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We will fine tune the health of gay and bisexual men. Joey is a dedicated volunteer at Magnet, our gay men’s health center in the Castro, where thousands of men in our community get regular free tune-ups. Because of your support, gay and bi men receive the care and information they need to have healthy-running engines year round. Magnet is more than a clinic. Its art openings, book club, and open-mic nights help foster connection, build community, and improve all aspects of our community’s health. In 2012, we provided more than 14,000 HIV tests and screenings for other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and we detected more new HIV infections than any other clinic in the city. In addition to HIV testing, Magnet provides testing and treatment for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis as well as hepatitis A and B vaccinations. We offer services for both HIV-positive and HIV-negative men, because we know that to achieve our goal of making new HIV infections incredibly rare in San Francisco it will take all of us working together. We are focused on the holistic health of gay and bisexual men. Joey may not be a mechanic in the traditional sense, but he knows the importance of looking under the hood. He knows that better health doesn’t just happen — it requires routine maintenance and care so that everything runs the way it should.




A network of free local services that delivers results. DETERMINED TO RESPECT AND ENCOURAGE AFRICAN-AMERICAN MEN
















Our programs create a network of care that helps people in our community get to where they want to go in life. No matter where you come from, you can find a free service to meet your needs at San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Our programs are rooted in evidence —using what we know from research and our own decades of experience—to provide an array of well-designed services that work. The result: we are making strong and measurable progress toward our three strategic goals:


Reduce new HIV infections by 50% in San Francisco by 2015


Ensure that all San Franciscans know their current HIV status

14,000 1,500 600 700 2.5M


Ensure that all HIV-positive San Franciscans receive proper care

free HIV tests/STI screenings

people participate in free prevention support groups

people receive free services to address substance use and mental health issues people living with HIV receive free care services free sterile syringes distributed



We will help people navigate the complex path to better health.


Gustavo receives help from the foundation to navigate the maze of assistance for people living with HIV/AIDS. Because of your support, he never gets lost on the path to a brighter, healthier future. More than 700 people came to us in 2012 to receive free care services. Our staff helps people like Gustavo access life-saving medications through the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). We also help clients receive subsidies to pay their rent because we know that when people living with HIV are stably housed, they are better able to engage consistently and effectively with their medical care, which results in improved health. We offer medical case management for our clients, assisting them to adhere to their medication schedules and to visit their doctor regularly. We provide counseling services to help clients receive assistance through social security, Medicare, Medi-Cal, food stamps, and disability insurance. Gustavo is happy, healthy, and grateful to the staff at the foundation. We work hard every day to make sure that he and all of our clients never get lost. It’s a complex world. Sometimes everyone needs a little help to guide the way. That’s why we’re here.



Read more at policy-center

Our policy work builds stronger programs. Our public policy experts are among the best in the nation. They carry the voices of our clients and insight from our front-line staff to San Francisco City Hall, Sacramento, and Washington, D.C. Through their effective advocacy efforts, they make sure that life-saving programs remain properly funded, that new policies are based on evidence, and that lawmakers fully understand the impacts of their actions. As a result, our clients benefit from some of the best care services in the world that improve both individual and community health.

AMONG OUR MANY ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2012: • We again prevented cuts to the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

in California, ensuring that thousands of people can continue to rely on this vital lifeline to receive medications • We successfully lobbied the San Francisco mayor and the board of

supervisors to backfill millions of dollars in federal funding cuts to HIV/AIDS programs • We played a key role in helping to implement provisions of the

Affordable Care Act in San Francisco, inspiring other communities— and even the White House—to look to us for guidance • We successfully advocated at the national level to categorize HIV as a

chronic health condition, giving people living with the disease access to enhanced reimbursements through Medicaid • We worked closely with the White House Office of National AIDS Policy

and other government officials to convene two meetings on how to improve efforts to fight HIV in the black community, which remains disproportionately impacted by HIV/AIDS Moving forward, we will continue to work closely with officials at all levels of government to ensure the Affordable Care Act meets the needs of all people living with HIV/AIDS. We will fight to keep ADAP fully funded in California. We will work with members of Congress to reauthorize Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA) so that it remains strong and stable for all those who rely on housing assistance. We will give voice to our most vulnerable citizens. We will make sure that care is a right, not a privilege. We will never stop fighting to improve health and save lives.

Director of State and Local Affairs Courtney Mulhern-Pearson with San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee.



We will plant the seeds of compassion and grow health. Janelle is part of a team of staff and volunteers that distributes sterile syringes and safer injection supplies to people in our community. Because of your support, they are sowing seeds of care, compassion, acceptance, and understanding that grow a garden of better health. In 2012, we distributed more than 2.5 million sterile syringes at 11 sites each week across the city, and provided HIV and hepatitis C testing at three locations. Because of our work, rates of new HIV infections among people who inject drugs in San Francisco are well below the national average. The Syringe Access Services team also offers medical facts, safer injection techniques, wound care, unbiased information, referrals to our other services, and common sense about the use of illicit drugs to encourage harm reduction and promote better health. Most importantly, our staff and volunteers have established deep roots in our community. That means when a client is ready for change, we are there to lend a hand and make sure they have the support they need to achieve their goals. Janelle enjoys helping grow a seed into a flower in full bloom, and she takes pride in tending to the garden. She is making a world of difference in the lives of people who need it most.




Our collaborations with peer organizations are stronger than ever, and we are distributing more money to local direct service organizations than ever before. So when you contribute to San Francisco AIDS Foundation, our entire community benefits.



API Wellness Center AIDS Community Research Consortium AIDS Emergency Fund AIDS Legal Referral Panel AIDS Project of the East Bay CAEAR Coalition Community Awareness and Treatment Services Homeless Youth Alliance Huckleberry Youth Programs Larkin Street Youth Services Marin AIDS Project Native American AIDS Project PAWS Positive Resource Center Project Inform Project Open Hand Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County San Francisco Suicide Prevention Shanti Tri-City Health Center University of California, San Francisco Foundation Quan Yin Healing Arts Center Westside Community Mental Health Center WORLD Women’s Community Clinic

360: The Positive Care Center at UCSF API Wellness Center Alliance Health Project Aguilas Glide Memorial Homeless Youth Alliance Instituto Familiar de la Raza Lyon-Martin Health Services Mission Neighborhood Health Project Inform St. James Infirmary San Francisco General Hospital Shanti

Supporting our community like never before. Our mission is ambitious, and we cannot be successful on our own. That’s why we’ve teamed up with more peer agencies than ever that share our focus and determination to radically reduce new infections. For us, it’s about creating the most robust and comprehensive network of care possible so that we stop the spread of HIV and improve the health of our entire city. When we stand together, AIDS doesn’t stand a chance. In 2012 we partnered with 13 organizations in San Francisco to provide programs and services for all people living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS, and we gave out more community grants to more partner organizations than at any time in our history. We are proud to support agencies throughout the Bay Area who are also working hard every day to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.



