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Nancy Craig Garvey ’84, George Craig ’59, and Nancy’s husband, Mike, celebrate the 52nd Annual Turkey Bowl.

Marty Mann ’61, husband Don Baier, and toy poodle Teddy have begun the next phase of their lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Lucy Eynon Whitin ’61 at the top of Cuttyhunk Island off the Massachusetts coast. She and her husband sail to the island every year on their boat.

Emerson Wickwire ’59 writes, “We recently sold our Sewickley house and have relocated to our winter house in Florida. We are looking for and will likely end up with smaller quarters in Sewickley, but for now Florida is our permanent home.”

as it’s possible – maybe in 1.5 years! Business trips to London and Japan spiced up the early and late summer, and visits with stepdaughter Grace in Oakland, California, and mother Liz in Maine were most enjoyable.”

We live on the east side and enjoy both a neighborhood and city atmosphere. Love New England and the convenience to Maine and Martha’s Vineyard!”

1960 Sarah Fisher ’60 writes, “I continue my job as head of painting conservation at the National Gallery, savoring the fascinating paintings we work on and the beautiful surroundings. My husband, Derek Webber, continues as a consultant in the space tourism business and would like all of you to include a nice suborbital trip in your vacation plans as soon

1961 Tingle Culbertson Barnes ’61 and her husband, Richard, spent time at the Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming again last spring where Tingle got some experience with herding calves on horseback! Additionally, the Culbertson and Barnes families got together for a mini-reunion over the summer. Marjorie Mann ’61 writes, “Don and I moved to Providence, Rhode Island, in September.

The Culbertson and Barnes families got together for a mini-reunion over the summer. Front row: John ’58 and Laurie Culbertson, Richard and Tingle ’61 Culbertson Barnes. Back row: Paul and Lolly Culbertson Errikson, Langley Barnes, Libby Culbertson Ernharth and Johannes, Emily and Crossan Barnes, plus grandchildren.

Charlotte Yost Robertson ‘61 and her husband, John, vacationed on Maui in November with Stephanie Rice Ellis ‘62 and her husband, Michael. Charlotte lives in Juneau and is in the process of moving to Chicago.  Stephanie lives on the island of Kauai in Hawaii.  Charlotte and Stephanie spent 1968 in Paris together and were roommates in San Francisco for a couple years in the late ’60s. Lucy Eynon Whitin ’61 retired last spring after 32 years as librarian for Westborough Town Library in Massachusetts. Her husband,

John Robertson, Charlotte Yost Robertson ’61, Stephanie Rice Ellis ’62, and Michael Ellis catch up in Maui.


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