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Maxh Loon SexyLife Island President Giovanna Graves President Ursula Zehetbauer President Priscila Balogh Director Ananda Valeeva Reporter Thereaver Barrymore Graphic Producer Models: Ananda Valeeva, Priscila Balogh, Thereaver Barrymore, Ziad Low Location for Special Photoshooting: Recreation in studio of school class and School Girls Gone Bad Detention , Ninamo (166, 103, 508)



SexyLife Magazine - 1 Year Special Edition

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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you ... Hello dear reader, The sexiest magazine of SL is celebrating its birthday in April. And we are pleased to share this gift with you. Our success is yours too, dear reader! To celebrate one year in SL is a very special achievement and it shows our commitment and respect for our readers. Even famous publishers from RL tried to have success here, but couldn’t follow us. We have shared a successful partnership in the history of SexyLife Publications, which is growing and improving everyday, especially since the SexyLife Island was created by the sexiest family of SL. It has been a year … Months of many challenges, which stimulate the team (highly expert) for more dedication; we overcame each obstacle we found in this awesome journey, by being ethic, dedicated and respectful. It is a path that has brought recognition of thousands fans. Recognition that is synonym of quality. Quality that reminds SexyLife. It is important to thank you all for the support and who are or were part of our journey since the first edition, and welcome the talented people who joined our team, as the talented designer, photographer and multi task Thereaver Barrymore, always bringing new ideas to put the mags among the best publications, and she not only took the photo shooting of us two



SexyLife Magazine - 1 Year Special Edition

and designed the mag, but also built and created many pieces for the production of this. She rocks! We also want to thank Szentasha Fashions for their kindness to provide some of their amazing creations to make it more gorgeous. Each one is vital to our success!

Wow… what such birthday gift! We’ve made 8 issues, many parties and most of all, wherever we went we’ve got new friends. Besides, we created something inedited in Second Life, the SexyMale Magazine the little sister, made to an eclectic public that can be enjoyed by everybody; after all, beauty is to be seen. And as we are always creating new things and daring to make the best, in this issue we give you something not only to see, but also to wish. Spicer than the preview issues, SexyLife decided to season this birthday issue with more pepper… One of our gifts is the hot photo shooting of two extremely successful women. In photos of pure daring sensuality, these chicks will make you dream about fantasy and fetish, which will lead you to beyond your most creative sensations. Our editor Priscila Balogh and the writer Ananda Valeeva show you all and don’t hide any pixel! Most of all, being intelligent


is one of their qualities. That’s why they are sensual and gorgeous. “oh… I am shy!!! I promise after all I will punish everybody” – Priscila says “oh… I’ve never thought about this!!! I promise I will be a good girl” – Ananda says In this issue, we also give you an interview with the owners of the HI5 Island, who believe in the SexyLife dream: Ursula Zehetbauer, Giovanna Graves e Maxh Loon. We show a very nice chat with Priscila and Ananda, the two women who have made together the history of the SexyLife Project since the start. And much more… we give you FOUR new columns, which will bring more information. Giovanna Graves has her debut with elegance and Priscila Balogh tells us everything happening in SL. Ananda brings her two new columns, which will conquer you. We are better and better… So… lets wait for the next birthdays!!! Now it is just to light the candles and sing... Happy Birthday dear SexyLife! Happy Birthday to you!!! Many kisses




SexyLife Magazine - 1 Year Special Edition

Shape – Cafofo – Demon Skin – TL Real Skin – jade m5 tan lines Hair – HCT – dafnie (sandy) Eyes – TL Real Skin – real blue eyes Eyelashes – Cake – Bedroom Lashes Shirt – Relance Mainstore – Green tricot Top (part of a set) Socks - Relance Mainstore – Green tricot socks (part of a set) Pants – RPC Fashion – SM white capri pants Shoes - GRACILE – Pumps “Triss” Purse – Digital Eyes – sunse bag touch to change color Would you like to have a look or if you have any question, Write to:




