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A Joint Publication of California Chapter No. 1, Royal Arch Masons California Commandery No. 1, Knights Templar King Solomon’s Chapter No. 95, Royal Arch Masons Golden Gate Commandery No. 16, Knights Templar California Council No. 2, Cryptic Masons

FEBRUARY 2013 Date 1st


6th 14th 15th



EVENTS California Commander No. 1 Stated Conclave 7:30 PM Dinner 6:30 PM California Council No. 2 Stated Assembly 10:00 AM Light Breakfast Commandery No. 1 First Drill Meeting to follow After the stated assembly King Solomon's Chapter No. 95 Stated Convocation 7:30 PM Dinner 6:30 PM Sweethearts & Valentines Day Dinner and Concert with Mark Harris California Chapter No. 1 Stated Convocation 7:30 PM Dinner 6:30 PM York Rite Commandery Dept. IV School of Instructions San Mateo Lodge 9:00 AM Light Breakfast 8:30 AM California Commandery No. 1 Opening Practice 6:00 PM San Mateo Lodge

Have you heard of the Social Order of the Beauceant?

As the wives, widows, mothers, daughters, sisters and grand-daughters of Knight Templars they are the only ladies fraternal order whose eligibility is determined by membership in the Commandery. Saturday February 2, 2013 Join us at the Cryptic Council breakfast at 9:00 am Followed by an informational meeting. Let’s see what it will take to have the only Assembly in Northern California get started. San Mateo Masonic Center 100 No. Ellsworth at Tilton – San Mateo, CA So that there will be enough food Please R.S.V.P. to -Janet Price @ 650-759-0895

**District School of Instruction at San Mateo Lodge Attendance is a must. If you cannot come you must call the Director of Ritual directly. Go to the Grand York Rite

For questions, comments, concerns,

Webpage and find his number. Bring your book (it is the only

please send an email to:

authorized material), Chapeau and Sword.

california chapter no. 1, r.a.m. Meets every 3rd Friday of the month • 2668 Mission Street San Francisco, CA

Dear companions, We are off to a great year. This month we are having an exciting concert for the ladies at San Francisco Scottish Rite. We are also preparing for the Mark Master Degree conferral in March. I encourage you to invite your brother, blue lodge masons to expand their Masonic education with the Capitular degrees of the Royal Arch. What makes a great team are its players. I look forward to everyone’s support this year, whether you be a major player, take a small role or cheer us on from the sidelines. When you participate you inspire the officers, encourage the candidates and at the end of the day we all are a little more wiser in our Masonic journey. One of my goals this year is for California Chapter to be self sufficient in conferring its degrees. It has been many years since we have conferred all 4 degrees on our own. At this time I believe we have the talent to succeed in this endeavor. Together we do great things. Yours truly, Mark Harris High Priest

california commandery no. 1, k.t. Meets every 1st Friday of the month • 2668 Mission Street San Francisco, CA

Sir Knights, It is an experience of well being all over me. The installation of Officers for Cal-One was like a collector’s item of events. The Right Eminent Grand Commander of Knights Templar of California Howard “Bud” Ramsey, Jr. KYGCH installed the Officers, Past Grand Commander Fredrick L. Smith, KYGCH presented the Flag, and some Past and present Grand Officers of California York Rite Bodies as well as the Blue Lodge and Golden gate Commandery No. 16 attended. It was a privilege for us to be honored by their presence. My carpool buddies and Fellow former US Military Commissioned Officers with the National Sojourners, Sir Knights: USMC, LT Colonel Dave Shull, KYCH; US Army, Green Beret, Cleveland, Helicopter Pilot CWO4 Cleveland Valrey, KYCH; and MSGT, USAF, Russell Kennedy, KYCH attended as well. I was a Commissioned Officer Engineering US Navy Submarines and Surface Vessels, in my younger days and now proud to rub shoulders with them. It is a different (thank you Lord) feeling whenever we are together. We went to war so that our (Freedom) “way of life must go on”; we were going to give our lives with only that in mind but we are lucky to survive. We belong to the General Robert F. Travis Chapter #490. Trading stories give as solace with each other, as war buddies and more so Freemasons. The National Sojourners Mason started 90 years ago in the Philippines and gave rise to the Grand Lodge there in another cover – Google. It was also a good feeling having to participate at the Golden Gate Commandery No. 16-installation ceremony, January 19. Thank you all and special thanks to Nick our Ritual Instructor who brought his uniform and become one of the guys right away did not expect a KYCH to go down to our level – it was an embodiment of Murphy’s Law that he fixed. Cal one is resilient. One Sir Knight was honest who accepted his fault with dignity. I respect him; in 2009 I forgot something also at the same Installation ceremony. The incoming commander of Golden Gate Commandery No. 16 fixed me. Moving right along we need to support the Drill Team. First meeting according to Nick is on February 2 following California Council 2 Stated Assembly. Looking back, we know what we are capable of and how we could improve, as we are about to participate in a Drill competition again. Looking forward, I think we all like to be able to win that competition. If at all possible, let us just have an open mind and receive instructions only from our Drill Captain. All military types drill that I know is always a one-way communication. Let us give our Drill Instructor an absolute marshaling of the drill as winning the competition is possible. The key factor should be PRACTICE. We will try to learn marching like we learn martial arts then we could go to the Grand Sessions to have fun and not struggle – we will think about peanuts instead. Let’s win one for the Gipper, the Gipper being California Commandery No.1 personified. Our Cal-One inspection is scheduled for April 5. Please be proud of us. The massage chair or comfort that I previously allude to in Masonry is “enjoying high satisfaction of doing well our part in the important enterprise, in which we are engaged”. Let’s reserve last Thursday(s) of February and March 2013 for opening practice. They all fall on the 28th of both months. Please work around that date. “Mahalo Plenty”. SK Nic Cruzata Commander

