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Volume 1 - Issue 24

Wild FloWer


Bride what happened







Art by AsiaShaMecca

Contents F E AT U R E S 6 Wild Flower

D E PA R T M E N T S 4

Editor’s Note & Contributors

16 Strangeness & Charm

26 Designer Showcase

32 Rockabilly Bride

68 Fab Finds

40 Lonely Love 52 Mighty Aphrodite 60 Cosmotropolis 78 Cruise Essentials 86 Childhood Dream 94 Pack Heat


Volume 1 - Issue 24

114 If You Know What We Mean


70 Get The Look 72 Model Creator Spotlight Astroparagnoste

106 Collection Premier

“Girly Pretty Clothes” by Sim-Pli Caz

136 Geek Chic 138 Beauty

Shine for Spring


124 What Happened In Vegas

124 HOMES & INTERIORS 104 Fab Finds for Interiors

178 6

14 4 Pelican Point 154 Architecture by Petalbot 160 The Pegasus 168 Spring Conservatory 170 Custom Content Creator Jomsims

176 World Showcase

St. Claire

Old Man Winter is on the run, and finally a hint of spring is in the air. Sure, seasonal rain isn’t anyone’s idea of a picnic, but I think we can all agree it beats the pants off all the SNOW we’ve been hammered with this season! It’s time to dust off those prints and bring on the COLOR. Time to pack away those bulky knits and plan those spring breaks and summer vacays. And let me tell you, I for one, am READY! This issue we bring the best for spring. Whatever your Sim plans, there is something here for you. Find all the gear you need for those Sim island vacations with Elasticgirl’s “Pack Heat” and Asia’s “Cruise Essentials.” Feeling more futuristic, try Ms_Blue’s Cosmotropolis. As always, Allium, Gelydh and Aikea Guinea deliver the unexpected and the eye-catching. We welcome Darko back with his UBER HOT slice of travel fashion, “What Happened in Vegas?” And that’s just a sampling.

Read our exclusive interviews with creators MJ95 and Jomsims. Get to know Sim creator Astroparagnoste or find your Sim some new digs by Petalbot. As always, we hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Happy Spring!

Madi xxoo Hugs,

Blumarine Knit Dress by All About Style

Still wanting more? We’ve got it! Our interiors gang has done it again. Stay at home with Freddie & hmsdrco2001’s “Pelican Point” or head out to the movies with Freddie and Gissence’s stunning theatre, The Pegasus. Interior stylings by Minraed and… I could go on.


Editor’s Notes

Cover Photography: Allium

Elasticgirl Fashion Photographer and Stylist

Editor in Chief Madi 1909

Just like the Incredibles, tall and slim, but in a world of fashion superheros and villains.

Hopeless romantic/procrastinator with an eye for pretty things and creativity...loves family gatherings and terrace meals with good friends.


Senior Design Editor & Production Allium


Fashion Photographer and Stylist Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

Fashion Photographer and Stylist The unstoppable, perverted sloth with a heart of gold and a laugh to last a lifetime.

Allium loves to shoot Sims, OCD on interior design, braids, freckles and RED hair!


Managing Editor AsiaShaMecca

Voïces is a passionate fashion lover who always tries to push her limits to create original things

Asia likes simming, taking Sim pictures and cute lil doggies in polo shirts.

Senior Production, Fashion Photographer & Writer Dustydreamer An optimistic dreamer, Dusty is a green obsessed neat freak with a smile for every day!

Senior Interior Director, Photographer & Writer Hmsdrco2001 Behind Bill’s sometimes childish sense of humor and shy demeanor is a guy who lives to make others feel happy, healthy, and unconditionally loved.

Fashion Photographer and Stylist


Fashion Photographer and Stylist Aikea-Guinea is chaos!

Cbon Fashion Photographer and Stylist Cbon is a slender figure living in a minimal, graphic and uncluttered world.

Darkosims Fashion Photographer and Stylist Darko is the king of drools :Q__

Freddie Interior Designer Freddie is a thinking outside of the box kind of person. An Interior Architect. Loves to come up with new ideas.

linday Interior Designer linday loves chocolate, cats and her comp -- ooh, shiney!!


Contributors Adverts & Features SomeSimGuy PseudoSim Ms _ Blue Sim-pli Caz Petalbot Jomsims

Interior Designer Lives for the moment: loves good food, hot days, bad boys and glasses of wine.

Gissense Interior Designer When you strip him down and hose him off he’s just a right-brained troglodyte who doesn’t act his age.

Frau Engel Interior Designer Frau Engel loves historic architecture and vintage style. And warm days in the summer garden.








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Match every day, all day

Strangeness C harm & FEATURE




ho dreamed that beauty passes like a dream? For these red lips, with all their mournful pride, Mournful that no new wonder may betide, Troy passed away in one high funeral gleam, And Usna’s children died. We and the labouring world are passing by: Amid men’s souls, that waver and give place Like the pale waters in their wintry race, Under the passing stars, foam of the sky, Lives on this lonely face. Bow down, archangels, in your dim abode: Before you were, or any hearts to beat, Weary and kind one lingered by His seat; He made the world to be a grassy road Before her wandering feet. “The Rose of the World” by William Butler Yeats






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Images & Questions by AsiaShaMecca Fashion & Answers by MJ95


m… Yes… well… wow. What can we say? Madlen Shoes leave us… speechless. MJ95’s rather innovative idea of creating his own shoe (and now clothing) line for the Sims has netted a huge following in a very short time. And well deserved too. The “House of Madlen” creates breathtaking high-fashion fantasies for the Sims. Few new-comers explode on the scene like MJ95. We are really excited to get to know this creator a little better.

Thank you for talking with us. We at SF are have been stalking… er enjoying your creations for some time now. Please tell us a bit about yourself? I’m an 18 year old student from Serbia. I’m really artistic and that’s the biggest reason why I started 3d modeling. I’m really enjoying it. Your dedication to design and fashion is obvious. How would you describe your personal style? My personal style is a bit different than what I create for the Sims. It’s more casual and urban. I really like elegant and sophisticated style, but whenever I go shopping, urban clothes are usually what I buy. Why did you start creating for the Sims? How did you get started? What tutorials would you recommend? I started 3d modeling about 4 years ago and I really liked it. I’ve created so many different things. I wanted to improve my skills more and more. It was some kind of hobby I guess. Then I bought Sims 3 and was fascinated with customization that it gives. Everything was perfect except the shoes. I didn’t like them at all. I don’t know why, maybe because they were just painted and not so realistic. I’ve searched over the Sims community for some decent looking shoes, but they are really rare. So I decided to create them for myself. Than I thought that maybe there are some people who also want some nice shoes for their Sims and then I started sharing my creations. Youtube has a lot of nice tutorials. So I can’t really tell you about any one


specific tutorial I’ve used.

