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Upsurge in Air Routes

Connecting Seychelles with new tourism markets If one of the chief motors driving a successful tourism industry is successfully identifying a destination’s markets, then supplying airlift to those markets is also of paramount importance to any country’s tourism strategy. This is something that has concerned the authorities responsible for driving Seychelles’ tourism industry for some time whose mandate it is to make sure that airline services to the islands provide the choice of convenient travel options necessary for visitors to plan a successful holiday to Seychelles. Over recent years, the Seychelles Tourism Board and the SCAA (Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority) have worked together to great effect to guarantee a steady stream of visitors to our shores which, in 2016,

will produce another record as numbers are projected to hit around the 300,000 mark. Long gone are the days when, at the outset of its tourism industry, Seychelles was serviced by a commercial aircraft, a BOAC VC–10 from London Heathrow, such as landed at Seychelles’ International Airport on July 4, 1971. In that era, Seychelles’ tourism markets lay almost exclusively in Europe, reflecting its colonial ties with both France and Britain and after the opening of the international airport in 1971, the islands’ skies were brightened by the livery of BOAC and Air France, in particular. Several other airlines flew to Seychelles at ...Continued on page 4

January 2017, Issue 4

Editor’s Remarks Brushing out the embers of 2016 and ushering in a new year, allows us to reflect on what has passed - and what has not yet come into being. On the whole, 2016 was a good year for tourism and one that saw another record year of tourist arrivals. As we go to print, it looks like the islands will have attracted close to 300,000 visitors by the end of 2016 which represents a significant rise over 2015 (227,000). It is easy to become blasé after several record years in a row and come to believe that this is the natural course of events for a tourism destination and yet a quick read of the international press and how some destinations are suffering, will illustrate that this can be far from the case. Tourism is highly dynamic and volatile and with the number of holiday choices available today and the raft of social media tools with which one can find out all ...Continued on page 2

tined to become ever more so.

Air Seychelles The Seychelles International Airport atPhoto PointeCourtesy: Larue

Editor, Glynn Burridge

Inside Seychelles is produced by the Seychelles Tourism Board. Editor Glynn Burridge, collaborators CAMSON Consultancy. Contact details; | (2512477)

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about them in advance, it is destined to become ever more so. With consumer choice so vast these days, what is the secret to keeping Seychelles relevant and ahead of the curve? Firstly, it has to be about ensuring that the destination is attractive to tourists and that means providing a level of security which will make for a safe, hassle-free vacation followed by providing access to the destination via the increasing “On the number of airlines now servicing the islands and which whole, 2016 has just seen Turkish Airlines was a good flying here for the first time Qatar Airways returning year for tour- and by the end of 2016. Following ism and one close behind that must surely be our careful preservation that saw anof the beauty of our environother record ment and, in particular, its which, after all, year of tourist cleanliness is one of the major attributes of the Seychelles Islands...anarrivals.” other world brand. The next piece of the puzzle is in providing enticing accommodation and tourism-related services at reasonable cost that does not price the islands out of the reach of our visitors, which would rather defeat the object of doing tourism in the first place. Social media platforms and the online reviews of TripAdvisor ensure

Sherin’s perspective As another year comes to a close, I feel a sense of satisfaction with the way our tourism business has unfolded during 2016. Generally, it has been a positive year and once again, tourist arrivals are on the up. However, tourism is a constant challenge and at no point can we afford to rest on our laurels because another test is just round the corner and as a small country with limited resources we need to be resourceful and determined in the manner that we pursue market share. We must avail ourselves of every single opportunity that comes our way to capitalise on a potential market or market segment and here I feel that, in certain areas, we can achieve more. One example is the MICE segment (Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions/events) which is a growing and extremely lucrative sector of tourism. Many top international companies and brands arrange these events on a regular basis, providing a hotel with money-spinning opportunities over a very short period of time. Given the number of Seychelles hotels that have conference facilities plus the International Conference Centre which holds more than 600 people, Seychelles is well positioned to tap into this market which will allow us

that bad news travels quickly, rapidly and mercilessly affecting the perception of a holiday destination in the eye of the consumer, with disastrous consequences. With these other elements in place, marketing and advertising the destination are of course crucial to its prosperity, as is correctly identifying the markets and market segments that are most appropriate for Seychelles to exploit. Here, we continue to experience encouraging levels of success as our visitor arrival figures demonstrate. In terms of e-marketing prowess alone, Seychelles stands at #2 in Africa, which is an awesome achievement considering its size. The Seychelles Tourism Board continues to strategise with partners and stakeholders on the ground to represent the islands in international tourism fairs, roadshows and fora, led by Minister Alain St. Ange and his team, who has achieved worldwide recognition for his role in raising the profile of not only Seychelles tourism, but that of the entire region via the Vanilla Islands. The future does indeed look promising but we should never for one moment lose sight of the fact that successful tourism is a national effort in which every agency and every individual must play a role. In 2017, we must redouble our efforts to ensure that our attitudes, tourism products and tourism-related policies are everything they can possibly be; that our connectivity continues to flourish and expand and that we continue to be energetic, enterprising and imaginative in our international marketing. to bring in sometimes hundreds of guests in one go and where a hotel can enjoy an intense level of occupancy that might otherwise only happen over a number of weeks. As an industry, we need to position ourselves to capture the MICE segment and think outside of the box when it comes to catering for their special needs which are “Generally, nothing out of the ordinary givit has been a en the fact that Seychelles pospositive year sesses so many of the attributes and once popular with MICE organisers: again, tourist a climate of perpetual sumarrivals are mer; stunning natural beauty; on the up.” diverse activities such as diving, sailing & cruising; fishing; golf; eco-holidays and spa & wellness as well as the necessary infrastructure. As we usher in 2017, let us all look at how we can better benefit from MICE business and the advantages it offers to our tourism.

