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Arc Flash Hazard has proved to be a significant and dangerous threat to electrical personnel. Severon’s Arc Flash Compliance program provides a comprehensive safety solution that helps you ensure that all of the arc flash requirements are met effectiviely. A Deadly Force Arc Flash is a result of a rapid release of energy caused due to an arcing fault between live electrical conductors. Arc flash is initiated by an external trigger that creates a conduction path for the arcing current. This may occur as a result of a human error, such as the accidental contact of a test probe between an energized conductor and earth or an equipment failure, such as insulation breakdown. The energy discharged in an arcing fault can be significant. Associated hazards include, extreme radiant heat (reaching temperatures of up to 4 times the surface of the sun), explosive pressure waves, shrapnel and toxic gasses.

Industry Standards Many industries have already established and implemented enterprise wide arc flash compliance programs that ensure employee safety in the event of an arc flash. Several international standards cover the methods used to calculate energies resulting from arc flash incidents. These standards include: NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces


IEEE Standard 1584 A Guide for Performing Arc Flash Hazard Calculations


Actions To Take Good safety plans involve adherence to the following six-point plan: 1 Asset owners are able to demonstrate an implemented safety program with defined processes that address arc-flash hazards.

2 Documented calculations of the degree of arc flash hazard (incident energies) and the associated PPE requirements.

3 Issue appropriate PPE to workers based on the degree of arc flash exposure at the place where electrical work is to be carried out.

4 Train workers on the hazards associated with electrical work including electric shock and arc flash.

5 Provide appropriate tools, if employees are required to work on live electrical equipment (Live testing, fault finding etc...).

6 Affix arc flash warning labels on equipment where electrical work could be performed.

ARC FLASH STUDIES Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Severon maintains a high level of engineering expertise in arc flash analysis. The company has implemented enterprise-wide analysis for several customers. Severon’s arc flash compliance program includes: g






Deploying field-based resources to gather electrical system data necessary to complete the arc flash study. Using the gathered data to accurately model the power distribution system, calculating short-circuit currents and coordinating over current protective devices. Using the power system model to calculate incident energies at various locations across your power system. These calculations are performed in accordance with NFPA 70E or IEEE1584 requirements and include parameters such as flash protection boundary, incident energy and associated hazard risk category. Providing detailed recommendations and strategies to mitigate arc flash hazards while evaluating options for reducing the incident energy as per client’s operational requirements. Supplying and/or installing equipment warning labels that define the calculated flash protection boundary, incident energy and hazard risk category for each electrical equipment. Presenting the study results and providing site specific arc flash hazards and safety training to personnel who operate and/or maintain electrical equipment.

Severon’s highly-qualified power systems engineers (PSE) have extensive experience in performing Arc Flash studies. All PSEs have access to a variety of analysis tools used to best address the safety risks of your unique system. Our combined use of commercial and proprietary software utilizes IEEE and NFPA equations and methods that are comprehensive and accurate for calculating parameters including fault current momentary duties, device clearing times, arcing fault currents, arc durations and incident energies. For a free copy of a 140 page “Practical Arc Flash Solutions Guide” please contact us on

ARC FLASH TRAINING PROGRAM Education: A Key to Better Arc Flash Safety Severon’s arc flash safety training helps you understand what Hazard Risk Categories, incident energies and flash protection boundaries mean to you. You can then use this knowledge to choose the right personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with NFPA 70E and local safety requirements. We specialise in offering customized trainings, specifically designed to suit your company’s unique requirements and address your site hazards. If it’s not practical for your staff to train at one of Severon’s facilities, we would be glad to offer you a more workable alternative. Severon’s “Understanding ArcFlash” training program covers: g

Standards used to determine Safe Approach Distances


Methods for calculating Prospective Short Circuit Current


How to calculate Flash Protection Boundary and Incident Energy


Determining Hazard Risk Category (HRC)


Selecting PPE using Incident Energy value and the PPE Matrix


Arc Ratings for common types of garments used in the industry


Practical Methods for Reducing Arc Flash Hazards

Severon’s trainers are the same electrical engineers who perform arc flash hazard analysis and install, commission, troubleshoot and maintain electrical equipment every day. When you train with us, you are assured of getting the most current information, techniques and procedures available to keep your personnel safe and your processes running.

Summary Partnering with Severon to perform arc flash analysis, implement mitigation techniques and training your personnel will give you the confidence that you have an enterprise-wide arc flash compliance program that ensures employee safety when it comes to arc flash hazards. To learn more, contact us:

ARC FLASH PRODUCTS Arc Flash Simulation Using EasyPower® While partnering with EasyPower across Australia and New Zealand, we continue to work with EasyPower in order to develop unprecedented technologies that cater the needs of the local market while making your job simpler, smarter and safer.

