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Letter from the Founder

The thing I like best about this holiday season is that it gives us an opportunity to tell our family and friends just how much they mean to us. It's so easy to get caught up in the drama and distractions of our everyday lives that we sometimes forget to share our feelings with those who mean the most to us. This issue has some very intriguing articles, everything from health and fitness to one of the best artist in South Florida. We are preparing new and exciting improvements, and we are going to keep you informed about what’s new and relevant.

May the gifts of the season... peace, hope, love, health and happiness be yours throughout the New Year


Winter White at Any Age We are quickly approaching holiday party season which means one thing – we all need something fabulous to wear! In a sea of red, green, silver, gold, and black, winter white makes a bold and sophisticated statement. Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50+, you’ll be sure to turn heads when you walk into a party wearing winter white.

Styled By Erika from Your Chic is Showing www.yourchicisshowing.com

Chic (ˈshēk ) adj. chic·er, chic·est 1. conforming to the current fashion; stylish 2. adopting or setting current fashions and styles; sophisticated n. 1. the quality or state of being stylish; fashionableness 2. sophistication in dress and manner; elegance 14

December | January 2014


BOOKS Her thesis later became The Sons and Daughters of Ham trilogy, spanning 1992 – 1996. After being represented by two high-powered literary agents (including one at ICM), and a long and winding tale that included an extended career pit stop on Wall Street, she finally decided to self-publish her novel trilogy.

A son's death. A mother's grief. Accusations. Condemnation. Guilt. Alienation. What is left of a family in the aftermath of violence? Set in East Flatbush, Brooklyn; Trinidad; Barbados: Northern California; and throughout the globe, The Sons and Daughters of Ham is the story of a Caribbean-American family, An African American young man, violence, choice, and destiny. The Sons and Daughters of Ham, Book I: A Requiem, is the first book in Petra E. Lewis' powerful inter-generational and historical literary-fiction trilogy. The books' concept started with three acts of violence in the author's own life—the final one being the murder of a young man. This led to a question: "Why is it so easy for Black and Brown young men to kill each other— and where did this mindset come from?" Seeking answers, this stunning debut fiction trilogy is Petra E. Lewis' heartbreaking answer to "Why?“ When Lewis was seven or nine years old, she read Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, and it changed her life: She knew that she wanted to grow up to be a writer. The three acts of violence in her 20s that made Lewis question this violence's genesis also inspired her thesis for the MFA degree she was pursuing at the time. 16

December | January 2014

“One of the hardest things in the world is to get a literary agent—much less one at ICM. This before I even left grad school,” says Lewis. “I thought I had it all sewn up. That I was on my way to a lucrative advance and book contract. What I didn’t realize is that book publishing is a blood sport, and that I was in for a painful, and sometimes frustrating publishing odyssey.” However, the continued urgency of the topic that first inspired her literary-fiction trilogy—urban gun violence—also fueled her decision to persist, and eventually self-publish, after the interest of several mainstream publishers failed to materialize into a book contract. After two decades as an “armchair activist” on the topic of urban gun violence, Lewis came to the conclusion that two primary things were fueling the violence: economics and low self-esteem— and that the two were intertwined. As a result, after being laid off from her job as a Vice President and communications executive at a global financial services firm in December 2012, she came up with a concept call the Innovation Centers. The Centers will teach STEM (science; technology; engineering; and math); entrepreneurial; and leadership skills to Black and Brown teens and twenty -somethings in several Brooklyn neighborhoods that are hotspots for violence. That’s as specific as Lewis will get for now, but she shared that has several powerful nonprofit partners on board for the concept—to be executed under the umbrella of a social venture consultancy she’s founding. Since leaving Wall Street, she also started BookStar Business Ghostwriting + Development, a full-service ghostwriting and self-publishing firm that targets corporate and nonprofit executives and small-business entrepreneurs—partially inspired by her own frustration with mainstream publishing.


