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HEALTH.SEWANEE.EDU WHAT MAKES SEWANEE DIFFERENT? Students helping people help people • Peer support and tutoring • Participation in health-related outreach trips • Research that adds value to the medical community Faculty helping people help people • Close advising • Teaching the value of connecting with patients on a personal level • Research with pre-health students Alumni helping people help people • Working in health professions • Mentoring pre-health students • Funding pre-health initiatives that improve the program

Rural Medical Internship This summer we had the privilege of participating in the Rural Medical Internship with Dr. Paul Evans, C’90, and his wife Dr. Pam Evans, C’91. For seven weeks, we completely immersed ourselves in rural medicine, from coaxing the family’s goats back into their enclosure after a taxing day at the Evans’ clinic, to battling exhaustion at four in the morning while working in the emergency room. While all of these experiences are unique on their own, together they have taught us about the importance of the physician and patient relationship and increased our passion toward becoming medical professionals.—Emily Shriner, C’18, and Kendall Wills, C’19

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT MEDICAL AND HEALTH PROGRAMS AT SEWANEE: Alyssa Summers Director, Office of Medical and Health Programs Spencer Hall, Room 177 931.598.1856 FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT SEWANEE, ADMISSION, OR CAMPUS VISITS: 800.522.2234 The University of the South 735 University Avenue Sewanee, TN 37383




Medical and Health Programs at Sewanee The Office of Medical and Health Programs at Sewanee offers the tools you need to build on a superior liberal arts education while preparing you for a successful career in health care. We successfully support students interested in the full range of pre-health paths, including medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, physician assistant, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and nursing.

Haven, Connecticut, and experience the day-to-day workings of a behavioral neuroscience research laboratory.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS AND OPPORTUNITIES Hippocrates Fellows Program: Get a head start on your pre-med education by pursuing Sewanee’s pre-med leadership opportunity, including first-year direct placement into courses required for medical school admission and a fully funded summer school and paid medical internship following your first year at Sewanee. Sewanee-at-Yale Directed Research Program: Intern in a research laboratory at the Yale Child Study Center in New

Vanderbilt-Sewanee Undergraduate Research Experience (V-SURE): Intern at Vanderbilt Medical Center for two consecutive summers. Conduct research and present your findings, shadow a physician, and participate in discussions on timely health care issues. Medical Beyond the Gates: Be mentored by alumni and parents who are leaders in the health care field. They will provide advice on which area of health care may be right for you and help prepare you for the graduate school admission process. Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) Preparation Program: Work with Sewanee faculty to determine your areas of strength and potential, and then take advantage of a yearlong, instructortaught Kaplan MCAT preparation course.

RECENT INTERNSHIPS Carter Center, Uganda

Dr. Madison Michael: Semmes-Murphey Neurologic & Spine Institute, Memphis, Tennessee

Dr. Clark Files: Pulmonary & Critical Care, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Dr. Paul Evans: The Evans Clinic, Huntingdon, Tennessee

Dr. Joe DeLozier: DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center, Nashville, Tennessee Dr. Linda Mayes: Yale University Child Study Center, New Haven, Connecticut

Dr. Scott Elledge: ENT Associates of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama Vanderbilt-Sewanee Undergraduate Research Experience (V-SURE), Nashville, Tennessee

DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center Internship I‌ nterning with Dr. Joe DeLozier, C’77, through the Sewanee ACE Medical Internship program proved to be a rewarding and informative summer experience. Dr. DeLozier and his staff at the DeLozier Cosmetic Surgery Center in Nashville, Tennessee, are extremely welcoming and knowledgeable, and they made me feel right at home on the first day. During my internship, I went from never having seen a surgery before to scrubbing in every day with a distinguished plastic surgeon. Throughout the course of the summer, I scrubbed in during surgeries at Dr. DeLozier’s clinic, accompanied him on patient consults, and observed breast reconstruction surgeries performed at St. Thomas Midtown Hospital. I was amazed by the technique and precision that accompanied every surgical procedure. In addition to learning firsthand about surgical procedures, I learned about the equal importance of communicating and forming a bond with patients. Dr. DeLozier exemplified this importance every day with his special attention to patient care. I accompanied him to periodically check on patients at the hospital after surgery and talk to their families. Through this internship, surgery went from something that had before seemed daunting to something I now could see myself pursuing as a profession.—Iris Harrison, C’17

PRE-HEALTH ADVISING Sewanee has comprehensive pre-health advising for all students interested in going into the health care field. Our advisors will help you find an individualized path through Sewanee’s pre-health curriculum and discuss enrichment opportunities to help you succeed in achieving your goals in the medical field. SOCIETIES Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) is a national honor society and service organization. The local chapter of the pre-medical honor society is the Tennessee Epsilon Chapter. Sewanee Health Professions Society Sewanee Health Professions Society (SHPS) is a student-led group providing leadership opportunities, a support structure for students, and a place to learn about networking to find healthrelated internships, jobs, and information about graduate schools. Sewanee Multicultural Health Society Sewanee Multicultural Health Society (SMHS) aims to reduce health disparities through workplace diversity. SMHS brings together a group of students who are passionate about uplifting multiculturalism and serving in rural Appalachia. This group also provides opportunities for leadership, citizenship, and education through a variety of services and organizes forums for students and community members interested in better understanding health and health disparity issues in the United States and across the globe.

Shadowing Dr. Garrett Orr, D.D.S. I recently was able to shadow Dr. Garrett Orr in Winchester, Tennessee. During the shadow opportunity, I was exposed not only to the daily practices of the dental profession, but I was also given professional insight into advancements in the dental world. Dr. Orr made the experience both extremely beneficial and enjoyable for me as a hopeful dental student. I watched as he performed fillings, checked general hygiene concerns, and sculpted a temporary flipper for a patient in need. In the midst of the busy day, we were able to slip off to lunch for about an hour. This gave me the opportunity to gain insight into the social aspect of the dental profession. Dr. Orr was exceptionally honest about what he loves in his profession and also what he doesn’t necessarily adore. I felt this to be the most helpful part of the entire experience, as I was able to see the work from a humanistic perspective. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and I am very thankful to Dr. Summers for introducing me to Dr. Orr.—Taylor Hall, C’20

Medical and Health Programs at Sewanee  
Medical and Health Programs at Sewanee