Arc Flash | Design, Analyse and Comply Allows customers to get the most comprehensive productivity suite for conducting arc flash analysis and ensuring full compliance with IEEE1584 and NFPA 70E standards. Whether you are designing electrical power systems, analysing arc flash hazards or implementing an electrical safety program, this is the software suite for you. An intuitive, user-friendly interface translates to the shortest learning curve, faster completion of tasks and increased productivity. What does the “easy” in EasyPower mean to you? A simple click on the single line diagram gives ready access to all the documentation in one place. With easy and recognizable functions common to all Windows® programs, EasyPower makes power system analysis intuitive, not specialized.

Productivity & Speed All power system programs are NOT created equal. Clients with multiple programs continually tell us that EasyPower’s interface and ease of use allow them to perform a power system study up to three times faster than other programs. With EasyPower options, one-touch automation shaves weeks off arc flash, protection coordination and short-circuit analysis.

Accuracy Beyond Comparison We guarantee EasyPower to be the fastest and most accurate power system software available in the market. EasyPower’s proprietary sparse algorithms solve the largest systems in milliseconds instead of minutes or hours. Because the algorithms correctly eliminate extraneous zero calculations, round-off error is eliminated, resulting in increased accuracy. To learn more or get a free demo copy of the software please contact one of Severon’s EasyPower software experts or email us at:

Power made easy.

Severon Pty Ltd

EasyPower® is a powerful Windows® based software tool thatABN has helped 99 162asset 696 owners 059 and consultants around the world, intelligently design, analyse and monitor electrical power systems for over two decades. Sydney, Australia The exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly interface means short learning times and faster completion of tasks giving you amplified throughput. With easy and recognizable functions common to all Windows® programs, EasyPower® makes power system analysis intuitive, not specialized. Our integrated smart features help you get fast, hassle-free, access to power systems analysis without extensive training. You can now perform power system studies up to three times faster compared to other software programs. With the fastest processing speed in the market, EasyPower delivers instantaneous yet accurate results, helping you make informed decisions every time. EasyPower® has the ability to be completely customizable; giving you the ability to add modules any time you like.

MODULE OPTIONS You can choose from the following available modules to configure your EasyPower software that best suits your needs and build your own software by selecting from a full menu of powerful options:


Dynamic Stability

Confidently meet WHS and NFPA 70E requirements by easily conducting arc flash hazards assessments

Accurately simulate dynamic interaction between machines, networks, and protective device actions

IEC & ANSI ShortCircuit™ Instantly verify protective-device and equipment ratings for IEC 60909, NFPA 70E, NEC and ANSI standards and more

PowerProtector™ Accurately ensure safety and reliability with comprehensive protective device coordination

SmartPDC™ Completely simplify protective device coordination with one-touch automation

PowerFlow™ Intelligently optimize voltage, current, and load flows to minimize system downtime

Transient Motor Starting Precisely calculate starting times, speed, torque, system voltage drops, relay interactions, and more

Spectrum™ Effortlessly identify and mitigate harmonic and power-quality problems

SmartDesign™ Automatically size Feeders, Circuit breakers, Switchgear, Fuses, Busways, MCCs, Panels and more.

STANDARD FEATURES Regardless of the module/s you choose, EasyPower software comes with the following standard features that let you enjoy enhanced productivity at no extra cost.

Integrated One-Line Build comprehensive single line diagrams with intuitive snap-and-drag technology, use comprehensive data libraries to significantly reduce data collection time.

ScenarioManager™ Model and analyse multiple power system scenarios to simulate the real time conditions without excessive time and effort.

SendCAD™ Seamlessly export single line diagrams and system data to any Excel spread sheets and all CAD programs MCC & Panel Schedules Log and analyse motor control centres and panel data in a familiar spread sheet format

SmartDuty™ Verify equipment duty ratings for compliance, complete with automatic highlighting of problem areas on the one-line

SmartBreaker™ Dynamically study switching conditions by opening or closing circuit breakers and switches with a single mouse click on the single line diagram while conducting system studies.

Download free resources for your Arc Flash Safety Program, visit:

Severon is a leader in power distrbution, power quality, control and automation. When combined with our engineering services, we provide customer driven solutions that serve the needs of industrial power systems worldwide. Our solutions help enterprises achieve sustainable and competitive advantage through proactive management of their power systems, resulting in improved safety, enhanced reliability and energy efficiency For more information, visit

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Arcflash solutions Catalogue - Severon Services

Arcflash solutions Catalogue - Severon Services