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for the crab cakes.” More from John: Tom Codd writes that the holidays were interesting, particularly given the 20-plus-inch snowstorm that hit Severna Park a few days before Christmas. “The pandemonium at the Giant, as every single inhabitant of Severna Park converged there the day before the storm to forage for milk, bread and toilet paper, was unprecedented. On a lark, I ventured out in the middle of the blizzard to walk from my house to the office. (Tom and his wife Downey have law offices on Ritchie Highway near Cypress Creek Rd.) By the time I got onto Evergreen Road by Severn, I hadn’t seen a single car or snow plow, and I realized that I must have been out of my mind. By the time I got to the office, I looked like Omar Sharif in Dr. Zhivago after he walked across Siberia to Lara’s apartment.” Tom returned home safely. I do not know if he mentioned that bit about Lara’s apartment to Downey. n Bill Hugel, his wife Ann, and their son Matt are living in a two-hundredyear-old home in Ellicott City. The house, called White Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and Bill reports that it takes up a lot of his time. “Maintenance-free was not in vogue in 1810,” is how Bill puts it, but the investment suits his talents. Bill founded Real Estate Enterprises, a property holding company in

1975, and acquired income housing properties in Baltimore, Glen Burnie, Pasadena, and the Laurel area. In 1996, he began Rental Maintenance Corporation, a property management company. Bill writes, “Recently I have been selling and holding financing, but the downturn in real estate has slowed my retirement.” Bill and Ann (Madden, Severna Park High School ’72) have been a couple since ninth-grade. Tempus fugit. Their son Matt is a sixteen-yearold junior and a kicker for Centennial High football In Ellicott City. Bill is eager to stay in touch with fellow Severn pals. You can send him an email at bill.hugel@ n Richard Rester lives in Southwest Oregon, a beautiful place where he is eager to spend less time working and more time enjoying the area. “We spend most of our free time camping and hiking, as we live halfway between Crater Lake and the Oregon coast. We are only hours from the high desert, where we can still get 50 miles off the pavement and 20 miles from the nearest human being, often in search of little-known hot springs.” Richard also writes about the retirement delay, “The recession put a dent in my contracting business, but I was winding it down already, and focusing on my work as a contract inspector for FEMA. Last year found me at the Iowa floods, New Orleans for

Gustav, and Texas for Ike, meeting with homeowners to do postdisaster damage assessment. It is both intense and exhausting, but extremely satisfying-18-hour days filled with hope, smiles and tears. My recent peek into Facebook to check out a page for other disaster inspectors yielded an unexpected plethora of names and faces from the past, both from Severn and Allegheny College. I hope to be able to rekindle some of these acquaintances in the future.” Richard remarried last year; has a daughter in her third-year at Indiana University, and a son who is graduating this spring and pursuing a career in visual graphics. n News from John on former faculty members Gene Festa and Don Wood: “I spoke to Gene Festa just before Christmas. He is living in Houston, TX and about to retire after teaching at The Kinkaid School for 35 years. He is turning 65 this year but has no plans to slow down. He has written a book, taken up singing, and is planning a move to San Antonio, TX to be closer to his grandchildren. You can reach him at or visit his Facebook page. Don Wood is happy in Oregon. He tried to retire from banking, but well… You can reach him at or visit his Facebook page.


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Lorraine Johnson writes: “Can’t wait to see everyone for our 30th reunion in May. Can it possibly have been that long ago?” n Rick Hoffman tells The Bridge: “ I am regional sr. vice president for the Corcoran Group, now running the largest residential real estate company in the Hamptons.”

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Ham Tyler sends this in: “Hunter Tyler ’16 is enjoying his first year at Severn. Hamilton ’14 was on the 7th and 8th grade soccer team that went 10-1 this past fall.”

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