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Wedding Couture





By SimEve

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Editors Notes Staff Editor in Chief & Executive Director Ma di 1909 Senior Design Editor and Production Director Allium Senior Fashion Photographer & Editorial Development Director SimEve Senior Fashion Editor & Editorial Development Director AsiaShaMecca DrMusix Senior Fashion Editor - Writer (Men) Superpogimon Senior Fashion Photographer and Stylist (Men) Sparkle Executive Interior Design Editor Okadoka Executive Architectural Design Editor Writer Minraed Executive Interior Design Director - Writer

Contributors My-Sim-Style Contributing Photographer & Interior Designer Jmelo Contributing Photographer Lkadas Contributing Photographer

Cover Photography by Allium

Love is in the air - and SF is on the scent. There was a time when all you heard about were summer weddings: Ooh, she’s going to be a June bride, and all that. PFFFFT! NO MORE I TELL YA! Who wants to be sweating out their 85$ an hour makeup and hair session anyways...For the past several years, cooler-weather weddings have been significantly on the rise so why not issue in the fall (yes I said it) with a bit of a WEDDING EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! As some of you all know, (not me since I run away from the subject like the plague in RL) planning your wedding is a stressful experience. But never fear - SF to the rescue. With a little help from some of these fabulous finds by some of our favourite designers, we will endeavour to inspire your SIMS to create THE perfect wedding day and ensure that their special day is all that they could have imagined. For those simmettes whose men can’t quite take the plunge, maybe some of the content will inspire THEM – like our trousseau spread *wink wink*. With an array of fantastic designer gowns in our couture editorial and some fabulous accessories in our newly created “Fab Finds” section, you’ll definitely be able to find something for your Bridezilla. This month’s issue even spotlights a real SIM wedding. See how Kayla and Brodie celebrate their love for one another in their romantic moonlit ceremony. Also, don’t forget to check our beauty tips which feature some international bridal makeup as well as our avant-garde White Fashion editorial...the name says it all. Happy reading!


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P ho t ography b y Lk ad as

Photography by SimEve


Rusty Nail Lingerie

The Couture Weddin g Styled & Photographed by SimEve 6

Eve Legace & urn Agaetis Byj TugmeL Dress by ne y Peggyzo b t le ce Bra e n zo eggy Hair by P


Alissia & Hector Delacru z

Dress McQ ueen coutu re by ICON Earrings by Peggyzone Hair by Ros esims


n Carth o V d i r g In Fitzroy l a e h c i &M liS y Nata Dress b y Lemonleaf b Choker eggyzone P Hair by


noir & Alia Re l Hal Michell sille Sims 3

y Lu e Dress b by Peggyzon ce la s im s Neck e s t by Ro Bracele by Rosesims s g in r one Ear Peggyz Hair by


What Dreams are made of...


Photography by LKadas

Laurel’s Lingerie


Colour can be overrated, sometimes less IS more. Team your white separates together in layers. Dress the look with spikey heels and silver accessories. If your feeling brave, use lashings of white shimmery eyeshadow and add subtle shades of lipgloss.


Models L-R Squirrel Tea by KittyCattyLion Kara Valentino by Pink 1234 Xanthe le Fay by Allium


Kara Valentino by Pink 1234




Squirrel Tea by KittyCattyLion


Advert by Allium, Model - Anastasia Polokov by MSMcNeelySims



SF A Monthly Insight into ‘Who-is-Who’ of Custom Content Fashion Designers

Designer Showcase “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” ~Coco Chanel

All About Judie

Chic attire for the true fashionista When I was offered the opportunity to do the creator showcase this month my first thought was my long time favorite creator Judie of All About Style. I was delighted when the very gracious Judie said yes right away (Ok, delighted is probably an understatement)! Judie has been creating content since Sims 1 and has been running her superb site as a solo artist for six years. As an uber fan I’ve probably had every item she has created since I discovered her site four years ago. All About Style clothing is almost its own brand. Judie’s work is always well made, stylish and relevant. She updates regularly with quality content. Best of all, it’s all always FREE! 1. Thank you so much for agreeing to this Judie. You’ve been at this for so long I think of you as almost the Grande Dame of Sims design. I really appreciate your taking the time to talk with me. Please tell me a bit about yourself. I have been retired for a few years now. I live in PA with my sister and two Pekingese. When not Simming, I am probably traveling in our motor home. The Sims do travel well on the laptop and wifi is readily available.


