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A publication for the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools community & alumni. Volume XXXVI • Issue 3 • May 2018


Being the Hands and Feet of Christ Here on Earth

Our mission... to form a community of faith and learning by promoting a Catholic way of life through Gospel values and academic excellence. Sioux Falls Catholic Schools 3100 W 41st St Sioux Falls, SD 57105 President: Kyle Groos Alumni Director/Editor: Carol Barnett Nesbitt, ‘80 605.575.3360 Director of Development: Susanne Halverson Gale ‘94 605.575.3342 Executive Director SFCS Foundation: Michelle Meinen Katen, ‘87 605.575.3362 Admissions / Recruitment: Jenni Struck 605.575.3358


O’Gorman - Cathedral

Alumni Hall of Fame Academics - Arts - Service - Athletics

We are pleased to present this year’s inductees for our 2018 Hall of Fame. These alumni will be honored during the Homecoming festivities on September 21st. Tickets can be purchased for the induction luncheon after August 1st through the SFCS Development Office or by calling 605-575-3360.

AWARDS LUNCHEON Friday, September 21st St. Mary Parish Hall • 12:30pm

OUR 2018 INDUCTEES Excellence in Service: Hal Wick ’62 Greg LaFollette ‘65 Excellence in the Arts: Jaymee Schmuck Haefner ’95 Excellence in Academics: Dr. Michael P. Ford ‘74

To receive your Re-U-Knight-er via email, send a request to: cnesbitt@sfcss.org 2

Excellence in Athletics: Jay Bentz ‘78 Tom Slattery ‘83 Jim Anderson ‘99 Meghan Woster ‘02

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” - 1 Peter 4:10

Being the hands and feet

of Christ

here on earth


In our Sioux Falls Catholic Schools, Christian service is encouraged for all of our students and, in fact, required from our junior high and high school students. The hope is that they will continue to look for ways and opportunities to serve others after they graduate. We have many alumni who are out in the world doing great things, being the hands and feet of Christ here on earth. Many have given up the comforts of home to travel to other parts of the country or around the world in service of others. Here are a few of their stories. Abby Lown ’11 grew up in a home where service was always important, both in the community and at school. She’s always been influenced by her mom, Sandy, who runs a local non-profit, the Teddy Bear Den. For as long as she can remember, Abby has dreamt of doing service abroad. As a college student at the University of St. Thomas, she listened while a professor shared stories of his own experiences in serving others through the Peace Corp. By her senior year, she knew it was something she had to experience herself. Shortly after graduation, she flew to Mozambique as a new member of the Peace Corp and spent three months learning the culture and a brand new language. “I teach English, biology and computer science—all in Portuguese —to 13-16 year olds.” While Abby did not go to college to teach, as a volunteer with the Peace Corp, she spends her days teaching and building relationships with the young people of her Mozambique community. “That’s where positive change happens,” says Abby. Her favorite work is meeting weekly with a youth group to discuss things like health, malaria and cholera, as well as how to communicate with others and how to be a good leader—invaluable skills for young people in that area. She also hosts a library program for younger kids ages 1-5, teaching them about the alphabet and reading, both in English and Portuguese. 3

While she has access most of the time to electricity to teach the computer science classes, running water is not a luxury for her. Instead, she or one of her helpers has to fetch water from a local well and then they run it through a filter. None of that really phases Abby, as she is clearly happy doing what she does. In fact, so happy with her work and the beautiful people she’s been able to get to know through her work that she just signed on for a third year. Service, for Abby, just comes naturally to this young woman. “It was reinforced both at home through my family and also at school,” says Abby. “My desire to serve and passion for learning about other cultures makes the Peace Corp a really good fit for me. I didn’t want to just learn about other cultures, I wanted to experience it.”

James Nelson ’17 has been traveling with Up With People, both performing FOR people FROM around the world, and WITH people from around the world. With a motto of ‘bringing the world together through service and music”, James and his fellow UWP castmates performed community service projects at every stop they made. “I helped clean trails in Colorado and painted murals around Mexico. My favorite service opportunity was leading an international dance class in an addictions rehabilitation center in the Netherlands.” In all, he has already spent more than 170 hours doing service projects in 16 cities in five different countries. “One service that is often overlooked I think is the show aspect of Up with People. All proceeds of our shows go back to local beneficiaries,” says James. “I truly believe that the world is going to be a better place because I met the people that are going to change it. When someone sees others doing good, it makes them want to do good. That’s why Up With People seeks to empower youth - to become positive agents of change and create a more trusting and caring world.” Up With People will be coming to Sioux Falls next fall with a performance on September 16th. All proceeds benefit our very own teachers’ endowment... The Living Stones. 4

