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Volume 1 - Issue 6

Oh my Goth!

Gothic Interiors mommy &me

Victorian Revival


Photography by AsiaShaMecca

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Editor’s Note & Contributors The Dark Room Fab Finds Reviving Victorian Designer Spotlight - Club Crimsyn Mommy & Me The Lost Boyz Model Spotlight - Michell Hall Military Tactics Beauty - Oh My Goth! Lot Showcase ‘Midwich Elementary’ Homes & Interiors ‘Club Mystique’ Homes & Interiors ‘Gothic Chic’


Staff Editor in Chief & Executive Director M a d i 1909 Senior Design Editor and Production Director Allium Senior Fashion Editor & Editorial Development Director & Writer AsiaShaMecca Superpogimon Senior Fashion Photographer and Stylist (Men) Sparkle Executive Interior Design Editor & Copy Editor JMelo Associate Fashion Phoographer & Stylist Okadoka Executive Architectural Design Editor Writer Minraed Executive Interior Design Director - Writer My-Sim-Style Associate Interior Designer & Photographer Meestor Mark Marketing Development Director

Contributors Simessence Contributing Photographer on ‘The Lost Boyz’

Editors Notes As a kid, Halloween was always something to look forward to... and as a grown up - IT STILL IS. Personally, any holiday celebrating the wonders of the miniature Snickers bar is good in my book! For many, Halloween is the only holiday of the year where you can completely let go and be yourself. Where it’s completely normal to wear ANYTHING and still look good! Its a fashionistas’ dream! What better excuse to get to wear those kooky Haute Couture pieces from the latest season’s fashion runways. In this month’s issue, Asiashamecca reintroduces you to one of our fan favorites - Club Crimsym - in “The “Y” makes it hip” and helps you explore the decadent lives of some exquisitely styled Victorian beauties in her period themed fashion spread “Victorian Revival” which introduces a fun twist to the fashionable era. Catch Alli’s inspired and ambitious Halloween “Mommy and Me” spread featuring some dressed up tots and their stylish moms. And last but not least, check out my favorites finds for some hot outerwear for this fall.

Madison1909 Happy reading!

Cover Photography by Madi 1909





“Want to join the SF STAFF?” Are you a closet sims fashionista, do you search all the Custom Content makers sites for the best clothes and accessories for your Sims and love putting items together for fashion forward ‘looks’? If you might be interested in this position please go here for more information...






When you wake up in the morning, how do you decide which shade of black to wear? What happens when your sim isn’t in the mood for pink? When warm fall colors just aren’t making her feel fuzzy...? When nothing but black will do. Black, black and more black. In a Dark Room we let our models indulge their shadowy side. We dressed them in black with a side of matching black and a warm black chaser... and they loved it! Sure a splash of color here and there to counterpoise and set it off but, you’ll definitely see a theme here. Dark loving simmies unite! ‘Tis the season to celebrate dramatic fetching flattering black. Enjoy!





Cherry Minx by JennaBray ‘Tweaked’

Cherry Minx by JennaBray Yvonne Moreau by BryonyRae

Rose by Vallau


Editor’s Picks 1. Earrings by Natalis @ TSR

Fall Outerwear Fall is a time to set aside those itty-bitty bikinis, store away those over-used and abused barbecues and say buhbye to your beloved gladiator sandals (Bless you Lilli!) and start thinking about outerwear to fend off the unfortunately impending chill. If last year’s coat needs to be retired or if you are just in the cc market for something new to help you face all that cold weather ahead, there are plenty of aesthetically pleasing options out there just waiting to be Dl’d. Here are some of my fave picks:

4. Hermes Birkin Bag by NataliS @ TSR

2. Short trench with scarf by All about Style



5. Boots by All About Style


8. Breeze Along Jacket by Katelys @ TSR

11. Front belted coat by Mirel @ Lorandiasims

6. Boots by lorandiasims3 7. Basic Above the knee Trench - base game


10.Leather Aviator Jacket by Lorandiasims3 @ TSR

9. Large Button Peacoat by LianaSims3 (donation)


R eviving V ictorian 12



Imagine a world of lacy dresses, lavish balls and effortless luxury. Extravagant details and opulent accessories creating a refined elegant style. The Victorian era celebrated femininity in its fashion in a way we haven’t seen before or since. There is a baroque charm to the fashion of the day. Beautiful corsets accentuate a woman’s sexiness, exaggerating hips and bust in contrast with a tiny waist. Gowns bare the shoulders and cleavage. The Victorian lady shows little, but makes the imagination run wild with ideas about what may be hiding beneath all that crinoline and lace. Join us as we gaze back with wistful nostalgia and lose yourself... for just a moment... in this genteel glorious time. 13