Balmain Damask

2. All About Style offers an eclectic mix of Ready to Wear, Designer and Themed items. I remember reading that Themed Items were your favorite but since the move to Sims 3 I see more designer choices in your creations. Was there a reason for the change? Has your preference changed? Yes, my preferences have changed. First, I don’t have the time that I used to have. Secondly, I don’t find Sims3 as conducive to historical clothing as Sims2...Meshes are not shared as much as in Sims2. Therefore I must create my own meshes for everything that I do create. My meshing skills are adequate but not very advanced. I would have difficulty making all of the meshes that would be required for historical content...In addition making them colorable with only 3 color channels is a real challenge. I keep thinking that I might get into “retro” though as Sims3 is set in a retro time period sort of and current fashion trends are very retro. 3. Many creators didn’t make the transition from Sims 1 to Sims 2 and fewer from Sims 2 to Sims 3. You have successfully created for all three. Has it been challenging transitioning? What tools do you use? Change is always challenging... The transition to Sims3 hasn’t been easy for me. I find that all of my projects take much longer to complete than Sims 2 and making everything colorable takes some planning... I miss using all of the beautiful fabrics that designers such as Cavalli use. 4. Really? It doesn’t show. You’re very prolific for a single creator site. Do people send you requests or do you draw inspiration from media? How do you decide which fashion items to create? I don’t really accept requests but I do like ideas for projects from people. Sometimes others come up with some great ideas for me especially if they send photos... I mostly find my inspirations from fashion magazines and fashion websites. I also love the runway shows and I love to periodically do some runway fashions. People either seem to love them or hate them although I would think that every Sim community could use at least one Fashionista. I am personally looking forward to the next expansion pack...”Late Night”...Maybe our Sims will finally have a place to wear some of these things.

6. If there was anything you’d like to see more of from the community or EA what would it be? I think that as a community we have come a long way in a short period of time with Sims 3. I seriously never thought that these “Pudding Faced” Sims would ever turn out to be the beautiful new Sims that they have become. What a tribute to the fine talent out there in the community. I can’t think of anything more to ask other than to continue to do more of the same...

Peplum Jacket

5. Ahhhh! I know. I can’t wait to see the venues in “Nightlife”!!! Judie, your clothes are so well made and exact. Always wonderful details. Do you have any tips to share with aspiring creators? I have read in some of the forums out there that “photoskinning” is sometimes frowned upon as it is overused. The only advice that I would like to give newbies is that when you are creating continue to hone your hand painting skills for folds and shading....then use your photos carefully to enhance your work and for the details. A combination of handwork and photo-skinning is the best of both worlds in my opinion.

Stella McCarthy Jumpsuit





Shane Monroe Something about Shane by Madi 1909 & Asia ShaMecca One could say that supermodel Shane Monroe was born with the preverbal silver spoon in her mouth. One could say that as the daughter of French Fashion designer Baudouin Monroe and Brazilian photographer Arika Cabral, she was destined to be a fashion icon. And perhaps destined for the inevitable fall. Maybe it was too much fame too fast. Certainly the death of her parents was a bitter blow. But these days Shane Monroe is back with a new love and a new outlook which she has been kind enough to share with us here at SF… ASM: Shane, thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me. I know these are difficult subjects but we appreciate your candor…. SM: Oh, you are quite welcome hun... and I appreciate you guys giving me the opportunity to do this. I definitely feel like it’s the right time. I think I have hidden from the public enough and its time to let them see something positive in the media about me for once. Bet the paparazzi will be disappointed about this. *smiles* ASM: It’s been quite a ride hasn’t it? You have a delicate beauty and the camera loved you from the very first. But it didn’t love you all the time. When did the trouble begin Shane?