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that time during the 1970s and 80s, among them East African Airways, Air Malawi, Luxair, South African Airways, El Al, British Airways, British Caledonian, Air India, Kenya Airways, Lufthansa, Air Somalia, Ethiopian Airways, Air Tanzania and South African Airways. Changing fortunes and various political and business considerations saw many of those airlines fall away and, eventually, both Air France and British Airways ceased operating as the millennium saw power in the aviation sector shift to the Middle East, in particular Doha and Dubai whose respective carriers, Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines took up the slack and started flying to Seychelles, heralding the dawn of a new era. Today, the mix of aircraft flying to the islands reflects not only the continued dominance of the Middle Eastern carriers but also the greater diversity of Seychelles’ tourism markets which now extend into Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Far East. As 2016 comes to a close, our islands are enjoying unparalleled connectivity to all points of the compass, resulting in the fact that quite apart from the steadily growing number of direct flights to a host of major destinations, Seychelles is effectively one stop from just about anywhere on the planet. This is thanks to a double-daily service by Emirates via Dubai; a combined number of 14 flights arriving weekly in Seychelles from Abu Dhabi via Air Seychelles and its partner Etihad Airways; four weekly direct flights from Nairobi with Kenya Airways which has been flying to Seychelles for a total of 38 years; four weekly flights by Ethiopian Airways via Addis Ababa; two weekly flights by Condor operating

out of Frankfurt and two flights per week by Air Austral from La Reunion. The national carrier Air Seychelles, in partnership with Etihad Airways, plans to launch non-stop twice-weekly flights from Seychelles to Düsseldorf, Germany in early 2017 providing travellers in Germany and the wider catchment area of Belgium, Holland and Scandinavia with attractive new travel options to Seychelles. Another important aspect of connectivity is the accessibility it provides to new markets for Seychelles’ businesses and the opportunities for the importation via cargos of construction materials, fruit and vegetable juices, pasta, dried leguminous vegetables, olive oil, condiments and dairy and household products, for the benefit of the Seychelles consumer. As of 30 March 2017, the Seychelles flag carrier will also commence a twice-weekly service to South Africa’s port city of Durban, an important trade hub that is home to over three million people, complementing its existing five-a-week service to Johannesburg. To further strengthen its European network, Air Seychelles will also upgrade its current Paris service from three to four flights per week, with effect from 28 March 2017, giving

more travel options to holidaymakers visiting Seychelles from France. The introduction of a second, wide-body A330 will facilitate the upgrading of capacity on South Africa’s largest city Johannesburg on Thursdays and Saturdays, Mumbai on Saturdays and Mauritius on Sundays. Air Seychelles also operates services to Beijing and Antananarivo. As of October 2016, Sri Lankan Airlines began operating to Seychelles, replacing all flights previously operated by Mihin Lanka, with operations to Seychelles from Colombo scheduled for four times weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. October 2016 also saw the inaugural flight of Turkish Airlines which will begin operating three times a week from Istanbul, while Austrian Airlines are expected to operate a seasonal service in early 2017. Finally, Qatar Airways returns to Seychelles’ skies in December 2017 with seven weekly flights to the islands from Doha, completing an impressive line-up of top airlines which, together, render the islands not only supremely accessible but also desirable by virtue of these airlines’ combined international influence and marketing reach.

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the call of the islands...

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A Stunning Seychelles Setting on Félicité Island

The untouched splendor of Félicité makes it one of the most majestic islands in the Seychelles. Massive granite boulders fringe the shoreline to create an air of drama and beauty juxtaposed with white sandy beaches. Félicité is a private island and with its prime location outside of the cyclone belt offers perpetual summer. The resort occupies one third of the total land. The 20-minute helicopter journey to Félicité is approximately 30 nautical miles (55 kilometers) northeast of the Seychelles International Airport which is located on the main island of Mahé. The resort has been brilliantly designed to embrace the picturesque landscape of untouched beauty. There are unsurpassed vistas of the ocean and surrounding islands from the higher points on the island. Into this setting nestle just 28 one-bedroom pool villas and two two-bedroom pool villas plus several private residences.


The design generator was the unquestionably stunning natural beauty and form of the island. The challenge was to introduce contemporary architecture and interiors which complement, rather than compete with the island environment. Iconic architectures and spaces have been created which through their form, materiality and texture blend into the island geography. Combined with the integration of sustainable processes and technologies, the buildings form a symbiotic relationship with their hosts to become an integral part of the island system and beauty. The architecture treads lightly on the island but its impact is considerable.


Dining and drinks at Six Senses Zil Pasyon embrace the concepts of relaxed sophistication and memorable experiences. There is a choice of several restaurants and bars with much of the produce coming from the on-site organic garden and the surrounding islands.


Six Senses is committed to sustainability and its obligation to the environment and the community. Widely recognized as having established the initial benchmarks for the hospitality industry showing that a leisure lifestyle could be successfully embraced by the very top tier of resorts, Six Senses has shown that it is possible to enhance the guest experience by respecting nature. Consistent with the commitment of the group, Six Senses Zil Pasyon develops and invites guests to share the responsibility to offset their carbon footprint. There are programs in place to conserve energy, and wherever possible packaging is kept to an absolute minimum, or is re-usable. The resort manages its own reverse osmosis plant and crystal water refinery, producing high quality drinking water without the use of plastic bottles. An organic vegetable garden also supports the ultimate aim of self-sustained food and beverages on the island, drastically reducing the environmental footprint.

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All photos supplied by Six Senses Zil Pasyon


It might be expected that in an environment as overwhelmingly engaging and breathtaking as Félicité, Six Senses Spa would be in its element. The creators have therefore placed the spa in and atop majestic rock formations close to the ocean, with energy from nature being a significant life force. Other facilities include a stunning elongated infinity pool offering views of the surrounding islands with the ocean’s waves breaking over a rock wall, three white sand beaches, Trouloulou villa for youngsters, a gym with on-site personal trainer, cooking classes, treasure hunts, signature cinema beneath the stars and a library. Right off the resort’s beach, guests have the opportunity to swim with turtles and the resort’s Experience Center has all the equipment that is required for exhilarating water activities, including dive excursions around the island. Six Senses hosts can arrange private fishing trips and visits to neighboring islands by boat, hiking in the Coco de Mer Valley, which is a popular excursion for landlubbers, or climbs to the top of the hill to Sunset Point for magnificent nightfall experiences. For more information, visit

Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas operates 11 resorts and 28 spas in 19 countries under the brand names Six Senses, Evason and Six Senses Spas. Six Senses Zil Pasyon opened its ‘doors’ in October 2016.