Many O’Gorman graduates have been or are currently participating in FOCUS, which stands for Fellowship of Catholic University Students. FOCUS volunteers work to first know, love and serve God. They strive to form an intimate relationship with God through daily prayer, the sacraments and the Scriptures. They work to build virtuous friendships with others to meet students on a deeper level. Lastly, they teach other university students how to share the Gospel who, in turn, teach others how to pass it on. Bethany Claussen ’13 decided to join FOCUS after attending a FOCUS Student Leadership conference and a recruitment weekend. She knew it was what God was calling her to do. “I experienced immense peace and joy throughout the interview process.” She is now happily serving at U of Nebraska-Omaha. Through outreach events, bible studies, and one-onone mentorship, FOCUS missionaries like Bethany equip students for a life of Christ-centered evangelization on the college campus and beyond. “Through many years of engaging in service through my parish and schools, I have found that the most meaningful times have allowed me to encounter others as the sons and daughters of God that they are and to see Jesus in them. These encounters continually teach me about who God is and what it means to be human—which consequently lead me to a greater understanding of who I am and how I can better follow Christ. My time with FOCUS has taught me to be radically available to the college students I am serving. My time with FOCUS has strengthened my conviction that it is not what I have or what I do that others need. The best way I can help anyone in need is by leading them to Jesus Christ.”

Sarah Barnett Meagher ’08 knew she wanted to serve others when she graduated from college with her teaching degree. A mentor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggested she look into the Seton Teaching Fellows program, whose mission is to help underserved children develop the knowledge, character, and faith necessary to earn a college degree, pursue lives of value and integrity, and become saints. Sarah is serving at a school in the Bronx, working with children from low-income families, including children who are homeless. The job is challenging to say the least, but it is very important work. “Seton Teaching Fellows is hard. And it doesn’t get easier,” she says. “It gets hard and stays hard. The specific challenges might change from moment to moment, but it’s not going to get easier. But you can get better. That is the only option.” Barnett Meagher knows many teachers wouldn’t choose to teach in a school like hers. For her, it’s not about teaching in an easy environment. “It’s really important to remember that none of the children we serve are at fault for this,” she says. “They didn’t make a wrong choice and cause this. I have been so blessed in my life, so what can I possibly do besides just be someone who can ensure their dignity?” She knows that being compassionate isn’t enough. The job of educating children in the Bronx requires a complete commitment from the school and the community and a reliance on God’s’ plan. “God calls people to where they are needed. He calls people to serve to their talents. To be themselves in what they do,” she concludes. 5



We DID it!

$51,339.56 ... all for tuition assistance!

YOU DID IT! WE DID IT! Together, we raised over $50,000 for our GO GIVE OG campaign – all to help families pay the tuition costs for our schools. This year’s campaign raised nearly $13,000 more than last year, we believe, because of some new additions to the campaign. Two alumni donors each sponsored a special “Power Hour” one at noon and one during the supper hour. They pledged a match for every gift of $100 or more during ‘their’ hour, bringing in many new gifts or larger gifts from those who have donated in the past. We also had alumni from various decades who recorded special messages/challenges not only for their classmates, but the people from their graduation ‘decades.’ A number of alumni also jumped on the #UNselfie fun, posting pictures of them with signs saying why they support tuition assistance and GO GIVE OG Day. We had so much fun that day, talking to so many of you on the phone, watching your online or text gifts come through, and seeing the total rising steadily throughout the day and in days to follow. You clearly care about our kids and providing an opportunity for everyone to attend. On behalf of all of them, THANK YOU for your generosity and for sharing your gifts.


“To keep God front and center in lives of our young people.” - Karen L.

“In thanksgiving for the excellent education we received at O’Gorman.” - Colleen M. ‘68

“To be Christ-like. Help others as I was helped at O’G” - Todd B. ‘82

“It is an honor to be able to give back to a school that gave me so much!” - Dan B. ‘93

“I truly believe that investing in education is so important.” - Shawn F. ‘80

“Because I love O’Gorman!” - Janine C. ‘60

“O’Gorman had a tremendous influence on my life” - Mike G. ‘65

“I realize the benefit of private education... I want to pay it forward.” - Duane S. ‘78

“We support O’Gorman and all of the wonderful things they do.” - Donn F. ‘58

What’s up at BOB BURNS’ DAKOTA BOWL XL - SEPT. 8, 2018 The 40th anniversary of the Bob Burns Dakota Bowl is this fall! Four decades of fabulous football, fun and tradition will be celebrated. We’ll have a tent for tailgating before the game, introductions on the field, special alumni player t-shirts and more. If you are a former player and want to join us, email ogfootball@sfcss.org so we can add you to the list and keep you up to date on all of the activities!


42ND STREET ON 41ST STREET A large, high-energy cast put on their dancing feet and took the stage for four exciting shows at the Lorang Theatre, performing the memorable musical 42nd Street. Performances were held May 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th.


Congrats to our SIX National Merit Finalists! Back row (l to r): Conner Stearns, David Berman, Michael Kovash Front row: Angela Roberts, Emily Kassing and Theresa Fischer


Sixteen O'Gorman High School students will be heading to Ft. Lauderdale, FL this June to compete in the National Speech and Debate Association tournament. Nick Maxwell, Cecilia Gillen, Carli Tomac, Taylor Junker, Katie Dinsmore, Sophia Salter and Caryn Piatt will be competing in Oral Interpretation events while Seamus Duffy, Anjum Shaik, Joy Dahle, Christopher Vaska, Megan King, Lyla Mattu and Nathaniel Pekas will be competing in Debate events. The NSDA national tournament will take place June 17th-22nd. Good luck Knights!



