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Volume 1 - Issue 7


All That Glitters

All I Want For Christmas!


Photography by SimEssence

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Editor’s Note & Contributors SF Insider All That Glitters Fab Finds Sims and the City Designer Spotlight - Hasel Boys Night Out Model Spotlight - Elena Rodriguez All I Want For Christmas! Beauty - Holiday Glam Lot Showcase ‘Home For The Holidays’ Homes & Interiors ‘Alpine Majesty Chalet’ Homes & Interiors ‘Contemporary Christmas’


Staff Editor in Chief & Executive Director M a d i 1909 Senior Design Editor and Production Director Allium Senior Fashion Editor & Editorial Development Director & Writer AsiaShaMecca

Editors Notes

Superpogimon Senior Fashion Photographer and Stylist (Men)

It is time to usher in the holiday season (Officially! As I REFUSE to get into it before December! REFUSE I tells ya.) With the decorations finally hung on the tree, party dates all set and invitations beginning to arrive; the anticipation begins to build with that ever lingering question “What am I gonna wear?” Well, as always, we at SF have you covered.

DrMusix Senior Fashion Editor - Writer (Men) Sparkle Executive Interior Design Editor & Copy Editor JMelo Associate Fashion Photographer & Stylist Okadoka Executive Architectural Design Editor Writer Minraed Executive Interior Design Director - Writer My-Sim-Style Associate Interior Designer & Photographer Meestor Mark Marketing Development Director SimEssense Associate Fashion Photographer & Stylist

Contributors Lkadas Contributing Photographer/Writer on ‘Model Spotlight’

Cover Photography by Allium


This months issue is all about feeling festive, glamorous and adding that extra added wow-factor to your look. Whether your style is flirtatious, seductive, modern or sleek, you’re sure to find something in one of our fashion packed editorials. What ever the occasion this season, SF wants you to look and feel fabulous. And finally, my thoughts to my wonderful staff, with whom SF would be nothing. I would like to take this moment to thank you all for all your hard work and dedication. From those of you who have stuck it out with me from the beginning and those of you who are just starting out, to the stylists, collaborators and all our supporting staff, I hope that your holiday season is filled with glamorous moments..And to you, dear readers, I would like to wish you all the delight that this season can bring and hope that you all take this time to relax and enjoy this precious time with your families, and friends.

Madi xxoo



SF INSIDER Photography by Jmelo Words by AsiaShaMecca

At SF Magazine we work hard to bring you the best custom content and the brightest designers and creators in the community. So, when we get a moment to let our hair down and relax we don’t pass it up. In fact, we play as hard as we work! For the holiday’s, we thought you’d enjoy this insider look at our Office holiday celebration. We hope you enjoy your holiday and this exclusive look at the SF team celebrating the season of giving. Happy Holidays from your friends at SF!


Wis hi ng you all a le won d erfu l an d m em orab ho lid ay seas on, ‘M alig ay an g Pa sk o at ’” M an ig on g Bag on g Ta on - Su pe rpog im on

A s 2010 e n d s, t h e s ea s o n is a bou a ll g ood t h t ce le b rat i i n g s . M of ll a a y to Y t R h R e E f il m M l , ir Y y ou r h ea rt a cle o f C h r n g MER R s ist m a s wit h wa rm n d ch ee rs to C h rist m a s a n t h a n d lo v ou r d ea r rea d ers, a d e. m a n y ble s d y ea r! s i n g s t o y o M e rry lle fi r ou m la g er h u in the N a n ot Y ea r. - O ew k a 9 0 d 19 o on k is a d Ma

M e rry C h ri st m a s o n Ma y all of you r holi day wis hes e a n d a ll! com e tru e ! - Mi nra ed - Spa rkle be a joy ou s it y a M ! e n o ry e s ev H a ppy Ho li d a y s. Wis hin g y ou d n ie fr d n a ily fa m s ea so n fo r y ou, e co m in g y ea r. h t r fo s g in ss le a ll m a n y rich b M e e st o rM a rk

Ch ristm as co m es but on ce a year... Wis he s se nt with fe st ive ch ee r! - Alli u m x

