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NOVEMBER 2012 A Joint Publication of California Chapter No. 1, R.A.M. California Council No. 2, Cryptic Masons California Commandery No. 1, K.T. King Solomon’s Chapter No. 95, R.A.M. Golden Gate Commandery No. 16, K.T.

California Chapter No. 1, Royal Arch Masons Mission Masonic Center • 2668 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94110 • 415.647.7898 Stated Convocation every 3rd Friday of the month Dinner 6:30 PM | Convocation 7:30 PM Dear Companions: In honor of our Companion Tony Cimarra who is temporarily based in Honolulu, at the Chapter conclave of October19th we celebrated with Hawaiian BBQ chicken and Spam musubi! Unfortunately the hula and Tahitian dancers had to cancel their appearance at the last minute! I want to thank all the sideliners who filled in for some our missing Companions so that we could open with all the stations filled. THANK YOU! As a reminder, at the November conclave will we have an Official Visitation by our Inspector Bill Ellison. I hope as many companions as possible will be able to attend to support our own Companion Bill. I’m sure our incoming officers will be practicing very hard to impress our Inspector and you in their advanced stations. Please be sure to call me at 925-260-9880 or email me at if you normally do not attend our conclaves but are planning to attend so that we have enough food for all. YOU are all welcome to attend. THANK YOU! At the last stated conclave we discussed the potential of scheduling the Mark Master Degree for our candidates prior to December. Since the CCCYRA Festival in Palo Alto is scheduled for May 11 for the Chapter and Council degrees, and since the remaining months in 2012 may be too busy, it may be preferable and probable to schedule the degree in early 2013. This will be an agenda item for the November conclave. In any event, it will be important for all the Companions to please submit your candidate applications sooner than later. THANK YOU! When you see Companion Arnie Tabinas, please be sure you congratulate him because he was just presented the Hiram Award by his San Leandro Lodge No. 113. Our Companion Bob Whitfield was honored to serve as the Master of Ceremonies. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let us not forget that “He who thanks but with the lips, Thanks but in part; The full, the true Thanksgiving Comes from the heart” (J.A. Shedd). From my heart, I want to thank ALL OF YOU for the wonderful support that you have given Chris and me throughout the year. THANK YOU! Wishing you and your families a HAPPY THANSGIVING! In Peace, Love and Unity Mori Moriuchi High Priest

California Council No. 2 Cryptic Masons Francis Drake hall • 307 Walnut Avenue South San Francisco, CA 94080 • 650.583.4680 Stated Meeting every 1st Saturday of the month Breakfast 9:00 AM | Meeting 10:00 AM

Welcome Companions, First thing I have to thank is our new Inspector Randy Downey for attending our last Stated meeting in September. He witnessed our new corp of officers who opened and closed the Council in advanced stations. You can see we still have more things to work before the officers can be qualified. Randy will be attending our stated meeting in December to qualify the new corp of officers in their next year stations. After our stated meeting in November we will begin the move of some our equipment to San Mateo Lodge. The more members attending this meeting and staying after will help this move go smoothly. This is a great time for the new members as well as the old ones to meet the next year corp of officers. You might see some of the companions you haven't seen in a while, and plus you get to witness our new officers in their advanced stations and see how the future is for the Council. By the time you received this bulletin, we would have had our Past Presiding Officers luncheon, which was held at Beijing Buffet, I know that a great time was had to those who had who attended, Thank You for your support in our honoring of all the Past Presiding Officers of the York Rite. We, and especially me, would like to welcome the new Companions who were just exalted at the East Bay Pilgrimage York Rite Festival in Alameda. Please try to attend our stated meetings and see how your Council is at work. The Council meets the first Saturday of every month except July and August, at 9:00 A.M. for Breakfast, followed by our stated meeting at 10:00 A.M. We are usually done before noon. You are more than welcomed to attend and please get involved. So in closing I would like to say we still have some more work to do both ritually and socially and let’s finish this year with a big bang. Don't worry, be happy! George A. Terry Illustrious Master

California Commandery No. 1, Knights Templar Mission Masonic Center • 2668 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94110 • 415.647.7898 Stated Conclave every 1st Friday of the month Dinner 6:30 PM | Conclave 7:30 PM