Class of 2018


Ashleigh Nichole Aarbo {

Shannon Marie Fiegen

Margaret Kathleen Lyle {XUo

Katelyn Marie Smith {X

Isabelle Mica Bauers

Lauren Nicole Fischer

Isabelle Marie Mattecheck X

Elizabeth Ann Soukup {X

Rachel Ann Bergh

Theresa Marie Fischer {XUoz

Alison Lee McMahon

Maasa Evelyn Spader

Tory Jo Bjorkman X

Catherine Rose Foy

Amanda Jo Meyer {XU

Gabrielle Laurel Sudenga

Sydney Gabrielle Bloomer

Maisey Jo Gebhart

Elizabeth Clare Miller {X

Hayat Jaden Sumael

Meghan Taylor Bornhoft {XUo

Cecilia Elaine Gillen {XU

Kristie Ann Moeller

Abigail Elizabeth Thompson

Sara Louise Buttolph X

McKenzie Fisher Hermanson X

Sarah Kathryn Nohr

Carli Eliza Tomac {XU

Elizabeth Alexis Carda {X

Gabrielle Rose Holbert {XU

Alexandria Rose North

Kyra Nikole Trader {XU

Nicole Marie Casiello X

Taylor Lynn Houston X

Paige Marie Palmquist X

Priscile Mwenentanda Tshijuka

Brianna Rose Castle

Maggie Monique Jarding {Xo

Caryn Marie Piatt

Jordyn Alyssa Vockler

Morgan Kathryn Cogley {XU

Danielle Elizabeth Johnson Schmidt {

Morgan Marie Polak {XUo

Deja Anh Vu

Sophia Eve Connelly {XU

Emily Elizabeth Kassing {XUoz

Elizabeth Margaret Ratzloff {XU

Elaina Kathryn Wegleitner

Meredith Claire Costello {XUo

Teresa Noel Kayser

Angela Roberts {XUoz

Katherine Marie Wieseman

Lauren Elizabeth Crouch {XUo

Megan Marie King

Morgan Lee Roman {XU

Emily Anne Wilde {XU

Joy Marie Dahle {XU

Kylie Marie Kolsrud

Elizabeth Irene Schilling

Sydney Marie Wilson {XUo

Anna Elizabeth Dow

Morgan Kay LeGrand

Madeline Marie Schreck

Isabel Henderson Zueger {

Sarah Elizabeth Eckerstorfer {XUo

Hannah Nicole Loving {XU

Bahar Anjum Shaik {XUo

Rachael Rae Fanciullo {XU

Yibing Luo

Abigail Dorothy Shaw {

Nicholas Joseph Adams

Luke Patrick Lee Geis {XUo

Camden Alex Markstrom

Austin Michael Stein

Jorden Steven Anderson XU

Andrew Joseph Gerwer

Matthew Jason Vinton McDonald

Isaac Graham Struck X

David Andrew Berman {XUoz

Keenan Campbell Gomez X

Luke Shane McKnelly

Samuel James Sutcliffe {X

Nicholas Nelson Billion {XUo

Jackson Reed Gray XUo

Ryan Jacob Merrill

Zachary David Thie

Jonathan Joseph Binstock X

Bryce Anton Hammer {XUo

Mitchell Robert Meylor XU

Emmanuel Ojamo Tor

Justin Todd Curley Boone XU

Nathan Tyler Hartung

Sawyer Ryan Muilenburg

Victor Manuel Valencia Jr.

