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A LETTER FROM THE D IRECTOR Two days ago the Minnesota Orchestra, after 14 months of lockout, came to an agreement that will allow them to make music once again. Bravo!! This is wonderful news! We are particularly happy for our own faculty violinist Jonathan Magness (Asst. Princ. Second Violin) and our 2011 / 2012 guest conductor, Courtney Lewis (Asst. Conductor). Minnesota has been, sadly, just one example of the many orchestras which have faced serious budget deficits recently. Like many orchestral musicians, they will be working for lower pay in their new contracts. I remember at the League of American Orchestras Conference in June 2012, it was announced that things were looking up, only 50% of orchestras had operated in debt that year! My heart sank. But not for long. After the conference, I came back to Sewanee. I know I’m preaching to the choir (or in our case, the orchestra!) when I talk about the value of orchestras and other music organizations to a city. We musicians have always know that a city is only as healthy and rich as its cultural organizations. That we entrust to our orchestras (and galleries, and stages) the very heart of our humanity, and in their work show the world the best of what we are. But we musicians could stand a bit of preaching to when it comes to our role in keeping the arts alive. There is plenty of blame to go around in today’s crises, and we heap it on management, boards, union leaders, even donors. Yes, there are some who should be held accountable as individuals. But for us, it’s time to think beyond the crisis of the moment. Here is where our students come in. The way past anger is action. We can’t sit on stage and expect our community somehow to know how valuable we are and to find their own way through our doors--a dozen marketing people can’t sell seats like a single musician in the right place! If our communities are going to value and sustain us, it will be because our passion has been contagious, we’ve breathed on our community (pardon the flu season metaphor!) and infected them. They want to hear us, they’re proud or us, they believe their city is great because it has our orchestra. Our SSMF students will undertake that challenge. It requires work and creativity, but the reward is great! We will succeed to the degree we put ourselves in front of our communities, to share our passion in new ways, new places. If there is one thing musicians do, it’s communicate. We are trained to do it on stage, but we must do it at school board meetings, BEFORE the district threatens to cut another strong program. We must do it in the grocery store, when someone sees the case on our backs and asks us what we play--”I play the oboe in YOUR XYZ Symphony. We’re playing this great program next Friday night. You should come hear us!” We must do it in groups, when we play for 10 minutes before a community council meeting, when we have lunch with a member of the board of directors. I call it the “ant trap” method--find where people are, and plant yourself there. Now is the era of BYOA--bring your own audience! No, we aren’t on the clock. No one pays us for that time. But when we share our talent and love, we are repaid in the big picture. When I watch 200 amazingly talented students at Sewanee each summer, I am far more excited for our future than concerned. They are creative, fearless in tackling huge repertoire, dedicated, collaborative...every sort of alive that you could imagine! Their generation downloads far more “classical” music than 20 years ago, and they mix it with everything in the world. These young musicians know no bounds. It is our invitation, at the SSMF, to them to tear down the walls of their concert halls and bring what they do to every part of their communities. It is our belief they will write music we will love, they will search for new ways to be heard, they will enrich our lives. There is nothing more exciting to me than to watch these students at Sewanee, and when they leave in July, I trust the future is in good hands!






ANUARY is a busy month. Back to

school, back to work. Waving digital hellos to the friends and family that you shared a glass of eggnog with over the holidays. Taxes. (Or maybe that’s an April thing for you?) Just a little over two weeks into 2014, and we’re already finding our New Year’s resolutions falling through - we’re skirting the gym and discovering our to-do lists have far too many items unchecked. This time of year we’re always reminded to slow and down and enjoy the little things… but the little things keep piling up. And through all the fuss and clamor, here we are – reaching and scrambling, our inner selves talking, trying, straining to be heard above the din. Breathe. Everything’s going to be okay. True, time is finite. Most everything is. Winter will come and go, deadlines will approach and then they will fade away, whether or not you managed to meet them. But there is one constant. Like a drumbeat, it’s steady rhythm propels you forward from day to day, month to month. It is your Voice. It’s the part of you that yearns to create, to build. The part that intently studies your artform until you memorize each singular nuance and phrase, it’s what drives you to aggressively pursue a perfect creation. Your Voice is the thing you hear after a long day of practice, when you sink into the yawning crevices of your music, conceal yourself in its silences and draw the blinds on all the noise. Here atop the Cumberland Plateau, we are lucky. It’s quiet, and there is opportunity to listen. Looking out from the secluded mountainside at the first rays of light, feeling the weight of your body against the earth, taking time to understand what moves you and why you move. Welcome to Sewanee.


