation in the Equality Caucus, she has For Gay Rights.” One of the Patriots holding up also maintained a Republican presence in government where it ordinarily would not her section of the banner appeared to be an exist. Key liberal Democrats have been unAfrican-American transgender woman. willing to attack Ross-Lehtinen and moved The term “teabaggers” was at first an acon to skewer other GOP party leaders. cidental term that the Tea Party started using

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Media Commentary


10 Stupid Things Laura Schlessinger Has Done to Mess up Her Life Dr. Laura’s Rabbi Was a Member of NARTH By Jarrett Terrill


y now, we’ve all heard about conservative advice personality Dr. Laura’s “racist rant” on air. If for any reason you haven’t heard about it, the story is pretty simple. Dr. Laura used the “n” word a total of 11 times in one hour while she was in the process of telling a guest caller that she should not be in a racially mixed marriage because she was perhaps too sensitive to handle any conflicts that may arise from such a marriage. In the week that followed the scandal, Dr. Laura issued an apology not so much to the woman and race that she had insulted, but rather to her cherished listeners and fans. She went from perpetrator to victim within a week. She painted a picture of equality activists as an unseen evil. Yes, this nefarious group in “the media” was lurking around every corner. She told the people who follow her blog that “our society has changed dramatically. Self-appointed activist types breed hate, breed anger, breed destruction should anyone hold up a mirror or dare to disagree. This environment, as you know, is not only in radio and television…it is in politics; it’s in every area of our society…in your neighborhoods, in your school districts, at work…” This political tactic of saying something outrageous and then condemning anyone who points it out as a thug or hater is nothing new. In fact, gays and lesbians should immediately recognize this as the modus operandi of a religious group called NARTH who, like Dr. Laura, value themselves psychologists as well as authorities on morality. But let’s go back a little bit… Laura Schlessinger, better known by her on-air misnomer “Dr. Laura,” is quite fond of dispensing advice and telling others how to behave morally. She wrote a book in 2002 titled 10 Stupid Things Women Do to Mess up Their Lives. The book was a best seller and frequently touted by social conservatives as a

modern-day “bible” for women who struggle in relationships. But before that, Dr. Laura had also written another book titled The 10 Commandments, in which she explained her interpretation of the Mosaic Decalogue central to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The irony of Dr. Laura - who until 2003 believed herself to be an Orthodox Jew - having literally written the book on The 10 Commandments is that by doing so, she broke the very first commandment unto itself. The first commandment is an admonition against placing idols or “false gods” before the one true God. In Jewish Law, or Mitzvah, there are a number of rules against someone like Dr. Laura interpreting scripture for society. The most glaringly obvious infraction is that Dr. Laura is not a Rabbi. She has no religious education or authority to dispense advice or her interpretations of holy text. Mitzvah includes a very specific commandment that one must not “add words thereto these commandments nor diminish from them.” Orthodox Judaism maintains that people who try to act as intermediaries for God are simply heretics. Her personal authorship of the 10 Commandments is just one item in a long list of religious transgressions and hypocrisy. Schlessinger just thumbs her nose at the fifth Commandment – to honor one’s parents – and uses her family as an illustration of just how nasty and judgmental she can be. Dr. Laura’s audience frequently hears bitter tantrums about her “petty and insensitive father” and her mother’s “pathological pride”. One could argue that of the 10 Commandments, Schlessinger herself has broken 9 of them – having been an adultress and a women who tried to sue a neighboring surf shop for everything they owned because she found a magazine in their store to be morally offensive. So where does this lady get off? Why does she think she has so much moral authority to tell the rest of us what we should do? The answer to that question might best

be explained by looking at her former rabbi, Reuben P. Bulka. Bulka was a founding member of NARTH, the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuals. NARTH has been the single driving force behind treating homosexuality as a mental illness for the last 30 years. While NARTH is mostly comprised of Evangelical Christians, there are at times members who are Jewish or Muslim as well. It’s difficult to say who was preaching against gays on the radio first – Dr. Laura or her Canadian Rabbi. They were both controversial on-air personalities with a history of being on the wrong side of societal issues and therefore shunned by advertisers and politicians alike. Bulka, while advocating in Canada against holocaust denialism, was denying one aspect of the holocaust himself – the fact that homosexuals were persecuted by the Nazis right alongside the Jews. Giving up on his advocacy of “reading the liver of dead animals” at symposiums on “Mental Health practices from the Bible and the Talmud”, Rabbi Bulka wrote a book in 1995 called “One Man, One Woman, One Lifetime: An Argument for Moral Tradition.” At the same time, Dr. Laura had delivered the keynote address at Orrin Hatch’s Women’s Conference in Utah. Orrin Hatch, at

that time, was advocating for the legalization of polygamy. It was at this juncture that Schlessinger began her training under Bulka and where Bulka began advocating against gays and lesbians as suffering from mental illness. It wouldn’t be until 2003 that Dr. Laura would renounce Orthodox Judaism, and Rabbi Bulka by proxy and continue her show without a “moral sponsor.” This was the same year that Schlessinger’s Catholic mother died alone in her apartment. Schlessinger was shocked to learn that her audience began to think of her as cruel and dismissive when she spoke of her deceased mother as a talentless and friendless war-bride who paved her own way to self-destruction. Also beginning in the mid 2000’s, Dr. Laura began taking an interest in defending the Catholic Church, particularly Cardinal Ratzinger. During the time between her conversion to Orthodox Judaism and her denouncement of it, there was one thing that stayed constant – her disapproval of homosexuality, which she called “unnatural, like a birth defect”. She said that the response from her Christian and Catholic listeners to the broadcasts of this time period “was very loving and supporting” but that she just didn’t “feel much warmth coming back from Jews.”


