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Volume 1 - Issue 8

Spring Beauty

Edgy Womens Fashion Mens Hipster Fashion


Artwork by Madi1909

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Editor’s Note & Contributors Razors Edge Get the Look Designer Spotlight - Newsea Teen Spirit Model Spotlight - Peter Hilaga Ride ‘em Cowboy Glitz & Glam Pretty... Skinny... Rich... Beauty - Spring Ahead New Look, New You Lot Showcase ‘The Romantic Getaway’ Homes & Interiors ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Interior Designer Spotlight - Kemantari 3

Staff Editor in Chief & Executive Director M a d i 1909 Senior Design Editor and Production Director Allium Senior Fashion Editor & Editorial Development Director & Writer AsiaShaMecca Superpogimon Senior Fashion Photographer, Contributing Men’s Editor and Stylist Minraed Executive Interior Design Director and Contributing Fashion Photographer – Writer

Editors Notes Happy New year all! SF is back after a much deserved extended holiday and this time around, to make it up to you, we are bringing you something a little different. SF is proud to offer you our very first “His/Her” DOUBLE ISSUE.

Okadoka Executive Architectural Design Editor Writer

This months issue introduces some new features like my “Get the Look”

Kementari Contributing Interior Design Editor and Fashion Photographer

articles and fashion spreads from our talented staff and even more talented

DrMusix Mens Fashion Stylist - Writer JMelo Associate Fashion Photographer & Stylist

and “ New Year, New me” spread. As well as, a jammed pack array of collaborators. Don’t miss out on some awe inspiring home decor ideas by Siminterior designs’ Top Designer winner - Kementari

My-Sim-Style Associate Interior Designer & Photographer

- as she makes her debut in SF magazine this month as

Meestor Mark Marketing Development Director & Writer

a surprisingly talented fashion photographer in “ The

SomeSimGuy Associate Fashion Writer

Contributors Mo Greekie Contributing Photographer and Style Director on “Teen Spirit” Editorial Ninjon Contributing Photographer and Stylist on “The Hipster”

not only our talented guest Interior design expert, but as Razors Edge” Also in this issue, Asia’s lot showcase which gives us a glance at an affair to remember as we tour one of the homes of my favorite builders - Gissence. One on one interviews with CC Icons Newsea and Fresh Prince and our first foray into teen fashion. We hope you guys enjoy this special issue and

Fahdil Contributing Photographer and Stylist on “Designer Showcase: Fresh Prince”

appreciate all the work that has gone into it...with

Jisgr8 Contributing Photographer and Interior Designer on “Bachelors Pad”

bring you this very special men’s’s to

that said I would like to thank my guest editor this month - Superpogimon - whose idea it was to convincing him to do it some more!

Madi xxoo MUAH!

Cover Photography by SuperPogimon


This issue is dedicated to those who are no longer with us,


The SF Team



Photography by Kementari

She’s so sharp she cuts herself. Give her leather. Give her buckles, zippers and boots. This rebellious fashionista even adds metal studs and exotic details to her sultry LBD... and it works! Edgy style takes its rock-and-roll roots and makes them unique. Its Punk. Its Gothic and yet its more. Bring your black Simmers. Bring your chains and your attitude. Brace yourself for our conceptualization of... Edgy.




Get The Look

from the SF EDITOR


Lea Look Mariniére pumps by Cyrilk

WHAT’S this HOT month

The Tee by All About Style

The Scarf by lilisims

find out

ock chic!


Skinny Leather by All About Style

The Rock Chic look is ‘fashion with attitude’ where you can break all the rules. Rocker girls dress in a style all their own. This look is all about achieving your OWN style so there’s no right way or wrong way to get the look. There are however a few must haves! Get some skinny pants in your Sims wardrobe. Denim, leather... the look isn’t picky. They aren’t hard to find, and can be paired with almost any top (or even skirts once you really got the hang of putting it together). Shoes should make a statement -well they always do but its a HUGE part of this look- bright colors and high heeled stilettos grab attention. Feminism is important too, so bows or some softness add a nice touch. Like your shoes, your tee is a vital part of Rock Chic. Go for vintage designs, eye catching colors and unique shapes. Funky accessories complete the look. Don’t skimp on the bangles. Throw on a scarf and earrings?... the bigger the better. Now smudge that eyeliner... muss that hair and ROCK ON!

Photography by MeestorMark

SF MAGAZINES 2011 CALENDAR Get your copy Here! :


SF A Monthly Insight into ‘Who-is-Who’ of Custom Content Fashion Designers

Designer Showcase By AsiaShaMecca

“Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself. ~ Hubert de Givenchy, Vogue, July 1985


Hair Apparent

Something new! There are so many talented clothing designers out there we hardly know who to feature from month to month. So, this time around we thought we’d showcase someone a little different. For a true Sims Fashionista, custom hair is almost a must. There are few who do it better than the team of Newsea! They have it all... details, numerous options, beautiful textures AND they solicit suggestions for new hair! What’s not to love? Juice of Newsea consented to talk to us and so I’m excited to get started! I’ve been following your creations since Sims 2 but there isn’t very much information about you out there... Please tell me about yourself? J: Yes, there isn’t much information about NEWSEA as we usually tend to stay quiet. But still, many people know that NEWSEA is actually TWO people: YU and Juice. By the way, this is Juice here! It seems you’re always working and updating... Your creations are ALWAYS so well made? How do you manage it? J: First we start off with a good shape and then try to keep that shape nice. Once that is done, we then focus on the the close up details. YU and I design our own work and sometimes we collaborate.


How do you get started on a project? What is the process you use to choose your projects? J: We collect many..many inspiration pictures, then we choose which one we think will be the most popular; after that, we get started. One of the things that we look for and focus on when making our decision is whether the hair has something special about it. Once we do start on the project, we tend to focus on that special point - so if the hair has nothing special, we usually won’t choose it. * I noticed on TSR that you give your email and offer us the option to send you ideas and pictures for new hairs. Do you get many requests? J: Yes, we get requests nearly everyday. By the way, let me start off by apologizing here if we didn’t choose your requests, as there are just so many to choose from. The styles that we choose most often are celebrity hairstyles. And the reason that we will not choose some hair styles is if they are too generic and have nothing special about them. We also don’t usually choose Anime hairstyles or styles that are too weird or difficult to recreate in a 3D mesh. How long does it take you to create a set? J: It all depends o the difficulty of the hairstyle. Usually it tkes about a week. I love your cosmetics. You make very subtle lovely lipsticks. Will we be seeing more of those? J: Yes. If I have time, I will make more. In creating for the Sims 3, what is the hardest obstacle you’ve had to overcome? J: We’ve created many hairstyles and have noticed that the players tastes to tend get more sophisticated as we go along. So we try our best and work harder to come up with new and creative ideas. For a long time you presented your content on your blog. I imagine TSR gives creators a terrific forum for others to see their work, but why did you make the move to TSR? J: We were invited to TSR, and saw it as an opportunity to focus on our designs and not worry about the other things associated with running our own site. Newsea, what’s coming up in the future for you guys? Is there anything you’d like to see more of in the Sims and in the community as a whole? J: I started to play The Sims in 2002. My first download LOL. That is a BIG question! We love to design content and we also love to see other peoples’ beautiful creations. We would love to see the SIMS world becoming more and more beautiful, and we are happy we can join in the contribution! * above Juice’s opinion


TEEN SPIRIT Images by Madi1909 Words by MoGreekie

Say goodbye to your boring threads, teens! As of late, there are more and more options for young ladies to dress with style. Layers are the trend of the season, with scarves preppy or plaid, stockings ripped or refined, and bangles bold or blingy. The early 2000’s punk-prep look is back as well, bringing an abundance of polished blazers and scholarly nerdglasses.