We will tip the scales in favor of our clients. Terrance is a counselor who helps clients overcome substance use and mental health issues. Because of your support, he tips the scales so all of our clients can lead lives that work for them. More than 600 clients came to us in 2012 to receive free services through The Stonewall Project. It is a certified outpatient drug treatment program that serves gay, bisexual, trans, and other men who have sex with men through a broad continuum of services that range from individual counseling to group meetings, online resources, and community outreach. At the core of the program is a commitment to the principles of harm reduction. This means helping our clients achieve whatever goals they set, whether it’s reducing their substance use, learning to use more safely, or abstaining from alcohol and other drugs. We also connect clients to primary medical care, HIV testing, and STI screenings, and assist men with adherence to psychiatric and HIV medications. Terrance is tipping the scales every day and because of him and the entire Stonewall staff, our clients are seeing outcomes that work in their favor.



YEAR IN REVIEW AMONG OUR MANY ACHIEVEMENTS, IN 2012 THE FOUNDATION: • Launched comprehensive planning and

design phases of our new home for gay men’s health and wellness in the Castro • Detected more existing and acute HIV

• Created a community support

program for young black gay men to promote holistic health and prevention awareness

infections at Magnet than any other community-based service provider in San Francisco, helping more people know their status and access care

• Launched design of a new electronic

• Lobbied federal officials to categorize

Country Club, expanding our portfolio of substance use services

HIV as a chronic health condition to expand care through Medicaid

client record system to improve our care coordination efforts • Became fiscal agent of Castro

• Prevented cuts to California’s ADAP

program and worked to replace lost federal revenue in San Francisco • Successfully advocated for HIV to be

listed as a chronic disease, expanding and enhancing care nationwide • Launched to increase

awareness of PrEP as an effective HIV prevention tool for gay and bi men

Honoring our history as we look to the future. In 2012 San Francisco AIDS Foundation marked 30 years of service in our community. We honored all the remarkable men and women who’ve made San Francisco AIDS Foundation a world-renowned leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We also thanked the brave and compassionate people who helped to create the San Francisco model of care. Even as we looked back at our history, we never lost sight of our future. In 2012 we pushed the envelope, made strides, expanded services, and moved closer to the end of the AIDS epidemic. It is our past that propels us forward. It is our future, with all its potential, that stirs our passion.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi was the guest of honor at our 30th anniversary tribute event, receiving an award from foundation CEO Neil G. Giuliano and Ambassador James Hormel.

• Created the local Real Talk forum series

• Published our How AIDS Ends anthology,

to promote community discussion and knowledge about gay men’s health

with a foreword from President Bill Clinton, to spark community dialogue about envisioning a world without AIDS

• Launched the Many Shades of Gay

campaign to encourage routine HIV testing in our community

• Worked to establish the San Francisco

HIV Health Reform Task Force to ensure seamless transition of care services under the Affordable Care Act

• Formed a citywide partnership with

four other agencies to more effectively distribute sterile syringes to people most at risk for HIV and hepatitis C • Created a new system to evaluate the

outcomes of our programs, showing that our clients outperform citywide averages for retention in care and medication adherence



We will help people weather storms safely. Tony comes to the foundation to find understanding and create bonds with other men living with HIV. Because of your support, he and thousands of clients get the information and resources they need to maintain good health and stop the spread of HIV. They find shelter whenever life’s storm clouds pass through. More than 1,500 clients participated in our free prevention support groups in 2012. We offer programs for African-Americans, Latinos, men who are newly dealing with their HIV diagnosis, and guys who want to participate in service projects. Infused in all of these programs is a deep sense of community. We know from our experience that when people feel a sense of connection to others, they are less isolated, they take better care of their health, and they look out for one another. By creating and fostering these prevention support groups for both HIV-positive and HIV-negative people, and infusing them with knowledge about sexual health, we are building a stronger and healthier community. This is a critical component to achieving the end of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Tony is thriving as a client and giving back by also volunteering at the foundation. He knows how important an umbrella can be when the rain starts to fall.




Thank you for your continued, and colorful, support. Because of you, our generous donors and event participants, we offer all of our many client services for free. Because of you, 2012 was one of our most successful fundraising years ever. We saw remarkable levels of community support and engagement to fund our programs, raise awareness, and inspire our work. When you give directly to San Francisco AIDS Foundation, you change lives. Your contributions help to put a roof over someone’s head, provide an HIV test, make sure a client has access to medications, or create a safe space for someone to receive counseling services. We cannot do all that we do without you. Our commitment to our clients is of paramount importance to us, as is our transparency to our donors. When it comes to our fundraising events, we continually work to reduce production costs so that more money goes directly to the thousands of people we serve every year, and 2012 was no exception. AIDS/LifeCycle, our premiere fundraising event produced jointly with the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, raised close to $13 million while again reducing the overall cost of producing the event. AIDS Walk San Francisco raised $2.7 million and attracted close to 15,000 people to Golden Gate Park, while also decreasing direct expenses. Dining Out for Life, The Big Gay 10K, and Santa Skivvies Run all saw significant increases in fundraising and participation. Our 30th anniversary tribute, The Call, brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in private and corporate contributions. We provide a complete account of our financial performance for the 2011–2012 fiscal year on pages 34–35 so you can see exactly how your money supports our work. Together—whether we donate, cycle, eat out, run, skip, hop, or all of the above — we are all heroes in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Read more at /get-involved


Our many fundraising events promote health, build community, and raise awareness. The third annual Big Gay 10K drew hundreds of runners from across the Bay Area to support our work and make a real difference in the lives of our clients.



Together, what will we achieve? Thank you for your significant contributions in 2012 to support San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Loyal, passionate, and dedicated people like you make our work possible and move us closer to ending the AIDS epidemic. We have big plans for our future together. With your continued support, we are poised to completely transform the fight against HIV/AIDS in San Francisco. It’s a very hopeful and exciting time in the rich and diverse history of San Francisco AIDS Foundation and our work in the community. Major scientific advances in recent years truly put an end to the epidemic in sight. Now is the time to seize on this cascade of opportunity, shift into high gear, and be as bold and courageous as the men and women who first responded to the AIDS crisis. This is why we are about to plant a new flag in the heart of the Castro to create the first-ever home for gay and bisexual men’s health and wellness. No other organization is better poised to reimagine the nation’s response to HIV/AIDS at this critical juncture, and no other organization enjoys more support from loyal community members like you who provide the resources to make our shared dreams a reality. We are tremendously excited for all the potential the future holds, and you are a key stakeholder in our forward momentum. While the Castro is a significant focus for us in 2013, because 80% of all new HIV infections are among gay/bi men, it is not our only focus. Where there is need in this city, we are there. From the Castro to the Tenderloin to the Bayview, we are helping all people know their HIV status and improve their health. We have deep roots in this community, and you can trust that San Francisco AIDS Foundation is fighting on behalf of all people living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS. We will be here until our services are no longer needed. We need you with us now more than ever. Our city and all the people we serve are counting on us. Together, we will achieve greatness. Together, we will soar to new heights. Together, we will stand as one united community. Together, we will see the end of HIV transmission and the end of AIDS. Thank you.

