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WELCOME Welcome to Earth Day 2011! We are so glad you are here celebrating with us once again on a day that has grown steadily in importance each year. The intention of this event is to instill knowledge and passion in all citizens with hopes to carry forward environmental awareness. Just as the community has grown in sustainable practices, we have transitioned from our last year’s theme of “Planting Seeds of Sustainability” to this year’s theme of “Growing Seeds of Sustainability.” As the story unfolds and we progress into the next stage of growth, we ask that you continue to consider sustainable practices that are beneficial for not only the Earth, but ourselves and our communities. The Earth Day Committee thanks you for joining us at this event and hopes that you walk away with a renewed sense of environmental responsibility.


Interpretive Walk Through the Pineywoods Native Plant Center

11 AM - 11:30 AM Kids Yoga


Terry Steed and Brittney Dawn Macalister - “Recycling/STOP”

11:30 AM - Noon

Dr. Matthew McBroom - “Water Resources in East Texas”

Noon- 12:30 PM

Musician - Alex Westphal - Blues

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Panel Discussion

Kerry and Jim Lemon - “Living off the grid” Dr. Dianne Dentice - “Sustainable living in an apartment” Vicki Baggett - “Solar panels” Brenda Morgan - author of sustainability book

1:30 PM - 2 PM

Musician - Craig Adderley - Acoustic Rock

1 PM - 2 PM

Lanana Creek and Pineywoods Native Plant Center Cleanup

All Day

Newspaper Rope Making Kids Recycled Art Table Bird Feeder Building Face Painting Leaf Rubbings Paper Making Recycling Game Rock Paintings

Leaf Rubbings

Little Kids and Big Kids alike will make leaf rubbings onto paper so everyone can take one home.

Rock Art

Learn the newest and hippest way to decorate rocks… these aren’t your parents’ Pet Rocks of the old days!

Rope Making

Learn to make rope using common day recyclables such as newspaper.

Bird Feeder Building

Dinner will be served, and the birds will flock to your yard after we build some easy bird feeders.

Lanana Creek Cleanup

Put the gloves on and be a part of making Lanana Creek beautiful as we pick up trash along the creek bed.

Face Painting

Show your true colors and your support by painting your face! It’s fun and washes off easily!

Pineywoods Native Plant Center Interpretive Walk

Take a walk with us along the windy trails of the PNPC and learn about native East Texas plants.

Paper Making

Join Nacogdoches Naturally in making paper out of organic materials!

Recycling Game

Come play a fun recycling game with Nacogdoches Naturally.

Kids Recycled Art Table

Come and be creative with us as we transform everyday materials into recycled art.


Terry Steed is a local business owner and freelance writer with a keen

interest in recycling issues. He continues to be an advocate for a local material sorting facility and views it as the essential basic element for a viable recycling program that will produce revenue.

Brittany Dawn McAllister holds a Bachelor's of Science in Political Communications from The University of Texas at Austin and lives in Hardin County. Brittany Dawn works as the Coordinator for Stop Tar sands Oil Pipelines and travels East Texas to discuss the threats the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline poses to East Texas' air, land, and water. Brittany Dawn hopes that this Earth Day presentation will inspire the community to protect Mother Earth and get involved in stopping the Keystone XL tar sands project. Jim and Kerry Lemon live off-the-grid

in a home built by Jim with help from his family and friends. Their home is heated by wood and they have propane lights and refrigeration. A rainwater collection system using gravity flow provides water to the home while much of their food comes from the garden. They are always excited to share the adventures of this unique life style with anyone interested in learning about alternative living possibilities.

Dr. Dianne Dentice is a Social and Cultural Analysis Professor. Her research interests include extremist social movements and gender identity issues among the transgendered population. She has been interested in the environmental movement since she attended the first Earth Day as an undergraduate in 1970. She will be discussing how she has dealt with specific recycling challenges while living in an apartment in Nacogdoches. She has also made the commitment not to own an automobile, and will talk about some personal challenges that she has learned to deal with on a daily basis.


Vicki Baggett is a Nacogdoches homeowner who is interested in sustain-

able living and clean energy. Her family uses solar panels and purchased wind energy to power their home. Vicki will speak about some of the details of solar panel ownership.

Brenda Morgan is a local astrologer, writer and peace activist for the earth and all sentient beings. She has written a book on sustainable living. Dr. Matthew McBroom is an assistant professor of forest hydrology

in the Arthur Temple College of Forestry at Stephen F. Austin State University. He is a research scientist in the Waters of East Texas (WET) Center at SFA as well. He teaches courses in environmental and forest hydrology, water resources management, and wood science. His research interests include minimizing the potential eects of land use activities on water resources.


Alex Westphal is an SFA sculpture student. His creativity branches out in all directions, with his passion for music stemming from the Blues genre. His particular skill rests in improvising lyrics as he plays. Craig Adderley was born and raised in the Bahamas. His musical journey

began when he came to the United States and for the ďŹ rst time heard the genre of acoustic rock. His inspiration for music continually comes from the active role God has played in his life.

Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful

“Partner in Sustainability”


The Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful organization, SFA Gardens and SFA Campus Recreation are all pleased to announce the “Partner in Sustainability” Award. This award is to honor a business, organization or individual that has demonstrated exceptional commitment toward sustainability and whose efforts have made a difference in the community and/or on campus. This award recognizes outstanding service in the area of sustainability, community service and service learning. Award recipients have been selected by Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful and will be honored at today’s Earth Day. The business, organization, or individual that is to be recognized will be awarded with two plaques, one that will be given to the recipient and the other that will be kept at the Chamber of Commerce. By granting the “Partner in Sustainability” Award, we and KNB hope to honor those who boldly work for the greater good.

