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The Seder Plate NI/15/64

- The Herclar Club Passover Newsletter - 4/17/03

Issue 7

SEDER FACTS: This is the 33nd Annual Seder. It is being held on Thursday April 17th (2nd Seder), 2003 (the 15th of Nissan, 5764) at the Grand Summit Hotel in Summit, New Jersey. 45 Adults and 13 Children attended. Jill and Barry Cohen and family led the Seder. FROM THE EDITOR Howdy. The past year has been one of unbelievable sorrow and unbelievable joy. The far reaching blanket of despair that was September 11th juxtaposed with the incredible joy and purpose I receive from my immediate family’s growth. In September, I was thankful that my then 18 month son Jack could not comprehend why mommy and daddy were so upset with what they were watching on TV over and over again. He did not know why we held him so close and so tight and why we cried to see the children and wives carrying pictures of “the missing,” knowing they would never be found alive. That time passed and we did get back to our lives. A little more somber, a little wearier, but more committed than ever to living every day to the fullest and enjoying the magnificent gifts we have. Earlier this month, we were thrilled to hear the words, “It’s a girl!” Hannah Claire has come into our world and we couldn’t be happier. She is a wonderful baby with her mother’s eyes. It was not an easy entrance however. The delivery and subsequent recovery were difficult. Susan had some complications that took a few days to sort out. It was a helpless frustrating and painful time in the hospital. We were very happy to finally leave the hospital and go home. I got a glimpse of hospital life and it is not one I wish to revisit soon. Hannah is a beautiful and healthy baby girl and Susan is recovering nicely. I now have the all American one boy, one girl, one dog, one wife house. Susan is still working as a head hunter for her own company and will be getting back on the bike the soon as a “spinning” instructor. I am very busy with Capitol Lighting and still trying to keep up with my energizer bunny of a father. Have a wonderful spring everyone. Peace. -Eric Lebersfeld


Medical Update: A leading medical group has published data that indicate Seder participants should NOT partake of both chopped liver and charoses. It is believed that this combination can lead Charoses of the Liver.

NEWS FROM AROUND THE TABLE Greetings from Sam Weinstock As we gather to celebrate this Passover Holiday (5763), although these are not the best of times, I am optimistic that there is reason to believe that things will be better in the very near future. For me the beauty of the Passover Seder is that we not only recite the Haggadah, the story of the Jewish people's exodus from bondage, but we also live, breath, eat, touch and smell the history along with our own family members. In actuality, the Seder becomes a family reunion-a powerful opportunity for reliving memories. All of us have personal recollections of growing up through the years at the Seder Table and sitting along side of grandparents, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, and family friends. From the youngest to the oldest, we all have special memories of these family Seders. The Herclar Family Seder is a wonderful tradition that I hope will continue for many years. We all should be filled with pride that the Herclar family has continued to grow stronger and gain in numbers. Let's keep it up. Wishing all of you continued good health in the coming year. Sam David Muriello I wanted to share some news for this year's Seder Plate. I am getting married in June, to my girlfriend of over 8 years, Lauren Goldwert. Lauren and I live in Charlottesville, VA, where we spend pretty much all our time working in a band together - Shape of Shade. She is the lead singer and I play guitar and sing. We just recorded a new album and are about to embark on our first mini-tour up to the northeast (shows in NJ and NYC). You can find songs and photos of the band at We wish all of the family a very happy passover. The Skoloff Family I will miss you all this year, but I am in South Carolina with my two grandsons and Rebecca as Eric is away on business. Hopefully next year we will be there and maybe even be lucky enough to bring Samuel. It is hard when they live so far away. I will give a quick summary of our year which has been happily busy with vacation and visiting our children in three different states. First our wonderful news was that Marshall Lewis was born on October 7th of 2002 and Samuel is now a big brother. They are both precious little boys. Our next wonderful news is that Kim is expecting in June and that will make number three for us. Our children are all happy and healthy. Kim and Ernie are living in Cumberland Rhode Island, Eric and Rebecca are in Greenville South Carolina but soon to move to Cincinnati as Eric is being promoted within Johnson and Johnson. He will be in Cincinnati for one year for training and then we have to wait and see. With a little luck he may end of in the Washington area. Brian was also promoted within the Associated Press and is living in California. He is managing the Fresno Office and covers South of SanFranciso and North of LA and the Sierra Nevadas. He is loving his job. We are just back from visiting him and we took a trip to Yosemite which is very close to him. It is beautiful. Joe and I were in Steamboat this this winter, we did dogsledding among other things and it was incredible. You actually drive your own dogs. We spent time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this summer and Yellowstone and will spend this coming summer vacation in Montana. We are enjoying seeing how beautiful our own country is. We were also fortunate to go to Aruba this past October as we have a timeshare at the Marriott there. Wishing you all peace and a happy passover holiday. Adele and Herman Lebersfeld This year Adele and I spent most of the winter in Florida…what a life. I only worked 5 days a week and played the rest. Adele learned to play bridge and started working for the Jewish community in Boca Raton. In October, Capitol Lighting was selected as New Jersey Family Business of the year by a panel of executives from the state’s largest corporations. We were very proud to have been selected from among hundreds of New Jersey businesses. In October Adele attended the “Lion of Judah” convention in Washington DC. In November Adele led a mission to Israel with a small contingent from New Jersey and 100 other people from around the country. We joined with other groups to total 500 people. It was the largest group to visit Israel in 2 years. Our stay was short only 7 days, but we met with the citizens of -2-