M ay th e blessi ng s of Ch ristm as be yours now an d th roug ho ut th e N ew Y ea r! - D rM us ix d e rs I To a ll o f ou r rea Ma y the L a N a v id a d y a d li o m H d e pe n d e d e i y ra p p c a le H of C h ri st m a s wis h a ca d a u n o. L n o s o t ro s u s ro h e m o s v iv id f ill y ou r h e a m a y o ri a d sp ro p l fu e c a e o p e e e l a re r a nd a t st w (t o it e d n h e ie l lo n d o) y t a l ve año h a cia f u v .. e e. v o a L n h c d u b ri n g z e n e st a ép e ra m o m e nt o d y ou a n a b N e w Y ea r. M oca d e l año e v u iv a c n d a n ce o s ea e l ir más h a cia A si aSh aM e c m ejo re s d e s e f d ble ss i n g s e n t ro (s ie n o s a t od o s u d o). Mis in the st ed e s, Fe li z Prós pe ro Añ y ea r. - JM n e w N a v id a d y o 2011. - My e lo


S T M AS! I R H C Y R MEEER h y ou, f ro m is w I d n a e sen c py h o li d a y s. p I’m Sim sEs a h a , rt a e of my h a n g reat n e e b s t h e bo tt o m a h g o f t his m a me Be in g a pa rt is y ea r h a s be e n a we s o Th ! ex pe ri e n ce. s fo r y o u t oo a w it e p o h I fo r m e a n d X OX O

Sim- sty le

Photography by Madi1909

Irevele’s Children’s Fashion



ll that glitters

The party season is upon us, now is not the time to hide in the background , tis the season to be-dazzle!



Left to right: Sophia wears Nia Lira wears Ekky Sims Corey Wears Frozen & Iced


Lira wears a gown by Nia


Sophia wears a gown by Liana


Lira wears a Jewelry by Natalis at TSR

Corey wears a gown by Natalis

Editor’s Picks

Comfy, Cozy are we? Who said holiday sweaters have to be tacky to be festive. I am most certainly not a fan all the sparkly sequin snowflakes, blaring pom-poms or god forbid - the Glittery Christmas tree designs! So go ahead and give those reindeer a rest and try on something a bit more elegant! For this months pick, I’ve featured some of my favorite sweater dresses. These warm and cozy finds are guaranteed to make you the hottest thing at your family Christmas dinner. Promise! 2. Starfish Earrings and Necklace by Natalis @ TSR

1. Knit Dress by Natalis @ TSR



3. Bracelet by Natalis @ TSR

7 4. “This is for” by Hasel @ TSR

5. Knit Dress by Myos

6. Casual Knit Dress by Natalis @ TSR

7. Cable knit Tunic Dress by All About Style

8. Abstract Jersey Tunic by All About Style

9. Versace Colorblock Knit by All About Style


SIMS CI “Year after year, twenty-something women come to New York City in search of the two L’s: labels and love.” ~ Carrie Bradshaw






At SF we are huge Sex and the City fans. And we do mean huge. The fabulous foursome of SATC made some serious fashion statements over their six year run and then came back to do it again with two movies. The potent fantasy of high life and high heels is just too seductive to ignore. The release seemed the girls with a clothes in

of Late Night with its urban setting perfect opp to pay homage to our big city shoot full of designer party each character’s distinctive style.

“Carrie” Fearlessly fashionable.

Carrie didn’t coin the term fashionista but we bet when the term was originated... someone had her mind. On our double page Sim Carrie wears a glittery glamour gown actually seen on SJP by Glamurita84 accessorized by steadyaccess.


rocks sexy styles that exude confidence. She’s all woman and she shows it in her bold colors and strong styles. Our Samantha lets it all hang out in Versace by Judie of All About Style with jewelry (diamonds of course) by Peggy.


is city chic; always always the well dressed career girl with corporate lines and androgynous styles. We dressed our girl in Balmain Brocade by Judie of All About Style and stilletto boots by Birba.


wears sweet styles, always perfectly accompanied by the proper bags and shoes. Charlotte loves bows, prints and ultra feminine looks. We think we did her right in a flowing sophisticated seventies formal by hasel.



second look is more like her infamous eclectic style. White on black with a hint of retro in those big 80’s shoulder pads. Balmian inspired dress by Icia23 and rock-star studded boots by Lorandia.