She walks through the halls of her high school with confidence, gaining looks of love from the boys, and envy from the girls. Stomping the halls like a runway, this girl’s got style, sass and just a bit of edge. Who is she? She is a girl who’s in the know about the latest teens fashions, and with some tips from us, you could be too!

Preppy not your thing? No problem! Cute sleeveless gloves and fedora hats will give your look the edge you need to stand out and rock out! These Avril Lavigne type fashions are popping up all over the world of Sims teen fashion, especially among designers like All About Style and Lemon Leaf.

Now is your time, ladies. Who ever said fashion was only for the mature? Get ahead while you’re still young and go get some shopping done! Just be home before that 11:00 curfew...




Find 18at a stockist near you

Photography by Kat



2011’s HOTTEST male model

Interview by AsiaShaMecca Pictures & Answers by SuperPogimon

Peter Hilaga Season one of the popular modelling competition Strike-APose introduced the uber-hot Habibi McSteamy. The fledgling SF Magazine jumped on him. Our readers thrilled to every shot sent by infamous modelling agency United Colours of Sims. Imagine our surprise when we approached UCS to feature Habibi and their star photographer, SuperPogimon told us that our favourite face was actually McSteamy’s best friend... Peter Hilaga. If we haven’t lost you yet read on... and prepare to fall in love all over again.

ASM: So... Peter. I mean who knew? All this time we’ve been shouting McSteamy McSteamy and it was you! You are probably the most featured male model in SF Magazine. But, unless you really read the credits you were also its most unknown. How did that make you feel? PH: I am very happy with the positive reactions from readers of SF Magazine and with my co-workers. It boosts my confidence and motivates me to work harder. Yes, the name ‘McSteamy’ was borrowed from my best friend, Habibi. The name didn’t fail me. I also

find it very catchy so I thought why not use it, of course with his permission. But then I decided to drop the name when Habibi finally decided to join the modelling industry. ASM: Honestly I thought it was a pseudonym. But now that I compare you two, there are obvious differences. You’re both super studly in your own way! What got you into modelling? That wasn’t your original career choice I understand. PH: I came from a very wealthy family but decided to live independently at my young


adult age. I had been to many cities and tried many jobs before I ventured the world of Fashion. I first worked as a ‘glitch-test-Simmy’ for EA Company at Sunset Valley. I mastered the keyboards to join Habibi’s rock band, did a few gigs with them for a couple of years at Twinbrook. At Riverview, I even posed nude in Art Classes for extra Simoleons. Oh yeah, I just learned that Madison1909 attended one of those sessions. Yay, she saw everything! What a lucky monster, hahaha! Just kidding, I love you Madi!

ASM: United Colours of Sims has some very hot prospects. But you boys have the tightest contract in the industry. Even we can’t get you without express permission from UCS. Do you ever feel the need to branch out? Make yourself available? PH: UCS is very strict with their rules so I should be very careful with who I am working with. I just renewed my contract with them last January. Branching out, well, I do work outside the agency but as a professional photographer, not a model.

Actually, modelling was never part of my dreams. Modelling was first introduced to me in the year 2009, when I hit the gym after Art class. A newly established modelling agency, The United Colours of Sims (UCS) by SuperPogimon, came in to scout new male models. I already had a few pumps by that time so I was sweaty, and hadn’t shaved. I was a total mess that day. I didn’t know why I was chosen. They needed a new male model to participate for the Sims Next Top Male Model. Turns out the first challenge had something to do with gym activities. I accepted the offer, and won the competition! UCS gave me a two-year contract, and the rest is history.

ASM: Do you think you’ll ever be “available for download” so to speak? PH: I’m currently exclusive for SF Magazine only, but there are few other clients I am still working with, again with UCS permission. The first thing a client should know is how to take care of the models. You know, be aware of must-avoid corrupted custom content and glitchy mods. They must have high standards of styling. The UCS makes sure clients can be trusted before I’m made available for download.


ASM: Tell me about Superpogimon’s “I’m So Ugly”... That was one downloaded Sim. But

it wasn’t... you. The community can be pretty touchy at times. How’d that go over? PH: SuperPogimon, the UCS founder, wanted to use my portrait as avatar for his profile page at TS3 community. Well, the agency still doesn’t want me made available in the exchange so we used a dummy Sim. If I am not mistaken it contributed a 3,000 plus addition to his creations’ number of downloads and a 250 plus number of recs before he decided to delete it in his studio. SuperPogimon named it “I’m So Ugly” but he forgot to explain further its main purpose and to post that it has a different Sim. We apologize for that. We had no intentions to disappoint anyone in the community. ASM: Somehow, I think you’ve been forgiven Peter. *smile* The camera loves you and we at SF love you more. What do you see in your future? What comes next for Peter? PH: UCS is very strict with their rules so I should be very careful with who I am working with. I just renewed my contract with them last January. Branching out, well, I do work outside the agency but as a professional photographer, not a model. The working environment of SF Team is really great, that’s why I really love you guys so much. SF gave me the opportunity to work with lots of pretty ladies of different ethnicities. I still want to try and do more things, show how diverse my modelling skills to everyone. I enjoy making love to the camera so more photo shoots for next issues. You will definitely see more faces of Peter Hilaga in the future. I’m also an active in-house photographer of Simatography for the Sims International Film Festival (SIFF) events. That made me exposed to the creative world of machinima. That industry is very fascinating. I want to try acting. I can face the camera without fear, but I think I still need to nurture my skills in film acting. Who knows, you might see me appear acting on TV commercials. ASM: Well I can’t wait... I hear Old Nectar may be hiring! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to get to know you Peter. It’s been a pleasure. I for one can’t wait to see more of you... now that I know you’re you that is. *wink*


“Despite what people think of cowboys, they take pride in how they look, and that look is important to them.� - Steve Kanaly


Ride ‘em Cowboy by MINRAED Cozy on up Cowpokes – winter’s not over yet, but you can be dang sure that warmer weather will be here before ya’ll know it. We’ve got some Western styles that we recon will have ya’ll looking pretty sharp this Spring. DENIM – Rugged and versatile; no Western get up should be without it. LEATHER – Fashion and function; the quintessential addition to any Western wardrobe. PLAID – Definitive and nostalgic; choose modern variations of this old-fashioned classic.


