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What’s it all about?

What is sustainability in business and why is it important? Where are our skill shortages? Why are STEM subjects so crucial to our future and how do we encourage students to engage with them? These are questions regularly being asked by teachers and employers, and are the driving force behind the development of Your Green Future. Your Green Future is an interactive event which engages 12 to 18 year olds with the role of sustainability in the economy and what this could mean for their careers. It does this through a series of creative workshops which sees students work with businesses to investigate the changing face of business, from local sustainable models to cutting edge technologies.

Our 2018 events programme We’ll be in...

Engaging with...

1500 100 12-18 year olds Businesses “A great environment in which it is possible to gain an understanding of what issues resonate most for future generations.” H&M

Solihull West of England Oxford Powys

50 Schools

75 Teachers

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Skills for the future workforce

“A tremendous interactive experience for school students making them aware of the need for ‘green’ thinking and the exciting career opportunities towards a sustainable future.” TATA Motors

Skills for your staff

“Helps sharpen presentation skills and appreciate your work a lot more when you remove yourself from it for a day – sustainable job satisfaction!” Rolls Royce

Spread the word

“If you have a strong ethical focus/passion this is a perfect way to spread your message, particularly to the younger generation.”

Help develop the right skills for a sustainable future, and enthuse a new cohort of leaders who understand the interplay of society, economy and environment.

Sharing your expertise and talking to a group of teenagers helps hone that talent of thinking on your feet. The scrutiny of ideas by the students, often posing surprisingly considered questions, provides an opportunity to develop communication skills.

A fantastic opportunity to educate attendees on the things that matter to your organisation and encourage sustainably conscious behaviour.

Ideas for change

Build connections and gain inspiration for the environmental issues you are tackling through working with diverse audiences, including students who unfettered by practicalities often provide truly novel solutions to problems put to them.

Your Green Future isn’t just about numbers...

it’s value is backed up by a wealth of evaluation data, demonstrating the real impact these events have on those that participate, both students and employees alike. Take a look at our evaluation of the 2017 events:



“It is a great way to meet colleagues in other industries and see what they are doing to tackle similar issues in the same subject area.” Virgin Trains

d Bran ure Expos

We will work to ensure that sponsor logos are promoted across a wide range of event materials, and are happy to work with you to create a package tailored to your CSR and marketing needs.

92% of 137 businesses

said the event was a good opportunity to promote their organisation.

of 75 74 out


said they would like to attend another event.

“Hugely worthwhile in promoting STEM in both further education and careers.” Teacher

“I would love to do this again.” Student

“If your company doesn’t already participate you’re missing out on the chance to be part of something special.” Interserve

“A fantastic day to remind you of the innovation and creativity of today’s youth. It gives the opportunity to plant the seeds of a sustainable future, whilst also drawing inspiration from the children you mentor.” The Community Farm

Get involved Sponsorship could involve funding our development work or one of the event workshops, looking at sustainability in business, innovation, waste, energy and urban design. There is also the potential for your staff to get involved in mentoring on event days. In supporting our work you will ensure our future programme of events become a reality, and enable the students to continue to attend free of charge.

Interested? Please do get in touch to talk through opportunities. Your Green Future is a project by the charity Severn Wye Energy Agency, an independent charity and not-for-profit company that works for a bright, secure and sustainable future free from fuel poverty. Cecily Etherington cecilye@severnwye.org.uk Karen Robinson karenr@severnwye.org.uk

© 2017 by the author of this brochure (Severn Wye Energy Agency). Severn Wye retains sole copyright to their contributions to this brochure.

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Your Green Future, Join Us 2018  

Your Green Future, Join Us 2018  

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