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Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

DISCLAIMER The contents in this book are for educational purposes only. This book is not intended to serve as a medical treatment, psychological counseling, psychotherapy, or any other services best performed by a health professional. No part of this book should be used as a means of self-treatment or as a viable substitute for medical evaluation by a doctor. If you suspect you have a condition requiring such treatment, the author encourages you to seek professional help before engaging in the practices included. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided in this book, neither the author nor his affiliates/partners assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions.

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Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

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Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Introduction‌ In my field, one of the most common questions I am asked revolves around the issue of premature ejaculation and how to last longer in bed. Men want to know how they can improve their sexual stamina. Women want to know how their partners can last long enough to give them an orgasm. Couples want to know how they can enjoy longer-lasting sex. It is every man's desire to be the seductive and powerful lover - one who has the innate ability to last as long he wants and bring his woman to the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. Sadly, premature ejaculation often rears its ugly head and makes potentially heart-thumping sex fizzle out in a flash. Sounds like what is happening to you most of the time?

About 20-40% of men around the world suffer from premature ejaculation

Well, you are NOT alone. Between 20 to 40 percent of men have the unfortunate distinction of being a "minute man", one who lasts no more than a couple of quick minutes (or even seconds) before making an early exit. It is thus not surprising that fixing premature ejaculation is such as popular topic. Any man who constantly blows his load early during sex will know the pain, embarrassment and frustration that come with the inability to last the distance.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

No man is born with the inherent ability to endure even 15 minutes of penetrative sex. By the stroke of nature, we are all genetically programmed to ejaculate as soon as possible so that we continue to reproduce in numbers. But can you actually "re-program" yourself to last longer and enjoy better sex? You can! Although no man is naturally born with superior control over his ejaculation - just like no one is born to read and write - you can learn how to overcome your quick ejaculation reflexes until you gain total control over it. Ejaculation By Command is all about re-wiring your

Anyone can learn to re-program his mental and physical abilities to last longer during sex

mental and physical abilities to totally eradicate premature ejaculation and enjoy sex that lasts. No pills, creams, lotions, portions or gadgets are needed. It won't happen overnight, but with the tips, techniques and strategies laid out in this book, you hold the power to supercharge your ejaculatory control and gain the confidence to last much longer during sex. If there is one thing that makes this book stand out from the veritable avalanche of resources on premature ejaculation, it is the two-pronged approach of helping the average man improve his sexual endurance, AND fulfilling a woman’s deepest sexual desires at the same time.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

And this… my friend… can only bear great news for your partner and your sex life to boot! So what does Ejaculation By Command offer you? This book is divided into two parts. Here’s a sneak peak of the sections ahead of you. Part 1: Secrets Of Sexual Stamina Mastery Fundamentals. Here you’ll discover the reasons why sex is often a short-lived, embarrassing affair for most men… and the myths, misconceptions and lies that unfortunately cloud the issue and make it much harder for men to break free from premature ejaculation and carve out a new, more confident and long lasting sexual performance. Part 2: Techniques Of The Masters This is where the rubber hits the road. Here I’ll give you all the tools and knowledge you need to begin re-training and re-wiring your mind and body so that you can revel in longer lasting sex, and at the same time, give your partner an erotic experience she never thought was possible. Exclusive Bonus: Emergency Tactics To Last Longer The strategies in the main Ejaculation By Command program will require a little time and effort on your part


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

to permanently nip premature ejaculation in the bud. But what if you need some instant “firepower” tonight? In a separate exclusive bonus report, I reveal 15 triedand-tested tactics that you can use right away to put up a respectable performance in bed and send her into a sexual frenzy! The insights, tools and techniques in Ejaculation By Command have been rigorously tried, tested and proven effective not only by me, but by thousands of other men who are now enjoying lovemaking that lasts, and relationships that stay ROCK-SOLID - pardon the pun :-) So mark the date and time - years from now, you will remember this as the day “WHEN IT ALL BEGAN…” And the sooner you get started, the sooner you will reach the level of sexual confidence and performance that you desire! With all my hopes for your success, Lloyd Lester


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Table of Contents Part 1: Secrets of Sexual Stamina Mastery Chapter 1: The Truths about Premature Ejaculation……………………..12 -

Understanding Premature Ejaculation - How Soon Is Too Soon? Causes of Premature Ejaculation Does It Really Matter? Can Premature Ejaculation Be Cured? Do You Need Medical Attention? Realistic Expectations Gender Perceptions Of Premature Ejaculation

Chapter 2: Myths, Misconceptions (And Big Fat Lies)……………………30 -

Premature Ejaculation Stems From Sexual Inexperience Premature Ejaculation Means There Is Something Physically Wrong With You Desensitizers Are A Great Way To Beat Premature Ejaculation Mind Distraction Tricks Will Boost Your Stamina Porn Actors Are Born With Super Endurance

Chapter 3: Understanding Male Sexuality…………………………………….34 -

The Phases Of Male Sexual Response Getting To Know Thyself The Two Stages Of Cumming More On “The Point Of No Return” o Exercise: Understanding Your Arousal Patterns

Part 2: Techniques of the Masters Chapter 4: Empower The Mind…………………………………………………..48 -

Instituting The Right Mental Input Managing Mental Arousal “The Breath of Sex” o Exercise: Preparatory Breathing o Exercise: In-Sex Breathing o Exercise: Synchronized Breathing 8

Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance


o Exercise: Triangular Breathing Relaxation Of The Mind o Exercise: Triggering A Relaxation Response The Straight Scoop On Mind Distraction Tactics The Art Of Emotional Connection

Chapter 5: Enable The Body……………………………………………………….74 -

Mastering Your PC Muscles o Exercise: PC Flex o Exercise: PC Clench o Exercise: PC Muscle Relaxation o Exercise: Fighting Off An Imminent Climax


The Sensuous Art Of Self-Gratification o Exercise: Pleasure Acclimatizing o Exercise: Pushing Your Limits (I) o Exercise: Pushing Your Limits (II)


The Erotic Art Of Partner Stimulation o Exercise: "Live Action" Stimulation o Exercise: "The Surreptitious Female Rider" o Exercise: "Spooning Extravaganza" o Exercise: "Male Supremacy"

Chapter 6: Enrich Your Diet……………………………………………………….96 -

You Are What You Eat! o Life Is Sweet o Fruity Temptation o The Serial Booster - Not Just Kid’s Stuff o Go Green For Endurance o Berry Magic o Sirloin Therapy For The Loins o Vitamin Bank o Cool Sensuous Delights o Drinkers...Beware!


The Power of Serotonin

Chapter 7: Enhance Your Skills…………………………………………………104 -

Position Mastery Inducing The Female Orgasm Foreplay & Female Sexuality Oral Titillation 9

Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance


It’s NOT Just About Penetration The Best Sex Tip For Men (It’s NOT What You Think)

Chapter 8: Embrace The Paradigm Shift…………………………………….125 -

Adopting The Right Mindset & Attitude The Mistake Of Going It Alone If All Else Fails, Try Again!

Chapter 9: Summing It All Up……………………………………………………130

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Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Pa rt 1 Secrets Of Sexual Stamina Mastery This is where your journey begins. Before we head on to the actual techniques and strategies for lasting longer in bed, we need to have a clear understanding of some of the fundamental concepts relating to premature ejaculation. This section will lay the groundwork that will answer some of the most common questions that many guys have about sexual endurance, as well as debunk some of the self-defeating beliefs that will hamper your progress. It is absolutely important that we get these sorted out first. Let’s get rolling!


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Chapter 1 The Truths About Premature Ejaculation Premature ejaculation (PE) is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions amongst men. In fact, according to estimates, as many as 20 to 40 percent of the male population regularly suffer from premature ejaculation. Not only that, many sexual health surveys, including those carried out by reputable men’s magazines, have revealed that up to 75 percent of men would like to last

As many as 7 in 10 men want to learn how to last longer in bed

longer in bed.

Understanding Premature Ejaculation: How Soon Is Too Soon? What exactly is premature ejaculation? Well, there is certainly no lack of definitions and opinions, including: 

When a man is unable to last more than 2 minutes

When a man is not able to satisfy his partner more than 50% of the time

When the inability to last causes distress to one or both partners


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Most experts prefer to use this last definition, which is a very sensible way to describe premature ejaculation. From this point of view, the number of minutes you last doesn’t even matter. In short, premature ejaculation means reaching an orgasm before you want to. It means climaxing before you are ready and before you or your partner is sexually fulfilled. It is as simple as that. Premature ejaculation, in most cases, is hardly classified as a form of “illness”. Instead, it is a relative condition caused by a female’s need for orgasm, and her comparative slowness in achieving one through intercourse alone. To put things in perspective, premature ejaculation is certainly far from abnormal; in fact it is perfectly natural for a guy to want to climax within 2 minutes, just as it is natural for a woman to need 15 minutes to achieve an orgasm. How long does the average man last in bed? The answer is 2 to 6 minutes. In fact, some recent studies and research have thrown up rather shocking statistics: as many as 75 percent of men regularly ejaculate within 2

The average lovemaking duration is just 2-6 minutes…

minutes upon vagina entry. And a good number of us have the misfortune of blowing our load in less than 20 seconds - sometimes even as soon


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

as foreplay begins or within 3 to 4 thrusts upon penetration. Two minutes may not seem long, but think about this: most mammals last only 3 to 15 seconds, so a couple of minutes actually represent a considerable feat of selfcontrol by comparison! Now here's the rub: the vast majority of women need 10 to 15 minutes of intercourse to achieve an orgasm. So even 2 to 6 minutes is not going to cut it! BUT... losing control occasionally is completely NORMAL Premature ejaculation becomes a problem only if it occurs all the time. If you ejaculate quickly when you have sex for the first time, or if you have not had intercourse for a long while, this is completely normal. Premature ejaculation can be very embarrassing and frustrating for a man, and if not addressed or treated, can cause real emotional distress in a relationship. The good news? It is entirely possible to permanently cure

Premature ejaculation need not be a permanent fixture in your life‌ it CAN be cured.

PE. There are two key strategies: 1. Learning how to last longer in bed and 2. Learning how to lower your partner's threshold for orgasm so that she can achieve an orgasm faster. 14

Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

We will be looking at both strategies later in this book. But here's the simple truth you should always bear in mind… You only need to last as long as it takes for her to get an orgasm. And it does not even need to be through vaginal penetration!