‘The Jamboree’

the new race bike from Simota

Photography by AsiaShaMecca


SF A Monthly Insight into ‘Who-is-Who’ of Custom Content Fashion Designers

Designer Showcase By AsiaShaMecca

“I kind of like it the way it is right now, ... I believe in that one-onone sell. I don’t really believe in flooding the market with loads of goods that don’t mean much, and (you) lose your identity.” ~ Alexander McQueen

CLUB CRIMSYN The 'Y' Makes it Hip In keeping with our theme (and because it doesn’t get any more Haute Macabre in my opinion) I approached aikea-guinea and gelydh of Club Crimsyn to have our little chat for this issue. Both were very receptive; agreeing to the interview and even offering the use of their frankly... AMAZING pictures. There’s a lot I always wanted to know about these two so I won’t babble on... First off, I wanted to thank you for answering the burning (for me) question about you being the same person. Now that I have identified from your FAQs (smile) that you aren’t... tell me a little about yourselves? AG: I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and our four cats. When I’m not messing around with sim stuff, I love playing Dragon Age and Rock Band, and I like writing. I also travel quite a bit. G: Sadly, there isn’t too much to tell and what there is to tell isn’t very exciting. I’m currently going to school, working slowly but surely towards a degree in computer programming. When I’m not doing school or sim-related things, I do a lot of reading and I also get a lot of entertainment out of video games like Dragon Age: Origins and The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Oddly, the Sims games are the only ones I have any desire to do modding for.


I probably have EVERY item you’ve ever created for Sims 2 when I played and now for 3. How did you get started on all of this. What started you on the path to creating for the game? AG:I bought Sims 2 back in October or November of 2004 because it seemed like it’d be a fun way to bring out some of the voices in my head. At first, I was happy enough just attempting to build houses but pretty soon I discovered how much fun it was to make custom content through Body Shop. I think the first thing I ever made was a Cure t-shirt for one of my boys. Pretty soon I was interested in doing more complex things (I needed different hair!), so I looked around and found MTS. From there, things just took off. G: Aikea told me to? In all seriousness, I think that had a lot to do with it! One of the very first things I ever created was a pair of female pants that I meshed and retextured myself, solely because I think Aikea wanted them for something. Granted, the pants were pretty atrocious and I stayed away from meshing for awhile after that, but it was a start. And what prompted you to want to share your creations? AG: I honestly have no idea. I must have been bored. G: I think it was a mixture of assuming other people might be interested in what I’ve created, as well as having the very strange desire to create certain things that I may never get around to using. I notice that you still update for both Sims 2 & 3... Do you still play both? Actually do you still get the opportunity to

actually PLAY? :) AG: You know, I never really played Sims 2 after I started making CC; I was more interested in using it as an illustration tool for Deception Pass. Sims 3 is completely different, and I actually quite enjoy playing it far more than I ever did Sims 2. G:I played TS2 a LOT when I first bought it, but my interest diminished in the playing aspect a lot quicker than I would have liked. I certainly had a lot of fun with it, but playing wasn’t all that great compared to creating and doing “photoshoots”. With TS3, I’ve found I like simply playing a lot more than I ever did with TS2; it’s just a personal preference thing, I like the gaming aspects and the funny things that sims can get up to. Was it difficult to make the break from TSR and branch out on your own? AG: It could have been a lot more difficult but Liegen from Garden of Shadows was so extremely supportive that it was pretty much painless. She made it clear that it was possible for people not to hold it against us, and that we’d always be welcomed on her forum. G: Despite what one might think, our break from TSR was entirely because of TSR, rather than being influenced by outside forces like PMBD, or whatever. It was just ridiculous at the end, especially when we first created Club Crimsyn and TSR was basically trying to tell us how we should run OUR site. Enough was enough at that point and we left. I don’t think either of us has regretted that decision.