Lewis was born in Trinidad and emigrated to the US just shy of four years old. After attending public schools in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, for high school she won a scholarship through ABC (A Better Chance) to attend a boarding school. Her boarding school campus was featured in the Robin Williams’ film Dead Poets Society. Attending boarding school changed the trajectory of her life. She went on to receive two degrees from Columbia University. “By self-publishing, I decided to step out on faith,” says Lewis, “And manifest that dream that stumbling upon The Bluest Eye while browsing through my parents’ bookshelf sowed in me as a girl decades ago.” Book I in the trilogy debuts February 2014. To preorder your copy today, visit: http://hamnovels.com/buy-the-book/ To book Lewis for a mobile “Ham & Vine” literary salon (Lewis comes to you) or speaking engagement, please visit: http://hamnovels.com/ contact/

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CinagrOrganic LLC owner, Giovan Lane, lends her proficiency as a research scientist to the cinagrOrganic brand, utilizing her expertise with over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. At a young age she was surrounded by the hair industry by helping her mother as a hairdresser, where her passion of hair care took on a mind of its’ own. Not fully understanding the unlimited potential her Biology degree obtained from Virginia State University would have, adding to that her love of hair, Giovan realized after a devastating hair setback, that she would then utilize her research and development savvy in her own kitchen. Formulating concoctions made from organic ingredients, she dedicated her knowledge for the purpose of making her hair healthy to the success of the product line, which she is now sharing with the world, with the intent to help women and girls obtain healthy hair. With the ambition to educate ethnic women of the importance in maintaining natural beauty while protecting the environment, cinagrOrganic LLC was formed. By using organic herbs and oils, Giovan has formulated a product line that ensures high quality and greater efficacy through the use of naturally based ingredients. The purpose at cinagrOrganic is to utilize formulations that support certified organic, all-natural, and socially responsible ingredients. By sourcing great ingredients the environment is supported from production, to use by clients, and beyond. Visit www.bourgeoisiemag.com

December | January 2014 |


Envy McKee “Giovan is on the pulse of revolutionizing how women grow, care for and beautify their natural gorgeous hair. “

Mwanamke Jordan “ Let me just say I think your ShedArrest is the best new hair product I’ve tried in years! Kudos to you!”


December | January 2014


Our Mission To create simple, natural and healthy hair-care solutions, while advocating a healthy hair-care lifestyle

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lexander Anthony Mijares, an adept and young cognoscente of art has taken the world by surprise. A Miami native with Cuban and Spanish roots, nouveau artist Mijares has used his city and heritage’s colorful energy as a backdrop and great source of creativity for his work. Encompassing fine art, paintings,

murals, Mijares’ passion for artistry ultimately exudes through many of his remarkable works. Alexander Anthony Mijares has a keen eye for drawing inspiration for his paintings from faraway exotic locales while traveling abroad or simply observing the placid beauty of daily life and capturing the spirit that emanates naturally. In addition to his esteemed collaborations with international artists Pez, Desire Obtain Cherish, and Kenor, he has headlined various high profile events such as Art Basel, the world’s premier international art show for contemporary work and Art Wynwood, which features local and national artists on the rise in Miami, Florida. Moreover, connoisseur Mijares has garnered international acclaim for his avant-garde exhibitions in New York City’s Times Square and upscale communities like the uberfamous Hamptons. Recently, he was distinguished by Elite Daily as a Top 10 Influential Artist of 2013.


December | January 2014


Every piece of art created by Mijares has significant meaning to him with a sense of obligatory purpose which comes across on the canvas. Life experience is a creative impetus for Mijares, who believes “a day without meeting someone new is a day wasted.” “I use bright colors and quick lines which makes the painting almost seen as dancing”, said Mijares in admiration of his artwork. With no apparent signs of slowing down, Alexander Mijares, accepts his success with a huge dose of grace and humility, says a “lot of emotion” goes into creating his work—ultimately, he just wants to enthrall his viewers and create an affinity towards art in young people. Alex has found himself involved in various artistic endeavors throughout South Florida, following a successful opening exhibit on February 23, 2012. He also runs a family business and recently completed his MBA. Currently, as of Bourgeoisie magazine press release time, Mijares is embarking on a goodwill tour of Haiti by donating his efforts through artwork and other philanthropic efforts.

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By Tiffany Maya

Jerusalem, Israel, the city where Jesus was born, one of the oldest cities in the world, is responsible for yet another ingenious creator. Ezra Gozo Mansur, would go on to become one of the top competitors in the world of photography. Israel, being a global magnet of many cultures, Mansur began to observe each one of them. He would go on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from Hebrew University in 1977. Soon after he traveled to New York, New York to study photography at the School of Visual Arts. It was there that Ezra fell in love with creating images, and from then on became a way of life. The ideas he would create gave him satifaction and would always challenge him. Mr. Mansur makes certain that his pictures are very clean, composed, and colorful. He ensures that the subject always sparks one's interest, persuades the viewer to stop, and allow they're thoughts and imagination to sprint in another direction. By 1984, Ezra Gozo Mansur opened his studio in New York City, New York. We asked Mr. Mansur, "What is your advice to someone to trying to become a photographer?" Ezra advised that it's hard work and the aspiring photographer would have to take a lot of photographs to develop his or her own style; and be open to and ready for rejection. He says that he has many favorite photos and it would be very hard to choose any one photo in particular.


