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SURF’S UP Beach fashion for your male sims

Summer Lovin’ Retro Fashion Looks

URBAN HEAT Streetwear for your Urban Fashionista


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Summer Lovin’


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Model Spotlight: Kay Scarpetta


Surf’s Up


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Homes & Interiors ‘Lazy Summer Days’


Homes & Interiors ‘Style Solutions’ 3

Editors Notes Staff Editor in Chief & Executive Director M a d i 1909 Senior Design Editor and Production Director Allium Senior Fashion Photographer & Editorial Development Director SimEve Senior Fashion Editor & Editorial Development Director AsiaShaMecca DrMusix Senior Fashion Editor - Writer (Men) Superpogimon Senior Fashion Photographer and Stylist (Men) Sparkle Executive Interior Design Editor Okadoka Executive Architectural Design Editor Writer Minraed Executive Interior Design Director - Writer

Contributors Peacemaker_ic Contributing Photographer and Designer on “Lazy Summer Days” Editorial

Cover Photography by SimEve


Well, the heat is on and with that comes a renewed faith in the wonderful summer weather - something we have all been looking forward to with great anticipation. Time to let go of those lingering trepidations and unabashedly fling ourselves into the excitingly fun task of building that perfect summer wardrobe for our fashionable SIMS and SIMMETTES. With the summer months quickly rolling in, we all strive to look our best - hopefully while enjoying the sun and surf or sipping on something fruity on a terrace with some friends. So whether you are looking for that perfect summer dress, that itty-bitty string bikini that will be sure to get EVERYONES’ attention - or the perfect surf look for your guy, then this month’s sizzling issue will be sure to please. We have HOT swimsuits, HOT sundresses and HOT MEN! Also, flip through this months feature editorial that will showcase a flashback to fashion in an era that is sadly lost, but definitely not forgotten. And for our fateful designers...Don’t miss some really creative summer outdoor decor ideas by our resident design guru, Kailead, this month featured Lot by Ehaught58 and a stunning summer bedroom by Peacemaker_ic. With that said, do read on and we hope that our content not only inspires you but sparks a desire to continue on this journey with us as we explore all that is out there, in our wonderfully UBER - creative SIMS 3 community.


D ISCOVER Time for...?

P ho t o gr aphy by L kad as


Visit Al Simhara Culture & Tourism Office


U r b a n H e a t .. Summer in Sim City is muggy, and HOT… but it also gives inner city dwellers a chance to drop those bulky coats and let their style shine through. Urban city looks are as varied as the dwellers themselves. It’s difficult to pick one trend or pin-point one “must have” style of a season. Clothes run the gamut from boho to designer and hard-hitting street style to glitzy sophistication.

There are many chic looks in the city that never sleeps. No matter what your style the streets are packed with a variety of trends. Here we showcase a few seen about town on inner-city fashionistas. At rest or at play these Sims work the details and keep their looks distinctive and fresh. The bohemian look is all about creativity. Bo-ho gives you the freedom to layer fabrics, mix prints and fearlessly accessorize. Clothes that are ‘60s and ‘70s inspired are the highlights of this trend. Sheva models bo-ho and stays cool with an artistic and earthy flair. Here she wears

Sheva Alomar Layered silk tank by juttaponath: Hippie Skirt by Lusille at Lusille Sims 3 Blog: http:// Beads by Rose: Mailbag by Peggy: GLOEarrings by moschino_K: Shoes by All About Style:

a layered silk tank by juttaponath and a beautiful Lusille vintage satin paisley skirt. Accessories are eclectic: beads by Rose and GLOEarrings by moschino_K. Leather mailbag by Peggy is both fashionable and functional. Shoes by All About Style.


...... by AsiaShaMecca

Urban girls rule in slinky black, cut-off denim, and graffiti graphics. Street chic is edgy, trendy and risky. The key to being street chic is balance. If you’re wearing a loose top, pair it with a tight bottom. If you’re wearing something baggy on the bottom, go with a lean shirt.

