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Graceland by Sbrizolone

Interview by Okadoka, Photography by AsiaShaMecca Sbrizolone is an Italian Simmer who specializes in creating digital versions of well known structures. For example, everyone knows there is a replica of France’s Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, but now, thanks to Sbrizolone, there can be one in your Sim city too. If your Sims aren’t sunk after living in Sbrizolone’s replica of the Titanic, they can visit many of her New York City buildings even if it is 98 years late. However Sbrizolone may have taken the name of one New York neighborhood too seriously as her lot, titled “The Toilet” which looks like an overgrown commode, would be out of place in Flushing. If your Sims need a vacation they can always check out the Disney Castle replica or, speaking of things made with plastic, for the older Sims Sbrizolone has also made a replica of the Playboy Mansion. This interview focuses on Sbrizolone’s recreation of Elvis’ Graceland Mansion as we pass the 33rd anniversary of his passing (August 16, 1977). In honoring his memory the staff at SF Magazine decided it would be fitting to bring him back to enjoy his mansion just one more time. The photos taken on the shoot that day tell the entire story.



SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 5  

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