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A five-month consulting internship made possible through the Carey Fellows program prepared me to work alongside highly educated and motivated professionals, taught me to ask the right questions in order to contribute to a project, and allowed me to explore Chicago and gain life skills and experience. My experiences with the Carey Fellows program and the Babson Center not only added to my knowledge of business and the world around me, they have continuously served as reminders and examples of how my liberal arts skills are relevant and applicable across industries and functions.—Callie Holloway, C’18 BUSINESS HONORS—THE CAREY FELLOWSHIPS Students minoring in business achieving and maintaining certain academic requirements may apply either as entering freshmen or as sophomores to Sewanee’s business honors program. This unique program equips outstanding students with additional, deeper educational and experiential business training and preparation in and out of the classroom. Unique courses of study Limited to Carey Fellows, students complete additional seminar coursework during their junior and senior years designed to provide a rich immersion in and examination of today’s leading business issues and debates.

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Babson Center for Global Commerce The University of the South 735 University Avenue Sewanee, TN 37383

The University of the South 735 University Avenue Sewanee, TN 37383

Excursions Carey Fellows travel to New York and Chicago annually to meet with a collection of alumni to discuss and consider the dynamics of certain key industries and companies. Internships Consistently described as one of the most valuable components of the Carey Fellowship is a 15-week paid internship during the junior year. Students attend summer school to satisfy their academic requirements and work as full-time employees at one of a large number of topically and geographically diverse businesses across the United States.

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Business Education at Sewanee The Wm. Polk Carey Pre-Business Program prepares students to become principled and skilled leaders in today’s ever changing and evolving business landscape. BUSINESS EDUCATION INTEGRATED IN THE LIBERAL ARTS TRADITION Sewanee’s liberal arts curriculum emphasizes written and verbal communication, while simultaneously developing the critical thinking and analytic skills required to be successful in the workplace. This is the foundation upon which lifelong personal and professional achievement is built. Our students join a wide array of industries differentiated by their ability to contribute broadly with vision and skills shaped by the richness of Sewanee’s offerings.

ELEMENTS AND COMPONENTS The Wm. Polk Carey Pre-Business Program consists of three primary components, each designed to complement the other and provide rich, relevant opportunities for skills training and experiential business education.


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THE BUSINESS MINOR Structured to complement Sewanee’s liberal arts educational design, the business minor is available to all students. While the curriculum focuses on providing vital foundational business skills development, the catalog includes a companion selection of unique, challenging, and relevant courses of study.

The following are examples of courses in the business minor: Financial Accounting Marketing Strategy Business Ethics Labor Economics Game Theory Marketing Strategy Social Entrepreneurship Data Mining Microfinance in Asia THE BABSON CENTER FOR GLOBAL COMMERCE Established to define and administer business programming for students at Sewanee, the Babson Center for Global Commerce partners with leading companies, executives, and educators to provide a wealth of experiential learning opportunities on and off campus. Executive Encounters The Babson Center hosts residency programs with working executives throughout the year designed to provide valuable direct interaction for students seeking to join various industries. Features of our Executive

Encounters include significant one-on-one student interaction, campus lectures, guest teaching, and more. Beecken Scholarships We believe a comprehensive approach to business education is defined by on and off campus experiences and encounters. Sewanee’s Beecken Scholarships afford students the opportunity to attend summer business school bridge programs at leading institutions including Dartmouth and the University of Chicago. All program costs are funded for select students pursuing business studies at Sewanee.

a spectrum of industries. Similarly, intimately designed Executive Encounters give students access to alumni for networking, counsel, and insights traditionally difficult to acquire. Skills training conferences and retreats Sewanee maintains that certain business skills once unique are now required and expected to be successful in today’s business environment. In addition to classroom studies, opportunities to enhance and expand financial analysis training, sales dynamics, and industry insights are available from a consistent offering of select events, conferences, and retreats.

A partial list of conferences we attend: •Quinnipiac Game Forum •Engage Undergraduate Investment Conference •Capstone Student Investment Conference •Momentum Summit Experiential learning (trips, encounters) Sewanee’s diverse and unique alumni are consistently eager to help students prepare for and launch their careers. The Babson Center manages a calendar of excursions to select companies designed to reveal how businesses are governed and operate across

Thanks to rigorous coursework, an immersive semester-long internship, and network-building opportunities, the Carey Fellows program has given me a unique opportunity to excel in business studies while studying in a liberal arts college. I also get to share the experience with eight other fellows, who are some of the smartest people on campus and who have goals that are similar to mine.—Komal Kunwar, C’19

Smith Career Days Twice annually Sewanee offers an on-campus career exploration event centered on themes such as entrepreneurship, consulting, digital media, and more. Smith Career Day brings representative alumni back to campus to share their insights, views, and perspectives in a setting of rich student education and engagement.

The relationships I’ve built through the programs of the Babson Center for Global Commerce are some of my strongest connections at Sewanee. The center gives students a support system of mentors and friends who are determined to empower us to accomplish our dreams and goals after college. The Babson Center’s investment in me has made a profound difference during my Sewanee experience.—Sam Kern, C’19

Carey Pre-business program at Sewanee  
Carey Pre-business program at Sewanee