I’ve gathered that it can sometimes be thankless work and it’s not inexpensive to maintain a site like CC... what keeps you going? AG: I truly enjoy making things and positive feedback is a great motivator for sharing. As far as the financial aspects, people are really generous and have always helped us with donations when the time comes for us to renew our website. We really appreciate each and every donation! G: What Aikea said. ;) Not to mention the fact that I’ve found that there’s always someone or some kind of inspiration that comes around when I’m feeling burnt out that puts me in the creating mood all over again.. Reading over your FAQs I noticed you don’t take requests (dang it). How do you choose your projects? AG: For Sims 2, I create things I need for Deception Pass. For Sims 3, I create things I feel are missing from my game. A huge reason I don’t take requests is because if I’m not completely interested in something, it’ll get tossed to the wayside and never be touched again. (You should see how many partially completely projects I have as it is!) I’d hate to have someone waiting for something I didn’t feel like finishing. G: With both TS2 and TS3, I chose my projects based on things I found were missing from the game that I couldn’t really find anywhere else or something specifically to my tastes. Not to mention that oftentimes I’d have Aikea tell me something she wanted and I’d go and make it, which has always been amusing! Do you ever collaborate on creations? If so how does that work? AG: Mostly ‘collaborations’ are more along the lines of ‘I need this; make it for me because I’m feeling lazy’ rather than ‘Hey, I’ll do X part of a project and you can do Y part’. Other than that, there’s a lot of feedback in both directions as far as what can be improved on whatever it is one of us is working on. G: I think you could almost say that a good many of our creations are technically collaborations. We talk with one another quite often and almost always show our creations to each other throughout the process for opinions, critiques, etc. There’s been many times that Aikea’s caught flaws in something I’ve done that I just haven’t seen, or has given me ideas for improvement that I wouldn’t have thought of. I like to think that I do the same for her as well.


You both have a large following... I certainly stalk er... follow your work on Garden of Shadows and Club Crimsyn. Do you have any tips or suggestions for aspiring creators? AG: First and foremost, create what you like; don’t ever create just because you think other people will like something, because you’ll get burnt out before you even really get started. If you like what you make, it ultimately doesn’t matter if anyone else downloads it or not. G: Create for yourself first and foremost! If you’re happy with how something has turned out, that’s all that matters. Finally, do you have any special projects coming up? Also what would you like to see in the future from The Sims and the community? AG: We do, but we’re not at liberty to say what it is. ;) As far as what I’d like to see in the future from The Sims and the community, it’s hard to say. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride. G: You’ll see. :) As for what I’d like to see in future, I’m looking forward to the Late Night expansion. Otherwise, I’m pretty content to just let things happen.



PHOTOGRAPHY by Simessence


Photography by Allium Words by Minraed


Child Model by Allim

Mommy: Lyra Stone by strelitzia19

mommy & me


you think Halloween has no

fashion flair, think again! Halloween couture runways,







costume balls, fundraising galas and stylish adult parties more than ever. These sophisticated looks have been paired with children’s costumes so mommy need not fear appearing less than fashionable when joining in on the fun at those ghoulish gatherings.

WITCH Tap into your Inner Sinner with sophisticated style. Who said a witch has to be a snaggle-toothed old hag? This corseted gown forms the basis of a stunningly sexy, yet still bewitching costume with the addition of a few well-placed vintage accents for effect.


Child Model by Allim

Mommy: Meg Bryant by BryonyRae


Child Model by Allim

Mommy: Jessica Sullivan by JennayBray LEOPARD Unleash your wild side in a formfitting, leopard print sheath, topped with a sheer bolero. Once you put your little cub down to sleep you’ll be fashionably ready to mingle with the grown-ups of the pack for the evening.

HAREM This classic genie or harem costume proves that simplicity flatters. A loose-fitting harem jumpsuit, subtly cinched at the waist, is complimented by the delicate touch of a few pieces of gold filigree jewellery.

Child Model by Allim

Mommy: Model by Allim

PUNK FAIRY Does your little fairy princess have a dark side? Pair up her dark fairy with a mod-cut shift and bring back 80’s punk in style. Don’t forget the torn tights for effect and you’ll be dressed for a night of dancing with the nocturnal crowd.





