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potential* Endowing Excellence for SFDS

potential: Endowing Excellence for SFDS

All children have it, the future demands it, and it is our responsibility (teachers, parents and students alike) to nurture it. San Francisco Day School Strategic Plan 2011, Power of Potential

At San Francisco Day School, our goal is to provide a dynamic learning environment that empowers each individual with tools that are vital to realizing potential. We are building on the work of the past three decades. Our students are outstanding: engaged, curious children with a desire to explore, experiment, and learn new things. Our teachers are passionate, highly capable, and devoted educators who thrive on teaching, and in particular, teaching elementary and middle school students.

Our community has built deep and meaningful connections that go beyond your typical home-school partnership. Now, it is time to continue our pursuit of excellence and push the boundaries of our own potential. We have the opportunity to strategically invest in the people and programs that make our school so special. With Endowing Excellence, we aim to raise $15 million by 2015. We invite you to join us in reaching this goal.

our goal The goal of Endowing Excellence is to provide a dynamic learning environment that empowers each individual with tools that are vital to realizing potential. To reach this goal, we will raise $15 million in new funds for the endowment by 2015. These funds are critical to support the programs that set an SFDS education apart from all others.

our leadership SFDS parents, trustees, and administration have come together to form a campaign committee. Over the course of the campaign, we will seek support from every member of the SFDS community - parents, alumni, past parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, and friends.

our plan We ask each SFDS family to contribute to Endowing Excellence. We will all benefit from its success, and we will all take pride in its accomplishment

With your help, we will strengthen four essential priorities that define and differentiate the SFDS experience: 1 Developing critical thinkers and creative problem solvers 2 Inspiring San Francisco Day School teachers 3 Preserving socio-economic diversity 4 Achieving financial sustainability



Priority: Develop critical thinkers and creative problem solvers

Priority: Inspire San Francisco Day School Teachers

Your gift enables SFDS to nurture core skillsets--habits of mind, cultural competence, health and wellness, and an artistic mindset--integral to success in today’s global world. This extraordinary effort can only succeed within an academically rigorous, intellectually curious, consistently active learning environment.

Your gift helps SFDS attract and retain the finest teachers committed to keeping our school at the forefront of academic excellence. Providing an education that is both visionary and practical is no easy feat. From thoughtfully directing second graders in Empathy Theater to guiding the careful dissection of a lamb heart in seventh grade, our teachers honor their commitment to nurture the growth of each child, every minute of every day. The result is a diligent approach to providing differentiated instruction with a multi-level curriculum.

Your Gift in Action: Brainpower Do we have the power to change the way we think and learn? Do we have the ability to change our abilities? Ask a fifth grader. During the “brainology” unit, teachers collaborate with learning resource specialists to teach students how to create positive change in direct response to challenge and effort. Thanks to this unit, phrases like “brain plasticity” and “growth mindset” have become a part of the SFDS vernacular.

Your Gift in Action: And The Teacher Becomes The Student During the summer, SFDS teachers attend intensive workshops, evaluate and redesign curriculum, and gain new knowledge to bring back into the classroom. SFDS’s Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL), enables our teachers to take advantage of meaningful professional development opportunities during summer and throughout the school year. Teachers learn how to pose challenging real-world problems to students and encourage them to value the process of learning as much as the final answer.

“A growth mindset is when you make mistakes and you accept them and feel like you can learn from them. As you are working hard, your dendrites are growing and making a faster connection. This also makes you believe your abilities can change, and they can!” SFDS Fifth Grade Student

“ This summer we worked with Nancy Lobell (Stanford Teacher Education Program, Mathematics) and developed classroom norms, which we established at the beginning of the school year.” Loren Moyé, SFDS Upper School Math Teacher

“All diversity, whether socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, or otherwise contributes to perspective, dialogue, and learning. I would like my child to be exposed to as many viewpoints as possible.”

SFDS Parent

3 Priority: Preserve SocioEconomic Diversity

Priority: Achieve Financial Sustainability

Your gift helps SFDS uphold our commitment to learning within a diverse and inclusive community. We recognize the fundamental value of diversity as central to learning and working in the world of today and tomorrow. We respect and value diversity in all its forms; and representing a broad economic spectrum at SFDS is critical. Learning within a socio-economically diverse community is a gift that enables our children to work with and learn from peers with backgrounds, cultures, and points of view different from their own.

Your gift helps SFDS deliver an exemplary education fueled not just by outstanding talent, but also by reliable and diverse sources of revenue. With sound governance and strategic, responsible planning, a robust endowment affords us the opportunity to continue evolving academic excellence with less dependence on tuition and current-use gifts.

Your Gift in Action: We Are Family

“ I am floating with excitement from my visit to SFDS. I learned so much from the students: the use of the brush and bristles; colors and different types of pigment pens; and about how my work is received... You have such an exciting program. Truly the gifts are boundless for us all.”

Lucy Arai, former SFDS Artist of the Month


Prompted by the financial crisis in 2008, we reaffirmed our commitment to the Discounted Tuition program. The school community immediately stepped up, redoubling its efforts to provide crucial tuition support to keep our community whole, and to preserve the socioeconomic diversity in our community. Today, SFDS is a leader among our peer schools in terms of amount allocated to financial assistance each year.

Your Gift in Action: The SFDS Difference A strong financial footing enables SFDS to serve the needs of students with a distinctive academic program unique to the school. Artist of the Month. Student Congress. Electric Carnival. These are just a few of the impressive hallmarks of an SFDS education, and depend on the financial health of the School. Thanks to our endowment, SFDS has been able to inspire children and enrich our curriculum with special field trips, guest speakers, and workshops. We have been able to expand our integrated technology and enhance the learning experience for our students. By growing our endowment we provide SFDS with stability to preserve and enhance these programs now and into the future.

our potential Endowing Excellence is our opportunity to secure the San Francisco Day School of today AND tomorrow. The essentials to make this vision a reality: the enthusiasm and effort that defines human potential; a spirited partnership with the parents of our students; and the exceptional talent, learning resources, and financial strength needed to power our shared vision. Your generous participation in Endowing Excellence will help us bring this vision to life and realize our own potential. We thank you for your support.

“ The

San Francisco Day School commitment is that there is no limit to the potential and growth of our students.� San Francisco Day School Strategic Plan 2011, Power of Potential

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Endowing Excellence  
Endowing Excellence