king solomon’s chapter no. 95, r.a.m. Meets every 1st Wednesday of the month • 303 Tilton Avenue San Mateo, CA

Companions, Congratulations to the new Officers of Royal Arch Chapter No. 95. I know the Chapter can count on you to fulfill your duties. I want to thank the Installing Officers, Janet Price and our own Companion John Sanchez, their efforts made this installation a very special moment in my Masonic journey. Thank you Inspector Bill Ellison for your continuing support for my work as High Priest and helping our Chapter stay focused on doing things the right way. Companions let us start this year off by renewing our dedication to do the best we can to promote success for our Chapter. That means attending meetings, knowing the ritual and customs of Royal Arch Masonry and joining in harmony with the Companions to share good times. Life is all about building good relationships with people. Titles and ownership of possessions don’t count for much. Material objects and items just end up in the trash, a storage unit, auctioned off or sold to others, all forgotten. Our human relationships and how we treat others is what is remembered and what we are judged on. In life there will be stumbles and disappointments, but I have found the human mind tends to mostly remember just the good times. Let’s all work together to see our Chapter achieve new successes, help each other learn and improve ourselves as human beings (even just a little bit) and grow to be better Masons. That’s what makes for good times and sweet memories. Before I forget, now is the time to consider what participation you’d like in the Palo Alto York Rite Festival in May and the Mark Master Degree at Half Moon Bay in September. Or maybe join the fun in the redwoods at the ranch in Comptche, Mendocino in June. Say do you remember the old cartoon Rocky (squirrel) and Bullwinkle (moose). It opened with Bullwinkle dressed as a magician saying “hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat” followed by an “oops”. Are you curious to see what I have in store for you? See you at Stated Meeting 6:30, February 6th at the beautiful and stately San Mateo Masonic Center. Bob O’Dwyer, High Priest Bob O’Dwyer High Priest

golden gate commandery no. 16, k.t. Meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month • 303 Tilton Avenue San Mateo, CA

Dear Sir Knights of Golden Gate Commandery no. 16, We had a great installation in January and I am real proud of the officers in my line. Like I had mentioned at the installation the practice of the rituals are extremely important not only to our knowledge, but for our inspection in April With our new inspector Tony Cimmara. I apologize for not getting a message out in January but will continue to do so each month hear on. I had spoke with Patrick Baily from Knights Templer no. 47 of Palo Alto about us visiting his lodge for dinner for companionship of the brotherhood. I will inform you of details in our next practice. Nick Rais also invited any of the Sir Knights that are interested in the drill team witch I will get more information on. February 16th all sir knights are strongly encouraged to attend the school of instruction which we will be hosting. Sir knights I am going to work as hard as I can to make Golden Gate Commandery no. 16 shine. I have ideas for activities to have some sort of a gathering (trip) to go somewhere with our family's. Thank you sir knights. Our practices will be held on Febuary 13th and Febuary 27th, our stated conclave will be held on Febuary 20th and once again the school of instruction is on Febuary 16th. Sincerely, SK Dominick Gallagi Commander

california Council no. 2 c.m. Meets every 1st Saturday of the month • 303 Tilton Avenue San Mateo, CA