So it’s a combination of these two. Maya for modeling and then converting files to .wso in The quality of your creations has and continues Milkshape. I’ve learned a lot of new techniques to improve and astound. What tools do you use over a time. Now it’s so much easier to create to create? Has that changed as you’ve learned things that I want. new techniques? Tell us about your process. Yes. Sometimes I look at my old creations and I I think one of the things that really makes you can clearly see how my techniques have improved stand out is that you have created your own over time. I always used Maya for my creations, line. Your shoes and clothes almost have their own personality. Where do you draw your but for Sims I use Milkshape too.


inspiration? I love to paint and draw. Sometimes inspiration just comes up to my head and then I draw on paper what I imagined. Some of my creations were inspired by some shoes that I’ve seen. Then I combine that with my imagination and Voilà! What advice do you have for aspiring creators? Just bring something new… extraordinary. Try to experiment and see what you get. Don’t settle. Improve the quality of your work as much as you can. You’ve recently started making clothing as well. There is a tumblr and a wix page to keep up with now as well as TSR. What other future plans do you have? I gave up on the wix site as tumblr gives so much more customization and more people can see my creations. In the future, I would like to have my own website. But that’s just a plan for now. In closing, what would you as a creator and a lover of the Sims like to see more of in the Sims community and the Sims as a whole? I would like to see more 3d mesh clothes. I’ve seen that some creators have started to make 3d clothes and I’m really happy about it. As for Sims as whole, well… we’ll see what Sims 4 will have to offer.

5 9 MJ


Advertisement by Allium

N e w S p rin g Lin e s In Sto re s N o w


. Vintage B O U TIQ UES




h d y l Ge &Guinea By

a e Aik







ur lonely love, all alone without an embrace or a moment’s touch. How she waits and waits for when life will be filled with more than cold days of waiting by the fire. And though she finds the quiet troublesome, though she gets unsettled, it doesn’t get her down. Home is where our lonely love waits, with her lonely little heart. How she has grown and become her own, still waiting for love’s desire. Her dreams are sweeter than her reality, but isn’t it a pity when she wakes and finds herself alone in her bed; the whole thing was in her head.









Advert by Alli um


visit us in store now!



Aphrodite Spring Grecian-inspired flowing formal looks in embellished fabrics and unique shapes find a home amid classic columns. Empower your Sim. Feature






h! Beauty divine, The Goddess on Mount Olympus, The one called Venus; with stature, power, and refined, Hear my heart and respond in kind. Ensnare her in a spell of love as you once did, To Helen of Troy when the handsome Paris bid. Aphrodite, I offer brilliant flowers at your shrine, In hopes that you grant what I pine, Graceful dove so delicate and pure, Help this sailor to the distant shore, Over the vast and stormy ocean of my love, Be the sun that lights the way from above.



Advertisement by AsiaShaMecca


LEFT Amato Top by Madlen ITF Gr8 Booty Leggings by Pretty Lady Babies Balenciaga Massive Ankle Boots by MA$ims3 Euphoria Hair by MA$ims3

RIGHT David Koma Print Dress by All About Style Madlen Siena Shoes by MJ95 Faux-hawk Hair by Peggy


PH O T O G R APH Y A ND ST Y L ING BY: MS _ B L U E Hair Styles by: Peggy, Newsea, Rustynail & MA$ims3 Shoes by: MA$ims3, CBon73 & MJ95 Models by: Ms_Blue

LEFT Cutout Halter Dress by Cleotopia Possession Shoes by MA$ims3 Swan Hair by Newsea

RIGHT Designer Jacket with Highwaist Skirt by Cleotopia The Trap Platform Heelless Shoes by MA$ims3 Flock of Evils Retouch by Rustynail

Madlen Trieste Top (3D) by MJ95 High-Waisted Shorts by Cbon73 Siena Boots by Madlen Ombre Nails by Gosik



Fashion Future - EP11 Retexture Top by Missfortune Sims Chisimi Quilted Faux Leather Skirt by Chisa Madlen Pescara Spine Heels Shoes by MJ95 Ombre Nails by Gosik



LEFT Latina Dress by Madlen

RIGHT Futuristic Koma Honeycomb Dress by All About Style

Leather Wedges by Gosik

Neverending Story by Ikari Sims

Sweet Business by Sim-pli Caz

Dusty s Picks

Gladiator Sandals by Pixicat

Tod’s Chain Embellished Sandals by MA$ims3

Ankle-Strap Flats by Pixicat


Tartan Flats by Missfortune Sims

Jimmy Choo Open Toe Sandals by MA$ims3

hat is that that we hear? Spring?! Is there really going to be an end to all this cold, dreary, snowy, and windy winter? We love spring, and all the feelings of renewal and exploration it brings. Spring is the transition season into summer. We at SF picked some pretty little springtime dresses to fill your wardrobe and usher summer in with. It is definitely a great time to wear chiffon long sleeve blouses and knee length swing dresses. And since its spring, don’t let the winter grays and blacks cloud your mind; approach spring with vibrant colors, pastel shades, and mosaic designs. If there is a style you are itching to try, now is the time to do it. And don’t forget that footwear turns spring into spring! Finally pack away those snow boots and sneakers. Don some lovely peep toe heels, crisscross patterns, and comfy colorful flats. Start planning your spring wear, and let’s all get happy for those sun shining days to come!


Givenchy 3D Sandals by MA$ims3

FEATURE by DustyDreamer

Flower Garland by S-Club

Set “Burlesque” Bowler Hat by Sims-Sirena

Blossom Straw Hat with Garland by MissDuo

AION Conversion Floppy Hat by MissDuo

Sunday Brunch by Sim-pli Caz

Sunny Days by Sim-pli Caz

Emilio De La Morena by Irida Sims

Sleeveless Cocktail Dress by NYgirl Sims

Jeremy Scott Dress by Gergana


Silk Embroidered Dress by ErysaM

Spring Fling

70 62



GET the LOOK Even the most stringent pink haters may find themselves taking a walk on the pretty side this season. Pink announced its presence with authority on London’s runways during S/S 2014 Fashion Week. Suddenly, girly with a side of edge is a perfect choice. Pink is this season’s must have. Give in. Pink outside the box. After all, pink is finally the new black.

K N I P new

Two Hearts Drop Earrings by NataliS

K C A BL Charm Bracelet by Peggy

Blancpain Heart Watch by Irida Sims

Earrings for Ladies by Weeky

Chain Necklace by Darko

50’s Vintage Dress by NY Girl Sims

Boyfriend Blazer by Modish Kitten Engraved Necklace by Newsea

Necklace Annet by Severinka

Handbag Collection by Helen Sims

Romance Necklace by W.O.E.

Romance Earrings by W.O.E.