Alessia Bianchi Trapeze tank by All About Style: http://tinyurl. com/23os65w Black Shorts by mix_666: Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) by Modern_Sims: http:// Giant Hoops by Pralinesims: Wristband by Peggy: Shoes: Base game


Jeweled Monoki by babynicole: Denim Chloe Flats by All About Style: Hair and Hat by Peggy: Bracelets by Liana: Circle Pendant by wideopeneyes: Shorts by All About Style:


Sapphire and Alessia beat the heat at a classic “inner-city pool�. Sapphire shows off her city chops in a black glitter monoki by babynicole paired with All About Style super short denim cut-offs. City girls walk EVERYWHERE so stylish flats are a must. These are Chloe flats by All About Style. Hair and straw beret by Peggy. Alessia wears an All About Style tunic tank with a Hangeul print Modern_Sim pattern and black canvas shorts by mix_666. Shoes are base game. Erika takes a break from the heat in an outfit by Harmonia09. Her Balmain liquid leather skirt and simple tank epitomize tough and trendy. Necklace by Rose and bangles by Liana add a punky spin.


by AnGeLD.: Balmain Fashion by Harmonia09: Necklace by Rose: Bracelets by Liana: Claudia Sandals by b-bettina:


Big city life is synonymous with glitz and glamour. Looks are usually simple but that doesn’t make them boring. Fit is important and designer labels abound. Veronica is ready to attack the night in a Victoria Beckham combo by Harmonia09. Jasmin shines in a Stella McCarthy jumpsuit by All About Style.

Jasmin Abott Stella McCarthy Jumpsuit by All About Style: http:// Necklace by Peggy: Bracelet by Rose: Fancy High Heel Sandals by Gosik: http://tinyurl. com/23bpezr

Veronica Victoria Beckham Liquid Sequin Waistcoat with Sequins Bandeau by Harmonia09: Victoria Beckham Gold Crystal Crown Jeans by Harmonia09: Jimmy Choo High Heel Sandals by Harmonia09: http:// Earrings by Peggy: Bangle with Gems by Tantra: Faux Hawk by Peggy:


Modern Vintage by SimEve


Summer season is here and what better time of the year to really mix it up and have fun with your wardrobe. Summertime brings feelings of freedom and spontaneity whether it’s a day at the beach or a night on the town. This year why not add a splash of classic vintage fashion to your modern wardrobe? Classic styles are classic for a reason. They have stood the test of time and looked fabulous in the process. Many eras are in vogue right now from the twenties to the eighties, but we thought what better way to pay homage to vintage style than to pay tribute to one of the most loved musicals that was vintage in it’s own time. The movie Grease was made in the 1970’s and featured styles from the 1950’s. I have to wonder, at the time of it’s release, were fashionistas mixing in a bit of Pink lady style into their current wardobe? Both the movie Grease and the era it portrayed have made a lasting immpression over the years. There is still magic in a drive-in theatre or an old styled soda shop. So take a chance this season and add at least one vintage look to your wardrobe. It’s a subtle thing. No poodle skirts need apply here but pop a cute 50’s inspired top with some modern skinny jeans and you’ve got a modern take on a vintage look that is sure to put some of that Summertime magic into your life.

Summer Lovin’

Nothing says vintage fun like this yellow polka dot bikini from hazel at TSR. Isty bitsy and cut just right at the hip; it’s classic and oh so sexy. Female model Sandy by SimEve - Bikini top -, Bikini bottom - hair -


Male Model Danny by SimEve - Outfit - Hair -



Pink Ladies

The original clique really knew how to stand out in a crowd. You can stand out too with this hot leather jacket from LorandiaSims. The high cut waist and cropped sleeves make it perfect for those breezy Summer nights. Location Risho Drive-In and Eatery - Female model Margarita Diaz, by Jennabray’s Sims - Top -, Bottoms - Shoes - In game, Hair - Female Model Jessenia by Sharaa - Top -, Bottoms - Shoes -, Hair -

Stranded at the drive - in

Pretty details and retro patterns keep it fresh. You can’t go wrong with florals and polka dots when it comes to vintage style. Just keep it balanced with a solid piece and some fabulous shoes to tie it all together. Location Risho Drive-In and Eatery - Female Model Nimiyaki, by ChicagoStorm - Top -, Shoes -, Accessory - Hair - Female Model Lucy, by SimEve - Top -, Shoes -, Accessory - Hair -


You’re The One That I Want

Heat up those summer nights Sandy style. There’s no need for tons of skin here. Keep it simple and form fitting with a splash of bold color on some super sexy shoes and your man will be picking his jaw up from the ground. Location Risho Drive-In and Eatery

Female model Sandy by SimEve - Top - Bottoms - Shoes - Hair - Male Model Danny by SimEve - Top - Bottoms - Base game Shoes - Hair -



SF A Monthly Insight into ‘Who-is-Who’ of Custom Content Fashion Designers

Designer Showcase “Fashion anticipates, and elegance is a state of mind ... a mirror of the time in which we live, a translation of the future, and should never be static.” Oleg Cassini.


