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Nose and face highlighter by Tifa Realistic Lipglossby Katelys Hair by Rose Sims Page 45: La Petite Gamine Bobbi Vidal by Madison1909 Download coming soon! Cheeky Blush v1 Full Coverage by Ladyfrontbum Mocha Eyeshadow by Ladyfrontbum Lip Finity Pro by Lemonleaf Hair by Peggy Zone Page 46: The Vixen Model by Madison1909 Not available for download Gradual_three-color_Eyeshadow by Susan372 LipStick by the Sims World Swoop Tri - Color Blush by Ladyfrontbum Anto 83 Hair Conversion by TumTum Simiolino

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Lot Showcase: Graceland by Sbrizolone Graceland Lot “Elvis” by AsiaShaMecca Ashleigh Shepard as “Ann” by Tinuviel,3295.0.html Veronica Torez as “Pricilla” by SLIPSLOP “Elvis” Jacket by EA Store Pants by annadg82 Open Shirt by LadyFrontBum Hair by EA Store (Teddy) “Ann” Valentino Pants by noxeen Top by Cheapncheerful Swim Bottom by Katelys Swim top by EA Store “Pricilla” Dress by NataliS Chanel Bag by NataliS Shoes by Lilisims Page 50-52 Millenium Lounge Page 50 (Small Image) Panton Chair by Sims3D Occasional Tables by Mango Sims Side table by Stylist Sims (Oslo Set) Champagne by SimCredible Wall Stencil by Gosik Page 51 (Large & Small Image) Modular Sofas by Lisen801 Chairs by Nikki Tables by n-a-n-u Bar by Shino&K Page 52 (Small Image) Cocktails by n-a-n-u Page 52 (Large Image) Seat by SimCredible (Misc/TV Room) Umbrella & Fruit by SimCredible (Belize Set) Bar Trolley by Simcredible (Metropole) Giraffe Decor by Apple Cushions: Simply Styling (Bedroom 2)


SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 5  

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