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May 18th, 2012

Published by: seychellelugo

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3. Identify Identify the type of person who is eligible to become your employee. You can use the questions below as criteria: • What sort of expertise level do they possess? • How many hours in a week are they looking for? • What type of qualifications do they have?

10 Steps to Outsource Your Business 10 Steps to Outsource Your Business May 18th, 2012

Business owners like you and I face so many responsibilities. Sometimes it’s hard to even to keep up. However with the help of outsourcing we can cut down on the work load and get jobs done. The word itself sounds daunting but it only takes a few steps to implement this properly. So, fasten your seatbelts, let's go through the 10 steps to outsource your business.

1. Define The first step is to recognize exactly what you need to outsource. For a more systematic approach, get hold of a sheet of paper and divide it into the categories below: • “What I do” • “What I do that I don’t like doing” • “What I intend to do” • “What can I delegate” Do one line at a time. Begin crossing stuff off from the second line and then move those noted items to the “Delegate” column. These will be your priorities for outsourcing. 2.Decide Second, decide and arrange your list. Determine 2 or 3 items which you have to finish immediately.

• Are they good at speaking in English; can they communicate well? Apart from that, you want to identify the key responsibilities these individuals might have as soon as they're appointed. Will they do research? Website creation? E-mail organizing? One more factor you should recognize is budget. Establish a specific sum of money. If you don’t have the right budget and they demand for a lot more money then you’re wasting your time.

4. Post Your Job It's time to post your job! You want to create a very concise document which outlines all the characteristics you need. Take note of step 3, what attributes do you need? In this way you can cut down on the number of applicants. Let's face it; if you put a very general description, you’ll get applicants from various parts of the globe. 50% of these applicants may not even fit the requirements you have. 5.Seek The fifth step is "seek"; searching for your best candidate for the job. You might believe that hiring the first or second applicant might be easier. However you'd better check with your job postings to assure that they match. Price is significant however don't rely on that entirely. You'll get the cheapest and highest prices for the same job. So must verify where it is in your budget and if the price affects the quality of service they offer. 6.Sorting through the Applications Next, evaluate your job seekers. Examine their resumes. Check out the type of work they've finished for other companies. 7.Interview

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May 18th, 2012

Published by: seychellelugo

Once you’ve chosen your ideal candidates, the following that step is the interview of course. The screening process for walkin and offsite applicants is the same. But the real question is, how will you carry out a proper interview? First, construct your interview questions beforehand. Furthermore, evaluate their skill level in relation to the roles you plan to delegate to them. Portfolios are helpful if you’re in search of graphics designers and the likes. You can also examine their abilities then and there. IF you’re looking for writers for example, why don't you require them to write a brief article for you on the spot?

8. Trial Phase Whenever I outsource I ensure that this testing period is implemented. What I usually do is, I designate a task that's incomplete. I want see them come up with results without my assistance. 9.Training Training is the ninth step. Screen capture systems will definitely assist you here, especially if you have certain jobs for you intend to designate. You can use GoogleDocs for web based data storage and Dropbox for file sharing. 10.Let Go! Last but not least, let go. Give them a chance to do their jobs. Avoid micromanaging your employees since that will only give out negative results. For example, if you are launching social media marketing outsourcing, exploit their own style on how to promote sites accross social media. So that’s it. That’s the ten steps in a nutshell on how to outsource your business. Was this Hub ...?

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10 Steps to Outsource your Online Business