Samantha flirts and flashes in hot

red cut-out Versace by CBon73. The shoes to kill and die for are new by Lorandia. For the perfect finish? This Asian Diamante ring by Apple_ and watch by Lorandia sparkle and shine.




shows her city smarts in the sweater and pencil shirt combo by Harmonia and trendy suede peep-toe boots by Gosik. Earrings by NataliS and triple stand burnished gold necklace by frisbud.


is pretty in a hot pink and purple two-tone wrap by Judie. The bowed two tone pumps patent leather by Gosik makes this oh-so-Charlotte. Paired with a Chanel bag and earrings by NataliS.



SE Photography by SimEssence

SF A Monthly Insight into ‘Who-is-Who’ of Custom Content Fashion Designers

Designer Showcase By AsiaShaMecca

“That is the key of this collection, being yourself. Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” ~ Gianni Versace


This issue with our Holiday fashion theme I thought instantly of formals... glittery, sparkly frocks. Once I started thinking about those one of the first designers that came to mind was Hasel of TSR. Her beautiful well made clothing for the Sims has been a staple in my game since Sims 2. Hasel agreed (YAY!) and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about this incredibly talented designer. When I started researching this interview I realized I have loved your work for the longest but I know nothing about you... Tell me a little about yourself? H: Hi! I am Selen. I live in Ankara, Turkey with my sister. I’m 26 years old and I’ve graduated the philosophy department in 2007. I’m not working nowadays but I want to be a teacher. I like to create clothing for The Sims 3 in my free time and I joined TSR family in 2009 as FA. You are a very prolific creator with an astounding number of downloads to your credit. What do you consider some of your accomplishments as a custom content designer? H: I get great pleasure when I create clothes for Sim ladies. This is my biggest hobby. I’m never bored and I don’t rush. I choose my textures from the fashion designers or the most popular clothes from web-sites.


How do you select your projects? Also how long does it usually take you to construct a piece? H:I select my projects from my top web-sites. I loved to create everyday clothing for Sims but I have to create the other types of clothing also. I research my textures for a long time on the net. You know we have no chance to use more colours. We have only 4 re-colourable palettes. So my choices are limited, to create a piece of clothing takes me 2 days and 2 days is really not enough because I work so much on the details. I have to prepare preview pictures and upload it on the TSR. Even so, your clothes have always been so detailed and well made. What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing or a pattern? H:If you want to create more quality items for the game you have to know how to use Photoshop. I researched on the net for Photoshop lessons and I tried to improve my self. I have learned enough to create a cloth for Sims, but there are still lots of things to learn. Some of my friends (sosliliom & Simsimay) helped me learn to make quality clothes on Photoshop. There is a lot of versatility in your work. How would you define your style? H: My style is jeans & t-shirts in my real life and I loved to create clothes unique in my style for Sims. I choose the clothes in this direction but the downloaders most effect on my choice. They want to download extraordinary clothes in their game.

basic descriptive names like “Silk Cowl Dress” or “Silk Strapless Dress” but lately the names have been more fanciful like “Missing you!” and “Together”. I feel like I’m getting a mood with my downloads and I love that. Why the change? H: I like listening music when I’m creating. If I like a word or a song name I give the name to my design. I loved it this way like you. What advice do you have for aspiring Sims fashion creators? H: I am not top of the Sims designer I have to learn lots of things but my advice is ‘don’t be rush, create slowly.’ What’s coming up in the future for you? What would you like to see more of in the Sims and also the community as a whole? H: I started to play The Sims in 2002. My first download was from Liana when I was playing Sims2. I never thought that I will be a designer like her. But I worked so much and finally I am a designer on TSR and LianaSims3. In these days I’m working on my own web-site I want to share my free and high quality creations with Sims players. My favorite additional pack was Night Life in Sims2 and finally it released for The Sims3. I loved it very much and I am waiting University for new additional pack. Thank you very much for the interview and I enjoyed being a part of Sims Fashionista Magazine. And thank you very very much who everyone who downloads and enjoys my content...