Sir Knights, It is with great honor and pride to share to all that the “advance station” sir knights who will compose the 2013 team of officers are diligently practicing the knowledge and foot works gained from the Ritual and Tactics School of Instruction conducted by our Grand Director of Ritual, SK Randy Downey, held at Petaluma last month. The collaborative efforts and increase level of engagement shown by each member of team 2013 will not only position our Commandery number 1 next year but also in the subsequent years to come. Our upcoming joint Commandery No.1 and Golden Gate No.16 Roll Call and Silent Auction on November 17, to be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Foster City, are fast approaching. This is a Western theme luncheon commencing from 1030 to 2:00pm.The luncheon are both co- chaired by our current CG SK Mori Moruichi and SW SKArnie Tabinas, while the auction portion of the event is chaired by SK Albert Jacinto with the assistance of SK Johnny Sanchez, Commander and SB respectively of Golden Gate No.16. The cost for No. 1 and No. 16 members and their spouse is $15.00/person; for non members, $30/person. Kindly send your MUST reservation check to SK Ted Lyau to the address listed in our bulletin/flyer. For the silent auction, although we already received confirmations from members who are kind enough to contribute nice gifts to be auctioned, such as 2 nights bed and breakfast accommodation in Napa; handmade bird cages, fruit baskets and laptop with portable printer, we are still however appealing for more gifts, and if you feel you wish to contribute for the success and excitement of our very first silent auction, please do not hesitate to contact SK Albert Jacinto for details how we can obtain your generous contribution/s, as well as your recommended starting bid price of your gift/s. As previously discussed, the proceeds of this auction will help support both Commanderies’ activities in next year’s Grand York Rite Festival at Bakersfield and the proposed partaking in the Order of the Temple during the Colorado River Festival in Nevada. Lastly, as I will be temporarily out of state due to my job requirement this month, I have designated SK Nick Cruzata, our Generalissimo, to facilitate this month’s conclave assembly. Your usual cooperation and courtesy extended to my team of officers during my absence is greatly appreciated. Aloha, SK Tony Cimarra Commander

Golden Gate Commandery No. 16, Knights Templar San Mateo Masonic Center • 303 Tilton Avenue San Mateo, CA 94401 • 650.342.2721 Stated Conclave every 3rd Wednesday of the month Dinner 6:30 PM | Conclave 7:30 PM

What significance does Thanksgiving Day hold? The roadblocks are many. We are facing continuing economic uncertainty, our environment is deteriorating. Political, racial and religious persecution, wars, terrorism, incurable diseases, ecological destruction, natural disasters and moral waves trouble the world today. Despite the hard times and the looming challenges still up ahead, there is no better time to be thankful than now. How do you appreciate abundance if you've never known thirst and hunger? Would you cherish the light if there was never any darkness? If not for death, would we take absolute joy in the precious gift of life? If not for hate, would we know what is love? How do you become grateful for pain-free days if you have never felt physical pain and mental anguish? Would you value your freedom as much if you’ve never experienced oppression? The tough times become our best teacher in life. Calm seas never produced a skilled sailor. And remember, all events are blessings given to us to learn from. Facing up to our struggles, sufferings, failures, defeat, disappointments and loss make us stronger and tougher. Working through our own setbacks makes us more compassionate and sensitive toward the problems of our fellowmen. Thus, we give thanks not for the problems itself but for the inner strength, knowledge and wisdom that will come from it. And when things simply become too big and too difficult for us to endure and overcome, try to accept it humbly and find comfort, hope and enlightenment in the wisdom of the Serenity Prayer: “God, grant me grace to accept with serenity the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference". And remember that we are passing through a difficult phase in life, but whatever is happening is temporary, and know that all THESE, TOO, SHALL PASS AWAY.

Alberto T. Jacinto Commander

King Solomon’s Chapter No. 95, Royal Arch Masons San Mateo Masonic Center • 303 Tilton Avenue San Mateo, CA • 650.342.2721 Stated Convocation every 1st Wednesday of the month Dinner 6:30 PM | Conclave 7:30 PM

No article for this month.