Hunter Charles Boyum

Ethan David Havard

Zachary Conley Nagel

Ian Spencer Van Wassenhove

Kade Thomas Bratzel XU

Alexander Mitchell Hertz

Tyler John Neely XU

Christopher William Vaska {XU

Trever Joseph Brenner XU

Gerrit Michael Heyer

Nathanial Duane Nelson {XU

Damon Rocco Venner {XU

John Martin Brule’ XU

Tigh Robert Hight

Jack Patrick Niedringhaus X

John Robert Walker

Cole James Clemens

Raymond Bryan Hillberg

Brandon Leonard Pavelko

Haoxuan Wei

Korbin Joseph Clement

Cole Thomas Howes

Nathaniel Ryan Pekas {XUo

Zachary David Witte {XUo

Nathan Daniel Clinton XU

Peneal Gosaye Johnson

Samuel James Peterson {o

Isaac Lyle Wolf XU

Jason Matthew Connelly

Caden Scott Jones {XU

Dylan Alexander Pierson

Zhe Rui Zhang

Miles Jackson Cowan {Xo

LaVerle Gene Jones III {X

Anthony Joseph Reiland X

Jaron Brody Zwagerman XU

Gabriel De Guzman David

Ryan Rodney Kappenman {XUo

Thomas John Ripperda Jr. {XUo

Ryan Mateer Dinsmore

Riley August Katen X

Jordan Dwaine Roman {XU

Matthew Dennis Duffek {XUo

Jong Won Kim

Austin Kyle Ruhland XU

 National Honor Society

Ethan Ryan East-Oshlo

Ryan Nicholas Koch {XU

Tyler Jon Rush

 South Dakota Regents Scholar

Matthew Michael Edwards

Justin Thomas Kolb X

Drake Landen Schafer {XUo

Joseph Paul Engeman

Michael Francis Kovash {XUoz

John Thomas Schnetter

 President’s Award for Educational Excellence

Quentin Bernard Evers XU

Kenley Reagan Lamberty

Joseph Peter Shlanta X

 4.0 or higher Grade Point Average (weighted or unweighted, after 7 semesters)

Mason Michael Faber

Sihyun Lee {XU

Michael Hyo-Sik Solem


Paul Joseph Fogarty

Iman Getachew Legesse

Austin James Spielmann

Peyton Michael Garbers XU

Joseph Scott Lehnen

Michael Joseph Statz {XU

Jack Patrick Garrett

Runzhe Liu X

Conner David Stearns {XUoz

National Merit Finalist



Summer Care Program It’s going to be an exciting summer at Holy Spirit School for the SFCS Summer Care Program! Enrollment is at an alltime high, with more than 250 kids signed up this year. The kids will get to enjoy themed activities every week, along with field trips to fun locations throughout the city. They’ll also participate in Mass each week and have daily learning activities in math, reading, writing, science and religion so they don’t get rusty over the summer months. One of the reasons for much higher enrollment is the addition of a bus which will transport kids from the west side of the city to Holy Spirit. The bus will pick up kids at St. Michael School and will bring them back to St. Michael at the end of the day. West side parents love the idea so much that we now have two trips scheduled every day (each way) to accommodate our families!

Another fun addition this year is a partnership with Groundworks Midwest, a regional non-profit located in Sioux Falls that specializes in school teaching gardens. On May 5th, families gathered at Holy Spirit School to build four garden beds formed in the shape of a cross. As the saying goes “many hands make light the work” and this was true on that Saturday. Parents built the beds and the kids helped carry the dirt in five gallon buckets to fill the gardens. Over the course of the summer the children will learn how to plant, nurture, grow and harvest the vegetables with a well-designed, faith-based program. This summer, the SFCS Summer Care Program is all about growth, and we couldn’t be happier about it!


Spring Fundraising Updates extravaganza 2018 This year’s Extravaganza will be one to remember! April 14th, the day the event was supposed to take place, Sioux Falls was hit by a blizzard, forcing us to reschedule the event for the next day. Not even a blizzard could stop this amazing community from raising over $130,000 for our teachers and tuition assistance. With the weather still not cooperating fully the next day, about 85 of our guests were unable to join us for the dinner/auction. However, we worked with the Hilton Garden Inn and were able to donate all of those extra meals to the Bishop Dudley House for the homeless.

You’ve Been Knighted began on April 4th this year and raised over $9,000! Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped move 100 “You’ve Been Knighted” signs each night to yards throughout our community. Looking at all of the pictures, it’s safe to say the parents helping had just as much fun as the kids!

Our congratulations to the winner of the $10,000 Raffle, Cindy Scheidt and the winner of the March Madness Final Four tickets, Russ DeNeui. Thank you to all of the businesses and families that donated items to this year’s auction, all of those people who purchased raffle tickets and a special thanks to all of our generous supporters and volunteers who made this event so successful.

Dollars for Dress Down was a huge success again this year raising more than $11,000. Students could purchase a coupon to dress down on April 17th.

Shamrock Run 2018 - with a big change coming! Our last-ever Shamrock Run was held on April 7th this year after having to reschedule due to yet another snow storm on March 24th. We had around 200 runners participate in the Shamrock and Leprechaun Runs. It was a great day to get some exercise and then enjoy a great lunch from Big Rig BBQ! The reason it’s the last Shamrock Run is because we will be moving the race to October 13, 2018 where we hope the weather will be more cooperative. Stay tuned for more details!


’67 Gary Johnson received the John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award in New York. The award is presented by the Content Council, a nonprofit international organization, for his leadership and success in the field of content marketing. Gary was also awarded the Milton W. Jones Lifetime Achievement Award from the national City and Regional Magazine Association. He is President of MSP Communications in Minneapolis, MN and an adjunct professor in graduate studies at the University of Minnesota. He and his wife Stephanie have three children and five grandchildren. ’72 Patricia Reiter was inducted into the South Dakota Association of the Deaf Hall of Fame in the area of Community Service as a American Sign Language Interpreter last July. ‘73 Thomas Coughlin was recently elected president of IEEEUSA and was also elected as a Fellow of the IEEE. He has been an active IEEE volunteer and worked as an engineer in digital storage technology since 1981. He has a BS in Physics from the University of Minnesota (1977) and a MSEE with a minor in Materials Science also from the University of Minnesota (1981) and a PhD in Electrical Engineer from Shinshu University in Nagano Japan (2007). He has had his own consulting company, Coughlin Associates, Inc. since 2000. He and his wife, Fran, married in 1992. They have two college aged sons. They also have two college age men from Senegal, for whom they have been their American family since they were in high school. tomcoughlin.com