December | January 2014


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Physical Therapy Provided in a Gym Setting By Advance Physical Therapy Network – David Orlando PT, DPT

The American Physical Therapy Association defines a physical therapist as a health care professional who diagnoses and treats individuals of all ages who have medical problems or other health-related conditions that limit their abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. This definition coincides with the mission statement of any modern, inclusive fitness center. This ideological parallel creates a perfect environment to rehabilitate injuries and return to a healthy lifestyle. Physical therapy done in a fitness center setting provides numerous physical and psychological benefits.


December | January 2014

A large scale fitness center boasts new state of the art equipment for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. This equipment can be essential in the recovery process. Often times, rehabilitation protocols call for specialized exercises or intensive therapy on specific machinery. Some of this equipment can often be too expensive for smaller private clinics to afford. In this situation, a patient will need to modify their rehabilitation which can slow progress. This is not an issue in the fitness center setting. Fitness centers also boast a variety of health experts including personal trainers, yoga instructors, and massage therapists. All of these staff members can provide a well-rounded approach to the postrehabilitation return to a healthy lifestyle.


Rehabilitation in a fitness center offers a health driven, positive environment that facilitates maximum recovery potential. Not only do patients of all ages gain confidence and motivation to push themselves, but they are also able to consult with personal trainers, nutritionists and other fitness professionals at the conclusion of their physical therapy who will help to guide them in a fitness or self-maintenance program. Psychologically, rehabilitation in a fitness center offers a more well-rounded approach to working in a small private clinical setting. Research shows that during the rehabilitation process, it is important to assimilate with individuals across the health and physical ability spectrum to provide motivation and peer modeling. When an individual is hurt or not functioning at an optimal level, exercising with others who are at a higher functional level can provide motivation. Often times, private or independent physical therapy clinics cannot provide this.

Often times, finishing physical therapy and returning to normal daily exercise and function can be a physically and mentally daunting task filled with uncertainty. By transitioning into a gym program in a fitness center with a physical therapy clinic, patients may rest assured knowing their progression is monitored by the knowledgeable fitness staff who has been briefed by the physical therapist after discharge. This ensures a safe transition into an active lifestyle. Visit www.bourgeoisiemag.com

December | January 2014 |


At Advance Physical Therapy Network, a team of motivated physical therapists are dedicated to returning you back to a normal functional level so you can achieve your goals and return to a healthy lifestyle. This can be effectively achieved in a state of the art setting where you are motivated to maintain healthy lifestyle decisions by fitness experts. If this experience sounds right for you, contact us today for a free screening or formal evaluation to begin physical therapy today.


December | January 2014


Hamstring Strains and Why Stretching Doesn’t Work By Advance Physical Therapy Network – Baron Tang, PT, DPT, FMS, SFMA

Are you a runner/athlete? Ever notice how many, many high level athletes continually deal with hamstring strains throughout their entire careers (i.e. Tony Parker, Vernon Davis, numerous baseball players)? Perhaps you deal with strains, pulled muscles, or “tweaks,” yourself. Our first instinct is to stretch while resting is our second. If the answer is as simple as merely stretch and/or rest why then do we continue to get the same exact pains that, seemingly, never go away? Maybe stretching isn’t the answer. Maybe the answer is quite a bit more complex than that. There are three grades to muscle strains: Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. A Grade 1 strain is a mild muscle strain, more commonly known as a “pulled muscle.” Grade 2 strains are partial tears that rarely ever require surgery. Grade 3 strains are full muscle tears that may sometimes require surgery.