A man only needs to last as long as it takes for a woman to orgasm…

You see, women are capable of reaching a climax through a variety of means. Foreplay, oral sex, and yes - even, mental seduction are known to cause orgasms in women! So as long as she receives her orgasm, the amount of time you spend penetrating her doesn’t really matter.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation Looking for shortcuts that will prevent you from ejaculating early is not the best solution. If you want a lasting cure to premature ejaculation, you have to know the underlying factors for your condition. It would be wrong to assume that all men ejaculate prematurely for the same reasons. PE can be caused by many factors, including genetics, hormones, your past sexual experiences, as well as stress and sexual performance anxiety. Also, men suffering from erection problems or erectile dysfunction are at a greater risk of developing PE, as most of them tend to hurry through intercourse for fear of losing their erection.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

That said, the vast majority of men suffer from early ejaculation due to six primary factors. 1. Genetics At the very onset, premature ejaculation is the work of nature... it's NOT your fault. Very few men are naturally blessed with the ability to last even 20 minutes during intercourse. From an evolutionary standpoint, quick ejaculation has a purpose – it ensures efficient procreation and survival of the human species. We are no different from other mammals. 2. Poor Masturbation Habits One's early sexual experiences play a contributory role in premature ejaculation later in life. Many sex therapists believe that due to "habitual conditioning", quick masturbation in the early years of a man's life - either of out of fear of getting caught or out of a desire to experience an orgasm as soon as possible - is likely to trigger rapid ejaculation during actual sex.

Stress and performance anxiety are among the leading causes of premature ejaculation‌

3. Stress and Performance Anxiety Almost 90% of men who suffer from PE mentally condition themselves for failure even before they begin! No matter what they are doing in bed, their minds are already focused on how badly they think they will perform. In fact, many wonder if they will ejaculate too soon during sex.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Like it or not, such anxieties actually increase performance stress and ironically triggers PE. Sounds like you? Well, your reaction is pretty normal. The trouble is, the human mind is the most powerful part of our bodies. It can influence how the organs in our bodies function. If your mind is sending out negative vibes to your body, guess what - your body will just follow the pattern expected of it! 4. Weak Pelvic Muscles This is the biological reason behind many cases of premature ejaculation. Your pelvic muscles help you in a number of ways, including bladder control and ejaculation. Strong and well-toned pelvic muscles can greatly boost your ejaculatory control during sex. On the other hand, weak pelvic muscles can cause erections that

By strengthening the pelvic muscles - the muscles that control urination and ejaculation one can achieve superior sexual endurance…

come and go very fast, as well as weak ejaculations that have a “dribbling effect”. A man's pelvic muscles are often termed the “fountain of youth”! These muscles can affect everything about your sex life, including how long you will last in bed and how much pleasure you can derive from the act. But guess what? The problem with weak pelvic muscles is also the easiest to solve among all the factors causing PE. There are simple exercises you can practice from home that will significantly strengthen your pelvic muscles and supercharge your sexual endurance (more on this later).


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

5. Wrong Posturing If you have been experiencing premature ejaculation regularly with certain sex positions, maybe you should find out why. Truth is, some positions are deemed “too demanding”, resulting in excessive pressure exerted on your thigh and pelvic muscles (the missionary position is a big culprit!). I am not saying that you should avoid these positions altogether, but the least you should do is to be aware of those that cause you to go for an early shower -

Many sex positions are known to cause quick ejaculation the missionary position is one such “culprit”

and make an effort to switch things up before it is too late! 6. An Unhealthy Lifestyle An unhealthy lifestyle shows up in the least likely of places (or so you thought)! Too much high calorie foods and a sedentary lifestyle will sap your energy levels, hamper blood circulation and inadvertently lead to premature ejaculation. So if chips and hamburgers are your favorite buddies, and you hardly run - even for an emergency - it is time to take a reality check! This may be damaging your sex life in more ways than you can think of.

Does It Really Matter? Does it matter that most men do not last long enough? In most cases it does.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

For men, it can be downright embarrassing to fall short when it comes to their endurance in bed. It can take away the confidence of guys who are suffering from premature ejaculation. For women, nothing is worse than a sexual relationship that repeatedly fails to deliver the pleasure that she deserves. And for guys who ejaculate even before intercourse (yes, some men have it that bad), it can put a tremendous strain on the relationship especially if the women wishes to get pregnant. Here's How Premature Ejaculation Can Affect You... Not being able to last long enough can put considerable strain even in the most enduring sexual relationships. Even if your female partner says she doesn't mind, the simple truth is, she will almost certainly wonder what sex

If left untreated, premature ejaculation can wreak havoc on a sexual relationship‌

would be like if you (or any other men) could last long enough to bring her to an exquisite orgasm. It is not unusual to hear of love affairs and even marriages hitting the rocks due to unsatisfactory sex lives. And I don't need to stress the impact this could have on a man's self confidence in the long run if premature ejaculation is not treated properly.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Can Premature Ejaculation Be Cured? Premature ejaculation is a treatable sexual dysfunction but most men are either unaware of this fact or they are simply too embarrassed to even talk about it. Here is the simple truth: If you find yourself climaxing too soon, your courage to admit this problem is the crucial first step in prolonging your orgasm. For most men, premature ejaculation is a learned or conditioned response. As mentioned earlier, when we were younger, we tend to speed up the process of masturbation. This is borne out of an inherent fear of being caught flat out for our sexual indulgences. The net result? Speedy ejaculation will manifest itself during sex. Unfortunately without proper "un-conditioning", this behavior tends to persist in our respective sex lives even as we age and often bears a curse in our sexual relationships.