’76 David (Bird) Snyder went to trade school in Minneapolis and is a house painter and care coordinator. He is married to Barbara and has three stepchildren: Joseph, Larry and Patricia.

family on Christmas Eve morning. He arrived on his own terms, 5 1/2 weeks early. Our earliest and biggest baby yet, Coyer Clyde Fries weighed in at 5lbs 15oz and was 18 inches long.”

’76 Jim Shaeffer and his wife, Vonda recently opened up a Do-It-Yourself art studio in Sioux Falls called Board & Brush Creative Studio. Known for building relationships through the experience of creating works of art together, Board & Brush offers a unique, creative, and fun experience. “Our workshops are all instructor-led so every project is perfect. Customer appreciation, birthdays, and corporate events are more fun at Board & Brush! Sign up at boardandbrush.com/siouxfalls.” (corrected from Winter 2018 issue)

‘04/’07 In case you didn’t see the viral video, Sean Powell ’04 proposed to Andrea Cota ’07 at a PGA tournament with the help of professional golfer Justin Thomas. Powell reached out to Thomas, who he did not know, via Instagram to help with his proposal plan. Thomas agreed and brought the PGA staff in on the plan. You can watch by going to youtube.com and searching Magical Golf Proposal Justin Thomas.

’76 Pat Steece earned his BS in business from USD in 1980, associate loss control management, associate risk management, environmental health and safety science. He is a safety consultant. His wife is Kathy. Email: ipw1958@embarqmail.com ’82 Mike Hauck and his wife, Jessica, recently purchased the Minuteman Press business in downtown Sioux Falls. Minuteman Press is a full service printing and promotional item business that has operated in Sioux Falls since 2010. They are also expecting their second grandchild in April. ’01 Lindsay Vogel Fries and her husband, Casey, along with big brothers Crosby and Cullen, happily welcomed Coyer into the world and their family! She writes, “We completed our

’05 Amy McClung DesLauriers and her husband, Marty, recently welcomed a baby girl. Presley was born on January 11, 2018 and joins her big brother Harvey (2 years). ’07 Rachael Hoogendoorn Kramer and her husband, Chase, welcomed Lucia Claire to the world on April 24, weighing 7lbs 13oz. She joins big sister Veronica, 2. Rachael is the Director of Choirs at O’Gorman.

‘07 Jessica Nelson Foster and her husband, Greg, welcomed Brantley Foster on October 14, 2017. ’11 Maria Barnett sent in an update. “I got married on October 27, 2017 to John Maria at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph with many O’Gorman friends and family in attendance. We visited Peru for our honeymoon and settled in Wauwatosa, WI (John’s hometown) in November 2017. I’m a Business Analyst at a consulting firm called Canpango. We have a dog, Olive, and we are expecting our first child in July 2018!” ’12 Cole F. Gebhart graduated from South Dakota State University and is a civil engineer with Sayre & Associates. Email: Cole.gebhart@jacks.sdstate.edu ’13 Brooke M. Gebhart is attending the University of South Dakota and is in the doctorate program for physical therapy. Email: Brooke.gebhart@coyotes.usd.edu

Upcoming Class Reunions Class of 1958 – 60 Years – June 8 & 9, 2018 Can you believe it’s 60 years since graduation? We’re gathering Friday at The Country Club of Sioux Falls. Saturday includes a gathering at Sertoma Park under the covered picnic shelter at 4pm. Contacts are Lew Mavity at lew31416@sio. midco.net, Chloe Ball Schneider: 605-338-2944 or rjs5555@yahoo.com or Joan Lalley Tunender at 605-528-3599. NO mailings will be sent. Call or email to join us. Rooms reserved at the Holiday Inn City Centre.

Class of 1968 – 50 Years – Sept 21 & 22, 2018 September 21 & 22 at the Holiday Inn City Centre (downtown). You should have received a recent mailing. If not and you would like to attend, contact the alumni office at cnesbitt@sfcss.org. Your reunion contacts are Jim Cero: jimc@rentall-inc.com; Jo Koetzle Cero: 605-339-3376 or Jeanne Barnett Kangley: 605-331-4518.

Class of 1978 – 40th - August 17 & 18, 2018 Plans are in the works! Friday night is at Fernson Brewing, 1400 E Robur Drive. Saturday night is at Matt Jamison’s: 26659 Blue Sage Ln. More details to come! Questions? Contact: Teresa Atkins Davidson: teresa.m.davidson@gmail.com or 515-669-4572; Tim Schuver: tas-ssi@sio.midco.net or 605-310-0011; or Mike O’Connor: mike@oconnorco.com or 605-359-7929. Saturday night will be BYOB and we will be passing the hat to pay for the wonderful CRAB GRASS CREW! Bring lawn chairs if you have them.