Chic attire for the true fashionista Welcome back to our Designer Showcase. After much contemplation and deep meditation (I had to pull out the yoga mat for this one), I decided that this feature needed a little pick me up, and so, decided to revamp the format and try a something a little different – and something that, some would argue would also have been the way to go in the first place. But alas, some things do take time. To keep things fresh and exciting we decided what better way than to actually engage the designers that are featured in the articles in a little one-on-one conversation. So from now on, each issue will feature an interview with a notable SIM3 fashion designer. We will meet and allow them to share a few things about themselves and their designs. So heads up to the fashion creators out there... Also on that note, I found out this month that most of our designers are from countries where English is not the mother tongue (not even sister or cousin for that matter), but no fear to you all. We can still work around this little hiccup if ever you are interested in granting us this big honor. So first on the chopping block is CC creator “BLUELLA” or Ela as she is know in RL. I first contacted Ella shortly after our last Mag release. She was all excited about the idea, but then we hit a little snafu...She did not speak English too well and I, of course, had no knowledge of her mother tongue which happens to be Turkish. But nevertheless, we managed to work things out and with a bit of editing here and there and hopefully not much is lost in translation! I bring you, Bluella!

Please find Bluella’s works here:


Satin Set

So Blu, well I suppose Ela would be more appropriate as it is your real name...tell us a bit about yourself. Well, I live in Turkey. The first thing I do when I sit [at] my computer is [...] listen to music or watch a [movie]. These are my basics while I am designing. I like reading books [a lot]. [And I also enjoy] drawing pictures, and taking photos. Wow photos, its funny how a lot of the great creators and designers have taking photos as a hobby in common...may have to look in to that! So, how long have ya been simming and creating cc? I started [creating] for the Sims about 5 years ago. It was during the first few months after I had bought my computer. I immediately went out to buy the Sims 2 game. In the beginning, I didn’t have [any] internet connection, so I was only playing by creating Sims families. Then 3 years ago we [got] connected to internet and whilst searching google for Sims related stuff, I saw the biggest Turkish Sims site - SimsTR. There I found lessons for designing [items] by one of the moderators, Ekinege. From that day, I started designing stuff and published my very first creation on June, 04 2008. Whoa that’s means you have been doing this for only two years. That can actually make you a newbie then! So, you have come up with some really cool stuff lately, where do you get your inspiration when designing? I can get inspiration from everywhere; a movie that I am interested in at that moment, a dress I saw on a friend, - from everything! Of course I am always aware that it has to be according to our designing possibilities. I am not that good at Photoshop. If I was able to do shading to a flat fabric, then I would love to transfer my own creations to Sims. Now I only benefit from the creations that I found on the internet. But Inspiration is definitely a big thing cuz sometimes I don’t do anything for a week, then I get inspired with the right inspiration and then go at it that same day and create something. Oh I definitely agree about the importance of getting inspired. I often go through those moments where I get rushed will all these ideas and then I gotta rush to do as much as I can because I know that if I do not take advantage of the situation I will be stuck in these bouts where nothing mental blockage! Ok, so when you design, what tools do you currently use and are you happy with them. I haven’t experienced any problems with the current tools that are out there. And I can say that I like TSR workshop a lot more than its predecessor, Bodyshop for sims2.

And you take requests and where do I sign up?! Well, some people have made requests, however, I refused them. My main reason is that I don’t want to get bored of what I am doing. If anyone wants a design from me, I feel stressed because of the obligations that are tied to that and I can’t do it. So, I guess the answer is, no, I do not accept design requests. DANG IT...not even for lil’ ol’ me?! Ok we will harass you later...this is not over! Well that is it for this edition of Designer Showcase, don’t forget to check next issues guest.

Satin Set

Well that’s good news. If you were able to get the attention of the CC Design program makers, what would be some of the recommendations you would make. I would like to see more types of meshes from EA and I would like for the mesh making task to be a bit easier as I am not that good at meshing [and] have so many ideas but get limited by what I can do and what is out there. Alrighty then, with all the technical stuff out of the way, lets get down to the important stuff...Your mini-site at TSR seems to include a hodgepodge of items (which I love about you) but its there anything that you prefer doing over the rest, as far as designing? I prefer doing a bit of everything for The Sims. I still play the Sims so I like creating according to what I am feeling at that moment. But my favourite item to design would definitely be clothing. I just like to deal with clothes more, I guess. It’s part of the main reason why I like The Sims games as a whole. In the future, I would love to design houses and items for the houses.