SexyLife Magazine - 1 Year Special Edition

By PRISCILA BALOGH IS IT TRUE? We realized that one of the main islands in this amazing Second Life has been sinking into mess and arrogance. Be careful, dear. SAD NOTE: It has increased the news about thiefs that steal others creations, especially skins. It is a shame and we need to understand that they are a small group and doesn´t mean an intire country. We support any effort against these people. Let´s protest! BIRTHDAY - Last 28th of March was celebrated the birthday of one of the most successful Brazilian of SL. Natashya Babii a business woman of the real state branch, enjoyed her party in an elegant style among friends and her loving husband Sylvio Runo, which has been with her for a year. It was an unforgettable party, with a live show, friends, fireworks and a beautiful love declaration for her. Happy Birthday, dear! WEDDING - On the 21th of March, Vexed Yoshikawa, An important member of the SexyLife family, celebrated his wedding with the pretty and red Anita Smit. Congratulations and all happiness to the couple. (If the husband is not too jealous, we hope to have his gorgeous wife as our cover girl.) - It is not confirmed yet, but it seems it will happen soon. The business man Maxh Loon finally was caught. They didn´t set up a date, but it seems he will get married and the lucky one is the beautiful Mychelly Clary. - And talking about happy relashionships, which are rare in SL, the charming and elegant Giovanna Graves has been showing her history with J2 Yoshikawa is based on friendship and caring they feel for each other. Take a deep breath girls! SINGLE - They are not desperate, but single for a long time. The talented and hot beauties Ursula Zehetbauer, Ananda Valeeva and Priscila Balogh are still looking for the

Prince charming. Good lucky, girls. MISSING - Our friend, the talented and creative Gutão Rosca will be less time on SL, and we are missing him already. Come back, Gutão, the hot and handsome builder who works wearing underwear! MISTERY - We are curious to know where are and what is going on with the people who pretend they are friends, but do a lot of strange things behind our backs? Are they messing other island or simply, as we suppose, they just stopped playing? If you want something, behave to deserve it! TRAFFIC - The Convento had the highest traffic inworld per 3 times. The action was simple. They put 60 hot nude dancer girls to entertain males there. They got surprised as many women are also going there to enjoy the Island. CELEBRATING - The success of the Nude Beach at the SexyLife Island at Hi5 (103, 68, 22). The “nakeds”, as the customs are called per the guests and administrators are doing their best and deserve our respect. - We celebrate also the bet of SexyLife Island to hire two new hot DJs. Two gorgeous and sensual girls Beth2008 Slade and Mychelly Clary are funny and they rock their parties with high energy and great songs.




SexyLife Magazine - 1 Year Special Edition

Ananda answers

Our hot columnist can answer your questions. This is our chat room. - Do Avatars have G spot? Ah… what a nice question, my dear. Avatar has G spot, as the real person, who gives life to it has sensations, reacts to everything and if you use voice in SL, the reactions will be hotter and more real. Tell me who doesn’t love to see a gorgeous avatar? Even more if you have a hot chat. Once I read something that I consider perfect to clear it: “The G spot of women is in her ears and for men it is in their eyes”… hum… it makes us think… - I met a special girl and I want to have more than kisses. How should I behave? Hum... This is your first time and you want to impress her and have hot moments. But, you think: Maybe you’ll try out Kama Sutra moving No. 23 or getting into some dirty talk. But, wait, is that too much too fast? My tip for you is to relax; the first time can make you anxious and you don’t need to prove anything. Remember: It’s her first time with you too and the magic of all is to find out what give more pleasure to each other. - I’ve just broken up with my ex, but still love her. I have been trying to know other girls, but her image is always here. What can I do? My dear, if you still love her, take it easy. If you want to try another relationship or have many girls, maybe you will create problems. I am sure you’ll find a nice new girl, who will deserve you. But, don’t forget that nobody is the same, as each of us has a particular charm. So, nobody can substitute your ex in the same way. If you still need to solve something, why don’t you have a chat and who knows what can happen? - Everyday I see more amazing avatars and I met a gorgeous girl who has a boyfriend. She lies to him and we are together too; if I become her boyfriend, do you think she will lie to me also? Well, we can’t be sure. Maybe she is in love with you, couldn’t resist, and it was an exception; but, maybe she will follow doing this even to you. We tend to repeat patterns in love and relationships. So, if it is her nature, the impulse to lie will talk aloud. It seems stronger in SL, as the virtual world increases our beliefs, good or bad nature. So, pay attention.

Questions? Send to:




SexyLife Magazine - 1 Year Special Edition

They are a very sexy and gorgeous family! Maxh Loon, Ursula Zehetbauer and Giovanna Graves are the owners of the SexyLife Island and the publishing group of SexyLife, SexyMale and SexyLife Special magazines. This family has built an Empire of success and we are here to try to discover their secrets. We had a very nice chat and they told me about their enterprises and new projects that promise to heat the SL. SexyLife Magazine: When and how did your Second Life start? Maxh: I joined second Life sometime ago and started playing there because my sisters insisted to show me that. Ursula: My Sister and I were addicted to The Sims game and one day we read an article in a magazine and decided to join SL immediately. Giovanna: I saw an article about SL a year ago and I liked that. SexyLife Magazine: How did you think in having an Island and business in a 3D world? Maxh: My sisters proposed something nice and we discussed the possibilities. I thought it was interesting and we first bought a smaller land to test. Ursula: It started in a chat with a person who I consider one of my “guardian angels” - Priscila Balogh; she told me she would love to get a place to show the SexyLife Magazine, which that time had already two issues and used to rent places for parties. So, my brother, sister and I thought… “why not?” Then, we got a whole project, which first started with a land at the Nordeste Island, but soon that became small for us. Today we have the SexyLife Island at HI5, which, by the way, is already small for us again, LOL and we are planning new projects, but they are just ideas for while.


Giovanna: To me, everything started from an idea to create an agency for modeling, the Angel Model´s. SexyLife Magazine: The SexyLife Island is a mega success. Tell us how did this project start? Maxh: My sisters are explaining very well about our project. Ursula: The project and the idea were created by Priscila Balogh, who should change her name to Priscila SexyLife, as she is the “mother” of the whole thing, which came from a chat we had and I said – I want it, lets do it. So we followed to the second step, doing a rough draft and we were very lucky to find a wonderful builder, who not only helped us, but also became our right arm and everything developed perfectly. One of the many differences SexyLife Island offers is that we are not worried about the traffic of our Island; the little numbers will never be more important than people. It is a place for friends, to get new friends. If we make a party for 5 people, but they are friends and are having fun, it is enough to reach our goal. I am used to go to places where 60 or 80 people who don’t know each other are there and don’t communicate, don’t laugh… if I don’t laugh I can die… this kind of party is not fun, is it? Giovanna: We met Patrick Oyen and bought the magazine, but then we realized we needed a place for the parties. SexyLife Magazine: And do you have more new projects to make the SexyLife Island even hotter? Maxh: All new animations (pose balls) and any great decoration, poses, etc, which improve the SexyLife Island are tested and we decide if they are good. If we like them we buy and add more fun to our island. Ursula: The “hot” question is an important subject to mention. There is a difference between Sexy and Sex; we don’t offer sex and we are not a free sex area (some people already confused it). There is a boyfriend of my girlfriend, who forbade her to visit us there, hihihi. Some people



SexyLife Magazine - 1 Year Special Edition

still have taboos about this subject; they are the ones who tease and flirt more, but when they see a nude beach… hum they become shy and only 20% of them accept the fun… And there are nice animations and menus for everything and the couples can use them as they wish. We don’t forbid nudity, which, by the way, would be hypocrisy, as we offer magazines with sensual and naked photo shootings. SexyLife Magazine: How did you connect the SexyLife Island to the SexyLife magazines? Maxh: We bought the island for this purpose. Ursula: I had a nice dear friend, Patrick Oyen, who unfortunately is not in SL anymore. He was the owner of the mag, but was too busy to take care of it and in a chat he offered me the magazine. I was the officer of the Ilha Brasil that time (I loved to be standing at a corner and giving quarrel to the people). We bought the mag with the only condition that Priscila Balogh would stay with the team… and here we are. As we needed a place to build the office, we got the idea of a land and then, as we grew a lot we bought the island, which already became small to us. Giovanna: We needed a place to the parties and I wanted to create the agency Angel Models. SexyLife Magazine: What is your opinion about a virtual life? Is yours different than your RL?


Maxh: It is an interesting experience, but I try to remember where the avatar finishes and the person starts. We have a deal to not mix SL/RL, as we already saw many conflicts there. Ursula: Completely different, mainly because in SL I am immortal. I can fall down 4000 sqm and stand up having no broken bones. What is identical for the both Ursulas (SL and RL) is the good nature. I do exactly what I promise and the way I said; I don’t give false certification and don’t lie; these things I learned from mommy. I keep SL and RL lives completely separate. I’ve heard many opinions about this subject, but I maintain mine. If it would be the same and mixed, I’d rather join a matching maker website, fill a profile and start all. Hihihihiihi. But, I love and am addicted to SL. Giovanna: I think it is very interesting and funny and as THE SIMS addicted, I can´t tell much. The real “Me” and the avatar behave and think in a similar way. SexyLife Magazine: What is being sexy for you? Maxh: It is having “something else” as the look. Ursula: Hum… what a difficult question. A subtle line separates sexy of vulgar, it is a mix of attitude and behavior.