“God intended women to be outside as well as men, and they do not know what they are missing when they stay cooped up in the house.� - Annie Oakley

“Talk low, talk slow, and don’t say too much.” - John Wayne

“Every little kid wants to grow up to be a cowboy, and I did.” - Lee Iacocca



Glitz Glam

Images and Finds by Madison1909 Words by AsiaShaMecca

With so many different cuts - from sheaths to strapless to v-necks, there is a glittery dress to suit any style... Sequins for Sims... does the phrase make you cringe? Sometimes a Sim just wants to shine. It can be a blacktie event or a night on the town in Bridgeport, but your Sims should to be classy, not trashy. So, what makes a great sequin dress? It seems so easy when CC shopping. But get her in CAS... not so much. There are lots of choices out there, but this is the rare exception where the mesh isn’t the thing. The sequin dress is MADE by the finishing details. These choices are original, well finished and really convey the sparkle effect. There is always a party in Bridgeport. Choose any of these and your Sim will truly sparkle.

WHERE TO FIND: Backless Sequin Dress by Ekky Sims

Shoes by Lili

Strapless “Lunaire” Dress by Hasel

Necklace by Peggy

Sweater by Shakeshaft

Disco Skirt by Kelxaa

Shoes by ShakeProductions

Long Beaded Neckalce by Rose

This striped number by Hasel is oh so sexy without being over the top. This is the LBD done GLAM! The dress seems basic but the wide stripe detail and those well finished crystal like sequins make it a standout. Pair it with some killer heels and let your Sim dance the night away. Her celebrity status is sure to rise!

When a fashionista pairs casual with designer she either falls flat or really makes people stop and take notice (think Sharon Stone). Simple lines make this look work. Pull off this tricky combo with a classic casual piece like this white ready to wear sweater by Shakeshaft and a simple designer addition like this disco skirt by Kelxaa. The lines of this skirt and blouse are timeless. The sparkling detail of the skirt? To die!


Finishing details by the creator make the dress. These offerings shine!

Effortless class. No one does it better than Ekky Sims. This is high-shine liquid sequin look is THE dress to catch eyes when your Sim would like to show a little sass (and a little leg). The detailing makes it seem as if the light is shining on your Sim alone. Length here is perfect for cocktail, formal or the power nightspot. Your Sim will demand attention, once she elbows her way into VIP that is.



said you can

never be too thin or too rich. Our models rang in the New Year




fabulous frocks and extravagant surroundings.

What could be

better? Whether your Sim’s style is glittery glam, soft flowing silk or if she’s in love with lace, there is a look here to suit her fancy. From left to glorious right; a sparkling sequin full length gown with jeweled shoulder detail by guida11, one sleeve black lace mini by Rusty Nail and strapless lace full length gown by Judie. Is she feeling more naughty than nice?

We suggest this crystal

on sheer mini by Tegi. Or maybe the mood is soft and romantic. This ruffled bandage creation by Judie is sure to please or perhaps this



dress by Harmonia.


Skinny... Pretty... Rich...

by AsiaShaMecca

29 25

The holiday party season draws to a close, but there’s always an event on your Sims calendar. Sim Society demands a certain... savoirfaire.

These gowns would

make any lady the belle of the ball. So, pop open the bubbly, share a joke or just lounge about looking breathtaking. These dresses are sure to make your Sim’s celebration

30 26


35 31

Bright Color-rich Shadow Green, blue, red, orange, yellow and hot pink, whatever your Sim’s heart desires. Pair with cat eyeliner or bold long eyelash liner. Even a bright lip is ok here. The idea is COLOR. Soft natural cheeks so your bright touches grab the eye. You can do everything this Spring but your Sim craves bold and beautiful... not clown and crass.

28 32

Photography by Madi1909 Words by AsiaShaMecca


pring Ahead

There is still a chill in the year but fashion thinks ahead. Beauty does too. As you’re planning your Sim’s Spring/Summer Wardrobe, neglect not her look. These make-up trends demanded notice on the runways for S/S 2011. Fall/Winter is behind us. Put away the Purple and the Earth tones. Red lips are always a classic but they aren’t the “it” look for Spring. So how is the fashionable Sim applying her warpaint in the coming season? With a bit of preparation your Sim can easily adopt these new looks and make them her own.

Natural Make-up Soft. Unpretentious. Barely there. These are the watchwords when you’re preparing this look. Smokey eyes in rich soft brown, a brush of color to the cheeks and near nude lips with a hint of shine. If they’re wondering if your Sim put on makeup at all, she’s on the right track. The natural look is your Sim... only more so.


Smokey Eyes Yes! Smokey eyes aren’t going anywhere soon. Learn it. Wear it. Love it. This is a classic makeup style. It’s pretty much always “in”. The Spring/Summer eye is tamed and faded. Blended three color shadows work well here. Use natural flesh tones for the inner lid and make the outer eye a darker brow. CAS your Sims eyeliner a natural skin tone or leave it out altogether for that trend-setting faded look.

Icy... mysterious... enticing... “It’s a nice day for a black wedding....” 34

Bold Lips Bring your Sims sex appeal back after a long cold winter with bright lipstick colors. Hot pink, orange or coral red are all hot for Spring and guaranteed to grab attention. Don’t lose the rest of the face to the bright spot, go for black lashes and soft shadows to the eyes. Remember the focus though; those glorious lips.


New Year e w Y o u Before

Images & Styling by Madison1909 Words by AsiaShaMecca Custom Sims got you down. Ready to take a break from CC you didn’t choose or the occasional nightmare of random crashing? There are so many talented Sim makers out there its easy to overdose. But we sometimes forget that The Sims came with perfectly good Sims right out of the box. Maybe you like CC, but don’t indulge in mods like sliders or Skin tones. With some basic Custom Content you chose, these “puddings” can become prima donnas. Don’t believe us?... take a look at the Base Game Sim we made over here. Let’s imagine its a New Year and Bonita Basic needs a New Look.


First, the face... With highlighters to brighten the skin, Bonita achieves a beautiful glow and 3D depth to her skin. CC makeup can also add more dimension to a bin Sim’s look with very little load on hard drive space (and let’s face it, we need as much drive space as we can for our little CC furniture habit).




As for the ‘do... You may not need a lot of custom hair if you choose the right custom hair. Any of these styles can go from casual to formal easily. Of course a Sim likes her choices but any one would give you many different looks.


For the formal look... One or two stand-out pieces will really make a bin Sim look like a million dollars. We selected these classic shoes by Stylist Sims and new dress by Elynia for their distinctive shapes. Bravo for the clutch by NataliS!


This is SF... So fashion is our passion. Custom content has many uses though. This mesh by Liana trims the waist without sliders. “Does this outfit make me look thin?” Bonita asks. YES! Classic high fashion Accessories are a must. They don’t take up much hard drive space either and can turn an outfit into a “LOOK”.

And viola! From basic to beatific in a few simple steps and with very little custom content. Happy New Year Bonita... get out of the bin and show off your New You!