September 8, 2010 •

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White Party Last Year at Villa Vizcaya Page 17


September 8, 2010 •, the ‘Google of Online Dating’ By A. Sebastian Fortino


on’t want to invest money into forpay dating sites but don’t want to air your need for love and affection on Facebook? Don’t have an iPhone or Blackberry so you can’t do Grindr – which, is kind of a gross concept in and of itself – well might be the answer for you! The site is absolutely free! Through questions, quizzes, tests, so-called icebreakers and the like the OK Cupid “Staff Robot” matches you on percentages based on three criteria. Match – as in love match; Friend – as in you two might work as friends but not lovers; and Enemy – as in you would not wish to be either. Let’s face it though, if you are looking for friends electronically you will find them on

Facebook. I am sure I am not the only one who looks only at the Match percentage then moves on or makes a move. The website is fun, the manifold questions you are asked are often witty – or bizarre – and you will garner a few dates per month if you play your cards right. Drawbacks to it being free are fairly simple, you will not get as scrutinized a match as you would with one of the pay sites. However, having three “quivers” in your email box are fun, and appear on a daily basis in the email you use to register your OKCupid account. Whether they are fun because they are your ideal match…or fun because they are so far from possibly being a match is up to you! For more information please visit,

Theatre Feature

son, for years, but because they are resident at the Catholic school, he cannot risk coming Play: Bare out, even though he’s now 18 years old and Theater: Broward Center for the Arts, eager to make adult decisions. He tries to Fort Lauderale; Abdo River Room broach the subject with his mother, but she Thursday, Sept. 9 – Monday, Sept. 13 and avoids the topic. Jason, on the other hand, is Friday, Sept. 17 and Saturday, Sept. 18, still confused with his sexuality and unsure of Showtime vary. the consequences of coming out. He’s afraid he will disappoint his family and lose his opTickets are $30 at or 954-462-0222 portunity to attend Notre Dame University. While Bare avoids many of the most contentious issues of Rent—HIV/AIDS and drug use—the show has developed an infectious following, particularly among high school aged fans, says Fiacco. “The kids really do get excited about it because they can totally relate to the characters,” he says, praising the accessible rock score by Damon Intrabartolo with lyrics by Jon By J.W. Arnold Hartmere, Jr. “It’s just like rowing up when Rent hit is hard to Broadway.” do and the One cast trials and tribulations member who of the journey from was quickly adolescence to adultsigned up for hood have inspired the production timeless drams—from is Christopher the forbidden RenaisMcCabe, a sance period love 26-year-old affair of Shakespeare’s openly gay graduate of Miami’s New World Romeo and Juliet and the 19th century social morays of Spring Awakening to the gritty ’90s School of the Arts who had been working in New York City. As Peter, the show’s protagorock opera Rent. nist, he relates to the desires of his characThis week, South Florida producer Andy ter to live openly and be true to himself. Fiacco is bringing the Off-Broadway sensa“The characters in the show are making tion Bare to the Broward Center, a show out with each other, experimenting with that explores angst of five contemporary drugs and alcohol, and trying to find their Catholic high school students struggling identities, just like students at any other with issues of personal and sexual identity. school,” he says. Fiacco, a 39-year-old actor and Disney Noting the strong stands the Catholic veteran who for the past several years has produced professional theater for children’s Church has taken against homosexuality and pre-marital sex, McCabe points out that the audiences across South Florida, jumped at show does not “bash” the church. Instead, the opportunity to bring the show to the Broward Center after seeing it for the first the show points out just how universal these acts of experimentation are for young peotime three years ago. ple. The script is “respectful,” he emphasizes. “It’s so current, similar to Glee, but a lot The production relies on chemistry darker,” Fiacco says of the show. “There is the popular girl, the cool jock, a nerdy kid, the girl between the actors, McCabe says, and audiwho wants everybody to like her….it relates ences will not be disappointed: “This is probably one of the shortest to everybody and is really timeless.” rehearsal processes I’ve had (for a show), Set in a Catholic boarding school, the but with so many talented people, it’s been story focuses on the secret relationship bea real blessing to be a part of this fantastic tween Peter and Jason. According to Fiacco, Peter has been in love with his best friend, Ja- show,” he says.