SM: Well, its the age old story of having to grow up too fast, especially when you are in this sort of business. As you said, I started young, and although my parents did everything possible for me and my sister to have a “normal” life, we were never able to escape the fact that we weren’t normal kids and that we probably would never be. I was doing runway at the age of 12 and that meant late nights and being around the wrong people sometimes...and all of that gets really heady for a young was almost unreal. I could not believe that this was my life and well, no matter how much you try to stay grounded in this type of world, eventually it will break you. As time wore on, and everything just lost its “coolness”, I just felt like I had to pretend all the felt like I was in a movie 24/7 like I had to be putting on a show for everyone and I just started losing myself and after my parents passed away, it just got worse. I mean the only place that I could have turned it all “off” was when I went home. And with them gone, my self-created alter ego just took over. I just could not find the strength to pull myself out of the darkness...I just thought, “What for?!” ASM: Still one would think being surrounded by fame from birth you would have seen the pitfalls and perhaps had the tools to avoid them. Why didn’t you see yourself losing control? KS: Yes, I had seen it happen around me many many times, but after my parents’ accident, I don’t think I WANTED to be saved... You just do what you have to so that you don’t necessarily have to deal with reality, right? And that is what I was having happen to me. I was so busy trying to mask my pain that I was not even aware of what I was REALLY doing to myself or my loved ones. I just thought I was alone...and that I had to bare it all the best I could. And the only way that I felt that I could have accomplished that was to carry on with my life and never really grieve, the worst part was I never truly realised what that was doing to me... It was like I was in fog...or a really BAD movie... and I just could not turn it off. ASM: As much as we love our heroes we love to tear them down. That must have hurt when your “friends” in the industry seemingly lined for a seat on the trash Shane bandwagon. Any bitterness?


SM: Well, to be honest, I was not really concerned about what others were saying about me. If there is one thing I learned from being in the spotlight and being in this industry, its how to know who your true friends are, cuz believe me there are LOT of fake ones out there. So through everything, and despite what was going on in my head, I always knew who my real friends were and those people never left my side and were always there trying to help. Unfortunately, it took me a while to realise that what they had to say was for my own benefit, and that they saw what I did not want to admit to myself. But they were ALWAYS there. ASM: Looking at you now I would never know that person existed. When was the moment? When did you say to yourself I can’t do this anymore and I have to make a change? How did you do it? SM: Well my family came to the rescue - as they always do...After I got arrested for DUI, I just felt it was time to put an end to all of this. I just kept thinking that this is not what my parents - especially my mother, who was my WORLD, - would want for me. I realized that she would not be proud at all of who I was and that just broke my heart. So I decided from then on that I would get my act together...I went home to live with my sister Ronni and my cousin Bobbi for a while, as I knew that I would need all the support in the world to pull myself out of the hole that I had dug myself into. ASM: And that new love… I understand you recently announced your engagement to onagain-off again boyfriend Cole Rayburn. SM: Yes...we have. And I never thought I would say this but, I just feel giddy, like a crushing school girl...Cole and I have known each other for years! But we just never thought to take our relationship to that level - well I never did anyways...*she gives a coy laugh* But he has always managed to be a good friend and someone I could lean on when things were really hard... He has stuck through a lot of things with me. I know now that he has always been the love of my life and I thank everyone who has helped me get through all of this drama, cuz otherwise, I don’t think I would have realised that truth and honestly, it is THE greatest realization that has happened to me. To find out that there is actually someone out there for me...that I do not have to do this alone anymore... It all just just feels


right, ya know. *she smiles*. I finally feel like I am whole again and that I can be strong for him, the same way he managed to be strong for me in the past. SO I am definitely looking forward to our future together. ASM: What an amazing story. An inspirational one too. I hope aspiring models can learn from you Shane. SM: Well I hope they do, and don’t have to go through all that I did to get to the good parts. But one thing I have learned through all of this is that, you are not alone. You just have to know how to recognize the people who are REALLY there for you and those just want to use you. Once you get that part down, this is just a breeze and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!