Class of 1988 – 30th Reunion - June 29 & 30, 2018 Friday night is at 6pm at Shenanigan’s along with the WHS Class of ‘88. Saturday is at the Brandon Golf Course in the downstairs bar 6p-12a. Food available and drinks for purchase. $25 to attend, whether you come one night or two. Send to Mollie Van Meeteren at 27419 Idena Pl., Harrisburg SD 57032. Saturday will be our class only. Contact Mollie Jo Van Meeteren at Anjelic6@hotmail.com or call 605-366-1525.

Seminarian Tony Klein ‘12 recently visited Archbishop Thomas Gullickson ‘68 in Bern, Switzerland. Klein’s parents were visiting Tony in Rome for Easter and the three of them went north to see the Alps, stopping along the way to visit and stay with the Archbishop. Gullickson has told the seminarians and priests from our diocese that they are always welcome to visit/stay with him.

Class of 1998 – 20th Reunion - Sept 21 & 22, 2018 Our Friday gathering will be informal at O’Gorman’s Homecoming game and after the game. Saturday includes a Mass at the O’Gorman chapel at 4pm for classmates and their families, followed by a gathering from 5:30-6:30 for appetizers at McNally’s (adults only). The party will continue at McNally’s after that (dinner and drinks on your own dime). Join us! Also, we’re collecting money for a Class of 1998 chair in the O’Gorman Performing Arts Center. Send your donation to the Alumni Office, 3100 W 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57105. We still need to raise $850 to get our chair. Thank you!

Class of 2008 – 10 Years - Nothing yet! Call Carol at the Alumni Office to help! 605-575-3360.


Regional Reunion – Twin Cities 2018

We had another fun gathering of alumni in the Twin Cities in April! The 130 people attended the gathering, had a chance to network, nosh and get to know fellow grads. We had alumni from the Class of 1965 through the Class of 2013, representing all five decades of O’Gorman graduates. The group got to hear from Kyle Groos, former O’G principal and now SFCS President, as well as Alumni Director Carol Barnett Nesbitt ’80. Special thanks to CorTrust Bank for helping to sponsor the gathering, and to our committee members Jim Eppel ’74, McKinzie Hopkins ’05, Anne Josten ’07, Lisa Rogers ’86, Sarah Philippe ’07 and Jen Shaeffer Schultz ’88.

Next year – another city! Stay tuned next fall to hear where we’ll be going. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


What’s in a Name?

Sioux Falls Catholic Schoo ls Name Brand Study As Sioux Falls Catholic Schools plans for the future, we are working to ensure that we are accurately representing our current families and finding ways to reach new families in our community. Currently, the SFCS School Board is conducting a name brand study to see if “Sioux Falls Catholic Schools” still accurately represents our system. As the city of Sioux Falls continues to grow, and with the addition of a new parish, John Paul II Catholic Church in Harrisburg, the board decided to analyze whether “Sioux Falls Catholic Schools” still fits the expectation of the public and our families. An ad hoc committee made up of current board members, SFCS staff, alumni and donors began looking into a possible name change this spring. The group is tasked with deciding whether a change would be beneficial for SFCS and, if so, what names would accurately reflect who we are as a system. Some of the names under consideration by the groups include “Sioux Falls Area Catholic Schools,” “Sioux Falls Metro Catholic Schools,” Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools” and “O’Gorman Catholic Schools.” To help gather input, focus groups were held over the past few months. Around 100 alumni, current parents, new people to our school system, and staff members participated. The first half of the meeting focused on identifying brand attributes that our families, donors and alumni associate with Catholic education overall and specifically Sioux Falls Catholic Schools. They were also asked how these brand attributes are understood in relation to our current system name. The second half of the meetings built on the brand attributes and addressed how we can better communicate these through our current name or potential new name. It is important to note that a system name change would only affect the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools name, and not individual school names. All information from the focus groups will be presented to the ad hoc committee, and then presented to the full SFCS Board for consideration. In addition to studying the name brand for our system, we are also placing an emphasis on: • Planning Vision 2025 • Addressing south Sioux Falls growth and potential school opportunities • Reviewing our tuition model • Expanding offerings to surrounding communities


* Full obits can be found online at www.sfcss.org/alumni


Reverend Aloysius L. “Al” Krzyzopolski died February 27, 2018. Fr. Al taught at O’Gorman and was a loyal Knights fan until his death. Louis Weber, former industrial arts teacher at O’Gorman, died January 22, 2018.


