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Download Mastercam X6MU1 You must be on current maintenance to receive this release.  

You MUST have X6 already installed on your system to install this update. Save the .exe to your desktop. After downloading, double click to launch the installer and follow the prompts. This is NOT a standalone installation, it will install right on top of your current X6 installation.

X6 Post Processors do not need to be updated to run in X6MU1After the installation finishes and once you launch Mastercam X6 you will have the option to Read the "What’s New File” We recommend you do go over this file to see what is new with the new release. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Cimquest at (866) 277-8778 or Support:

Please Note - If X6 MU1 is uninstalled, X6 must be installed again, so it is a good idea to keep the X6 installation source readily available.


News - Up Coming Events MANUFACTURING 4 THE FUTURE BOOTH # 1849

Mfg4, the world-class event and conference that brings together the aerospace, defense (including arms), medical and energy industries,


What’s New In Mastercam - 2D Enhancement New 2D HST Region Chaining The new region chaining options in Mastercam X6 give you more control over areas to machine and areas to avoid in your 2D HST toolpaths. After you select your initial chains, the Chain Options dialog box lets you adjust your machining }areas.


What’s New In Mastercam - Bull Nose Support Bull-Nose Tool Support in Dynamic and Optimized Roughing Toolpaths Toolpath motion in the following Mill and Router toolpaths is now optimized for bullnose tools as well as flat endmills. If you select a bull-nose tool, the toolpath strategy alters the tool’s trajectory to prevent any remaining material cusps. 

2D HST: Dynamic Core, Dynamic Area, Dynamic Rest

2D HST: OptiCore, OptiArea

Coolant Icons in Toolpath Manager These new icons let you quickly see whether coolant is on or off for each toolpath. These icons are only used by Mill and Lathe toolpaths. Clicking on the icons takes you to the toolpath parameters so you can make changes if necessary.


Upcoming Events From Cimquest New England 2D High Speed Toolpaths (HST) - Basic Overview of HST. This will cover 2D HST showing you a step by step orientation of the feature in Mastercam. Date & Time


August 1, 2012 1pm-3pm

Windsor Locks, CT

3D High Speed Toolpaths (HST) - Basic Overview of HST. This will cover 3D HST showing you a step by step orientation of the feature in Mastercam. Date & Time


June 27, 2012 1pm-3pm

Windsor Locks, CT

July 17, 2012 1pm-3pm

Cimquest - Sterling, MA

Feature Based Machining - FBM & FBD - Basic Overview of how to use FBM & FBD to assist in your machining process, this will cover set up and a step by step orientation of the feature in Mastercam. Date & Time


May 30, 2012 1pm-3pm

Windsor Locks, CT

June 12, 2012 9am-11am

Cimquest - Sterling, MA


Upcoming Events Cimquest New England Mastercam Setup Sheet - Basic introduction into Mastercam's new set up sheet and active reports. Date & Time



Cimquest - Sterling, MA

Understanding Machine & Control Definitions - Basic understanding of how Machine and Control Definitions' interact with Post processors Date & Time



Cimquest - Sterling, MA

Work Coordinate System (WCS) Basic Overview of how WCS's work and how to create, name and save them. Date & Time


June 12, 2012 1pm-3pm

Cimquest - Sterling, MA

July 17, 2012 9am-11am

Cimquest - Sterling, MA


UPrint Applications

1. Prepare the file. Create your 3D model in CAD software, then click “print.” CatalystEX software converts your CAD system’s STL output into 3D model printing instructions, including support structures, that guide the uPrint Printer extrusion head. 2. Print your model. uPrint Printers use patented Stratasys FDM® (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology to build your 3D model and its support material, layer by layer, from the bottom up on a removable modeling base. 3. Remove supports. Take your printed model out of the uPrint Printer build chamber, pop it off the modeling base and dissolve away the soluble support material. Then, your model is ready to use, or ready for any post-processing you want: drilling, tapping, machining, sanding, painting, even chrome plating. A basic uPrint or uPrint Plus 3D Printing System includes everything you need to start making 3D models in durable ABSplus plastic. For a price less than you’d expect, you get a uPrint or uPrint Plus Personal 3D Printer with one material bay, CatalystEX software, modeling bases, ABSplus model material, soluble support material and a start-up kit with cables, parts and tools. Just unpack, set up, install software, load materials and start making 3D models.


Mastercam Tech Tip Tool Wear Check


Upcoming Mastercam Training Mastercam Basic Mill - May 2-4, 2012@ Cimquest Sterling MA Design, interface & configuration. project setup, 2D Toolpaths & NC output. Mastercam Intermediate Mill - May 10 & 11, 2012 @ Cimquest Sterling MA 2D HST, 3D geometry, Workplanes, Fixture Offsets, 4-Axis Indexing Mastercam Advanced Mill - May 16-18, 2012 @ Cimquest Sterling MA Surface creation & manipulation, 3D toolpaths, multi-surface toolpaths & verification

Upcoming Mastercam Tech Days May 30, 2012@ Windsor Lock, CT - Session - 9am-12noon June 13, 2012 @ Cimquest Sterling MA - Session 1 - 9am-12noon June 13, 2012@ Cimquest Sterling MA - Session 2 - 1pm-4pm

Cimquest April 2012 Newsletter