Because PE is largely a conditioned response, you can permanently reverse this behavior with the right strategy‌

But here's the good news‌ The fact that PE is largely a learned or conditioned behavior also means that you can reverse this behavior with the proper treatments, strategies and techniques.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Unlike some of our physical traits, our sexual abilities are not cast in stone. These abilities, including ejaculatory control, can be learned and practiced to perfection. There is a fallacy that adult movie actors are naturally blessed with superior sexual endurance. The truth is, most of them started out just like any of us. Their exalted sexual stamina comes from practice rather than genetics. While some guys prefer to bring their problem to a doctor or a sexual therapist, most of us are embarrassed to bring this problem out of our bedrooms. And this is where many commercial firms are quick to capitalize on one of men's most pressing needs in the bedroom - the ability to last longer. Pills, creams, sprays and even specialized condoms that claim to add minutes

The vast majority of commercial solutions will NOT permanently cure premature ejaculation‌

to sexual intercourse are the rage these days. Although effective to certain degree, these are usually not long-term, permanent solutions to cure PE. If anything, an over-reliance on these "quick fixes" can do more harm than good to your sexual image. What good would it do to your self confidence if you have to unravel that pack of special condoms in front of your wife or girlfriend before every lovemaking session? I don't know about you, but it sure seems embarrassing to me‌


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

What About Using Drugs Or Supplements To Prolong Your Sexual Stamina? There are oral medications and supplements on the market that are used to treat premature ejaculation. These are primarily anti-depressant drugs known as SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) that have the side effect of delaying ejaculation. While these drugs help to raise the level of serotonin in your body – hormones that reduce your urge to ejaculate – prolonged usage is believed to have side effects, including erectile dysfunction, dampened sex drive and sometimes the inability to achieve an orgasm. Read the last sentence again… You want to delay ejaculation, NOT stop ejaculation altogether! Using drugs to curb PE is not always recommended due to the side effects on your body and the fact that you have to be continually on the medication. Premature ejaculation can be permanently cured in

Some drugs can help delay ejaculation, but this is NOT recommended due to the possible side effects...

almost all cases. It does take some effort. By using simple training and conditioning techniques that will be shared later in this book, you can rid the curse of finishing too soon in bed, for good!


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

What Counts As A True “Cure” For Premature Ejaculation? My definition of a good “cure” is a solution that permanently prevents PE while at the same time, does NOT affect your sexual experience in any manner. Many commercially available solutions such as desensitization sprays, creams and gels - all claim to help prevent premature ejaculation. But in reality, these products only work as long as you use them. These work on the basis that they dull or desensitize the sensations in and around your genitals. Net result? Sex doesn’t feel as good as it should be! Similarly, expensive drugs and supplements may have different effects on different men, and they work ONLY as long as you continue to consume them. Mental distraction (thinking of non-sexual thoughts) is also one popular method to last longer. But I wouldn’t

The ideal cure for PE should address the problem permanently and also not negatively impact on your sexual experience…

recommend this method because like desensitizers, it robs you of the pleasure of sex. The best solution - and only true lasting cure to PE - is to adopt a holistic, natural training program that improves your body’s ability to withstand physical and mental stimulation and keep your ejaculatory reflexes at bay. In a nutshell, when it comes to selecting PE solutions and treatments, you should focus on two criteria: 23

Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

1. The cure should permanently reverse the underlying factors or causes of PE (rather than just providing a quick fix) 2. The cure should be natural and does not produce any adverse side effects that can potentially damage your privates or your health.

Do You Need Medical Attention? For most men, premature ejaculation is more of a psychological/mental condition than a medical one, although there are guys who are physically predisposed to ejaculate early due to genetic conditions. Unlike erectile dysfunction - which is primarily due to physiological factors - PE is often due to a man's lack of practice in controlling his orgasm. But perhaps the most significant impact caused by early ejaculation is on your self confidence. There are many men who shy away from sex simply because they are too embarrassed of ejaculating as soon as seconds into intercourse. Usually there is nothing medically or physically wrong with you. But of course, if it puts your mind at ease, seeing a doctor about your condition is a good start. Your


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

doctor may also a recommended specific course of action that you can take to nip premature ejaculation in the bud.

Realistic Expectations Do you need to last ten minutes or more, so that you are no longer considered a premature ejaculator? Absolutely not! The truth is that most women are not aiming for hours of sex. Ten to fifteen minutes is usually the average amount of time needed for women to hit a sexual climax. And there are ways to bring down that "level of threshold" for women. You can prime her mind and body so that as soon as intercourse begins, she is almost ready to reach an orgasm. Sounds far-fetched? Not at all - with the proper amount of mental and physical foreplay, you can build up her sexual anticipation to the point that she is on the orgasmic edge, ready to tip over. Women are emotional creatures. As much as she likes to reach an orgasm during sex, she also relishes the way she is brought to a climax. It is not just the “end goal�, but the journey to the end goal that she really wants! So the trick really is to understand the sexual preferences of both you and your partner. If she is happy with a couple of minutes of great sex, then all is well!


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

And of course, if you really want to add a few more minutes to sex, there are several commercially-available aids that can help you, such as desensitizing creams or sprays for external application (although I don’t recommend these as a long-term, viable solution). Alternatively there are condoms with specially-created numbing gels to give you a quick boost in staying power. Many men also swear by self-gratification before engaging in a sexual act. The early release of semen will ensure that you don't climax too soon during the actual deed. But of course, learning to permanently manage your early ejaculation triggers without using these temporary aids is the best way to go. You won’t go from a “minute man” to having superhuman endurance right away, but with enough practice, you can certainly last much longer than you did yesterday. Remember… patience is a virtue.