Tom Perrault Tom Perrault Board Chair Board Chair

Neil G. Giuliano CEO

Neil Giuliano Chief Executive Officer


Our country is changing rapidly, and full equality for gay people is no longer a long-term dream. We will soon be equal citizens. But will we be truly equal if we are not healthy? We must end the transmission of HIV among gay men in this country. It was in San Francisco, among gay men in the Castro, that HIV first reached epidemic levels. And it will be in San Francisco, among gay men in the Castro, that we will see the first end of HIV transmission. We will bring it about together. NEIL G. GIULIANO, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER SAN FRANCISCO AIDS FOUNDATION


We will be bold and innovative, together. We are about to turn the fight against HIV/AIDS on its head. In 2013, we begin work on the first-of-its-kind home for gay and bisexual men’s health and wellness in San Francisco. This center will promote holistic health, instead of focusing on sickness and disease. It will co-locate our HIV prevention, HIV and STI testing and care programs, and substance use and mental health services in one space in the heart of the Castro. And not only will they be in the same space, each program will expand its capacity to serve more people. Think of it as a one-stop shop that helps men connect the dots between sexual and mental health, substance use, and HIV/AIDS. It will also serve as an incubator for research, helping to guide scientific advances and contribute to medical breakthroughs. Once the doors open, this facility will become a model that will be replicated across the country and around the world. But most importantly, we know that it holds the power to help bring an end to HIV/AIDS in San Francisco. We will be the first city in the United States to end the transmission of HIV, and this new initiative in the Castro will play a key role in making that a reality. We have always been innovators in the fight against the disease. Stand with us, as we take a monumental step into the future. Stand with us to make history.


Honoring our top event participants. Every year, thousands of dedicated supporters participate in our events to raise funds for our programs and services. We thank all of them— every contribution makes a difference. A few of our supporters go above and beyond in their fundraising efforts. They are true heroes in the fight against HIV/AIDS and we honor their remarkable contributions to the work of San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

AIDS/LIFECYCLE 10K CLUB Frank Adair Sang An Stephen Andrews Norman Armstrong Nicholas Augustinos Evan Bachner Carol Barriger Bob Bathrick Alan Beach-Nelson Jim Beitzel Christopher Benson Daniel Berkowitz Dan Bernal Jared Blumenfeld Paul Bowden Donald Brown Patricia Brown Julie Brown Wesley Burwell David Carney Daniel Cavey Jeff Chartrand Terry Clark Robert Cole Joseph Conforti R. Scott Creighton John Daum Peter Denny Zai Divecha Dan Dodd Keith Endersen Joanne Engel Dan England Mark Ferlatte Susan Fish Annette Flores Robert Fountain Gonzalo Garcia Spencer Garrett Erik Gensler Christopher Gent James Gibbs Neil G. Giuliano

Judy Gluckstern Alex Goldsmith Patricia Gordon Clay Greene Pryce Greenow Roman Gronkowski David Guzman Andrew Hattori Tammy Haygood Dave Hendrickson Victoria Hill Perry Hookey Jonathan Howell Trevor Howells Eric Hubbs Paul Ikeda Tim Irvin Daniel Johnson Michael Johnston Radfield Justice Joe Kelso Lynn Eve Komaromi Jason Krech Briana Krieger Jeffrey Kruskall Keith Little James Loduca Ryan Logan Patrick MacCartee Brian Mangin Emily Mariko-Sanders Kristin Matson Don McAdang James McCann Robert McDiarmid Ryan McNally Tim Meissner Chris Miller John Moss Bladimiar Norman Gregory Ott Randy Phillips Danl Plyler Lee Pochapin Christopher Poore

Daniel Quinlan Robert Quon Lee Reid Glenn Roberts Robert Rodriguez Brett Roncelli Eric Rozendahl Ken Ruebush Dawn Ruggeroli-Collins Joel Sale Debi Schechtman Jonathan Sonneborn Lois Springsteen Lisa Sterman Michael Stubbs James Sumers Vincent Tamariz Emily Taylor Adam Tetenbaum Justin Tolmer Parker Trewin Sarah Unguez John Vasquez Margo Watson Bill Weatherford Susan Whitehead David Wichman Rodney Wong Jeremy Yost Jon Zimman

AIDS WALK STAR WALKERS Steven Abbott Scott Abel Neil Austin Rob Barnum Alan Beach-Nelson Nick Bell Nancy Benson John Bernier Lynn Bersch Philip Besirof Elizabeth Bohannon Grant Burger

Willie Cage Damian Carmichael Eric Castongia Carmen Choy John Coblenz Lawrence Coles Patricia Conlin Carlos Cordonero Philip Cravens Tom Cuellar Peggy Cunha Solange Darwish Bill Dow Darryl English Christopher Esposito Charles Familetti Michael Favela Jack Fredricks Andy Fyne Jimmy Gale JP Gaynor Shannon Gazecki Christopher Gravett Leif Green Jeffrey Green Alan Greenspan Sable Hailemichael Bonnie Hastings Mark Hebda Rich Henry Charles Hernandez Howard Herskowitz John Hertia Bill Hirsh Mary Howe Robert Janssen Jenny Johnson Joan Juster Barb Kilian Max Kirkeberg Maggie Law Alan Lee Frank Lindh Mace Mamlok Robert Mansfield

Troy Markle Fred Mayer Mark Mays Richie McAllister Jimmy McConnell David McMurry Beth McNeill Edgar Micua Robert Millar Marilyn Moodie Maria Moscardini Glenn Murphy Shawna Pattison Tom Perrault Kirk Pessner Ann Petru Jeffrey Phelps Reggie Place Barry Robinson George Roehm Christopher Rold Pauline Roothman Mark Ross Wendy Rossie Shawn Rossiter Kimberly Ryan Britt Sandkulla-Sinclair Tina Schulkamp Jeff Seibert Vartan Shahijanian Jeff Small Bruce Smith Robert Sostak Stephen Stanfel Steven Tonkovich Dana Utz Sarah Van Ophuijsen Thomas Vavrina Lawrence Wexler Robert Whitehead Gerhard Woelke Gina Wulff Leetha Yee

BIG GAY 10K TOP FUNDRAISERS Daniel-Ray Carothers Rodrigo Dias Ian Menzies Scott James Remnant Andrew Smith

SANTA SKIVVIES RUN TOP FUNDRAISERS Steven Bracco Ray Delgado Jim Gibson Chris Hastings W. Skye Paterson

DINING OUT FOR LIFE TOP AMBASSADORS Mark Alstead David Newcomb Mike Richey Becca Russell Gary Snow

CREATE YOUR OWN EVENTS TOP FUNDRAISERS Max Hamilton Ross Hayduk Ryan McKeel Joseph Pulice

DOUBLE BAY DOUBLE TOP FUNDRAISERS Andrew Bennett Charlotte Brooks David Gaus George Head Chris Thomas



Thousands of people from all walks of life come together each year to participate in AIDS/LifeCycle. The 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles does more than raise funds to support our work, it creates a community of heroes who bond into a family and stand arm in arm to fight HIV/AIDS.