December | January 2014

Typically, Grade 1 strains are the ones that respond in a matter of a few days and respond well to rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE). Some Grade 2 strains respond well to the RICE treatment as well, but typically take a few weeks/months to fully heal. Grade 3 strains may take even longer to heal and may require surgery to encourage full recovery. Once someone experiences an injury, he/she is 300% more likely to reinjure the area. This is part of the problem of chronic strains. This should not be considered a sentence or a curse, however. Part of this 300% increase in likelihood of injury is because of all the secondary biomechanical/movement pattern changes that occur after the body goes into protective mode. In Grade 1, 2 and even some Grade 3 strains, this is where the magic is; where you can do something to stop the cycle of pain—reinjury.


Hamstring strains happen to be one of my favorite diagnoses to treat because of the complexity that comes into what we thought was such a simple diagnosis/treatment. More often than not, hamstrings are pulled/strained during symmetrical tasks (i.e. running!) in the face of an a symmetry, or an unequality from one side to another. It only takes a small asymmetry extrapolated over a long duration of time/large amount of steps to add up to a real problem. Flexibility is crucial to minimizing the effects of a true strain; however, not all muscles are short and thus require stretching. Many times, muscles are “stiff” because they are compensating for another body part that is moving either too much or not enough. Cases like these will actually worsen with stretching as you further destabilize your body causing even more stiffness. Whether the “stiffness” is coming from a hypo/hyper mobile hip, knee or ankle or an even less obvious dysfunction such as decreased arm pumping or decreased trunk rotation, it’s important to never look at an injury as an isolated problem. After all, the hamstring is a part of your body and plays a role in multiple connections throughout the body. This goes for hamstring strains, Achilles or patellar tendonitis, many back pains as well as other muscular tension dysfunctions. The hamstrings are very powerful two joint muscles that help propel you forward at top speeds and are essential to unlock our movements/performance. If you have a pain/strain holding you back from performing at your best, give us a call and we’d be happy to provide a full body movement assessment to decrease your pain while unlocking your full potential.

Advance Physical Therapy Network Contact info 934 N. University Dr, Suite 219 Coral Springs, FL 33071 Attention: Rafael Canelo Telephone - (954) 323-2247 Email – info@aptncare.com Visit www.bourgeoisiemag.com

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By Camilo Layne | Photography By David Lee | Stylist By Lissette Maiorisi 52

December | January 2014


Photo David Lee

Bold. Energetic. Pulsating. Mesmerizing. Just a few words that described JRand’s recent performance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Currently, JRand is embarking on nationwide tour promoting his latest video and EP release entitled, “Ride” featuring Miami rapper Flo-Rida. Born Josh Paul Randall of Delray Beach, Florida, JRand lists Stevie Wonder, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Kanye West as a few of his musical influences. The Florida-based R&B crooner, who calls himself a “soulful lyricist”, adopted his infamous eponym of JRand to appeal to a wider audience.

Photo David Lee

" Suddenly, the vocal notes miraculously began oozing from his throat. “

Although JRand has a great passion for music, he wanted to be labeled more than just a singer. Considered a nouveau triple threat, the Cuban-American JRand is a dazzling entertainer, singer and actor. He caught the acting bug and received small roles in the Selena Gomez-James Franco movie, Spring Breakers and Tom Cruise's, Rock of Ages. He also had a role on an episode of Burn Notice as well as The Glades. JRand has even appeared in ad campaigns for the Hershey Company. Having previously worked as a wedding and local nightclub singer, JRand took his musical career into full gear with the release of his first single, “Spirit of the Radio” which was featured on the Step Up 3D soundtrack. 54

December | January 2014

The following year, he released his second single "Can't Sleep" featuring T-Pain. In 2012, JRand released "Up Against the Wall" from his mixtape Heart Break Kid. The music video for the song currently has over one million views on YouTube. The rising R&B pop star from Delray Beach, Florida is currently signed to the Poe Boy Music Group. Before the age of 21, he wrote songs for Miamibased rappers Trina and Flo Rida. JRand has also lent his talents by recording with T-Pain and Akon. He eve ntua lly s igned a recording deal w it h Geffen-Interscope records

ultimately releasing his mixtape anthem “Up Against the Wall” in 2012. For pop and R&B singer JRand, a nightmare came to reality in 2011 when he was diagnosed with a vocal hemorrhage, similar to what pop artists Adele and John Mayer had suffered. The unfortunate experience forced him to not speak or sing for three straight months. "It was miserable. In a way, it changed my life. I lost a lot of friends; no one wants to hang out with the guy who doesn't talk,” said Rand of his illness. The timing couldn't have been worse. JRand was scheduled to sing for veteran record industry mogul Jimmy Iovine three days www.bourgeoisiemag.com