Gender Perceptions Of Premature Ejaculation In my years of working with guys suffering from premature ejaculation, as well as speaking with their female partners, there are two recurring themes I always hear.

Both men and women hold largely different perspectives about PE… and you’d be surprised at how women think!

It goes something like this…


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

The man would say he was very turned on by his wife. Foreplay was great and fun. But when they started having intercourse, he would only last like 30 seconds flat. He would try using mind distraction techniques; they didn’t work. And neither did different kinds of condoms, sprays and creams. On the other hand, the typical woman would lament that her husband always ejaculated quickly during sex, leaving her to finish it off herself while he showered. She even went as far as thinking her spouse couldn’t wait to finish sex in a hurry because he didn’t want to be with her! These ARE typical issues that I hear every time. And these issues really reveal exactly how differently men and women perceive premature ejaculation! Premature ejaculation can be a really painful, embarrassing and frustrating problem for any guy. It can be really hard to figure out what to DO about it. On one hand, the guy has his hands full trying out the myriad of different products on the market - in other words, he is looking for a PHYSICAL solution… On the other hand, the woman is worried about his feelings of embarrassment. And worse, she is worried that her man is hurrying through sex because he does not enjoy being with her. In other words, she sees this as an EMOTIONAL issue.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

You see, such differing perceptions are detrimental to any sexual relationship, especially if they remain unresolved and not talked about. The man and woman would both be doing a lot better if they had swapped their perspectives and started talking about it. Communication is key here… and this is something I will go into greater details in the later part of this book. In my experience it is way harder for men to talk about PE than women - so here’s what may happen… At first the guy may get angry and become defensive... but if his partner is committed to working this out TOGETHER with him, and actually shows it through her words and actions, then he will feel a burden lifted off his shoulders. It is so much harder for you and your wife/girlfriend to just pretend that there is nothing wrong (remember the story about two people talking while an elephant stands in the corner of the room, and both of them pretending not to see the elephant?). The lack of communication makes the problem ten times worse. The simple truth is this… when couples work on improving their intimate relationship together, they BOND together. And when you accomplish results together, believe me… you will feel stronger and more connected with each other than before. Plus, working on a PE problem can be great FUN once you've overcome the initial stress of bringing it out in the 28

Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

open. Think about this‌ if your wife or girlfriend is so hot that she sends you out of control every time... well, in some ways that is a good problem to have, at least for a start!


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Chapter 2 Myths, Misconceptions (And Big Fat Lies) Being a guy frustrated by the problem of premature ejaculation is bad enough, but it’s made a lot worse by the myriad of myths, misconceptions and lies that surround this subject. These myths can cloud the issue and make it so much harder for you to overcome your endurance shortcoming and carve out a new, more confident and longer-lasting sexual performance. So let’s quickly run through what these misconceptions are and do away with them for good. We’re going to separate fact from fiction. Myth 1: Premature Ejaculation Stems From Sexual Inexperience While this may be true for young men new to sex, it is an absolute fallacy for others. There are many men who love sex, have plenty of sex, but fail to last beyond the first minute of intercourse - embarrassing but true! And then there are men who have an illustrious history of long lasting sex and then suddenly have difficulty holding


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

up their ejaculation. In short, sexual experience does not figure prominently in the cause of premature ejaculation. But here's the thing‌ If you think your lack of sexual experience is causing you to climax too soon, this will inadvertently affect your REAL performance in bed. Performance anxiety is one of the leading "killers" of longer-lasting sex. Myth 2: Premature Ejaculation Means There Is Something Physically Wrong With You PE is a result of stimulation to the penis beyond what a man can take. But this does not mean there is something physically wrong with you or your male anatomy. Premature ejaculation is different from erectile dysfunction. If you suffer from PE, your sexual response cycle is still fully functioning. The only difference between you and the guy who can go the distance is that you go through the entire stimulation process in double quick time. What takes a guy 10 minutes to go from arousal to full orgasm

If you can last one minute in bed, with the right practice and strategy, you can last any amount of time you like‌

probably takes you just 1 or 2 minutes from start to finish. In other words, your only problem lies in lasting through the cycle. It also means that if you can last one minute in bed, with the right endurance practice and conditioning, you can last any amount of time you like!


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Myth 3: Desensitizers Are A Great Way To Beat Premature Ejaculation I am sure you have heard about this before. Guys who want to last long will resort to numbing sprays, creams or ointments to kick start their sex sessions. While this is one way to last longer, I would not recommend this approach. Why? Well, as the name implies, these will "numb" or desensitize your pleasures during intercourse and reduce your enjoyment. More importantly, the basic factors for your premature ejaculation syndrome are not addressed at all. Without these "aids", you will NOT be able to last the distance. Myth 4: Mind Distraction Tricks Will Boost Your Stamina This is another fallacy that has no scientific basis. Thinking about mathematical problems; indulging in a mental game of football; imagining having sex with a big, fat, ugly mammoth.

“Mental manipulation” may work for some guys, but they essentially take away the pleasures of sex…

Think about this for a moment… What is the purpose of having sex if you are going to avoid the pleasure by putting your mind somewhere else? There are a number of 'experts' who would advise you to think about other things during sex so that you can avoid 32

Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

a premature ejaculation. This is NOT the best solution, and hardly practical at all if you truly want to enjoy sex. Myth 5: Porn Actors Are Born With Super Endurance Premature ejaculation can happen to anyone. In fact studies have shown that even the most sexually active men will experience PE once in a while. Adult movie actors are no different. Even though they have better stamina than the average man, most of them do not start

It is what you do to address the situation - not what you’re born with - that affects how long you can last in bed…

out that way. That they are able to last for what seems like an eternity is due to natural training and conditioning techniques – and I will share these with you in a moment. Remember… it is what you DO, not what you are born with, that affects how long you last in bed. Get yourself acquainted with these myths and misconceptions about premature ejaculation. That is the first important step towards banishing PE from the bedroom and watching your sex life take a turn towards greatness!


