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Sioux Falls City Leaders/Council Members: Why These Leaders Have Your Business In Mind

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On Our Cover: Mayor Mike huether . . . . 6 Mayor Mike Huether is driven, determined and dedicated to Sioux Falls and the people who live here. Find out why he is working so hard to make sure our city is a place to be proud of.


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A Business Of Its Own . . . . . 12 The City of Sioux Falls is a business in and of itself. Meet some of the people who are responsible for keeping the city running like a well-oiled machine.

Protecting, Enhancing, Strengthening . . . . . . . . . . . 16 How well do you know your elected city officials? You might be surprised to know they’re business owners just like you. Meet our Sioux Falls City Councilors and learn more about their efforts to boost business and the economy.

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The Future In 3D Technology . . 34 A local engineering firm is utilizing laser-scanning technology to help renovate a 100-year-old structure, ensuring plans live indefinitely.




Strengthening, Motivating, Competing:


In 1984, Mayor Huether graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in commercial economics. His leadership skills were first honed by working 15 years for Citibank in South Dakota, New York and Texas. While he learned so much from Citi, Huether was hired to drive the development efforts of PREMIER Bankcard in Sioux Falls in 1999. After an enjoyable ten years of service and helping the company grow into the tenth largest credit card company in the United States, he resigned from his Executive Vice President position to focus full-time on earning the honor to become the Mayor of Sioux Falls. On May 17, 2010, he was sworn in as Mayor and captured a dream he had since the sixth grade. “I took part in a Modern Woodmen of America speech competition about public service and yes, I won the contest. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to lead and felt blessed I was given a strength to speak publicly and motivate others. It was a real turning point in my life.” 


Driven, determined and dedicated. These powerful words that can describe Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether are making a big impact on our city and the people who live here. And according to the Mayor himself, he’s always been driven to succeed. “My childhood has driven me to where I’m at today,” he says, sitting in his wide open office on a beautiful spring afternoon. The Mayor talks openly about his challenges during those early years. “My folks divorced when I was in the fifth grade,” he says. “My dad had a drinking problem so my mom, brothers, and sister moved back to Yankton. Dad’s support was limited at best but my mom provided for us working as the head nurse at the State Hospital.” The Mayor recalls the struggles of growing up poor, and yes at times, he felt he wasn’t as good as others. “It was hard but it taught me very early on that no matter what circumstance you have, you can achieve your goals.” The eldest of four kids, Mayor Huether quickly became very competitive, and as a result, became successful in school academics, sports, and leadership roles. In fact, the Mayor was a four-sport letterman in high school. “I’m not bitter about my childhood but I am driven because of it,” he says, smiling. “And here I am, decades later and I still feel that need to strive for more.” By the way, Mayor Huether’s dad, Mynard, quit drinking but could not quit smoking. Huether acknowledges, “I hate smoking. It killed my dad. He was only 62.”


By Greta Stewart

A Look Into Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether’s Successes, Determination



However, even though he knew he wanted to be in public service, he didn’t want to put his wife Cindy and daughter Kylie through the grueling process of running for office until the family was ready. “I have been married to Cindy for 26 years,” he says. “She has patiently listened to me talk about my dream even as we were dating. But it was important to both of us that our daughter, Kylie, was our focus during her childhood. We wanted to wait until she left the nest before we did anything. Halloween outings, dance competitions, parent teacher conferences and tennis championships were memories that you could never get back.”

owner, who was in the hospital. They had a tough time finding their way around the hospital and so I drove them around in my truck until we found him.” The Mayor says we’ve always had a good city but he wants to see it become great. “We are on the cusp of greatness,” he says. “If you think the last two years were productive, the next two will be mind-blowing.” The Mayor is a big believer in to-do lists. In fact, he creates a daily notebook that literally has handwritten tasks and when he’s accomplished one, he crosses it off with great satisfaction. “Oh, I have to check off my list every day,” he says laughing.

Sioux Falls’ “Biggest Cheerleader” When it comes to leading the city, Mayor Huether is committed to being Sioux Falls’ biggest cheerleader. “I simply love this city and the people in it,” he says emphatically. “I take my role seriously and one of the things that is so important to me is giving people a positive impression of our town.” The Mayor recalls when he encountered a couple from Pierre who were recently in town visiting a relative. “They had a dog with a broken leg with them and they were trying to figure out how to get the dog to the

For example, in his 2012 State of the City Address, he lists seven tasks the city tackled and accomplished during his first two years as Mayor: 1. Tighten our belts, maximize taxpayer value 2. Repair, rebuild, replace our city’s infrastructure 3. Create jobs and spur on economic development 4. More air travel options at an affordable price 5. Build a new events center 6. Get downtown’s heartbeat pumping faster 7. Bring business acumen to government


“Working alongside the city government employees and the citizens has been very rewarding and fun,” as the Mayor describes his team of 1,100 city employees. “Sioux Falls has a very strong foundation,” he explains. “We have built a solid infrastructure and our streets, sewer system, and parks are back to where they need to be.” He is instilling confidence in the citizens he serves and the team he works with. “To me, almost everything is built on confidence. In the midst of national economic recovery, we’re confident. That makes all the difference.” However, Mayor Huether isn’t afraid to make mistakes. “I’ve really tried to teach city employees that we’ll never reach our full potential unless we make mistakes every now and then. Sioux Falls City Government is unique. It’s the most public, most analyzed service organization in the state. How can we not make mistakes? But the key is to learn from them and move on.”


The Mayor is also proud of economic growth. “In 2012, we’ve had 170 new homes built through April, compared to just 96 this time last year.” And with the city’s unemployment rate dropping to four percent, Mayor Huether is confident we’ll be bringing in more people. “Our Airport Authority has made solid strides in making air travel more 


In the short two years he’s been leading Sioux Falls, Mayor Huether has made his share of mistakes but it hasn’t stopped him from pushing onward. “I am a man of my word,” he says. “When I was on the campaign trail, I outlined goals I was confident we could accomplish. And working together, we are achieving those goals and more.” So far, there’s an extensive list of positives Mayor Huether has done for our city. He’s made major infrastructure improvements as evidenced by 160 miles of roads repaired, rebuilt and replaced. He’s made sure there have been hockey rink and tennis court improvements such as new lighting, and rink and court replacements. There have been upgrades in city buildings like completing energy efficient projects in multiple city buildings. And yes, the long awaited bike trail connection from the west side is now a reality.


A Man of his Word



affordable and the entire area is reaping the rewards,” he says. “In 2011, we set an all-time record with our departing passengers, as well as with total passenger counts. And in the first three months of 2012, we are 25 percent ahead of the record year in 2011. That is huge!” And with a new terminal and concourse, more parking, new restaurant, bar and concession area, a business lounge and an air service committee established, the Mayor says we’re only going to soar higher.