Teenagers Explore Life and Love in Broward Center Production



September 8, 2010 •

White Party Last Year at Villa Vizcaya

By A. Sebastian Fortino As reported in SFGN, many AIDS healthcare groups have had he annual White Party Week budgets slashed.Vizcaya – a popular in Miami, produced by Care destination for weddings and both Resource, has announced their private and corporate events – is a theme for the November 24-29 series of county-owned museum. They were events. Cirque du Monde, which means Circus of the World, will honor the vibrant also recently warned that they might lose their American Association of international community that descends Museums membership if events were upon Miami each year for the event. not reduced. Care Resource insists the White Party is For both organizations, it seems not a ‘circuit party.’ The group contends it a prudent move to plan on a less is a chic, extremely elegant event, complete with dining and cocktails, which just happens expensive venue for 2011. In addition to financial incentives to move from to have great DJs and legendary dancing on the grounds of the Villa Vizcaya Museum and Vizcaya, other factors have forced Care Resource to think of an alterGardens, once a 1920’s bachelor bad for nate location. James Deering. “We need to reinvent the actual When touring the museum, there is no party too,” said Patterson. “To reach mention of a “Mrs. Deering,” so perhaps it has been an appropriate place to hold White out to a younger demographic that Party events for the past decade. After all, Mr. isn’t coming to the White Party. Twenty years ago the bar and club scene Deering’s male ‘decorator’ and ‘travel companion’ did live in the house with him, ahem. was the social scene within the gay community, that’s where people were The organizers of the party – which has going. However, that has changed over been going on for some 26 years – looks the years, and the crowds are much forward as usual to invite the world to more diverse these days. So, to appeal the Magic City. That will never change. The to a broader demographic, we are going to organization has – through Pandora Events try and engage local colleges, especially gay for Women – done a lot of outreach to fraternities.” incorporate the L in LGBT so that they In addition to styles, causes important to participate in the event as well. the gay community have changed. While HIV However, the party that started at the is still certainly an issue, many younger men height of the AIDS epidemic will change its have not lost countless numbers of friends venue for 2011. “This will be our last year at Villa Vizcaya,” to the disease, so they do not feel as affected by it. Secondly, a multiplicity of other issues, said Wade Patterson, Director of Finance such as same-sex marriage and employment and Resource Development with Care benefits impact gay men and women. There Resource. Patterson has been with Care Resource for the past 12 years. “It was basi- are more causes to donate time, energy, and – ultimately – money towards. cally a financial decision. The cost structure “The success of the overturn of Propogot to the point where the rental of the villa sition 8 in California is a milestone. That approached $50,000. We felt that this was didn’t come about for free, though. People way too expensive and it was becoming a had to donate funds to support that cause,” fundraiser for Vizcaya, not Care Resource. said Patterson. “However, seeing this So, we decided to reevaluate.”


activism, we can look towards it, and expand it so we can get the younger generation to understand the impact of AIDS.” Wherever the White Party winds up relocating to in 2011, it should do so successfully. “It is still a centerpiece event for the gay community,” Patterson noted. To learn more information about White Party 2010, please visit,


September 8, 2010 •

Torch Lights Up for Fall, with Surprises in Song By A. Sebastian Fortino

riveting performance. Like Debi his range is broad, and his Broadway training and panache come across without disrupting the fter a summer hiatus Torch, intent of the song. located in Wilton Manors, on “I Won’t Send Roses,” from Mack & Mabel North Dixie Highway, and Debi Benson, are back in business! The cabaret’s is about a man who flatly tells his love interest that he won’t remember birthdays, and springtime launch was so successful Debi and club owner Ted Goldstein promise new other sentiments, but insists his love will conquer all. If you have ever been “the sung “tricks” for their audience. to” – in such a relationship – your ire might One change is that on Friday nights Debi has elected to pass the torch to local singer rise a bit, your fists may clench, but don’t worry, it’s not your ex. Don Stansfield, who has been training as a In addition to these classic, musical, vocalist since he was 15 years old. cabaret-perfect numbers Stansfield is going “I trained at New York University, and to mix it up. privately with Kurt Peterson in Manhat“Let’s give him ‘New York State of Mind,’ tan,” says Stansfield, “as well as other it’s a little bit more rock private, Broadway and roll,” said pianist caliber teachers.” Calvert. “We just live In addition to being Billy Joel,” she added. a successful singer he He gave a soulful has worked as a high rendition of the song school drama teacher, that did not loose its and works with the rock flavor, with the adSol Children’s Theater dition of a cabaret feel. Troupe, based in Fort We are very excited Lauderdale. Stansfield to see the full act on also teaches singing Friday night. to children, ages four Debi Benson, whose through 18 and adults smile is as broad as as well. ol’Broadway, is thrilled He has also lent his to have reopened the time to the gay comDon Stansfield club after her vacation. munity. “At the high school where I taught drama I The audience is also ecstatic at her return, started the school’s first Gay Straight Alliance, and she will be belting out tunes on Saturday or GSA. I worked with ArtServe and brought and Sunday. Although, if audience members clamor for together about a dozen local GSAs. I found a duet who knows? They might just have to helping young LGBT students to be a very oblige their fans at some point. rewarding experience,” Stanfield told SFGN. “The audience was great, and very recepRecently, I went to a private rehearsal, tive, when we reopened, they uplifted me where Don and pianist Loree Fox Colvert seemed nonplussed by my solitary presence. as much as I hope I uplifted them,” gushed Benson. “We’ve made so many amazing His rendition of “I Get A Kick Out of You,” by gay icon Cole Porter was a magical, friendships with the audience, I missed them! It felt like a ‘coming out’ party of sorts. I felt like I was in a closet, without having an audiFor more information, please visit Torchence to sing for!” 954.588.5001 She is also coming out of her closet with Don Stansfield’s premiere, 9 p.m., Friday, new songs that she hopes to make as sought September 3 after as the repertoire she initiated last spring. Debi Benson’s evenings are Saturday & “We added a ton of songs in rehearsals