Intimate Indulgence


Photography & Styling by AsiaShaMecca


ingerie… exotic mysterious and sensual.

Whatever your preference, there is a scintillating array of styles, colors and textures to tempt. As foundation wear, lingerie is the starting point on which a Sim designs her silhouette and develops her sense of identity. These are her most intimate clothes, a special and often secret manifestation of her mood.

For her trousseau, indulge your Sims passion for exquisite satin, fine lace and of course… silk stockings. If the wedding is “her day”… the evening after is their night. These stunning flights of fancy are designed to make your Sim feel beautiful and her wedding night simply unforgettable. After the vows, after the evening… or just because.


Editor’s Picks

Elegant lines pattern by Mensure @ TSR

Diamond Wedding Ring by Irinka

Earrings by Peggyzone

Pink Ring by blondblond @ TSR

Necklace & Earrings by Natalis @ TSR

EA Romanza Urn

Earrings by Natalis @ TSR

Earrings by PeggyZone

Lace overlay pattern by Sinastra @ TSR



Chair and Centre Piece by Cemre @ TSR




1.Braided Up do by Peggyzone (Free)

2. Ladies Diary by Newsea @ TSR

sure to find “Make something that is

effortless and that won’t have you worrying about it coming undone.

4.Tight side knot by Ulker @ TSR (subscriber only)

3. Loose Updo by Peggyzone (donation)


Looking for some quality FREE hairs, then why not stop by rosesims...



The Wedding Crashers

” ay? he Century t f o g n i d d The “ We just fine.. d n e l b l ’l e w I think

Photography by SuperPogimon Words by AsiaShaMecca

Br ide ’s side or Groom’s? Tee Hee!

Michaele Simlahi here on attending the Landgraab wedding... Ah the thrill of it. It was almost too easy. In fact, I’d say we took the wedding by storm, laughing and chatting with the VIPs. The only difference between us and the other guests was the small matter of... an invitation. Yes, I’m sure every couple dreams of the perfect wedding. A beautiful chapel, gorgeous dress flawless cake and smiling guests at every turn.. blah blah. We do too... that’s why we crash them. And let me tell you we had a grand time!... Well, the turkey was a little dry but then... isn’t it always?

Did you

Of cour se think we we arrived in t ’d catc h a cab his... ?


Wh O H ! Is t ere to now? hat Just in Simber lake?!?

t d e li g h et... e f r f e u w b The akes Ahhh! Those cupc

f u l!

PARTY! T h is b a n d is t h e BEST! We danced the day aw ay!

Dry turkey ... You would think just ONCE a sim could get some gravy...


I suppose the breaking point may have been when I caught the bouquet... Can I help it if I’m competitive?!?! I just got caught up in the moment. Or maybe when I posted the pictures online at SimBook. Some sims have no sense of humour. But, no worries fans Tareq and I will be fine and I know my Fifth Amendment rights... Deny, deny, deny...

t? uque o b e h ! tch t ractice!! a c u P o do y ies!... How ctice lad Pra

FRANCE The country of ROMANCE

Photography by LKadas



Tugmel Wedding Gowns

Photography by Madi 1909



Tugmel Wedding Gowns

Photography by Madi 1909


Real Weddings

Kayla & Brodie Photography by JMelo

T wo hearts joined in love united …Forever with Joy and Happiness

Kayla & Brodie …Are pleased to announce that they were married in a private moonlit ceremony on Saturday, the fourteenth of AugustTwo thousand ten at the Bzanna Reception Hall “As precious as the ocean’s treasures, too strong for anyone to measure, two hearts, joined together, sharing their lives forever. As our friend, you were with us in our thoughts and prayers. We look forward to celebrating our happiness with you in the near future”



Beauty Section

UNITED COLOURS Beauty without Boundaries

Feature by Madi1909 & Quotes by AsiaShaMecca

forever. e n i m e m o bec “You have

Ye s, we ha ve be co me pa rt ne rs .” g poem

Indian Beauty

weddin Hindi

With this sultry East-Asian look, your eyes do the flirting for you. Transform them into sirens of allure and reap the rewards. Use kohl rimmed Gold and Green blends on the eyes and continue the jewel toned combination throughout. Watch him kneel at your feet....