Mayor Huether with wife CINDY and daughter KYLIE in their home

Part of Sioux Falls’ attraction is where the city’s namesake lies: downtown. And Mayor Huether couldn’t be more pumped with the energy level found there. “We’ve created enhanced partnerships with Downtown Sioux Falls, the Chamber of Commerce, Sioux Falls Development, Forward Sioux Falls, and Governor Daugaard’s team. Because of these excellent collaborations, we’ve been able to spur new development projects downtown and across the city.” The Mayor also mentions several business investments downtown with Avera, Raven’s Corporate Headquarters, the CNA Surety building, the Hilton Hotel, as well as major civic projects such as the River Greenway, tearing down the old river ramp, and the Sioux Falls Façade Easement Program. This program is designed for business development while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of buildings by providing resources to assist in revitalizing the appearance of significant buildings in the city’s core. Sid’s Crown Liquor is one business that is taking advantage of the program. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time,” says Paul Damyan, president of Sid’s Liquor. “But Mayor Mike really came through for us. I highly commend him and all of his efforts. We very much appreciate the help of funding. It means a lot to not only me and the business but it’s also a dramatic improvement to keeping downtown Sioux Falls a crown jewel.”

Making an Impact From Within When it comes to changing the way city business is done, Mayor Huether has a can do attitude with internal departments as well, including departments like Sioux Falls Fire

Rescue. Chief Jim Sideras says, “Mayor Huether wants to be more involved with our department. I haven’t worked with other mayors directly but he wants to know how we operate and has us also asking questions such as, ‘are the operating procedures the same as in other businesses?’ We have to ask ourselves, ‘is what we’re doing comparable to other successful businesses?’ We deliver a service and we’re timely, fast and operate much like any other business. We just do it in life and death situations.” Chief Sideras also mentions the Mayor’s passion for the city. “He doesn’t have an off-switch,” he says. “I’ve known him before I was a firefighter and I’ve seen his commitment, both personally and professionally, to this city. He cares and he’s passionate. It’s great to see that kind of enthusiasm. He’s got his benchmarks and we’re going to help him because it will only benefit the city.” With everything Mayor Huether has accomplished so far, what are some of his goals for the city? True to Mayor Huether’s style, he has six on his to-do list.


Mayor Huether has faced some challenges over the last two years but he says he’s met them head on and has powered through. “We are a special community and our people have high expectations,” he says. “We are neighborly, we give back, and we value faith, family and traditions.” With several goals ahead of him, but so many tasks already accomplished, what is Mayor Huether most proud of? “I love the confidence level of our city. We are working our tails off and it shows. I also love the excitement we’ve created across the state. When Sioux Falls is successful, the entire state of South Dakota wins. How cool is that?”

1. Our people and pride 2. A work ethic second to none 3. Stewardship drives us 4. Fiscally prudent 5. We’ve established a pattern of success

Mayor Huether’s Reasons For Success: 1. Family/Faith 2. Education 3. The harder I work, the luckier I get 4. Fiercely competitive 5. Coach that motivates his team


Five Best Things About Sioux Falls According To Mayor Huether:


To me, almost everything is built on confidence. In the midst of national economic recovery, we’re confident. That makes all the difference.

we’re going to make sure downtown is an attractive destination to live, work, play and reflect. It’ll be a hot place for young and old alike.” 5. “ Another goal of mine is to bring technology in city government to the 21st century. Our current finance and accounting management system is from the 1980s. It’s critical infrastructure you need to keep up. It will also help us maximize taxpayer value.” 6. “ If you’re not competing for jobs at the highest level, you’re dead meat. We’re not running with Fargo, Marshall, or Sioux City, but rather Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, and Denver are fighting for the economic dollar at a rate never seen before. We’re up against the big boys but I like our chances.”


1. “We will continue working on the original goals I had when first elected,” he says. “But I want to take things to a higher level. I feel really good about the city infrastructure but now we have to keep Sioux Falls going and growing. This city will explode in a positive way but keeping up with growth will be key. We have to invest in major traffic intersections, for example.” 2. “We’ll continue work on the new events center. The town and state will be enamored by it. I can guarantee the vast majority who voted no will come to be very proud of it.” 3. “We’ll be offering the best outdoor parks in the country but also work to provide indoor facilities for swimming, hockey, tennis and recreation. They are expensive but they are prudent investments. Through private partnerships, we can build them and still live within our means.” 4. “Downtown is a big deal. We are so lucky to have a river run through our town. It’s such a wonderful amenity. So



success and the city

by Jennifer Dumke

Growing Sioux Falls is Big Business

Most of us don’t think of the city of Sioux Falls as a business. But it is. In fact, it’s such a vital business that its success affects every citizen in a number of ways. Its driving forces run like a well-oiled machine; an elaborate network of departments, each with prioritizations, goals and initiatives. Once in the throes of a recession, today Sioux Falls continues to grow with the help of the Community Development Department and the Planning and Building Services Department and its many employees who work hard to make the city of Sioux Falls thrive.

Kevin Smith Improving Conditions and Neighborhood Planning “I have the opportunity every day to make conditions better for our citizens. We are working in their best interest to enforce the codes and ordinances that will ensure every neighborhood has housing that is safe, secure, and decent to live in.”

About Kevin Smith: Position: Assistance Director, Planning and Building Services Years with Organization: 20 Responsibilities: Responsible for the operational management of the Planning and Building Services Department and serves as the primary leader/manager of the city’s comprehensive interdepartmental code enforcement program.

What does your job mean to you and the people of Sioux Falls? We have the opportunity to improve the community we serve, every day. Our challenge is to continue balancing personal property rights with community standards.

How does your job/department work with each other? Our teams work well together to coordinate neighborhood planning and revitalization efforts. Over the past year we had great successes in the Cathedral, Pettigrew Heights and 10th & Western neighborhoods. This year, we have started working with other areas, like the All Saints Neighborhood, to listen to their concerns and develop strategic plans to address those concerns.

What are your goals for the future? Our goal is for code enforcement to continue being viewed as a resource for our neighborhoods.


Ron Bell Safety and Good Economic Conditions “Some days my job can be challenging as Sioux Falls continues to grow and diversify, but being involved in the code regulations and construction aspects are important parts of the job. We are continually increasing our knowledge and trying to share that with contractors and citizens of Sioux Falls. Knowing that Building Services is doing the best job that it can and providing the best service possible is a priority for our staff.�

We do our best to keep the citizens informed on what codes they need to follow; their safety is of utmost importance to us. Our staff provides for continuing education upon the update and adoption of national model code standards, specifically for licensed residential contractors, mechanical contractors, plumbing contractors and electrical contractors. Additionally, information is made available with handouts at the counter and on the Building Services website that details minimum code standards as it relates to a contractor or homeowner who is completing a project. Our staff follows up on problems, issues and complaints and works out solutions from the smallest to the most complex of construction projects.