“Say hello to the night...” The 80’s just keep coming back... and back -they die as hard as Bruce Willis- but vampires have never gone out of style. The Lost Boys film blended sexy vamps, black leather and bikes in a heady mix that was a hit on release and remains a cult fave.



Our Lost Boyz fashion spread takes the best of then and now. Leather jackets, classic white tee’s, skinny jeans and angst galore. Hot boys and even hotter bikes with a hint of fang. This look is as hot now as it was in ‘87. Or should we say its hot... again?

Ride with these vamps and you’ll never be bored. Word to the wise, avoid the mysterious bottle of wine. It isn’t.





Michell Hall

Divine Intervention Michell (pronounced Mick L) Hall... a fallen angle cursed to walk the earth until he finds true love. Fact can truly be stranger than fiction when it comes to Sims. When Michell shot onto the scene in Sims Next Top Model Cycle 4 jaws dropped and hearts beat just a little faster... I mean how can you forget a guy with perfects pecs, 8 pack abs... and wings? Needless to say; I was thrilled to meet Michell (for many obvious reasons) and get the scoop on his doings since SNTM. ( )

Photography by Peacemaker_ic

Interview by Asia ShaMecca & Peacemaker_ic Pictures by Peacemaker_ic

ASM: Although you didn’t win the competition you’ve been a busy-bee in the modeling world since your first contract for Rusty Nail jeans What have you been up to Michell? MH: Well, it has not been as busy as one might think. One can afford to take things slow when you’re immortal. I can be selective with contracts for modelling but I like to keep my options open. I have many interests. I have done a few more shoots for different clothing lines but I am an old soul, I really do love the classical style and have done more in this design field because of it. When I am not in front of the camera I am concentrating on redecorating my Georgian Townhouse in Sunset Valley. It takes a lot of energy, even for an angel, to remodel a four story building like mine (Michell cheerfully laughs).


ASM: I would imagine there’s something of a dichotomy in a fallen angel pursuing a modeling career. It’s a sexy, occasionally dirty, business. Do you ever find a... conflict of interests there MH: Of course there are definitely people out there that think angels and modelling don’t go together. I have been around long enough to realise that these people are as wrong as a person can be. You can do whatever you set your mind to. It may not be an easy goal but it is accomplishable. Modelling is a cut throat business but when is the modelling industry ever easy? One does such things because one enjoys it, not for the nagging of the photographer, the sourness of the makeup artist or the shallowness of your partner. One must forget such conflicts. I am there to convey a message which depends on what I am modelling. If from the very start I don’t like the direction of the shoot I will not commit, plain and simple. This doesn’t happen very often though as like I said, I am selective with my contracts so this very rarely happens. ASM: I also saw that you began your own clothing line; House of Hall (SNTM C4; Runway Challenge: ). I see your clothing everywhere suddenly and I love its old world feel. Tell me a bit about your vision. MH: I miss the old world. It was my era. Ballrooms and dancing, where ladies would curtsy and gentlemen were actually gentle. I wanted to bring these ideologies into the 21st century where the many subcultures tend to dictate fashion. One does not need skinny leg jeans to fit in, I can tell you guys they are not comfortable at all. They are not classy either. I think the fact that my fashion house has become so popular is that the youth of today realise that there is more out there then year long fads. One can experience a different life through clothing. It can change you and hopefully my clothes can accomplish that. I needed to bring back the era of grace and sophistication, where chivalry is not dead and one can hold their partner in a heartfelt embrace and dance the night away. When do you see it becoming a reality (and when can I get a reservation)?


