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April 2011

The cooperation between EU and Latin America - Article regarding import and export agreements in Latin America.

EU right? China wrong? Who says that? - Who is to judge? EU? China? Or you?


Why EU at all? - Why do we even bother having EU? what is it good for anyway?

April 2011

The cooperation between EU and Latin America

LATIN AMERICA Malene, Katrine & Alexander Import and export: In Europe, people are afraid that the South American imports, will take over in the European countries. For instance corn, other kinds of animal feeds, soy and beef, are just a couple of the materials which are being imported into Denmark and other European countries. The pork industry is also a large export in South America, and the pork is very cheap on the European supermarkets, when it is imported from South America. The picture: Farmers in Latin America

However a lot of things have changed over the past 10 years in Europe, Latin America and on a global level, creating new challenges and new priorities. Today EU is Latin America’s second largest trading partner, and the EU is the biggest investor in the region.

trade. A total of €61 million is earmarked for Brazil, mainly to help enhance the bilateral relations and then the environment. Many of the gas tanks in Brazil, sells Bio Ethanol Fuel, which is basically alcohol leftovers, which are being recycled creating a 100% environmentally friendly “power source”. The European Union and Latin America have enjoyed a strategic partnership since the first biregional summit in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1999. They are natural allies linked by strong historical, cultural and economic ties. They co-operate closely at international level and still maintain an intensive political dialogue at all levels - regional, sub regional (Central America, Andean Community and Mercosur) but also gradually at a mutual level.

Over the past 10 years the EU has financed more than 450 projects and programs accounting for more than 3 billion euro. Since 2000, the EU and the Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) has been in the process of negotiating a bi-regional Association Agreement, including a free trade area. Eu prioritizes Brazil more than any of [2] the other countries in Latin America in terms of

Two lovely farmers in Latin America working hard!

April 2011 Achievements: In the agreement from 2005 "a stronger partnership between the EU and Latin America" the

poor parts of Latin America; getting the development cooperation towards the reduction of poverty and social inequality and improve the level of education.

Commission tried to enhance the two-sided political dialogue between the EU and Latin America on a number of important areas. The main goal - which remains the EU's current strategic policy priorities - is to: Promote the negotiations about the region integration and to establish Association Agreements with the

Why EU at all EU is one big arrangement between certain states, who have decided to share common future. After the Second World War, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Robert Schuman represented a proposal to what we call the EU to day. The whole idea behind it was to establish some conditions to stop the wars between the participating countries and to ensure economic growth, stability and peace within at great work-ship with the EU parliament. It started with only six countries and since then it has expanded to the current twentyseven countries. EU has the strongest full demand about the environment and the climate, they are developed in many different areas. They are also covering the consumer politic and a big and very important term, money.

If EU builds its own military, it might give Europe a political independence and therefore more political power. Right now the EU budgets can not afford the greatest and largest military, but it would be a huge advantage for EU in the future. They would for example save some money instead of using America’s army. On March 27 Nato decided to take on the whole military operation in Libya. Southern Europe is affected by the immigrants coming from Libya, that’s why EU made an agreement to covers the exchange of classified information under reciprocal security protection rules. Instead of aggressive military action, United Nations should have sent peacekeeping forces to protect the Libyan civilians from the fighting.

Pros and cons of Turkey joining the EU

Turkey in the EU - why not? Turkey signed the Ankara association agreement in 1963 and became a candidate for EU membership in 1999. There is an ongoing discussion on whether or not Turkey should join the EU. Below we have listed som pros and cons

Military - What military? EU need to be more globalized and not only focused on their own development, because the European integration and the Islamic world as well as the famine in Africa which has an effect on the EU.


April 2011 Pros - The pipelines which bring oil and gas from Asia goes through Turkey. The economy of Turkey is in growth, some EU countries would benefit from this. - Turkey has the experience to mediate in the Middle East which EU countries lack. - Turkey has a strong military. The biggest part of the Turkish population is young and the number of welleducated are increasing. Turkey have in some ways already changed (a demand from the EU) by abolishing death penalty and introducing reforms in order to help the minority group (Kurds)