Photo David Lee

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after being allowed to speak for the first time. "I hadn't spoken a word in three months. I didn't know if I could sing well anymore. I went into the office and…" Suddenly, the vocal notes miraculously began oozing from his throat. The son of two athletes— his father being a boxer and mother being a marathon runner—JRand has been instilled with a strong work ethic since he was a kid performing Michael Jackson songs in karaoke bars and dressing up like Diddy to perform "big concerts" in his room. Perhaps as a subconscious harbinger for his own music, the singer obsessed over Usher's My Way and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's E. 1999 Eternal, two albums that deftly blended pop, rap and R&B with no regard for conventional musical boundaries. It was Eminem that gave JRand the confidence to explore a more personal, honest side of songwriting. "He was the guy saying things that no one would say," says J, who wrote his first song at 15. "Now as an artist, I feel the liberty to say things that pop singers won't say. Through him, I became a fan of artists that told their true story. He taught me that I didn't need any boundaries as a lyricist." After the breakup of JRand's bourgeoning rap group, he took his singing and dancing skills to one of the hardest circuits in music: weddings and bar mitzvahs. "That was the best training I've ever had because those crowds were so Photo David Lee tough and you'd have to be on your toes so much," says J Rand of his early beginnings in music. "My job was to make sure everyone at the event was dancing and having a good time. Every weekend while performing for weddings and bar mitzvahs he adopted the mantra “Prove to me that you can entertain me.'" It was an invaluable and humbling experience for the singer-songwriter.


December | January 2014


All of this history has gone into his, as-yet-untitled, debut album mix of pop, R&B and hip-hop which JRand co-wrote and co-produced. "Up Against the Wall," the album's lead single, is a sultry track that's equal parts slow jam and dance hit. It has quickly garnered more than 250,000 views on YouTube. "It's a vibe record," says J. "It's meant to make people dance in the club, have a good time and potentially help some people get pressed up against the wall in the club." "It was the biggest setback of my life," recalls J when he had a vocal hemorrhage. "I worked all this time and now it's gone. I was having all these opportunities happen and I thought I wouldn't be able to deliver but I got in the zone like nothing happened and just blocked it out of my mind." Needless to say, Iovine, and everyone else, was impressed, and JRand's debut album stands at the crossroads of dedication, talent and hard work. "I thought if this music wasn't going to work out, I'd go back to weddings and bar mitzvahs," says J Rand chuckling. He shouldn't have to worry about that anytime soon. Follow @JRANDHBK on Twitter & Instagram. New Single "Ride" ft. Flo Rida & T-Pain on I-Tunes Now!

Even as a stylist and self-proclaimed fashionista, dressing for the holidays can prove to be stressful. The influx of invitations and various dress codes (what is “festive holiday attire” exactly?) is enough to send anyone of over the edge! However, I’m here to help my customers navigate the holidays and look their best while doing it! Holiday Colors The holiday season provides us with a perfect excuse to wear red, green, silver and gold. But, don’t neglect other, classic, and more unexpected colors like navy, acai, or winter white. In a sea of traditional holiday colors, be sure to stand out from the crowd by wearing an unexpected hue. You could also try a new take on traditional holiday colors. For example, Tartan was all over the runways for Fall 2013. This traditional print is paired with luxe accents – like leather or fur (see: 3.1 Phillip Lim) – and goes way beyond your traditional kilt. Why not grab a sexy fur wrap, like the ones featured in Michael Kors’ fall show, a structured jacket, inspired by Mulberry, or an unexpected cocktail dress, as shown by Moschino? Traditional most certainly does not have to equal boring. Decoding the Dress Code How many times have you looked at the suggested attire for a holiday party and thought to yourself, “what does this even mean?” Or, how many times have you wrestled with what is appropriate for the office party vs family gathering vs bestie’s shindig? Worry no longer; I’ll help you decode the most confusing of dress codes. “Dress Your Best” or “Office Chic” Do not scratch your head about what to wear to the company holiday party. If the invitation says “dress your best” or “office chic” it’s basically code for “wear your work clothes.” Sure, you can ditch the jacket and add a sparkly necklace to your sheath or slather on burgundy lipstick or copper eye shadow, but, for the most part, keep it business as usual (no pun intended). At the end of the day, you are still representing your company so you want to keep it appropriate and remember not to show too much skin. A beautiful, solid-color shift or sheath dress makes an excellent base, as do monochromatic separates. Bring layering pieces that can be added or removed (like a jacket, scarf, or belt) to make the ensemble more party appropriate. Adding pops of color in your make-up, shoes, purse, and jewelry will easily switch you from day to night. “Black-tie Optional,” “Creative Black-tie,” or “Formal Attire” When presented with this option, short or long dresses can be appropriate. The key here is to combine fashion and function. Look for rich colors in comfortable fabrics. Again, a solid color base allows you to truly wow party goers with fantastic jewelry and accessories. Think classic and elegant – wear something you’ll want to wear over the next one, three, five, even ten holiday seasons. Another great option would be a fantastic cocktail dress. The holidays are a bit more fun and festive, so a cocktail dress in a luxe fabric – try brocade – could do just the trick! If you’re feeling extremely adventurous, try a nontraditional length like mid-calf/tea length or a hi-low dress in a deep color/sturdier fabric. 60