ASM: We got to see you live a mortal lifetime in pursuit of your lost love (SNTM C4; Ages Challenge: ). Do you often walk among us as a mortal man? Why? MH: There are many things I envy about mortals. I have learnt a lot too, through my many years of wandering hidden in plain sight. People cherish life and there is very little of it. When I was cast down I was miserable, just lost my true love again, being forsaken and at that time an angel with black wings was not a welcome sight. Too bad they didn’t know anything about genetics back then. I had black wings in heaven too! I had to hide myself back then and I met many amazing people as I travelled from continent to continent. These days I rarely disguise myself. I am a household name. It’s not to the point that paparazzi stalk me or anything but who is going to think an angel is a mischief maker? I walk as an angel these days as I wish to pass on the knowledge I have learnt to the people I meet. A civilization only advances through stories and knowledge. The world has much to learn and if I can contribute anything valuable I will. ASM: Ah, and this lost love of yours. Tell us about her? MH: Ah Vivian. My soul mate. I met her when I was still mortal. We were childhood friends and she was there for me during my rebellious years. She died not long after we married. Tragic accident during child birth and I blamed myself. I lived the rest of my mortal life without her. When I was on the brink of death she came, a goddess as I remembered her. When I was in heaven it was like old times but things changed. I couldn’t stand living the way I was. I am a restless soul and was cast back to earth as a fallen angel who had lost his way. Vivian was forced to watch my decent from grace. Time passed and I was looking for a way back to her. I guess she had been looking for me too as being on SID’s Next Top Model gave her the vital clue as to where I was. So not only did your show help me in opening up but it helped reunite me with my only true love. She decided to leave after what had happened but time is a fickle thing and decades had passed since I was cast out. If I had never become a contestant I would never be as happy as I am. We spend all our time together and watch over our family. Life could not be better and for that I thank you.

ASM: Such a profound story Michell. I love happy endings. Just so you know, if it turns out that things with Vivian doesn’t work out... Well, please consider the application of one smitten writer (and perhaps your legion of equally smitten fans). You never know, love might be where you least expect it.





From boots to high necked collars, yes the military look is back again this fall. The military fashion trend was originally introduced in the 60’s by war protesters, worn as a statement to the government. The look gained momentum from there to become a fashion style. Since 2008, the military fashion trend has been making a come back and has been evolving with every season. For 2010, designers have been mostly inspired by the uniforms of the 20th century. Army greens, earthy browns, tans and subdued grays are all the rage in every fashion savvy sim’s CAS. How can you be sure that your outfit is indeed military tactics ready? Sleek lines, big round metal buttons, dual front pockets, and epaulettes are just a few of the characteristics you’ll find in military design. Now that you’ve studied up on your military tactics, it’s time to get regimented! LEFT Cargo skinnies are the must haves for women this fall! Kira Liam sports these fashion do’s in army brown coupling them with a cropped long sleeved cable knit sweater polished with brass buttons on the sleeves, waistline and shoulders. The look is finished off with saddle brown strappy heels. BELOW Kira Liam is wearing a cropped faux double breasted officer’s style jacket in shades of gray. It’s perfectly accentuated with epaulettes and round buttons with a matching ruffled mini skirt.


RIGHT For less casual attire, model Zane Rutter is wearing a high collared jacket in tan with dual breasted pockets, knit waistband and cuffs, paired with dark brown bunchy trousers accentuated with tan straps. BELOW For Model Zane Rutter , nothing says casual military more than an army green button down shirt adorned with military style patches, reminiscent of a military issue BDU. Well worn jeans and combat boots complete this off duty look.

RIGHT Model Cherie Pasqual is wearing an army green high collar jacket with brass buttons, cinched tight at the waist with a leather saddle brown belt and a khaki pleated mini skirt. This look is polished off by eye catching knee boots detailed with large round brass buttons than run the length of the shoe.



Beauty Section

Oh My Goth! The Goth culture is as much about appearance as attitude. Clothes, hair, accessories and colours are all important. Makeup is one of the features that completes a Gothic look. Make no mistake though, it’s an important one. Makeup is at the “front-line” of your Goth look. It’s a physical way to show others your personality and express your true nature. Goth makeup looks can be dark and harsh or just haunting and just plain beautiful. Although it is not essential, makeup is a critical touch. However, Goth looks can be challenging especially when you don’t know where to start. This month, we spotlight a few Gothic inspirations.

The Bride

Icy... mysterious... enticing... “It’s a nice day for a black wedding....” 38

Feature by Madi1909


The Harlequin Playful... sexy... risqué... “Catch me if you can.”


The Huntress Fierce... savage... unbroken... “No rest for the wicked.�


The Queen Regal...dominant... provocative... “Off with his head!”