I notice that until recently you gave your creations


The Winter Collection

Sim Fashions

101 Christmas Boulevard, Downtown

Photography by AsiaShaMecca








style meets up with the classic, the ageless and the vintage, giving a touch of freshness to today’s modern looks. Basic shirts, blazers, sweaters and ties are everything that a man needs in his wardrobe, yet somehow now they come into the spotlight when paired with cropped leather jackets, bold printed scarfs, and tailored skinny jeans. This Fall/Winter 2010/2011, for Menswear, we bring classic streetwear that combines the simplicity of businesswear with chic and trendy urbanwear. Dramatic but fascinating, the collection looks fabulous and courageous. It is perfectly adaptable for everyone and is great for a night on the town.











the CUBAN phenomenon

Interview by AsiaShaMecca & Lkadas Pictures by Lkadas

Elena Rodriguez The next big thing can be found in the most unusual of places. Elena Rodriguez discovered her next big thing Salsa dancing by the side of the road in her native Cuba. Or perhaps the next big thing discovered her. Modeling agency LKadas brought her to the US and entered her in Sims Next Top Model Cycle 6 ( ). Elena blazed her way through the competition and won (marking a first for the LKadas Agency as well). We were happy to take this rare opportunity to catch a fresh face just on the way in and see how she is enjoying her new career.

ASM: Welcome to the big leagues Elena! I have to know… when you entered SNTM C6 did you see yourself winning? ER: Thank you for having me! I wouldn’t say I saw myself winning, because there were a lot of tough competitors this cycle, but I did believe that I had a shot at getting to the top. Winning the first challenge was a definite confidence booster though. ASM: Looking at your work you were almost a natural with a good handle on posing and giving good “face” right from

the start. Did you have any modeling experience in Cuba or did you learn on the job? How was the experience for you? ER: I had no prior modeling experience, but my agent had a lot of good advice and experience. I was able to get the coaching along the way to start taking good pictures. The experience doing SID next top model was very exciting for me. It was so nerve-racking with the possibility of being eliminated every week, but I’m so glad that I stuck with it.


ASM: Now that you’ve had a taste of the industry how do you like it? Do you feel you will continue with modeling as a career? What drives you to succeed? ER: The industry is very fast paced, but I love every moment that I’m in the fashion world. I will definitely continue with modeling and see how far my career can take me. What drives me to succeed is my passion for the industry, and my work ethic. I learned from very young that a strong work ethic can get you a long ways, and I will continue to believe that. ASM: There has been a lot written about the dark-side of the industry? You seem very confident. Is it your background that grounds you? Tell us a bit about where you came from? ER: My roots are in Cuba, and my family really supports me and keeps me grounded. I love being able to support my family with my


career and help give them a better life. The fashion industry can be cruel, but from what I have seen there is also a light side, which I have been able to experience. ASM: Where do you see yourself in the next five years Elena? Are you interested in any other facets of the industry such as design, production or even film? ER: In the next five years I hope to still be modeling, but I could see myself starting to design in the future. I have such a strong aesthetic and creative mind that I think I could be a successful designer, especially with the connections I have made as a model. ASM: SM: Wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. Are there any thoughts you’d like to leave us with or anything else you would like to share? ER: Thank you so much for the opportunity to appear in your magazine, it is truly an honor.



All I want for



M ad i 1 909 Words Minraed 35

Christmas is not just for the little ones anymore. Once they are tucked away with dreams of sugarplums dancing in their sweet little heads take some time to treat that special lady in your life to a holiday indulgence of her own.

What is on her Christmas list to Santa? For the nice – a classic bra and panties set, or lacy camisole bra. For the naughty – a sexy satin bustier or lascivious lace chemise. Whatever her style, a special gift just for her is sure to warm up those cold winter nights.



Holiday Glam Beauty Section



We love this full Fall/Winter look. Its soft and warm but with with enough definition that your Sim won’t fade into the background. Blush is so often overlooked, but as summer tans fade to winter pallor it’s one essential we won’t go without.


Feature by Madi1909

Sparkle & Shine! The holiday party season has officially kicked off and SF has all the right tips to get you ready to go from work to the cocktail party and make your holiday look memorable. This seasons two main looks are both classic and HOT: The smokey, shimmery eye paired with light lips and the deep red lips balanced with a light eye eyeshadow. Shimmer is definitely in this year, - as it was last year - and it’s the perfect festive look, as long as you don’t overload on it that is! Its meant as an accessory people, so go easy.

