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MARCH 2018


SFB CONSULTING GROUP WELCOME Motivating March – and it seems a great time of the year to understand the importance of our employees, partner and associates in business being ambassadors for our business. We are sharing how to raise your profile through your employees.  MARIE JOHNSTONE - DIRECTOR

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HOW TO USE YOUR EMPLOYEES TO IMPROVE YOUR BRAND? We all know the importance of a strong brand and know that to stand out from our competitors we may need to improve our brand but what if I told you that you that you have one of the best assets for reaching new and existing customers and improving your brand probably sitting right in front of you: your employee. Most employees have interactions with customers, be it directly (sales and customer service reps) or indirectly (developers, fulfillment workers, and others who are behind the scenes making sure things run smoothly).

Creating an employee ambassador program How can you harness your employees’ passion? When training an employee to become a brand ambassador should include the following four aspects included Clear and easily accessible brand content By making your brand’s content available, you’re much more likely to get employees connected with your culture. Use an easily accessible content platform to make sure all employees have that content for future use.

Tools for success In the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer The easier it is for employees to engage with your brand, the more likely they will Study, employees were seen as the most credible source by the public to be to promote it. So, give them some ready-made items that are easy to report on key business findings— promote. higher than CEOs. So, how do you ensure your employees are supporting and enhancing your brand in their interactions with customers (and the world at large)? The answer comes in two interrelated parts:

These could be: * Hashtags, like ours #successforbusiness

* Make sure employees are            engaged. * Train them to be brand                 ambassadors.

These can all be highlighted during recruitment and new starts, as well shared at regular intervals with current workers to keep employee engagement high.

* Cool branded “swag” that makes                  employees feel like they are living your       brand

Employee empowerment Taking an interest in employees’ personal brands shows their employer cares about them as well as their growth and potential outside of work

Use training to help employees first pinpoint their own personal brand. Ask questions like “What allows you to do your best work?” and “What makes you proud to work at this company?”. This can also help you develop a stronger employer brand, as you work out what employees really love about your company. Dedicated social media brand ambassador training The biggest factors in successful social media training for employees are: * Including clear guidelines around          social media use. * Ensuring employees are                           comfortable with the guidelines. * Giving employees space and trusting      them to promote your brand in a          way that is authentic to them and          beneficial to your organisation. By providing this guidance, your brand ambassadors will feel more comfortable being open about your company on social media. Remember your employees are excellent resources to increase your brand promotion. After all, they’re already committed to the company and familiar with its goals. Increase that commitment and knowledge with brand ambassador training, and you’ll have a workforce that’s ready and willing to spread your company’s good name—in addition to being more motivated, engaged employees.




FedEx logo explains the smart use of negative white space in logo designs. What’s so special about this one – is it the two shades of color or the bold capitalized ‘FE’. Just keep looking at the letter ‘E’ and ‘X’ and you get the image of an arrow in the space. The arrow creates an image of a proficient company speaking about its delivery accuracy and looking forward to a positive future.

Almost everyone can point to the yellow smiley which obviously speaks about customer satisfaction. But the main idea is to represent Amazon as the ultimate shopping destination with access to every product hence the smiley extends from a to z.

The company based in San Francisco rightfully decided to name themselves after the city.  The logo is inspired by San Francisco’s famous architectural wonder, the Golden Gate bridge. Since Cisco is a pioneer in the field of networking, their ‘ electromagnetic wave’ like logo is a minimalistic illustration of the  2- towered suspension bridge. This way, Cisco addresses what it does and where they’re located.

Yet another logo that understands the creative capacity of white space. What we see is a bold black ‘F’ and a red streak of speed lines. By now you should’ve checked the white mid-section and by doing so you’ll come across a hidden numeral ‘1’.

BRAND LOVE You have a brand but does your customers love it. With internet, social media and competitors it is important for your customers to LOVE your brand. Our own Marketing Manager Shaun explains why SME’s need to get more love for their brand. Get your visuals up to scratch. Get them right and they will attract customers on their own. Get them wrong, and it could put off a customer for life! It is not just about your shop front anymore so make sure everything you do visually appealing. Consistency is key in marketing. Branding is not just about a logo; it includes your visuals, your tone, your message and many other things. Whatever you are doing to market your business, keep your images, colours, fonts, and your tone of voice consistent. That way your customers will learn to love you. You guys are amazing, this is exactly what your customers should be saying after doing business with you. Great customer service is essential to keep people coming back. So what do you do which makes your customers go WOW? The way businesses market themselves has been transformed in recent years. Adverts still work however good content engages people and keeps people interested in longer. So, get creative and start blogging about your business. It is a great way to give something back and showcase your expertise

Listen to your customers. Social media is a great example. If you get a review of your services on Facebook, and you are a little annoyed at that 3* rating, listen to their feedback. People are more likely to shop again if you listen to their concerns and address them. Listen out for messages on social media and communicate to potential customers otherwise they will shop elsewhere. Commit. If you advertise in a local magazine give it time to develop leads. At the very least it is going to bring you brand awareness. Don’t wake up on a Monday morning thinking that you will start posting 99 updates on your Facebook page a day if by the Tuesday you have forgotten about it. Marketing only works if you commit to it. At SFB Consulting Group we will work with you to create a tailored approach to your sales and marketing. ‘Let’s Talk’ and see how we can help you and your business. Call our friendly team on 0800 699 0533 or email

SFB News March 2018  

March Newsletter from SFB Consulting Group Ltd

SFB News March 2018  

March Newsletter from SFB Consulting Group Ltd