Sunday, 8:30, 10:00, and 11:00 p.m

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September 8, 2010 •

location on a regular basis. Our standards are very high, so it’s taking a while to find that individual who meets our criteria.” That criteria – in addition to working with only skilled stylists – comes from the desire to nurture the soul of clients.The front of the store is a New Age boutique, to care for your spiritual welfare. In addition to art, fun, elegant, one-of a kind pieces of jewelry, CDs and books you can attend a guided meditation and spiritual discussion group.This is because beauty after all, is not only skin-deep. “We are open to provide our space to any other similar class as well as book signings, and on a monthly basis we feature a local artist,” said Ryan. In addition to the tranquil atmosphere of By A. Sebastian Fortino the salon space, the work Ryan did on my hair is superb. Upon sitting in his chair he asked he scent of incense, soft music me what we were going to do with my hair. coming through the speakers, I responded, telling him he could do and a glass of wine make a trip whatever he saw on me, “As long as it’s not to George Ryan and Co. much more than a haircut. For the time in which it takes for a faux hawk, they’re getting a little bit old.” “Oh, I didn’t see you in a faux hawk,” your haircut, or color session, the cares of Ryan responded. “I see you with something the day or week seem to melt away. The philosophy at their gay-owned and op- more European.” It was as if he read my mind. The greaterated 2221 Wilton Drive location is simple. est compliment people can give me is to Ryan, who was trained to cut, dye, and style ask not what state I am from, but which in New York, believes that “getting a haircut country I am from. As he carefully snipped should be a nice experience and something and shaped the haircut to my face I felt as to look forward to, rather than a chore.” if we had known each other quite a while. He therefore wants to make trips to his intimate salon an exciting destination, not a He even managed to talk me into highlights, which I haven’t done in several years after grooming obligation. someone made my hair look “frosted,” as “We try to provide a pleasant environopposed to highlighted, last time. ment with beautiful artwork,” said Ryan as Another testament to his talent – he he cut my hair and manager Oscar handed me a glass of white wine, “and we believe in foiled my hair after he cut it. Doing highlights on short hair is no easy task. pampering our clients.” The next morning, when I woke up and The salon, opened this spring by Master showered I noticed something remarkable. My Colorist George Ryan, who has worked with celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and sun-kissed hair and shorter coif needed nothing done to it but a quick pluck or two with Alyssa Milano, originally had only one chair. my fingertips. George Ryan and Co. clearly, However, as walk-ins, regulars, and more appointments began to favor the small, yet el- yet in a modest, Zen-like manner, knows they egantly appointed salon, another chair had to have something special on Wilton Drive. “I feel that we have a place you would be installed to accommodate a second stylist. expect to find in the East Village in New Yet, having a second chair does not detract from the care with which Ryan and York,” said Ryan. Truly, the intimacy and the personable scale of the salon and storemanager Oscar treat their clients. In fact, front could easily be found in a Manhattan, they wish to further expand, which will or Brooklyn neighborhood. keep Ryan busy – as he already is also the Luckily for us though – it’s right here on Creative Director for a salon in Palm Beach. Wilton Drive! “We have a stylist, Justin from South Beach that works with us normally on For more information please visit, Sundays,” said Ryan. “We are in the process of looking for another stylist to be at this

George Ryan & Co,

A Haircut in Nirvana


Leather Auction and Barbecue Comes to Scandals Saloon By Staff Reporters

making a donation – by providing the food for the barbecue. The Leather Masked Ball has raised about n Sunday, September 19, Scandals Saloon $70,000 over the past five years. In the past will host a Leather Auction and Barbecue to benefit the Leather Masked Ball organiza- local recipients have been Tuesday’s Angels, the Stonewall Library and Archives, Care tion.Attendees can donate new or previously worn leather gear.The viewing period begins at Resource and Equality Florida. Every year they also donate to the Leather Archive noon, and the auction will begin at 2 p.m. and Museum in Chicago, an organization “This is an event that builds momentum much like the Stonewall Library, except the for the November masked ball, it also gives emphasis is on the leather community. people a chance to donate and auction off “This year we expect to give away a total their leather items. I’ve bought items there that I might not have bought before,” says Ed of $20k again,” said Nicholas. “We are raising money for an innovative new program to keep Nicholas, treasurer of the organization who has been with them for four years now. “Also, young gay men off of crystal methamphetamine put together by the Pride Center.” it’s a fun way to add to your collection.” Plus, if you have excess leather gear you’d like to donate your items will be tax For more information please visit deductible. The Courtyard Café will also be