’42 Phyllis Kirk Westbrook died December 5, 2015. Her husband of almost 60 years preceded her in death. She leaves five children, six grandchildren and 4 greatgrandchildren. ’42 BettyJo Tanck Hufnagle (actual name was Loretta Katherine) died October 15, 2017. Survived by children: John, Anita, Kathy and Mary Therese; 16 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-greatgrandchildren. Predeceased by husbands Norbert Muhl and Robert Hufnagle; daughter, Judith; 4 brothers and 3 sisters. ’43 Dolores Schindler Dunlap died March 6, 2018. Survived by a brother, Bernie; four children, Ken ‘65, Nancy, Mike and Rick; ten grandchildren and fifteen greatgrandchildren. ’51 Donna May Callahan Chambers Pasco died January 4th. Survived by her children: Steven, Dianne, Theresa, Susan, James, Mary and Sharon; 14 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by four sisters, three brothers, her son, Gregory and granddaughter, Melissa. ’53 Janet Barron Pletka died last October according to her husband, John. They had five children: John III, Jamie, Sam, Vicki and Maggie.


’54 Beth Ignacia McGlone Karjala died February 17, 2018. Survived by sister, Venencia McGlone Sunderman ‘50. Preceded in death by her husband, Gene and brother-in-law, Edward. ’58 Dr. Dennis Chalus died March 5, 2018. Preceded in death by his first wife, Sugar. Survived by his second wife, Carolyn Brotzman; his children: Renee, Aimee and Mark; four grandchildren; siblings: Margaret Vossler ‘55, Ed Chalus ‘62, Mary Beth Thoen ’65 and Nancy Jewel ‘70; three stepchildren and three step-grandchildren. Memorials may be directed to O’Gorman High School, C/O SFCS Foundation, 3100 W. 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57105. ’58 Mary Denevan died October 24th, 2017. Survived by her brother, Jim ‘55. Preceded in death by her brother, Patrick. ’58 Jean Comstock Cockerill died March 7, 2018 in Hawaii. Preceded in death by brother, Ev ‘56 and sister, Carol ‘55. Survived by brothers, David ‘66, Kevin ‘67, Byron and Terry. ’58 Loretta Bangasser Karsten died Feb 14, 2018. She is survived by her children: Mark, Karla and Mary; three grandchildren; siblings: Eugene Bangasser ‘52, Paul Bangasser ‘56, Elmer Bangasser ‘60, Rita Temple ‘61 and Ruth Marks ‘61. Preceded in death by brothers and sisters-in-law: Bernard ‘49, Joseph ‘46, Edna, Donald ‘50 and Mary Ann Bangasser. ’58 Judy Sheridan Bailey died March 27, 2018 in Texas. A local memorial service will be held in Sioux Falls on June 9th at 4pm. ‘59 Gary Glenn Robinson died March 30, 2017. Survived by his mother Fidelis Haviland; Mark Robinson, Kent Robinson,

Diane Nebel, Candace Scott and Kathleen Dirkson; his daughter, Beth Nicklas; two grandchildren. Preceded in death by his father, Glenn; stepfather, Ermal Haviland; daughter, Mary Delaney; granddaughter, Kyla Delaney. ’60 Stan Koch died January 8, 2018. Survived by his wife, Alicia Koch; sons, Greg and Richard Koch; six grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; siblings: Barbara Corbel ‘57, Janice Frisk ‘68, Roger Koch ‘60, Mel Koch ‘64, Mark Koch ‘72, Bill Koch ‘73 and Doug Koch ‘75. Preceded in death by a grandson, Chad Gates; brothers, J.B. ‘64, Greg and Gene ‘67. ’62 Hal Wick died March 8, 2018. Survived by his wife, Jane; four children: Anne Nelson ‘84, Paula Hagen ‘88, Betsey Wick ‘97, and Ross Wick ‘01; five grandchildren; one great-grandson; siblings, Roland “Ted” Wick ‘61, Terry Wick and Beth Jennings ‘73. Preceded in death by a sister, Mary Kaye Fatland ‘65 and nephew, Todd Fatland. Memorials are directed to the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools or Christ the King School Building Projects. SFCS Foundation, 3100 W. 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57105. ’63 Mary Anderson Breit died February 23, 2017. Survived by her husband, James F.; her children, James A. ‘90, Lance ‘91 and Virginia ‘97, SD; nine grandchildren; two brothers, Tom ’67 and Mark ‘77; five sisters, Jeanie ’58, Joanie, Virginia, Colleen ‘69 and Lian ’72; brothers-in-law, Don and Rick. Preceded in death by brother, Marlin ‘65; and a brother-in-law, Jerry Ralston. (corrected from last issue) ’64 Roger Soukup passed away January 22, 2018 in California, according to classmates.