SexyLife Magazine - 1 Year Special Edition

I know some very sexy avatars, which don’t even say a word, don’t force anything; and I know the opposite… people who would kill to look sexy, but they only can be vulgar and unpleasant. (I can’t mention examples, can I? LOL). Being sexy is to be yourself first and to use a bit of pepper to season the environment, but not much. Giovanna: Being sexy is much more than a nice shape and skin. It is the attitude, happy and funny behavior and always being conscious. SexyLife Magazine: Tell us what do you like to do in SL and give us a tip about a hot place to visit, besides the wonderful SexyLife Island, of course. Maxh: I think I am the avatar who less explores the SL. Ursula: Well, for people who speak English and like the SexyLife style, the BAD GIRLS Club is a great tip, although the lag. There are DJs playing 7/24 and they have their own radio. They offer many kinds of contests and great music. And for people who like to explore SL with their date, it is a gorgeous place you can visit, the wonderful Cocololo Resort with many options to do there. I prefer the boat and diving tours and it will be great to stay sometime exploring this island. Kisses to everybody and don´t restrain your instincts!

Cocololo Island (176,246,23) Giovanna: I like to create and to have ideas. I also like fashion and to create different looks. That´s why I have a new column for SexyLife Mag now.




SexyLife Magazine - 1 Year Special Edition

Mini Guide: By Ananda Valeeva You know you are sexy and confident and that’s why you are elegant in your underwear and lingerie choices. Szentasha Fashions is the tip of Priscila Ballogh. They offer a very sexy and elegant fashion to fulfill any fantasy, including latex outfits. This store focuses on delivering edgy, empowering, high-value women’s clothing at reasonable prices. I really love to buy lingerie, costumes and even sexy furniture there. Some sets have scripts, which will make your date hotter. Whisper Es, Whisper 41, 242, 37 Carnal - HAUTE STYLE & CO. is the tip of Giovanna Graves. They have an amazing and fashion collection, which is one of my favorites. Haute Couture 23, 185, 23 Insolence is the tip of Ursula Zehetbauer. I love this store, where you can find not only fancy gowns and costumes, but also one of the best lingerie and underwear. They are amazing! Venom 86, 183, 38 Casa Del Shai is the tip of Gorek Rubian. I always take a look to their creations. I bought very sexy underwear there. Casa Del Shai 150, 100, 691 Muism is the tip of Judson Rang. This store is one of the most traditional of SL and it is an amazing place to go. Besides great outfits, hair and accessories, I always buy underwear there and they look very sexy. Muism 131, 112, 25




SexyLife Magazine - 1 Year Special Edition




SexyLife Magazine - 1 Year Special Edition




SexyLife Magazine - 1 Year Special Edition


SexyLife Publications – These hot girls tell us how it started. They are secure and love challenges; and even then they are still feminine in their own elegant and sensual way. Priscila Balogh, the director/editor and Ananda Valeeva, the writer, columnis /editort and photographer tell us all about their victorious path, and they amaze us in a daring and surprising photo shooting, which will provoke secret fantasies and sensations in a sensual class‌


SexyLife: When were you born in SL and why did you decide to have a virtual life? Priscila: I was born in 02/12/2007. The main reason was to work better my timidity. My curiosity was increasing every time I read a new article about the game in magazines and newspapers. One day I was at home and decided to download that and thought that would be just to take a look. But, I can tell I am still trying to take a look. Ananda: I was born in 11/25/2006, but I joined SL three years ago, when I created a simple avatar just to talk with people from many countries and to practice languages. The main reason to go to SL so long ago is because I love to observe behavior and technology and Internet. When I realized I could find these all together in a virtual world, I was amazed and wanted to go deep into my search and studies, doing a healthy parallel with my RL. SexyLife: How was the start of the SexyLife Magazine journey? And how did you get close to this project? Priscila: To start talking about SexyLife Magazine I need to return when I joined the game. I used to work as a dancer of an European Club; it wasn’t much pleasant and I was tired of that life. Then, I decided to change all and went to Brazil. I found a job of promoter and during so many parties I met Patrick Oyen, the president of the SL Brazil Corporation, who offered me a job in real state. This company had many branches, and he had an idea about a new magazine. He asked me to take care of it and in one week I created the name and hired a staff. After a month and many challenges the first mag was