Accessory for Leg “Heart” by Severinka

is the

Angie Scarpe by Altea127

Madlen Veneto Shoes by MJ95

Faux Leather Top Dress by Lorandia

Alexander McQueen 3D Skull Ballerinas by MA$ims3

Boyfriend Jeans by All About Style



Images & Questions by AsiaShaMecca Sims and Answers by Astroparagnoste


here are many Sims creators in the community, but few have the panache of Astroparagnoste. Her Sims are so unique in their looks and so… dang pretty they almost have a glow. If you’ve gotten to know her, you can testify that she also seems a genuinely nice person to boot. We’ve long been a fan of her glorious and everevolving creations. We’re thrilled to find out more about her and her lovely Sims.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. Please tell us a bit about yourself? First I want to thank SF magazine and you Asia for having me. I love this magazine and I am much honored you choose me and my Sims.

those males, and on TSR I discovered EvaTer. The very first Sim I downloaded from her was Zalina Matys. I found a creator who had the same vision as me to combine realism with beauty.

About myself, I am a 44 years-young woman and I live in Belgium.

It was EvaTer. Her Sims who inspired me to share my own Sims too, but all of this happened very slowly. I discovered all the CC creators of skins, hairs and make up. I also discovered SF Magazine and all those beautiful Sims and pictures!!!!

We discovered your beautiful Sims at C-Styles, and they continue to evolve and grow more unique. What inspired you to start creating for the Sims? Well, like all of us, I love The Sims 3 game, and I love to play it. When I do play, I like to have Sims with some kind of a character. So, I started to create Sims for my own game way back when the game was just released. In those days, there was not as much CC to use, but I was only interested in changing the facial features... I am sorry EA, I love you for creating The Sims, I buy all of it and I cannot wait to start The Sims 4, but the Sims in CAS look so not natural. I did not like them, so I had to change them for myself. But I do I have to give credit to EA because I use their CAS Sims as a template. While I was surfing the Internet looking for some good male Sims, I discovered C-Styles. I could not believe all the wonderful Sims and CC I found there. Her males look like males. I did not register at first. I just downloaded all

So I registered at C-Styles and started uploading my Sims, who at that time where still more dolly looking. But, I learned so much there. They had and have the best creators. I got inspired by all those people who loved creating Sims as much as I did, and in one year after spending a lot of time in CAS - I can tell you that much Asia, a lot of time!!! - my Sims changed into more realistic characters. I could be myself there. I could make my Sims noses as big and long as I wanted. They loved realistic Sims there!!! How long does it take you to create a Sim? When do you just know it’s time to stop tinkering and share that Sim with the world? That depends Asia. Sometimes in 1 hour or 30 minutes, sometimes a whole night, but when I get this feeling that she is ready I save her in CAS. I have still so many to share who are

waiting in CAS to be dressed up ! Recently you’ve branched out and started your own blog. What do you enjoy about having your “own space”? What are some of the challenges? Asia, I am a woman who writes and says what she thinks. I cannot pretend to like something or someone, and I will write exactly what is in my mind in real life too. I have only a few good friends, people who tell me the truth to my face. In the Sims community I write what I think. Some people cannot handle this and will not let it go. So I decided it was time to be on my own. On my blog, I can upload a Sim whenever I like... whenever I feel like it. My challenges are to always make different Sims and this will be my challenge in the future too. I have a deep passion for creating Sims. I do not have the need to start creating CC because there are already creators who are so good and I love. So, I only want to do what I know how to do in perfection (one day). That is to create Sims. Your Sims are always so well finished. Make-up, clothing, they all have a look of their own. What comes first, the concept or the Sim? Tell us a bit about your process. I can walk on the street and see someone. And I think “Oh, you would be a lovely Sim.” Or watch a movie or read a magazine. You know, yesterday at the dentist in the waiting room there was a most beautiful Asian-African lady. I was watching her and looking over the features of her face, the cheekbones and nose, and she noticed I was looking at her. I have in my mobile phone some pics of my Sims I created, so I went over to her, excused myself, explained a bit and showed her the pics of my Sims. I told her that I would love to make a Sim with her looks. She was kind enough to let me take a picture of her face. Most of the time a real person inspires me and then I have to make that Sim. The Sim can turn out completely different from what I had in mind, but this is how it starts. Then I will look for the CC that would match her Who are some of your favorite creators and why? EvaTer, for her amazing Sims. I know when I use one of her Sims in my game, the next generation will look beautiful! This lady is my all-time favorite female Sims creator and I am also very proud I can call her a very good friend too. She never judged me and is always there to support me in every way. I am so thankful for her friendship and her Sims!!!! Then there is Ms_Blue on TSR. I love her creations. I am a fan of her not using any custom


sliders. She makes those amazing Sims and Asia from the moment I saw her Sims, I knew she had it in her… that something special that makes some people good Sims creators. And lately I am watching these wonderful Sims created by J-jul. I downloaded some, and they look as amazing in CAS as in the pictures! And then there is Whitney, a talented young lady whose videos I started following on “Black Essence,” her Sims 3 YouTube channel. Facebook our group and please join us! This lovely lady inspired me to start my own videos too. I love her game play and the way she treats her Sims with love and respect. When I watch her videos she makes me laugh and get emotional too. I look up to her and I hope all her dreams may come true. She deserves it !!!! I love also that she uses ethnic Sims in her videos who look real! What advice would offer other aspiring Sim makers? Create the Sims you like. Follow your own guidelines of what you consider a lovely Sim. Some people will love them, some will not. But as long as you yourself are happy with what you create, that is the most important! And if I do give a little advice; when you are in CAS creating a Sim, always look at the Sim in profile too. Work also on the profile. Some people forget this part. For me, it is what I will look at first, the nose in profile!!!! In closing, what would you as a creator and a lover of the Sims like to see more of in the Sims community and the Sims as a whole? OK Asia, you asked and I cannot lie. I would love to see more Sims of different ethnicities. I see a lot of talented creators on Tumblr who are of different ethnicities but who, most of the time, post pictures or create white Sims, not ethnic! Myself, I have a very pale skin and freckles, but I try to create all kind of Sims. And please, just making the skin more dark does not make it an ethnic Sim. You need to work on the face features too!!! Same goes to most of the YouTube Sims3 video players. Why are you guys all the time using only or mainly white Sims??? That is why my videos will have mainly ethnic Sims!!! Thank you for having me Miss Asia. It is a pleasure knowing someone like you. I give you a big hug because I would love to have a friend like you in real life!!!


. . . ! L R I G h h h o d “O i d o h W R?“ I A H r you

Shear Perfection S

a l o n

& T

a tt o o


196 East Appaloosa Avenue Appaloosa Plains, NV 89043

(775) 555-4895

a r l o r

Advertisement by AsiaShaMecca

Crisp linen, bold color, striking white and a hint of tropical prints. Prepare yourself. Summer is coming.