•Ted’s Tidbits • Here I am once again in front of my computer, wondering what to write about this month. As I gazed out the window behind my computer, I was struck by the soft beauty of the trees in my back yard which just starting to change color. It reminded me of the sections of the Fellowcraft degree which tells us that by using geometry “we account for the return of seasons, and the variety of scenes which each season displays to the discerning eye.” It is hard to imagine that this line was not written with Fall in mind. All of which points out that while Masonry teaches many lessons of high ideals and ways of life that lead to a good and honorable lifetime, it can also touch on the everyday world around us. Driving home from work, it is not hard to imagine that I am “traveling on the level of time…” With election time upon us, we are bombarded with people trying to convince us that they “… walk uprightly in their several stations before God and man…” and their opponent does not. This should reminds us that we should make good use of the present, for it is the present that we use to form the bricks of the monument of our lives that is to be used as a pass to the “celestial Lodge above, where the Supreme Grand Master of the Universe forever preside.” Congratulations to our new members who had received your degrees and orders at the East Bay Pilgrimage in Alameda. If you like to participate in our degrees and orders, you are most welcome. Just make you intentions known to our degree coaches, Tom Chavez, Nick Raisis and myself. There are plenty of parts with no memory ritual work to be filled along with usual speaking parts that you had just witness. Our Chapter will try to confer the first three degrees of the Royal Arch at the beginning of next year, the Council plans to confer both of its degrees next year, and the Commandery will try to confer the Order of Malta as well as the Order of the Temple next year. Also, if you have some potential brothers who might want to join the York Rite, they don’t have to wait so long to receive their degrees. If you missed attending the Past Presiding officers luncheon last month, you missed a great meal. The restaurant provided plenty of food for everybody. Try not to miss the Roll Call Luncheon and silent auction at the Foster City Hilton Garden Inn on November 17th. This will be a western theme so come in your western clothes. If you want to donate to this auction contact Mori Moriuchi or Arnie Tabinas. The money raise will be use for our social events in the future. This is for all the ladies, I hear from the grapevine that after the Council meeting on Saturday, there might be some ball room dance lessons for everyone after the stated meetings and the Order of the Beauceant meetings. You ask yourself, “What is the Order of the Beauceant?” It is an organization made up of Knight Templar wives, widows, mothers, daughters, sisters and granddaughters whose purpose is to “making life purer, better and sweeter for others”. We don’t quite yet have enough to form an assembly in this area but if you want to know more about it or be one of the founding members of this new assembly, contact Janet Price if you are interested. Till next month, Ted

November 2012 Sun









3 California California Council Commandery No. 2 No. 1 Stated Stated Meeting Conclave 10:00 AM 7:30 PM Light Breakfast 9:00 Dinner 6:30 PM AM




7 King Solomon's 8 Chapter No. 95 Stated Convocation 7:30 PM Dinner 6:30 PM






16 California 17 Chapter No. 1 Commandery Stated No.1 & Convocation No. 16 Joint Roll 7:30 PM Call & Silent Dinner 6:30 PM Auction




22 21 Golden Gate Commandery No. 16 Thanksgiving Dinner 6:30 PM Stated Conclave 7:30 PM








Veterans Day




To All Uniformed Sir Knights, If you are no longer able to attend or take active part in our Commandery, please return the below mentioned items so that we may be able to outfit our new active Sir Knights. These items are quite expensive and it will save the Commandery considerable expenses if these are put into good use again. Coat Chapeu Fatigue Cap Sword

Sword belt or sling California bar Ritual book Jewels

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Sincerely and fraternally, Alberto T. Jacinto Commander

California Commandery No.1 and Golden Gate Commandery No.16 Saturday, November 17, 2012 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM Hilton Garden Inn 2000 Bridgepointe Circle, San Mateo, California, 94404 Western themed luncheon No. 1 and No. 16 members and their spouse is $15/person for non members, $30/person Kindly send your MUST reservation check to: SK Ted Lyau

166 Denslowe Drive San Francisco, CA 94132

SAVE THE DATE! December 16, 2012 Christmas Observance & Breakfast 100 Rockaway Beach Nick's Restaurant Pacifica, CA

*more details in the flyer

2012 OFFICERS •California Chapter No. 1, R.A.M. • High Priest King Scribe Treasurer Secretary Chaplain Captain of the Host Principal Sojourner Royal Arch Captain Master of the Third Veil Master of the Second Veil Master of the First Veil Sentinel Officers’ Coach

Morris H. Moriuchi (Chris) K. Mark Harris Antonio G. Cimarra Jr. (Leila) Sidney L. Pond, KYCH (Irene) Theodore Lyau, KYCH (Lisa) Michael Tagulao (Donna) Nicanor F. Cruzata (Puyon) Paul L. Owyang (Martha) James Toy (Janet) Allan Young (Heather) Wilbert Yip, KYCH (Ruth) Daniel Leong (Edith) Raymond Lim (Darlene) Thomas Chavez, PHP (Angie)

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

925.260.9880 415.505.2916 510.303.1235 415.407.4765 415.337.1979 510.393.1426 415.571.4214 415.752.0815 415.665.9355 415.489.8193 510.237.9163 415.221.1114 415.334.0789 650.766.2319