Storey Mini Dress

Love Dress


P ho t o g r a p hy b y Ma d i 1 9 0 9

J ewe l l e r y by Liana 18

For stockists and more information, please visit:

FASHION FIX BY Madison1909

1. Liana Peasant Blouse – November Donation Pack

2. Shorts - Simsimay @ TSR

3. PeggyZONE Shoulder Bag

4. Lillisims - Gladiator Sandals

1. 4.

3. 2.

We’ve got the scoop on what’s hot... Need to shake things up a little...well, what better time to experiment than in the HEAT of summer. This look is Boho-chic with a little Bling. Paired with a loose fitted blouse, a pair of UBER sexy blinged out - gladiators and this seasons side saddled shoulder bag, these cut-offs have been revived. You will definitely be ready to take it to the street in this comfy gear!






The summer swimsuit season is well upon us. It doesn’t matter if your mood is seductive and bare, playful and colorful or fashionably demure, this year the trends are completely wide open with offerings to - if you’ll pardon the pun - suit any taste. Both the one-piece and the bikini are strong this season and the word on every one’s lips is: monokini. Once the scandalous topless sensation of the sixties, the monokini has made a comeback as a one-piece bikini! That loose definition covers a variety of styles that bare a maximum of skin and give designers limitless possibilities for original shapes and embellishments. No beach-wear is complete without accessorizing. Sunglasses are a must and bold bright pieces will complete your look and make your suit even more wildly sexy and imminently memorable. We took our models to the deserts of Al Simhara to show off these our favorite summer looks. Truly there are treasures in the sands of Egypt. SILVER MONOKINI Naomi Campbell by jantjesmit1: Metallic Monokini by Nia: Classic Style Sunglasses by EsmeraldaF: http://tinyurl. com/296qatz Necklace by Peggy: GOLD BIKINI Veronica by LadyFrontbum: Glitter Swimsuit by Nia: Dolce Gabbana Sunglasses for Female by cemre:


RED, WHITE & BLUE BIKINI Eve Legace by AsiaShaMecca: Emilio Pucci inspired swimwear by UM Creations: Sunglasses by Mirel: Jimmy Choo Shoes by Cyril.K: WHITE ONE_PIECE Kim Kardashian by LadyFrontbum: ZIMMERMANN: Tube cutout swimsuit by Modern_Sims: Wayfarer glasses by Tamo: Shoes by Stylist Sims: BLACK ONE PIECE Rain Marley by Damocles: Ruffle swimsuit by simromi: Marc Jacobs Inspired Shades by JB and IC: High Heels Sandals 002FA by NataliS: RED WRAP Emma by AnGeLD.: Warp: Sarong Along with Me by The Sims 3 Store Luis Vuitton inspired sunglasses by Mirel at LorandiaSims3: Balmain High Heels by CyrilK:



For Him

24 Written and Styled by DrMusix Photograpghy by Superpogimon


Although fashion is synonymous to women, men too have shown that they are no less fashion conscious. Designers constantly present various clothing lines to match the desires of men of all ages. One of the mens clothing segments- mens beach wear- is the hottest among the list of mens fashion clothing. Lets analyze what kinds of beachwear are there for men and how they are comfortable, relaxing, fashionable, and trendy- all at the same time.

Men’s shorts

are available in a wide range of styles, patterns, colors and fabrics are the topmost favorites of all men. They are relaxing and comfortable beachwear to match the soothing environment of beach. They come with wearing options having full elastic waist or drawstring. The popular styles of mens shorts include: Bermuda shorts: They are knee-length shorts for casual style generally having pockets and waist loops for an optional belt. Board shorts: They are loose-fitting shorts with the leg length going down to the knees. Initially designed for the surfers, these shorts are now a popular beachwear for all men. They can be called a combination of shorts and a bathing suit. Boxer shorts: They are also called loose boxers or simply boxers. Their popularity rests on a variety of styles and design as also on unhindered leg movement for the wearer. Cargo shorts: They are typical khaki shorts with cargo pockets though now they come in other colors too. Similar to cargo pants, but around knee-length, they not only make wearer look free and comfortable but give him cool trendy look. Fabrics that are commonly used for giving fit and style to shorts include cotton, cotton blends, nylon, polyester, cotton silk, Lycra etc.