Feature by AsiaShaMecca








Childhood Dream P

h o t o g r a p h y

b y


a p h i r a


When I was one, I had just begun. When I was two, I was nearly new. When I was three, I was hardly me. When I was four, I was not much more. When I was five, I was just alive. But now I am six, I’m as clever as clever. So I think I’ll be six now and forever.. . “Now We Are Six”


A.A. Milne



k c a P irl


G tic

s ge




l E y


The quickest way ruin that spring bre high is to bring all wrong clothes. Win is loosening it’s clutch and there’s no bet time to treat your S to an Island Parad vacation. Or perha a getaway to the balm breezes of Sunlit Tide But what to wea These pre-summer style are time tested classic Drop these in your b and make it a sprin break to remember!





ie ev

to eak the nter hes tter Sim dise aps my es. ar? es cs. bin ng








Provence Coffee Table and Cupboard by Severinka

It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! - Charles Dickens

Sunshine Watering Can by Alelore

Pillow Talk by Frani Jo

Belize Chair and Stool by Annejline at Sims Must Have

Belize Console Table by Annejline at Sims Must Have

Belize End Table by Annejline at Sims Must Have


by Linday

Bring in the spring! You feel the warming rays of sun against your cheek, you hear birds singing as you walk outside - in shoes, mind you, you don’t need those pesky winter boots anymore. It is a wonderful time of the year as it is getting warmer and lighter - let your home reflect that! Let in some fresh air and some bold colors, some quirky decor, and you are good to go! Whether you are spending your spring days inside our outside, take a break, look around you and watch nature once again come to life.

Bohemia Painting by kardofe

Bedroom Loft Curtains by Shino&KCR

Wild Lily of the Valley Set by Veritas

Address Planter Set by MarcusSims91

Simple Square Table Lamps by Juna

Bohemian Rhapsody Long Pillows and Coroso Quilt Pillows by Annejline at Sims Must Have

1950s Bedroom Owls and Elephants by BuffSumm

Tutti-Frutti Love and Cat Sculptures by SIMcredible! Designs

1950s Bedroom Vases by BuffSumm





irly clothes. You either love them or you don’t. But however you feel, there’s something to be said for flowers and chiffon, for tulle and lace. There’s something to be said for clothes that make a girl feel like… a girl. And no one does girly better than Sim-pli Caz. So who better to ring in the freshness of spring? This collection of soft sweet skirts and dresses is like a breath of fresh air. Like a bud unfurling after a long winter’s sleep. We are so excited Sim-pli Caz allowed us to premier this delightful spring collection. Each and every piece is a must have for Sims spring wardrobe. Hurray for spring! We can’t wait for these to grace our game.

AVAILABLE SOON AT: h t t p : / / s i m p l i c a z . t u m b l r. c o m /

















photography by


what happened







Advertisement by Vo誰ces



Fashion Meets


Gadget finds for THE “Computer Whiz”


An open love letter to Dear 4S,

As a tech geek of some renown, I wanted to tell you of my deep abiding affection for your beautiful electronics and appliances. Yes. Beautiful. Full of grace. Well designed and a pleasure to download. 4S… I hope you won’t think me too forward when I say… Well... I… love you. In my trolling, I have explored and downloaded electronics from many creators. You could say I’ve been around the electronics block. I’m experienced. And let me tell you 4S, you’re something special. Your curved PCs and TVs are a joy to behold. Your sleek appliances elevate my Sims kitchen to a higher state. Your free status and lack of annoying adfly penny mongering just make me love you more. I know this letter will reach you too late for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps that’s best, as I will stand out from your no-doubt legions of admirers. 4S, I just want you to know. My love for your downloads is here to stay. Your admirer in Geek Chicness, Extreme!!! Monster Desktop PC

I could go on for days and not approach a description of the pure amazingingness of this PC. There are no words. None. I won’t even try. Just... LOOK at it!!!!

Feature by SomeSimGuy


4Sims edition

12 Functional Shabby Wall Clocks

Wall, floor, ready to sit on a console, curved or flat... whatever you’re looking for. You’ll find it here and you’ll love it like you love a new puppy! Curved Placeable Anywhere OLED TV

Performant Plasma Wall TV



Glass Curved OLED TV

Cell Phone Galaxy S4

Mobile Phone iPhone 5

Futuristic iPod Docking Station

Curved Monitor PC

Hi-Fi MP3 System

Espresso Machine

Modern Coffee Machine

Ultimate Computer Wide HD Screen I’ve barely scratched the appliance surface. Please, as I friend, do yourself a favor and check out the stylish Kitchen hood with fire alarm function or the Ultra Modern Refrigerator with TV. No. no. No need to thank me.

Audio Surround Spheres Stereo

audiofiles calm it down!


Play With Color Sure you can blend. Nothing wrong with it. Everyone does it. But maybe it’s time for something different. Pure colors from all sides of the wheel create an eye catching unusual and unfordable look. Luscious.


Pastels are nice and all, but maybe this spring you can try something a… little different for your Sim. Ultra gloss and shine for days.

SHINE FOR SPRING Spring is here and it’s time for two of our favorite trends, color and SHINE. Let matte go the way of boots and sweaters. Shiny eyes, glittering cheeks and moist wet lips are the ultimate in bold for spring. Shine doesn’t have to be for evening. These looks are for every delightful day and on into the





night. And as a bonus,… COLOR. Luminous unexpected color used in ways you’d never expect. Take a risk and overdose on color. These looks are done by professionals, but you should definitely try them at home. Your Sim can’t really thank you, but trust us.… If she could, she certainly would. All day.

Foward Fuchsia Whether you slick it on every day or just when you’re going out on the town, fuchsia — and the act of wearing it — is a celebration. It’s pink with a side of “come get some.” If color had an attitude, it would be fuchsia.

A monochromatic look is when you use one color family on your whole face, usually on the cheeks, lips, and eyes. It may sound dull, and often folks do go bland, but its spring and we’re going for color. Pick a single palette for an uncomplicated look that takes the guesswork out of CAS application. Just one color. What could be easier? A shiny glossy lip and glittering shadow keeps this from being boring or clown like. It’s a risk, sure... but isn’t everything?

Bold Primaries Try primary shades for color to POP! These warm tones stay on the pure side of red and yellow with a hint orange. Oh so HOT!

“Color-block” combines eye-catching lipstick and a desirable smoky eye. To open up your eyes, go with color eyeshadow like yellow or even orange. Choose warm and daring tones for an intense look where your cheeks’ color matches eyes. Dabble in a diverse color palette to stand out in the crowd. And when you want to add a high-gloss lip to the equation, make sure you deviate from scarlet-red to something with a bit of orange. Enjoy the color-block trend!