done. Ananda: I didn’t know any Brazilian in SL before I created Ananda. I used to watch shows, concerts and nice events around the SL world. After sometime I loved to know Franco, who became my very dear friend. I was writing to a blog from Holland and I loved that. He introduced me to some nice people such as Patou Dumond, who has a very nice blog, and I became one of her columnists. Then, I met a nice girl, during a Beach girl contest. Kinha is not in SL anymore, but before she left she introduced me to Priscila Balogh, who was into the SexyLife project with Patrick Oyen. So, I am with them since the start one year ago, offering my ideas and creations, always willing to make things better, to improve our quality. I am thankful to Priscila for trusting in my work and to the family who joined this project. SexyLife: SexyLife offers always a surprise and amaze all per some daring ideas, such as SexyMale and SexyLife Special. Tell us how it the process of creation? Priscila: It is simple. We just add a talented team of artists, professional people who are all willing to make the best. Everybody who worked for us or the people who are now part of our team are very important to develop this project. Everyday we have many ideas. We need to pay attention. Observe all and get the best ones. Ananda: Our team discusses ideas always; we are free and humble to learn and accept opinions. It makes us closer and allows us to dare about creative plans. We make researches to ďŹ nd what is the best to improve the mags. As some people of our team, including me, have real contact with this area of design and publication in RL, it can help a 48



lot to reach our goals. I am glad to bring to SL my RL knowledge and good nature. Our target is to make something really professional and to improve the qulity of our publications more and more. SexyLife: What is the biggest challenge to maintain this success? Priscila: It is like killing a Lion everyday. The main qualities of our readers are the intelligence and to see the best. They don´t accept a new issue could be less than the best. Besides this, we are aware that we want to grow always and to make it better everyday. We haven´t reached the success we want yet, we have been improving our mags, but as per the ims and emails we have been receiving to send congratulations to us, we can tell we are doing right. Ananda: Being always humble, ethic and looking for the best to offer to our readers. We have many challenges, but the base of all is our commitment to the goal to reach. I never start anything to make “just the simple”. I want the best and give 1000% of my efforts to this. 99,9% of my SL time is dedicated to work. SexyLife: How do you live your Second Life? Is that different than your REAL LIFE? Priscila: The name of my avatar is because of a puppy I had in my childhood, but Priscila has many things about the real person controlling her. We have firmness and We are perfectionists; we make all by observing details. In SL I am more about working and thinking about new ideas for the publications and don´t go much to parties. 54








It is funny as Priscila is much more serious than me, the real person. I try to make her enjoy more, but Gosh… “its such a doll” who loves to work! She has a strong personality, but I am slowly trying to change this serious German way of Priscila Balogh. Ananda: My avatar is an extension of its owner, me; a healthy, spontaneous, happy and successful person. I am a very sweet and crystal clear person and that’s why Ananda couldn´t be different. I respect people who prefer to create a character in SL, but we are the same and it is natural to me that my SL and RL are similar. Like me, Ananda is very secure about what she wants. I couldn´t be fake in SL, as I am very transparent person. I love to visit different places in-world, to go to concerts and to attend to workshops and events about marketing, publicity and journalism. Ananda is as much or more workaholic then me, a perfectionist, who loves to express herself in many areas and to be kind and friend of everybody. There is a difference between the avatar and me… it is the style as I don´t wear the same cleavage and mini skirts she wears. LOL SexyLife: It is clear that the SexyLife team is very sexy in their way. What is being sexy to you? Priscila: It is to work an idea with dedication and integrity, respecting everybody. We plan everything. We take all seriously, working with intelligence and never in a vulgar way. Being sexy is being intelligent. Ananda: It is being secure, to love yourself the way you are; it is having your own style and don´t need to follow patterns. A simple stare or smile can show sensuality through all your pores. It is do believe in a project, which approaches to a delicate branch and still respect and understand 70




that being sexy is a question of style and self confidence. Nothing is sexier than intelligence. SexyLife: What do you like to do in SL and tell us about a hot place to visit. Priscila: I like to create ideas to use in my work. When I am not working, I am shopping (which I love) or am chatting with friends, because one thing I believe is that doens´t matter how many lindens you have or if you are important, the true friends will always be there for you. And one hot place I can invite all to visit is the Hi5 – SexyLife Island. Definitely the best! Ananda: The second name of Ananda is “work”. LOL So, even when I go to a concert or visit a SIM, it is impossible to me to not think about a new article, to take photos or to create new projects. I got stressed and I take things here too seriously. Believe me, sometimes I wake up early thinking about how to improve the publications. Intellectual challenges excite me a lot. Also to be sometimes with my friends, I invite them to parties and concerts, while I am also working. Regarding the tip about a hot place, I’ve been telling some every month, that’s why I created a mini guide here for this issue. I suggest SexyLife island, of course and also suggest Galaxy Dream. As the name says, it is like a dream full of lights and great places to have a date. GALAXY DREAMS, Dance and Chill, Kilauea (134, 142, 616)









SexyLifeMagazine - Special Edition - English