How do you work with other departments to enhance the city of Sioux Falls? Planning, Zoning and Building Services are the three divisions of Planning and Building Services. Planning

What are your goals for the future? One goal is to maintain good economic conditions which allow for orderly growth of the city of Sioux Falls. Even through the previous three years of a national recession, the construction valuation for the city of Sioux Falls decreased from a record level. But in 2011, a record number of building permits were issued. We also plan to offer more services online, such as obtaining building permits, planning reviews and verifying inspections and corrections immediately after they take place.

What are unique aspects of your job? When I go to work, I know the day is going to fly by because there is always something waiting to be done. This year, construction is picking up and more plan reviews have been coming in weekly. You meet all kinds of people in this position and have made lasting friendships. Maintaining a consistency in interpretations of all of the different codes is always a challenge. Aiding in the design of complex commercial projects to assure that a minimum level of safety is provided is a rewarding aspect of the job.


What does your job mean to you and the people of Sioux Falls?

and Zoning is responsible for the orderly development of Sioux Falls by the administration of zoning, floodplain and subdivision ordinances. Once a development is established and meets all comprehensive planning and zoning provisions, Building Services along with the Zoning Division, Public Works, the Fire Prevention Bureau, Health Department etc. assures that the buildings are constructed to a minimum level of life safety for the occupants and the public.


Position: Chief Building Services Years with Organization: 35 Responsibilities: Safeguard the public health and safety by regulating and controlling building design, to provide safety to life and property from fire and other hazards attributed to the built environment and to provide safety to firefighters and emergency responders during emergency operations.


About Ron Bell:



Brent O’Neil Innovation and Impact “It’s more than a job and I’m thankful for that. I genuinely enjoy what I do; by being involved in so many aspects of development in Sioux Falls and providing impactful contributions to the city. It’s the type of job where I am happy to go in every day and contribute to the future of Sioux Falls.”

About Brent O’Neil: Position: Economic Development Manager Years with Organization: 4 years Responsibilities: Work on various development projects with businesses and developers, collaborate with Downtown Sioux Falls on the city’s annual investments, make presentations to the city council and other -bodies regarding economic development, implement development incentives of the department, help develop policies and plans for the department, and provide other economic development assistance to new and existing businesses.

What does your job mean to you and the people of Sioux Falls? We work with the private sector and development partners daily to ensure our economy in Sioux Falls remains strong and continues to grow. We do this by maximizing business opportunities in Sioux Falls, assisting development projects, supporting downtown Sioux Falls and promoting the city.

How do you work with other departments to enhance the city of Sioux Falls? Partnerships and teamwork are critical to success in any setting. In supporting the development efforts of the city, teamwork is essential. Within city hall, there are many

departments which impact economic development and we work together to maximize those opportunities. While the departments may have specific functions, we work together to make sure we are coordinating efforts and providing a solid environment for the city and economy to thrive.

What are your goals for the future? The overriding goal of economic development initiatives is to make the community as a whole better and stronger through a thriving local economy. A strong economy means there are plenty of high quality jobs, a diverse mix of employers, strong tax property base, public amenities, opportunities for growth and diverse industries. So every day, we are striving to provide that strong economy to the people of Sioux Falls.

What are unique aspects of your job? The job is somewhat diverse in that there really isn’t a daily routine. Some days we are working on elements of a large development project. Others we may be working on a new initiative, negotiating terms for agreements or building financial tables for an incentive program. In this setting, we’re always moving from task to task; in many cases, the new task can be vastly different from the last.

David Loveland Overcoming Obstacles and Improving Quality of Life “I have an exciting position! I get to help shape big projects in the community at their very inception, and hopefully provide helpful suggestions and direction to our customers. It’s really a pleasure to work with the people of Sioux Falls; I hope they continue to get involved in their community and help shape its future direction. We value their input.”


Darrin Smith Customer Service and Opportunities “I love the quote, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.” I love my job and look forward to coming to City Hall every single day. I can’t think of another job that affords the same opportunities to impact the people and the world around me like this position. Someday I’ll be able to drive my kids and grandkids around Sioux Falls and proudly show them those things I helped make a reality.“

Improving customer service for our citizens is something I talk about with our staff regularly. Without citizens and taxpayers, city government and our positions would not exist. We are here to serve the citizens and taxpayers. So this position and our department are critically important to not only the citizens of Sioux Falls, but those in the region.

About David Loveland: Position: Economic Development Coordinator, Community Development Department Years with Organization: Newly Appointed, Formerly the Urban Planner for the Planning & Building Services Department (4 Years) Responsibilities: Evaluating and assisting customers and their proposals to promote economic development initiatives throughout the city.

What does your job mean to you and the people of Sioux Falls? I enjoy working with the public and developers to help find solutions to development issues as they arise. It’s enjoyable to see the hard work people put into their proposals and the effort citizens put in to protect their quality of life.

The reality is we work with every single city department at one time or another but we work especially close with Planning and Public Works, as well as the Parks Department, City Attorney’s Office and the Finance team.

What are your goals for the future? Our strategic efforts will focus on a vibrant downtown with a significantly increased residential population, continuing to bring a diverse mix of new businesses and jobs to our community and region, and working to stabilize and revitalize neighborhoods all over Sioux Falls.

What are unique aspects of your job? It’s not uncommon for me to spend any given day working on programs and projects focused on affordable housing and those populations most in need, followed by a meeting with a developer or CEO on a major development project, followed by a meeting on air service or where we may build the next multi-million dollar parking ramp downtown.

How do you work with other departments to enhance the city of Sioux Falls? Communication and collaboration are critical elements between City Departments and we work very strongly together.

What are your goals for the future? I hope the economic recovery continues and the community continues to thrive.

What are unique aspects of your job? My job is really multi-faceted. No two days are alike, and our primary concern is to maximize the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Sioux Falls.


What does your job mean to you and the people of Sioux Falls?

How does your job/department work with each other?


Position: Director, City Community Development Department Years with Organization: 2 Responsibilities: Provide direction and oversee its three primary divisions: Affordable Housing, Economic Development and Public Parking in addition to serving as the city’s official liaison to the Sioux Falls Airport Authority and the Washington Pavilion. Work closely with developers and businesses on a daily basis to guide their projects through the city’s development process, from start to finish.