The ????? ???? 42

The Fledgling Dangerous... hungry... alluring... “I never drink.... wine�




Midwich Elementary by diekl123

Interview by Okadoka, Photography by AsiaShaMecca This month we look at the lot built by diekl123, based on the original Silent Hill video game. This macabre lot is called Midwich Elementary School; diekl123 painstakingly recreated this fictional school using both the official game guide and by playing both Silent Hill and the Sims3 games at the same time. Silent Hill revolves around a world with multiple realities two of which require the main character (Harry Mason) to battle monsters. While there are no monsters in diekl123’s recreation, it is hauntingly accurate. After my initial tour of Midwich Elementary, I was curious about a how a builder approaches a recreation of this magnitude. I knew she must truly love Silent Hill and the Sims3 to undertake such a project. I asked her for an interview and she courteously accepted. Diekl123 is from Germany, and I from the Midwestern United States. Despite the language barrier, I think we were able to communicate well enough to get our meanings across.




Oka: Would you mind answering a few questions about Midwich Elementary School for our readers? diekl123: Well, I’m a really huge Silent Hill fan since the first game came out (Silent Hill, 1999) I think, I was twelve at that time... Anyway, my Inspiration was the original Midwich Elementary School exactly from this game. I have spend more than two weeks on this building and I’ve never imagined, that I could make it! Oka: What was your inspiration for building this lot? diekl123: Well, I’m a really huge Silent Hill fan since the first game came out (Silent Hill, 1999) I think, I was twelve at that time... Anyway, my

Inspiration was the original Midwich Elementary School exactly from this game. I have spend more than two weeks on this building and I’ve never imagined, that I could make it! Oka: Did you diagram your plan on paper first or did you work from a blueprint? diekl123: Okay, some rooms are burned into my mind, but for the most I’ve used a Midwich Elementary School Map, directly from my Silent Hill official game guide to build just the basic structure. But to build the right classrooms in the right places and also for some part of the furniture, I’ve played Silent Hill while building the School, because only in game I could see the names of the rooms.


Oka: Were the alterations from the original school i.e. the placement of classrooms, and the fun room, necessary for you to be able to recreate the exterior? diekl123: That wasn’t really hard. I’ve just furnished empty rooms, which are part of the original Silent Hill game. The “fun room” for instance, is an existent empty room in the game, where the player can’t go in. This one room don’t have a name or a door, but I could see on the map of the school, that there must be another room, so I decided to make this little extra. I didn’t need to recreate the exterior for that, I kept it original. Oka: What objects would you have liked to see EA include in the game to help you with this particular decor? diekl123: : Oh, goodness (laughs), I’m a crazy builder and I think, the most of these objects are very weird for this genre. For an example: I try to build a original Silent Hill slaughter house, so I need some meat, butcher’s knife and other sort of knifes. I need a few weapons too (scatter guns, machine gun etc.) , to build a penitentiary or maybe for medieval lots (swords, bow and arrow, spiked mace etc.). I think, these “particular” objects are a bit “out of place” in a game like Sims 3 (laughs) ... because the majority of players might be juveniles or children.


There are also normal build objects, which you could find in former Sims games, but not in the third one, like the foundation for interiors to create half floors or spiral staircase (which I need to build the Silent Hill lighthouse). I really, really want a tool to build round walls (!) and maybe more wire fences too. Oka: What was the most challenging portion of Midwich to recreate? diekl123: : : Finally I managed completing the basement, but there was one other thing I couldn’t do, the half floors! Basically the shortage of space even on the biggest lot forced me, to adapt the size of the School in some cases. Floors sometimes had to be shorter than in the original game, so that important rooms could be placed within the lot. These problems especially came up with the basement. Also for the half floors, I would urgently need the foundation for interiors, like it was possible in Sims 2. (Besides, peoples with older computers may have problems loading the school, because of the amount of the objects). Give your residents of Sunset Valley, Riverview, Twinbrook, and even Barnacle Bay the greatest Halloween treat to date, download Midwich Elementary!



Club Mystique has a reputation for being one of THE most iconic clubs in Simmywood today and SF Magazine is here to share this peek inside. Inspired by gothic literature and horror, Mystique is a modern reincarnation of a gothic era home with sections identifiable as various rooms of a house. A kitchen, dining room and sunken living room, all contribute to the look and feel of a genuine home. There is even a master bedroom but you will have to visit in person to see it. Lounge style seating and intimate corners allow guests to relax in pure, decadent comfort.