‘The Romantic Getaway’ Shusett House by Gissence Words by Okadoka, Photography by AsiaShaMecca The feeling of being loved is a basic human need. Romance however, is often a luxury. Our Sim couples often find themselves too busy with the everyday chores of taking care of children, maxing up their skills, going on quests, and finding that next gemstone to add to their collections to seek romance. But at this time of year, as the snow is melting and the birds are starting to sing, and the lawn is growing greener, they begin to feel those romantic urges and want to just get it away from it all and spend much needed time getting back to knowing each other in an intimate sense yet again. Sometimes, it is just impossible for them to getaway, uncooperative butlers, babysitters who don’t tend to the baby, demanding careers, these are just a few of the reasons. If this describes your Sim couples, don’t fret as we have found the perfect solution. Make your home THE romantic getaway, as our couple featured in this photo shoot did.

ARTISTS PAGE: LINK TO LOT: * * Be sure to follow the special instructions for lot placement.


39 35

A community renowned builder Gissence had built the perfect lot. A home that carried nostalgic history. Gissence based this lot on a home by the famous architect John Lautner. Lautner’s home originally built in 1940 was recently demolished by the current owners. Luckily for our Sims Gissence was able to capture the essence of the home before demolition took place. This home is spacious enough to raise a family with the layout of the home such that you can find much needed privacy. Boasting four bedrooms and two and a half bath this was the home our couple was looking for. They turned off all clocks, telephones and electronic devices and spent their first weekend in the home wrapped up in the ultimate romantic getaway. This turned out to be a weekend they can remember every time they walk around their home. We at SF Magazine got a chance to talk with Gissence about his lot, its inspiration, and his future plans. Oka: How did you first become aware of John Lautner? Gissence: There is a bit of a story here that goes back to my VISCERAL lot. That build started out as a foul-hearty attempt at replicating, in some vague way the Tony Stark man cave seen on the set of the Iron Man movie. Upon researching it I read a question by someone asking if the Stark mansion was a Lautner design. Being architecturally unschooled, I had never heard of Lautner before, but I know a lead when I see it so the rest is history. Oka: What do you like about his work? Gissence: For a long time I never saw myself doing modern builds. They were just an endless variation of themes on the line and the box...thanks but not for me. Then I began looking at modern architectural design and noticed two things virtually nonexistent in modern sim builds: 1) dug-in vertical foundations and, 2) the curve. This is where Lautner comes in. As I scanned through his body of work it started to click how specifically I could translate some of these elements into the game. Other builds not connected with Lautner but show the vertical foundation are my FALLENTREE, IPSO FACTO, and GOSHEN builds. Oka: What drew you to this specific lot? Gissence: The half circle with a tree for its epicenter, then how the roof line descends down as it heads to the outer perimeter. There’s many a limitation with sim building so when you find an angle you have to exploit it. I found one with curvaceous roof lines. The light bulb went on when I saw Shusett’s roof line.

Oka: What was the most difficult aspect of the build? Gissence: To make the roof realistic you basically have to create four sloping friezes connecting at 45 degree angles. Every single square on the top layer has to be massaged with CFE. When you get all that done and if something needs to be changed or was overlooked underneath where the split occurs you have to do the roof all over again. I think I did this roof 2 or 3 times, which is about normal. Sometimes I get a question on my guestbook about how I did it. Ask Chevy how it puts together a Malibu. It’s not quite that complicated but you get the idea. A little tenacity and a sack of jasmine green tea usually sees the project through. Oka: What was your favorite part of the home? Gissence: Tree, pool area with the overlooking patio Oka: How did you go about finding info on the portions of the property that had already been demolished? Gissence: It happened to be on the web site that had the photo that caught my eye. While sympathetic to

historical preservation (one of my properties is the fourth oldest in our county, c.1779) I really wasn’t following the demolition. Oka: Were there any aspects of the property you were unable to recreate? Gissence: There is a straight single story wing going off at about 10 o’clock that I did not do. I seldom if ever reproduce a property as it exists. I gain impetus from the elements that I like and my heart and mind take it from there Oka: Are you planning on recreating any more of Lautner’s works? Gissence: Not currently but I’d like to think so. Garcia House looks quite tasty. I’m currently (and rabidly) pursuing tomb building. Let me encourage any builders to look into this aspect of the game. The learning curb is a bit steep but the possibilities will blow you away! You can’t judge it by the WA in-game tombs. It’s like comparing PhotoShop to your five year old daughter’s Crayola program. A link to information on the original home is included below:


Words by Madison1909 Images by Kementari 42

Bringing Sexy Back

A sophisticated modern bedroom with touches of Honeysuckle - Pantones’ Color of 2011.

C:0 M:86

Y:16 K:0

We are often drawn to dramatic bedrooms for their dark, saturated walls, bold bedding, over-sized artwork and heavy drapes. However, some of those choices often seem unrealistic for our own homes. Truly though, a dramatic bedroom can be created with just a few tricks of the trade. A touch of color, a unifying element, a monochromatic window covering or even dimmed lighting may just be the right component for your electrifying bedroom.

Chandelier by isabel

Fireplace by deeiutza

Painting by paramiti

Chair & Ottaman by Angela

Mirror Floor by Murano

Square Art by Camillehttp://

Flower Painting by Christin1

Bed by Desdren


Homes & Interiors

You can start by adding a focal point - like a large piece of artwork or some dramatic prints. Create a visual flow by unifying your style with the appropriate colors and accessories. And as for lighting; instead of flooding your room with just one bright ceiling light try using individual lamps and candles in different areas of the room to achieve a more intimate - and cozy- feel. Study these examples, and soon you will be off and running to create your dramatic sleeping space!



Interview by Minraed Pictures by Kementari


M: Do you have any formal or informal style or design training? K: No nothing at all. I have just always loved decorating and crafty stuff. I love making things and craft stores are like a little piece of heaven for me. My mum and I used to go to a store back in Australia called Spotlight, we used to tell my dad that we were going to our church to pray to the craft gods. M: It seems that you have some distinct colour preferences that you work most creatively with. What are your favourite colour palettes to work with?

Homes & Interiors

Recently Sims Interior Design hosted the first of hopefully many SID’s Design Star Challenge – with Kementari’s star creativity placing her in the winner’s circle. From the eyes of the fans of Kementari’s design work in Sims3 it appears as if it all comes naturally. Her designs appear polished and professional with a fluid and liveable feel to them. However, Kementari herself would tell you that this is not always true – inspiration does not always come automatically, especially when challenged with designs that don’t fall into her preferences. Even so, Kementari consistently digs in and steps outside of her comfort zone to prove to her fans that anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

K: I absolutely LOVE muted colors, earthy tones and soft pastels. I like the washed out look. I am not a big fan of bright sharp colors. No I shouldn’t say that; I just don’t know how to use them effectively, but they are nice to pop a room every now and then. M: I have been noticing your designs for quite some time as you have been designing with the Triple Take Studios Design Challenges and there is definitely a common feel to your creations. How would you describe the signature Kementari style?