Cons with globalization, the world has become Many of the EU member countries have a smaller and it has become harder for population that is against Turkey joining the countries to solve all problems alone (What’s next the French speaking English it would be EU about time). The problem with the EU is that Turkey is not European looking at culture as the problems remain unsolved or is solved it is an Islamic culture is doesn’t fit the by negotiation between the national Christian EU governments. In those kind of negotiations If Turkey is allowed membership a wave of power account for more than good Turkish immigrants will come into other EU arguments as the agreements never become countries. adequate enough because all member for at indtaste tekst As Turkey is very big it wouldn’t Skriv take long countries have to agree on the matter. for them to get to much power in the EU This could make you wonder if the EU Even though Turkey’s economy is growing it countries elected governments have ever heard how they wunm, with the majority of is not rich enough to join yet meaning that votes? other EU countries would have to subsidize EU could implement this well-functioning it by tax. method in order to decide faster. Turkey doesn’t want to recognize the Armenian Genocide (1915). Meaning The EU has potential to become bigger as allowing them in the EU would create a very long as they maintain the principal that any hypocritical EU as many member countries European county can become a member as have strict laws against holocaust denial. long as they have: a stable democracy, protection of human rights, a functioning market economy and the will to follow the You could argue that EU is too snobbish rules of the EU. regarding Turkey. Yes they still have torture It is important to talk with one powerful voice in order to influence the world with the but people need to learn some way or democracy and human rights they have. another in fact the EU countries should learn Having a Common foreign and security from Turkey and adapt torture in order to policy (CFSP) is very important in order to fight crime. do this. Yes Turkey have a very different culture but the fear that they become too big a power in One of the major pros of the EU is the idea the EU and cause a lot of problems is just of a free market and free movement of work force and capital. It seems good but the EU being sad. has many restrictions and laws. Like the NO, the EU countries have very similar agricultural support. Removing the cultures but this is to ensure a good agricultural support would secure free cooperation and larger agreement, Turkey competition regarding food. has too different a culture to “fit” the EU. EU is a strong voice speaking to the rest of EU- Hell yeah the world however with too many support As mentioned the original idea of EU was to systems preventing free competition. end the neighbor wars and ensure peace among the countries together with stabilizing the economies. The idea of EU only seems natural along [4]

April 2011

EU right? China wrong? Who says that? In a world that is getting more and more globalized it is very common for people to lean towards the western values. For people in China it is becoming more of a trend to follow the westerners than ever before. One of the biggest issues in China is the lack of freedom, especially concerning the freedom of speech. Even though China is becoming more and more open due to the economic growth their freedom is still limited. The media has made it possible for the average Chinese to get access to the surrounding world, which has had the effect that the Chinese culture has been able to taste a bit of the western values. This is partially done throughout social medias like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Where people share information, get informed, upload videos, watch or read the news, commenting on people or things they like or dislike.

The language used on the internet is extremely free, enabling The Chinese to experience a bit of freedom which have brought fear upon the Chinese government. The Chinese government are afraid that if they do not control the people of China and limit their options of freely roaming the internet they will eventually lose control over the public and experience de-powering. In a little country like Denmark we have the right to upload videos on YouTube, even with the former prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen is being imitated in songs called ‘Der er ingen diskussion’ or ‘Minimalskat’. In a movie he is portrayed as the big daddy pimp gangster that can do as he wish. The Chinese population would not even be aloud to say a bad word about Wen Jiaobao in public or in normal conservations. The way of handling the freedom of speech goes almost directed to death penalty. Then again China does not follow the human rights. The way the government tries to prevent the surrounding world to communicate with Chinese people, is to keep chinese population unaware of what really goes on in the real world. By suppressing information from elsewhere. Should there really be freedom of speech? If there was no freedom of speech, would there be any conflicts?


April 2011


Becoming one nation should be possible, however our cultural differences could become controversial, and therefore prevent the unionization of EU. The fact that all the 29 countries share the same religious beliefs is indeed beneficial, but huge cultural differences could create a lot of conflicts. Is it possible that EU could become one nation? And is it a goal? Best regards Mohamed Yes becoming one nation has always been a goal. To quote Victor Hugo ‘A day will come when all the nations of this continent, without losing their distinct qualities or their glorious individuality, will fuse together in a higher unity and form the European brotherhood. A day will come when the only battlefield will be the marketplace for competing ideas. A day will come when bullets and bombs will be replaced by votes.’ He spoke those words back in 1849, and take look at Europe today. So yes Mohamed, I believe that we one day can become one nation. Best Regards Nicky Nallo



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