About Darrin Smith:



Establishing policies, appropriating money, developing customer-focused services; it’s all in a day’s work for the members serving on the Sioux Falls City Council. Being the voice of the people, these city council members further the goal to protect and enhance the quality of life for residents while strengthening the community. And a solid workforce is a driving factor. After all, a strong economy is reliant on the success of local businesses. Throughout the course of their four-year tern, each council member has the honor of being appointed to a number of city committees with the purpose to address specific issues and needs in Sioux Falls and making the appropriate recommendations to the City Council.

let’s talk POLITICS By Jennifer Dumke

Working for the Community: Meet the members Sue Aguilar

Southeast District Council Assignments: Audit Committee, Fiscal Committee, Public Services, Operating Committee Resolution Appointments: South Eastern Council of Governments Volunteer Services: Board of Administration at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Vice President of the House Corporation Board for the South Dakota Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi, Advisory Committee for the YWCA Women’s Leadership Program, Sustainer Advisor for the Junior League of Sioux Falls

Why did you become interested in politics? As a political science and sociology major in college, governance has always been of great interest to me. From my 9th grade civics class and first trip to Pierre during the legislative session to leading the League of Women Voters of Sioux Falls and South Dakota back in the early 1990s, I have witnessed the importance of service in government. My many years of community service have influenced my political life. How do you feel your role helps local businesses? Meeting the challenges of our community, such as bringing jobs to Sioux Falls and retaining the qualified workforce, are priorities. We must continue to balance quality of life issues and infrastructure needs which all impact our city’s growth. What do you want to see happen in the future to better the business economy? I want to see the city continue to grow and develop in a positive manner. Quality of life issues impact the growth and economic development of our community. As a former member of the School Board for the Sioux Falls School District, I saw first-hand how important the decisions made by our local government impacts the vitality of our city.

I believe in the importance of giving a full measure of service to our community. What we do now as a city will impact our future for decades to come.


• Land Use: Members participate and review a variety • Audit Committee: In order to provide for of issues and concerns that relate to Land Use and independence of the internal audit activity, the Audit report back to the City Council. Administration Committee oversees the audit activities and reviews/ can request for their items to be reviewed by this approves audit reports and the annual audit plan. committee. Members determine whether a report moves forward • Operating Committee: Serves an advisory role by to the City Council for further review or action. analyzing and making recommendations to • Fiscal Committee: Members participate the full Council regarding operating policies and review matters of fiscal importance and procedures of the Council. Oversees the and report back to the City Council. annual review process for staff members Administration can request for their items reporting to the Committee with input from to be reviewed by this committee. all Council members. Updates and maintains • Public Services: Members participate Learn More Council staff job descriptions. Establishes and review a variety of issues and concerns About City guidelines in the Council Procedures manual that relate to Public Service and report back Council to help staff members balance the workload to the City Council. Administration can created by individual Council members. request for their items to be reviewed by Committees this committee.

Service in Action

Sioux Falls City Council: Here to protect, enhance and strengthen

The Sioux Falls City Council consists of the Mayor and eight members. Three of the Council members are elected “at-large” and five are elected from Council districts. Let’s meet our Sioux Falls City Councilors and learn more about their efforts to boost business and the economy.

How do you feel your role helps local businesses? My family has a long history in Sioux Falls. This gave me many reasons to be grateful to our city and its people. As a member of the Sioux Falls City Council, I feel that I‘m giving back to the city and the people that make up the greater Sioux Falls area. What do you want to see happen in the future to better the business economy? I’d like to help our city grow in a reasonable manner; to be a voice for people and businesses both large and small. We must continue to listen to people’s problems and work for a suitable solution.

Occupation: Commissioned Sales for the Men’s Softball Association. Council Assignments: Public Services (chair) Resolution Appointments: South Eastern Council of Government, Urbanized Development Commission Administrative Appointments: Intergovernmental Board Volunteer Services: Sioux Falls People for Youth Board Member, Sioux Falls Men’s Slow Pitch Softball Association, Excel Energy State Advisory Board, Multi-Culture Center Board, Sustainability Study Co-Chair


Northeast District


My role is to find resolutions that will work for all; to work on access to an open government for those who ask for information.

Kenny N. Anderson Jr.


Why did you become interested in politics? I want to be a voice for those who feel they are not being heard, to give an open mind to new ideas. I am motivated to take efforts to keep our older neighborhoods from falling into disrepair by reinvesting in the neighborhoods and creating affordable housing for families.



Jim Entenman

At-Large (Vice Chair) Occupation: President, Co-owner of J&L HarleyDavidson, Inc. Council Assignments: Audit Committee, Fiscal Committee, Operating Committee Administrative Appointments: Metro Communication, BID Board

Why did you become interested in politics? I firmly believe that if you’re successful in business, you owe it to the community to give back. Running for City Council and serving as an elected member is one of the ways I am able to give back to my community. How do you feel your role helps local businesses? I have always worked hard at my business and anything else that I’ve been involved with. I also believe that my business experience is useful in my elected position. What do you want to see happen in the future to better the business economy? My hope for the future of the city is that it continues to grow by providing good jobs, offering excellent education for our children and boundless opportunities.

I was elected by the citizens of Sioux Falls to make the best decisions possible on their behalf with the information and experience available to me. I am honored to be able to serve.

Why did you become interested in politics? I have long been interested in politics, especially on the local level. My seeking an elected position has been something my husband and I have discussed over the years. As my children grew, I became more and more interested in the important role local government has in our daily lives. How do you feel your role helps local businesses? From the city’s standpoint, we really don’t have the power to ‘create jobs,’ but we do Have the power to create an atmosphere where others can create jobs. It’s our role to ensure the infrastructure is sound and the overall community is attractive.

As leaders, it’s our responsibility to frame all our conversations, even about the smallest topics, within the larger picture of the economic power of Sioux Falls.

What do you want to see happen in the future to better the business economy? The key governmental issue going forward is a package of concerns that fits under the umbrella of economic development. I see ongoing needs for the quality of life that ensures economic growth at all levels.

Michelle Erpenbach

Central District (Chair) Occupation: Communications Coordinator, Good Samaritan Society National Campus Council Assignments: Public Services, Operating Committee Resolution Appointments: Urbanized Development Commission Administration Appointments: Siouxland Heritage Museum Board, Homeless Advisory, South Dakota Municipal League Volunteer Services: Sunday School leader, Asbury United Methodist Church


Greg Jamison

Southwest District Occupation: Owner, Jamison Advertising and Jamison Real Estate Council Assignments: Audit Committee (chair), Fiscal Committee Resolution Appointments: Urbanized Development Commission Administrative Appointments: Metro Communications Volunteer Services: Realtors For Kids, Cosmopolitan Club

Why did you become interested in politics? Over the years, my advertising agency has allowed me to work with national, statewide and locally-elected officials. Working behind the scenes on a campaign gave me insight to politics and then the firsthand experiences I had with my father’s service to the city all led me to putting my name on a ballot. How do you feel your role helps local businesses? I have a lot of ties between my seat on the City Council and my career. As owner of a creative-driven advertising agency, I see first-hand the importance of communication. Whether it’s solving problems or posing a new issue, I enjoy talking with people and helping local businesses succeed. What do you want to see happen in the future to better the business economy? Sometimes the best thing the city can do is get out of the way. I want the city to continue supporting other local organizations that work on economic development for Sioux Falls. For our city, I hope the future is full of growth and improved quality of life, smoother roads and improved trust in local government.

I feel it’s my responsibility to be the voice of the people; to help local businesses thrive and work with the general public to better communicate issues and overcome obstacles.