Loving Lavender Shiny textures, which suit all lips. Plumped, lavender lips make her look like she’s been eating fruit and particularly suit pale skins


Let Those Lips Shout Let those lips stand out by playing down the eyes. A bold liner keeps them from fading too far into the background, and a hint of colored liner provides a subtle finish.


Balance Is Key Try a subtle silver shine with glossy oxblood lips for a dramatic evening look that is sure to attract. Barely there liner… loads of shine.

After years of promising that glossy eyelids would be the next big Hollywood makeup trend, shiny, dewy lids have finally been popping up on red carpets. In real life, unless you’re a pro, it’s hard to pull off this look without a big ol’ streaky, gooey mess. On a Sim, it’s a few stunning clicks and slides in CAS. This look will never fade or steak or run. Yet another reason we heart the Sims. Try some shine on your Sim today!

Home Words

144 102



Homes & Interiors

Pelican Point


inter worries melt away when you dock for the springtime at Pelican Point. Nestled atop Shailor Hill overlooking scenic Peconic Bay, this Hamptons style abode affords a welcome respite from the preoccupied hustle and bustle of nearby Bridgeport. Screen siren Meredith Laury, well known for her roles in “Law and Disorder” and “The Haves and the Have Mores,” makes Pelican Point her residence during the spring and summer hiatus from television filming. “It’s really the ideal spot for me and my family to regroup and take in the salty breeze and sound of the surf gently washing ashore below.” Laury chose a nautical theme for the décor of this luxurious four-bedroom, five-bathroom home. “My father was a fisherman and sailor,” Laury recalls, “and many of my fondest childhood memories were spent with him tying up the fishing nets or anchoring our boat with nothing but blue water and white-crested waves in every direction.”


Homes & Interiors


Homes & Interiors


“I can’t imagine any other place I’d rather be when spring is in full bloom and seagulls take to the sky,” Laury relates, “than my home away from home, Pelican Point.”

Homes & Interiors

“The kitchen is my favorite room of the house,” Laury explains. “I love to cook, and the open layout and excellent appliances are a chef ’s dream. We even have a quiet seating area with a fireplace to relax after the last course is served.” A garden of exquisite local herbs and vegetables provides many of the ingredients for her favorite recipes. The living and dining area boasts an open, free-flowing atmosphere as well, and Laury’s husband, famed composer Cash Donovan, loves to entertain guests at the grand piano.

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Hey! Thank you so much for speaking with me. You know I’m a long time fan of yours, and the readers have the opportunity to get to know you better. For our readers who may not know you that well, tell us a little bit about yourself. Thank you! I am honored to be a part of this issue of SF. I’ve been a fan of this magazine for a while now. You guys do fantastic work! I live in the Western United States and work full time in a molecular oncology Lab. Yeah, my favorite career in The Sims is the science career. When did you first start playing the Sims, and what are your favorite aspects of the game? I discovered the Sims in 2010 through the iPhone version of The Sims 3. I had fun with that and wanted to try out the “real” game. One of my friends had the Sims 3 base game and let me try it out and I’ve been hooked ever since. My favorite aspects of

the game are definitely related to the creative possibilities that this game inspires. Everything from architecture and design, photography and art to storytelling and machinima—I absolutely enjoy creating and love to see what other simmers in the community create with their games. Walk me through your creative process. How do you design your homes? Do you sketch them on paper beforehand? From where do you draw your inspiration? Do you get your ideas from particular real-life homes or do your ideas just come to mind when your go into “Build Mode”? I don’t sketch, but I usually have a general idea of what I want the structure to look like in my mind before I go into build mode. My inspiration comes from a lot of places. It can come from other simmers, real life buildings, or even something as simple as a store set or world that sparks the imagination. After I find out what style I want to build, I research that style to get a good background and feel for the style. Before I start building, I think about which world the house would best fit in and search for the perfect lot to build on in that world. For me, the house must fit in with its environment, so my landscaping is always influenced by and integrated the environment that surrounds it. For interiors and exteriors, texture is everything! Textures, particularly for my interiors, are always very carefully selected because different textures convey different feels for different rooms and furniture. I use a lot of trial and error, and I don’t really have a set way of doing things once I start building. I usually start out by building the structure first and then come up with the floor plan. I have no order of preference after the bones of the structure are laid down. Sometimes the landscaping is finished before the floor plan ever takes shape, or sometimes the landscaping comes very last. It just depends on what I’m feeling more inspired to do at the time really. When I get

stuck, I will go work on a different aspect of the build or just play the game until ideas come to mind. I forgot to mention that one other thing I do before I ever start building, is to plop a Sim down onto the empty lot I’m going to build on. The poor Sim does have to live in the sometimes harsh great outdoors for a while, LOL, but it’s necessary because the Sims set the rules for what you can and can’t do with your build. Therefore, my lots are play-tested from the very first to the very last of the build What advice do you have for aspiring builders

who might want to start building their own homes for the first time? Just have fun and take it a step at a time. There is no need to feel like you have to know everything in order to build. I remember my first build. I didn’t really know anything (I didn’t even know that you could place foundation diagonally, LOL). For my first build, I really just concentrated on building a structure and the roof was auto-roofed. For my second build I did all the roofing myself. After that, I branched out into learning how to landscape better and then learned a few of the


build cheats. The build cheats are totally worth it! “Move Objects On” for example, adds a world of versatility to builds. There is so much you can do with it in landscaping, building, and interior design. I’m not sure I could even do without it anymore. What directions would you like the game to take in the future with The Sims 4? I would definitely like to see gameplay improved, but I would really, really, really like to see The Sims 4 retain, if not improve on, those creative elements that make The Sims 3 in my book, a great joy to create with. Create-a-Style is one of those great elements for example. The build

cheats are another. “constrainfloorelevation false” for example, is so much more than wall height—you can slant walls and build arched or hanging bridges as well as other creative structures. A more intuitive build mode is good in my book, but I really hope that it will have great things to offer for more advanced builders. In closing is there anything you’d like to say to the many fans of your creations? Thank you so much for your support and friend requests! I am so honored that you like my creations and it brings me great joy to share them with you. Happy Simming!



And in we came like entering a dream. Build Words



he Pegasus T

Homes & Interiors


ny man, woman, child could buy their ticket and walk right in. Yes ma’am, yes sir … enjoy the show.