2011 Recipient

C & R KuttBottle, Steve Chism

Recycled Art Contest Of the many organized activities and ways we have chosen to celebrate Earth Day, the Recycled Art Contest is a way to gather students of all ages in producing a piece of recycled art. We have asked Nacogdoches teachers and professors to encourage their students to make a piece of art that is at least 90% post-consumer material. While students constructed their art piece, teachers discussed topics such as where a certain material comes from, how it is extracted, where it goes, how it is made, how consumers use it, and then what happens to it after it has been used. Our goal is that the Recycled Art activity will create an awareness in our youth of how much waste our society produces and how much of it can simply be reused. By getting students on board, we can help in preserving the precious materials that Mother Earth so graciously provides.

Results will be announced at 12:45 PM.

The number of opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint is increasing in Nacogdoches. Within the last year, community leaders have successfully been able to put a satellite drop site for paper and cardboard behind the Nacogdoches Public Library. While it is true that the seed of establishing a more earth-conscious community has been planted and is currently growing, we have so much more room to grow until sustainable living can fully come into fruition. And so, to get to that point, Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful has supplied you with information on materials that can be recycled along with their location. We hope that you take advantage of the many resources and opportunities available. Tips and Locations


Accepted by the city landďŹ ll free of charge. Place items un-bagged into bins. Paper and Cardboard Old magazines can be donated to hospitals, the jail, or the City Library. Drop site for paper and cardboard is now behind the Nacogdoches Public Library.

Motor Oil

Must be pure motor oil with no other types of oil combined. Drain the oil into a clean container and take to the used-oil location listed below: Fire station #3 -408 SW Stallings Dr.

Ink Cartridges

Staples store for a refund Christ Episcopal School (fundraiser) Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful (fundraiser) Cartridge World for a refund


Empty and rinse cans. Crushing cans is not necessary. The Nacogdoches Animal Shelter (fundraiser) Senior Center (fundraiser) Nacogdoches Metal Recycling (cash) Habitat Restore for Humanity (fundraiser)

Glass Nacogdoches Metal Recycling City Animal Shelter Nacogdoches LandďŹ ll Nacogdoches Senior Center Habitat Restore for Humanity

Empty and rinse glass containers. Habitat Restore for Humanity (fundraiser)


936-552-7555 936-560-5011 936-560-5422 936-569-6350 936-564-3861

2508 Woden Road 3211 SW Stallings Drive 4602 NW Stallings Drive 621 Harries Street 600 Powers Street

Information provided by: Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful

CO MMUNI TY EV E N T S Saturday, April 2

Farmer’s Market Spring Fling • 8AM - 1PM Farmer’s Market (on the corner of Pearl St. & Main St.)

The Farmer’s Market will ring in spring with their annual Spring Fling celebration! There will be children’s activities, music, food, and some of your favorite vendors on hand.

Saturday, April 2

Texas Trash Off • 9AM-Noon• Brookshire Brothers, University Drive Come join this community wide clean up event sponsored by Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful and Keep Texas Beautiful! There will be prizes for most trash accumulated, as well as food for participants.

Tuesday, April 12

Film Screening & Discussion: “Gasland” • 6PM • SFA Rec Center Meeting Room The largest domestic natural gas drilling boom in history has swept across the United States. But are the drilling techniques safe? When filmmaker Josh Fox is asked to lease his land for drilling, he embarks on a cross-country odyssey uncovering a trail of secrets, lies and contamination.

Wednesday, April 13

Documentary: “FUEL” • 7PM • SFA Baker Patillo Student Center Theater Fuel is a movie that educates student about the dependence our world has on oil. It also explains alternative ways to live life in an Eco-friendly way which provides a better life for the planet and a more cost efficient way to live your individual life.

Thursday, April 14

Film Screening & Discussion: “H2Oil” • 6PM • SFA Rec Center Meeting Room H2Oil follows a voyage of discovery, heartbreak and politicization in the stories of those attempting to defend water in Alberta, Canada, against the extraction of oil from natural oil sand deposits. Unlikely alliances are built and lives are changed as they come up against the largest industrial project in human history.

Saturday, April 16

Habitat ReStore Earth Day • 10AM - 2PM • Habitat ReStore (600 Powers St.) The folks at the Habitat Restore are at the forefront of the recycling efforts in Nacogdoches County. They already collect glass that is reused to build a variety of products and will be kicking off aluminum recycling during this event! So come join the fun, food, music and activities of the Habitat Restore Earth Day.

Saturday, April 16 Earth Day at SFA • 10AM - 2PM Pineywoods Native Plant Center (Raguet St. next to Raguet Elementary School)

“Growing Seeds of Sustainability” is our theme this year as we celebrate the 4th Annual Earth Day celebration. This event will be held in conjunction with the SFA Gardens Plant Sale again this year. The event will include: guest speakers, live music, children’s activities, recycled art contest and exhibitor booths. Check us out online at:

Monday, April 18

Recyclympics • 4PM-6PM• SFA Intramural Fields

The Recyclympics will be a giant field day event geared toward improving recycling awareness and encouraging folks to live sustainably. Food will be provided at this event.

For more information on this or other Outdoor Pursuits events, please contact: SFA Campus Recreation Outdoor Pursuits (936) 468-6055

2011 Earth Day Brochure  

A booklet containing the events, content, and schedule of Campus Rec Outdoor Pursuits 2011 Earth Day Celebration

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