What do you want to see happen in the future to better the business economy? Well-planned, measured growth is vital to our long-term viability as a community and as a council. We need to fund our infrastructure and public services to meet our community’s needs while positioning our city to be ready for the next big thing.

Occupation: Insurance agent/business owner Council Assignments: Fiscal Committee (chair), Public Services, Land Use Resolution Assignments: Urbanized Development Commission Volunteer Services: Sales and Marketing Executives of the Sioux Empire Board Member, Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Committee Member and National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (past president)

I enjoy the diversity of the citizens of Sioux Falls and it’s enlightening to sit as a council member and balance the wants and desires of so many within the means of our city.


Northwest District


How do you feel your role helps local businesses? As the owner of an insurance agency, the success of my business is directly tied to the growth of our city. As a member of the City Council, we need to make sure that the city’s meeting the needs of our current and future citizens.

Dean Karsky


Why did you become interested in politics? Since moving to Sioux Falls in 1989, I have been very involved in the community through service clubs, civic groups, businesses and professional organizations. My decision to become involved with city government was influenced through my childhood. Growing up, my father was a city employee for 39 years. City politics and doing what is best for the community was often discussed at the family dinner table. So the progression seemed like a natural step for me.



Rex Rolfing

At-Large Occupation: National Sales Advisor, Midland National Life Council Assignments: Audit Committee, Land Use (chair), and Operating Committee Resolution Appointments: Urbanized Development Commission Volunteer Services: Parish Assistant, St. Mark’s Lutheran, South Dakota Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Steward Leader, Midwest Regional Soccer League Board

Why did you become interested in politics? I have always been interested in making Sioux Falls a better place to live. When this election came up it seemed like a great time for me to be of service to the city I have seen grow and mature. I want to leave Sioux Falls a much better place for my grandchildren. How do you feel your role helps local businesses? We came through this last recession very well. We need to continue to make Sioux Falls’ economy one that is diversified enough so that we are able to do that whenever that happens so our citizens are affected as little as possible. This means creating an economic environment that allows for business to grow and relocate to Sioux Falls. We also need to make sure we have an adequate work force to supply the needs of those businesses. What do you want to see happen in the future to better the business economy? Sioux Falls has a bright future. We need to keep our options open by allowing public and private sectors to continue to grow and prosper while maintaining our services for those who are unable to take care of themselves.

It’s my job to make clear decisions for the good of Sioux Falls. I enjoy serving people because it gives me great pleasure to help people complete projects.

Why did you become interested in politics? The voice of the people was not being heard in the halls of government.

Kermit Staggers

How do you feel your role helps local businesses? As a former State Senator and City Council Member, I understand and sympathize with the unique problems that businesses can run into with state and city governmental regulations.

I have always believed in the principles of limited government and unlimited opportunity for individuals and businesses.

What do you want to see happen in the future to better the business economy? Economic development in the city must return to the fundamentals— lower taxes and less regulation. Over the years the city has moved away from these tried and true principles that were used successfully in the past to help make Sioux Falls the great city it is today.

At-Large Occupation: Professor of History and Political Science, University of Sioux Falls Council Assignments: Land Use Volunteer Services: Kiwanis, Sister Cities Association, Great Plains Political Science Association (former president), Elder at First Christian Church


The American Culinary Federation presents

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23RD WESTWARD HO COUNTRY CLUB, SIOUX FALLS, SD 4:30 SOCIAL – 5:30 DINNER (Limited seating available) Please call (605) 338-0283 for tickets today. $75 per person, $500 per table of 8 All proceeds go towards culinary education and competitions.

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A Glimpse


Into our Cover Stories JULY/AUGUST 2011

July-August 2011

On Our Cover: Gary Weckwerth & Ann Parker Hard work and dedication are just two of the words one would use to describe Gary Weckwerth and Ann Parker. Gary, a successful banker and owner of two local sports teams, and Ann, a businesswoman who specializes in corporate communications and investor relations, have both found themselves embracing all that Sioux Falls has to offer.




MARKETING in the Palm of Your Hand Capturing the Spirit of VOLUNTEERISM


September-October 2011 On Our Cover: Greg Sands/Sands Drywall Business is booming for Sands Drywall, the largest drywall contractor in South Dakota with offices in Sioux Falls and Rapid City. Sands Drywall is currently doing work in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, Iowa and Minnesota, and will possibly expand business to Arkansas and even Ohio.


Sylvia Henkin The Woman Behind Local Media

BUILD IT NOW Because Businesses Will Come!

NOV/DEC 2011



Stress-Free With Yoga

Other Highlights: • Local Restaurant Builds On Success • Employee Volunteer Programs Create Motivation • Business & Farm Financing • Marketing With Mobile Devices • Building The Ultimate Sales Team • The Benefits Of Commercial Scale Solar Energy • Wellness Programs Keeping Healthy, Happy Employees

Our Legacy Feature: Sylvia Henkin Other Highlights: • Earning Interest On Business Checking • Protecting Your Technological Investments • Unemployment: What To Expect • Build It Now Sioux Falls • SD’s Signature Experience Benefits Business

November-December 2011 On Our Cover: Marian Sullivan/Sullivan, Inc. Sullivans, a floral and gift wholesale business, began more than 40 years ago. Today, Marian Sullivan and her team has showrooms all over the United States and provides retailers everything from permanent florals and foliage to gifts and home décor.

Our Legacy Feature: Jim Clark Other Highlights: • Businesses Exemplify ‘It’s Better To Give Than Receive’ • Building Personal Connections In Marketing • Best Business Gifts of 2011 • Non-Profit Organizations Found In Sioux Falls Ministry Center • To Franchise Or Not To Franchise

January-February 2012 On Our Cover: C  heri Kraemer/Pharmacy Specialties, Inc. In 2001, Cheri Kraemer started a compoundingonly pharmacy that develops customized treatment plans and focuses on medication problem-solving. Pharmacy Specialties, Inc. (PSI) offers consulting for men and women in many areas like pain management, hormone imbalances, specialized disease management and nutrition.

Our Legacy Feature: Dick Sayre Other Highlights: • The Benefits Of Hiring An Ad Agency • Taking Advantage Of Tax Breaks • Working Co-ops Help Build Small Businesses • Being Sustainable Is Obtainable • Cloud Computing

March-April 2012 On Our Cover: CHR Solutions As communication service providers for the last 60 years, CHR Solutions offers consulting, engineering, software and managed services. Their “all hands on deck” philosophy makes them a national leader among telecommunication companies.

Our Legacy Feature: Betty Ordal Other Highlights: • Going Green: A Natural Investment For Business • First Impressions: Interior Designers Prove Helpful • Changing The Agriculture Culture • Professional Spring Cleaning: A Good Investment? • Lloyd Companies: A Sioux Falls Staple For 40 Years

May-June 2012

2012 ll our a o t s k Than and s r o t u b i contr or a f s r e d a re year! t s r i f c i fantast


Other Highlights: •T  ourism: Big Business For Local Economy •R  aven Industries: A Business Within A Business • Sharpening Interview Skills • Living The American Dream • Meeting Places & Spaces


Our Legacy Feature: Larry Ritz


On Our Cover: Dave Austad/Austad’s Golf For almost 50 years, Dave Austad and the employees at Austad’s Golf have worked hard to make the game fun and enjoyable to his customers, constantly looking at ways on how to speed up play, cut the cost and make the game more fun.