K: You know we had a little debate about this exact same thing over at Living Sims and the result was.....well, that there wasn’t one. I really have no clue what my style is. I LOVE Pottery Barn style and I like a mix of rustic/country/shabby and contemporary. So if you can think of what my style is PLEASE tell me, I would love to know. The funny thing is my favourite style is Medieval. Who knew right! But of course it’s not something that you can apply to just any home so I go more for the above. M: During the SID competition you mentioned struggling with the Fashion Inspired challenge where you were required to create a space inspired by Garth Pugh’s (spring summer?) fashion line. Why was this so challenging for you? K: Firstly there was no color. Secondly I could tell by the inspiration pictures that it would have to be a more minimalist room. Now anyone that knows me knows I am the clutter Queen! I found it incredibly hard to make the room not look boring with just greys and little clutter. I still think I failed miserably at that challenge. M: I was particularly awed by your designs for the bunker, the public toilets for the Lolita club, and the nursery challenges. What was your favourite room challenge in the SID competition? K: Wow, that is a real tough one; they each had their pros and cons for me, but if I had to pick just one I would pick the bathrooms at club Lolita. I loved trying to make the room look top end classy but with that pink color palette and for men too!? I really pushed myself to bring the “wow factor” for the simple reason it was a restroom. I mean who really cares about a toilet?


K: It would be somewhere warm and tropical. The house would be open floor plan, huge windows with breezy sheers, muted colors throughout like dusty rose, soft blue, sea green lots of beige and offwhite with rustic decor, like branches and twigs in glass jam jars. It would be a mix of rustic and tropical. Or‌a cabin in a forest with big comfy furniture, big tall old trees, ferns and candles everywhere, and soft, thick, shaggy rugs. Just open a catalogue of pottery barn and there that would be my home.

A great designer can be defined as one who demonstrates versatility while still retaining a certain signature quality that identifies their work and is able to step outside of their comfort zone to appease the client’s demands. Also, a great designer pays attention to every detail and texture. Kementari is clearly all of these things and has proven herself to be an inspiration to us all. Thank you to Kementari for sharing your insights with SF Magazine readers.

Homes & Interiors

M: If you could have a dream home anywhere in the world that you could decorate to your heart’s content, where and what would it be like?



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aroque interiors


Volume 1 - Issue 8

Fab Finds The Hipster

Bachelor Pad

Blue Blood Fashion


Image by AsiaShaMecca


Contents 52

Editor’s Note & Contributors


The Hipster


Designer Spotlight - Fresh Prince


Fab Finds


Blue Blooded


Get the Look - Teen Idol


Gents Styles & Cuts


Homes & Interiors ‘The Bachelor Pad’


Staff Editor in Chief & Executive Director M a d i 1909 Senior Design Editor and Production Director Allium Senior Fashion Editor & Editorial Development Director & Writer AsiaShaMecca

Editors Notes

Superpogimon Senior Fashion Photographer, Contributing Men’s Editor and Stylist

Somewhere along the line we realized (shocker!!!) that men care about

Minraed Executive Interior Design Director and Contributing Fashion Photographer – Writer

somehow that didn’t seem enough. Well, you requested it. We listened

fashion too! At SF we proudly offer a men’s editorial every month, but... and this is the result: our first men’s issue of SF Magazine! We’ve got

Okadoka Executive Architectural Design Editor Writer

new contributors, all new looks and it’s all for the guys!!!

Kementari Contributing Interior Design Editor and Fashion Photographer

Get to know the talent behind the most awesome cars a Vehicle Enthusiastic

DrMusix Mens Fashion Stylist - Writer

incredibly talented Fresh Prince.

JMelo Associate Fashion Photographer & Stylist My-Sim-Style Associate Interior Designer & Photographer Meestor Mark Marketing Development Director & Writer SomeSimGuy Associate Fashion Writer

Contributors Mo Greekie Contributing Photographer and Style Director on “Teen Spirit” Editorial Ninjon Contributing Photographer and Stylist on “The Hipster”

could hope to own with an extra Designer Showcase featuring the

Once you’ve got your ride right, build your Sim the ultimate modern man cave with fabulous interiors from our newest contributor; Jisgr8. Is your Sim in need of some new gear? No problem. Get a new look for your Sim guys... The UK invasion is here with our Blue Blooded fashion editorial. Feeling more urban and less... metro? Welcome new fashion contributor Ninjon with his edgy Hipster showcase and surprise writing contributor MeestorMark. Teen Idols take heart. We’ve got you covered too. Or explore your inner

Fahdil Contributing Photographer and Stylist on “Designer Showcase: Fresh Prince”

Rockstar with our men’s Fab Finds.

Jisgr8 Contributing Photographer and Interior Designer on “Bachelors Pad”

result of much labor and effort. We sincerely

What you’re viewing on our screen is the hope you enjoy it. Fashion isn’t just for the ladies anymore.

Cover Photography by SuperPogimon


Welcome to SF Men’s!


Image by AsiaShaMecca


Well made. Well tailored. Well dressed.


Images by Ninjon Words by MeestorMark


The H i pster








music and film. Re-invigorating pop culture from the past. These are all parts of the Hipster style. You see them in city settings world-wide. Whether they are supporting progressive politics or their friends’




hipsters are young and involved in their urban scene, all the while, giving a retro-trendy vibe with




interests in fashion and culture.

The staple of the hipster style is the consignment shop. From shoe styles of anywhere in the past, to plaid flannel of the 90’s grunge, to skinny jeans, to thick rim glasses, and to loud flamboyant belts, the hipster can resurrect many pieces from thrift shops around the world. Each hipster creating their own look. Part retro, part trendy, intellectual, while always exuding cool with their unique finds and look. The hipster thrift style carries over to their urban apartments as


well, bringing new life to many funky furniture pieces and accessories.


Garrett The





hipster wardrobe: a pair of old Converse; retro t-shirts; (bring on the irony, cartoons, and 80’s and 90’s nostalgia please) skinny



black but not mandatory) wild, attention grabbing belts; hats to top off the look; and of course, the



good thrift shops and vintage

Tolban 56


shops to find all those retro hidden treasures.


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Old Nectar


SF A Monthly Insight into ‘Who-is-Who’ of Custom Content Fashion Designers

Designer Showcase Fres Prince By DrMusix

“Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black” ~ Henry Ford, 1909

Does your sim need a 2009 Ferrari or the 2011 BMW 550i? There is only one person that comes to mind when dreaming of a custom content car for our sims... Fresh-Prince. For our double-sized issue, I have been given the honor of getting to know the simming community’s most renown car creator. I was overjoyed that he was able to take time out of his busy schedule to allow me to interview him. As standard of a first question as anyone can get, let’s start with “Tell me about yourself”. FP: My name is Joseph, I’m 18, and I live in the United States. I’ve been creating custom content since I was 13, so I pretty much dont have much of a life, haha. But I absolutely love cars and the sims, and I always have. My dream is to own a black Audi one day. I’m a very simple person and I am humble in real life, I guess I can say. I like things and people who are down to earth and I love sharing my creations for others to enjoy, and that’s why I have my website.