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Seychelles Tourist Office, Frankfurt, Germany For years, the source market comprising of mostly German-speaking countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, has been managed by Edith Hunzinger from a central office location in Frankfurt/ Main, the economic hub of the continent and the main gateway to Central Europe. The native Seychelloise came to Germany in 1976. Having worked in other branches of the tourism industry, she took over the recently established Seychelles Tourist Office in 1988 and led the German-speaking market to unparalleled success. Right now, the office is buzzing with activity. Having just returned from Travel Fairs: CMt Stuttgart, the “Grenzenlos“ travel fair in St. Gallen, Switzerland, (20–22 January 2017), where the Seychelles were featured as “partner country,” F.RE.E Munich - all efforts are now focused on the upcoming key event in the annual trade show schedule: ITB Berlin (8–12

March 2017). Every March, the German capital hosts the world’s largest travel and tourism show. Hunzinger

‘Hunzinger explains: “ITB is, of course, very popular with the industry. Even though our stand is quite spacious, it is always full, always busy. Tour operators and media representatives appreciate the opportunity to conduct negotiations and get updates on the latest developments. And we appreciate their ongoing support. ‘ explains: “ITB is, of course, very popular within the industry. Even though our stand is quite spacious, it is always full, always busy. Tour operators

and media representatives appreciate the opportunity to conduct negotiations and get updates on the latest developments. And we appreciate their ongoing support. Especially on our market, tour operators still play a very large role in marketing and selling our destination.” Although most fairs are concentrated in the early months of the year, before the main summer travel season starts, the Frankfurt STB office will not be able to relax this year, once ITB is over. In November, the Seychelles will be partner country at Touristik & Caravaning (TC) in Leipzig (22–26 November 2017). It is the fourth year in a row in which the Frankfurt STB office managed to secure special “partner country” status in at least one consumer travel and tourism fair in different parts of Germany. “In 2014, we covered the North with the Hamburg fair, in 2015 we were partners at CMT in the Southwest, in 2016, we showcased our country very successfully at in Munich, which is in the Southeast and close to Austria. And now in 2017, we’ve had St. Gallen in Switzerland and Leipzig in the Eastern part of Germany bookending the year.” Being the designated “partner country” of a fair is a privileged status, coveted by many destinations. “It means extra exposure, extra attention, extra promotion opportunities and, yes … extra work,” Edith Hunzinger adds with a smile. ...Continued on page 12

On the left: Edith Hunzinger with Seychellois dancers promoting the Seychelles Islands.

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Bringing India to Seychelles Minister St. Ange along with the Seychelles Tourism Board’s team decided to venture into India as part of their diversification strategy when the growth in tourist arrivals from the key source markets in Europe slowed down. This was a genius move from the ministry to reduce reliance on traditional markets. However, we also knew that this was not going to be the Tourism Board’s first stint in India and that the previous attempts were not successful. When we (Blue

Square Consultants) were appointed to represent the prestigious Seychelles Tourism Board in India we knew we had a huge responsibility to prove India’s outbound potential when almost every destination in the world was vying for a piece of the pie. Few decades ago, due to few Indian movies shot in the islands, Indians were aware of Seychelles. However, over the years with the advent of plethora of other tourism boards and attractions in India, Seychelles

took a back seat in the mind of the travel trade and consumer. While Seychelles was relatively a new destination for the new age traveller and trade partner, those who knew of the destination misconceived Seychelles to be just another beach destination and unreasonably expensive. Also it was perceived to be similar to Maldives and Mauritius, two destinations which were well established in India owing to the heavy promotions done by the tourism boards and private sectors of both countries for more than a decade. Hence, our biggest challenge was to break the existing myths about Seychelles by educating both the travel trade and the traveller about the islands’ differentiating factors. Hence, we took the approach of promoting Seychelles as the islands which have not only gorgeous beaches but has so much more to offer. We decided to never use the term ‘beach destination’ for Seychelles. Instead we always termed it as ‘exotics island destination.’ Through any communication, right from training a travel agent 1-to-1, interacting with a journalist, itineraries of educationals, the message was always the same ‘Seychelles is beyond just beautiful beaches’. This helped in positioning Seychelles different to its neighbouring islands of Mauritius and Maldives. Also it was important for us to convey that though Seychelles was not meant only for the elite but still the destination, being a premium one, was relatively expensive. Thankfully Seychelles has always been aspirational and a ‘bucket list’ destination. We just had to showcase and reiterate as to why one would pay more to holiday in the islands. ...Continued on page 12

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Seychelles Tourism Board Office, Rome, Italy

The Seychelles Tourism Board Office in Italy has been opened since October 2005 in Rome, the capital city of the country and the center of all the Italian and International Institutions, Embassies and Airlines. The office is managed since its opening by Regional Manager Mrs. Monette Rose (pictured above), a native Seychelloise residing in Italy since 1970 and married to an Italian architect. Having already worked in the tourism field for many years and for other companies, such as airlines and international organizations, she took over the challenge and has enjoyed working for the Seychelles Tourism Board ever since. The Italian market has always been amongst the top four source market for the destination and the visitor arrivals are showing a positive growth, despite the economic crisis that hit the country in the past few years: 2015 closed with 21,704 arrivals from Italy and up to October 2016 a growth of 4% has been recorded with a total of 19,186 arrivals.

The STB Office works in very close collaboration with the Italian trade and runs on regular basis trainings for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators through dedicated workshops and roadshows, joint trade promotions such as window displays or educationals, and trade fairs. This year Seychelles has also been one of the main sponsors of the annual Italia Travel Awards, the tourism awards in Italy, competing as Best Sea Destination. The main tourism fair of the market is TTG Incontri, held in Rimini each year in October: in 2016 the event reached its 53rd edition and it has been attended with success by local trade partners with a dedicated branded stand. Partners from the Destination Management Companies, hotels and airline joined together under one common objective to showcase their products and services and reaffirm their commitment to the Italian travel trade. The attention goes also to the consumers as STB office participates regularly to bridal fairs and events to target the honeymooners; the main segment for Seychelles, to tourism events and consumer fairs and ensure visibility on trade and tourism magazines and TV shows. In 2016, STB in Italy has also participated as a sponsor to the main marathon event in the country, the Marathon of Rome, promoting amongst runners from all over the world the Seychelles Eco-Friendly Marathon, which is a lesser known event on the international scene. In addition, the office recently ran

a successful series of online training webinars for the trade presenting all the different aspects of the destination such as the honeymoon, the eco-tourism and the sports segments. “The agents were very dedicated and followed all the webinars with interest and curiosity and appreciated the useful tools they obtained to better sell the archipelago to their clients�, explained Monette Rose. The office is also an official member of the Tourism Boards Association, ADUTEI, and entertains relations with all the foreign representations in Italy to create synergies and partnerships. The Seychelles Tourism Board in Italy is responsible for other fast growing markets too: Turkey, Greece, Malta and Israel. The marketing activities in these markets take place regularly and there are good margins of growth. Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways have been important additions recently to the destination offering more connectivity and options for the travelers that can also opt for a stopover holiday combining different destinations. Italy, though, has no direct flight and the introduction of a non-stop connection would help even more to boost the arrivals; Seychelles is a paradise tropical destination much closer to Europe compared to the competitors and a direct 8-hour flight would encourage even more clients from Italy. The numbers are growing nevertheless and the Italians are still lovers of the destination for their honeymoons and family holidays: Continued on page 15...

