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Welcome! I hope you enjoy some sewing inspiration from all around the world! You will find links to all the patterns at the beginning of each pattern description. All the garments in this book are made from sewpony patterns which are available in English (and most also in Dutch) in the sewpony shop. All coral coloured text is linked to contributor web pages or the sewpony shop. A short bio on each sewer is also included at the end of the book. Stay up to date with sewpony news by connecting below‌ SHOP: BLOG: INSTAGRAM: @sewpony FACEBOOK: sewpony EMAIL: suz(at) SUBSCRIBE: sign up here for the latest in sewpony news!



The sweetest Miss Polly dress made by the talented Marleen from Petrol&Mint.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! Maarika makes amazing clothes for her two sweet daughters and herself. She has sewn up many Miss Polly dresses, but his ice-cream Miss Polly is my favourite!!! Liivi&liivi

Sara makes beautiful things for her four children. This Miss Polly dress is one of my favourites. It perfectly shows off the vintage style of this design. Follow Made by Sara for more inspiration!

The piped lines of the Miss Polly create a retro looking dress. This amazing example was made by Qwinta from Larth. Striking colours and white piping for the win!


Tia looks simply stunning hin her Rifle Paper Co Dear Prudence dress! Made by the talented and lovely Rachel from Stitched Together.

The Dear Prudence dress features rows of shirring elastic to create a unique effect across the bodice. The top row includes a row of encased elastic to create a smooth neckline. Shirring elastic is threaded onto the bobbin and regular thread is used on top. You will love this technique! An from StraightGrain shows a beautiful example here.


Jess holds the record for sewing the most cosi swimsuits! See them all HERE

A stunning one piece Cosi swimsuit sewn in navy lycra for Wilma. Sewn by Trine from Groovybaby andmama.

Jane from buzzmills made a perfectly gorgeous Cosi with peplum frill for her daughter.

Maairka makes beautiful Cosi swimsiuits!!!!

Make a splash with cosi! The ruffled centre panel option paired with the modest fit offers a vintage looking swimsuit.


Jente Wears a beatiful striped Dulcie dress. Sewn by Sofie from Wensje.

Dress imitates life in beautiful Lotte Martens fabric @lottemartens

Isa from Bel’Etoile makes beautiful clothes for her two daughters, like this sweet Dulcie dress!

Be not afraid of the invisible zip! I find invisible zips the simplest to install. They offer a seamless look and only require a little practise. An invisible zipper foot is required and I find eBay a great source for invisible zips for a reasonable price. My patterns will take you step by step through the process of installing an invisible zip into a lined bodice to create a beautiful finish.


A vintage sheet can be turned into a sweet dress! I love finding vintage sheets and fabrics at my local thrift shops.


Double cosmo fun from Jill kneesocksandgoldilocks.

Learn to install an exposed zip in THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL

Do you follow Anke from Amore? Anke has been so kind by translating many of my patterns into Dutch. Here is Anke’s gorgeous Cosmo dress.

Who can resisit a pretty flutter sleeve? @flaflinko

Katrien blogs at Kaatjenaaisels and not only sews and knits beautiful things but also sells her own patterns. This is one of my favourite Cosmo dresses‌simple in this brown print with black piping and paired with sweet socks and boots for the perfect outfit for Hanne!

Jenya is a beautfiul sewer and sews for her two sweet daughters and also for herself. She has been a big supporter of sewpony for many years. She made this gorgeous Cosmo dress for her older daughter. Don’t you love the zip? See more at While she was sleeping.

Isn’t this dress just beautiful? Made again by the very talented Marjolein from Flaflinko.


Stomp! Stomp! Jenya’s sweetest little one is road testing the Catherine cardigan with some toddler play! See more at While she was sleeping.

Lara is beautiful in this pineapple print Catherine cardigan paired with this stunning skirt. Marjolein makes beautiful pieces and Lara makes everything look wonderful! I want this outfit myself! Flaflinko.

Daisy made some beautiful Catherine cardigans for her daughter Femke! Molemieke.


Instagram wonder girl June in a Soft Cactus Juliette @kneesocksandgoldilocks

Lara wears a beatuiful feather Juliette dress made with stunning fabric form Mon Depot. Made by Flaflinko.

Rachel sews and shares at Stitched Together. She has six children whom she home schools in Texas. Rachel sews beautiful things for her children and her photography is breathtaking. I am always so pleased to see Rachel sew up a sewpony pattern like this Juliette dress she made for her little daughter Iris.

You can purchase beautiful European fabric like this Soft Cactus print from Maaidesign.


Do you follow sewpony on instagram? I have connected with some great sewists there. Tag your sewpony sewing with #sewponysewists and follow me there @sewpony.


The Issie top can also be made into a dress (measurements included in the pattern).

Mijke designed the lovely Rose collar, named after her daughter @sewitcurly

One of my all time favourite Instagram accounts belongs to Debora @deborasluisj She makes absolutely amazing clothes for her children and her photography is beautiful. I love this Issie top she made from See you at six @seeyouatsix French terry fabric. Follow Deborah and See you at six for more inspiration!