September 8, 2010 •

The Norton Presents the Fifth Annual Chinese Moon Festival Staff Reporters

calendar, a day rich in myth and history for the Chinese people.The event celebrates he Norton Museum the abundance of the of Art will celebrate harvest on a night when the the Chinese Moon Festival autumn moon is at its fullest again this year, with music, and brightest. For centuries, art activities, and of course, traditional Chinese thought Chinese food on Sunday, associated the moon with September 12, 2010 from immortality. During the 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. Haiqiong Deng Yuan dynasty (1280-1368) Visitors can create a the Chinese launched a revolt against their Chinese lantern and learn about the legMongolian overlords by sending written ends behind this popular Chinese holiday. Artists will demonstrate the art of Chinese messages baked into mooncakes. Today, cakes with tastier fillings are eaten painting, and perform on the Chinese zither, to commemorate this legend. Celebraknown as the gu-zheng. Lectures, gallery tions today also involve gathering with talks and tours will introduce visitors to family, lighting festive lanterns, planting diverse Chinese artistic traditions. This event is held in celebration of the Norton’s mid-autumn trees and burning incense to traditional deities, including Chang E, the Chinese collection and the special exhibiGoddess of the Moon. tion On the Silk Road and High Seas: Chinese Ceramics, Culture and Commerce. For more information, please call In China, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (561) 832-5196 or visit is one of the most important holidays on the


Happy Hour until 9:30 pm EvEryday!

HELLO PETER, YOu said YOu REad THE sFGN EvERY wEEk FOR THE aRTicLEs aNd sTuFF, sO i HOPE THis wORks. This is Royce, THE GuY iN THE PicTuRE. REmEmbER mE? i HavE TO saY YOu wERE oNe greaT hookup! THE bEsT i Had iN awHiLE. i’m sucH aN idiOT. i wasHEd mY jEaNs aNd YOuR NumbER was iN THEm. wE mET lasT moNday NighT aT THE

corNer pub’s uNderwear NighT. YOu cONviNcEd mE TO sTrip dowN TO my uNderwear sO wE cOuLd HavE THE 2 for 1 driNk special. i wiLL bE aT THE corNer pub FOR THE NExT couple of moNday’s. i HOPE YOu sHOw uP sO we caN pick up were we lefT off. i REaLLY diG YOu.


CHEap drinks GrEat pEoplE Good ConvErsation


September 9 - 18 For tickets call 954.462.0222 or All programs, artists, dates and times are subject to change.


Passages completed were all well-received documentaries highlighting contemporary LGBT life. Farm Family was voted Best Feature Length Documentary at the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in 2004, and was initially picked up by LOGO TV. In 2005 he completed his second feature Fish Can’t Fly which Tom Murray examines gay people of faith, and how they harmonize their faith and sexuality. In early 2007 “Almost Myself” took a look at transgender individuals, inspired by a woman who 20 years after transitioning to female wishes to transition back to male. By A. Sebastian Fortino This film won Best Documentary at the Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film n July 29 Sarasota, resident and Festival, as well as other awards. filmmaker Tom Murray died His last film Amancio, two Faces on a Tombsuddenly and unexpectedly. His stone won audience favorite at the 2009 colleague Bruce Presley, president of multimedia group Downtown Loft Studio, says Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, as well as best film at the Indianapolis Gay & Lesthis snuffed out the promising career of a filmmaker who had only recently begun to bian Film Festival. The documentary deals with a young gay man whose life was taken make films. from him due to being a drag performer, in “I first met Tom through Scott Hall, executive director of Gay American Heroes,” a rural Southwestern town. “It is through his films that Tom will live a website which chronicles the lives of on for future generations. He was a kind LGBT people who have died due to antiand generous person with a strong sense of gay violence, said Presley. “At the time, I integrity that shines through his six films. He was considering producing a documentary will be deeply missed,” Presley recalled. dealing with violence against young gays. Scott recommended Tom who had already made five LGBT-related films.” To learn more about Tom Murray and his Tom Murray had studied film in college, films please visit his but he did not begin making feature length other films can be found at films until he was in his 50s. The few films he

Filmmaker Passes too Soon



September 8, 2010 •

25TH ANNIVERSARY SEASON! 50 superb DANCers 4 THrILLING preMIeres 1 GreAT OrCHesTrA

October 2010-May 2011 ADrIeNNe ArsHT CeNTer Miami brOwArD CeNTer ft. Lauderdale krAvIs CeNTer west palm beach

TICkeTs frOM $19 Season Presenter

Select your own seat online 24/7 at call

or toll free

305.929.7010 877.929.7010

Group Discounts (10 or more) call 305.929.7001 or toll free 877.929.7001

Edward VillElla founding Artistic director

Miami City Ballet 25 YEARS


September 8, 2010 •

Gay Couples Can’t Divorce continued from page 4

Mon 9-5, Tues 8-4, Wed 9-4 Thur 9-3, Fri 9-2

Where Business Comes to Succeed. For advertising opportunities, call Cliff Dunn: 954-530-4970

Justice Kerry P. Fitzgerald wrote on behalf of three Republican appeals court justices. “Texas law, as embodied in our constitution and statutes, requires that a valid marriage must be a union of one man and one woman, and only when a union comprises one man and one woman can there be a divorce under Texas law.” The appeals court ordered the case be sent back to Callahan, who must vacate her order. The men, known only as J.B. and H.B. in court filings, separated amicably two years after getting married. J.B.’s attorney, Peter Schulte, has said the two men had no children and weren’t arguing over how to divide their property, but wanted an official divorce. Schulte said Tuesday they had not yet decided whether to appeal to the Texas Supreme Court. “We obviously disagree with the justices’ ruling, but we respect the process and respect the court,” Schulte said. Abbott’s office had argued before the three-judge appeals court in April that the couple was not eligible for a divorce in Texas because the state didn’t recognize their marriage. Jody Scheske, another lawyer for J.B., argued his client was entitled to a divorce because he had a valid marriage. The appeals court agreed with Abbott that such unions could be dissolved by having the marriage declared void.