Multiple Personalities Businesses Differentiate with New Designs

By Chrissy Spoo completely renovated to upgrade every aspect of the hotel. The project added eight suites and expanded the presidential suite by 500 square feet, upgraded meeting rooms and gave the exterior a complete refresh, including a new drive-under entrance and cornice work. First impressions are important. In the business world, a customer’s first impression can often set the tone for the entire business relationship, and curb appeal—or the way your business appears both inside and out to potential customers—is key to making a positive first impression. That’s why renovations can be a very important investment for a business. Taking your company’s interior and exterior look from drab to fab is more than a facelift or a makeover for appearance sake alone, it’s a conscious business decision that provides a measurable return. Three Sioux Falls businesses that have recently undergone extensive renovations share the strategy behind their redesigns and how they’re weighing the fiscal return.

The Grand Dame As a mainstay of the downtown scene, the Holiday Inn City Centre had lost a bit of its luster as the premier downtown hotel and the largest hotel in South Dakota, according to Michelle Lamphere, Executive of Operations for Lester Hospitality, the hotel’s owner. When Lester Hospitality purchased the hotel in August 2009, a renovation was one of the first things on the agenda for the new owners. Lamphere described the hotel as a “Grand Dame” who needed a bit of a makeover. Nearly $5.4 million later, the hotel’s 299 rooms, meeting rooms, lobby, ballrooms, restaurant and recreational areas have been

Lamphere said the hotel has also added some comfort amenities for guests to enjoy in the hotel’s common areas, including a terrace complex behind the lounge and restaurant that includes entertainment options, such as Apple TVs, Wii stations, a lending library and firepits. Lamphere says the renovation’s focus was to give the hotel a fresh and modern appearance, while keeping a warm, inviting, welcoming feel that is well-suited to the needs of the hotel’s various clientele—from wedding parties and family reunions to meetings and events. But measuring the return on that multi-million dollar investment is a little more difficult to put a finger on. According to Lamphere, there are a lot of factors that play into tracking ROI, from monitoring revenue and sales

Commercial Insurance specializing in: Agriculture | Construction | Healthcare | Hospitality Manufacturing | Non-Profit | Retail/Wholesale

First impressions do matter, and having a space that communicates to customers what the company is about from their first steps inside the door is a vital part of any company marketing plan.

Personal Insurance specializing in: Home | Car | Boat | RV | ATV | Umbrella Life and Health Insurance specializing in: Employee Benefits | Wellness | Consulting

A Certain Freedom

numbers to examining traffic and room nights. “The improving economy, increased traffic, changes in marketing plans—there’s a lot of different components, but we feel that a significant part of our ability to drive room revenue and attract customers back year after year or meeting after meeting is determined by the quality of our product.”

The Corner Office



9:50 AM

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The firm’s added visibility on one of the city’s main thoroughfares has helped to gain exposure, but it’s the intangibles that Sudbeck says have helped them measure a return on their investment in the new location. With parking adjacent to the building, their own entrance and additional signage, the relocation has been “fantastic” and much easier for the firm’s clients. 



“We pride ourselves on practicing law the right way with integrity and character, so we looked for a building that reflected that character.”

Sioux Falls + St. Paul (800-584-7054)


For 35 years, the law offices of Boyce Greenfield Pasby and Welk were crammed into the 6th floor of the Wells Fargo building downtown. As a growing law firm, partner Roger Sudbeck said they were simply running out of space and options were sparse. After looking at locations on the south side of town, the firm decided to make a commitment to the downtown area and jumped on an opportunity to move into a historic space on the corner of 11th & Main. The “gem” of a new location communicates the firm’s identity to its clients, Sudbeck says.



The Design Experts After decades of helping other businesses design their own architectural identities, TSP made a significant investment in it’s own footprint this year and completed a total renovation on its building on West Avenue across from the arena. The result is an open space that fosters collaboration, drives creativity and innovation and maximizes efficiencies. Michelle Holter, one of two project architects at TSP, said the firm was challenged by bad design: the original structure had been added onto to create a labyrinth of offices that did little to foster collaboration. The new space features a design studio that puts all of the firm’s architects, designers, and engineers into one large open space and improves communication. Even the cubicle walls are designed to foster collaboration with lower heights that allow individuals to easily communicate across the space. In addition, Holter said the firm designed several informal meeting areas where employees can get away from their desks and hold impromptu meetings to collaborate on projects and foster creative communications. TSP also focused on bringing the outdoors inside by opening up the front of the building and incorporating natural light features into its design. “Now we have clients who can come into our building and appreciate our creativity and the work we do,” Holter said. “Previously we were in a ’70s era building that didn’t show off our skills. Now people can be ‘wowed’ by the work that we do.”

For Holter and the other team members at TSP, appearances are the lifeblood of their business, with customers making snap judgments on whether to hire the firm based on the space that it’s architects and designers are working in. In all three renovations, a common theme emerged: first impressions do matter, and having a space that communicates to customers what the company is about from their first steps inside the door is a vital part of any company marketing plan… it’s an investment with many happy returns.

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Amazing Entertainment by The Wild Colonial Bhoys!


DAVID R. OLSON FOR BEING RECOGNIZED ON THE BARRON’S TOP 1,000 LIST. David was ranked No. 1 in the state of South Dakota.

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can you afford

(Not) To Have An Attorney? What Local Lawyers Want You To Know

By Elizabeth Duffy Among the endless decisions involved with running a business is whether or not to hire a business attorney. Many small business owners fail to consult an attorney because they think it is too expensive or that only large corporations need an attorney. But as the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Brian Kirby, partner at Lindquist & Vennum in downtown Sioux Falls, has been advising businesses, large and small, for over 20 years. Kirby encourages both prospective and existing business owners to seek professional advice, ask questions, and get organized. “Assemble a team of professionals you trust,” he says, and recommends including an attorney, a CPA, and a financial advisor in your team. “Being organized will show the public you know what you’re doing,” says Kirby.

At Home in Sioux Falls Kirby is one of seven seasoned attorneys on staff with Lindquist’s Sioux Falls office who join 160 attorneys in Minneapolis and 16 in Denver focusing their practice on business, banking, regulation, litigation, corporate law, trusts and estate planning. Lindquist opened the Sioux Falls office on March 1st. “We saw an opportunity to expand what we do for our clients in Minnesota, South Dakota and elsewhere by attracting some of Sioux Falls’ most prominent attorneys,” says Dennis O’Malley, the managing partner of Lindquist & Vennum, based in Minneapolis. “We already had strong ties to South Dakota and therefore it seemed only natural to open an office in Sioux Falls.” Lindquist has been serving various business, financial, and individual clients in the Sioux Falls area for more than 20 years. Now in their temporary office on 9th and Dakota,

Lindquist can officially call Sioux Falls home. “Culturally, it is a good fit for us and the fact that South Dakota generally, and that Sioux Falls in particular, has a strong economic

base and made our expansion decisions relatively easy. We’re glad to be here,” says O’Malley.