Are you currently attending school? If so, how does it currently affect your time in creating new cars and objects for the sims? FP: I am currently a freshman at college and I major in graphic arts. College has such a huge affect with the amount of time I have left for creating new things [than it did] in high school. College is much more time consuming than high school was, so it’s hard to find the time to make something I want. I must say it’s challenging to balance school, work and my creations all at once, but I manage. Being a student myself, I can relate to your time constraints in balancing studies with sims related activities.

Photography by Fadhil

I have to get this out there, but I believe you are the ultimate go to guy for the latest and most up-to-date custom content cars for the sims. What got you started in creating cc cars? FP: Thank you! I’ve always been a crazy car fanatic. I can pretty much name every car on the streets, and it was like that since I started. The reason I wanted to create cc cars is because I have such a passion for cars in real life, and I find them to be inspiring. So I thought it would be great to take my passion of cars and turn it into something that I can share with others, and that’s where cc cars came in. I find your enthusiasm very awe inspiring. Its great that you were able to your passion for cars into an, almost, enterprise of such renown. Can you remember the first item you created? FP: I created houses most of the time before I started making objects, but I remember the first objects I created was a dining room set that was like the one I had in my dining room, at my own house, at the time. It was quite shocking to see that I could actually make an object for myself. What has been your biggest sims related accomplishment since your debut as a cc creator? FP: I would have to say getting my first featured creation on Mod The Sims. On MTS, I had a different account before I became Fresh-Prince, and that’s where I got my first featured item, which were custom shelves. I don’t think I ever felt anything like that when I found out that they were featured. I was just beyond happy, and I felt so good about myself. I felt like someone was noticing the work I put into my creations, and I really just appreciated that. I’d do anything to get that same feeling again. Besides cars you also dabble in other types of Custom Content. Are there any other types of items that you enjoy producing? FP: I love building houses and designing them in the sims. I used to want to be an architect, which would explain my fondness of building things. I also enjoy creating an occasional download that has to do with fashion or sims. I’ve made a few sim things like hair, clothing and accessories, and I find it very refreshing because it’s something new to make, and it’s fun to learn new things instead of just always making a car. I like making sim things of what I would want on a self sim, so I usually enjoy making male fashions. I love modern and edgy things, and that translates from the cars I like to the clothes that I like. You are like a jack of all trades when it comes to creating. I am especially amused that you create male fashions. I cant get enough custom male fashions. On your website, you host download links for your sims 2 creations. Do you still create and support your sims 2 cc? FP: I do still make items for Sims 2, but not as often as I do for Sims 3. I’ve been making cc for Sims 2 for about 5 years now, so I don’t find it as exciting, new and experimental as Sims 3. Is it easier for you to create cc for sims 2 or sims 3? FP: That’s a hard question. I guess it’s easier for sims 3, definitely more fun for sims 3. But Sims 3 is limited to what I can make, so in that aspect Sims 2 is easier since I can make something and I know it will work. For sims 3 it’s more of a guessing game. But I do get more out of making sims 3 cc.


I have made several attempts to make cc for and I it baffles me how much work goes into creating the simplest of things. What advise would you give aspiring cc creators who would like to follow in your footsteps? FP: Just keep on trying and follow your passions. When you know you want to do something and want to accomplish something, you just can’t give up. I know I’ve told many people this, but I failed many times trying to make my first cc car. So I did give up, but a few months later I decided I wanted to try it again, and I just worked until I got it. If I didn’t go back and try again, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So just do what you do best, and keep striving to stay up to date and learn new techniques, and eventually just try to satisfy one person with your creations. If one person is happy with something I’ve made, then I’ve done my job. For those of us who cannot create cc, but are very determined to obtain a special item, do you take requests? If so, do you have a preference on the type of request? FP: I do take some requests on my forums. I prefer sims 3 objects, and I guess I prefer any type of requests. I don’t mind requests, in fact I do like them because they inspire me, but I don’t like it when people assume that you will automatically make everything they tell you to, and then they get mad if I can’t make it. So I like requests that have people’s respect and understanding with them, if that’s not too cheesy to say. Its great that you are open for requests. I have a long list of things. Do you think your forum is capable of handling the capacity of my requests? I’m kidding, but I do have a few things. Look for my request in the next few days. Beside creating cc, do you enjoy playing the sims 3? What types of interesting adventures have you put your sims through? FP: I never really play the game that much, but I have started playing it a bit recently and found it very enjoyable. I like keeping it real, and just start of with a single sim or a couple. I always wind up making a sim version of myself to play as. Anyway, I just buy a small cheap house, and keep on working to buy new furniture and expand the house. I actually try to make enough money to buy my own cc cars, and then I realize I don’t like them because they are too expensive and sporty and my sims can’t afford them, haha. The creator cant afford his own creations? That is definitely ironic. Is there any additional information that you would like to share with readers? FP: I’d just like to say thank you for this great opportunity to do an interview with you guys. I think SF Magazine is such a great sims project, and that it really show cases the talent we have in the sims community. It’s so nice to read the magazine and be able to feel inspired to make something just as cool as you see in the magazine. Every time I read the magazine it makes me want to create fashion for sims, and then I just figure I’ll leave it to these experts. Anyway, thanks so much again, and keep up the amazing work and creativity! Thank you for your kind words, but it is you that deserves the greatest thanks and praise. Without cc creators, like yourself, SF Magazine would not exist.


Photography by Fresh Prince

I imagine that the programs a creator would use for each game would be completely different. What tools do you use in creating your items? FP: I use various different tools for different things. I use Milkshape 3d and 3ds Max for meshing, animating and texturing everything, and then I used SimPE for ts2 objects and TSR Workshop for sims 3 objects. My favorite part of making a object is texturing it.

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Pogi’s Picks

Finger Ring by Irinka @ Sims 3 Stuff by Irinka

T-shirt by Darko @ Darko Sims

Wrist Band & Necklace by TumTum @ My Blue Book

Tattoo Sleeve by newone08 @ One Billion Pixels

Electric Guitar by EA @ High-End Loft SP

Earrings by Lemonleaf @ Lemonleaf ’s Sims Cafe

Boots by aikea_guinea @ Club Crimsyn

I’m with the band!



Ready to reach that ambition of being a Rock Star? Have you got those skills maxed but feel your missing...... something? Even if you aren’t quite there, check these finds and give your budding musician a makeover. Sure, he need those gigs and skills... but while you’re getting his act together, your Sim guy can get the look of the a rock star with these fab finds!


2. AnGeLD. @ TSR

3. newone08 @ MTS


5. Ekky_Sims @ TSR

6. aikea_guinea @ Club Crimsyn

6 jeans

ogim P r e Sup uy y b phy eSimG a r g om to Pho s by S d Wor


e d u e l B ood l B A significant part of men’s fashion today comes from the UK. From the necktie knots you use to the English prep school look, there’s a very long list of fashion influences from across the pond. This Spring/Summer, however, the English gene continues to claim the spotlight. Here’s how to arm – and dress – for the Brit invasion.