There’s nothing more seductive, than a sultry smoky eye. It’s no wonder this beauty trend has endured for decades. No matter your eye shape, this sexy eye makeup will look fabulous and compliment your face. The key to the perfect smoky eyes is to blend colors properly and finish the look with loads of mascara! Do it wrong and the results will be clownish. Do it right… and he’ll never look away.

ng othi

Irish Beauty



in happ

ow n n k you y a M “ ys rward. May the jo fo y da is th om fr ” morrow. o t f o e be thos y a d o t of Traditio

nal Iris h Blessi ng


African Beauty

arrow e h t loves


r arche e h t as “E v e n flies, so too he loves th e bow that


hands.” s i h n t i constan

Nigerian Proverb


Shades of violet abound in nature. It’s one of those wonderful garden colors that will work with any skin tone. Olive or dark tones need the darker shades of purple like eggplant tones or deep purple. But softer palettes such as lilacs and amethyst can be used as well. This look should be soft... but unforgettable.

orever... f d n e i r f be your “I want to When Heaven and Earth mingle, no t

‘til then will I part from you.” tury BC n e C t s China 1 , s u o m y Anon

Don’t be daunted by red lipstick – it’s hard to get wrong. The important thing about pulling off this look is that you don’t have to worry about the eyes at all. Your lips will truly do the talking. Deep red lip colors tend to look even better on a nude “glowing” skin, so no need for serious foundation either. In the end, this look is effortless but oh so sexy and alluring.

Chinese Beauty




The Avenues Palace by Lightside

Interview by Okadoka, Photography by AsiaShaMecca Do you fancy a quick whimsical ceremony for your Sims wedding or do you dream on a grander scale? If the latter is your preference we have just the wedding lot for you. Our Sim bride dreamt of a huge wedding from the time she was a flower girl in Agnes Crumplebottoms’ wedding procession. After scouting many locations for our adorable couple to tie the knot, we stumbled upon The Avenues Palace. The Avenues Palace is a grand mansion built by LightSide. The lot features a stunning sweeping double staircase for the entry. Once inside you are treated to a beautiful foyer with high ceilings that allow light to seep inside and playfully illuminate the interior. The grounds surrounding the mansion have been breathtakingly landscaped with strict attention paid to even the tiniest parcel of sod. There is of course an in ground cement pool for your bathing pleasure, a gazebo, and a grilling and eating area. With LightSides’ permission and assistance this lot was redecorated with the Romanza Wedding Set so it would have the perfect interior décor for their special day. We would like to thank LightSide for allowing our wedding to take place at The Avenues Palace. LightSide also sat down for an interview with us to talk about his Sim building experiences

The lot features 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and even a ballroom. Stunning landscaping surrounds the palace with all the amenities your sims could want.



Oka: With which installment of the Sims did you begin building? What about constructing homes in the Sims appeals to you the most? LightSide: Well, I started with Sims 1 in the summer of 2006. Then went on a Sims hunt to find Sims 2, which I started to play the end of 2006, the funny part was, How I found about Sims 2? Well thanks to my cousin, she showed me Sims 1 pictures on the internet; however she told me they were for Sims 2. Yet, due to that mistake, I went looking for Sims 2, and luckily it was out along with the Seasons EP. And till now I am a Sims fan. As for any aspect in building I enjoy, I must say I love all aspects, especially landscaping and getting what I envision true, and trying to expand those limitations as well. Building is such a rich game aspect, and I love it.

