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The Power Suit.

It has been referenced by many fashion gurus as the 21st century male sim’s suit of armor. It’s a shield of protection from the wild things lurking in every cubicle, office and board room, in the concrete jungles of the modern business world. It’s an indispensable staple of every male sim’s wardrobe. No matter what your profession, whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 SimCorporation or a struggling small business owner applying for a bank loan, the power suit demands confidence from its wearer. The power suit can take even the most fashion challenged male sim from fashion dud to fashion stud in the time it takes to put it on. The power suit screams prestige and class. You can project power and sophistication without saying a word. When choosing a power suit, have it custom made by a reputable tailor. Select a crisp well fitting collared shirt in a smart color, when in doubt, you can’t fail with white. Only choose ties made of fine silk with colors and patterns that compliment your look, not distract from it. Finish off your power suit by pairing it with the finest leather shoes in black or if you‘re bold, go with a dark brown. From a lawyer to an agent in your country’s most top secret agency, you’ll find the power suit’s commanding presence is as indispensable to a sim’s wardrobe as a comfy tee shirt and well worn jeans.


SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 5  
SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 5  

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