ADmIssIOns InfORmaTIOn Januar y 31, 2014 • Deadline for early application ($15) – application completed through Musiccas. • Deadline for guaranteed consideration for wind players. March 14, 2014 • Regular admission deadline ($60) – application completed through Musiccas. • Deadline for guaranteed consideration for nonwind player.

Audition requirements

Students should submit a high-quality mp3 recording, audio only, containing a minimum of two contrasting works. One work may be an etude. A movement of a standard concerto or similar work is recommended. Orchestral excerpts are not required but may be submitted in addition to two other works. Percussion applicants should submit a solo for snare drum, timpani and marimba ( four mallets) in addition, you may submit (2-3) of orchestral excerpts on snare drum, xylophone, and timpani. Excerpts are recommended, but not required. Complete applications: Applications are only considered when all materials, including application fee, are submitted via the Musiccas online application portal. More information can be found at:


P I an I s T s : Sewanee Summer Music Festival is excited to announce that two distinct programs for pianists will be offered for Summer 2014: a two-week intensive program designed for pre-college students, and an intimate four-week program designed for developed piano students at the collegiate level.





skills, performance artistry, and improved audition





Music Festival’s unique structure allows for a group of highly experienced and internationally




teachers to aid young pianists in receiving the best possible level of instruction. Students are provided with small- and large-group

While the four-week program will continue

masterclasses, ensemble coachings, numerous

to offer advanced pianists an opportunity




which cultivates artistic growth, preparing

individual instruction and ample practice

students for future musical endeavors.




current new





specifically designed as a highly structured experience







Both programs invite students to study solo, ensemble and chamber music, and all students will attend faculty chamber music concerts,

These pre-collegiate students will delve into

orchestral performances, and pre-concert

a multitude of topics, including: efficient

talks. Additionally, these students will have the opportunity to speak with guest artists about the life and work of a professional musician. Continuing the Festival’s long tradition of excellence in teaching and performing, these exceptional programs allow pianists of all ages and backgrounds to come together in a beautiful setting and take part







GRAMMY Award-winning banjoist Béla Fleck will be returning to the Cumberland Plateau for the final week of the 2014 Sewanee Summer Music Festival. The SSMF has commissioned Béla to write a new work. Catch the world premiere at the Faculty Chamber Music concert on Saturday, July 19, when Bela takes the stage with faculty and students of SSMF. Fleck will perform his own concerto, “The Imposter,” with the Sewanee Symphony on Sunday, July 20.

2014 Guest Conductors will be announced throughout the month of February. Keep your eyes on for updates.

SSMF ALUMNI should be looking forward to more gatherings, more networking opportunities, and more ways to reconnect with the Festival. If you’re an alum and are interested in helping out (a lot or a little) or if you have a great idea, gives us a shout at 5

PEOPLE IN PERFORMANCE: SIDnEY KInG Since the conclusion of the 2103 Festival, double bass teacher Sidney King has maintained an active performing and composing schedule. In late July, he traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with his wife, SSMF Operations Director Evelyn Loehrlein. Between several successful fly fishing excursions, Sidney performed four exhilarating concerts of the Grand Teton 6

Music Festival under the baton commissioned by the Freudig of Donald Runnicles and Singers of Western New York; others. Tangos Ardientes, a flamenco bass duo, commissioned Other recent engagements to honor the marriage of include orchestra mentor Paul Ellison; and performances with the Duende al Rojo for solo double Auckland Philharmonic of bass and string orchestra New Zealand, the Indianapolis commissioned by Louisville’s Symphony Orchestra, the Youth Performing Arts High Louisville Orchestra and School and premiered at the the Nashville Symphony Orchestra America National Orchestra; solo and chamber Festival. Duende al Rojo has music performances in also been performed by the Buffalo, New York, and Greater Chautauqua Youth Athens, Ohio; and guest Orchestra Orchestra and teaching at Michigan State Ohio’s Otterbein University University. Orchestra. Sidney was invited by the Louisville Orchestra to perform his composition Entre Dos Luces for solo double bass and orchestra on October 17, 2013. Entre Dos Luces was commissioned by the SSMF to celebrate the first season of Resident Conductor Octavio Más-Arocas who led the Cumberland Orchestra in the ecstatic and unforgettable premiere on July 7, 2013. Other 2013 commissions include Gabriel’s Message,

