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Deep Purple - Golden Selection - (Guitar Songbook + CD)

DOWNLOAD LINK (please download this PDF first to open the link) Deep Purple - Golden Selection - (Guitar Songbook + CD)

PREVIEW: PRODUCT DETAILS: Total Pages: 62 File Format: PDF (MAC/WINDOWS/LINUX) Printable: without any restriction CONTENTS Black Night Strange Kind of Woman Lazy Highway Star Space Truckin' Smoke on the Water Burn Knocking At Your Back Door Hush File list: |-- Deep Purple - Golden Selection - (Guitar Songbook + MP3).pdf |-- 01-Tuning.mp3 |-- 02-Black Night 1.mp3 |-- 03-Black Night 2.mp3 |-- 04-Black Night 3.mp3 |-- 05-Black Night 4.mp3

|-- 06-Strange Kind of Woman 1.mp3 |-- 07-Strange Kind of Woman 2.mp3 |-- 08-Strange Kind of Woman 3.mp3 |-- 09-Strange Kind of Woman 4.mp3 |-- 10-Strange Kind of Woman 5.mp3 |-- 11-Strange Kind of Woman 6.mp3 |-- 12-Lazy 1.mp3 |-- 13-Lazy 2.mp3 |-- 14-Highway Star 1.mp3 |-- 15-Highway Star 2.mp3 |-- 16-Highway Star 3.mp3 |-- 17-Highway Star 4.mp3 |-- 18-Space Truckin' 1.mp3 |-- 19-Space Truckin' 2.mp3 |-- 20-Space Truckin' 3.mp3 |-- 21-Space Truckin' 4.mp3 |-- 22-Smoke on the Water 1.mp3 |-- 23-Smoke on the Water 2.mp3 |-- 24-Smoke on the Water 3.mp3 |-- 25-Smoke on the Water 4.mp3 |-- 26-Smoke on the Water 5.mp3 |-- 27-Smoke on the Water 6.mp3 |-- 28-Woman From Tokyo 1.mp3 |-- 29-Woman From Tokyo 2.mp3 |-- 30-Burn 1.mp3 |-- 31-Burn 2.mp3 |-- 32-Burn 3.mp3 |-- 33-Burn 4.mp3

|-- 34-Knocking at Your Back Door 1.mp3 |-- 35-Knocking at Your Back Door 2.mp3 |-- 36-Knocking at Your Back Door 3.mp3 |-- 37-Knocking at Your Back Door 4.mp3 |-- 38-Hush 1.mp3 |-- 39-Hush 2.mp3 |-- 40-Hush 3.mp3 |-- 41-Hush 4.mp3

Deep purple golden selection (guitar songbook cd)  
Deep purple golden selection (guitar songbook cd)