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SAMA AL IMAD INTERNATIONAL FORWARDING WLL is a joint venture between SAIMA AVANDERO SPA and Al-Imad Marine Service LTD, which have worked together ever since the nineteen-seventies. The expertise and specialization of the two Companies in the areas involved enable SAMA AL IMAD INTERNATIONAL FORWARDING WLL, who have teamed up with people experienced in transport, industrial plants, civil works and oil and gas activities, to offer a unique package at the disposal of customers needing to move to and from the Republic of Iraq. The joint venture knows its way around on a difficult market, where the rules and regulations are constantly changing, having focused on providing its expertise in freight-forwarding services to Iraq.

SAIMA AVANDERO SPA SAIMA AVANDERO SPA was established in 1746 and has grown steadily ever since. Its specialized Projects Division operates currently with experienced and dedicated staff specialised in transporting project equipment worldwide with door-to-door services, by sea, air, road and rail. The company started to work on projects in Iraq in the nineteen-seventies, providing logistics and transport services for industrial plants and large infrastructures and construction sites for projects such as dams, roads and bridges, as well as transport services in the field of oil and gas. After the embargo in the nineteen-nineties, we focused on shipment of food, equipment and medicines, in the framework of the FAO “Oil for Food” programme. At the present time, the dedicated Projects Division team at our Milan Headquarters follows the commercial and operational aspects of all transport activities, offering customers assistance from the time their cargo leaves their premises until final delivery on a door-to-door basis. Ever since it developed its initial activities in Iraq, Saima Avandero SPA appointed Al-Othman Group as their sole agent in that country. Since then Saima’s activity has been maintained and developed constantly.


Imad Al-Othman–Alimad Marine Service Ltd Imad Al-Othman–Alimad Marine Service Ltd is one of Iraq’s leading companies in the field of shipping, forwarding, transport and customs clearance services, working with and representing several large International companies in Iraq. This company can offer first-class services and expert know-how for all its customers. The Al-Othman Group, which has in-depth knowledge, expertise and resources in the field of shipping, freight forwarding and customs clearance in Iraq, offices in all the main areas of the Republic of Iraq, experienced staff and up-to-date communications facilities, and is able to offer customized services, appointed Saima Avandero SPA as its partner for transport activities. With reference to large-scale assignments and projects, Imad Al-Othman–Alimad Marine Service Ltd can take care efficiently of the following: • Shipping services via Iraqi ports and on-carriage to final destinations in Iraq • Overland truck services including both full truckloads and groupage services • Combined sea/road services via Aqaba and Turkish, Syrian, Lebanese, Kuwaiti and Gulf ports • Combined rail/road services via Turkey and Syria • Handling of heavy lifts and special loads • Air-freight consolidation • Refrigerated, freezer and controlled-temperature transport services • Bulk transport • Customs clearance services • Consultancy services • Fully integrated forwarding for trade fairs and associated services • Complete service packages including security personnel, cargo inspection, forwarding, clearance, inland forwarding, off-loading, stacking and any other associated service, tailored to customers’ requirements.


PROJECTS A short list of the most important projects for which we extended our services.