Israel and we gave each other strength and support. We heard their stories of how difficult it is to live in Israel in these times and we experienced the constant tension they live with every single day. These past two months have been the greatest time of our lives. Our little Hannah turned one, Jack celebrated his 3rd birthday, and we had our first grandchildren’s bat and bar mitzvah. In March we celebrated Jenna’s bat mitzvah in Boca Raton and just a few days ago it was Dan’s turn. They both did beautifully and made us all very proud. In this ever turning turbulent world we worry for what future generations have in store. We try to do our best to repair the world, to help one another and enjoy everyday. To be together at this family seder for another year is truly a great happening in our lives. From strength to strength - let us be together again next year. Renee and Stuart Baritz This has been a very eventful year at the Baritzs. Stuart has been traveling all over the globe, primarily Japan and Mexico, a little Europe and other parts of Asia thrown in. Renee went with him to Japan this past summer and had a great time. Renee is interning at UJA-Federation of NY this year as her field placement for her MSW in social work which she will get next year. She has been working for the Jewish Women's Foundation's Education and Advocacy Committee as the staff person overseeing a lay committee and also works for the Government Relations Department doing research and working on a conference for people with disabilities that experience family violence. Jared works in Long Island for a private equity real estate firm. It has been a good fit for him. Casey is graduating from the School of Hotel Administration fat Cornell University. It is so hard to believe that four years have passed. We are very proud of her. Lastly, we just got a new puppy, another golden of course. Her name is Maxx. Happy Passover to everyone.

Ellen and Sam Weinstock These are a few of our favorite memories for the last year. Visiting Washington DC with the grandchildren for the first time. Melissa, persevering in her job search and getting a position with Freddie Mac. The joy on Sam's face when he visited Sara at sleep a-way camp. Spending a family vacation at the Jersey shore. Running two successful fundraisers for charities.. Traveling to Florida more frequently, than ever. The joy of having Steven chosen as the "poster boy" for the Somerset Hills Handicapped Riding Center fundraising pamphlet. Justine loses her top teeth. Brett loses his top teeth also. Check out those toothless funny smiles. The way Lucas loves the color "Yellow" Qvelling when my grandchildren walked down the isle at their cousin's wedding. (Cohen Cousin!!) Melissa graduating with the unemployeed erkeleBusiness Visiting the Getty Museum in LA. fom What an architectural gem!! Surviving playingHangin’ the Stadium Course School. at PGA west in Palm Desert. We definitely have much more respect for those professional golf players. This year has gone by so quickly so here we are again wishing all the members of the Herclar family a Happy Passover and praying that there will be an enduring peace in Israel and all over the world. Ellen and Sam A Memorial to Marcel Diamond April 13, 1921 ----April 6, 2003 Marcel was born in Krakow, Poland to Herman and Leah Diamond on April 13th, 1921. . Marcel's father was Clara Geller's brother. and therefore Marcel was a first cousin to all of the founding members Sunday afternoon with W. of the Herclar Family Circle. Marcel had one brother, Poldek and one sister, Gizelle. Tragically, all the members of Marcel's family were killed in the Holocaust. Marcel, the only survivor, served in three different armies: The polish army, the Russian army and the Israeli army. After World War II, in 1946, Marcel traveled by ship from Poland to Israel. In 1948 he joined the Israel army to fight for Israel's independence. Rina and Marcel were married in 1950 in Tel Aviv and three years later their daughter Leah was born there. But after living in Israel for 16 years, Marcel with the help of his Aunt Clara (Geller) immigrated to America. Marcel always had a burning desire to live in America. Uncle Leo and Sam picked them up when they arrived at Kennedy Airport and for a short time they lived with Grandma Geller. Marcel opened a men's shop on Central Avenue in East Orange. Unfortunately, as the neighborhood changed, he became the victim of a mugging in his store. After that incident, he no longer felt safe in East Orange. So once again, after living 16 years in New Jersey, Marcel moved his family-this time to Florida. Rina says that the 27 years that they lived together in Florida were the best years for Marcel. They were blessed with a marriage that lasted 53 years. He died on April 6, 2003. We will remember Marcel as a hero with a soft-spoken and youthful demeanor who did fulfill so many of his dreams. May he rest in peace.


