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So, YOU GOT THE INTERNSHIP?! Take a deep breath, because the hard part is over. All you have to do now is make a great first impression and rock the first day of your internship. No big deal, right? It won't be, because with these tips your first day will be stress-free and get you amped up for the amazing internship experience to come.

Before the first day Know the location and parking situation. Scout out the internship location beforehand to find out what traffic will be like and the possible distance to be traveled from parking to the actual location. In addition, feel free to ask the site supervisor what traffic is like on an average day and where you will need to park. Consider completing an early morning practice route from your residence to the location to estimate travel time.

Plan what you're going to wear. Remember the days when you would lay out your outfits the night before school to make sure you were looking your best... or maybe because your mom made you? Reverting to those days is not such a bad idea the night before your first day. You should also be fully aware of the company's dress code so make sure to ask any questions you might have. No matter where you’re interning, you ought to choose an ensemble that is professional and comfortable. Dress conservative and make sure your clothes are clean, pressed and in good condition.

Do your research. Take the time to thoroughly examine the company’s website beyond the front page of the site; at the very least, check out the company's mission and values, what it is they do and the staff page. Be familiar with the employees who are listed on the website and especially anyone who you've had previous contact with.

What to bring Notebook The key to transitioning a great first day into a successful internship is to write down virtually everything you're told during your orientation and future meetings. Do not use your phone or PDA to take notes – it might look like you're texting or not paying attention.

Writing utensils This is not elementary school – you shouldn't have to ask to borrow a pen. Be prepared and bring several of your own.

Documents Your site supervisor should indicate what exactly you need to bring your first day as far as documents go. These documents may include:  Photo copy of your driver's license  Photo copy of your social security card  Passport/Visa documentation (if you are interning internationally)  Paperwork that needed to be filled out in advance

Munchies You probably won't know exactly what your lunch break will be like: whether you'll be able to go out and grab something to eat or need to bring something with you. Bring some small food items with you (granola bars, fruit, bottled drinks, etc.) along with some cash so you're prepared for whatever ends up being the

Rusk Building, 3rd Floor  936.468.3305  


Supervisor’s contact information Make sure to collect your site supervisor’s contact information prior to the first day. Store it in your cell phone in case you need it outside of the office.

Padfolio Bring along a padfolio to make sure important documents that you bring and may receive stay clean and uncrumpled.

Express Yourself Non-verbal Facial expressions and body language play a big role in how you present yourself to your site supervisor and co-workers. Consider basic etiquette like having good posture, not rolling your eyes when given instructions and covering your mouth when you yawn, sneeze or cough. You should also be mindful of any nervous habits like cracking your knuckles, biting your nails or shaking your knee. Keep these other items in mind:  DO always keep a smile on your face  DO be calm and control your nerves  DO look people in the eyes when talking to them  DO have a firm handshake  DON'T look bored about not-so-exciting tasks

Verbal When it comes to speech, speak confidently and clearly, avoid slang, and never, ever, ever curse. You don’t want to appear thoughtless and unprofessional! Also avoid correcting others in public, using unkind remarks, voicing too strong opinions, and constantly talking about yourself. When speaking to superiors, address them as “Ms.” or “Mr.” unless they give you permission to call them by their first name. Keep these other items in mind:  DO introduce yourself to people  DO remember people's names (try repeating them in your head or writing them down)  DO keep your conversations professional (avoid religion, politics, etc. at all costs)  DO think before you speak

Technology   

DON'T use your phone or other electronics. Period. DON’T social network, text or conduct outside business while at your desk or on company time. DON’T access anything on a work computer that you wouldn’t want someone else to see – the computers truly do have eyes!

Rusk Building, 3rd Floor  936.468.3305  

Surviving the First Day  
Surviving the First Day  

Take the time to thoroughly examine the company’s website beyond the front page of the site; at the very least, check out the company's miss...