Among the reasons J.B. argued for a divorce rather than a voidance was that spousal support and community property laws only apply in divorce cases. The appeals court said those issues are policy arguments that must be addressed by the Legislature. “It’s deeply disappointing to see courts deny same-sex couples equal treatment under the law,” said Jennifer Pizer, a lawyer for Lambda Legal, which promotes equal rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Texas voters passed a constitutional amendment to ban samesex marriage by a 3-to-1 margin in 2005 even though state law already prohibited it. Kelly Shackelford, president of the conservative Plano-based Liberty Institute, said the Tuesday ruling “strikes down an activist judge’s attempt to take the law into her own hands.” Abbott’s office also appealed a gay divorce case in Austin after a judge there granted a divorce earlier this year to two women who married in Massachusetts in 2004. The Austin appeals court has not yet heard arguments in that case. One of the women, Angelique Naylor, told The Associated Press in April, “We didn’t ask for a marriage; we simply asked for the courtesy of divorce.” Go online to for links to previous stories.

Crossword Puzzle

Geographical Orientation

Across 1 Their fruits are acorns 5 Take by force 10 Sushi ingredient 14 Buck heroine 15 Where Bruce Wayne kept Dick Grayson 16 “Like ___ not” 17 Start of a straight man’s reply to a woman coming out 20 Nova follower 21 Like Marcia Brady, to her sisters 22 Hint in an Ellen Hart mystery, e.g. 24 Regarding 25 More of the reply 32 Boy played by Martin and Duncan 33 Nancy’s older son, on Weeds 34 Earthllink competitor 35 Opportunity for Glenn Burke 38 Where a trucker parks his bottom 39 Snake charmer’s pet 41 Streisand’s Funny Girl costar 43 Book about autoeroticism? 44 More of the reply 48 Vegetable soup bean 51 One of a Full House twosome 52 Some writers work on it 56 Did an encore of “Food, Glorious Food”? 57 End of the reply 59 The whole shebang 60 Be good in bed 62 WWII site where a flag was erected 64 Bit 65 Compensation in a lawsuit 66 CHiPs costar Erik 67 Rubbers Down 1 Package appreciation cries 2 Guinness of The Lavender Hill Mob 3 Boxing win 4 Tattletale

5 German marks 6 So, in Alan Cummings’ tongue 7 Us, to Rilke 8 Chicago director Marshall 9 Mychal Judge and Malcolm Boyd 10 In a way 11 Suffix with leather 12 George Michael’s johns 13 Bapt. or Meth. 18 Leon Uris’ ___ 18 19 One kind of opera queen 23 Really big tale 24 Gaza Stripper, e.g. 25 Cruising areas 26 “$#@!&”, e.g. 27 The New York Liberty’s org. 28 Home st. of Harper Lee 29 Perfume brand 30 Traditional round dance 31 Jerusalem server 36 Aida solo 37 Carol contraction 39 Rainbow flag sticker site, often 40 Dollar bills 42 Left with mouth wide open 43 Stud of the early days of horse racing 45 Audre Lorde, to Hunter College 46 Overdraft letters 47 Abuse orally 48 Spell of forgetfulness 49 Michael Musto’s tidbits 50 Type of badge for the morally straight 53 Peter of Say Uncle 54 Male-on-male kissing target of Bugs 55 School group 57 It may put one in an awkward position 58 Home of Picasso’s Stein portrait 61 Eleanor’s beard? 63 Pres. without a first lady Buchanan See solution on page 23


September 8, 2010 •

Q Scopes By Jack Fertig


You’re too sexy for your own good, Pisces! As Jupiter backs into Pisces and bumps into Uranus,Venus will quincunx both, inspiring brilliant attempts at reconciliation and harmony.Then Mars follows Venus, energizing those ideals, which might help – or could ruin the whole thing by being too pushy. Easy does it! ARIES (March 20 – April 19):You can try too hard to please your partner (or to land one!), leading to frustration and explosions and making your baby wonder where that came from.Take it easy! Share secrets to build intimacy.That’s better than overextending yourself.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20): Look beneath those urges to get out of the house.What are you getting away from? Getting out and having fun is fine, but imagine a home you’d rather stay in and take steps toward reaching that ideal.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20):Your efforts to bring coworkers into better cooperation include some excellent ideas, but your enthusiasm could be excessive, creating more discord than morale. Share your ideas, but also make an effort to get theirs. Independent efforts are good, too!

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19): Contradicting your boss or other authorities is a sure way to get into trouble, but if you think it out very carefully – plan your criticism, don’t just pop off spontaneously – the results could be well worth it.

GEMINI (May 21- June 20):Your reputation for wit and playfulness could complicate your efforts at work. Building morale is important, but is it part of your job description? Surprise conferences with the boss may include some light chastening, but with that comes some opportunities.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18):As much as people do value your opinion, try to keep it in check. It will be much more respected when it’s asked for. Being right isn’t enough. Being terse, considerate and respectful of others (no matter how stupid they are) is important, too.

