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Rocky Mountain Regional Rugby Report



11.8.13 - The Rugby Report

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Women's Premier League Lady Raptors to the Championships in NJ

Women's Division 1 Black Ice get the bonus point in Minnesota

Men's D1 Boulder v Raptors recap

Men's D2 Flamingos v Barbos; Haggis v Highlanders; Raptors v Grizzlies; 

West Coast Premiership?

Colorado Crusaders Rugby - Emergent Men: Open High School Rugby Camp: Jimbo Donovan

NSCRO Men: DU v Western; Pioneers, Vatos head a classy group •

USA Rugby, US Rugby Football Foundation

November Tests - Philadelphia and points east

Women’s Premier League - Final Rounds take place Friday (11.8.13) and Sunday (11.10.13) in Cherry Hills, NJ. Twin City Amazons v Beantown Glendale Raptors v Berkeley All Blues

Raptors #10, Hannah Stolba, turns upfield at pace w/support

image: vande

Berkeley has been somewhat of a craw in the Raptors maw as they’ve won two from the last three. Look for the Raptors to even up that ratio with victory that will propel them into the Championship round on Sunday. Women’s D1

The Ice dropped a difficult

one on the road in

Minnesota, losing a close

encounter to the

Valkryies by a handful, 22-

17. However,

Colorado Women’s D1 side

earned a losing bonus

point (loss within 7), a

single digit that

increases their table points

Ice Rock!

by one. USA Rugby’s

Women’s D1 and D2 most very awesome clubsides playoffs will be held in Spring, 2014 and the Ice are well in the first division mix.

Men’s D-1: Glendale Raptors v Boulder RFC Glendale traveled up route 36 and returned with a handful of table points on a now arbitrary table (see West Coast Rugby Premiership below). With clubs baling on D-1 hereabouts like the boat’s on fire, only Boulder, Provo and Utah Islanders are left in the division. The first place team will play NorCal’s number two in the initial round of the D-1 playoffs in the spring.

Men's D2: Haggis eats Table – recaps

Haggis worked the Highlanders for the bonus point win in Utah on Saturday. They are the brisk, businesslike news these days.

Park City Haggis has topped the D2 league in fine form as we head into the break. Haggis is better than just good just now, they defeated second-place, one-loss Glendale Raptors last month and popped a five-pointer on (now) one-loss Denver Highlanders, both home victories for the delectably tasty rugby dish. So Park City go into the snow season knowing they've a couple crucial away dates, v Raptors and Highlanders, in the spring before they can claim representative status for our union in the playoffs. Clubs typically get stronger during the off season, physically healing and maybe a new player or two (or six). Any event, next spring'll be hot rugby all over this town and its extended mountain communities. But… wait! The aforementioned Highlanders and Raptors are going after the pill in fractious competition, Saturday, the upcomer, on the StoveTop at Infinity Rugby Complex to see which club'll have the best shot at Haggis come spring's fickle flowering. Winner will turn its sharpened blades or talons westward, while the other will have a distinctly more difficult row to hoe. Any event, Saturday's match at Infinity (2pm) promises to be a banger of the highest degree.

Raptors v Grizzlies With no clouds, less wind and temps in the low 60s the Raptors flew to a 43-nil halftime advantage before a much better-contested second stanza meant good rugby viewing for the several hundred spectators on the StoveTop's Eastern Terraces and under the Upturned Poike along western touch in the D2 derby Saturday afternoon. Right wing, Greg Campo, opened the scoring for Glendale after being set free on an overlap and closing from 20 for fullback Ben Cappa's conversion: 7-0 Raptors with eight ticks off referee Erik Geib's match-clock. A poached scrum and swift sling by scrumhalf Crawford Miner had inside center Kyle Harris in space at the Grizzlies ten meter line for a fast forty and the try that, with Cappa's added deuce, made it 14-nil in the 12th minute. Turnover at breakdown by the hosts at their own 22 featured Raptors second row Matt Woerner on a burst and an impressive 75 meter gallop for the touch down completed by Cappa: 21-0 at 19. A wee looker over the top of the wonscrum at midfield by Miner had flyer Braden Shoop collect the jouncer at pace for the closing, a bonus-point try and a 26-0 advantage with 21 gone. Springs rallied a bit and managed mauls and first channel phasework into the Raptors territory with bangers from the loose by tighthead Ty McVicker and 8-man Alex Steele, but Shoop's second grounding made the tallies 31 and 0 by the 25th minute. Cappa got the next try on a 50 meter tear at minute 34 to make it 36-nil in the 34th minute, then Shoop got a late Halloween tryck for his hat; #11's own conversion followed to finish the scoring for the half at 43-0. Raptors were clinical in their maintenance of possession and tactical boots as well as adept in the grapple at breakdown; Grizzlies were at times their own worst with infractions and mishandles reversing a number of possessions, but the doughty work of the Springs forwards in the first forty would bear fruit after re-start. Raptors scored a quartet of groundings by the 56th minute with a pair of pack trys and a brace by Miner to extend their lead, while the Springs only were reduced to 14 after insipid commentary from a smart (not really) mouth had that player seated for the remainder of the match. Yet that deficit seemed to incite the travelers: McVicker pounded over from close and flyhalf Tyler Gill's conversion had Grizzlies aboard with 7 at the 62nd minute; a fine flipper to space served by inside center Frank Griffin saw him through for the try, and Gill's subsequent conversion had a 67-14 scoreline at minute 72; a final grounding by Grizzlies outside center Nick Rosales after his incisive streak to goal, and Gill's completion made for a record of 67-21 at Geib's last blast. Scoring Raptors - Try: Campo (2), Harris, Woerner, Shoop (3), Pack (2), Miner (2); Con: Cappa (3); Shoop (2), Perez; Grizzlies - Try: McVicker, Griffin, Rosales; Con: Gill (3); Match Official: Erik Geib

The Grizzlies are off until next year and will welcome new arrival in the big bears front row, Dan Mechtly, to preparatory training over the winter break, while the Raptors play host to Denver Highlanders on Saturday, the upcomer, at the StoveTop - might be chilly, bring your cool weather gear!