We are grateful for your support. Thank you to all our generous donors in 2012. You keep our doors open, our lights on, our programs stable, and our clients healthy. San Francisco AIDS Foundation is strong, innovative, influential, and growing because of you. Stay connected with us, now and into the future, to achieve our ambitious goals of radically reducing new HIV infections and ensuring all people living with the disease have access to proper care. Your support is making a huge difference in our community.

CORPORATE, FOUNDATION, AND MATCHING GIFT SUPPORTERS $100,000 + ATTIK Bain & Co. Chevron Gilead Sciences Inc. Morrison & Foerster Wells Fargo Foundation

$50,000–$99,999 Anonymous Google M.A.C AIDS Fund

$25,000–$49,999 The Bank of America Foundation Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS Excelerate Gap Foundation Genentech Levi Strauss Foundation & Levi Strauss & Co. Microsoft Southern California University of Health Sciences Target UCSF Medical Center Walgreens Walter & Elise Haas Fund Williams-Sonoma Inc.

UP TO $24,999 3D Bike Fit 4Charity Foundation Inc. AAA Abbott Laboratories Adobe Systems Inc. Advent Software Affymax Inc. AllianceBernstein Altria Group Inc. AMEC Earth & Environmental Inc. American Express American Medical Response Amgen Andalu Restaurant Anderson Fund Foundation Anonymous Anthem Blue Cross of California Association of American Medical Colleges

AT&T Autodesk Baker & McKenzie LLP Bank of the West Barabino Huebner Charitable Fund Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights Bayer Pharmaceuticals BD Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough Biofilm Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. Blackbaud Inc. BlackRock Bloomberg LP Blue Mermaid Chowder House & Bar Blue Shield of California Blue Water Party Rentals Box Dog Bikes BreakAway Performance Brown & Toland Physicians Bullnose Tile LLC Burns Deshon Foundation C.R. Bard Inc. CAC Group Inc. Caesars Entertainment Cafe Pescatore California HealthCare Capital Group Companies Carol Enters List Company Inc. CAST Management Consultants Celerity Consulting Group Inc. Ceradyne Inc. Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. Chesapeake Amusements Inc. Chow Chubb Federal Insurance Co. Cigna Life Insurance Cisco Salon Cisco Systems Clear Channel The Clorox Company Coach Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage College Access Foundation of California Columbus Foods

Community Foundation Palm Beach & Martin Counties Community Thrift Store Computer Associates International Inc. Cornerstone Research Inc. Council of Grand Dukes & Duchesses Crossroads Trading Co. Inc. David & Lucile Packard Foundation David B. Gold Foundation Deloitte LLP Deutsche Bank Americas DIRECTV Divine Divas of SB Dolby Dorsey & Whitney LLP Dosa Dottie’s True Blue Cafe Driscoll’s Strawberry Associates Inc. East Bay Community Foundation eBay Foundation Electronic Arts Elite Cafe Ellison Schneider & Harris LLP Ernie Ball Inc. Ernst & Young LLP Esurance Inc. Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund Feather Foundation Inc. Federated Department Stores Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Follett Foreign Cinema Forest Laboratories Inc. Franklin Templeton Investments Freewheel Bike Shop Friends Of Waterbury Hospitals FTI Consulting G2 Insurance Services Garofalo Goerlich Hainbach Gartner General Electric Getty Images Giants Enterprises Gladstone Institutes UCSF Global Giving Foundation Global Impact Goldman Sachs & Co.

Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation Grace Helen Spearman Foundation Grainger Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Catch Harrah’s-Harveys Lake Tahoe Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Co. Hewlett Packard Hill Physicians Medical Group Hillcrest Pharmacy Inc. Hofmann Foundation Home Depot Hope Wine Horizons Foundation HSBC IBM Illinois Tool Works Intel Intuit Iron Mountain J. Pollet JPMorgan Chase & Co. Jake’s on Market James Irvine Foundation Jensen’s Mail & Copy Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles Jim Beam Brands Co. John & Melissa Ceriale Foundation John Wiley & Sons Inc. Johnson & Johnson Joie de Vivre Hospitality Jolson Family Foundation Jones Day Juniper Networks Kaiser Permanente KRL Foundation La Fete de Bicyclette Lam Research Corporation Lazy Bear Fund LinkedIn Lisa Merrill Communications LLC Live Oak Fund of Horizons Foundation Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride

Long Wharf Real Estate Partners LLC Lucasfilm Macquarie Group Mal Warwick & Associates Inc. Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP Marin Cyclists Mark Monitor Mars Bar & Restaurant Maze Inc. McCarthy Building Companies Inc. McKesson Mellon Financial Corp. Menlo Equities Management Co. MGHubert LLC Mike’s Bikes Millennium Morgan Stanley Wealth Management MZA Events Neiman Marcus Group New Bear Republic Newton Fund NORCAL Mutual Insurance Co. Norcal Waste Systems Inc. Novartis US NVIDIA Omaha Community Foundation OMD Media USA LLC Omidyar Network Opes Advisors Inc. Opperman & Son Opperman Oracle Orasure Technologies Inc. Paceline Products Pacific Life Panther San Francisco Inc. Paragon Real Estate Group Pasadena Host Lions Club PC World Communications Peet’s Coffee & Tea Perkins Coie LLP Perlstein Family Foundation Peter Warren Automotive Pfizer PG&E Philadelphia Foundation Pican Restaurant

Poesia Powerhouse Bar PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Pride Financial Partners Qualcomm Quest Diagnostics Inc. Raymond & Joanne Lin Foundation Redwood Credit Union Rey Valden Family Foundation RHMT LLC Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Safeway Inc. Foundation San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798

San Francisco Rotary Foundation SanDisk SAP Seligman Family Foundation Sellers Dorsey & Associates LLC Sephora Sequence Serpentine Seyfarth Shaw LLP SF Mix Shell Oil Sheraton Silva Watson Moonwalk Fund Simplified Logistics LLC

Slow Club Smugmug Online Photos Sol Food Sports Basement Inc. Starbelly Starbucks State Street Sterling Art Services LLC Sycuan Casino Symantec Tellabs Texas Pacific Group The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Thomas C. & Mary Ann Hays Family Foundation

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Tiffany & Co. TJX Companies Inc. Tobira Therapeutics Towers Watson TSG Reporting Inc. Twin Peaks Tavern U.S. Bancorp UBS U-Haul Union Bank of California United Airlines United Way Of New York City Varian Medical Systems Variety Foundation

Verizon Villa Costa Grande Visa International VMWare Vodafone Americas Wallis Foundation Walt Disney Company Warp9 Microsolutions Washington Post Willis Insurance Services Woodward Family Foundation Yahoo! Inc. ZBI Zelle Hofmann Voelbel & Mason Zico