Experience the Difference

Protecting Your Future With a significant portion of their representation being business clients, Lindquist’s attorneys are well-versed in what business owners should consider. Lee Magnuson, the partner in charge of Lindquist’s Sioux Falls office, references the historic tagline, “you can pay me now or you can pay me later.” He explains, “Business owners should work with their attorney to better protect the owner’s business from litigation. The attorney and business owner can work together and spend fewer dollars now to formulate safeguards that reduce the likelihood of expensive litigation in the future. Examples include preparation of an employee handbook, a review of key contracts, and a review of insurance coverage.” Kirby agrees that business owners can prevent future conflict by seeking professional advice before making important business decisions. “Get your ducks in a row before you start waddling,” quips Kirby.

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Work Better, Smarter, Stronger ... Experience the Difference Spherion Makes! If you thought Spherion® was just a staffing company, think again! While it’s true we have 65 years of experience filling administrative, light industrial, contact center, non-clinical healthcare and professional positions; our goal is so much greater. The right hire can expedite productivity, infuse creativity into solutions, bring efficiency to offices, and improve business operations—this is our mission!

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Kirby’s advice is ultimately to find an attorney you can trust. Ask friends, family, and other successful business owners who they use. Nothing is more reliable than word of mouth. The key is to find an attorney who fits your business goals as well as your personality. Sioux Falls is blessed with many reputable business attorneys, but to choose the right one, “you have to feel comfortable, trust them, like them. It is an intimate relationship.” Kirby says that for many clients, he not only handles corporate issues, but also addresses any estate planning or criminal matters that may arise. “As an attorney, you become part of the family.” When it comes to determining whether a business needs an attorney, Kirby’s philosophy is “you don’t know what you don’t know.” In other words, you may not need legal services, but you won’t know unless you ask. A reputable business lawyer will advise you which legal services, if any, are needed. “Am I saying every lemonade stand that opens on the corner should consult an attorney? Well...yes.”


Part of the Family


The legal services a business needs will depend on the type, size, and goals of the business. One of the first decisions is whether to create a legal entity. Legal entities like a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Corporation can serve as methods for creating capital, protection against personal liability, avenues for vision and solidity, or as a mechanism to expand the business.

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You should leave something better than you found it.


STEVE METLI: Visionary, Innovator, Planner

Migrations Spark Interest Steve came from a military family, and was one of six children—four boys and two girls. Like most military families, a majority of his adolescence was comprised of moving from one military base to another. However, Steve credits the forced migrations as a way to overcome his shyness and become more adaptable in new situations. “My siblings and I were very close,” says Steve. “Most of us went to 13 or 14 different schools before we graduated high school, so we depended on one another quite a bit. I think we all came out of it with the ability to be comfortable around new people. In the end, it served us all pretty well.”

Metli Metli

In 1963, Steve graduated from O’Gorman High School and then attended the University of South Dakota for two years. He took a sabbatical from school to enlist in the Army. He later spent two years working as an intelligence agent in

In 1970, Steve returned back to the University of South Dakota to complete his undergraduate degree in Government. Steve quickly gained the attention of influential professor William “Doc” Farber, who became Steve’s friend and mentor. He always found a way to challenge Steve intellectually as well as strongly encourage him to consider a life of public service. “Dr. Farber, more than anyone, pointed me towards city planning,” says Steve. “He even helped me get my first job, which was with the Southeastern Council of Governments, a regional planning agency. Our favorite pastime was to debate the merits of local governments, like the City of Sioux Falls versus state government, and where the power should be. I was always an advocate that it should be at the lowest level possible and closest to the people.” Steve worked for the Southeastern Council of Governments for three years, until former mayor Rick Knobe hired him as city director of planning and building services for the City of Sioux Falls. Steve spent over three decades heading up the city’s planning department, as well as working collectively to complete important projects aimed at improving the quality of life in Sioux Falls. During his time in office, the population of Sioux Falls nearly doubled in size, from 75,000 to over 141,000 residents. The city also became a major regional center for health, culture, education, recreation and job growth. “I hired Steve because we were looking to plan more things in place of simply reacting to them,” says the former Mayor Knobe. “The city’s emphasis on planning was very mini- 


Steve spent over 30 years envisioning and implementing projects that range from the Phillips to the Falls Project, to downtown development, to expanding the city’s extraordinary park system. Each project crafted the city of Sioux Falls, as well as changed it for the better. Furthermore, the success of these projects was rooted in Steve’s leadership, vision, dedication, and his ability to address the tough challenges Sioux Falls faced with persistence and resolve.


On any given day, families all over Sioux Falls have the opportunity to enjoy more than 20 miles of bike trails, numerous city parks and green spaces, as well as beautiful Falls Park. However, these landmarks are more than just a charming pastime, they also commemorate the legacy of visionary city planner, Steve Metli.

Germany during the Vietnam War. “I lived in Germany twice as a child and then again during the Vietnam War, and I quickly discovered that I had a great interest in city and urban planning,” says Steve. “European cities are so far ahead of us as far as protecting their natural areas and making their cities more livable. It greatly influenced how I looked at city and urban planning. In fact, one of the first plans I worked on for the city of Sioux Falls was the Sioux River Greenway Plan, bicycle trails, soccer fields and natural areas. My goal for those projects was to protect all of the 100-year flood plain and not allow development into it, like so many other cities have done.”


By Ashley Sandborn


mal at that time and I wanted to change that. Steve was extremely successful in getting the planning process not only going but functioning well. It quickly became a wellrespected part of the Sioux Falls municipal government. His leadership and his way of working with the city staff, his own staff and the developers in town worked out to everyone’s advantage.”

Instrumental in the Redevelopment of Sioux Falls Three decades ago, Falls Park was a run-down and dangerous part of Sioux Falls. It was inundated with junkyards, thugs and crime, and the river was full of pollution runoff. Furthermore, the Big Sioux River was hidden from view by huge smoke stacks and feed mills. “I know it’s hard to believe when you see Falls Park today, but there was a time when you didn’t want to go down there in the daytime, and especially late at night,” says Knobe. “The redevelopment of Falls Park was truly monumental, and it changed the city considerably.” In the 1980s, Steve was assigned to be project manager for the cleanup of Falls Park, and he was instrumental in the transformation of the park, which went from a waste dump to a prominent landmark, that 500,000 people visit each year. Other big projects Steve tackled during his tenure as city planner include: establishing city growth areas for Sioux Falls, as well as putting in place proper water, sewage, drainage, and police and fire protection for the city. He also served as project manager for the

construction of the Sioux Falls Convention Center, and led the rejuvenation and restoration of the city’s oldest area, downtown Sioux Falls. “Steve is the greatest planner that I have ever known,” says Craig Lloyd, CEO of Lloyd Companies. “To be able to keep his dream as well as others’ alive for 30 plus years, especially through several mayors, changes in government, is truly remarkable. His legacy will be remembered through the numerous projects he worked on, such as Phillips to the Falls, the River Greenway Project, and bike trails.”