Companions, Thank you for coming to our annual open Installations of Officers. It was a great feeling and fulfillment in becoming Illustrious Master of California Council No.2 of Cryptic Masons. I thank the Past Illustrious Masters and my mentors in guiding me in this journey. I would like to congratulate Illustrious Companion George Terry for a great year. I would like to thank my Installing Team; Most Illustrious Robert A.L. Whitfield, K.Y.G.C.H., I.P.G.M., Illustrious Companion Nick Raisis, K.Y.C.H., and Illustrious Companion William E. Price, K.Y.C.H., Grand Steward. I would also like to thank the following persons who work hard in the preparations for these three ways installation; EHP Robert Dwyer, King Solomon Chapter #95, SK Dominick Gallagi, Eminent Commander of Golden Gate Commandery #16, Companion Johnny Sanchez and Lady Janet Price for preparing the delicious food, and last but not the least our photographer Companion Samuel Yee. My theme for this year is TEAMWORK. I look forward that we all work together as a TEAM for the good of the fraternity. My acronym for TEAM is Together Everyone Achieves More. My Mission is to have our officers to confer degree. My VISION is to see our membership grow. Membership growth is a very important aspect of any organization. If we have more members, there would be no problem in selecting Companions to become Officers. Officers, with your cooperation, we will make a profound difference. Sincerely and Fraternally, Thomas C. Chavez Illustrious Master Sir Knights, California Commandery No. 1 will be starting Drill team practice this month. This is an open invitation for all Sir Knights interested about Drill team to attend our first meeting on Saturday, February 2. It will begin after California Council No. 2’s Stated meeting (approximately 11:30 am). Council No. 2 now meets at the San Mateo Masonic Temple, 303 Tilton Ave, in San Mateo. Please come and join us, and if you are unable to attend, feel free to contact me for further information about Drill team. Nick Raisis, KYCH California Commandery No. 1 Drill Corp

Companions and Sir Knights, Happy New Year! I sent out the dues notices in December for King Solomon Chapter No. 95, California Council No. 2, and Golden Gate Commandery No. 16. I have paid all per capita and fees, David Jolliffe has completed the budget and we have had an audit. We now need the dues to replenish our bank account. Please pay your dues so we do not have to incur more experience to send out a second notice. We have new, installed leaders now and they have a great year planed. Keep your eyes opened to the bulletin, Web-site and e-mails for up coming events. Peninsula and San Francisco Bodies have many events planed together. Let’s make this the best year ever. Fraternally, William E. Price, KYCH

ted’s tidbits This month, we celebrate “Presidents Day” in which we honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. This reminds me of this story: On one cold wintry day, Abraham Lincoln was on his travels, going from one town to another; he came upon two boys who were gleefully sliding down a hill on a sled. When they got down to the bottom of the hill, he noticed that the smaller boy was a cripple. The larger boy would pick him up, placed him on his shoulder, and carry the sled up the steep incline. When he was on top of the hill, he would place the smaller boy on the sled and they both would ride down the hill as they both emitted sounds of joy. After watching this going up and sliding down the hill for quite awhile, he noticed that the older boy was getting a bit tired. He asked him, “That boy is quite a burden, isn’t he?” And the boy replied, “He ain’t no burden, he’s my brother.” Are you ready to come out for the Drill team practice? We will begin practicing this month. We need more participants so that we can continue to furnish a Class “C” team. Even if you can’t compete, you can brush up your sword skills. Just come on out any Saturday morning to join the fun. For more information to where and what time, contact SK Nicholas Raisis or e-mail him at We may have a new Drill Captain this year. I know that we have some of the best third degree ritualists in our Commandery, so who’s out there is interested in joining our Commandery’s third degree conferral team? This team will be available to all the Blue Lodges in our area for any third degrees conferral. The team will confer the degree in either in the Grand Commandery blue sport coats or if permissible, in our fatigue coats. We must be prepare for the degree if any lodge ask us to confer the third degree. All positions in the third degree are open so drop me a call telling me what position you may want to do. If you are interested in helping out in all the York Rite degrees, contact Tom Chavez for the Chapter degrees, Nick Raisis for the Commandery orders or me for the Council degrees. We have many positions open, both speaking or non-speaking parts. And speaking of blue sport coats or even red or purple, how many of you are interested in purchasing these coats whether it is blue, red, purple or green color coats. I have contacted a clothing wholesaler located in the Bay Area. The prices for these coats are very reasonable. Red or green coats sizes 34-49 are $89.90, sizes 50-59 are $103.00. For blue or purple coats sizes 34-49 are $114.35 and sizes 50-59 are $144.69. The price includes taxes and shipping charges to your home address. The coats come in regular, short, long and extra long. Contact MP Enterprises and ask for Max Luy (510) 527-5728 or by email: Don’t forget to purchase your Sweetheart concert tickets! Till next month, Ted