CANCER (June 21- July 22):Your efforts at home or community improvement will seem welcome at first, but your plans are more far-reaching than others like. Keep the arguments calm and principled, be flexible, and you can come to a much better plan. LEO (July 23 – August 22):Your seductions and cajoling will get you to places you never imagined going.What feels like surprising successes can lead you to overdo your efforts, provoking arguments and frustration. Be cool.Take it all as experimentation and adventure. VIRGO (August 23 – September 22): In the constant and necessary negotiations of relationships, you can expect to hit a bump on something you thought you had tight agreement on. Don’t overreact. Just talk it out; keep it clean and open. Maybe agree to disagree.

PISCES (February 19 – March 19):You’re too sexy for your own good. Seriously. Stop and think before you get sucked into something you’ll regret later.You can enjoy greater passion and a more powerful connection if you just think it through before you get started.

Jack Fertig, a professional astrologer since 1977, is available for personal and business consultations in person in San Francisco, or online everywhere. He can be reached at 415-864-8302, through his website at www.starjack. com, and by e-mail at

Solution to Crossword Puzzle on page 22

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22):Take a good hard look at your diet and exercise. Some adjustments are necessary on both scores. Maybe just a few less desserts, a few more reps. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic, but in time the results could be! SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21): Meditation and retreat should prove very harmonizing, but once you get relaxed, some of your darker dreams and fantasies can surface.You can handle that and more. It should make good creative inspiration.

Get Equal Plans Fall Agenda

ing efforts in the works across the country, and we’re honored and inspired that so many people are taking up the chalBy Cliff Dunn s the summer comes to lenge to pressure their elected officials to follow through on an end, Get Equal, the promises to pass ENDA this activist group fighting for an year.We think we are going to end- to ENDA, has launched its “ENDA Summer” campaign. make it happen and we invite Activists across the country our community to support us by going to have been engaged in a mulendasummer. tiple of initiatives: • Organizers in Indiana confronted Senator Lugar at Thousands a speaking event focusing on to Convene homeless youth, asking him to in Orlando vote on an inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act for HIV/AIDS (ENDA) and pointing out the BET Co-Founder Sheila fact that, because queer youth Johnson to address have no job protections in Conference Indiana, many end up on the Staff Reporters streets or in shelters. • Illinois organizers are s the current economic assembling an action for midcrisis places addiSeptember. tional pressures on an already • Several events in Califorburdened HIV/AIDS comnia this week are targeting munity, over 3,000 activists Speaker Pelosi, Chairman will converge in Orlando next Miller, and Rep. Calvert. week to discuss the future of • In Mississippi, a new group the movement and the unique of organizers are planning challenges facing those on the grass roots actions, as are front lines of the epidemic at activists in Oregon. the United States Conference • Organizers in Pennsylvania on AIDS (USCA). are assembling plans for a sit-in The theme of this year’s there and are looking for more conference is “Many Voices, people to get involved. One Voice,” highlighting the Stated Robin McGehee, Get immense economic, geoEqual’s Co-Founder and Direc- graphic and ethnic diversity of tor,“There are other organizCentral Florida, whose minor-



ity communities mirror those hardest hit by the epidemic. Many of this year’s programs will also focus on youth audiences, as the need to address the impact of HIV/AIDS on young people – particularly within communities of color – has never been greater. Approximately 13 percent of those diagnosed each year are between the ages of 13 and 24. Featured speakers include White House Office of National AIDS Policy Director Jeffrey Crowley, Assistant Secretary for Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Dr. Howard Koh and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, Infectious Diseases at HHS Dr. Ronald Valdiserri. Highlighting the conference will be BET Co-Founder Sheila Johnson, with a screening of her documentary, The Other City. A special closing plenary session devoted to the Obama administration’s National HIV/AIDS Strategy and what it means for the future of the movement will also be on the agenda. The conference will take place at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, 14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane from Sept. 12 – Sept. 15. For more information, please visit

Torch Lights Up for Fall continued from page 18

this summer! We debated about ‘Send in the Clowns,’” said Benson with a laugh of the classic Sondheim song, closely associated with Judy Collins. Benson also chose the soul-searching number from “The Whiz,” “Home.” Other songs promise to be really fun – fun as in slightly campy. Trust me, guests at Torch are never at a loss for fun. I would tell you more but, you’ll just have to

make a reservation at Torch to check it out. We can reveal that if you want to book an event, or holiday party, you should probably call and make arrangements soon – chanteuse included of course. The a gratis nibbles have also expanded as has the bar. This season, in addition to wine and beer, they are serving excellent martinis. So, if you want to go to a place “where the gin is cold, but the piano’s hot” call Torch to make a highly encouraged reservation.