And in we came like entering into a dream. Maybe we had worries and problems out there, but once through those doors, it didn’t matter. And do you know why? Because of Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd. Garbo, Gable and Lombard. Jimmy Stewart and Jimmy Cagney. Fred and Ginger. They were gods, and when we looked up there, that was Olympus. How lucky we felt just to be there. This television thing, why would you want to stay home and watch a little box? Because it’s convenient, because you don’t have to get dressed up, because you can just sit there? How can you call that entertainment alone in your living room? Where’s the other people, where’s the audience….where’s the magic? Paraphrased from the film The Majestic (Warner Bros. 2001)


Homes & Interiors


Homes & Interiors


Homes & Interiors

pring S onservatory C Images & Words


Bring out your inner gardener H a ve you had enough of w i nter yet? We have a solution to allow you the enjoym ent of a sundren ched, gar den- like atmospher e all year ro u n d . Our conser vator y w a s c r eated using EA’s S ton e ’s Thr ow Gr eenhouse bu i l d i ng blocks to cr eate a w i nd o wed addition to the ho me. This oasis pr ovides na tu ral lighting that is


per fect for dining , r eadi ng, or painting whil e at the sam e tim e suppor ti ng a jungle of plants a nd fl ow er s to give you the pl eas ur e of the gar den no m atter what the weath er br i ngs your way. Fill up the s pac e with an eclectic c ol l ec ti on of unique finds fr om y our tr avels, and yo u hav e a showcase wor thy of any hom e decor aficianado.

Birdhouse by LilyOfTheValley

Little Houses by riccinumbers

Brent Cabinet by mutske Brent Candle Holders by mutske

Quirky Cushions by Simply Kitsch Simperial Outdoor Dining Chair by BuffSumm

Pumpkin Poppies by ziggy28

Plant Stand by Koposov

Modern Carpet II by Pralinesims

Poppies by Devilicious

Butterfly Plate by Flovv Deco House by MarcusSims91

Owl Cushions by AweSims

A big thanks to Wondymoon for the furnishings and the many amazing creators whose objects made this room possible.

Homes & Interiors

Sunny Flowers Painting by Neferu

Bike Man by riccinumbers











Questions by hmsdrco2001 Answers and pictures by Jomsims C O N T E M P O R A RY C R E AT I V I T Y AT I T S B E S T



hank you so much for speaking with me! I’m a huge fan of your work, and I’m honored to get to know you better. Tell us a bit about yourself. Hello, I’m José, also known as Jomsims. I live in Paris. I’m a show producer, and I’m a singer and dancer in my show. But another passion of mine is making 3D creations. I love movies and music. Sometimes I mix. But my first love remains the object creations.

Where do you draw inspiration for your work? I’m inspired a lot by all that is around me. Sometimes I create things that are completely original. I really let my imagination speak.

How long have you been playing the Sims, and what do you like most about the game?

I started playing The Sims 2 on console. After awhile, I started playing The Sims 2 on PC. What I like about the game is the freedom to be who we want to be. I also like to see the result of my creations in the game.

look for something more fun. I use Milkshape, Photoshop, UV Mapper, sim3pe, s3oc, meshtooklit, Blender, Workshop, and 3DS Max occasionally. The time it takes to create an object depends on the object type and texture. For example, a painting I create entirely What made you want to from A to Z will take less time start creating for the game? than creating a bathtub. I can spend an entire day creating I felt I was limited in style, an object. especially for the base game objects. That’s why I began to How did you learn to start create. It’s also part of my soul creating content for the game? as an artist to want to create. Are there particular resources, tutorials, or programs that Give me some insight into how you have found useful? What you create your objects. Do advice do you have for anyone you use real-world objects as a who might want to start creating reference? What tools do you their own content for the game? use, and how long does it take you to create particular pieces? I started to create objects for the game when The Sims Again, I am inspired by all 3 came out. I found that the that’s around me. If I want my design of some objects could set to be realistic, I work from be improved. And even then, real-life objects. If I really we were a bit limited. In 2009, want to voice my creativity, I I created my first objects. I

learned a lot by manipulating objects and also by studying one or two tutorials. But mostly by m a n i p u l a t i n g o b j e c t s . Patience is the most important thing for the creation. I found you must repeat and repeat until you reach your goal. And never hesitate to watch tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere on the web.

What other Sims creators do you admire or consider as mentors? I admire a lot of creators: Shi no KCR, ric c inum bers, C yc l o n e s u e, s i m _ m a n 1 2 3 , Murano, Angela, cashcraft, and lunasimslulamai. But I think every creator has his or her originality, motivation, and style. My mentor is Anoeska B. I love her perfect style.

How much time would you say you get to play the game when you’re not creating for it? I will not lie. I spend more time creating than playing. Except when I want to relax, I might play with a boat house created by Guardgian, for example, or poses by IMHO for my models’ clothes creations.

Do you have any new projects in store for us on the horizon? I always have lots of projects in my head. I want to continue to advance and improve my creations. And always have fun with it and share with the world. I will leave my next

creation a surprise for you. the game because the Sims will not animate correctly. Are there particular features of changes to the game that Do you plan on continuing to you would like to see in the create content for the Sims 4? upcoming Sims 4? Of course. As I said, creating The first thing that comes to mind is part of my life. I really want is that I would like for the Sims to see the possibilities for The to be able to sleep on a low Sims 4. bed. I love creating Japanesestyle beds. But it’s difficult to Would you like to share any create those types of beds in closing thoughts with our

readers and fans of your work? Just a big thank you to all those who support me, who love my work and take much pleasure in using my creations and me creating.

Thank you again, JosĂŠ, for taking time to speak with us and let us get to know you better. We very much look forward to your future creations.

Download JomSims’ exclusive set, Dark Iron here: And find the rest of his creations here:


World Showcase St Claire by Awesims Situated on a peninsula, St Claire has fantastic sea views in almost every direction. There are three distinct areas that make up St Claire. Bradford - a small sleepy town, where the founders of St Claire settled. Unfortunately, since the district expanded, many of the old homes have been demolished, leaving a select few historic properties on the

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main street, and it has become more of a spa town. There are restaurants, spas, bookshops and even a quaint small town theatre. Stag Island is home to the farmers and beach dwelling folk of St Claire. There’s the secluded Willow Bay, the perfect place for pre-dawn fishing; Fairview, the commercial hub of Stag Island, featuring bars,

St Claire

Visit St Claire Here Requirements: Base game and all expansion packs up to Seasons. No stuff packs required. Non-EA Content: Eight terrain paints (included) and Awesims Cornices (download here) File Size: 93.84 MB clubs and all manner of shops and recreational areas for Sims to spend their days, including Oak Park where they have lots of SimFests! The equestrian centers near Sunset Bay and Rapaki, with all its long walking tracks and stunning views will be attractive for all you horsey types! For more urban Sims, Downtown is the place to be. There are plenty of starter apartments

in the slightly dilapidated but still pretty nice fringe suburb of Netherby, the perfect place for ambitious Sims to get their start. Downtown you will find many clubs & venues to set the night alight! There’s a wide variety of apartments, from super cheap basement apartments to SUPER expensive Kensington Brownstones & Penthouses with waterfront views.