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Chapter 3 Understanding Male Sexuality Without a proper understanding of how your body responds to sexual stimulation, you will never be able to control how soon you ejaculate during sex. The first step towards controlling your ejaculation is to become fully aware of the different levels of sexual arousal. When you are able to pin point the sensations as you approach an orgasm, you will be in a better position to control your arousal levels - and consequently, your ejaculation - before it is too late.

The Phases of Male Sexual Response A man’s sexual response cycles can be differentiated through 4 distinct phases: 1. The phase of excitement 2. The plateau stage

Becoming aware of your own sexual arousal is the first key step towards beating premature ejaculation‌

3. The orgasm 4. Final resolution - a return to the pre orgasmic state


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

This concept was originally explained by sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson ("Masters and Johnson") in the 1950s. It is important that we take a look at these phases in greater detail.

Stage #1 - Excitement This is marked by an erection of the penis. It may be triggered by a number of factors - notably physical stimulation, sights or even erotic thoughts. The erection can come about in a matter of seconds. A smaller penis will usually experience a more dramatic change in size compared to a larger one when it is erect. The erection occurs because there is an increased flow of blood into the erectile tissues in the male anatomy. When there is an erection, other subtle changes also occur in a man’s body. This is the basic response a man will experiences as a result of sexual stimulation. Other muscle groups will contract during this time. Some men also experience changes in the breasts, although this is not common. Some may even experience a sort of reddish rash all over the body during the initial stages of arousal. This is perfectly normal and nothing really to worry about.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

A man will also experience changes in the scrotum and the testicles during this time. The skin may thicken and the whole scrotum may elevate. The cord that holds the testicles may shorten and gets pulled closer to the body. One testicle may rise faster towards the body than the other. Stage #2 - Plateau The excitement of a man usually peaks during the initial phase itself. There is little difference that takes place in the penis during the plateau phase. The only difference that occurs during this stage is that the penis head may

The “plateau” stage holds the key to lasting as long as you desire…

deepen in color and increase in diameter by up to 50 percent. The scrotum and the epididymis will also tighten in response. During this time, the breathing rate increases and so does the heart rate. The man also experiences an increase in the blood pressure levels. There is further tightening of the muscles - both voluntary and involuntary. There may be spasms along the abdomen and ribs, and even the face. The buttocks may also tighten and this may further increase a man’s arousal. During this phase, there is often a slight discharge from the penis. This is the result of the stimulation of the Cowper’s glands. This discharge is often called the precum. It is different from the semen that is ejaculated during ejaculation, but it still contains thousands of sperms all the same. So, a woman may become pregnant even if this enters her vagina. 36

Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Anyone can see that there are differences in the stages of arousal, but the basic rationale is the same. It happens when there is an increase in the tensions of the different muscles and the increased blood supply to the different (sexual and non-sexual) organs. This arousal peaks when there is an orgasm. Stage #3 - Orgasm The primary indications of an orgasm are the tightening of muscles throughout the body and the ejaculation. A man also experiences a euphoric feeling, especially at the lower abdominal muscles. This feeling lasts throughout the phase of ejaculation. The spasms may last for around 4/5th of a second and subside after the initial burst. The process of ejaculation is a complex one. Fluid that contains millions of sperms is accumulated in the ampullae. These are organs that contain the testicles. When these contract, they throw out the fluid. The prostrate also contracts and sends the fluid into the urethra. A bulb-like structure present near the base of the penis will increase in size. When there are contractions in this bulb, fluid is expelled at great force. Older men will experience contractions that are weaker in general. It is also noted that the urethra will undergo minor contractions even after the ejaculation is apparently over. These are very obvious changes that take place in the penis. However, there are changes that are less obvious. There is an increase in the blood pressure and the pulse 37

Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

rate. There is also an increase in the sex flush. The different muscles may also respond in a different manner. For instance, a man may frown or grimace during these moments. There may also be muscular contractions in the legs and arms and both the man and his female partner may grasp each other tightly. Most men are unaware of these subtle changes in their bodies and it is common that some guys may experience muscle aches the following day. Stage #4 - Resolution One of the basic functions of an orgasm is the release of muscular tensions and blood pressure. The penis goes back to the limp stage and the testicles also descend to their normal state. The breathing and pulse rate also go down. An important part of the resolution phase relates to the refractory period. This is the time between two erections a period when a man cannot be stimulated. Young men usually have shorter refractory times - often less than half an hour. In older men, this may last at least a few hours.

The “refractory periodâ€? advantage gives men improved stamina‌ by going for a second round!

On average, men experience refractory periods that last for an hour. Women are more fortunate in this regard! Since most women do not ejaculate, they do not have a refractory period and may experience another orgasm within a few minutes if they receive the right stimulation. That is how they become multi orgasmic!