An Invaluable Mentor, Friend Friends and former colleagues agree that Steve is a compassionate and driven individual who has been an invaluable mentor and friend to many. He has also been a guide for whom many future city officials can learn a lot from, and one of the greatest city planners this city will ever know. “I was drawn to the vision, charisma, and passion that Steve radiates for Sioux Falls and this region,” says Erica Beck, executive director with the Lincoln and Minnehaha County Economic Development Association. “He is a model of progressive and proactive city government and I best characterize him as someone who can get things done by thinking outside the box. It was an honor to work with him at the City of Sioux Falls and it is even

Retired Yet Still Working Steve retired from the city’s planning department in 2005, and later went on to work at First Bank and Trust for five years. “We often refer to Steve as the Walking CD ROM of Sioux Falls,” says Brian Thompson, CEO of First Bank & Trust.

“Treat your city like your own living room.” “Always leave something better than you found it.”

’s rite y: ve vo e B v Ste /Fa Li ice to dv s A rd o W

more of an honor for me to call him a mentor and family friend.”

“I ’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

“I’ve never met anyone who knows more about Sioux Falls or who was such a visionary for the planning of Sioux Falls.” Steve is still heavily involved in various organizations in the Sioux Empire such as: the Zoological Society of Sioux Falls, South Dakota Achieve, and McCrossan Boys Ranch. He also works with the South Dakota Catholic Foundation and is an ardent booster of O’Gorman High School. He is a board member for First Bank & Trust, and several boards associated with downtown development.

It’s nice to know you, Sioux Falls. If the new law firm in town appears familiar, chances are good that you’ve worked with one of our attorneys or know our reputation in

was right to strengthen our ties and broaden our capabilities with


an office in Sioux Falls. Our newest partners are among Sioux Falls’


the business community. After serving our South Dakota clients from Minneapolis and Denver for more than 20 years, we felt the timing

most talented and a great complement to the firm’s client and public service objectives. They are backed by more than 180 colleagues in more than 20 practice areas—all eager to get better acquainted and be of service to you.


Over the past three decades, Steve Metli has been tantamount to the development and growth of Sioux Falls, and his vision is firmly imprinted in the various projects he spearheaded. Steve has been a major force in not only transforming the City of Sioux Falls, but also improving the well-being of an entire community. He always saw the potential Sioux Falls had to offer, and never stopped believing in what the city could eventually become. He’s one of the reasons future generations will be able to enjoy city parks and various other landmarks here in our wonderful city. Furthermore, he managed to turn an ordinary community into a progressive metropolitan area with endless possibilities. “I loved every minute that I worked for the city,” says Steve. “There was never a day that I didn’t enjoy going to work. My philosophy has always been that you should leave something better than you found it, and I think I managed to do that.”



By Ashley Sandborn

Clark Engineering 3D Laser Scanning Technology Helps Engineering Firm Inspect a Century-Old Bridge in Sioux Falls BY ASHLEY SANDBORN Laser scanning is a versatile tool that has completely revolutionized the building restoration process as well as the field of engineering. The technology can be applied to a multitude of surveying challenges, such as complex, inaccessible and irregularly shaped structures. Clark Engineering Corporation, a structural and civil engineering firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but with offices in Sioux Falls, currently has a variety of projects that have and will utilize laser-scanning technology. Past projects have included grain silos, church steeples, high-rise buildings, and sport stadium roofs. However, their most current and perhaps most notable project is inspection of the 8th Street Bridge in Sioux Falls. Several years ago, three Sioux Falls bridges were deemed structurally deficient by the federal government, requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement in the future. While still safe for pedestrian and vehicle travel, the 8th Street

Bridge downtown had pieces of concrete missing as well as significant cracks in its structure. Engineers had difficulty finding the original construction plans due to it being nearly a century old. “The bridge is 100 years old this year and no original construction plans can be found for the structure, which makes it difficult to prepare rehabilitation documents,” said David Burwitz, office manager for Clark Engineering Corporation. “Our laser scanner creates an actual three dimensional computer model that we can use to capture structural element dimensions for load analysis and future rehabilitation design plans for this bridge.” Laser scanning will also be used on the bridge where precise measurements are required. “The 3D model provided by the laser scanning equipment could be especially helpful in the future when it comes time to reconstruct or rehabilitate the

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3D scanning technology was first used in and around 1960. It was used in construction projects to accurately recreate objects without established construction documents. Early scanners used projectors, lights and cameras to probe the object. Despite it taking a great deal of time to get an accurate scan, it was still a worthwhile tool. Later versions, even though more accurate and easier to use, were still replaced with what’s available today, the laser scanner. Laser scanning first became available in the United States in the mid-1990s. Since then, it has quickly become an industry standard as a way to make accurate measurements in challenging environments. “The scanner, in just a few fast setups, can map an entire structure in a few hours—whereas obtaining the structure information by hand requires significantly more personnel and labor time,” said Burwitz. “It also allows us to obtain this information safely by minimizing our personnel exposure to hazardous situations by 

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“The laser scanner is helpful for our business in a variety of ways,” said Burwitz. “First, it provides us with an accurate, fast, and safe method to obtain infrastructure information. Secondly, it provides good method for video presentations and downloads to 3D modeling and design software.”

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In short, laser scanning is a process of taking three-dimensional special images, which capture millions of coordinates quickly and accurately into photo-realistic images. These images provide a dimensional location of a point that can be turned into 3D models and 2D plans. Moreover, the revolutionary technology has proven to be extremely beneficial to Clark Engineering, as well as to engineering firms across the world.


bridge,” said Wes Philips, principle engineer for the city of Sioux Falls. “The precise measurements that can be taken from the 3D model will allow designers to produce a very accurate design.”

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limiting the number of access locations required, or by allowing structural information to be obtained at a safe stand-off distance.� Although laser scanning has been around for fifty years, its newest permutation will continue to advance projects in Sioux Falls and around the world. It has made structural engineering faster, safer and more efficient for Clark Engineering and its employees. As the engineering firm moves forward with other projects in Sioux Falls, and continuing to monitor the condition of the 8th Street Bridge, the people of Sioux Falls will continue to reap the benefits of laser engineering for decades.

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Laser scanning tool that has revolutionized restoration

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Sioux Falls Business Magazine July-August 2012  

Sioux Falls Business Magazine July-August 2012

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