Christmas Red Nothing says “Holidays” like RED. The best way to display red on your face is (obviously) in your lipstick. The darker the better to get you noticed. Not only will your Sim feel more sexy and confident, she will look it too. For added sex appeal, match red lipstick to her nails. Take advantage of that special event to show off those extra ruby lips, as red lipstick is not for’s one essential we won’t go without.





If you think that your look is in need of that extra sparkle, it’s always best to add accents instead of overdoing it. Try a frosty pale eye shadow paired with pinky peach cheeks. Another neat trick, add a pearlescent lip color or shimmer gloss around the eye area, to really add some shine. Then, try glitter mascara for extra fun. Glitters aren’t all the same; the larger sprinkles are great for attention grabbing, while the petite versions are more of subtle highlight, so be sure to know what you are going for before adding it to your look.

Icy... mysterious... enticing... “It’s a nice day for a black wedding....” 40




Compliment all the festive lights of the season with a soft golden glow. Warm hues like gingerbread, pumpkin, copper, and champagne spice up any look, and offer a “just-back-from-thetropics” flush -- the perfect fix for those of us who haven’t seen the sun since Labor Day!




‘Home for the Holidays’ FP-Arielle by francien Words by Okadoka, Photography by AsiaShaMecca

Sure Late Night is fun and living the night life with clubbing, parties, punch, and dancing the nights away can make us feel like we are truly alive. But a few times a year even single party Sims get a bit nostalgic. The holidays bring an urgency of family closeness for many single Sims. They spend most of their time working hard and partying hard, looking for that special someone. Although whether you’re Sims are single, newlywed, or a young family during holiday times they enjoy stepping back in time to be pampered once again in the home of their grandparents. A longing for being home for holidays is hard to let go of. The smell of grandma’s fruitcake and the comfort of grandpa’s hugs and the magic of Christmas mornings spent with them linger in all your Sims. Let them recall these days-gone-by with this Classic Holiday Home.





This large living room has plenty of space to place the tree your Sims family made a day of chopping just for Santa’s visit. The brick fireplace located there is ideal for hanging the Christmas stocking for Santa to fill for the little ones. A special touch on this level of the home is a cozy study nook. With three bedrooms, there is plenty of room for grandma and grandpa to host the family for the holidays. Outside there are two terraces’, one at the front of the home and the other in the back of the house where you can cookout in nice weather or toast marshmallows in winter. The grounds outside the home are impeccably manicured. The cobblestone brick driveway adds to the quaint charm of this home. You’ll also find a sizable pond for grandpa to teach his grandson to ice fish, and plenty of open space for one on one or team snowball fights. Of course, you’ll get a bit chilled while out in the snow for a period of time, no problem; grandpa will grab some logs from the storage shed located out back to toss on that fire when you make your trip back indoors. Grandma will also be waiting for you with a nice mug of hot cocoa, and if you have been extra good she might even sneak you a couple of her home baked holiday cookies. Make sure to save some for Santa! This is the first winter home by francien for this holiday season. She promises more will follow. If her subsequent homes are as cozy (all this on a 30x30 lot) and enticing as this gem we are in for a real treat. This home was built with all the expansion packs, Barnacle Bay, and the latest update from the Sims 3 site. francien also credits the following artists with helping her create this home. (Pilar, Mutske, Apple, Shino, KCR, deeiutza, Blackest_digital_artist, lilliebou, Roan, madaya74, hela69, Pralinesims, JeziBomb, Lisa86, abuk0, and kriss) I will be watching her page at TSR in anticipation of the additional snow houses.


Alpine Majesty Chalet 46

Words by Minraed Images by MySimStyle The quintessential romantic winter retreat. You don’t have to be a skier to appreciate the rustic and comfy ambiance of the Alpine Majesty. Whether it’s a skiing adventure or just a cozy winter weekend getaway, you and your friends will love your stay here.


Homes & Interiors

Nestled in the heart of the Simridge mountain range, the Alpine Majesty lives up to its reputation as one of the most in demand winter lodges in the region. This luxurious chalet boasts heated flooring to keep your tender tootsies happy while the room itself is warmed by an oversized central stone fireplace. The wooden panels steep the chalet in a comforting cedar scent adding the final touch to the perfect alpine ambiance.