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Getting To Know Thyself Another approach to portray the male sexual response involves breaking down the cycles into ten specific stages, using a pleasure scale of one to ten (instead of just 4 phases). This is the approach we will use in this book as it allows you to accurately identify and isolate each stage. This is particularly useful when it comes to controlling your arousal levels. This pleasure scale is really simple and straightforward: Pleasure Scale 1







Safe Zone




Ejaculation Inevitability

The most important thing you can do about your sexual arousal is to learn how to monitor and measure it, using the above Pleasure Scale. Why is this important? Every man is unique. You need to learn how to read yourself so that you know exactly where you are during the throes of sexual ecstasy. When you discover where your arousal level lies and what causes the excitement, you can indulge in all the pleasures of sex while prolonging your enjoyment and that of your partner. This is absolutely vital for stopping premature ejaculation in its tracks.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Here are the 10 distinct stages of arousal a man goes through during sex, as well as an understanding of the processes involved in each. Stage 1 - You are starting off with feelings of excitement. This is the beginning of sexual arousal although there is no erection yet. Stage 2 - You start to develop the physical signs of excitement, namely a flushed appearance and an increased heartbeat. This is usually during foreplay, for example, when you engage in kissing, touching or caressing. Stage 3 - There is some contact with your penis, and it can occur through stimulation from your partner’s hands, oral sex or during intercourse Stage 4 – Your sexual arousal and excitement continues to rise Stage 5 – You are already well into intercourse Stage 6 – You’ve moved pass the mid-point on the pleasure scale. You’re already fully aroused, with your breathing and heart rate escalating. Stage 7 - You begin to peak in your excitement. This is the beginning of the "point of no return", or PNR. This is also known as the “ejaculation inevitability”.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Stage 8 - Your muscles start contracting, with face flushing and the whole body starting to arch in pleasure Stage 9 - This is the final point just before your pleasure peaks. Usually at this point, there is NO turning back, and there is NO way you can “will” yourself back to ground zero. Ejaculation is IMMINENT. Stage 10 – The final point where orgasm and ejaculation occur, followed by a refractory period where you temporarily go “limp” and cannot get an erection These are the 10 basic stages of a man's sexual arousal. An understanding of these different stages will come in handy when you start doing the targeted exercises in the second part of this book. With some practice, you will know exactly when you reach the different stages and how they feel like. Only when you gain a better understanding of your own arousal levels, can you start to achieve better control over

By understanding your own unique “pleasure scale”, you will gain better control over your ejaculation…

your ejaculation.

The Two Stages Of Cumming As you’ve learned earlier, there are many obvious signs that lead up to a male orgasm. For example: -

Your breathing rate escalates


Your heart rate goes up


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance


Certain muscle groups in your body begin to tighten, most notably your abdominal, thigh, buttock and pelvic muscles


Your testicles will elevate and move closer towards your body

While most men clearly enjoy the “ooh” and “aah” moments of an orgasm, what most of us don’t know is that the male orgasm consists of two separate and distinct stages. Let’s take a quick look below. Emission Stage: Also known as the “point of no return” or “ejaculation inevitability”, the emission phase is characterized by seminal fluid entering the urethra - the tube that is responsible for carrying semen and urine through your penis and out of it. The prostate gland releases the semen which builds up in the bulb of the urethra. This is akin to a gun with the bullets fully loaded and the firing mechanisms ready to trigger. Expulsion Stage: The emission gives way to expulsion. Rhythmic contractions of the PC (or pubococcygeus) muscles propel semen through the urethra and out of the penis glans. The very muscles that result in the release of semen are also the same ones that give you the great erotic pleasure during sex. Thus one of the keys to lasting longer - as you would later discover - is to tone up and strengthen the PC muscles so


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

that you develop the ability to completely relax these muscles AT WILL.

More On The “Point Of No Return” The orgasm cycles of a man are different from that of a woman. Women do not experience the Point of No Return” (PNR) and the Refractory Period - two distinct phases that a man will go through during sex. The PNR, as mentioned earlier, is the point where ejaculation becomes inevitable. Even if you stop thrusting and stay clear of all forms of stimulation, you will still come. The PNR is seen as both a blessing and a curse. It gives you an impending great pleasure, but once the semen goes into the penis shaft, there is no way you can stop the climax. Her granny could walk into the room, and you'd still be primed to blow your load off. After ejaculation, you go into the Refractory Phase, where you will stay “limp” and unable to achieve an erection. Depending on various factors such as your age and overall physical well-being, this Refractory Phase can stretch anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 or 3 hours. In layman terms, your penis basically needs to take a break :-)


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Exercise: Understanding Your Arousal Patterns This is the first practical, hands-on section of this program. It is a simple, exploratory exercise centered around masturbation to help you better understand your own levels of sexual arousal. 1. Start Right: You a need a good, silent place to begin. Your bedroom should be ideal, but a locked bathroom is okay too! Sit on a chair and start to stimulate your penis. Do not rely on pornography, lubrication or your partner when doing this. 2. Feel The Difference: Once your penis is erect, shift your mind to the feelings you are experiencing. Are you breathing faster? When does your heartbeat go up? Which muscles are you clenching when the arousal peaks? These questions will help you identify the subsequent stages of your arousal. Build it up slowly, so that you can identify each stage individually. 3. Build It Up: Continue stimulation and note the different feelings you experience at each stage. For instance, what are the sensations you feel in your head, stomach or arms? Your transition between the different stages of arousal should be slow and well marked out. The point is to become very familiar with the different levels of arousal you are going through, so that you can keep yourself confined to one when you feel like it. 4. Take Your Time: It may not easy to determine the different stages right away. Take your time. Concentrate 44

Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

on identifying the stages initially and then the feelings you experience at each stage. This will help you control your sexual responses better. 5. Understanding Your Peak: Try and find out when your ejaculation occurs - the “point of no return”. How long does this take? Can you identify the exact feelings you get just before you come? Finding out all these points is the purpose of the whole masturbation exercise. Most men may find it difficult to identify the thin line between an “arousal plateau” and the “point of no return”. This is because the transition may take place within a fraction of a second. But with repeated practice you will begin identify the stages better. This will help you become more conscious about what gets you going and more importantly, how you can control your arousal and last longer. Once you understand how your body works, you’re in a better position to develop greater control and improve your endurance in between the sheets. There is more… So we’ve reached the end of Part One of this book. We’ve come a long way in learning about the fundamental concepts of premature ejaculation, myths and misconceptions, as well as how your sexual response cycle works.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Part Two awaits… and this is where the excitement really begins - excuse the pun :-) Keep the lessons and concepts you’ve learned here, and I’ll see in you Part Two. This is where the rubber hits the road - you’ll learn techniques that masterful lovers use to last like a stallion in bed.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

P a rt 2 Techniques Of The Masters This is where the REAL action starts. Here I’ll give you all the tools and knowledge you need to begin re-training and re-wiring your mind and body so that you can revel in longer lasting sex, and at the same time, give your partner an erotic experience she never thought was possible. This is basically a “techniques section”, so be ready and get some target practice going!


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Chapter 4 Empower The Mind The biggest sex organ in our bodies lies NOT in between our leg, but in between our ears. Most people think that our bodies play the main role during sex, but in fact it’s our minds that control most of what happens (or doesn’t happen) when we have sex with another person. The body, after all, is controlled by the brain - our minds rule our physical selves. Take control of your mind and you can take control of your body. Nowhere is this more useful or productive than when a man suffers from premature ejaculation and wishes to solve it. Almost every guy has experienced PE, especially as a young man. Sex is very exciting, and when you get overstimulated, you simply lose it. Since you really do screw with your brain and not the delivery system between your legs, you need to train your brain not to get overly aroused.

Your mind plays the biggest role in controlling how soon you come during intercourse…

Instituting The Right Mental Input Did you know that your mind controls about 75% of premature ejaculation? If you can manage to control at least a part of your mind, you will be able to last much 48

Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

longer in bed. The part of your brain that is called the cortex influences your ejaculation to a large extent. So the next time you get excited when you see something erotic, you know it is your cortex that is largely at work! It naturally follows that any amount of control you can exert on this cortex can help you last longer. For instance, if thinking erotic thoughts gets you aroused, then thinking about something relaxing will always calm you. We all know that a relaxed mind causes your body to relax as well, and this can do wonders to extend your time during sex. Here are several techniques for overcoming mental barriers to sexual endurance. This will help rein in your sexual arousal and keep it in check (these are not your usual “mind distraction” tricks that many men use). Focus On Sensuality, NOT Sexuality Much of a man's inability to hold back an ejaculation stems from psychological or confidence-related issues. The very thoughts that run though your mind during sex will affect your sexual endurance. Some guys allow the sensations of intercourse to rule over their head and that is a quick and surefire way to blow early.

Many guys go thrusting right out of the gate and let their arousal escalate without control - a surefire way to climax quickly…

You must learn how to control your arousal right from the beginning. This can be achieved by focusing NOT on intercourse but on the entire sexual experience.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

This is a huge difference… To develop mental or arousal control, you need to focus on the ALL the sensations you experience and GIVE during sex, and not just focusing on how you feel in your own genitals. For example... Focus On Pleasing Her, FIRST To hold off an early climax, try to prolong foreplay. This will give you time to get relaxed and comfortable. And it’s great for women too. Many women complain about their men skipping foreplay altogether, so focusing on pleasing her before intercourse can only be a good thing.

Women are “emotional beings” - they are biologically wired differently from men. To get her in the mood, you need to focus on HER first…

You’ll see that after a few minutes, you’ll be much calmer and relaxed. Plus, your partner will be much more turned on than if you had just skipped foreplay and gone straight to penetrative sex. With the right amounts of foreplay, sex becomes much more pleasurable when you begin penetration. Release Your Past “Sexual Baggage” What you did in the past does not define what will happen next time. You see, it is very easy to panic and get anxious just before sex. You may find yourself reliving your past sexual experiences where you came early and ended the sex before it even got started.


Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

Here’s what you should do instead: let go of those embarrassing experiences and focus on the present. Your sexual encounters in the past DO NOT dictate what will happen the next time you have sex. YOU dictate it. Stay Away From Mental Distraction Tactics Sex is meant to be pleasurable. So don’t do what so many guys do by thinking of baseball statistics or visualizing math problems in an attempt to distract yourself from the pleasure in order to increase the time you can last in bed. Instead, stay relaxed and in the moment. As soon as the stimulation gets too intense, back off and relax. This will help you manage your arousal better. Re-Position Your Mind Mind re-positioning refers to adjusting your perspectives about premature ejaculation. For example, instead of thinking about PE as a problem, why not think of it as an opportunity? Often times, premature ejaculation is the result of being too preoccupied with your own shortcomings, especially with regards to your sexual performance. It can lead to a “vicious cycle” spiraling out of control. Instead of looking at premature ejaculation as a curse, see it that you are blessed with a responsive sexual system… something that men with erectile dysfunction would die to have! 51

Ejaculation By Command: The Ultimate Blueprint To Superior Sexual Endurance

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