Other Beach Apperal: Beach Pants Beach pants are different from regular pants. They are made ultra comfortable, mostly by using linen in their manufacturing. They can be easily rolled up due to their wide straight legs and the casual regular fittings. They mostly come with elastic waist just like beach shorts and trunks which makes them easy to wear. Beach Shirts These shirts are specially designed for beach using some comfortable fabrics like cotton, cotton blend, cotton silk, polyester, Lycra, twill, etc. They are mostly liked with half sleeves and come in both plain and exotic prints. They go well with a pair of Capri, pants, jeans or beach shorts for making beach experience a pleasant one. Bright colors and unusual prints like floral, geometrical, flora and fauna especially palm tree give them distinguished look. Apart from all the above men’s beachwear, swim briefs, popularly known as Speedo are also very popular among men.


Slim Boxer Shorts:

Burmuda Shorts: In-game


Top: Beach Pants: (store item)

Boxer Shorts:

Swim Briefs:


Image provided by SimEve



Not just a Pretty Face...

The Scarpetta Factor Interview and photography by Asia ShaMecca Dr. Kay Scarpetta has long been a familiar name in Forensic medicine and lately a familiar face in the fashion industry. You would have to look long and hard to find a flaw. Born in the United States of Italian immigrant parents she is a perfectionist, a hard worker and a fabulous cook who makes her own pasta in her in-home custom built restaurant kitchen. If that isn’t enough, she is also the star of a series of best-selling fact-based series of novels by British writer Patricia Cornwell. She is quite literally a phenomenon and a smashing success at everything she touches. And I get to meet her… God, I love my job! I met Dr. Scarpetta in her office at Twinbrooks Foundation Hospital where she’s currently a visiting consultant in re-organizing the Forensic Pathology Department. In person she is a breathtaking vision with sparkling blue eyes and a stylish feminine suit. She looks too young to be a doctor at all. Let alone a respected leader in her field. ASM: Good to meet you Dr. Scarpetta. KS: Kay, please. ASM: Kay. Good to meet you. I wasn’t able to secure a lot of time so I guess we should get right to it. Simply, how does a

Hair by Rose - Dress & Pearls - Earrings by MelissaMel -


Forensic Pathologist become a model? KS: *laughs* Well needless to say, most F.P.s do NOT become models. I don’t feel like I’ve become one. Modeling is a very demanding field that requires an enormous amount of time and dedication. I would never take away from the work involved in making it a career by calling myself a model. ASM: That’s impressive. Many would think that someone of your stature would look down on modeling or fashion as frivolous but I can see that’s not the case at all. KS: Really it isn’t. Regardless of how you choose to apply yourself, if you wish to be the best at anything – modeling, design, science… anything- it takes a drive and determination that should be respected. There’s nothing frivolous about modeling. It’s because the best models make it look so easy that we take it for granted. Looks are an accident of genetics. Everything else is work. ASM: So how did you become interested? KS: I love clothes and fashion. It’s a passion of mine. A couple of years ago I entered SimInterior’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 (http:// on a dare from my friend Eve. I never expected to win! ASM: Ah... but win you did. Now I see your face everywhere. I loved your ad for Dior and your runway work is astonishing. You’ve even appeared in spreads for SF. You’re a natural Kay. KS: I’ve been very lucky and I’m having so much fun with it. Mostly it’s a hobby for me. I enjoy it and find it relaxing; like playing dress-up but with a very expensive toy box. ASM: And your future plans? SimEve has called you her favorite subject. When you’re the preferred model of the best photographer in the business, I imagine you can pick and choose your projects. KS: Well, as much fun as it is really this is a hobby for me, which is fortunate. I’m much older than a model generally is and in the fashion industry youth is a major factor. I answer the call. I enjoy putting on the clothes, being made-over and taking pretty pictures. But when it’s over I go back to what I do with a fresh perspective and a smile on my face. Modeling is has a brief shelf life for most. I’m happy to keep my “day job”. ASM: Kay, you are a breath of fresh air. I understand you have one more hobby… Italian cooking? KS: Yes! I make everything from scratch. Bread, pasta sauces, all of it. Twinbrook has made me so welcome but I can’t WAIT to get back to my home and my other passion. Actually I’m having a dinner next Friday… would you like to come? KAY WEARS Formal Dress by RUSTYNAil: ASM: I thought you’d never ask! Accessories by Peggy: Sister Female Hair by Newsea: 30 Nails by NancyJ:

Image provided by SimEve

BELOW Invidia Hair by Kewai-Dou: Eve Longoria Dress by Glamurita84: Sam_Fancy Necklace by frisbud:

RIGHT IMAGE Suit with Pearls and Bag: Ambitions EP Hair by Peggy: KAY SCARPETTA


Surfs Up! Images by

SuperPogimon, Words by DrMusix

Predictably, Surfers have adopted a manner of dress that reflects their easygoing perspective. many apparel companies have risen to meet the demand. Providing casual board shorts, wetsuits and other accessories, Billabong, Quicksilver and Rip Curl became household brand names. They catered to surfers’ desire for loose fitting clothing that emphasized comfort and flexibility. T-shirts, board shorts and sandals became a popular fashion amongst surfers.