Herb Alston Sarah Alvarez-Horine John Amato Ralph Ammann Sang An Chris Anderson Eric Anderson Anonymous Nader Ansary Sateesh Apte Noel Archard Celestine Armenta Anne Aspinwall Peter Athanas Doug Audiffred Dr. Judith Auerbach Kate August Nicholas Augustinos & F. Curt Kirschner, Jr. Marc Aure Anthony Avellar Charlie Averbeck Leslie Averbeck Evan Bachner Bradley Backeberg Daniel Baer Sanjay Bagai Jonathan Baker Phillip Balistrieri Karen Banks Christopher Barcellos Anthony Barker Stephen Barker Polly Baroco Joel Bartlett Louis & Arlene Bates Robert Bathrick Todd Battaglia Shawn Bauer Allen Baum Alvin Baum & Robert Holgate Mark Baumli Lawrence Bazel Alan & Darren Beach-Nelson Frances Beasley James Beasley Michael Bechauf Gregory Beckham Jon Beckham

Kallie Beebe Jim Beitzel Robert Bell Tunde Bell Jon Belshaw Albert & Pamela Bendich Alec Bennett James Bennett Christopher Benson Steve Benting & Margaret Warton Michael Bereskin Roxanne Berg Jennifer & Steven Bermudez John Bernier Philip Besirof & Ryan Carter Cassandra Bevers Indira Bhatt David Biehl Nicholas J. Biever Trust Timothy Biggert Norbert & Inger Bischofberger Mark Blair Lon Blais David Blatt Anne Bleile-Kratzer Robert Blitzer Claire & Jared Bobrow Rochelle & Steve Bochner Robert Bodzin Roger Bohl Jimmy Bonasoro John Bongiorno Samuel Bookin Debora & Christopher Booth Mike Boris Randall Bosetti Tom Bottorff Bernard Boudreaux Paul Bowden Albert Bower Matthew Bowman Walter Bowman Philip Boyer & Steve Weirauch Tom Branch Mark Brandt C.J. Brasiel Christopher Bridgford J. Scott Brittle

Benjamin Brochu Robert Brockbank Alethea Brown Donald Brown Ed & Jan Brown Julie & Mike Brown Kevin Brown Patricia Brown Preston Brown Todd Brown Peter Brunn James Bryce Christopher Buchanan Henry Bullock Richard Bumpus Ed Buonaccorsi Florence Burgess Sharon Burke La Nita Burkhead Kelly Burlingham James Burrell Steven Burton Wesley Burwell Richard Busalacchi & Gina Asaro Busalacchi Cathy Busby Ryan Butler Jef Caers Richard M. Cain Kim Callas Michele Camper-Lange James Canales, Jr. & James McCann Vincent Cancelliere & Anthony Kolish David Capurro Elizabeth Carl Douglas Carlson John Carlson David E. Carney Peter Carney Dorothy Carpenter Lorraine Carpou Denis Carrade Steven Carrillo Robert Carstensen Bernadine Caruso Antoinette Carver Steven Castellotti

Raf Castro Maureen Catalina Kevin Caudill John Cavellini Daniel Cavey John Cecconi Eric Chan Aunt Charlie Martin Checov & Timothy Bause Jing Chen Casey Cheung Cindy Cheung & Ed Lin Daniel Chew Franklin Ching Adam Christensen John Christiano Paul Chung Scott Ciliberti Martina Cipolat Dean Clark Deborah Clark Terry Clark Tien Claudio Greg Clause David Claypool Heather Clifton John Coblenz Carol Coffin William Cohen Ruth Cohn Eric J. Collier & Joseph Newell Brian Conaghan & Shawn Priggel Caitlin Conlen Daniel Conti Ronald Conway Jerry Cooper Stan Cooper Ken Coopersmith Peter Cooperstein Craig Corbitt Stephanie Cosgrove David Costa Joan Costello Thomas Cott Laura Cottrell Karin Coyle Jennifer Creelman

INDIVIDUAL DONORS ADVOCACY GROUP: $25,000–$49,999 Anonymous Estate of Gary Allen Kean Estate of Jack P. Warren Fitz Flemming Trust Ambassador James C. Hormel & Michael Nguyen Michael Kidd & Kenneth Sloan

TREATMENT GROUP: $10,000–$24,999 Anonymous Nick Bell Carl Bergard Dr. Carol Brosgart Gary Chartrand Jeff Chartrand Steven Chiodini Estate of Frank Brechka Robert Eustace & Kathy Kwan Judy & Steven Gluckstern Robert & Colleen Haas Paul Asente & Ron Jenks Michael Kembel Trust Tom Perrault & Sal Giambanco Dr. Alan Taylor & Hans Reiser Anthony Siress Cameron Smith Jack Stephenson Judith Wilber & Robert Miller

PREVENTION GROUP: $1,000–$9,999 Steven Abbott Kurt Abney Frank Adair Christopher Adams Janis Adams Kim Adams Rodney Adams John-Paul Aguirre Gary Akenhead Michelle Alderdice Sean Alderman Thomas Aldridge Joseph Allanson


INDIVIDUAL DONORS, CONTINUED Barbara Creighton R. Scott Creighton Marie Crinnion & Richie McAllister Carol Crummey Thomas Cunha Dax Daily John Dains Chuck D’Angelo Karl Danz Laurie Davidson Bruce Davis John Dearborn Jonathan Deason Kathleen Deery Dominique De Guzman Will Dehaan Austreberto DeHaro Evan Dehaven Wayne DeJong Bruno Delagneau Greg Delaney Quinn Delaney & Wayne Jordan Owen Demers Matthew Denckla Kacie Dennison Edward Denoble William Dickey Mary Dickman Ulf Diegmann Jives Diesfeld Barbara Digmann Floyd Dillman Michael Dillon Sharon Dillon Gordon Dinsdale Diana Divecha Robert Dobier Dan Dodd Jon Doellstedt Mike Donnelly Brian Dorsey Lee Douglas William Dow Daniel Doyle Mildred Drayton Tom Driggers Mary Droese Richard Droese Ilana Drummond Nancy Durlester DuBois Nanette Duong Sean Dwyer Douglas Dyment Robert Earl Mary Eastridge Chris Echavia Derek Eckert Peter Edge Jejelle Edmundson Jean Edwards Paul & Joanne Egerman Jeff Ehrenberg Lewis Eichele Rebecca Eisen Rick Elefant Sue Elefant Carlene Ellis James Ely

