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Nowruz 7-s Table Haft- Sin Table

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Sib Serke-h Seke-h Sabze-h





A paste made out of wheat





7-S S Table

Apple Vinegar Coins Green A berry native to region

Koran, Mirror, Sweet, Honey, Rice, Wheat, Money inside Koran & Fishbowl

(We keep this table until end of 13th of New Year) Nowruz always begins on the first day of spring, and it lasts for 13 days. Families gather at Haft-seen or Haft-si sin, tables set with special traditional foods and other items to symbolize the family's beliefs and values. All of them begin with the sound of the letter "S�. Most Haft-Sin tables also include a small fishbowl with goldfish and a mirror to represent elements of the earth and human consciousness. The 13th day of the New Year is called "Sizdah Bedar" and the parks are filled with families bringing luck by spending the day out of doors. Young girls tie grass in knots on this day to wish for a good husband. Nowruz is the beginning of the year for the people of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. It is also celebrated as the New Year by people descended from Persian and Iranian ancestors. The Kurds in Georgia, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey celebrate Nowruz as the New Year festival. Many communities where people le from these countries have settled also join in the celebrations. Seyed Navid.

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Haft-Sin , 7-S Table  

Haft-Sin , New year