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Riding on Building

Ride in Bubble

Mixed-use building


This diagram is about brainstorming. We got a idea from half pipe that boader’s track. As they jump on the track, naturally the ceiling shape needed to be roundly.. As a result, Riding Bubble is come out.

Ride in Bubble and be a new mainheart of Hong dae street

Mixed-used Programme >>> SKATE PARK + CULTURE SPACE Size >>> 40,000 m2 Location>>> HONGDAE AREA, SEOUL, KOREA brief Oportunities of the complex building programme New riding park on the Hong-dae street can accomodates subcultural cituation. Subculture is mania culture such as street art, music, boarding. We accomodate these situation. We suggest main program is riding and supporting other subculture - music, art. and enhance the pedestrian street by providing cultural spaces and parking spaces.

Riding Park mapping Urban context

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As you see the seoul, you can find that there is no indoor riding park. and there are only some park places. and Hong-dae street is intersection of the riders. and many of shops about riding are existing there.

Sutainable design Project/building Name. City, Country. Architect or office Name. Year building


climatic design How organizaed mixed used Coil control the temperature by conducting by ground and water. building can get energy annually, rainwater gathered on water tank, and it will be not only control the temperature of air, but also supply the water. and by louver, Amount of air can be also be controlled.

N A T U R A L By open and closed the enterance, on summer, cool airs can easily circle and on winter, by greenhouse effect by ETFE, the building get warm energy. A R T I F I C I A L By conduction of coil that put under the ground, air gets energy from water from rain and grounds.

Improvements in the future Seoul city It is eco-friendly, city can solve the problem about full of carbon dioxide emissions, also helping people get a more health. Korea get a high speedy economic development since 1960s. and before 21c they didn’t have afford to develop culture space for citizen. now a days, some culture space are flourished but there is no riding space in seoul. Seoul be more cultural space and makes good infulences to citizen.

Organization Chart How organizaed mixed used

To logically arrange our riding bubble in the city. We arrange Shops, Park, and Squares, before making specific rooms. Main organization thinking is reinforce the pedestrian streets, and Parks surrounded by shops.

Free Development How organizaed mixed used To logically arrange our riding bubble in the city. we use voronoi diagram. Voronoi is the way make boundary between spots. We can arrange our program more logically by using voronoi diagram.

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climatic design How organizaed mixed used By ETFE Film, open hole and ground, makes climate can be control. on summer, hole makes circle of airs and ground gives cooling to the building. On winter Temperature be up by ETFE that makes greenhouse and ground also give warm to the building.


Elevation/Section HIGLIGHTED ASPECTS In this section, we can see the each of bubbles are related each other and also bubbles also share the foundation. and bubbles underground is also bubbles.


How organizaed mixed used

In this axonometric, you can see the contrast between city and our new park. This differance reinforce the speiciality of our parks

Detail Section

HIGLIGHTED ASPECTS In detail section, we can see the pipe space are well adjusted to the bowl. Inside of pipe is enough size to enjoy the riding and people can pass the way through the stairs.



This is detail about our basic module structure of bubbles. Footing is concrete bowl, and iron frames are on duble layers, and ETFE film be corvered, sometimes, ETFE be alternated to solar panel .

Activity Plan How organizaed mixed used

In this detail plan, we can know about specific differance between the other programs. bubbles, looks simmilar with bubbles. but as you can see each bubbles has different plans according to the program.

Joy and Rocks Pannel  
Joy and Rocks Pannel  

Pannel of Joy and ROck