Joanne Engel David Engelbrecht Darryl English Jeff Eorio Juan Carlos Escobar Melanie Espinueva Estate of Michael Barnett Estate of Joseph F. Beresford Estate of Lawrence H. Cook, Jr. Estate of Laurence Frank Howard Estate of Larry A. Lopez Estate of Jem S. Louie Estate of James B. Wozniak Richard Fabian Susan Falkenstern Robert Falzon Brian Farmer Eileen Fehskens Teresa Felder Frederick Felman Jason Fenske Elizabeth Fike James Finberg Carol Mondry Fine, M.D. & Howard Fine Brian Finley Robert Hamm Kevin Fish Susan Fish Robert Fisher S. Fisher Charles Fitzgerald Karin Fitzgerald Victoria Fitzpatrick Michael Flannery Michael Flatt Vicky Flatt Marc Fleisher Scott Fletcher Annette Flores III Edna Flores-Lagunte Larry Flynn Alex Fonti Seth Footlik Edward Ford Thomas Ford Philip Forlenza Carol Forte Sarah Foulds Robert Fountain Ariel Foxman D.L. Francom Karen Frank-Noll Sarah Franko Annette Franqui Jeffrey Frederiksen Stephen Fredricks Dale Freeman Ted Freres Angela Friday Stacey Friedman Dori Friend Patricia Frisch Steven Frisch John Fry Gillian Fuller Philip Fulmer Andrew Fyfe

John & Aida Gaffney Jimmy Gale Rodrigo Galicia Manuel Gallardo, Jr. David Gallery Terra Gallery Timothy Galloway David Galullo & Peter King Brian Galyean Margarita Gandia Ferdinand Garcia Edie & Jim Garrett James Geis Nancy Genovesi Christopher Gent Christopher George Edward Gibbons Jonathan Gibbons Charles Gibson Thomas Gill Daniel Gilsenan Greg Giotta Mark Gire Neil G. Giuliano Brook Glaefke Regina Glass Robert Gleeson Jonathan Glendinning Ray Goetz Randall Goetzl John & Marcia Goldman Lisa Goldman Megan Goldman Sara Gomez Joey Gonzales Ruben Gonzales Kevin Gonzalez Andrew Goode Susan & Sidney Goodwill Andrew Goodwin Kaveh Gorgani Scott Gorran William Gould Patricia Gowaty William Graff James Graham Lee Grant Fritz Grau Nicholas Graves Jeff Green Robin Greenspun Angelique Griepp Ann Griffiths Jodi Grills Dick Grosboll Richard Gunther Katherine & Ray Haase Shaun Haines Carolyn & Robert Hall Christopher Hall Daniel Hall James Hall Mike Hall Jean & Nicholas Hall Simon Halls Philip Hammarskjold Chad Hammer Denton Hammond Michael Handler

Laurie Hane Patrick Haney Heather Hanly & Daniel Purcell Jeffrey Hansen & Derik Woods Chris Hansten Dr. Eli Harari Robert Harris Jessica Harthun Kent Harvey Steve Hasley Charles Hassel Sean Haste Chris Hastings Paul Hastings Carlos Hatch Stephen Hatch Stephen Hatcher Scott Hawks Gregory Haynes George Head Hadessa Healey Sharon Healy Dain Heer John Hemm Paul Hempel Donald Henderson David Hendricks Dave Hendrickson & Daniel Sonnenfeld Sergio Henriques William Henry Scott Herman Scott Hernandez Esther Herrick & Colleen Crook Francoise Herrmann John Hertia Scott St. Hialire Michael Hildebrand Joe Hill Tim Hill Victoria Hill Gregory Hinds Charles Hinkle Jerrold Hinshaw Ronald Hirsch Scott Hirsch Janice Hirt Dave Hitz Richard Hodos Richard Hoffman Kinmont Hoitsma Dan Holland Crispin Hollings Dave Hollis John Holmgren Richard Holmstrom Peter Holson Perry Hookey Clifford Hopkins Matthew Horan Margret Horn Michael Horvath Daniel Hosman Chris Hostetter Wayne Houck Scott House Donald Howard Stanley Howard Jonathan Howell

C. Lolan Ho-Wong Ryan Hudson Mark Huebner Wayne Hueners Ronald Hummel Priscilla Hunt Michael Hurd John Hurley Christopher Hut Derek Hydon Kazumi Iho Paul Ikeda Yasuko Ikeda David Imhof Kenneth Irelan Eric Irestone Tim Irvin John Iversen Joanne & Christopher Jaeger Dan Jahner Gregory Jahnke Melissa Jamula Rob Janssen Tracey Jaquith Peter Jirak Carl Johnson Eric Johnson James Johnson Michael Johnston Eron Jokipii Shawn Jones Tim Jones Mark Jordan Wendy Jordan Luis Juarbe Lon Justice Radfield Justice Robert Kagle Rob Kalman Lewis Kalmbach Matthew Kane Maureen Kassel Martha Katalevsky Alan Kates Elaine Kato Bonnie Katz & David Taylor Charlotte Katz Daniel Katz Stephen Kaufman Michael Kay & Stephen Shearer Thomas Kearney Brendan Kelly Ayse Kenmore Jim Kennedy Ari Kent Stuart Kent Eva Kersey Nzeera Ketter Sandra Kindermann Lisa Kinsey David Kirkbride Max Kirkeberg Henry Kistler Robert Kistler Sammie Kitchen Joan Klaassen David Knight Robert Knowles

Robert Knox Terra Knudsen Mitchell Koblenz Thomas Kocon Jason Koehnke Annmarie Koenig Jeff Koertzen Juleen Konkel Diane Kopitsky Alexandros Kostibas Daniel Kovacs Scott Kramer Ron Krause Kurt Krebs Dennis Kreuser & Dottie Drumm Rachel Krevans Jeffrey Kubinec Michael Kuchar Michael Kutner George Labella Charley Lanier Valery Lanyi, M.D. David A. Lauer Harry Lawrence & Andrew Hirss Todd Lawry Peter Le Clarence Lee Donna Lee Seung Eun Lee Roger & Beryl Leifer Ronald Lenker Todd Leong Steven Leroy Alan Lessik Georg Lester Arthur Leung Jee Levin Stuart Lewan Jessica Lewin Michael Lewin Aaron Lewis Ron Lezell Barry Liben Ryan Lien Frank Lindh Yao Liow Barry & Marie Lipman David Littlefield Jeannik Littlefield Micky Lloyd Fergus Lo Elton Loberternos James Loduca George Loftis Ryan Logan Trevor Logan Jim Loomis Frank Lopez Hector Edward Lopez J.P. Lor Leonel Lorta Edward Loughrey Barbara Low Lorri Lown Michael Lu Alexis Lucero Gina Lucia

Erika Luft Alvin Luk Regina Luk-Akaka Thomas Lukens Josh Lundell Larry Lunnen Gwen Lutz Gregory Lynn Angus Macnaughton Neil MacPhail Martin Madden Vance Maddocks Jennifer Madrid Robert Malick Matthew Malkmes Robert Malmrose Mark Manasse & Janet Mohle‑Boetani Eric Mann Stephen Manos Laurent & Michelle Manrique Sally Mansis John Marazza Joseph Marcellino Roy March Paul Mariano Joel Markovits Matthew Marquis Lynda Marren Robert Marshall Andrew Martin Charles Martin Paolo Martin Shawn Martin Luis Martinez Karen Mason Max Mason & Drew Metcalfe Phillip Mason Richard Masters Elaine Mathews David Matthers Jane Mauer Elizabeth Mayer Jonathan Mayer Marissa Mayer & Zachary Bogue Mrs. Luciana Mazzola Jeanne McArthur Laurie & Virginia McBain Yvonne McCallum Brad McCarty James McCawley Thomas McCleary Karin McClune Barbara McClung Greg McCord Anthony McCown James McCoy Robert McDiarmid Jamel McDuffie Michele McGinn Mary Anne McGuire-Hickey John McKee Sean McKnight Garry McLain Shane McLucas Ryan McNally Michael McNeal Terry Meehan