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SEYCHELLES ROADSHOW IN ITALY, A SUCCESS FOR THE FIRST EDITION The long planned Seychelles dedicated four city road show was conducted in October 2016 and saw a turn-out of over 300 tour operators and travel agents combined. The cities earmarked and selected for this event were Milan, Florence, Naples and Rome and the choice was based on the strong demand from the tour operators and travel agents to get in touch with the different products and services that are being offered to the Italian visitors. In all four cities the turnout and interest from the Italian trade surpassed the expectations. Such positive comments and shared feelings were expressed by most of the hotel partners. Constructive suggestions were also aired by the agents in some cities, and they expressed the need to also balance the sales of large and small hotels as well as guesthouses. STB would happily welcome some small hotels, properties and the STHA

representative to join in similar promotional events this year. The Seychelles Tourism Board is sending an early invitation to our partners to join in 2017 to realize the Seychelles Roadshow again. “We highly depend on the support of the trade in Seychelles and we invite the partners to join us under one common aim and objective, to bring the products to the Italian tour operators and agents”

concluded Monette Rose, Regional Manager; “the first time was a trial but we are very happy that the entire event was a real success in all four cities. We have now ventured into it and we are geared to plan ahead early and to reach and tap into prominent and potential cities which will generate promising return on core investment”.

SEYCHELLES AT THE 53RD EDITION OF TTG INCONTRI FAIR IN RIMINI The 53rd Edition of TTG Incontri Fair opened its door in October 2016 in the beautiful town of Rimini in the northern part of Italy. It is to note that in 2015 the fair recorded a total of 63, 000 visitors. For the past years, the Seychelles Tourism Board has always participated in this key trade and consumer tourism exhibition together with its loyal partners. 2016 was not an exception. Partners from the Destination Management Companies, hotels and airline joined together under one common objective on the branded stand depicting the Seychelles Island another world to showcase their products and services and reaffirm their commitment to the Italian travel trade. It is essential to mention that to

date, Italy occupies the 4th place in the ranking of visitors arrival to our shores thus demonstrating the importance of the market share for Seychelles. The good news was that both Turkish Airline and Qatar will soon fly to our shores and this further boosted the confidence for the tour operators to push for more sales. It is encouraging to see the enthusiasm from both the Italian and local trade with regards to future business reaffirmed Bernadette Willemin, the Seychelles Tourism Board Director for Europe who was heading the delegation. She added that the market has picked up in

terms of arrival figures since the beginning of 2016. 2017 is expected to be a successful business year with increase trade participation in our promotional activities.

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Bringing India to Seychelles For Seychelles, we have targeted mainly the well travelled and well educated affluent Indian traveller who has the affinity to spend for luxury holidays. Thankfully a fast emerging trend in this segment played in our favour. The affluent travellers segment is no longer about ostentation like it was some years back. The segment now includes those who are well travelled and well educated and are looking for brag-worthy but more importantly authentic experiences. There is a shift in values from the material to the experiential – rather than saving up to buy luxurious possessions, people are choosing to spend their money on experiences. Seychelles, owing to its exotic, untouched image and being a top choice among the international elite from Hollywood mega stars to biggest of the business and political tycoons, was a perfect match for the affluent travel segment. Hence, from the beginning we have predominantly associated with media, travel trade companies, celebrities and influencers including famous divers and wedding planners who influence and cater to the high net worth segment. As a result we have seen an emergence of a right set of evangelists among trade and media who passionately promote Seychelles.

Ms. Lubaina Sheerazi

However, one of the biggest challenges we face is the enormity of India and scattered patterns in which our TG is placed. Though Mumbai and Delhi remain the biggest source markets for outbound travel, Bangalore and Chennai are catching up and a significant size of the luxury travellers come from non-metros but wealthy cities like Ahmedabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Rajkot, Baroda, etc. Hence, though our biggest trade events like the roadshow and trade fairs like OTM are concentrated in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, we also do small joint roadshows and events with tour operators who have an extensive B2B network in the smaller cities like Nagpur, Rajkot, Chandigarh, etc. Though we have limited advertising budgets it is still very important to look for avenues which have unparallel reach. And the best vehicle for the same is Bollywood. The best example is that the older generation remembers Seychelles from a popular Bollywood song shot in Seychelles over two decades back. In March earlier this year we tied up with Bollywood action thriller film, Rocky Handsome, starring super star John Abraham. The title romantic song, Rehnuma, was shot in Seychelles, helped in creating extensive awareness. At the same time we have also looked for avenues to constantly engage with our target audience as they are very active online and consume information and entertainment mainly through their smartphone or computer. In September 2015 we launched our India social media campaign with creating India specific pages on facebook, twitter and Instagram. Our innovative campaigns are carefully targeted to reach out to the right target audience in the target cities and avoid any spill over. Today we have around 100,000 followers on our social media pages and the num-

ber is growing every day. We also undertake lot of proactive PR activities and work closely with key media personalities. In 2016, we saw small MICE groups and multi generation family groups chosing Seychelles. We are happy that this segment is showing potential much sooner that we thought and we will actively pursue it this year. Another very lucrative segment for which we have been getting enquiries is the Indian destination wedding segment. Industry estimates show that about 350 Indian weddings were solemnised in overseas locations in 2014, with an average guest count of 300-400 per event with revenue from such events exceeding US$ 30 billion annually. The size and volume of such weddings celebrated overseas are growing exponentially with a year-on-year growth of 18 per cent. Though this is a big segment waiting to be tapped, Indian weddings are a different ball game altogether and hence the private sector including DMCs and hotels need lot of education and hand-holding. When we started off in mid-2013 there were just 2381 Indians visiting Seychelles which grew to 7718 in 2015 and around 8500 by October 2016. Last year India broke into the top 10 tourist source markets and we will continue to work hard to bring more and more Indians to the paradisal Seychelles islands. Inspite of being an emerging source market we are grateful to the support of Minister Alain St. Ange and the CEO of the Tourism Board Mrs. Sherin Francis. Their regular visits to India and close interactions with trade and media where cements the confidence in them that Seychelles Tourism Board is serious about India. We are also grateful to the continued support of Air Seychelles, DMCs and the hotels for their increasing commitment to grow the Indian market.

