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Give Your Rooms Some Spark With These Easy Design Tips Interior design is a great way to change a space, and it sometimes involves minimal effort. A simple coat of paint, a new window treatment or a change in lighting can dramatically change a space. You can create the perfect look for your home, and turn your space into something you're proud of. All it takes is a little knowledge. Avoid furniture designs and finishes that are excessively trendy if you're spending the money to buy furniture that's going to last a long time. You can add a trendy look to your room by decorating with fun accessories that can complement your traditional furniture. The artwork you choose in your interior design can make or break a room. One painting can give the room a focus and add appeal. A good piece of wall art can be a good source of inspiration for decorating the rest of the room. If your room is short on light sources choose a shiny, reflective flooring that will reflect what little light there is in the room. White tile and hardwood floors are two types of reflective flooring. These floors will brighten up any room, while woods and carpets that are darker will only absorb the natural light. Set a budget. It feels awful to get halfway through a project and find out that your funds have dried up. For a stress free project, plan ahead to make sure your design plan is within your budget before your first dollar is spent. It is a good idea to use popular elements in your design. They make a room feel stylish and modern. But, you should only be using them for accents. For instance, if your pillows have leopard print on them, you can get rid of them easily when you want something else. If you use super-trendy items as staples in a room, it will be very hard to change the style without a complete and costly makeover. A good way to make your room cheerful and bright you can paint flower pots for use in decoration. Kids will have fun decorating personal planters for their bedrooms, and instead of plants, they can be used to store toys or other belongings. Proper lighting is crucial in spaces like the bathroom and kitchen. Bathrooms and kitchens are usually very small. Insufficient lighting can cause them to appear even smaller. It makes sense to take a little extra time and properly illuminate these spaces. Making sure your kitchen and bathrooms are adequately lit will cause them to feel less cramped. Utilize that wall space that is simply going to waste. If you have white walls with nothing on them, consider hanging a painting or some photographs to liven things up. By doing this, your room will reflect your personality and become a more livable space.

jason bell interior design The preceding article demonstrates that creating DIY projects is not difficult, and they can save you a great deal of cash. If you implement the tips found here, you too can update the look of your home and save money in the process.

Give Your Rooms Some Spark With These Easy Design Tips  

Interior design is not always as easy as it looks ...

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