First consider the three piece suit. The three-piece suit is the gold standard of suiting. Not only do you get an additional piece (for mixing and matching); you also get a way to keep sharp even when you’re not wearing the jacket.

Natty patterns give a tweedy feel for the class conscious Sim. Slim fits (especially with the vest and jacket) and smart use of color mixing will distinguish Blue Blood. Wear it with similarly modern base items like a slim necktie and a fresh, patterned shirt. Ladies, you had better pull yourselves together for Spring/Summer 2011, or you’ll be out-dressed by the men!

















Get The Look

from theDrMusix

All Star Chucks

Leisure Shirt

Zippered Sweater

Cotton Pants -

Armani Exchange Cotton Vest




een Idol.

They sing. They dance. They act. Besides being great performers and singers, todays teen idols also have a goal to make themselves the fashion and style icons among the youths.

They are always the center of attraction because of their dresses and different styles. That’s why people are now gravitating towards them because they look not only very modern, but also chic and tangible; anyone could actually wear that too. Their look exemplifies high school fashion and this is gives the vibe that they wear the clothes, clothes are not wearing them. There are definitely some key elements that really define the teen idol style. Use Straight-leg or skinny jeans, mix-and-match patterns, with a blend of everyday wear. The main thing is, you have to have fun with a more youthful look and don’t be afraid of color. So if you want to know how to dress like a teen idol, here are 4 looks you can easily replicate.


Hair Showcase


Gent’s Styles Cuts Sure, we think of clothes and shoes to show style and individuality. But we often tend to forget the hair style. For ladies, hair is the ultimate finish to define a look. Duh!... Guess what? Men like to care for their hair and search for hairstyle ideas too. Young Sim guys are becoming more hair conscious. Unfortunately the choices are somewhat limited. Lots for the ladies but what about the gents? Look for no further. Here we present a plethora of cuts. Some of these are well loved classics and some are brand new dos. But whatever your style, there is a look to suit.

28 38

The Bookworm

The Emo

The Ladies Man

Images by SuperPogimon Words by SomeSimGuy

The Businessman

The Hero

The Rebel

39 The Metrosexual

Elevate Your Life Make it your No 1 city break destination...


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bachelor PAD 42 78

Words by Minraed Images by Jisgr8 Today’s city bachelors are turning their heads at the stereotypical dorm-like disasters and taking pride in their stylish abodes.


Homes & Interiors

Our featured bachelor pad emphasizes light and lines. Clean geometry and minimalist dÊcor lends itself to a neat and eye-catching appeal. Neutral tones of greys and browns don’t go wrong here. The result is at once tranquil and transcendental. Uncluttered, this small space does not allow for feeling boxed in, on the contrary; with a stunning view over the city below, this apartment allows you to breathe deep with the ambiance of endless space.


Homes & Interiors

Modern features are sure to impress when that special lady friend comes to visit. Oversized art and a dramatic dining room chandelier create an astounding impact, while sharp lines are softened by comfortable curves and soft edges in both lighting and furnishings throughout; an exemplary oasis for both entertaining and relaxing.

Get The Look

for your home

Mango Sims

The Modern Bachelor. One-up your friends, impress the ladies. Simpossible

Stylist Sims


links Inside Cover Page 6-9

Artwork by Madison1909

Razor’s Edge by Kementari Model: Edge by Kementari (Not Available for Download) Pants and Top set by blondblond Accessory belt by Lorandia Dress for Daria by Meroni Lace back dress by Corey gown by NataliS

Page 10-11

Get The Look: Rock Chic - Images by Madison1909 Tee by Judie Shoes: Mariniére pumps by Cyrilk Pants: Skinny Leather by Judie Scarf by lili “This is for” Sweater by Hasel Knit Dress by Myos Casual Knit Dress by NataliS Cable Knit Tunic Dress by Judie Abstract Jersey Tunic by Judie Versace Colorblock Knit by Judie

Page 14-15

Teen Spirit - Images by Madison1909 Models by Jennabray (aged down) Earrings by Black Sweety Long Scarf by Peggy White Loose Top by Judie Summer Fashion skirt - Lemonleaf Stockings by Lili Short Ugg Boots by aniaorazova School Girl Jacket Set by Lemonleaf Messenger Bag by Peggy Knit Dress With Sweater Vest by Judie Skinny Jeans & Graphic Tee by Nadiah Short Scarf by Lili Gloves by EA Base Game Porkpie Hat with Bow by Peggy Glitter Embellish Dress by trunksgirl101 Rock Me Stockings by ManGa_Ka92 Gloves by EA Base Game Wedge Suede Ankle Boots by Gosik Heart Belted Tank by Evie Cowboy Hat by EA Base Game Hair by Newsea


Page 22-25

Ride ‘Em Cowboy - Images by Minraed Scarlette Knight by Minraed Habibi by Superpogimon Not available for download Belted Balmain Jeans by Ekinege Docker Boots on Heels by Simsimay “Sweety” Corset Top by Nia Sequin Waistcoat by Harmonia09 Belted Denim Shorts by Harmonia09 Metallic Sandals by BluElla Earrings by Lianna Women’s Plaid Shirt by Harmonia09 Victoria Beckham Jean by Harmonia09 Cutout Leather Sandals by Simsimay Plaid Men’s Shirt by Ekky_Sims Men’s Boots by Club Crimsyn Sweater & Jean Outfit by simseviyo Corset Heels by Ekinege

Page 28-31

Skinny... Pretty... Rich... - Images by AsiaShaMecca LACE LOOKS Model by JennaBray Full Length Lace Dress by Judie Gloves & Cigarette Holder by daluved1 Short Lace Sleeve Dress by RustyNail Crystal Sandals by Gosik Lace Masks by aniaorazova SPARKLE LOOKS Alicia by Tinuviel,3816.0.html Long Sequin Gown by Guida11 Milina by IMHO Short Crystal Dress by Tegi SOFT LOOKS Emma by AngelD. Full Length Bandage Dress by Judie Leila by Tinuveil Chiffon Cocktail Dress by Harmonia09 Shoes by Lili

Page 32-35

Beauty: Spring Ahead - Images by Madison1909 Models by JennaBray (unless otherwise noted) Bright Color-rich Shadow Eyeshadow: Fierce by Lady Frontbum Blush: HIDef Contouring by KittyKlan Lipstick: Lip Finity Pro by Lemonleaf Costume: Tifa Face Blusher Hair: Lemon Grass by Newsea Natural Makeup Shadow: EA Base Game Eye Liner by EA Base Game Blush: HIDef Contouring by KittyKlan Lipstick: Lip Gloss Pack by Shyne Costume: Tifa Face Blusher Hair: Baroque Female by Newsea


32-35 Cont.