•California Council No. 2, Cryptic Masons• Illustrious Master Deputy Master Prin.Cond. of the work Treasurer Recorder Chaplain Captain of the guard Conductor of the Council Steward Sentinel Officers Coach Inspector Arch 3 Asst. Dir. of Ritual, Dept

George Terry (Kimberly) Thomas Chavez (Angie) Froilan Ancheta (Nenita) Sidney Pond, KYCH (Irene) William E. Price, KYCH (Janet) Tay McArthur (Claudia) Antonio G. Cimarra Jr. (Leila) Alberto T. Jacinto Nicanor F. Cruzata (Poyun) Allan Young (Heather) Theodore Lyau, KYCH (Lisa) Randy Downey, KYCH K. Mark Harris

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

650.892.6810 650.766.2319 415.794.6676 415.407.4765 650.341.9435 650.757.0777 510.303.1235 650.873.0706 415.571.4214 415.489.8193 415.337.1979 408.674.8341 415.505.2916

•California Commandery No. 1, K.T.• Commander Generalissimo Captain General Senior Warden Junior Warden Prelate Treasurer Recorder Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Warder First Guard Second Guard Third Guard Sentinel Ritual Instructor

Antonio G. Cimarra (Leila) Nicanor F. Cruzata (Puyon) Morris H. Moriuchi (Chris) Arnulfo Tabinas (Carmen) Allan Young (Heather) Arthur H. Walton, PC (Pat) Sidney L. Pond, KYCH (Irene) Theodore Lyau, KYCH (Lisa) Michael Tagulao (Madonna) Robert Lowry, PC (Linda) Paul L. Owyang (Martha) Froilan Ancheta, PC (Nenita) Edwin Dimarucut (Del) Jesse Dela Cruz (Alicia) George Terry (Kimberly) Nick Raisis, KYCH (Dee)

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

510.303.1235 415.571.4214 925.260.9880 510.453.2191 415.489.8193 408.532.1438 415.407.4765 415.337.1979 510.393.1426 415.456.0410 415.753.0815 415.794.6676 510.894.9737 510.673.1868 650.892.6810 650.355.8569

2012 OFFICERS •King Solomon’s Chapter No. 95, R.A.M. • High Priest King Scribe Treasurer Secretary Chaplain Captain of the Host Principal Sojourner Royal Arch Captain Master of the Third Veil Master of the Second Veil Master of the First Veil Sentinel Officers’ Coach

Jay Rodriguez Alberto T. Jacinto Bob O'Dwyer Donald C. Nelson (Ruth) William E. Price, KYCH (Janet) John Vanderby, PHP (Jeanette) Carlos Monsanto (Florida) Walter Ancheta (Amer) John Barrows (Eva) Dennis Mahoney Efren Prado John Sanchez (Gina) Ron Edwards (Sally) William Ellison, KYCH (Barbara)

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

650.576.6533 650.783.0706 650.952.5152 650.364.7385 650.341.9435 650.583.4340 650.537.0670 650.994.1467 650.918.8568 650.504.2300 650.283.5605 650.868.3894 650.365.4868 650.345.5106

•Golden Gate Commandery No. 16, K.T.• Commander Generalissimo Captain General Senior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Recorder Prelate Standard Bearer Sword Bearer Warder First Guard Second Guard Third Guard Sentinel Ritual Instructor

Alberto T. Jacinto Dominick Gallagi (Letizia) Thomas Burch (Susan) Jay Rodriguez Walter Ancheta (Amer) David R. Jolliffe, KYCH (Diane) William E. Price, KYCH (Janet) Dennis Mahoney John Barrows (Eva) Freddie Go, Jr. (Marina) John Sanchez (Gina) George Poon (Marie) James Shoemaker (Cecille) Efren Prado Ron Edwards, PC (Sally) Kevin L. Conragan, KYCH

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

650.873.0706 650.759.2978 415.810.5227 650.576.6533 650.994.1467 650.344.9522 650.341.9435 650.504.2300 650.918.8568 650.348.6952 650.868.3894 650.872.1755 650.759.3663 650.283.5605 650.365.4868 650.296.2922




Greg Hall, KYCH Department IV Commander

Randy Downey, KYCH Inspector Dept 1B Cryptic Arch 4

Jon D. Humphreys, KYCH Dept 1 Grand Officer

Tony Cimarra Inspector Dept IV Division A

K. Mark Harris Department 1B Assistant Director of Ritual

B.J. Mc Cuiston, KYCH Department 1B Deputy Grand Lecturer

William E. Price, KYCH Assistant Director of Ritual

Henry Clayton, Jr. Department 1B Department Grand Officer

Bill Ellison, KYCH Inspector Department 1B