The first element of a surfer’s style that you’ll notice is their clothing. It’s unique to them. Baggy shorts, sandals and brand name t-shirts are the norm. Simple-looking necklaces and bracelets are SURFBOARDS


PETER WEARS hair - facial hair/beard - Shorts - arm tattoos - chest hair -

a c d e f g h i j k o q r s t u v w






k 34


a c d e f g h i j k o q r s t u v w

k often worn to complete the image. Rarely is jewellery worn. It would merely get in the way when a great wave appears. Instead, surfers prefer casual clothing that they can remove quickly to dash into the waters to catch the waves. Ironically, the surfer’s rumpled look has often appeared as the style of choice in fashion magazines such as GQ.

By appearing in popular entertainment, it has slowly drawn millions of people into its fold. It has become a popular sporting event that attracts deep-pocketed sponsors. Surfing drives a billion-dollar clothing industry as both enthusiasts and new surfers adopt a casual style of dress. Some find religion in the waves. Others find recreation. Above it all, surfing culture appeals to our instinctive longing for a lifestyle based upon finding a connection with nature.

BACON WEARS hair - facial hair/beard - eyebrow - Shorts - back tattoo - arm tribal tattoos - arm barb wire tattoo - chest hair - CALEB WEARS hair - eyebrow - Shorts - necklace - navel piercing - body and arm freckles -

TROY WEARS hair - shorts - tattoos - navel piercing - lower lip piercing - earring - base game eye scar - ADONIS WEARS hair - eyebrow - beard - shorts- tattoos - earring - base game



In game screenhot - unedited

B o h e m i a n C h ic

Bohemian Chic by SimEve Boho chic beauty shouldn’t be in competition with your wardrobe. A very bold eye and an almost nude lip will draw attention to your eyes and add an air of mystery. Pair this look with slighty disheveled and braided hair and you’ve got an almost effortless and super chic look.

Where to find:

Model Lucy, by SimEve Hair - Eyeliner - World Adventures Lipstick -


38 Location by Amoebius-

In game screenhot - unedited

La d y of Leis ure

Lady of Leisure by SimEve This look is subtle and fresh. Keep it light and simple with a bright eye and and soft pink shade on the lips. Add just a touch of pink to the ckeeks and feel free to include some shimmering makeups for this look. The hair should be simple and accessorized. A pretty clip or a cute headband will complete this look.

Where to find:

Model Nimiyaki, by ChicagoStorm Hair - Lipstick -



In game screenhot - unedited

Beach Betty

Beach Betty

by SimEve

Always in action on or off of the beach; this look is all about making them think you were born with it. Use a bronzer to accentuate the face. Play up your tan with shades that are almost the color of your skin but darker and with a slight peach tint to them. The hair should be natural looking and not stiff. A deep side part with side-swept bangs will make this look hot!

Where to find:

Model Jessenia by Sharaa Hair - Lipstick -



Location by Amoebius-

In game screenhot - unedited

S u m m e r Ni g h t s

Summer Nights by SimEve You don’t want to cake on the makeup especially in summertime. Even at night your makeup should be subtle and fresh looking. Go with a brightly accentuated eye with bold eyeliner. Be careful not to get clownish with this look. Pair the eyes with barely there blush and an almost nude lip to keep it classy. For an indoor soiree you can play up the lips more as well. This look is hot with a chunky cut hairstyle. Why not be daring and go short with it?