Oka: Have you ever studied architecture? Does building and creating in the Sims offer you any benefits to your future aspirations? LightSide: No to be honest, I haven’t. However I am willing to make architecture my future career, and I have been wanting that ever since I was an 8th grader. And I have started building in Sims during that period, so I do hope (with this development of ideas) that it would be beneficial for me in the future, as you can see this game is a great place to release your talent and creativity, whether its writing, building, landscaping, interior designing, object making and much more. Even though the game comes to be architecturally limiting, (as I do have some bigger and more complicated ideas) I still enjoy it in that aspect.


Oka: As a simmer that was fortunate enough to attend the Sims3 creators camp what would you like to share with our readers about that experience? LightSide: That was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had to be honest. Having the honor to be one of the professional simmers who got to be the first to try the game is something no words can describe. Similarly, being the youngest, only Muslim and only Arab to attend such an important event is something to be proud of. I just enjoyed every moment there, the city was wonderful, the employees where very cheerful, caring and respectful. They gave us a tour around the EA buildings, and got us whatever we needed and they listened to our suggestions and were very generous. The campers were so nice and we had such good laughs together. We got to play all day with some breaks (Which we only took for lunch, we couldn’t leave the game) it was simply a joyous and an unforgettable experience Oka: When looking over ‘The Avenues’ Lot I did notice that you only used two store items in your décor and building. (Statue of the Unknown Seamstress and Shrub of Tranquility) Do you traditionally try to limit your builds to base game objects? If so why? LightSide: Oh yes, I do try to limit them. Reason is, I feel when more store items are used, the lot becomes less demanded, but I do use them when I feel that a space is simply fitted for that item. Modern Views is an example, where I used 9 store


items as I just felt that they can bring perfection to it. However, another reason for limiting these items is that I dislike when a simmer not having the used store items to receive a creation of mine with replacements. I prefer that any creation of mine is received as it is showcased, with no replacing items. Oka: What building techniques were involved in constructing the arched entry to The Avenues? LightSide: I used simple CFE (constrainfloorelevation true/false) work. It’s my favorite cheat, that’s why I use it in almost every build. Oka: Two things about The Avenues construction really stand out; the amazing staircases that lead to the entry and the high ceiling in the main hallway. Which came first when building the lot? Which building techniques made it more difficult for you to add which ever one came second? LightSide: I remember having the staircase idea first. As for the main hall, it came as an individual idea later, then I thought of combining both ideas along with the main living room (which was also a major idea), From these 3 main ideas the construction of the palace was derived, and that was all on a simple graph plan, which made it easier for me to do all of the ideas without difficulties. I usually draw a simple plan (which I adjust during construction) just to let me know what comes first, where that wall should be, room sizes, and such, and I do it only for big lots ( except for the lots where I have a little difficult ideas to do). However, both ideas

you mentioned took some time, as the staircase needed excessive CFE work, while the main hall needed lights, stairs, and most important suitable walls and floors Oka: How many hours were spent on your landscaped gardens? How do you approach landscaping your lots (i.e. do you use a design plan? Or do you just look at each section of land and take it as it comes?) LightSide: The gardens took a lot of time, but I can’t remember the exact time period that I needed to finish these gardens. The gardens didn’t need any design plan, just like all of my buildings. I do sometimes plan the construction of the place, but not its surroundings, as landscaping is a different case; it needs a different way of laying it out. It may start with a tree, a pathway, or even a hedge. I take the green spaces as you mentioned “as it comes”. I do also make sure that the landscaping style is suitable for the home design, I do however take time for a reason, I enjoy testing. I try something, if I really like it I would keep it, if I feel a little hesitant about it; I try different placements until I reach whatever resembles the lot best. Oka: Looking at the interior of The Avenues, I see your (in my opinion) signature trademark of using rich woods in your décor. What would you