Last Crusader camp held Saturday, November 3 had a good showing of old and new boys. Besides conducting drills emphasizing basic skills, time was spent on the laws, explanation and practicing of the set pieces, line out and scrum. The new boys experienced positioning and the understanding of proper placement when attacking or defending. After seeing the old boys demonstrate and continue on with phases of play, the new boys got their chance. All involved seem eager for the upcoming season. The next camp will be held on Saturday, Nov 17 - JD

NSCRO Men: DU Tops Table smartly

University of Denver Pioneers are in the catbird seat just now and barring unforeseen etceteras will remain so. They are riding high at 7-0 and will finish the competition after break with fixtures v UNC Bears (2.22.14) and the Vatos of New Mexico Highlands (3.1.14). Either could beat Pioneers, but it may not be as likely as one might think. DU have the program. They are: well-coached and well-backed; and with Slattery and Company solid in the pack, and the strongly shifty Jake Miller at pivot through to the impressive Nate Prouty at 15 the Pioneers three-quartersline have put up big numbers this autumn. It's anybody's game with two possibly three contenders - School of Mines may yet have a shot - but it's the Pioneers ball to knock-on come 2014.

West Coast Rugby Premiership come Spring, 2014? Well yes, it would seem so. But it's really West Coast and the Hill Tribes: OMBAC, Santa Monica, Belmont, Golden Gate, Olympic, Denver and Glendale are innit. The Californian clubs'll play a homeaway schedule with our area clubs, Barbarians and Raptors, scheduling double-headers when hosting. This means half dozen fixtures of the highest level men's clubside rugby competition west of the Mississippi River. It'll surely have one seeing double in a good way! For example, of a weekend the Barbos might host Belmont, while subsequent to that awesome-nimity, Raptors will play Golden Gate. Same venue, one to follow t'other. A brace of worthy actions for the discerning observer, presumably in the Kettle. I am in!

United States of America Rugby Football Union ‌ United States Rugby Foundation - separate entities, each working for you and your rugby! Many individuals think USA RFU and the USRF identical organizations. Well, they're not. One operates with a mandate from the International Rugby Board (IRB), and t'other with one from possibly higher on the chain.

USA Rugby is the national governing body for the sport of rugby union in the United States and oversees all aspects of the sport in country as well as organizing and implementing the programs

four national teams: i.e. USA Men's and Women's 7s and 15s sides. In addition to the national teams, USA Rugby sorts collegiate and high school sides in age-grade competitions and conducts early-entry rugby programs nationally for incipient players aged 5 years and older.

USRF, on t'other hand, operates independently from the national union. USRF is a nonprofit whose mission, simply stated, is to "promote amateur rugby throughout" America. The Foundation exists solely on donations from the community. Through USRF's wildly successful "A Ball 4 All Program", over one thousand youth rugby clubs have received balls sufficient in number to allow each player their own rugby ball. USRF also supports coaches and referees with grants to individuals who have completed coursework sanctioned by USA Rugby - i.e. the Foundation has paid back to the individual the cost of the referee or coach course upon its completion. Not free, but ultimately costless and the worth of the rugby knowledge gained from these courses‌ priceless! USRF Kevin Higgins Scholarship program, created in 2008, has awarded 41, $1,000-scholarships to deserving high school seniors. Dallas Frye and Matt Ryan (see: The Grizzlies of Bristol Bay, AK) are two Colorado Higgins Scholars.

Both organizations work tirelessly for our rugby and are worthy of consideration when you reckon on where your annual donation expenditures will go, so: Be a Part of the Solution - dig deep and donate your tax-deductible contribution today - the means to do so may be found on USA Rugby's and US Rugby Foundation's websites. A tenner apiece (for each organ) would work, more if you're fortunate enough to be able to afford it.

November 9th International Tests - Comps and Preds Sat, Nov 9 Competitors Venue and predictions - USA v New Zealand Maori Philadelphia 18-17: The most important Match of the Day!

IRB rankings 18 v UNK

- Georgia v Canada Tbilisi 24-32: Crowley's boys'll do it!

16 v 14

- Italy v Australia Torino 20-35: Aussie will want this one badly!

12 v 4

- England v Argentina Twickers 40 -22: England's form will out!

3 v 10

- Scotland v Japan Murrayfield 30-26: Johnson's boys'll do it!

9 v 15

- Portugal v Fiji Lisbon 22 v 13 18-32: Fiji need this tour's initial win‌ they’ll get it! - Romania v Tonga 9-30: Ikale Tahi!


17 v 11

- Wales v South Africa 28-29: A Match of the Day!

Millennium Stadium


- Ireland v Samoa Landsdowne Road 25-23: Another Match of the Day!


- France v New Zealand Stade de France 5v1 28-38: Move all animals to safety - this barn will burn! - Chile v Spain 15-36: Rugbi para Todos!


26 v 20

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