Homes & Interiors

This massive chalet easily houses 12 or more adults with a grand seating lounge overlooking the mountain pass below, 8 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a massive open kitchen with two dining tables for dinning in comfort. The lodge is also equipped with an impressive, enclosed hot tub and sauna deck complete with a majestic view of the mountain range above.

Club Lolita This Luxury club was designed by the best interior designers in the world collaborating to make this THE venue in Bridgeport for discerning clientele.


Kemantari Penthouse Lightside Tower, 101 Ruthless Ave Lkadas District Bridgeport 430096


Words by Minraed Images by Allium 50

contemporary For those who want a change from the standard and traditional holiday décor a contemporary theme is the direction to take. Small spaces will especially benefit from this approach to decking the halls. A few focal pieces with a sprinkling of easy and simple touches are all that is needed to create an uncluttered and sophisticated, but ever so festive ambiance. Our room, inspired by candy canes, begins with an ultra-modern tree as the focal point without suffocating the small space. Don’t want to give up the traditional baubles? Hang them in clusters to create a variety of points of interest and to add sparkle around the room.

Statue by Stylist Sims

Fire by Simpossible

Table, Lamp & Plant by EA Late Night EP

Couch by Holy Simoly

Curtains by Angela @ TSR

Presents by Around The Sims

Tree, Baubles & Gifts by Simcredible


Homes & Interiors

As a final touch, use the presents themselves as décor accents. Create coordinating wrappings in a variety of textures and designs and each gift will stand out as a piece of art in itself.

links Inside Cover

Artwork by SimEssence Model - Cherry Minx by Jenna Bray

Page 5

Advertisement - Hugo Boss Male Underwear by SuperPogimon Model: Adonis by SuperPogimon (Not Available for Download) Hugo Boss Underwear by Linna

Page 10-13

All That Glitters - Images by ALLIUM Models Brunette: Sophia by xkattykatx Blond: Lira Hannigan by ALLIUM (NAD) Raven: Corey McCroskey by Bryony Rae Cocktail Party Dresses Sophia dress by Nia Lira dress by Ekky_Sims Corey dress by Frozen and Iced Evening Gowns Sophia gown by Liana Lira gown by Nia Corey gown by NataliS

Page 14-15

Fab Finds by Madison1909 Knit Dress by NataliS Starfish Earrings by NataliS Starfish Necklace by NataliS Bracelet by NataliS “This is for” Sweater by Hasel Knit Dress by Myos Casual Knit Dress by NataliS Cable Knit Tunic Dress by Judie Abstract Jersey Tunic by Judie Versace Colorblock Knit by Judie

Page 16-20

Sims in the City - Images by AsiaShaMecca All Female Models by brit le twit “Carrie” SJP Evening Gown by Glamurita84 Necklace by steadyaccess Hair by Ulker Balmain Cocktail Dress by Icia23 Studded Boots by Lorandia Hair by Newsea “Samantha” Versace Evening Gown by Judie Accessories by Peggy Hair by Newsea


16-20 Cont.

Versace Cocktail Dress by Cbon73 Designer High Heels by Lorandia Ring by Apple_ Hair by Newsea Bertram by Loverdag Open Shirt by Lady Frontbum Necklace by TumTum “Miranda” Balmain Brocade Jacket by Judie Balmain Brocade Trousers by Judie Boots by Birba32 Hair by Anubis360 Sweater skirt combo by Harmonia09 Necklace by frisbud Earrings by NataliS Boots by Gosik Hair by Tum Tum “Charlotte” “Missing You” Evening Gown by Hasel Hair & Earrings by Peggy Wrap Cocktail Dress by Judie Chanel Bag & Earrings by NataliS Patent Leather Two-toned Shoes by Gosik Hair by Tum Tum

Page 25-29

Boys Night Out - Images by SuperPogimon Models by Superpogimon (NAD) SIMON Outfit by RustNAil Hair by Anubis360 Shoes TS3 - Late Night EP LEE Deisel Knit Coat & Tee by jla43 Milan Jeans by simseviyo Hair by Roanjena Gloves Base Game Shoes TS3 - Late Night EP TROY AX Vest & Scarf by jla43 Jeans by aikea_guinea Hair by Tum Tum Wristband by Tum Tum Arm Tattoos by DarkoSims3 Beard by Arisuka Glasses by Tamo Levan’s Hat by WOE Earring Base Game Shoes TS3 - Late Night EP AMBOY Outfit by StylistSims Scarf by Lili Hair by Savio VanDyke Beard by Arisuka Shoes TS3 - Late Night EP


25-29 Cont.