Max and Debbi Lebersfeld It's been an exciting year for us. Jason and Illana celebrated their first anniversary. After working in Eliot Spitzer's NYC office for the summer, Daniel began his second year at GW Law. And Brian began his last year at Penn. We all went to Las Vegas for a long, hot weekend in August and over winter vacation for a sunny but not hot week in California. In February, Max and I spent 3 1/2 incredible weeks in Southeast Asia traveling to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. We missed the blizzard, but came home just in time to miss the SARS outbreak! And we all met in Florida for Jenna's Bat Mitzvah which was a fabulous weekend. Lot's of traveling, but we are glad to have put our suitcases away for a while. HARRIET, LEW, DEBBIE & RAYME SCHLOSS

It's been a very exciting year for us although at times more like a roller coaster ride. The first good news took place on June 14, 2002when Rayme and Michael Rempfer got engaged. Mike wanted to have the parents and Rayme's best friends present when he proposed so we were fortunate to be there for this momentous occasion. The wedding plans are well underway for August 9, 2003. In July Debbie and Rayme threw a surprise 30th anniversary party for Lew and me at one of our friend's homes with immediate family and close friends - we were shocked! Then the down swing the following week when dad (Uncle Leo) fell and broke his wrist very badly. He had surgery but it never healed. It's been a very difficult eight months for him and my mom (Aunt Miriam). Dad's balance was very poor. He fell several times more and on March 3rd broke a bone in his shoulder. He was finally evaluated and is on the mend at Care One in Livingston. Happy to say that dad is progressing well and on the road to recovery. Hopefully, by the time you read this, he will be home getting outpatient therapy at Kesslers. Now for the upswing again, Debbie got engaged to Mark Bednarcik on November 16, 2002 and a June 5, 2004 wedding is planned. Mark your calendars! Our niece Kim and her husband Ernie are expecting their first child in June and we are very excited about that. Janice's son Eric and his wife Becky had their second child born this past October. So we have lots to be thankful for and many good things to look forward to. Sending special blessings to you all and a prayer for peace. Love, Harriet Michael and Joan Silver The Silver family has been busy celebrating life---Michael threw Joanie a little 40th birthday surprise party. Joanie and Michael made a little Bar Mitzvah party for Daniel..... with 90 of his most intimate friends. Daniel worked hard and carried the day. He was blessed by the Rabbi in Great Grandpa Arthur's tallis. Now baseball season is finally here and Daniel is loving every minute of it. Second base is his second home. Jacob is finally healing from his football and basketball bruises. He is enjoying Middle School and all the challenges that go with it. He is the starting pitcher for his baseball team. He seems to be enjoying it...except when he occasionally hits a batter. Jane is working hard in school and doing very well. She especially loves spellling. I should liet her proof read this. She will be spending a lot of time at the baseball field this spring, where she will be performing taste tests at the snack bar and learning the names of everyone at the park. Michael is crazy busy. He looks forward to taking some time off and going fishing...but we don't know when. Gloria Schwartz Hi everyone, so glad we could all be together again for one more family Seder, and see how everybody's family has grown. I'm still working at the J.C.C. in West Orange, and will be starting my 15th year there in Sept. Hard to believe, even for me. I still love it, but am getting a little tired, (actually, sick, and I mean sick and tired). I think I pick up everything the little ones get. Part of the game, I guess. Andy and Dina are doing fine, although Dina's grandmother just passed away this week. Ethan and Jasper are growing up fast, even though I don't get to see them much. Donna and Jeff will be at the Seder with Sydney and Kyle, so you can all see for yourselves how they are doing, and how much the kids have grown. Matthew enjoys working in the city (New York) but is not in love with the commuting. He will be moving there in about a week or so and I imagine things will be much easier for him living right there. I will miss him, as will all the animals, but he won't be that far away, so we can visit often. Dave is still in Boulder, Co. and loving his job there, and the life he leads there. We all miss him alot, but as long as he's happy, we're happy. We want to wish all of you a very happy Passover and a good, healthy year ahead, and PEACE FOR EVERYONE. -4-