Words by Minraed Images by MySimStyle


Homes & Interiors

At night some of the furnishings are moved aside to make room for a dancefloor. It is said that it must be experienced to truly comprehend why Club Mystique is one of the most talked about night club experiences going.



Lounge style seating and intimate corners allow guests to relax in pure, decadent comfort

Homes & Interiors

The club is known for hosting lavish, themed parties, Halloween is no exception. Murder Mysteries are their Halloween specialty. This year’s theme is Murder of a Millionaire – the mysterious death of Sir Jacob V. Locke brings together everyone including his eccentric ex-wife, interfering in-laws and spying servants. As one of his closest friends, you are to help piece together the mysterious circumstances of his death. You may walk out with a chunk of the inheritance or you may not walk out at all.


DESIGNS Style and comfort are equally important when it comes to choosing furniture for your home. No matter how ornate or how sophisticated your furniture looks, if it is uncomfortable to use, nobody will be impressed. Let us help you make your style fit your space. Visit our showroom at 12 Sim Lane, Twinbrook.


Gothic Chic This dining room re-invents gothic style (yet again!) with a new modern twist. There are many nods to the original and its various revivals with its rough stone work, inky black colourings and distressed materials. The candles and fireplace add to the look reminding us of gothic cathedrals and palaces. But the twist is in the clean, modern lines of the furniture, the geometric shapes of both the chairs

and the dishes on the table, the pristine white of both of those objects. The sculptures on the fireplace are obviously stone and fit beautifully in with the gothic theme but the shape and arrangement are obviously influenced by modern design. The bright flash of the tulips on the table catches the attention like a burst of fire, perfectly befitting of the gothic theme but equally fitting a modern theme where bright flashes of colour can be used to contrast a monochromatic colour scheme like this. It just goes to show how themes and styles come around again and again and styles that seem completely opposed historically can actually work extremely well together when used in the correct way.

Chair - Gosik @TSR

Wall Light / Fireplace - EA Base Game

Lamp - Roan @ TSR

Vase - Roan @ TSR

Left Table Romanza Set EA Store

Candle Left -AnoesskaB @ TSR Candle Middle - EA Base Game Candle Right -

Curtains - Pilar Sculptures - Gosik @ TSR

DiningTable - Simcredible


Homes & Interiors

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about ghouls and ghosties... or maybe it does but there’s no reason those ghouls and ghosties can’t be chic and stylish at the same time. Sims of the spirit world need beautiful surroundings to... live... in too just like their flesh and blood counter-parts.

Words by Sparkle Images by Allium

links Inside Cover

Medusa’s Stare Model - Ariadne Gianakos Gorgon Hair

Page 6-9

The Dark Room Ponytail Model Cherry Minx Jacket by mjakeli6 Leggings by miraminkova FauxHawk Model Cherry Minx ‘Tweaked’ Jacket by AllAboutStyle Trousers by Cbon73 Black Wavy Hair Model Rose by Vallau Dress by - Katelys Tights by KittyKlan Red Head Model Yvonne Moreau by BryonyRae Outfit by Stella sims Tights by KittyKlan Bracelet & Earrings by Rose

Page 10-11

Fab Finds: Fall Outerwear Teardrop Hoops by NataliS Short Trench by AllAboutStyle Hermes Bag by NataliS Scrunch Boots by AllAboutStyle Fur Boots by Lorandia Basic Trench by EA Breeze Along Jacket by Katelys Large Button Peacoat by Liana Aviator Jacket by Lorandia Front Belted Coat by Mirel Basic Trench by EA

12-16 Base Game Base Game

Reviving Victorian (all clothing by All About Style unless otherwise noted) Page 12 Naomi Campbell by jantjesmit1 Victorian Princess Dress (Gold) Afro Knots by Skeletal Screams Sheva Alomar by LadyFrontBum Victorian Blouse With Lace Full Skirt with Overskirt Afro Puffs by nextor_torres Page 13 Tamika Jackson by Jessica_2020


12-16 Cont.