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Chalets D’Anse Forbans A ‘never-ending’ environmental progress in the making, 22 years later

2016 marked 22 years since Chalets d’Anse Forbans, a Seychellois family owned self-catering beach chalets located on Mahé island opened its doors. Their drive for all things ‘conservation’ started well before their opening date in October 1994. Even in their construction phase, one where many are tempted to cut costs and get the end product done, they were concerned with their environmental impact. To counter act the impact they

refused to allow heavy machinery on the site and built the chalets around the original vegetation. It is no wonder therefore that Chalets d’Anse Forbans is one of the several tourism establishments in Seychelles to have earned its Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label. Their venture down the ‘green’ path goes well beyond the requirements the Label entails – one which is particularly evident in their community projects involvement. In addition, comments which their clients (many of which are repeat clients from 20 years ago) leave behind on their trip advisor page, indicate their amazement at the wonderful pristine environment which welcomes them at the chalets. Their never-ending pursuit of improving their pro-environmental participation consist of a long list of initiatives which they are continuously improving and re-defining. Chalets d’ Anse Forbans is built on a former coconut plantation and consists of 12 beach chalets and two family chalets. All chalets enjoy sea facing views and are merely steps away from the secluded beach of Anse Forbans.

-Their tropical garden is a sanctuary for wildlife; -They reduce their carbon footprint by continuously re-planting trees and endemic vegetation; -Coastal management with more vegetation planted; -Food which is not consumed is allocated to the local farmer to use for manure; -Tortoise manure is used as a fertilizer in their garden.


-Installation of solar panels to generate their own electricity; -The use of solar lights; -Closed bedroom to maintain room temperatures. Eco Management Air Conditioners have been installed; -Fan options in all rooms; -No microwaves, radios or televisions in the rooms; -All new appliances are energy efficient “A rated”; -Energy is further conserved with day and night switches.


-Controlled water pressure; -Dedicated laundry schedule; -Rainwater collection to use in the garden; -Dual flushing WCs in all bathrooms; -Energy is further conserved with day and night switches.


-‘Home-made’ compost for use in the garden; -Switching off all appliances in un-occupied chalets; -Clients are kindly asked to take glass, plastic bottles, batteries and bottles of shampoo back ‘home’ where recycling facilities are available.

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Le Restaurant du Marché

A pause in the hustle and bustle of the market Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market is the heart beat of Seychelles’ small capital city, Victoria. Elements of its culture come to life between the stalls, the vendors, the buyers and the wanderers. A good place to catch a bird’s eye view of it all is ‘Le Restaurant du Marché’ which has been opened since May 2016 under the management of PandG15 Catering, the same owners of Fish-Oh Seychelles and the adjacent café in Espace Building on the coastal side of Victoria. Le Restaurant du Marché, is currently opened from Monday through to Saturday from 7:30am to 3pm with plans to extend these hours in the near future. A selection of breakfasts are on offer from a full English one to a vegetarian option right through to fruit kebabs and muesli for the health conscious clients. The lunch options, which start at 11:30, are varied enough to cater for any sort of demand ranging from a light bite (wraps) right through a creole buffet which is served every day. The buffet consists of around eight dishes and

covers a range of options of typical creole food (top four photos on the right). For those who do not have the time to sit down, take-away options are available. Clients can also enjoy a selection of fresh fruit juices which are on offer every day. The exotic polygamy is a five fruit mix (with a dash of vanilla for a little extra flavour) which many of the restaurant’s clients love to try and is usually a hit (bottom photo on the right). Passion fruit and Sour sop are also other favourites which are constantly on demand. The drinks menu also offers smoothies, milkshakes and home-made rum with flavours such as lychee, passion fruit and ginger. An additional alcohol option would be the daily cocktail which changes every day. On Saturday mornings, the restaurant offers some additional entertainment to add to the weekend vibe. Clients get to enjoy the beats of local band, Kevin Valentin and Sokwe from 10a.m. to 3p.m.

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Seychelles Tourism Board Office, Rome, Italy

...they love the sea, the good Creole food and culture and the activities such as fishing or snorkeling. There is also a growing demand for smaller and authentic accommodations such as guesthouses and for group holidays or incentives, which is a segment that can be implemented together with the eco-friendly holidays dedicated to nature and trekking. The main issues faced on the market are that Seychelles is perceived as a very costly destination compared to other tropical countries and that the services are sometimes considered to not be up to standards. But 2017 will keep seeing the close collaboration of STB with the Trade and the development of new projects to maintain the Seychelles visible and prestigious on this important market.” “Working for the Seychelles Tourism Board is very challenging and sometimes hectic as we undertake

Le Restaurant du Marché is located on the first floor of the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke market.

“The Seychelles Tourism Board in Italy is responsible for other fast growing markets too: Turkey, Greece, Malta and Israel. The marketing activities in these markets take place regularly and there are good margins of growth.” many different activities all over the vast territory, but the love for my islands always prevails and it makes this job a very fascinating adventure to make our archipelago known in Europe”, affirms Monette Rose; “we look forward to higher arrival numbers and to boost the visibility and awareness even more”.

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Seychelles celebrates first edition of its Ocean Festival Friday 2nd December 2016 saw the opening of the first edition of the Seychelles Ocean Festival at the Wharf Hotel & Marina in the presence of Vice-President, Vincent Meriton; Alain St. Ange, Minister for Tourism, Aviation, Ports & Marine; the Principal Secretaries for Tourism, Culture the Port and the Blue Economy and a gathering of other members of government, NGOs and tourism stakeholders. Also present was the CEO of PATA (Pacific Asian Travel Association), Mario Hardy, who was invited as keynote speaker. The Seychelles Ocean Festival is the successor of SUBIOS (sub Indian Ocean Seychelles) which, since 1990, has been the annual event that celebrates Seychelles underwater world and in particular diving, via a platform

of photographic and video competitions, film screenings, visits by prominent international personalities connected with the underwater world and special SUBIOS-themed events. SUBIOS remained on the scene for over two decades, performing an important role in sensitising locals and visitors alike to the beauty and fragility of the wonders beneath the waves. The opening ceremony, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Eden Island skyline, began with an exhibition of old marine photographs and artefacts curated by the Seychelles Tourism Board in partnership with the National Archives, Mike King-Harman of Hunt Deltel and Alain Camille. After addresses by the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Sherin Francis and Minister St. Ange there followed the prize giving of the Festival’s photographic competition, won by Nasirah Dorby and an acknowledgement of the winner of the Maritime Boundary Logo Competition by Vice-President Mer-

iton. An explanation was then given of the new Seychelles Ocean Festival website by Vahid Jacob, manager of the tourism board’s digital marketing section, who also played a short video covering the transition from SUBIOS to the Festival of the Sea. The evening was crowned with a performance from the exciting new band, the Horizons. On the following evening, aspecial Seychelles Ocean Festival Gala Dinner was held at Eden Bleu at which Mario Hardy gave his keynote address, also showing a short video on the Pacific’s Festival of the Arts and another on PATA’s GTEC challenge which attracts young tourism entrepreneurs from across the globe. Mr Hardy took the opportunity of acknowledging the competition’s winner, Emre Kanik, who had flown into Seychelles for the event. The colourful artwork of local artists Egbert Marday and Nigel Henri was on display at the event at which local band Fame performed an enticing selection of live music. Sunday witnessed the event’s family fun day at the Anse Royale beach park that included a triathlon, underwater treasure hunt, exhibitions and face-painting by various NGOs, kayaking and snorkelling and a live music performance by the Horizons. Seychelles Ocean Festival activities continued throughout the following week in the form of a Seminar on Sustainable Fishing organised by the Ministry of Trade, Finance and the Blue Economy and activities planned at various hotels, dive centres and yacht charters in support of the festival.