ITALY - 1978/1979 Nuclear power station Tuwaitha



9 Hitachi Zosen Corp.

Japan - 1983/1987 Petrochemical Project in Baiji


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2 Asea Cable

SWEDEN - 1978/1979 Electric power Project

3 Skanska



SWEDEN - 1980/1982 Al Rashid Hotel & Conference Palace

20 23

4 China State Con. Eng. Corp.

P.R. China - 1981/1984 Kifil - Shanafiah Irrigation project

5 Thyssen Rehinstahl

Germany - 1982/1984 Thermostone Plants in Najaf & Kerbala

6 Lonardi / Verona

Italy - 1982/1985 Monument to the unknown soldier



7 15 25

7 Hoctieff / Essen

Germany - 1982/1988 Mosul Dam project

8 Ilbau

Austria - 1983/1987 Al - Qadisya Housing project


10 G.I.E. Spa /

Corsico Italy - 1983/1988 Daura Power Station

11 Klockner Industry Anlagen Germany - 1984/1987 Heavy Castings Foundry

12 Technosystem Spa

Annicco Italy - 1985/1986 Civil works in Samarra and Baghdad

13 Thyssen Rehinstahl Germany - 1985/1989 Foundry Project in Taji


Italy - 1985/1990 Civil works in Khor Al Zubair

17 SADE Spa

Spain - 1986/1988 Electric power Substations project


Italy - 1986/1988 2nd Expansion Iraqi/Turkish Pipeline



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14 Incisa / Parma


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40 44 24 14 41 40 21

Yugoslavia - 1986/1989 The Ministry of Oil Building Complex Project

19 Thomson - Alcatel

France - 1986/1989 Iraqi Telephone & Transmission Network

20 Mendis Junior

Brasil - 1986/1990 Bagdad - AlQaim - Akashat Railway

21 Technoexport

USSR - 1986/1990 Gas Pipeline Project in Basraha

40 8

18 Ingra


Netherlands - 1986/1988 2nd Expansion Iraqi/Turkish Pipeline

22 TesvetmetbromexporT USSR - 1987/1990 Strategic Pipeline Project

23 Mendis Junior

Brasil - 1988/1990 Express way No. 1 / Tliha Section

24 Mendis Junior

Brasil - 1988/1990 Main Drain / Euphrates siphone

25 Energo Project Corp.

Yugoslavia - 1988/1990 Al- Shemal T.P.S. Project

26 Energo Project Corp.

Yugoslavia - 1988/1990 Badoosh Dam Project in Mosul

27 Lonardi / Verona

Italy - 1989/1990 Rafidain Bank, Baghdad


28 Renco / Pesaro

Italy - 1989/1990 Al Adnan Palace, Baghdad

29 Bechtel

37 USAID/Creative Associates/AMEG/

USA - 1989/1990 P.C. 2 Project

30 Various suppliers, forwarders

& shipping companies European, Asian & S. American - 1997/2003 Handling & transport of more than two million tons of cargo shipped to Iraq under the M.O.U. (Memorandum Of Understanding between Iraq & the UN, the oil for food program). Including more than 10000 cars & trucks, project cargo, foodstuffs, industrial chemicals, etc. Through Iraqi, Jordanian, Syrian, Lebanese & Turkish ports, from 1996 to March 2003.

31 Ocrim / Cremona

Italy - 1998/1999 Mill Plants, Baghdad

32 Bertuzzi Spa / Milano

Italy - 1999/2001 Fruit processing plant / Harir

Matrix International USA - 2003/2004 Distribution of over 1500000 school Kits & 60000 teachers kits to secondary school allover Iraq.

38 PL shipping & Logistics Ltd.

India - 2003/2004 Distribution of 800000 empty cooking gas cylinders in 40 containers allover Iraq, under MOU.

39 International Red Cross

HQ at Geneva, SWITZERLAND 2003/2004 Transport & distribution of cargo arriving overland from Jordan & distribution allover Iraq.

40 Corimec Spa / Piacenza

Italy - 2003/2008 Prefabricated houses for US Army.

41 Nuovo Pignone / G.E. Firenze

Italy - 2004/2005 Power plant reconstruction Khor Al Zubayr.

33 Bertuzzi Spa / Milano

Italy - 2001/2008 Fruit processing plant Sulaimania

34 Bertuzzi Spa / Milano

35 Various clients such as Inchcape

Italy - 2001/2008 Fruit processing plant / Koja. Shipping Services UK/ Geologistics USA&Germany/ Deugro Germany & various international forwarders VARIOUS - 2003/2003 Delivery of cargo arriving by air freight to BIAP, including HL to destinations all over Iraq.

36 Various clients such as,

Mitsubishi/ Japan, Norwegian Peoples Aid various international forwarders & Iraqi private sector. VARIOUS - 2003/2003 Transport and delivery of about 4000 vehicles arriving via UmQaser & overland including 2000 used saloon cars for Iraqi private sector arriving from Europe via Beirut.


42 NATA Shipping

Turkey - 2004/2006 Transshipment & distribution of cargo for UNICEF, various other & HL transformers for ABB & Schnieder arriving overland from Turkey to Iraqi Turkish border to allover Iraq.

43 Stalco Shipping/Simatech Shipping/

Great ocean Shipping/ Balaji shipping Austin shipping / AKN world & others UAE - 2004/2006 Handling of containers and cargo arriving to UmQaser by feeder vessels from Dubai & distributions to destinations allover Iraq.

44 Cogim / Piacenza

Italy - 2004/2007 Prefabricated houses for Italy Army.


Loading on board Port of loading Factory

Transloading on our Zhako area

Transloading area

Transit to Iraqi border


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