’65 Marilynn “Lynn” Navin Freimuth died Jan. 16, 2018. Survived by her husband, Bill; children: Shauna, Kerri Ann and Troy; eight grandchildren; nine siblings. ’68 Gene F. Katzenberger died February 3, 2018. Survived by his wife, Jan Katzenberger; children, Sara Scholtens, Tracy Beaufeaux, Mark Katzenberger; eight grandchildren; siblings: Theresa Sempek ‘70 and Bob Katzenberger ‘72. ’68 Marilyn Lammers Zawistoski died January 24, 2018. Survived by her husband, Ted; two sons and their families. Siblings are: Kay ’65 (deceased), Joan ’66, Karen ’69, Kevin ’71, Pam ’75 and Joe ’78. ’68 Patricia Gallagher Melrose died December 11, 2017. ’70 Joseph (Joe) R. Flicek died January 25, 2018. Joe is survived by sons, Robert and James; four brothers: Mike ’71, Thomas ’73, Jim ’76, Dave ‘81; two sisters, Colleen ’75 and Theresa ’88. Preceded in death by his wife, Melinda Camber Porter. ’71 Cindy Hayes died February 26, 2018. Survived by her soulmate: Benjamin Contreras-Elias; siblings: Tom ’72, Joe ’75, Bridget Beck ’76 and Jackie Hayes ‘79. Preceded in death by two brothers: Jim ’83 and Pat ‘82. ‘76 Michael D. Bruhn died in March. Survived by wife, Kristin; daughter, Lilly; siblings: Kristi Gamache ‘74, Sheri Bruns ‘75, Susan Levasseur ‘78, Pat Bruhn ‘79, Shelly Bengsten ‘81 and David Bruhn ‘85. ’80 Sheila DeVaney Holwell died March 12, 2018. Survived by her sons, Seth and Sean; four grandchildren; her parents, Dick ’58 and Janet DeVaney; siblings: Steve DeVaney ‘85, Colleen Farmer ‘83, Barb Schelhaas ‘89 and Midge DeVaney ‘82. ’81 Paul Curtin died March 30, 2018. Survived by his wife, Juanita; children: Abbigail, Harrison ‘16 and Houston Curtin; two grandchildren; sisters: Linda Rath ‘68, Maureen Curtin ’75 and Sharon Hoiland ‘78. Preceded in death by brothers, Brian ‘67, Bruce ‘71 and Rex ‘74.

’85 Shawn Kunkel died March 29, 2018. Survived by his wife, Kathleen (Knudtson ’86); his girls: Meghan ‘14, Katie ‘15 and Carly ‘20; his mom, Jackie Kunkel Titus ‘56; father-in-law, John (Sadie) Knudtson; brothers: Kevin ’81, Mark ‘83, Mike ‘83, Joel ‘88 and Tim ’90. Memorials may be sent to: Sioux Falls Catholic Schools Foundation, 3100 W. 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57105. ‘89 Lance Fanning died Mar. 15, 2018. Survivors include one daughter, Olivia; his mother, Sharon Fanning and his brother, Todd Fanning. ‘99 Suzanne Valerie Loen Berg died February 6, 2018. Survived by her husband, Bill; children, William and Lorelei; parents, Douglas and Cindy Loen; sister, Elizabeth Nelich ‘02 and several grandparents.

FAMILY OF ALUMNI: Bette Battista, mother of Les Battista ‘65, Tanalee Storm ‘65, Renae Turbak ‘73, Cleland Battista ‘74, Michael Battista and Debbie Colby ’80.

Alison English, wife of Al ’50; mother of: Thomas, Amy, Mary Vendrell ‘82, Susan Theis ‘84 and Tim. Dorothy Briggs, mother of Ronald Briggs ’77, Richard Briggs ’78, Randy Briggs ‘80 and Renee Briggs-Buffington ’82. Linda Tarnasky, mother of Aaron ‘12 and Adam ‘15. Adam Garry, 17-year-old, greatgrandson of Tom and Pat (Dargen) Garry, both ’48 graduates. Rosalie Loveland, mother of: Jane Wirth ’69, Tom ’70, Dan ’72, Paul ’74, Jim and Joe. Joyce Naber, wife of Dave; mother of Teri ’96, Erin ‘98, Liz ’03. Donations may be made to Holy Spirit School, C/O SFCS Foundation, 3100 W. 41st, Sioux Falls, SD 57105.

Richard Reynolds, husband of Annelle; stepfather of Pam McGlynn Boyum ’80 and Joseph Brown ’98. Duane Cox, husband of Karyn; father of: Michelle, Wendy, Jason, Ryan ’90, Darin ’95 and Adam ’00. Whitney Barnett, daughter of Tom ’69, sister of Brianne and Mallori. Eugene Nash, husband of Marie (McIlvenna ‘53); father of Deb Nash ‘73, Becky, Tim, Sam and Bob; grandfather to four. William “Philip” Sessions, husband of Londa Ripley Sessions ’74; father of: Catherine, William “Philip” II, Christopher; son-in-law David; one granddaughter. Robert Rossmeisl, husband of Muriel; father of Barbara Rossmeisl ’78, Susan Rossmeisl ’81, and Ann Rossmeisl Erickson ‘82. Memorials may be directed to O’Gorman High School, C/O SFCS Foundation, 3100 W. 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57105.



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2018 May Re-U-Knight-er  

The Re-U-Knight-er is a publication for the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools community and alumni.

2018 May Re-U-Knight-er  

The Re-U-Knight-er is a publication for the Sioux Falls Catholic Schools community and alumni.

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