Links Cover by Allium Inside Cover Artwork by AsiaShaMecca

Page 6 Wild Flower - Images by Allium Model by Allium Not Available for Download Image 1 Eyelashes by Sintiklia Sims Dress No54 by Missfortune Sims Rose by S-Club Sims Cigarette by Rose Sims Pose by Voices (Coming Soon) Image 2 & 3 Left Page Dress by Rustynail Pose by Voices (Coming Soon) Right Page artRAVE Bodysuit by Art Sims Rose Headband by Pixicat Pose by Mamyrocker Image 4 & 5 Left Page Dog Harajuku Dress by Stache Sims Pose by PlumBarb Right Page Top and Shorts By EA Into The Future EP Rose Eyepatch by S-Club Pose by Voices (Coming Soon) Images 6 & 7 Left Page artRAVE Bodysuit by Art Sims Rose Headband by Pixicat Pose by PlumBarb Right Page Outfit by Sim Pli Caz Rose Shoulder Accessory by Rose Sims Pose by Rayne’s Factory Page 14 Timberland Ad - Image by ElasticGirl Timberlands by Pixicat Male Female Page 16 Strangeness And Charm - Images by AsiaShamecca Charlie by J-Jul Image 1 Vintage Flapper Dress by All About Style


Dancin’ Shoes by EA Store Pearls by VitaSims Guanti da Sposa Gloves by ABD Sims Rose Accessories by MTS Cakestore Image 2 Jasmine Gown by ekinege Image 3 Desire - Secret Potion Pt2 by -April- Diamonds and Pearls Necklace by ABD Sims Image 4 Relive by ekinege Elegant Crystal Flower Necklace by NataliS Elegant Crystal Flower Drop Earring by NataliS Metallic Gloves by Lore Image 5 Vintage Dress Ruffles by All About Style Accessory Set by Lorandia Image 6 Vintage Deco Dress by All About Style Pearls by VitaSims Geometric Bracelet by Lore Multirings Set by NataliS Image 7 Camisole Top & Layered Skirt by All About Style Pearls by There’s Cake in Your Hair Page 25 Beauty Mask Advertisement by AsiaShamecca Pose by AsiaShaMecca Not-So-Beautiful Beauty Mask by VonNdaSun Rollers by ShmoopieSims Barna Shower Gel by Flovv Page 26 Designer Showcase - MJ95 - Images by AsiaShaMecca Rosie Gilman by Alga.Sims Sexy Boyfriend Shirt by JS Sims 3 Bath Towel by Shim Cloudy Bathtub Pose by Neka (Edited) Upside-Down Pose by AsiaShaMecca Not Available for Download Nail Painting Pose by AsiaShaMecca Not Available for Download Polish by Modish Kitten Standing Pose by Lufus Slacks by RustyNail Page 30 Vintage Boutique Ad - Image by Allium Model by Allium Not for Download Sunday Brunch Dress by Sim Pli Caz Floppy Hat by m1ssduo Antler Chair by Garden Breeze Sims Pose by Schokobiene Page 32 Rockabilly Bride - Images by Gelydh & Aikea-Guinea Image 1 Dress Shoes Tattoos Hair Flowers Image 2 Dress Shoes


1 Tattoos Bouquet Image 3 Dress Shoes Tattoos Veil Image 4 Dress Shoes Tattoos Veil Image 5 Dress Shoes Tattoos Page 40 Lonely Love - Images by ElasticGirl Image 1 Shoes in every pic: Top and Skirt Image 2 Dress Image 3 Top Skirt Image 4 Dress Image 5 Dress Image 6 Dress Image 7 Dress Page 50 Nursery Pattern Advertisement by Allium Model by Allium Not Available for download Themed patterns by Simlicious Cot, print and rocking chair by Awesims Remaining furniture by EA Page 52 Mighty Aphrodite - Images by DustyDreamer Image 1 Sim Music Award Dress by Art Factory Snake Necklace by S-Club Spike Embellished Sandals by Gosik Long Lines Pose by AsiaShaMecca Image 2 Amelia Dress by April Fashion Jewelry by S-Club Snake Bracelet by S-Club Metal Bracelets by Meronin Long Lines Pose by AsiaShaMecca Image 3 Mermaid Lace Gown by Lorandia Rostov Enamel Finift Jewelry by VitaSims3 SF Lorandia Collection Pose by AsiaShaMecca Image 4


Oscar Noami Watts by AllAboutStyle Multi Gemstone Bracelet by Lorandia SF Lorandia Collection Pose by AsiaShaMecca Image 5 Charkra Cut Away Dress by AllAboutStyle Snake Bracelet by S-Club Multi Bracelet by Lorandia Fashion Pose Pack by Bliss Lace Cutoff Gloves: Page 68 Fab FInds Fashion - Dusty’s Picks - Spring Fling Model by DustyDreamer Not Available for Download No.6 Pose Pack by Modern Lover Page 70 Get The Look - Pink is the New Black by AsiaShaMecca My Valentines Day Poses by Blog of Bliss Page 72 Model Creator Showcase - Astroparagnoste - Images by AsiaShaMecca Clothing by Cbon73 Poses Page 76 Shear Perfection Advertisement by AsiaShamecca Model & Pose by AsiaShaMecca Not Available for Download Supremesims Remi Hair for Females Chain by DarkoSims Statement Gem Ring by Lore Page 78 Cruise Essentials - Images by AsiaShaMecca Thomas by J-jul Mayte by J-jul Image 1 Jacket by RustyNail Tropical Dream Fabrics Patterns by Devirose Image 2 High Waist Mini-Shorts by Modish Kitten Boyfriend Blazer by Modish Kitten Tropical Dream Fabrics Patterns by Devirose Dual Watches by Severinka Bohemian Crystal Earrings by Eerily Beautiful Ethnic Necklace “Aisha” by Severinka Image 3 Dolce Gabbana Coin Print Tunic by All About Style Gladiator Sandals by Pixicat Image 4 Forever in Blue Jeans Top by Ms_Blue Kat’s Necklace DMC by Shokoninio Earrings by S-Club Image 5 Jacket by Shokoninio Resort Pants by EA Store Bracelet by EA University Life EP Image 6 Loose Cropped Top by Sunny CC Roberto Cavalli Long Skirt by Sunny CC Armband by EA Into the Future EP