Photos: Vanessa Lucas

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Your must-have online guide to events, entertainment and special offers in Seychelles for this week! Out online every Wednesday. Sales & Marketing Seychelles Pty Ltd, as its name suggests, is a small local consultancy specializing in creating tools for business including Seychelles This Week, Seychelles’ what’s on weekly guide. ‘Seychelles This Week is a free online guide for residents and visitors’ says Vesna Rakic, Director & Senior Consultant. ‘It is a compilation of what’s on in terms of events, entertainment and special offers on a weekly basis.’ ‘There are two amazing spin-offs for the readers. The first is the value for money as establishments promote special offers such as ‘buy one, get one free’ and discounted rates for limited periods. The second spinoff for visitors is to seek out venues that cater for the local market as well, to interact and enjoy the real Seychelles experience’. The ‘one-stop-shop’ or ‘department store’ effect means that you no longer have to find and follow each individual page to see what offers are on or what’s updated, it is available all in one place. ‘Seychelles This Week was set-up to support local tourism businesses’. Vesna tell us. ‘The service provides a platform for businesses to be creative and flexible, trying out different offers and/or events which they can change on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, depending on their needs. This enables them to focus on different areas of their business at their convenience. Having been in the industry for over twenty years, Vesna has the experience as well as the expertise to guide the businesses from concept to content. ‘We can do it all for them or they can simply

send us an advert they have worked on already to publish. Most importantly, it’s super affordable! The aim is to take the fear out of the process of promoting your business, just a phone call or email away’. In addition, Seychelles This Week offers a ‘try us for free’ promise. The first advert is always free for a new business, without obligation. ‘They have a chance to test the service and decide on the interest generated. We currently reach over 20,000 people weekly through various distribution mediums and our rates start from Scr500 one-off advert for small businesses and Scr2500 monthly package’. Seychelles This Week is available only via social media Seychellesthisweek and SeychellesDeals. ‘We are about to launch our free app. Being conscious of the environment, the newsletter has never been available in print format. What we do have is a QR code which enables readers to scan and access the service directly on their phones. You must have a go below’ she smiles. Seychelles This Week also supports social responsibility and last year ran the MovemberSesel campaign for awareness of Men’s Health Issues with local charities. Through this project we also facilitated the mechanism for fund-raising for their Breast Cancer awareness projects which resulted in raising approximately SR200,000 for the renovation and refurbishment of the Oncology Ward at the Seychelles Hospital. We’ve also supported other causes such as clean-up initiatives and animal welfare as these are all import-

ant to us and our community. Feedback is also very important to Seychelles This Week. Clients who attend any of our events and send pictures or feedback stand a chance to win drinks and meals! ‘We believe that your integrity as a business shines through your services.’ ‘We invite your readers to try out our service by scanning the QR code below or visiting our facebook or twitter pages as provided. When asked for any last comments, Vesna replied ‘Book early and have an amazing time!’ Seychellesthisweek

Seychelles Deals

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in SEYCHELLES Porsche: The latest brand in the Seychelles motor line-up Whoever thought that Seychelles was not ready to surrender to the idea of Porsches on its roads, have had to have a re-think since the announcement by E Car Seychelles in January 2016 that it will be bringing in the new range of Porsche Hybrids. By October 2016, 10 units from the German automobile manufacturer, with its headquarters in Stuttgart, had been sold. Porsche hybrid options are currently limited to two models namely the Panamera S E-hybrid, which is a four-door saloon and the Cayenne S E-hybrid, a (4x4) Porsche. More models are expected to be introduced in the not-so-distant future. The introduction of a 5 percent levy on imported hybrid cars in July 2015 has had a favourable impact on the price of the Porsches making them not only cheaper than those in neighbouring countries, such as Mauritius but also cheaper than other non-hybrid cars from other popular car manufacturers. The price for the two models start off at around USD$110,000 and increases depending on the specifications. Porsche enthusiasts can also consider other pre-built cars, including the Boxster, Cayman and 911 models. The small dynamic team of E Car Seychelles are cutting no corners when it comes to offering their clients the frills of owning a Porsche. From being able to drop by their de-

sign suite in Eden Plaza for a coffee, to having your Porsche picked up from your place of choice for its servicing, right through to something in the mail for your kid on his birthday, they have it all covered. There are big plans for 2017 for Porsche Seychelles including a Porsche Golf Tournament which is currently being planned.

To keep up-to-date with Porsche Seychelles news, follow them on Facebook: Porscheseychelles

Porsche in Local News Mason’s Travel to Offer ‘Eco-Luxury’ Transfers with Porsche Hybrids (July 2016)

...In Seychelles, Mason’s Travel has confirmed that they are launching a new luxury transfer service that will represent both a step up in comfort and class for VIP travellers, while reducing carbon emissions as part of its ongoing environmental mission. Two new Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrids will be the latest additions to the Mason’s Travel fleet, offering VIP visitors to Seychelles the opportunity to be chauffeur-driven in one of the world’s most stylish and comfortable vehicles...

The Design Suite in Eden Plaza

A Porsche 911 Carrera model

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Underwater Guide to Seychelles With over 400 species of reef fish and 300 species of coral found in its warm tropical waters, Seychelles is the perfect location for any diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. There are dozens of excellent dive sites found within the inner islands and plenty more snorkel spots that are easily accessible from the shore. With coral bays, offshore banks, granite reefs and sunken wrecks there is a variety of dive sites to cater for all levels of expertise. For first time snorkellers, and the more experienced, the inviting waters of Seychelles offers incredible snorkelling opportunities all year round. For anyone wanting to take the plunge and do some diving or snorkelling in Seychelles, ‘Underwater Guide to Seychelles’ is the perfect companion. The book is divided into three parts and begins with a general introduction to Seychelles and advice on the practicalities of visiting. This is followed by a detailed guide to a selection of the best dive sites and snorkel spots within the inner islands. The informative guide lists the highlights of each site, what level of experience they are suitable for, and how you can access the area. Finally, a comprehensive photographic identification guide to some of the most commonly encountered fish, coral and invertebrate species is included. This invaluable identification guide makes it easy for you to identify many of the wonderful animals you encounter underwater, with its easy-to-use layout and clear photographs. Underwater Guide to Seychelles, by Chris Mason-Parker and Rowana Walton, is available to purchase from the Antigone bookshops, at the international airport on Mahé and in Victoria, as well as Chanterelle bookshop in Victoria. It is also available on or Underwater Guide to Seychelles is published by John Beaufoy Publishing and has been available since September 2015.