December | January 2014


“Festive Holiday Attire” Every year I receive a plethora of invitations with this dress code and every year I scratch my head, roll my eyes, and say “what?” Truthfully, this is more easily defined by what it is not. It is not a theme of any kind, a sweater with characters or other holiday adornments, any item of clothing that makes noise or lights up, or any outfit that will have you confused with an elf or the jolly one himself. Other than that, you’ve got free reign! If that much flexibility frightens you, try mixing beautiful patterns and colors with something casual and comforting – like denim. We all know that denim can be dressed up or down, and this is your perfect chance to do it! There is no shortage of dark, structured denim bottoms to serve as the base of your outfit. Then play with colors (go ahead and pull out those holiday staples), textures (no better excuse for sequins), layers (parties can get HOT!), and accessories (in this case, more is more). Skinny jeans, a pointy heel, and beautiful blouse (with bows, ribbons, ruffles, etc.) are an excellent starting point. Bring a comfortable blazer, festive clutch (sequins and beads would do wonders), and some statement jewelry (a cocktail ring, stackable rings, oversized earrings) and you’re all set. Hair and Make-Up Don’t forget that your hair and make-up will complete your look. Think about adding delicate or pretty hair accessories like head bands, barrettes, or even a hat! And, take a risk with your make-up. The holidays are a perfect time to experiment with a new color or shimmery look. If All Else Fails Remember, it’s the holidays and everyone cares much more about spending time with friends, family, and those we love. The most important thing is that you show up to the party, have a good time, and spread some holiday cheer!

Your Chic is Showing, LLC p: 419.283.8717 e: erika@yourchicisshowing.com w: www.yourchicisshowing.com

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Adam Jackson popularly known as Adam “Action” Jackson, a business and entrepreneurial expert, is a modern day mogul for the 21st century. He defines himself as America’s Implementation Expert. His savvy and creative business strategies have helped start, support, and improve functionality for over 175 businesses, causing growth and sustainability for each company. Jackson's has stealthily helped many entrepreneurs and business-owners in their quest to becoming the business owners of their dream. Jackson has used innovative case studies and unique implementation to create successful marketing advertisements for over 600 businesses. He also managed and consulted keen plans of action for over 120 real estate transactions--both residential and commercial. Jackson is also part owner of the only sweet potato bakery in the world, Jimmy Jamm Sweet Potato Bakery Cafe, located in Chicago's Beverly Neighborhood. He also sits on the executive team for the Jr. Cuisine Kids Cooking Show. Further cementing his mogul status, he is also the author of the best choice titled book Speak It. Receive It. Achieve It, and he is currently the creator and owner of AJ Publishing, an umbrella of AJ Enterprises.

“If you feel the success, then you will have the success! Success should be a lifestyle.”

