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Engaging Curious Learners San Francisco Day School 2017-18 Viewbook

At San Francisco Day School... ...we believe that when intellect and imagination are intertwined, students emerge as flexible and resourceful learners. Every day we help our students delight in the discovery of connection: in their academic and creative pursuits, in their relationships, and in all that they experience here. Because when we do, our students light up with the call and capacity to take on the complexities of their day and of a diverse world.

What do we believe?

Welcome From Our Head of School San Francisco Day School is a wonderful place for children to spend their childhood. The children, families, and teachers that make up this community are united in support of our students’ learning and personal growth. Informed by neuroscience and anchored in the extensive experience and commitment of the faculty, the instructional experience at SF Day is designed to nurture the inquisitiveness of all our students and guide them in the discovery of their interests and talents. Our curriculum is an intentionally sequenced progression of instructional themes framed by essential questions. The themes provide a curricular framework for the academic content and skills, and the questions encourage inquiry and interdisciplinary learning. We believe that this approach is aligned with how students best learn and prepares them for a world that is increasingly dynamic, complex, and diverse. Our academic program equips students with the foundational skills that will enable them to pursue a lifetime of learning. The extensive curricular offerings in the arts, athletics, outdoor education, social-emotional learning, service learning, and social justice allows them to explore and develop the fullest range of their human potential. It is our community’s strength and values that bind us together in a safe and supportive environment in which SF Day students thrive. We know, understand, and are committed to the learning and self-realization of every child. Our partnership with families is the essential ingredient that enables this marvelous process to unfold. We appreciate your interest in SF Day and look forward to getting to know your child and family. Sincerely, Dr. Mike Walker Head of School

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7th Grade Science & Art

How did we get here? OUR SCHOOL MISSION is “to educate, nurture, and inspire girls and boys of diverse backgrounds to achieve their highest academic and creative potential, to embrace ethical values, and to become active contributors to their communities.� Thirty-five years later, we continue to honor the vision of our founders by taking the time and care to know, value, and cherish each child as an individual learner with unique gifts and talents. Every student is challenged in learning that engages both heart and mind. At San Francisco Day School, every adult models what it means to participate in a community of passionate learners who support each other throughout our interconnected educational journeys.

The Marshmallow Challenge

Should boys & girls learn together? CO-ED MATTERS BECAUSE the world in which our children will

collaborate, explore, debate, problem-solve, and learn is not made of a single gender. At San Francisco Day School, we celebrate gender diversity by offering an educational program in which all learners are served for who they are. Students are presented with leadership opportunities which require they work collaboratively to learn with each other.

Innovate & Create | National Geo-Bee | Student Congress

ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. We recognize that students grow, mature, and develop at different rates. At SF Day, we help each child to discover their unique strengths and challenges. Because when they discover who they are and how they best learn, they spend their years here seizing every opportunity they can.

How do children learn best?


Universal Design for Learning* | Electric Carnival | Celebr8 At SF Day, we are all committed to using Universal Design for Learning (‘UDL’) as a lens to design lessons that enable our students to express their learning in ways that best reflect their interests, dispositions, capacities, and areas of growth. Personalizing the learning experience for each student is a goal we each share as we advance our work with UDL together.

Design Thinking in the Innovate & Create Space

Right-brain or left-brain? BOTH. We know that life isn’t lived in silos -- everything is connected to everything

else. Thus, it is by design that our educational curriculum is intentionally designed so that the creative enhances the academic and the academic enhances the creative. When students exercise their intellectual and imaginative muscles together, they grow as flexible thinkers equipped to adapt with change and solve problems of tomorrow.

Greek Night | Build a Better Birdhouse | Making Mathamusic

How do we honor diversity?


At SF Day, we recognize that there is no true ‘finish line’ when it comes to diversity and inclusion. We aspire to create a learning environment that is representative of a global community. Preparing students for our ever-changing world requires learning from and among a diverse and inclusive community gifted with a range of perspectives and backgrounds.

Student Affinity Groups | Windows & Mirrors | Discounted Tuition


We believe that children are more likely to bring their ‘whole selves’ to school when they feel truly known and understood by the adults in their lives. At SF Day, we seek to understand not just a child’s learning profile, but all of the elements that may impact their growth and self-discovery. We are passionate about children and helping our students develop into caring, creative, thoughtful young leaders.

Identity Projects | Student-Led Lunch Clubs and Assemblies

What does it mean to “really know” a child?


comes naturally to teachers at SF Day. Our curriculum is born of the belief that education works best when students’ hearts and minds are invested in the work. We value a best practices approach to education that employs a creative curriculum to draw students in and spark their interest and curiosity. At San Francisco Day School, we believe that academic and creative achievement should be integrally connected.

Why San Francisco Day School?

What are my values?


we teach students about values that are important to our community: To love themselves, respect others, and take care of their world. With this firmly embedded in their hearts and minds, our students go forth to thrive as thinkers and learners. In close partnership with families, our teachers create a safe learning environment for all of our students.

Be Who You Are | Hands-on-Hands | Responsive Classroom

How do I fit in?


we continue teaching students about the value and interdependence of community members at SF Day. Each year, students build connections to our school community. At the same time, our teachers encourage students to learn about, develop, and embrace their own unique gifts and talents, so that they may contribute to the greater community.

First Grade Interviews | CityScape | Empathy Theater

IN UPPER SCHOOL, students learn how to become thoughtful self-advocates

who may approach every situation with a critical eye and an open mind. Challenging curriculum coupled with exceptional teachers enables our students to push beyond their own limits and take risks for the sake of growth and learning. Knowing that they are in a safe space and supported by their peers gives our students the confidence to take chances, learn from mistakes, and ‘fail forward.’

What if I take a risk?

Mockingbird Monologues | Celebr8 | Backpacking in the Sierras

We invite you to learn more about SF Day! BEING IN THE HEART OF SAN FRANCISCO

is a privilege that gives us access to an urban learning lab of sorts. Every grade level dedicates time and resources in programs like service learning and outdoor education to connect with the world beyond the walls of SF Day.


it is especially satisfying to see the school through my son’s eyes. Like any good institution, it has adapted... but at its core, I am happy to see it remains a warm, nurturing place where learning is fun.”


quintessential part of the San Francisco Day School experience. Starting in third grade, students are introduced to overnight trips ranging from a twonight cabin stay at St. Dorothy’s Rest to a weeklong camping trip in the Sierras. Each experience provies a new space for learning, bonding, and risk-taking.

- Dillon Rogers ’92


the power of surrounding yourself with good people. There’s something wonderful about making lifelong friends and staying in touch with them that keeps you connected to your roots.” - Adam Rosenblatt ’92


is an initiative of SF Day and a testament to our school’s founding values. Breakthrough supports students on the path to college and trains outstanding college students for education careers. Our community supports the program in a number of ways and is committed to its success. Learn more:


are each powerful forms of expression on their own, and particularly impactful as one cross-curricular program: AMP at SF Day. AMP enables students to “experience the benefits inherent in thoughtful collaboration and to discover how music and visual imagery heighten the experience of hearing a poem.”

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