Dennis Meiss Peter Rudy & Rich Meiss Thomas Mendivil John Menke Tina Mennett Anup Menon Ian Menzies Michael Meredith Mike Merin Dede Reichert Meyer John Meyer Mike Meyer Richard Meyerson Sandy Michael & Dante Blend Brandon Miller Paul Miller Richard Miller Patricia Milner Megan Minkiewicz Henry Mitchell Jerry Mitchell Keith Mitchell Stephen Mitchell David Mittelman Randy Monges David Monroe James Moore Kristopher Moore Stephanie Moore Julie Moran Rick Mordesovich Shawn Moreton Erin Morgan David Moritz Andrew Morse Sally Morton Allen Moyer Richard Muncaster Glenn Murphy Randy Myers Douglas Mylcraine Robert Mylls Linda Nanbu Andrew Narver Kenneth Nehmer Katie Neider Scott Nelson Srisamorn Neukom Cathy Nevolo John Newbery Bill Newlands Mike Nguyen Pamela Nichter Cynthia Nicola Richard Nicoletto-Hanson Mary Anne Nielsen Michael Nimkoff Rhoda Noall Jim Norcross Robert Norem Kevin Norton & Frank Mamone Roger Norton Sukey Novogratz Randy Nunnelee Bela Nuss Jim O’Brien Erika O’Brien Mark O’Brien Tom O’Brien

Laurence O’Connor Marjorie O’Connor Aindreas O’Donnell Paul Offenbacher Karin Ogata Garrick Ohlsson John Okuloski Mark Oliver Bruce Olmscheid Kathleen Opperman Bob Ornelas Lawrence Orta Julio Ortiz Hal Osborn John Osborne John O’Sullivan Heidi Ott Robert Otto Alvin Paez Madan Paidhungat Barbara Paine Susan Palmer Wayne Pan, M.D. Zachary Papilion David Parker Bruce Patterson R. Lee Patterson Scott Patterson Fred Paul Scott Paul Elizabeth Peabody Samuel Peabody Paul Pelosi & House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi Karen Pepper Dale Pereira Lucas Pereira Christine Perkett Oliver Perkins Chris Perrault Mark Perrone Mark Perry Virginia Perry Arnold Pettersen Scott Petty Rhonda Phelps Michael Phillips Brianna Pickering James Pierson Rod Pinaroc Tom Pittenger Tracy Pitts Kenneth Plough Jeffery Podawiltz & Douglas Ward John Podolsky John Polete Allan Pollock Vicky Ponciano Frank Pond Mark Porterfield Dr. George Powell Kenneth Powell & Rona Foster Daniel Powers Mark Price Joseph Pulice George Quan Matthew Quilter

William Quinlan Andrew Quinn Robert Quon, M.D. Carla Raffetto Andrea Ralston Maja Ramsey Sandra Ramsey David Randel Jim Randel Marjorie Randolph Maggie Randriamamonjy Amber Ray Mario Raya Sara Recer Stuart Reed Jennifer Reese Theresa Regli Daniel Renberg Lynda Resnick Michael Resnick Brian & Fawn Rich Mike Richey John Riedel Christine Riedell Walter Rieman Jesse Riscen David Rivera Richard Robbins Barbara Roberts Eric & Barbara Roberts Jacob Roberts & Samuel Lim Butalid Steven Roberts Barbara Carroll Robinson & Brian Robinson William Robinson Matthew & Taryl Rodnick Roderick Roe Howard Roffman Kent Roger Tom Rollinson Richard & Pauline Roothman Will Roque Isaac de la Rosa Alan Rosenberg Alice Rosenzweig Mark Ross Dr. Charles Roth John Roth Talia Roven Nathan Rowader Jacob Rowe Eric Rozendahl Stacey Rubin Ken Ruebush & Jeffrey Zimman Elizabeth Ruetsch Dawn Ruggeroli-Collins & Aiden Collins Bob Russell Charles Russell-Schlesinger Pat Ryan Robert Rybicki & Lee Ng Tony Sachs Ken Sakurai Katie Salcido Antoine Saleh Karim Salgado Jillian Salzman


Dean Sampson Nicholas Sanchez Silvia Sandoval Diann Sant Juanita Santos Mathew dos Santos Marguerite Scanlan Linda Schacht Kevin Schaefer Jill & Benjamin Schafer Gretchen Schaffner & Alex Reid Debi Schechtman Michael Scheel Nancy S. Scherr Linda Schimberg Laura Schlax Carolyn Schlueter Douglas Schmidt & Stephen Martin Mike Schmitt Stephanie Schnabel Robert Schonfeld Ronald Schorsch John & Ruth Schreiber Brian Schultz Ronald Schultz Jo Schuman Silver Terri Schuster Brandon Schwindt April Scott Gregory John Scott Sally Scrutchin Renee & Philip Seay Russ Selinger Warren Selkow Martin Sellers Elliott Sernel Kenton Sessions Stephen Seymour Meher Shah Kumar Shahani JoAnne Shanahan Tom Shaw Maureen Sheargold Michael Sheargold Kenneth Shedd & Scott Glave Gordon Shell Will Shepler Hugh Shields Brian Shimamoto Paula Shimizu Chris Shipman Brian Shire & Tony Pham Martin Shore Gladys Shukur Robert Signor Joseph & Cynthia Silva Maria Silva David Simonds Jitendra Singh Dalia Sirkin Meredith Slater David Slattengren Keith Slibsager Jeffrey Small Jordan Small

Michael Smialek Andre Smiley Bernice Smith Brad Smith Bruce Smith Craig Smith Dana Smith Graham Smith Ken Smith Kevin & Laurel Smith Lee & Perry Smith Fund Marcus Smith Mark Smith Perry Smith Steven Smith Ron Smithson, Jr. Barry Smythers-Wieczorek Gary Snow Matthew Snyder Paul Snyder T.J. Snyder & Mark Harris Denise R. Sobel Max Sobol Jon & Cleo Sonneborn Dave Sorrell Angelica Reyes Sosa Anthony Sprauve Jo Ann Sroda Scott Stackman Joel Stahl Todd Stallings Dale Stancliff Timothy Stanley Shelby Stark Betty Starr Charles Stegman & Russ Bono Adele Stein Mark Stein Mary Stein Frank Stelter Scott Stelzer James Stephens Catherine Stephenson Lisa Sterman, MD Mary Stevens John Stewart Eva Stjernfeldt Ian Stockdale Gwynne Stoddart Earl Stokes Mark Stossel Jean & Michael Strunsky Keith Stryker Michael J. Stubbs Jason Suitts Gary Sullivan Wendy Sullivan Gary Sumers James Sumers Jannelly Sussman Samantha Swaim Marc Sweda Eric Swedenborg Andrew Sweeney Patrick Swift & Peter Williamson Lori Swihart Joel Szymanski