Insolites Seychelles

Préfacé de la main de l’artiste seychellois Léon Radegonde, cet ouvrage à la mise en page très graphique est à la fois ludique, instructif et joyeux. Textes, photos et autres documents d’archive côtoient des cartes mais aussi un jeu de piste permettant de découvrir Victoria ou encore des pages destinées aux enfants. Ainsi les sept dernières années passées aux Seychelles, ont permis à son auteure, Véronique Dupont, de découvrir les trésors cachés de ces îles qu’elle souhaite partager au près d’un public francophone à travers cette première édition. La deuxième édition traduite en anglais sera prochainement disponible. Très pratique de par son format, cet ouvrage est l’indispensable à glisser dans son sac dès votre arrivée aux Seychelles. Prix : Scr 350 - 25 € Mobile: +2482531359 Email: Facebook: Blue Lagon Publishing

Christophe Mason-Parker is a conservationist and keen underwater photographer ( He has been living in Seychelles for seven years where he is the Country Director for Global Vision International. Rowana Walton is passionate about the marine environment and its protection. She currently works for the Seychelles Islands Foundation and is an active member of Seychelles conservation community.

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Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa brings the Creole culture to life in its entertainment program There are some new additions on the Avani Seychelles Resort’s entertainment program which further adds an element of the creole culture into its products and services. Guests and local alike, can get acquainted and enjoy the vibrancy of the local culture, which has endless things to offer ranging from culinary to art. The ‘new’ program kick-started 6 months ago and has been very well received by both the Resort’s guests and locals. At the opening back in July 2016, the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Mr Alain St Ange, commended the Avani Resort for this initiative stating it was good to see a resort putting the Seychellois culture at the forefront and called upon other hotel establishments to follow suit.

Bazaar Barbarons

Frequency: Every 2nd Saturday and Last Saturday of the month Location: AVANI Hotel around the pool Time: From 18:30 till 22.30 What to expect: Local artisans, vendors, painters, and traditional cooks from the region of Grand Anse and Barbarons where the hotel is located. Various stalls offering a wide variety of “Made in Seychelles” products ranging from handicrafts, clothing, fruits and vegetables, to culinary delicacies and home-brewed beverages.

Seychelles Cabaret

Frequency: Last Friday of every month Location: Elements Restaurant Time: 18.30 till 24.00

Options: Show with dinner (Scr. 800 per person) or Show only (Scr. 250) or the Escape Cabaret package. What to expect: A Creole potpourri event showcasing the traditional folkloric heritage through rhythms and dance moves with local showbiz star Joseph Sinon & Tanmi Group

An expansion of all these activites is expected in 2017. For more information, contact Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa on +248 4 673 000

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Chinese New Year in Seychelles The Seychelles-China Day Celebration started when the Minister of Tourism, Mr Alain St Ange, developed the idea to celebrate the five branches which makes the Seychelles Nation : Creole festival or Fek Afrique, La Francophonie, the Commonwealth Day , Seychelles- India day and the Seychelles-China day. The first edition of the Seychelles-China Day started in 2014 and usually coincides with the Chinese New Year calendar. The event is a collaboration between the Chinese Embassy in Seychelles and The Ministry of Tourism. There are numerous events which mark the celebrations and it usually starts with a Gala Dinner hosted by the Chinese Embassy. This is followed by a Bazaar the next day where the public gets the chance to get a taste of China though food stalls and other products. In true, save the best for last fashion, on the last day, the Chinese Embassy brings in a cultural troupe from a region in china and they usually perform a show at the ICCS hall. Photo: Patrick Joubert

LE MÉRIDIEN FISHERMAN’S COVE T +248 4677 000 fishermanscove

“UNLOCK THE SEA” We invite you to discover the treasure trove of marine life in Seychelles through a curated snorkeling experience with Le Méridien Fisherman’s Cove.

Explore pristine white sands lapped by topaz waters, coral sunsets and ignite your inspiration with an underwater encounter that leaves you with incredible memories of the island. Encounter the unexpected. Discover our underwater art gallery and send a postcard from under water!


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Auberge Chez Plume

Where more of the same is a good thing! (former Auberge d’Anse Boileau & Restaurant Chez Plume)

Is it a renovation? No. Has it changed? A little bit. Is it a refurbishment? To a small extent. So what exactly is it that the Lavignes have brought to the table since taking over the management of Chez Plume located at Anse Boileau, late last year? In a nutshell, growth would be an appropriate answer. In true, ‘don’t fix what’s not broken’ form, they have jumped on the Chez Plume bus and maintained the direction of the journey, which is ‘forward’. To keep the ‘bus’ going, a facelift has been given to the property, more staff have joined the team and a lunch menu (perhaps the biggest add-on to date) is now on offer. In this article we take a closer look at this small family-run guest house and restaurant which has been in existence for a quarter of a century.

The Lavignes

Michael and Lyn Lavigne have been regulars at Chez Plume for 15 years

prior to the takeover. It is a place for which they have always had an affection, along with so many other Seychellois, who would dine there regularly, unable to stay away from the consistently delicious items which the Chez Plume kitchen had to offer. Both of them are well versed with the ins and outs of the industry having a collective knowledge and background in hotel establishments and hotel boutiques while building up their ‘Hibiscus’ brand over recent years. Owning and running their own little guest-house and restaurant has always been at the back of their minds and when the opportunity came up to give Chez Plume some consideration, they did just that and have not looked back since.