Where to find:

Model Margarita Diaz, by Jennabray’s Sims Hair - Eyeshadow - Lipstick -



Lot Showcase

French Winery by Ehaught58

Interview by Okadoka, Photography by Allium The best way to indulge in spring and summer fashion changes is to shed those blue jeans, wool and cashmere and exchange them for a flirty, light summer or spring dress. After a cold wet winter of being bundled up, it feels sexy to have the summer air caressing your skin. Dresses this spring and summer are made of natural fabrics. They offer coolness and comfort yet remain stylish. These summer dresses with bold prints are all the rage. You’ll find these styles easy to travel with and perfectly suitable for an afternoon of sightseeing or a dinner on the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera). Just remember ladies, don’t drape your big, bulky, winter sweater over these feminine dresses. Accessorize with a wrap that is light-weight and flattering to the dress, and a nice floppy bonnet to cover your locks. We decided to take our models to France to participate in the Capsule Paris 2010 Fashion Fair. We needed to jet our models to Paris in time for the event

The lot was made originally for WA to replace the Abandoned Nectary in France. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, complete with vineyard and wine cellar. 171K, a fantastic vacation home! LINK TO LOT: LINK TO LOT:

Model Wearing Purple Dress

Hair- Dress - Sunglasses- Base Game Bangles - Necklace- Shoes -


which will take place June 25th thru June 27th 2010. Of course our models would need someplace to hang their bonnets while traveling. We scoured all of France looking for the perfect temporary home where we could also get great photos of the models. We discovered an absolutely magnificent French Winery. We just had to have this place for our models. We contacted the owner who as it turns out is the world renowned architect Ehaught58. He obliged us with a quick tour and agreed to sit down for an interview. Ehaught58 was also gracious enough to let our models stay in this French Winery gratis. We had a chance to talk about the construction of this Winery and about other projects and architectural techniques with Ehaught58. Along with the fashion spread we would like to share that interview with you. We can’t thank Ehaught58 enough for his generous use of the Winery. The models appreciated the gorgeous environment that surrounded them. They also enjoyed

partaking in some of the wonderful nectar that Ehaught58 was considerate enough to stock the wine cellar with. Oui, Oui! Oka: You have mentioned that this lot was built to replace the Abandoned Nectary in France? What build limitations of the Abandoned Nectary influenced you to completely bulldoze it and start from scratch as opposed to refurbishing it? Ehaught58: There were two reasons I chose to replace the Abandoned Nectary with this lot. First of all, when I learned that World Adventures was going to have “Nectary’s”, I started planning to make a winery. And, with such a fabulous vista of Paris in the background, I couldn’t resist choosing that lot. Oka: This lot appears to be a perfect combination of functionality and form for a Winery. Are you a

connoisseur of France or wineries? Ehaught58: My wife is the wine connoisseur in our family, I am the connoisseur of carbonated beverages! Actually, though I didn’t base it on any one place, I did get a few ideas from her pictures that helped to shape this lot. Oka: The grounds surrounding this lot and the vineyard in particular are well mapped out and give the lot charm. Is landscaping something that comes natural to you? Or did you study landscaping tutorials to achieve the realistic looking results?


Model Wearing Black & White Dress

Hat & Hair- Dress -

Model Wearing Red & Gingham Dress

Hair- Dress - Sunglasses- Base Game Earrrings - Shoes -

Ehaught58: I have never considered myself to be very good at landscaping. I consider it hit or miss if I do a good job or not. I mostly concentrate on the structure, which is why many of my lots are flat. I guess I got lucky on this one. Oka: I read in a previous bio of yours that you wanted to be an architect in high school. Have you had the opportunity to study architectural engineering or blueprint design? Ehaught58: The only formal study of architecture I have had was one year in high school. In a drafting class, I

designed a blueprint of a split-level house and took it to state competition and got second place! Though I really liked the class, I didn’t really care for the teacher, so I did not continue after that. I wanted to pursue teaching! Oka: With this particular build being larger and with multiple structures on the lot did you blueprint it out on paper first? Ehaught58: I tried making a blueprint of a house once before I built it, but I found that I was constantly straying from the plan. After a while, I just gave up on the blueprint altogether! Like this lot, I usually


start out with a general idea in mind, but I don’t force myself to stick to any particular plan. I usually make a lot of changes as I go along, so blueprints would be useless for me. Though I have used blueprints to make lots in the past, such as historical buildings, I don’t particularly care to use them. Oka: I didn’t really notice any custom patterns used in the French Winery lot. How often do you use custom patterns in your lots? Ehaught58: I haven’t really done so much in the Sims 3 because I have been waiting for the tool to come out that makes it easier to create patterns. I am glad to hear we are finally getting that in the Create A Pattern Tool this summer. Oka: Do you have previous experience making custom patterns? Are you looking forward to the new Sims3 Create A Pattern Tool that will be released shortly? Ehaught58: In the Sims 2, I created a lot of custom patterns and really enjoyed it. I look forward to doing the same in the Sims 3 Create A Pattern Tool. Oka: What building cheats did you use specifically on this lot? Ehaught58: I believe the only cheat I used in building this lot was the “moveobjects on” cheat. Oka: Color Scheme based on regional (i.e. to the builds EA already had in France) tastes or a favorite of yours? Ehaught58: Actually both, I really liked the weathered stone look that came with World Adventures for France. So it was easy choosing that scheme for this lot.


