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MAY 2018


SFB CONSULTING GROUP WELCOME Its May, what a quick year already so far. At SFB Consulting we are very excited to be launching our Apprentice scheme. A program that is very close to my heart offering  youngsters career opportunities and learning with stability and mentoring as they grow.  We look forward to welcoming our first apprentice in next month’s newsletter. MARIE JOHNSTONE - DIRECTOR

GET IN TOUCH Telephone: 0800 699 0533 Email: Website: Write to us at SFB Consulting Group Ltd Caledonian House Business Centre 164 High Street Elgin Moray IV30 1BD We are also Social

HOW CAN I INCREASE MY REVENUE ? Your marketing department should: A productive sales and marketing function for your business will Manage and maintain your social media improve how your business is seen pages and accounts and carefully watch and perceived. Below are some what’s being posted about you online.     pertinent points and how an effective    sales and marketing function can Connect with new and existing clients and affect your business. provide an overall picture that sheds your business in a positive light.                          Your customers search you out on    the grounds that you offer Generate more leads and therefore more something they can’t do or don’t deals. have. You’re the specialists offering the best items, and you At SFB Consulting Group we work with can demonstrate that by you to understand where you are, where showcasing your products.              we need to get to and devise a plan with   you on how we get there ensuring your sales and marketing plans are aligned to Having a presence with effective maximise your sales.                                      use of marketing gives the impression that you’re the best in SME’s   your field. Or your products/ services are superior as you seem                                                                to be the one shouting about it.    Outsource your marketing to us and we can provide you with:    Marketing understands the industry at large and who you should be targeting.                            In most cases sales teams are brilliant at closing sales but aren’t the best advocates when it comes to selling themselves. That’s why they need your marketing team’s power to create materials that showcase their expertise.                  Your website is frequently the first (and potentially the main) point individuals go for information about you. Marketing will be in charge of keeping web content in alignment with current offers or marketing campaigns to ensure the best customer experience.

Affordable fixed monthly fee  High level advisory and guidance for business owners/directors Mentor/Training for you and/or your BDM’s    Full social media management including custom designed graphics and website improvement/tidy up

Medium/Large Organisations You have a good business development and marketing team but performance requires improvement. We can help you with: Initial analysis of activities and  improvements                                     GDPR/data protection audit to ensure compliance following new legislation in 2018                               Business development/marketing training tailored to your organisations requirements

We work internationally with organisations of all sizes, we are here to help in any way we can and have a team of specialists with an array of suitable skills and qualifications. Get in touch today for a no obligation discuss about you and your business


WHAT PLATFORM IS BEST FOR YOUR BUSINESS We are often asked what social media platforms they should be on? Each platform has its pro's and con's and not every one will suit your business. We come across this very handy info-graphic to explain the benefits of the top 6 social media platforms. One thing to note is that you don't need to be on every platform but whatever you choice make sure you do it to the best you can and that you regularly engage with your followers. Some business owners are too busy to keep up with the daily maintenance of a social media account you can outsource it to us where we will ensure your social presence is grow correctly and your followers are engaged with your content


IS SNAPCHAT THE NEXT BUSINESS MARKETING TOOL? From its beginnings as a disappearing photo app to adding interactive—often hilarious—filter options and storytelling capabilities, snapchat has come a long way in it’s nearly 7 years of existence. In fact, the social media platform has seen tremendous user growth, boasting 150 million daily active users, which is more than Twitter, according to Bloomberg.

—especially Millennials. According to a BI Intelligence report, 45% of adult snapchat users are 18-24, with another 26% between 25-34 in age. And recently there’s been a big uptake in users over the age of 35.

The bottom line? While Snapchat could’ve easily become a passing trend, it’s proving to be an increasingly embraced space for While Snapchat is a major hit among pre- sharing fun, raw and engaging visual content—presenting both B2C and B2B teens and teenagers, usage of the brands with an awesome opportunity to platform is growing among adults grow brand affinity and audience engagement.

In fact, many B2C brands large and small are already on the Snapchat bandwagon. Getting started requires little to no investment and the young consumer audience is there. But B2B brands are adopting more slowly, which isn’t abnormal. In my opinion, the nature of social media makes it easier for B2C brands to enter and fit in. However, safe to say that Snapchat has gone mainstream, and now is the time for B2B brands to see if it makes sense for their audience and business objectives.

SFB news May 2018  

Newsletter from SFB Consulting Group

SFB news May 2018  

Newsletter from SFB Consulting Group