Ken and Jamie Lebersfeld We have had a very busy year so far in the Florida Lebersfeld house. Jenna and Alexa have very challenging academic schedules with regular school and Hebrew school. They both worked very hard and achieved straight A’s. Jenna has continued playing trumpet with the school Big Band and the smaller, more select Jazz Band. She played on the school basketball team this fall which had an undefeated season. As a seventh grader her weekends are completely booked with Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. She has 1 or 2 almost every week. Her schedule was further tightened with studying for her own Bat Mitzvah which was this past March. It was the highlight of our year. She learned the service and completed all of her TAG 13 duties. This was a list of study tasks, services to attend and good deeds to perform issued by our temple to all B’nai Mitzvot students. She delighted us with a beautiful recital of her torah and haftorah portions as she became a Bat Mitzvah. We are very thankful to all of those who were able to come celebrate down in Florida with us. To those unable to attend we know you were there in spirit. In the precious little free time she has she enjoys chatting on line with AOL instant messenger. She can be chatting with friends from camp in Baltimore, school friends from across the street or her Grandpa in New Jersey. One time I found her on-line with Alexa who was in the next room. There is a whole other language out there with no punctuation or capitalization but plenty of abbreviations and acronyms. Send her an email if you want to be on her buddy list. Alexa is also busy at school. She sings in the school chorus and plays French horn in the school Band. She also attends 4 dance classes every week (Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Musical Theater). Oh yeah, she also has piano lessons. If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she will answer, “A Star.” Jamie had a talk with her in the beginning of the school year to ask her what activities she should cut out. Alexa begged her not to cut out any of them.In her “free” time you will find her singing at the top of her lungs in her room with her CD player on (sound familiar Joanie?). She knows all the latest groups which is really something since they change every 20 minutes. If she rides in the car I will not leave the driveway before she asks me to put on the radio. She chats on-line also with Jenna’s friends because her friends haven’t gotten into Instant Messaging yet. Jamie and I are busy at the store and with car pools for the kids (mostly Jamie with the car pools). We enjoyed spending time with our wonderful family and friends at Jenna’s and Danny’s B’nai Mitzvot. Thanks for the amazing weather while we were in New Jersey. With all that is going on in the world we feel extremely fortunate to be able to share joy and celebrate happy occasions. We wish all of you a healthy and safe Pesach. Jill and Barry Cohen-Weinstock Family Our millennium baby, Chloe Lara, is now 18 months old and unstoppable. She must be watched like a hawk to stay out of trouble, as she is exploring new things everyday (and she has a lot to say about it, “big sister” and “big too.) Sara and Brett have been wonderful as brother” to Chloe. The noise level and chaos level of our home has continued to rise. Sara is 9 years old and in the 3rd grade at Deerfield Elementary School, where she is an excellent student. She has numerous interests and talents. She enjoys reading, art, jazz, tennis, biking, swimming, and skiing. On our recent trip to Beaver Creek, she skied black diamond trails (thus far, Jill and Barry were able to keep up with her). Brett is 6 years old and is having a great year at Deerfield School in kindergarten. He remains an avid NJ Devils fan, and has expanded his horizons to the NJ Nets as well (no not the Knicks!). He still reads the NY Times sports section with his breakfast. He plays roller hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis and skis. In skiing, he has mastered some blue trails. Barry continues his travails in the “art of cardiology” as sculptor of arteries. He has recently co-authored a book “Coronary Heart Disease: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment” published by Addicus Books (now David Letterman can have his questions answered). He was a frequent flier to Colorado focusing on the ‘bumps and the bowls’. As for me, Jill, I have entered a new club –40 somethin’. My 3 little bears remain a daily challenge. My pet peeve for this year is being the referee and hearing the children say, “That’s not fair!” I am taking an interesting course at our synagogue on the torah, which has been enlightening. I have become active in Fund-Raising for the Food Allergy Initiative. Hopefully we will help find a cure for food allergies in children. I am a regular at class trips and school lunches. Although, I remain interested in interior design, a start-up business is a major challenge when in a zone defense. We wish you and your families a Happy Passover continued good health and happiness throughout the year. XOXOXOXO Jill & her Clan!!!! Cheryl and David Garfinkel


Seder Plate 2003  

Seder Plate 2003

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