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Editors Notes While most award shows are ostensibly about honoring the best musical, acting or design achievements of the past year, sometimes the real achievements--for better or worse--take place in the hours before the shows usually begin. That’s right, those red carpet moments...To commemorate the second edition of SIFF and just cuz we thought it would be freaking awesome, we decided to bring you an issue that would be bursting with some of the best red carpet styles out there in our SIM Community! So whether you are looking to glam it up Oscar-Night-Style couture or looking to funk it up for the After party, we got you covered! Also to thank all our dedicated readers and supporters we decided to have a little giveaway. On the following page of this article, you will find an ad with a link to a small Art Set created by The SF - FOR YOU! The set includes Custom Wall Art featuring some of our past Covers. We will be giving away these little items and some others in the future, so do keep an out.

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SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 5  

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