Oka: I have also read that you feel from a builder’s perspective World Adventures is well worth the money. You are enjoying all the building tools to play with. Which of the building tools are your favorite and which lot have you built that you feel has the most complex architecture? Ehaught58: World Adventures gave us the basement tool. I like the fact that we can create multiple underground levels and make it hidden until you stumble on it. This adds a whole new dimension to the game. There are so many possibilities with this tool! I used this tool to build a lot for Egypt, called Tomb of Rah. I think this lot is the most complex so far. Oka: With the Ambitions Expansion Pack being released, do you have any ambitions of making job related community lots? If so what types of lots have you been considering? Ehaught58: I look forward to making the job related community lots for my world, “Fort Sim.” I plan on playing all of the ones that come with the new town, Twin Brooks, in Ambitions so I can redesign them all to fit my world. I haven’t made up my mind as to which one I will do first.

Tha nk you for your support, Ed

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Lazy Summer Days

Written by Sparkle


Images by Peacemaker_ic Summer design can go one of two ways; hot and bright as a direct echo of the weather or cooling and calm as an escape from it. Hot pinks, bright turquoise and of course sunshine yellows are perfect at this time of year as the sunlight brings out the best in them, especially when combined with bright whites. Equally, a continuation of some of the cooler tones of spring can work just as well, providing a haven inside when the outside is simply too hot. Fabrics are often light and floaty allowing the air freedom to move and keeping houses cool and comfortable rather than warm and stuffy. Like spring, green or flowering plants are a big part of summer, they add additional colour to a room and brighten otherwise drab or boring areas. They’re also an ideal space filler for those areas that you just don’t know what to do with. This particular room is decorated in a cooling style, a place to escape and relax away from the temperatures outside, perfect for a bedroom where you might want cooler temperatures in order to sleep at night. The softer blues and yellows work beautifully in contrast to the summery flowers of the natural world outside and the bright orchids on the bedside tables.


The wicker style coffee table at the end of the bed is an ideal piece of furniture for a room like this, utilising what is a stock material of beach style decor. Similarly the billowing, gauzy curtains keep the room feeling light and airy while still providing some privacy in the morning and at night. But if all this coolness gets to be too much then you can always access the baking temperatures of the outside through the patio doors, letting cool air into the room and hot sims out into all the splendour of summer.

Coffee Table Candles/Fern Lantern Base Game

Wall Lights Base Game

Paintings -

Window Set

Yellow Orchids

Dining Chairs - Dining Plates - Umbrella - World Adventures EP Table - Base Game

Rug - Base Game

Bed -


Homes & Interiors

Curtains by SimControl

Dea r K a ilea d, “T his pa st winte r I wa s va cation in g in M ex ico wh e re th e y h a d fa bu lou s bea ch a n d poo ls id ca ba n a s. Do y ou e h a ve a n y su g g e st io n s on h ow I ca n re-create a ro m a nt ic ca ba n a retreat in m y ow ba ck y a rd? “ n

Creative solutions for your décor dilemmas with Kailead


I’m K ailead Navarro - owner of T riple T ake D esign S tudio. reate your own resort-inspired backyard oasis with a few simple elements and you’ll enjoy all of your sun-soaked days lounging in tranquility and elegance.

Cabana Fever

B r o w n C r e a m & W h i t e Popular colours, though if you do prefer something more colourful aim for pale greens or blues. Keep the patterns solid, striped or otherwise understated for a clean, modern look.


Written a nd styled by Minraed Natural wood finishes and highquality rattan or wicker fit the theme best. A wooden overhead lattice or trellis allows for the perfect balance of warm sun and protective shade; it also creates the frame to hang the sheers from.

Do you have a dilemma for Style Solutions ? Ask your question by contacting Minraed at Sim Interior Designs or email :

m i n ra e d a rz h e l@ g m a i l. c o m 53

Homes & Interiors

Originally meant for privacy and protection from sand, at home sheer curtains add a convincing ambiance.


Sims Fashionista

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SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 3  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...

SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 3  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...


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