classify your favorite style of interior décor? LightSide: I just adore woods; it’s simply an outstanding rich material. All of its smooth textures, classy looks and calm colors are very tempting you know, so that’s why I use it a lot, and when we talk about woods we would be talking about almost every décor style. I enjoy many styles, from classical to natural modern and much more. But most important, wood must be present. Oka: In viewing your creations at both the Official Sims3 site and at TSR (the sims resource) it is evident you enjoy building lots on a grand scale. When you actually sit down to PLAY the game (as opposed to building) do your Sims lives in these mansions and palaces? If not, what sort of home do they live in? LightSide: Well for this question, I would like to thank EA for the “motherlode” cheat, lol. Yes I do build my lots on a grand scale, so why not have my Sims enjoy them? I can’t say I play with Sims as such as I build for them, so with a quick click I make my Sim a millionaire, so that it can test my lot. Yet I am willing to try and PLAY with some simmies and experience a Sim’s life. Hehe

LightSide would also like to thank everyone who has supported him in the Sims community.



The wedding reception - your chance to let your style and personality shine on your special day. Creating a memorable reception that will leave your guests breathless is achieved by creating a unique setting that boasts of elegance and distinction. Using a modern decor style breaks away from sometimes repetitive traditions and will be sure to inspire awe. Clean colour schemes, minimalist decor, strong geometric shapes and polished surfaces are the hallmarks of the modern style. Use these to create the impact of simple elegance.

Words by Minraed Images by MySimStyle

The ModernReception

Homes & Interiors

Colour - any colour used against an all white backdrop will make a bold statement. Consider the impact that your colour choice will have on the mood of your guests. The red used here is an emotionally intense colour that speaks of passion. Centerpieces - simple centerpieces against an uncluttered table will capture the eye. Here we chose spiky red foliage rather than soft florals, adding a captivating splash of colour. The smooth edges of


the vases and fresh flowers on the tables introduce a touch of softness to the effect. Candles - candles always provide a romantic touch and the feel of timeless romance. Consider a variety of styles including pillars, votives and classic candlesticks to provide interesting variation.


Long Tables are one of this season’s hottest trends

Homes & Interiors

Long Tables - one of this season’s hottest trends, the long tables are meant to create an ambiance of intimacy. They complete the modern look by providing the sharp geometrics that define this style.

Sofa Emporium


Images by My Sim Style

Visit Our Showroom: 306 Skyborough Boulevard Sunset Valley 555-0199


he wedding day is over, you’ve probably seen less of your new partner than you have of the guests that were at the wedding! It’s time to relax together and get away from it all, escape to your own private world where there’s no one but the two of you. People often think of bathrooms as small, enclosed and dingy spaces, they are not rooms to enjoy, they are practical, rooms to use and move on from, something you must have but don’t always appreciate. People don’t realise that bathrooms can also be classy, elegant places to relax of an evening. It’s time to throw out that old coloured acrylic bathroom suite you’ve had for the last 30 years and embrace the clean cut style of Spa Chic.

White is the big theme of this bathroom but twined with delicate silvers. The orange of the flame adds warmth to the room and is echoed in the candles and rose petals on the floor which add a romance and softness to what might otherwise be quite a stark look. The room has quite an angular, geometric feel to it, with a focus on squares in the window, towel rail and the chair. This is contrasted with the curves of the room in the fireplace, bath tub and the chair arms, it is a good combination of both the masculine and the feminine. Forget curling up on the sofa with a rom-com and box of chocolates; run yourself (or your partner) a bath in a white porcelain tub and drift away to the aroma of scented candles and fresh flowers.

Pendant Light

Sink & Lillies Chair

The Honeymooner’s Sanctuary


Towel Rack

Words by Sparkle Images by Allium


Candles/Petals & Wine Flower - Bath & Clutter

Counters & Candles EA Base Game


Homes & Interiors


Window Set

Fireplace -

Curtains by SimControl

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Rusty Nail Advertisement Model - Marilyn Monroe Lingerie Page 7-9 Haute Couture Wedding White Wedding Dress Bride - Eve Legacy Dress by tugmel Bracelet & Hair by Peggy Groom - Agaetis Byjurn Gold Wedding Dress Bride - Alissia Dress- McQueen by ICON Earrings- Peggyzone Hair by RoseSims Groom - Hector Delacruz Red Wedding Dress Bride - Ingrid Von Carth Dress by NataliS http://www.justsims2 Choker by Lemonleaf Hair by Peggy Groom - Michael Fitzroy Sheer Wedding Dress Bride - Alia Renoir Dress by Lusille Sims 3 Necklace & Hair by Peggy Bracelet & Earrings by Rose Groom - Michell Hall