Smokey Eyes Amber Rose by Madison1909 Not available for download Shadow: Misty by EMMZX Eye Liner: None Blush: SoftGlo by KittyKlan Lipstick : Moisture Sheer by Channy & VIVIN Costume: Tifa Face Blusher Hair: Aphrodite by Newsea Bold Lips Eye Shadow & Liner: EA Base Game Blush: SoftGlo by KittyKlan Lipstick : Moisture Sheer by Channy & VIVIN Costume: Tifa Face Blusher Hair: Faux Hawk Ponytail by Coolsims

Page 36-37

New Year, New You - Images by Madison1909 Everyday Look Outfit by Liana Hermes Bag by NataliS Earrings by Liana Hair by Ulker Formal Look Ruffle Dress by Elynia Shoes by Stylist Sims Clutch Bag by NataliS Nair by Newsea

Page 38-41

Lot Showcase: The Romantic Getaway - Images by AsiaShaMecca Erika by AngelD. Prada Sundress by Judie Hair with Headband by Peggy Necklace by Peggy Swim Set by Harmonia09 Jimmy Choo Sandals by Harmonia09 Lace Dress Nightie by juttaponath 4-Channel Towel Wrap by Lili 4-Channel Head Towel by Lili Bra-Dress Formal by Judie Bacon by SuperPogimon Not available for download Dreads by Nextor_Torres Suit Jacket by RustyNail 3-Channel Men’s Trunks by Lili Rolled Sleeve Men’s Blazer by RustyNail Suit Trousers by RustyNail

Page 54-57

The Hipster - Images by Ninjon Models by NinJon Not available for download DANE Jacket by Darkosims3 Boots by EA Base Game Wrist Band by EA Late Night EP Hair by EA Sims 3 Store Facial Hair by kittyklan TOLBAN Rolled Jeans by aikea_guinea D&G Checkered Shirt by jla43


542-57 Cont.

Square Toed Boots by aikea_guinea

Cross Earrings by LemonLeaf Soul Patch by kittyklan Faux Hawk by aikea_guinea GARRETT Shirt & Boots by EA TS2 Jeans by aikea_guinea Hair by EA Spiked Bracelet by aikea_guinea CREW Layered Open Jacket by Myos Boots by EA Big Empty Jeans by aikea_guinea Wrist Band by EA Hair by TumTum

PIKE Tee by Nadiah Rolled Jeans by aikea_guinea Boots by aikea_guinea Spiked Bracelet by aikea_guinea Hair by TumTum Chin Strap Beard by kittyklan

Page 58-59 Late Night EP Ambitions EP Late Night EP Base Game

Old Nectar Advertisement - Image by Superpogimon Knickers Style Pants by Judie Horse by Victor_tor

Page 63

Armani Exchange Watch Advertisement - Image by Superpogimon

Page 64-65

Fab Finds: I’m With the Band - Images by Superpogimon

Page 66-69

Blue Blooded - Images by Superpogimon

AX Rubber Strap Watch by jla43

Model: Habibi Not available for download Ceiling Lamp by Angela Dressor by Angela Table Lamp by Irinka Tapestry & Book by VitaSims Rugs, Basket & Trunk by Simply Styling Rugs, Basket & Trunk by Simply Styling ACCESSORIES Coffee Table by Sims Must Have Sofas by Cemre Tea Tray by Apple Round End Table by VitaSims Curtains by Shino GEAR Fireplace by Awesims Open book by Sim_man123 Coffee Set by Shankshaft Gerber Daisies by Pocci Green Cushions by Shankshaft Table Lamp by Awesims Pouf by Exotic Elements Towel by Pilar Models by Superpogimon

Not available for download


66-69 Cont.

AMBOY Hair/Hat by EA Sweater/Tie Top by LemonLeaf Knickers by Judie Shoes by EA Store Yellow Roses by M&T. Sims Wayfarer Glasses by Tamo MANOLO Hair Replacement by Club Crimsyn 3 Piece Suit Outfit by EA Store Eye Glasses by Tamo Finger Ring by EA Base Game


D&G Pull-over & tie by jla43 Trousers by LemonLeaf Shoes by EA Gloves & Hat by EA CALEB Late Night EP Base Game

Hair Replacement by MissBonBon Victorian Morning Coat by Judie Pants by LorandiaSims3 Shoes by EA Store White Rose by M&T. Sims Face Mask by M&T. Sims TIM & TOM Hair 1 by Peggy Hair 2 by Peggy School Uniforms by LemonLeaf Glasses & Gloves by EA Base Game PETER Hair/Hat by EA Store Vest & Tie Top by RustyNail Pants by LemonLeaf Shoes by EA Late Night EP Finger Ring by EA Base Game


Audi R8 V10 Advertisement - Image by Fadhil Audi R8 V10 by Fresh Prince

Men’s Get the Look: Teen Idol - Image by Dr. Musix All Models by BryonyRae

Page 72-73 Page 74-75

Hair Showcase: Gent’s Styles & Cuts - Images by Superpogimon

Models by Superpogimon Not available for download THE EMO Hair by EA Late Night EP Eyebrows by haru no monooki THE BUSINESSMAN Hair by Savio Eyebrows by haru no monooki Chin Stubble Makeup by Aanderz THE REBEL Hair by Peggy Razored Stubble by bocboc256


74-75 Cont.

THE BOOKWORM Maxis Converted Hair by TumTum Untamed Stallion Brows by Arisuka Stubble by bobboc256 THE LADIES MAN Hair by Newsea Beard Stubble by Arisuka THE HERO Hair & Eyebrows by EA Base Game Extreme Beard by necrodog THE METROSEXUAL Hair by Peggy Untamed Stallion Brows by Arisuka

Page 78-81

Men’s Interiors: The Bachelor Pad - Images by Jisgr8 Mango Sims Face Painting & Broom Plant in Spherical Vase - Chameleon Set Two Lounge Sofas & Coffee Table - Pulp Set Thin Tall & Round Short Vases - Cabaret Set Hourglass Vase - Julo Set Seating in Kitchen (end table) Garor Bedroom Set The Sims 3 Store Rectangular Vase & Plant Stylist Sims End Table Under TV - Bedroom Page 1 Bed - Bedroom Page 1 Black Sideboard in Kitchen - Livingroom Page 1 Hourglass Vase - Julo Set Seating in Kitchen (end table) Garor Bedroom Set The Sims Resource Mirror Floor Set by Murano Simpossible TV - Livingroom Set, Sets Page 4 Round Coffee Table in Study - Livingroom Set, Object Sets Page 4 White Block End Table in Bedroom - Rest Set, Object Sets Page 7 Shelving in Bedroom - Moderno Office Set, Object Sets Page 4 Chair in Diningroom - November Dining Set, Object Sets Page 7 White Framed Windows - MOD Windows Set, Build Objects Page 3 Sims 3 Nieuws Fridge - Yana Kitchen Set by Zemm LemonJelly Sim Designs Rug in Lounge Rug in Study



Š Sims Fashionista 2 011

We b s i t e s FACEBOOK Sims Fashionista Sim Interior Designs Ltd

SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 08  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...

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