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An Open Letter to Our Guide Readers By Norm Kent Wilton Drive has become the heartbeat and soul of a proud gay community. The magazine you hold in your hand illuminates many of those businesses. The Pride Flag flying on our city’s flagpole reaffirms how LGBT-centric our city is. Still, we are just one neighborhood. All throughout South Florida, extending from Key West to Miami Beach to Palm Beach, there are LGBTQ citizens making a good home and successful living for themselves. Most importantly, we are finding ourselves at the core and center of those communities. We are the mayors and the mentors, the makers and shakers populating all walks of life. We are out and proud. No shadows for us, unless it’s to get out of the summer sun and find a cool breeze in the shade. There is no need to make this book greater in words than what it is intended to be. SFGN’s art and sales team has created a marvelous pocket size reference guide to the many businesses who value your business. They are advertising with us because they want to reach out to you. Help us help them. These are gay owned and gay friendly establishments. The proprietors are professionals reaching out to share their pride and their products. It is my hope that you will support them as they do us. We come together as a community in order that we all may prosper. To do that, we should support our friends and neighbors. There is more than room enough for everyone within our emerging and ever-expanding circle. This guide is about more than businesses and merchandising. We also celebrate community foundations and neighbors who care, reach out and provide social services from counseling to HIV testing. These extraordinary commitments are what have distinguished the gay community for decades, and our efforts to do good must never diminish. On these pages you will find a restaurant for every day of the week, a bar for every lifestyle, and an attorney for every legal issue you might face. Keep the Guide in your glove compartment, store it in a desk drawer, or on a table by the phone in your office. Think of it when you want to reach out for a friendly realtor, good meal or reliable dentist. Remember, the good we do for and with each other inevitably comes back to help ourselves. Thanks for being there for us. SFGN has your back,


Guide to the Drive 2016-2017  
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