Adam Jackson


December | January 2014


“If you want to achieve maximum success, you must put an uncomfortable amount of time, money, and effort into any area you seek to achieve great results.�

Adam Jackson

He also has luxury car rental investments in Miami and Los Angeles. Now, Jackson is sharing the knowledge he has learned along the way, all while making contributions to the success of over 600 businesses. He also managed to find time to devote to many charitable activities with organizations such as: Ada S. McKinley - since 1994, Jackson has been involved with this organization and supported their efforts to entertain disabled adults. Rush Presbyterian Hospital - for over 10 years, Jackson has committed his time to visit with the sick and terminally ill at this hospital. Advocate Christ Hospital - for more than 3 years, Jackson has donated his time to visit with the sick and terminally ill. While taking his time to train and mentor as many as fifteen businesses on a pro-bono basis annually, he has fed the homeless on Chicago's Lower Wacker Drive for 3 years straight. Visit www.bourgeoisiemag.com

Jackson advised that his efforts are to make the world a better place, go the extra mile and do more than just feed them because there are many places to go and get a meal in the city. However, a kind word and a sympathetic ear--well that’s way too much for many to consider-- yet Adam Jackson has done just that. He also has taken food to the homeless and spent time listening to the many stories of bad circumstances that have befallen them, which landed them in their current situation. Jackson is a man of action. He not only gives advice, but he puts his own words to practice. Having owned over 30 businesses in various fields from clothing and retail to marketing and luxury rental cars, he is no stranger to success. Jackson delivers hard-hitting facts along with life experience to improve any business and reshape the company's strategy for success. With Adam Jackson, there is never a problem, only a solution, and there will be no room for failure, only upward mobility.

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Nominations / Awards / Appearances 

Recognized as Man of Excellence 2012 for the Chicago Defender

Recognized as a Top 25 Mover and Shaker in 2012 by Rolling Out

Was a featured chef at Kenmore studios Live 2 times in 2012 and 1 time in 2011

He was a speaker at Family Christen Center Church in Munster, Indiana to their authors about marketing and advertising

Held a conference at the Donald E, Stevenson Convention, Called The World Largest Business Development and Loan Day The Same Day. In which we able to start 52 people in business at this event

Creator/producer of TV show Sink or Swimm

Host of radio show Sink or Swimm

Honored as a DIVO in THE DIVO SERIES Friday, September 21, 2012

Was an award presenter at the Black and White Ball for IndustryBuzz.com

Was an award presenter My Hair Stylist Rock award Gala 2013

Was a 2012 Judge for the BE BLACK ENTERPRISE Teenpreneurs Conference

2013 Buzzin off awards

Features on TV:


News Paper features for Adam Jackson/Jimmy Jamm Sweet Potato Bakery

ABC 7 3 times, Fox Thing in the morning, NBC 5, CLTV 2 times, WGN 9, WCIU THE U, 190 North, Kenmore Live Studios.

The Chicago Sun Times 2 times

Chicago Tribune 5 times

Chicago Defender 3 times

Beverly Review 5 times

South Town Star 2 times

365 South Chicago

AOL Speaks

Food Spotting

Chicago Weekly

Chicago Magazine

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20s Glitter Empress Dress from Rickety Rack ($120) GUESS by Marciano Dabby Sandal ($198) Aldo Westall Clutch ($45) Headband inspired by Allure Magazine Essie Nail Polish in Glamour Purse and Mirror Metallics ($8.50/each) Sparkling Clover Pendant by Jewlio ($20)

30s Esteban Cortazar Cady Jumpsuit ($339 at The Outnet) L.K. Bennett Yvette Embellished Gladiator Strappy Sandal ($635) GUESS by Marciano Pearl Minaudiere Bag ($128) Aldo Droca Bangles ($18) Bonnie Star Lace Cuff ($495 at Aha Life) Les Pommettes A Peace Treaty Dzil Earrings ($175) Essie Nail Effects in Oh My Gold! ($10.25)

40s Badgley Mischka Stretch-crepe peplum dress ($385) Topshop Sadie Laser Cut Shoes ($160) Anya Hindmarch Valorie glitter-finished clutch ($257.60 at The Outnet) Boticca Collared Necklace – Gold ($288) Max and Chloe Charmed Circle Black Onyx Bubble Ring ($299) Forever 21 Glam Chain-Link Hip Belt ($5.80) Essie Nail Polish in Shearling Darling and Armed & Ready ($8.50/each)


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Whistles Metallic Jacquard Dress ($300) Jimmy Choo Fauna suede peep-toe ankle boots with lace ($1,250 at mytheresa) Chanel Lambskin Flap Bag with Vintage Chanel Clasp Iradj Moini citrine quartz pearl necklace ($1875 at Farfetch) Movado Watch ($495 at Macys) NARS Limited Edition Cinematic Lipstick, Future Red

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Bourgeoisie Magazine December/January 2014  

Bourgeoisie Magazine December/January 2014  

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