The Menu That Works

Being the main reason they’d been regular clients in past years, the Lavignes knew from the get-go that the

dinner menu was not to be tampered with. The ‘magic tweaks’ of chef Henry Loyaklun, who developed the French Creole menu alongside Jean Claude Plumas (the first and late owner of Chez Plume) back when the restaurant opened, are undeniably some of the main elements contributing to the restaurant’s popularity over the years. From boudin, a typical Creole sausage, right through the range of dishes to grilled local lobster, prawns and clams, there is something on the menu to suit every taste. Starters range from simple salads of fresh local produce such as chouchoute, through to the more intense complexity of stuffed New Zealand mussels, one can discover all the flavours of Seychelles at Chez Plume. Amongst the fish they offer on a nightly basis, you will find delicacies such as shark, red snapper, job and capitaine blanc (or the white captain), served with its own unique passion fruit sauce. The

[ INSIDE Seychelles | 23 ] Lyn and Michael Lavigne

restaurant is also famous for its crab, which they prepare with a locally grown ginger, its fruit bat served as legs or pate, and the ever present dessert of passion fruit soufflé, something people travel a long distance to savour!

Dinner is served Monday to Saturday evenings from 19.15; last orders 21.30.

Lyn and Michael Lavigne

The Lunch Menu

Since growth could not be extended to the dinner menu for obvious reasons and the Lavignes continuously found themselves politely turning clients away who ‘dropped’ by at lunch time hoping they could grab a bite to eat, the idea of ‘opening for lunch’ came about. This turned out to be the biggest add-on to date. An entirely different menu was developed under the guidance of Chef Terence Bristol who had joined Chef Henry at Chez Plume a year earlier. The menu is an easy eating fare of salads such as traditional Caesar, local Heart of Palm and Greek. Pastas are simple but tasty, with a selection of locally available pasta served with a choice of accompanying sauces. There is always a grilled whole fish, and some of Terence’s signature dishes, such as his home made Royale Burger, honey basted Baby Back Spare Ribs, Chicken Drumsticks with a unique and tasty orange zest sauce, and fresh Fish Carpaccio. The lunch menu is rounded out with various yummy desserts, including a crepe of the house, and their own version of a fruit platter, with assorted local fruits fresh from the restaurant garden and caramelised on the plate.

get the chance to enjoy a selection of beautiful Creole dishes accompanied by a serenade of Creole and International music from the 70s and 80s, with resident band Michael Belle & Friends.

The Rooms

On the accommodation side, the nine rooms which are situated around the property’s quaint, tranquil tropical garden have been revamped to increase the comfort and create a better experience for the guest. The ‘facelift’ was done by Lyn, who started off with just one room; the feedback received was so positive, all the remaining rooms rapidly followed suit. Two out of the nine rooms are family rooms, while the rest are standard double/twin rooms.

A Horizontal Integration, of Sorts

Lunch is served Tuesday to Sunday from 12.00; last orders 16.30.

With the level of competition that establishments in the industry now face, it’s imperative to find an ‘edge’ and create a product or a perception that will entice the client to choose them. Packages designed to offer people more than just a place to eat and sleep do just that with Auberge Chez Plume, the name they have used to re-brand the whole concept; listed on its newly launched website and ranging from long stay business, diving, golf and car hire options to jet skiing, it means that clients can have their entire holiday planned out, with activities they love, all booked and ready for them before they arrive!

Sunday Buffet & Grill

Having three sons of their own, it’s not surprising that the Lavignes often have the family concept influence some of their ideas for development. The Sunday buffet is one of those ideas which has taken off in recent months. Clients

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Grilled F


it Platter

ed Fru Carmalis

Royale Burger

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Auberge Chez Plume A Mouse Click Away

Direct booking from its website is now possible for travellers who have made the decision to stay at Auberge Chez Plume. Prospective visitors can go through the website to book their stay; all the options for additional items such as food options, golf, car hire and even diving, are available at this point of booking, and are added together for the total cost of stay before the guest takes that final click of the credit card button. Upon booking, the client receives a confirmation email and invoice, though payment is made only once the client is in the Auberge.

Future Plans

Michael and Lyn want the Auberge Chez Plume ‘bus’ to continue in its present direction, but at the same time, they’re changing gears for changing times, and offering an even better product and service to guests. From the lighting of the restaurant, which is solar powered lamps over the tables in the evenings, to new lounge music which ...Continued from page 8

Seychelles Tourist Office, Germany At each of these fairs, the Seychelles not only present themselves through visits by high-ranking representatives of the Seychelles government, the Seychelles Tourism Board and the Seychelles tourism industry, but also through lively displays of the sights and sounds of the islands, featuring local artists Egbert Marday, Camille Mondon and James Agricole - painting pictures “live” and Latroup Nasyonal entertaining the crowds with dance and music. Visitor numbers to the Seychelles from the three countries virtually doubled over the last ten years and reached new records year after year, most recently with about 56,000 in 2016. Two years ago, Germany had even managed to finish as the overall top market, and the two smaller countries, Switzerland and Austria, now also

has created a new kind of funk; from a new play area for families with kids, to keeping the place open and running in the month of June (previously, the restaurant closed down each June); the Lavignes are far from running out of ideas as to how to do just that!

For more information, go to their website and follow them on Facebook: Auberge d’Anse Boileau Restaurant Chez Plume.

consistently rank among the top dozen source countries. “The German, Swiss, and Austrian economies are booming,” Edith Hunzinger explains, “and people are looking to escape to hassle-free destinations that are safe and not too crowded. The choices are few.” And airlines have responded by rewarding the German market last year with a second weekly nonstop flight from Frankfurt to Mahé introduced by Condor, while Air Seychelles will launch a similar twice-weekly link from Düsseldorf at the end of March 2017. These four weekly nonstop flights from Germany to Mahé add to a wide variety of travel options from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria offered by Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines via their respective home country hubs. It certainly sounds as if Edith Hunzinger and her small staff have their work cut out for 2017 –

and beyond. But the experienced manager is confident: “This is my third decade here. We’ll manage. We always have. And we will keep topping our own records. You can count on that.” There is little doubt that she will keep this promise. Edith Hunzinger

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Inside Seychelles invites advertisers to promote their products and services at inexpensive rates on this page, sure in the knowledge that they will enjoy world-wide exposure via the wide distribution of the magazine to all of Seychelles majr and secondary tourism markets.


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Described by early settlers as ‘the original Garden of Eden’, the Seychelles archipelago is without a doubt the jewel of the Indian Ocean and a leading luxury destination for discerning travelers. Located on the famous Baie Lazare, in the exclusive south-end of Mahé Island, Kempinski Seychelles Resort offers guests round-the-clock expertise, dedication and unmatched Creole hospitality in dazzling surroundings of untouched, natural beauty. From small, home comforts to spacious luxury and bespoke banqueting, the Kempinski Seychelles Resort is an ideal location for those seeking a world-class island getaway. For more information contact: +248 438 6666 or


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A quarterly newspaper produced by the Seychelles Tourism Board which gives insights into the tourism developments of the Seychelles Islands.

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