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About Us Aerial thermographic surveys assist municipalities to locate possible water pollution. We have assisted agencies to discover illegal discharge of pollutants. Our survey method allows our clients to view large areas and discover problems that are often difficult to observe, and often continue to contaminate water bodies. Survey techniques include aerial, multi-band infrared platforms guided by autopilot over GIS data layers. Leakage from Sewer Lines Effluent that leaks from sewer lines is generally untreated raw sewage. It may contain industrial waste chemicals. When leaking sewer lines are located deep underground below the biologically active portion of the soil, the sewage can enter groundwater directly. This can result in the introduction of chlorides, microorganisms, organics, trace metals and other chemicals that may cause disease and foul tastes or odors in drinking water (4). Sewer leaks can occur from tree root invasion, soil slippage, seismic activity, loss of foundation due to washout, flooding and sewage back up, among other events High pressure systems will push leaks to the soil surface where they can be easily detected by sight or odor. Systematic inspection of sewer lines, exclusion of.

Water Treatment Sludge

Soil Pollution By Sewage

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Contamination Of Water And Soil By Sewage  

Water Treatment Sludge, Soil Pollution By Sewage, Contamination of Water And Soil By Sewage.

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