PETER Boss Black dress shirt by jla43 Skinny Jeans by Judie Scarf by Peggy Watch Base Game Shoes TS3 - Late Night EP HABIBI Ruffled Shirt by NewOne Skinny Jeans by Judie Beard by Arisuka Hair by aikea_guinea Shoes TS3 - Late Night EP

Page 34-37

All I Want for Christmas - Images by Madison1909 Models by JennaBray Lace Contour Set by Liana Lace Ruffle Top by Icia23 Lace Nightie (Red) by agapi r Ruffle Lace Bustier by harmonia Embroidered Lingerie by natef005 Secret Love Bra & Panties by hasel

Page 38-41

Holiday Glam Beauty - Images by Madison1909 Models by JennaBray White Christmas Eye Shadow & Eyeliner by EA Base Game Blush: Tifa Nose Highlighter Lipstick: Moisturizing Lipgloss by Praline Costume: Tifa Face Blusher Hair: Lemon Grass by Newsea Christmas Red Shadow: Candy Crush by Lady FB Eye Liner by EA Base Game Blush: Tifa Nose Highlighter Lipstick: Moistier Sheer by Channy & VIVIN Costume: Tifa Face Blusher Hair: Theron by Newsea Glitter & Gloss Shadow: Disco Dal by Lady FB Eye Liner by EA Base Game Lipstick: N12 by Tifa Costume: Tifa Face Blusher Hair: Faux-Hawk by Peggy Sugar & Spice Shadow : Misty Eyeshadow by EMMZX Eyeliner & Blush by EA Base Game Lipstick: Lip N2 by Tifa Costume: Tifa Face Blusher Hair: Battier by Newsea

Page 42-45

Lot Showcase: Home for the Holidays- Images by AsiaShaMecca DAD Adam Jensen by slipslop Shorter Coat Outfits by NewOne Scarf by Lili Layered Shirt by NewOne


42-45 Cont.

Slim Canle Knit Hoodie by Judie PRPS Barracuda Jeans by Judie D&G Heavy Knit Pullover by jla43 MOM Delene Thomson by Miss Lochness Fur Detailed Jacket by NataliS JBrand Skinny Jeans Fur Detailed Boots by NataliS GRANDMA by AsiaShaMecca (NAD) Layered Sweater by Poppy Cardigan with Knit Bow by Judie

GRANDPA (Adam Jensen by slipslop aged up) Leather Jacket by Lili Fishing Sweater by Lili JUNIOR (Adam Jensen & Delene Thomson genetic blend) Jean Jacket by Judie Slouchy Jeans by Judie Sweater w Pocket by Irveles PJs by Helaena

Page 46-48

Alpine Majesty Chalet - Images by MySimStyle

Dining Room (page 46)

Candle, blanket & chair by Simply Styling Bench by Falko Stools by Eryt96 Table Cloth by Simpossible Crockery by Roan Ceiling Lamp by Angela Dressor by Angela Table Lamp by Irinka Tapestry & Book by VitaSims Living Room (page 47) Rugs, Basket & Trunk by Simply Styling TV Set by Mutske Coffee Table by Sims Must Have Sofas by Cemre Tea Tray by Apple Round End Table by VitaSims Curtains by Shino Shutters by Angela Living Room - Fireplace Zone (page 48) Fireplace by Awesims Open book by Sim_man123 Coffee Set by Shankshaft Gerber Daisies by Pocci Green Cushions by Shankshaft Table Lamp by Awesims Pouf by Exotic Elements Jacuzzi (page 48) Towel by Pilar Basket of Bamboo by Exotic Elements Floor Pillow & Wicker Poofs by Nanu Champagne & Sandles by SIMcredible Attic Windows by Luna (Sims Lulamai)


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SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 7  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...

SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 7  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...