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Mastercam News Mastercam X5 MU1 has been released and is available for Download by clicking here. Once installed please view “Whats New in Mastercam.pdf” for detailed information on enhancements. The “What’s New in Mastercam.pdf" can be found in the \documentation\ folder of your X5 installation. Click Here to see installation instructions and to download MU1.

What’s New In Mastercam New Tool Library Format Mastercam X5 supports two different tool library database formats. Tool libraries with the .TOOLS-5 extension use the traditional Mastercam proprietary database format. This is the same file format used in prior versions and continues to be the native file format for MCX-5 files. Libraries with a .TOOLDB extension will use a new SQL-style database format. The new TOOLDB database format not only supports libraries of tools, but also has the ability to store materials, tool holders, tool assemblies and cutting parameters. This new format makes it easier for tool manufacturers and other third-party developers to interface with Mastercam. This new database is just the first step in an effort to improve tool support in Mastercam.


Tool Assemblies Associating a tool with a holder is now possible in Mastercam X5. Prior to this modification, if you assigned a holder to a tool in an operation and recalled that tool later, the holder would be lost and have to be reconfigured for each subsequent operation. Also, if you changed the holder, you would have to remember to go back and change every operation that referenced it individually. Once a holder is added to a tool, the resulting tool assembly can be used in subsequent operations without further user interaction beyond normal tool selection. The only interaction change occurs when you need to modify a holder and the tool assembly is referenced in more than one operation. When this happens, the following dialog box displays: You can select one of the following three options:  Update assembly and all operations that use the assembly - (default) updates all other operations in the same machine group referencing this tool.  Create a new assembly adds the current configuration as a new assembly and uses Mastercam's default tool numbering to assign a new tool number.  Modify only current operation - adds a new assembly and retains the current (duplicate) tool number. Note: The current Save to library functionality available in the toolpath parameters has not been modified to save an assembly to the library.


ISCAR HEM Support The following Mill toolpaths now support ISCAR HEM (High Efficiency Machining) and RCTF (Radial Chip Thinning Factor) speeds and feeds calculation functionality:  2D HST - Dynamic Area Mill, Dynamic Core Mill, Dynamic Rest Mill, Dynamic Contour  3D HST - OptiRough This new functionality requires that you select an appropriate ISCAR cutting tool from the tool library. The HEM calculations use the necessary attributes stored with the tool in the tool library.

If you select the Iscar HEM check box on the Tool page, you can set the HEM factor to maximize speed and efficiency by entering a value or by using the slider bar. The feed rate and spindle speed are automatically set based on this value.


In addition, the Stepover field on the Cut Parameters page changes to a drop-down list. You can only select a 5%, 7%, or 10% stepover.

Upcoming Events From Services 4 Automation 2D High Speed Toolpaths (HST) - Basic Overview of HST. This will cover 2D HST showing you a step by step orientation of the feature in Mastercam. Dates & Times

Date & Time


May 25th, 2011 1pm-3pm

Windsor Locks, CT

July 12, 2011 9am-11am

SFA - Sterling, MA

3D High Speed Toolpaths (HST) - Basic Overview of HST. This will cover 3D HST showing you a step by step orientation of the feature in Mastercam. Date & Time


May 10th, 2011 9am-11am

SFA - Sterling, MA


X5 Feature Based Machining - Milling (FBM) & Drilling (FBD) - Basic Overview of how to use FBM & FBD to assist in your machining process, this will cover set up and a step by step orientation of the feature in Mastercam. Date & Time


June 14, 2011 9am-11am

SFA - Sterling, MA

X5 New Toolpaths - Basic understanding of the new toolpaths in Mastercam X5 including the Opti Rough, Hybrid Finish, Dynamic Rest Mill, Dynamic Contour, Island Facing and the New Plunge Turn toolpath in Lathe and Roughing and Cutoff toolpath enhancements. Date & Time


May 10th, 2011 1pm-3pm

SFA - Sterling, MA

X5 Mastercam Setup Sheet - Basic introduction into Mastercam's new set up sheet and active reports. Date & Time


April 12, 2011 1pm-3pm

SFA - Sterling, MA

July 27, 2011 1pm-3pm

Windsor Locks, CT

Transform Toolpaths - The Transform Toolpaths function creates copies of operations in different orientations. You can use this function to translate operations into multiple copies arranged in a matrix, or a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row. Date & Time


June 14, 2011 1pm-3pm

SFA - Sterling, MA


Understanding Machine & Control Definitions - Basic understanding of how Machine and Control Definitions' interact with Post processors Date & Time


July 12, 2011 1pm-3pm

SFA - Sterling, MA

X5 Work Coordinate System (WCS) Overview - Work Coordinate System - Basic Overview of how WCS's work and how to create, name and save them. Date & Time


June 29, 2011 1pm-3pm

Windsor Locks, CT

Cimco News

Cimco Edit Version 6.01.45 adds Next tool buttons to the backplot toolbar allowing for quick verification of specific tools in a program without going through the entire program to see the specific tool. Also Radius has been added to the backplot control. This can be useful when using arc centers for programming arc moves.


New Next Tool Button in the toolbar of Backplot.

New Radius position in Backplot

To learn more about Cimco Software contact SFA at 978-728-0009 or email


Master3DGage News


Services 4 Automation Tech Tip


Up Coming Mastercam Training Mastercam Basic Mill - May 2nd - 4th , 2011@ SFA Sterling MA - Design, interface & configuration. Project setup, 2D Toolpaths & NC output. Mastercam Advanced Lathe - May 23rd & 24th, 2011 @ SFA Sterling MA - Complete Turning Applications Including C-axis Machining. Mastercam Intermediate Mill - May 12th & 13th, 2011 @ SFA Sterling MA - 2D HST, 3D Geometry, Workplanes, fixture offsets & 4th Axis indexing

May11th @ SFA - Sterling, MA - Session one - 9am-12noon May 11th @ SFA - Sterling, MA - Session two - 1pm-4pm May 25th @ Windsor Locks, CT - Session two - 9am-12noon

SFA April Newsletter 2011  

Monthly Mastercam Service and Support Newsletter from Services 4 Automation

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