Bracelets by Lore Image 7 Casual Open Shirt by Peacemaker IC Pants by Simenapule Accessory Three Rocks by Severinka Image 8 Adriana Patio Dresse by All About Style Bandana by Modish Kitten Massive Spheres Bracelet by Lore Cat Eye Sunglasses by Sunny CC Page 86 Childhood Dream - Images by Saphira General Items: Pantyhose by EA Base Game Balloons by Julies-Sims Model ‘Simanthi Dubois’ by Noviebird Image 1 Oh My Love Dress by IridaSims Sweet Striding Pumps by Cazarella Image 2 McQueen Color Block Dress by All About Style Accessory Collar by Simplykitsch Little Bow Pumps by Simplicaz Image 3 Lovely Lace Dress by Jinglestartk Image 4 Aztec Dress by Poseidon Image 5 Turtleneck Suspender Dress by Jinglestartk Image 6 “In My Heart” Blouse by Simplicaz Lace Buster Skirt by Simplicaz Little Bow Pumps by Simplicaz Page 94 Pack Heat - Images by ElasticGirl Image 1 MALE: Shorts Sneakers FEMALE: Bathingsuit Image 2 MALE: Shirt Shorts Shoes FEMALE Dress Shoes Image 3 Sunglasses Backpack Shoes Pants Shirt Image 4


MALE: Shorts FEMALE: Top Bottom Image 5 MALE: Shirt Base game Pants Hat Shoes FEMALE: Top Bottom Island Paradise EP Image 6 & 7 MALE: Jacket Pants Shoes FEMALE: Shirt Pants Shoes Bra/Bathingsuit Accessory Page 106 Collection Premier - “Girly Pretty Clothes” by Sim-Pli Caz - Images by AsiaShaMecca Serena by J-jul Poses Page 114 If you Know What We Mean - Images by Voices Image 1 Blazer by Daisy Image 2 Outfit by EA Store Image 3 Shirt by Outland Image 4 Left to Right Outfit by Rusy Nail Shoes by Pixicat Tank by R2M Rolled-Up Pants by Simsimi Shoes by Pixicat Tank Vest by Voïces (base mesh by Rusty Nail) Boots by ILikeMusic640 Image 5 Tshirt by Anubis Shoes by Pixicat Image 6 Outfit by JS Shoes by Pixicat Image 7


Transparent Shirt by Sacha Image 8 Boots by ILikeMusic640 Page 124 What Happened in Vegas - Images by Darko Models created by Darko Not Available for Download Image 1 Male: Top by aikea guinea Pants and Boots by Shojo Angel Female: Bra by Gergana Studded bra by supremesims Not available for download Skirt by Modish Kitten Image 2 Female left: Bra by Gergana Studded bra by supremesims Not available for download Skirt by Modish Kitten Female right: Top by Modish Kitten Skirt by Modish Kitten Gloves by EA Male: Top by mochi029 Scarf by shatsai Image 3 Male: Top by the77sim Necklace by shokoninio Female: Top by Modish Kitten Pants by All About Style Shoes by Madlen Gloves by EA Image 4 Male: Top by the77sim Jeans by sim-it-up Glasses by R2M Female: Bra by Gergana Skirt by pixicat Necklace by Darko Image 5 Male: Top by Meronin Page 138 Beauty - Shine for Spring - Images by ElasticGirl Image 1 & 5 Eyeliner Lipstick Image 2 Eyeshadow Lipstick Eyeliner


Image 3 Eyeshadow Eyeliner Lipstick Image 4 Eyeliner Eyeshadow: Lipstick Image 6 Eyeshadow Lipstick Page 144 Pelican Point - Images by hmsdrco2001 & Freddie Cottage series ceiling piece by Angela Half-a-pilar by Angela Lily Dining Rug, Dorien Living by Angela The Hamptons, set by Angela Toulon Dining Table by Angela Audrey Livingroom Coffeetable 1 by Buffsumm 1950s Bathroom Rug Small by Buffsumm 1950s Bathroom Shavingset by Buffsumm Hotel Simperial Bathroom Part 3 by Buffsumm X-Mas Dining 2013 Shelf by Buffsumm 3-tile Venetian Window by CycloneSue Antique Ledger by CycloneSue Banarasi Plush Coffe Table by EA Store Delicacy Server Stand by EA Store Duke’s Dining Table by EA Store Eleanor Chaise Lounge by EA Store Framed Knot Collection by EA Store George and Harriet by EA Store Grandpa’s Grove by EA Store: Harmonious Trio Floor Baskets by EA Store Hoisted Terra Vineyard Vase by EA Store Mughal Arch Mirror by EA Store Miniature Sailboat by EA Store Oceania Orb Lantern by EA Store Oval Gothique Painting by EA Store Reach for the Heavens by EA Store Ruby’s Grand Dresser by EA Store Sailing Painting by A. Ship by EA Store Teaquinology Enjoyulator by EA Store The Big Cheese Coat Rack by EA Store The Dramatic Palm by EA Store The Wandering Wheel by EA Store Tropical Fruit Bowl by EA Store Tropical Table by EA Store Bordeaux Standing Wine Glass by Gosik Orinoko Living by Gosik Dining sliced bread by Katelys: Understairs Shelving by LilyOfTheValley Mesita de antano by Lunasimslulamai Set Berlin by Lunasimslulamai Green Apple Livingroom Fireplace by Mensure Georgian window set by Missyzim


Chair Ektorp by Mutske Barista by NynaeveDesign2 Happy Halloween by NynaeveDesign2 Aladin Table dining6 by Pilar LivingLeonChairLiving by Pilar LivingLeonDeco3 by Pilar LivingLeonPainting6 by Pilar LivingLeonVitrina by Pilar Old Books by Pilar u-Me Sculpture by Pilar YoSculptureRelojSobremesa by Pilar Ikea Framsta books by riccinumbers Ikea Pax Uggdal books by riccinumbers Shabby Chic Romantic Bathroom Sink by riccinumbers Fresh Blue Crabs Shop Sign by Samusa06 Nautical Still Life by Samusa06 Vintage Nautical Shipping Signs by Samusa06 Vintage Yacht Print by Samusa06 Outdoor set Havanna by Sasilia Carribean Outdoor Armchair by ShinoKCR Montego bed by ShinoKCR Grant Patio Set by Sim_man123 Veiro Curtains by Sim_Man123 Einzelbett Mood by Simmam Blind 04_1Tile by Ung999 Coffee table by Ung999 Page 152 Control Bathroom Advertisement by Linday Control bathroom by PrzemUs 13 Page 160 The Pegasus - Images by Gissence & Freddie OMSP resizer by Buhudain Carry a Torch for Me Mirror by EA Store Commissioned by Kings by EA Store Decorative Curtains by EA Store Feathered Table Sculpture by EA Store Haute Wall Lamp by EA Store Le Cinema Plumbob by EA Store Roaring Heights by EA Store That’s My Dame Table Sculpture by EA Store Zirconium Chandelier by EA Store Marble and stone pattern by IMHO Dutch sculpture right by Mutske Dutch sculpture left by Mutske Stairs Add-on by Mutske Modular Sofa by Lisen801 Ceiling Tiles by Lunasimslulamai Structures by Lunasimslulamai Vaulted Ceiling Pieces by Regal Sim Page 176 World Showcase - St. Claire by AweSims - Images by Freddie World Cornices:


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