Derek Lam Bustier Tights by EA with Lace Pattern Base Game Roses by LemonLeaf Dreds Updo by Savio Naomi Campbell by jantjesmit1 Satin Corset Set by juttaponath Lace Stockings by juttaponath Roses by LemonLeaf Hair by Peggy Holly by Ariz Corset Bloomers Roses by LemonLeaf Page 14 Tamika Jackson by Jessica_2020 Jacket by EA (Store) Long Skirt-3 Styles Hat by M&T SIms Dreds by Savio Page 15 Eve Legace by Asiashamecca Corset by Katelys Bustle Skirt Afro by Kittehbomb Page 16 Naomi Campbell by jantjesmit1 Titanic Jump Dress Edwardian Slipper Shoe

Page 17

Simota Cycle Advertisement Jessica Sullivan by JennaBray Louboutin Catsuit by frisbud Belt Accessory by Sugichaco Sandals by Birba32 Dior Bracelet by monkeyman1234 Page 21

LemonLeaf Contacts Advertisement Non-replacement Eyes Shoes by NatalieS http://www.justsims2

Page 22-25

Mommy & Me (Child Models by Allium - Not Available for Download) Witch Lyra Stone by strelitzia19 Dress by Kiara24 Gloves by EA Base Game Child Dress by Kiara24 Harem Jessica Sullivan by JennaBray Jump Suit by AllAboutStyle Child Outfit by Kiara24 Leopard Meg Bryant by BryonyRae Dress by Tugmel Child Top by EA Base Game Child Bottoms by LiliSims


22-25 Cont.

Punk Fairy Model by Allium (NFD) Dress by EA World Adventures EP Child Dress by EA (Store) Child Bottoms by LiliSims

Page 26-29

The Lost Boyz RockStar Jacket by DarkoSims Studded Collar Jacket by EA Studded Leather Vest by EA Cropped Leather Jacket by jla43 Biker Leather Jacket & Tee by jla43 Beckam Undershirt by DarkoSims Woman Cut-off Top by EA (Store) Spiked Wristbands by ClubCrimsyn Handcuffs by Club Crimsyn Mens D&G Jean by DarkoSims Men’s Destroyed Jeans by Ekky

Page 34-35

Military Tactics Kira Liam by Rusalka Military Sweater by AllAboutStyle JBrand Camo Jeans by AllAboutStyle Shoes by EA Fast Lane SP Next Page Military Style Jacket by Ea (Store) Ruffle Mini Skirt by Nhut Zane Rutter by JMelo Riot Jacket by EA Store Bunchy Style jeans by EA Store Next Picture Military Shirt by AllAboutStyle Worn Jeans by Rusty Nail Cherie Pasqual by JMelo Military Jacket by AllAboutStyle Khaki Shirt by EA Base Game Boots by AllAboutStyle

Page 38-43

Beauty: Oh My Goth The Bride Hair by EA (Store) Eyeshadow & Blush by LadyFB Lipstick by Channy and VIVIN The Fledgling Hair by Infusorian Eyeshadow & Blushby LadyFB Vampires Lip by lemonleaf Blush: Cheeky v2 by LadyFB The Harlequin Hair by Anto 86 Misty Eyeshadow by emmzx Lipstick & Heart by Club Crimsyn Blush: Cheeky v2 by LadyFB The Queen Hair by by Peggyzone Eyeshadow & Blush by LadyFB Crystal Lipstick by Lemonleaf


38-43 Cont.

The Huntress Hair by PeggyZone Misty Eyeshadow by emmzx Blush: Cheeky v2 by LadyFB Crystal Lipstick by Lemonleaf

Page 44-47

Lot Showcase

Gabriel Jensen by HystericalParoxysm All Men’s Clothing by EA (Store) Tiffany Scott by Slipslop All Dresses by NataliS Alessa Gillespie by diekl123 All other child models by Asiashamecca (NFD) Children’s Uniforms by EA Base Game

Page 48-50

Club Mystique Page 48 Chairs by Sim Control Table by Angela Table Setting by Roan_ Page 49 (Large Picture) Wall Pattern by SimControl Sofas & Arm Chairs by eryt96 Ceiling Light by SimControl Coffee Table by SIMcredible Table Lamp by SimControl Bookshelf by VitaSims Page 49 (Small Picture) Piano by lisa9999 Candle Lights by Pilar Page 50 (Small Picture) Painting by Sims Art Gallery Page 50 (Large Picture) Wall Pattern by Sinastra Bar Stool by Odysseus1960 Wall Shelves by SIMcredible Drinks by SIMcredible


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