CONTRIBUTORS Thank you to all the lovely and talented ladies who allowed me to share photos of their sewpony creations to create this look book. Please visit their blogs/Instagram accounts for more inspiration! Listed in order of appearance.

SEW IT CURLY: Mjjke lives in the Netherlands with her husband and two children. She loves to sew for them and also makes stunning things for herself. She assisted me with developing the Issie top pattern and designed the Rose collar that complements the pattern so well. Visit Mijke over on IG @sewitcurly. PETROL + MINT: Marleen lives in Belgium and sews beautiful clothes for her children and for herself. She has a great sense of style and often incorporates vintage elements in her sewing. See more of Marleen’s beautiful sewing at her blog or on IG @petrolandmint LIIVI + LIIVI: Maarika is German born but lives in Jerusalem with her husband and two daughters. Maarika’s sewing is impeccable. She sews for all of her family and I am always pleased when she is on board with sewing up my patterns! Visit Maarika’s blog or IG @liiviandliivi for more inspiration! WHILE SHE WAS SLEEPING: Jenya is a Russian born Aussie who lives in Victoria with her husband and two sweet daughters. Jenya is a beautiful sewer and is the only lady I know (apart from myself) who has sewn up every one of my patterns! Visit Jenya at her blog or IG: @jenyathommo MADE BY SARA: Sara lives in Portugal with her husband and four children. Her blog and sewing are beautiful. See Sara’s creations at her blog and over on IG @ LARTH: Qwinta loves to sew for her two daughters. Her style is colourful and playful and she often pics bold prints that work so well together! Visit Qwinta at her blog or on IG @madebylarth STITCHED TOGETHER: Rachel lives in Texas, USA with her husband and six children. Her blog is a pleasure to read – always so thoughtful and her photographs are stunning, as is her sewing!! Visit Rachel’s blog or IG: @rachelstitchedtogether for more beautiful sewing. STRAIGHTGRAIN: An is an amazing sewer and pattern maker who lives in Belgium. She loves to sew for her two daughters and has impeccable style and taste! Visit An at StraightGrain or IG: @straighgrainpatterns CRAFTINESS IS NOT OPTIONAL: Jess lives in the US with her husband, three daughters and son. She is a superstar blogger and makes gorgeous clothes for her kids. Follow Jess on her Blog and IG @craftinessisnotoptional.

GROOVYBABY&MAMA: Trine lives in Denmark with her husband and four kids. She sews mostly for herself and her youngest daughter Wilma. Trine has great style – edgy and stylish. Follow Trine via her blog and over on IG @trine.schroeder. BUZZ MILLS: I have followed Jane’s blog for many years now. She lives in the US with her husband and two children. She makes great stuff for her kids and also for herself. Follow Jane at her blog or on IG @buzzmills. WENSJE: Sofie lives in Belgium with her husband and two daughters. She sews beautiful things and came second in the Dressed in sewpony sewing contest in 2017. She has sewn up some beautiful creations using sewpony patterns. You can follow her on her blog or IG @wensje_sofie. BELETOILE: Isa lives in Belgium with her husband and two daughters. Over on Instagram, she is the queen of flatlay photographs! Isa has also designed two patterns herself. Visit Isa’s blog at Bel’’Etoile or over on IG @_beletoile_ KNEESOCKS + GOLDILOCKS: Jill lives in Canada and is an absolute sewing superstar! She juggles a busy family, work as a specialist doctor and squeezes in sewing in the wee hours of the morning! She has four children and sews mostly for her youngest daughter June and for herself. IG: @kneesocksandgoldliocks AMORE: Anke lives in Beligum and is an amazing knitter and sewer. She has tested and sewn up many sewpony patterns and has also translated many sewpony patterns into Dutch. Follow Anke at her blog Amore, or on IG @ankemore. FLAFLINKO: Marjolein lives in Belgium with her husband and three children. She loves to sew for her kids, mostly for her daughter. She shares my addiction for sewing dresses! Visit Marjolein’s blog or IG @flaflinko. KAATJENAAISELS: Katrien lives in Belgium with her husband and two daughters. She makes beautiful things, both sewn and knitted. She has great taste in fabrics and her daughter Hanne has a beautiful handmade wardrobe thanks to her mum! Follow Katrien at her blog or on IG @kaatjenaaisels. MOLEMIEKE: Daisy lives in Belgium and loves to sew for her two children and also does some sewing for herself. Daisy has great style and her daughter Femke features in the Dutch listing of the Catherine cardigan. Visit Daisy’s blog or IG @molemieke. DEBORA SLUISJ: Debora lives in Belgium and has a household full of children! Her Instagram account @debrasluisj is one of my favourites. She makes amazing clothes for her children and takes wonderful photos.


Sewing inspiration from around the world using sewpony patterns.


Sewing inspiration from around the world using sewpony patterns.