Steven Tallman & Yuri Michielsen David Tamkun Ragesh Tangri Neil Tanner Thomas Tarnowski Adam Taylor Sally Taylor Elaine Teoh Surith Thekkiam Chris Thode Chandra Thomas Chris Thomas Mary Frances Thomas Clair Thompson Julie Thompson Dave Sheaffer & Lorna Thornton, MD John Thorpe Trevor Thurling Scott Tocher Robert Tochterman Luke Todd Justin Tolmer Bryce Tom Michael Topham Ricardo Torres Brad Touchette Canh Tran Joseph Trapasso Paul Trask Ron Triche Marie Joy Trinidad Mike Truax Eric Truong David Tsai Joy Tucker Neil Tuller Tanya Turnbull Jennifer Turner Simon Tuttle Jacqueline Udin Andrew Uhl Sarah Unguez John Francis Unson Chad Upham Eva Vasquez Marc & Diana Vasquez Jon-Michael Vassilev Winston Vaughan Tom Veljanov Rebecca Venable Michael Venuti, Ph.D. Sharon Vincent Nancy Vitale & Michelle Roberts Paul Volberding, MD & Molly Cooke Theodore Voss John Vu Chad Wainwright Don Waite Catherine Wakelyn Ken Waldeck Ray Walia Bryan Walker Stephen Wallace Charles Wallis Scott Walton

Donna Warnken-Brill James Warren Robert Warren Rom Watson Brittany Waxman Bill Weatherford John Weaver Suzanne Weeks Linda Weinert Matthew Weitzel Frederic Welts Keith Wetmore Mary Wharmby Jwayne Whelan Gregory Whitaker Seth Whitaker Belva White Bob Whitehead Robert Whitman Terry Whittier Andrew Wiegel David & Celia Williams Erin Williams Carlos Wilson Donald H. Wilson Lynne Windfeldt Mary & Brent Winfield Celia Wing Lydia Winkeller R. Michael Richey & Chris Winslow Ellen Winter Eric Winters Damon Wolf Neal Wolf Karon Wolfe Kien-Keong Wong Lori Woodman Virginia Woodman Daniel Woodruff Carol Wulff Virginia Wulff Xing Jie Yang Philip Ybay Hector Yee Steve Yetman Paul Young Leon Yu Athena Zaentz Peter Zajichek Sondra Zambino David Zaslav Michael Zbiegien Mike Zeiden Philip Zender Roland Zepf Mark Ziering Joseph Zils Jonathan Zimman & Glenn Roberts Marc Zimman & Dr. Sarah Zimman Michael Zimman T.G. Zimmerman Cynthia Zollinger Eric Zollinger Rhonda Zygocki

LEADERSHIP Neil G. Giuliano Chief Executive Officer Nancy Durlester DuBois Vice President, Talent & Operations James Loduca Vice President, Philanthropy & Public Affairs Robert Rybicki Vice President, Programs & Services Jonathan Zimman Chief Financial Officer

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Steven Abbott Author Philip Besirof Morrison & Foerster LLP Carol Brosgart, MD UCSF, CDC, and CDC Foundation Wesley Burwell Tethys Bioscience, Inc. Mary Cha-Caswell Gap Inc. Hamish Chandra Hattery Labs Steven Chiodini Adler & Colvin Bruno Delagneau, MD Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industries Ray Delgado The James Irvine Foundation Matthew Denckla Freelance Writer Dale Freeman Attorney Laurie Hane VMWare, Inc. David A. Hendricks Halteres Associates, LLC Don Howard The James Irvine Foundation Alec Hughes Wells Fargo Tim Jones Deloitte Services, LP Michael Kidd Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Matt Maffei TJMaxx Tom Perrault (Chair) Audax Health Robert F. Quon, MD The Permanente Medical Group Eric Rozendahl Wells Fargo Roderic Seymore Levi Strauss & Co. Jack Stephenson JPMorgan Chase Lisa Sterman, MD Physician Alan Taylor Pharmaceutical Industry Judy Wilber Clinical Lab Technology


Spending more on programs and services, reducing fundraising and administrative support costs. At San Francisco AIDS Foundation, we are proud of our financial stewardship. When you contribute to us, you can be assured that you’re making a good investment in the health of our community and that we are spending your money wisely. Over the past three years, we have consistently decreased expenses for fundraising and support services, while increasing our spending on direct client services. We are making the foundation more efficient, which means making a greater impact in the lives of the people we serve.














Financial summary For the year ended June 30, 2012 ($000)



14,189 58.4%

10,096 41.6%






3,995 16.0%




741 3.0%

20,197 81.0%







2,968 14.7%



2,073 10.3%



3,765 18.6%




6,125 30.3%


5,266 26.1%





STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES AND CHANGES IN NET ASSETS Years ended June 30, 2012, and June 30, 2011 ($000) PUBLIC AND GOVERNMENT SUPPORT Government grants Contributions and grants Individuals Corporations and foundations Donated goods and services Special events, net Subtotal public and government support REVENUES AND GAINS Net realized and unrealized gains on investments Investment income Service revenues Other Subtotal revenues and gains





2,306 594 1,587 9,650

1,711 687 333 10,119



(244) 211 – 85

1,105 210 270 145





EXPENSES Program services Fund development Support services

20,197 3,995 741

16,059 4,446 792

Total expenses



Total public and government support, revenues and gains










$910 8,627 2,919 513 551 126 1,713

$2,051 9,591 825 657 636 138 1,650



2,405 1,007 255 200 169

1,835 1,108 241 222 171



10,694 209 420

11,226 325 420

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION As of June 30, 2012 and June 30, 2011 ($000) ASSETS Cash Investments Accounts recievable Contributions receivable, net Prepaid expenses Security deposits and other assets Property and equipment, net TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES Accounts payable and accrued expenses Accrued payroll and related liabilities Grants payable Refundable advances Capital lease obligations Total liabilities NET ASSETS Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total net assets TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS

The financial information included herein is derived from our audited financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2012, a complete copy of which can be found on our website at






No city experienced epidemic levels of HIV faster than San Francisco. At San Francisco AIDS Foundation, we work to end the epidemic where it first took hold, and eventually everywhere. Established in 1982, our mission is the radical reduction of new infections in San Francisco. Through education, advocacy, and direct services for prevention and care, we are confronting HIV in communities most vulnerable to the disease. We refuse to accept that HIV transmission is inevitable.

Profile for San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Annual Report 2012 San Francisco AIDS Foundation  

Supporting our community like never before

Annual Report 2012 San Francisco AIDS Foundation  

Supporting our community like never before