IN ALUMNI: JILL CHROnIsTER “I’ve spent two summers at Sewanee Summer Music Festival. Every year, I always have the same feeling when the festival ends... I can’t wait to go back. 2013 in particular was transformative for me. It was incredible to work so closely with the conductors,


top of all that, Sewanee always programs incredible repertoire. It was a tremendous opportunity to play Shostakovich 5, Rite of Spring, and Symphonie Fantastique with such great musicians and conductors. The experiences and the people I got to work with at Sewanee will continue to influence and shape me, both in my musical career and my life.”


especially Carl St.Clair. Maestro St.Clair not only taught me about the level of detail and musicality that goes into playing music well, but also about the classical music industry and the direction that it’s headed. I will be able to use what I learned from him as I begin to build my own career in graduate school. I made great friends in my time at the Festival and, because we were all from different places, we were all able to learn from each other’s backgrounds. On

SSMF flute professor, Patricia George signed a contract with Theodore Presser Company to co-author Flute 201: Advanced Studies. This will be the seventh book in the instructional series that she has written. Publication date will be spring 2014.

School, Ringgold, AL Feb 17 Austin Public Schools Feb 18 University of TexasAustin Mar 8 Wisconsin Flute Festival, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh March 22 Texas A &M, College Station, TX Summer Programs: June 10 - 14 Lake Sylvia Suzuki Flute Institute, MN June 21 - July 20 SSMF, Sewanee, TN July 24 - 27 Portland, OR August 02 - 06 Chicago, IL *** Patricia George continues to serve as Editor of Flute Talk Magazine and writes the monthly column “The Teacher’s Studio.” Flute Talk is published 10 months a year worldwide and has a subscription base of over 10,000 flutists.

*** Patricial George will be teaching: Masterclasses Jan 17, 18 Kentucky Flute Festival Jan 19 U of TNChattanooga Jan 20 Ringgold High




Sewanee Summer Music Festival Announces the 2014



Students currently in a string quartet, piano quartet, wind or brass quintet are invited to apply to Sewanee as an ensemble. Ensembles selected for this program will work together for the entire festival and prepare special recital performances, in addition to participating in regular SSMF activities.

for composers of all ages Prize: $300 and Performance at 2014 SSMF Rules: A 4-minute original composition immortalizing some aspect of King Beetle’s life for flute, bassoon, and harp.

Entry Deadline: April 15, 2014 Send Score, Parts and High quality Recording to: Sewanee Summer Music Festival 735 University Avenue Sewanee, TN 37383

The Legend of King Beetle Whatever stories you have heard about the life and demise of King Beetle, whether it is fact or legend, you always go with legend. So whatever you have heard, consider it to be true. SSMF Faculty Chamber Concert — Summer 2014 — Patricia George, Flute Hunter Thomas, Bassoon Marian Shaffer, Harp


Scholarship award: $2000 per student, with the possibility of additional aid to meet exceptional need. Duties: Students should expect 4 - 8 hours weekly of extra duties, including assisting faculty with sectionals and studio classes, working with students who may need extra help, performing at community engagement events, etc.


OFFERs COMpOsITION COMpETITION, sCHOLARsHIps, INTERNsHIps SEWanEE SUmmER MUsIc FEsTIVaL 2014 InTERn PROGRam SSMF interns hold positions of leadership in one of the nation’s premier music festivals. With ample opportunities to mentor with experienced professionals, interns acquire valuable nonprofit arts management skills. To provide diverse experiences in the artistic, operations and administrative aspects of the Festival, each intern may be assigned projects outside of the position description. Employment dates for all positions: June 16 - July 21, 2014. Interns work non-traditional hours, including nights and weekends.

THE fOLLOWING POSItIONS ARE AVAILABLE: Office and Front of House Manager / Assistant Director of Student Life Compensation: Room, board and stipend of $1,500. Operations Assistant / Sewanee Symphony Manager Compensation: Room, board and stipend of $1,500. Assistant Librarian / Cumberland Orchestra Manager Compensation: Room, board and stipend of $1,500. Media Director / Production Assistant Compensation: Room, board and stipend of $1,500. Administrative Assistant Compensation: Room and board ONLY. Applications are accepted online only. Address cover letter, resume and two letters of recommendation to Evelyn Loehrlein, Director of Operations. To upload files, visit Application deadline is March 01, 2014. Hiring decisions will be announced on or about April 01, 2014.


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