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veryone from Florida who joins the Arbor Day Foundation in September will receive 10 free live oak trees as part of the Foundation’s Trees for America campaign. Trees for America is a program of the Arbor Day Foundation that encourages anyone to help the environment by planting trees. The Arbor Day Foundation is the largest nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to planting trees. “Live oak trees are fast-growing trees, and those who plant them will enjoy their shade and splendor for years and years to come,” said John Rosenow, chief executive of the Arbor Day Foundation. “These trees will also add to the proud heritage of Florida’s 145 Tree City USA communities. For 34 years, Tree City USA has supported community forestry across Florida, and planting these live oaks will enhance this tree-planting tradition.” The trees will be shipped postpaid between Oct. 15 and Dec. 10, at the right time for planting. The 6- to 12-inch trees are guaranteed to

grow or they will be replaced free of charge. Planting instructions are enclosed with each shipment of trees. New members of the Arbor Day Foundation also receive The Tree Book, which includes information about tree planting and care. To receive 10 free live oak trees, send a $10 membership contribution to Ten Live Oaks, Arbor Day Foundation, 100 Arbor Ave., Nebraska City, NE 68410, by September 30, 2010, or join online at


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Let Brian make you pop!

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City County Credit Union membership is required. CCCU membership is open to individuals who live or work in Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, Brevard, Osceola, Orange and Seminole Counties. This offer is for new money only; funds may not currently be on deposit with CCCU. Members must maintain a savings account with a minimum balance of $5 for the duration of their membership. *Annual Percentage Yield. APY is effective as of 8/16/10 and is subject to change without notice. Minimum to earn stated APY is $500. Additional deposits to the CD of $250 or more are permitted at any time during the term. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings. Youth accounts are not eligible. Free gift with membership offer good through 9/15/10.Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Federally insured by NCUA.

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Wilton Manors Branch 2242 Wilton Drive • (954) 745-2400


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Island CIty PIZZa “Home of tHe original uncut pizza”


September 8, 2010 •

954-561-4272 BusinessCard Directory WHY UNCUT? AUTOMOTIVE HEALTHREPAIR

PIZZA The oils and juices stay on the pizza until you are master certified ready to eat not on the bottom of the box so your pizza crust stays hard and doesn’t go limp.

Island CIty PIZZa

CAR REPAIR authorized

954 - 565

“Home of tHe original uncut pizza”

master certified

“WOW” • Dennis J from automotive Sfgn service excellence “Best Pizza I’ve Ever Had” • Bob r from fX





954 - 565 - 2000

“To Die For!” • evan corey


automotive service excellence


The oils and juices stay on the pizza until you are Providing 1913 north avenue wilton manors ready andrews to eat not on the bottom of• the box so your PERSONAL AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES Personal Automotive Service pizza crust stays hard and doesn’t go limp.

4031 NE 6th Avenue

the Personal Oakland Service &Park QualityFLRepairs 33334You Deserve - Since

“WOW”FAITH • Dennis J from Sfgn “Best Pizza I’ve Ever Had” • Bob r from fX “To Die For!” • evan corey


4031 NE 6 Oakland Par


This space Providing the Personal Service & Quality Repairs You can Deserve -be Since yours 1997 for only $100/week 1913 north andrews avenue • wilton manors

Call 954.530.4970

marketplace directory SECURITY












Where Business Comes to Succeed.

This space can be yours for only $75/week

For advertising opportunities, call John Fugate: 954-530-4970

Call 954.530.4970


September 8, 2010 •

Pride Center ‘Stars of the Rainbow 2011’ Call for Nominations


he Pride Center at Equality Park is accepting honoree nominations for “Stars of the Rainbow.” The event will be held on Sunday, April 3, 2011. The gala will once again be hosted by the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty Six. Nomination forms will be available from September 7 thru October 1, 2010 on the gala’s website and honorees in the following categories will be announced on November 11: (1) Volunteer or Activist Star of the Year: Honoring individuals who exemplify the spirit of volunteerism and/or activism, and who have also been a benefit to the Center and/or the LGBT community. (2) Community Star of the Year: Honoring individuals or groups that represent the LGBT community in a positive light, have supported the Center and/or the community, have shown a true sense of commitment and dedication and who are true STARS! (3) Business, Corporate, Media or Government Star of the Year: This category honors a business, corporation, agency, media/publication or government entity that has supported the efforts of the Center and the LGBT community.

• Window Lettering • Real Estate Signs • 3D Lettering • Banners • Custom Neon • Much More...

954.320.9903 • 701 E. Broward Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Full Charge Bookkeeping Services

 omination forms are available at the Pride Center or can be subN mitted online at

Congregation Etz Chaim For LGBT Jews, Family, and Friends Invites you to

~ Come Home for the Holidays ~

High Holy Day Schedule 5771

Erev Rosh Hashanah Wednesday, Sept. 8, 8pm Rosh Hashanah Thursday, Sept. 9, 10am Kol Nidre Friday, Sept. 17, 7:30pm Yom Kippur Saturday, Sept, 18, 10am Healing and Ne’ila services begin at 5pm All services at Temple Bat Yam, 5151 NE 14th Terrace, Ft Lauderdale

Featuring renowned cellist John Kaboff, and the Lambda Chorale Tickets: Free to Members; Immediate Family Members & Out-of-Town Guests $50 (All Services), Non-members $100 all services/$50 ea. Cost of tickets may be applied to membership ~ Please call to find out about our new membership specials ~

Fabulous Break the Fast, Sat., 9/18, 7:30pm Held at Congregation Etz Chaim, tickets $30 ea.

Cong. Etz Chaim, 1881 NE 26th St., Wilton Manors, FL 33305 Contact: 954-564-9232;

Everyone is Welcome!


September 8, 2010 •

09/08/10 V1I33  

LGBT Jews Celebrate High Holy Days

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