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Transforming the sports landscape of India With more Indians making the country proud with their wins at the Olympics, the face of sports is fast changing for the better. The younger generation is inspired and indulges in sport events to start training early. Sports for kids is fast picking up, with the parents seeing the bright possibilities and are getting their children into training at a young age. Another aspect of this change, that is truly transforming the landscape of sports in the country, is coming from sporting tournaments. A one-of-a-kind organisation holds annual, multi-style, inter-school and inter-college sports tournaments at DY Patil Stadium, with sporting environment that can be comparable to that experienced by international athletes. Two years into holding this competition, the event has seen _____ students competing across 25 sports, spanning over ____ days. Right from the amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure where the tournament is held, to partnering with best coaching, fitness, training and development programs it covers every aspect of a sports tournament so as to give the participants the best sporting experience. The event records each game played at the event- individual or as a team- that is made available online for the students and coaches to see and work towards getting better at the game. It is truly revolutionising the way India plays inter-school and inter-college competitions. It also has physiotherapists for proper care of the athletes. It holds year-round training & development programs in partnership with reputed academies and coaches to enable young athletes to have ready access to facilities & improve their game. It provides a professional, all-encompassing eco-system where the next generation of athletes who aspire to represent India, can compete, learn and truly nurture. It brings together coaches, students, parents and different organisations to cumulatively contribute towards making sport facilities one of the best in the world- one event at a time. The most inspiring highlight, as seen during the tournament is its absolute unbiasedness by defying the differences among the students on basis of socio-economic status, gender, or educational board, and giving them uniform guidance, facilities, infrastructure and opportunities in all Olympic sports. Every school is a storehouse of latent talent in India, and the tournament aims to identify and bring the same to forefront by providing them an extensive platform to be spotted, trained and live their dream of becoming professional athletes. Through incredible insight and research into grass-root level sports in India, the organisation provides crucial components to the students, that are indispensable learnings to achieving their dream. These are pointers like feeling pride in representing an institution, importance of the right infrastructure and guidance, maintenance of records in videos and statistics, and the support of peers, mentors and talent scouts. From all the activities for kids available, the parents and children alike are choosing to indulge more and more in sports, and the tournament is doing its part in providing the best possible sports exposure and experience to the participants. It’s strengthening the future of the probable athletes- one city at a time.

Transforming The Sports Landscape of India  

Through incredible insight and research into grass-root level sports in India, the organisation provides crucial components to the students,...

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