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There is the click of heels on a wet pavement and the revving of a powerful engine. And then she comes into the frame: The femme fatale. No cinematic image is more classically fashionable than this 1940’s film noir seductress. There is still something dark and alluring about the way this woman is presented on the screen. This symbol of film noir is seductive… unforgettable. She is as sharp as a knife’s edge and just as dangerous. Off the shoulder necklines, slinky, silken gowns and suits tailored to perfection were all designed to highlight the femme fatale’s voluptuous figure and undeniable magnetism. Stockings with seamed backs were the ultimate finishing touch providing just a peak of naughty suggestion. The femme fatale’s makeup and accessories are always the pinnacle of perfection. Every detail points to how poised she is, how alluring. In noir, the femme fatale is irresistible despite, or perhaps because of, the layer of mysterious depth which lies beneath.


SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 5  

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