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White Fashion (Models are credited in order of Individual Appearance) Squirrel Tea by KittyCattyLion Dress Lace Leggings Shoes by EA (HELS) Kara Valentino by Pink12345 Bra Accessory & Tights http://www. lilisims. com Mesh Top Shorts


12-16 Cont.

Xanthe Le Fay by Allium Not Available for Download Shoes Top & Shorts Tights Boots Groom - Agaetis Byjurn Page 17 Poppy Advertisment Model by MSMcNeelySims Page 24-27 Intimate Indulgence (Models credited as they appear) Yvonne Moreau by BryonyRae Roland Moreau by BryonyRae Hair by Peggy Nails by NataliS Bustier by Harmonia09 Stockings by Juttaponath All Other Models by Jennabray Lingerie & Stockings (All) Shoes by NatalieS http://www.justsims2 Page 30-32 The Wedding Crashers Yvonne Moreau by BryonyRae Hair by Peggy Dress by EA (Dr. Pepper Promo) Accessories by Rose Shoes by Mensure Troy by SuperPogimon Not available for download Hair Eyebrows Facial Hair Shoes & Pants by EA (Base) Top by EA Store Page 34-37 Tugmel Bridal Links provided on page Page 38-39 Brody Slater by JMelo Kayla Shore by JMelo Bride Hair by Peggy Groom Hair by TumTum Simiolino Wedding Dress & Tux by EA Limo by FreshPrince Lot by Bzanna Page 40-43 United Colors - Beauty Indian Look Regina Hart by Jenna Bray Candy Crush Eyeshadow Sweet Glo Lipstick (texured) Soft Glo Blush Conturing Blush Head Jewel by Rose


40-43 Cont. Irish Look Yvonne Moreau by BryonyRae Leopard Eyeshadow Lipstick

Soft Glo Blush Conturing Blush African Look Amber Rose by Madi1909 Not Available for download... yet. ;)

Crush Eyeshadow Soft Glo Blush Conturing Blush Lipstick Chinese Look Natsumi Watanabe Disco Dal Eyeshadow No Blush by LFB Asian Face Lipstick Page 44-47 Lot Showcase The Avenues Palace by Lightside Lightside’s Studios Candy Bride: Erriz Notha by Epi Groom & Groomsmen by Lairdship Bridemaids by SuperSwiffty

Flowergirl in Yellow by Asia Not available for download Flowergirl in Blue by fairygirl8000 Ringbearer by Asia Not available for download Mother of Bride by tugmel Bride’s Gown by Liana Veil by Jordy Engagement Ring by Irinka Bouquet by Irinka Gloves (all) by EA Bridesmaid Dresses by Liana Rose Accessory by Rose Tuxedoes by LadyDane Mother of Bride Dress by NataliS Flowergirl Dress by lreveles18 Ringbearer Tux by EA Lot Wedding Decor by EA Page 48-50 The Modern Reception Windows (City Windows Set) Chairs (Cosimo Dining) Tables (Muebles Modulares Set) Table Cloth (Mirror Dining Room Set) Hanging Lamps Table Candles


Cont. 48-50

Flower Vases Candles (Garden 2) Cutlery Grooms Table Candles Vases with Roses (Ikea Dining) Bridal Bouquet Transparent Curtain Page 48-51 Sofa Emporium Advertisement First Picture All Sofas (Bantam Sofa Set) Pillows (Set Caméléon) Coffee Table Candles & Magazines (Living 3) Cabinet Second Picture Sofa Pillows (Morphee Living) Coffee Table (Simpossible Set) Candles with Flowers Candles (Garden 2) Rugs


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A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...

SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 4  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...